Donkey Back-Pedals, Realizing Her Online Spewings Make No Sense


So despite saying Doctor No. 1 had put her on antibiotics, a desperately spinning Spider Donkey now says oh no no no, she simply CALLED her doctor in Chicago the other night, who told her she SHOULD go on antibiotics. And without having examined her, apparently, banned her from boarding an international flight. Sure he did. Although now she claims SHE doesn’t think she should fly internationally; she’s dropped any reference to any doctor telling her that.

And then she flew to San Francisco Los Angeles, went to another doctor, and that doctor actually prescribed the antibiotics. And then, because she is so very ill, she went on a hike, went for a massage, and checked into a hotel and “isolated” herself from her friends — IE, not giving anyone any opportunity to see that her only illnesses are Billowphobia and Liar-itis. She is now busy trying to horn in on a girl’s night of “tech women” and finding pink things to wear to Burning Man. Which is what this is all about, Type-A haters. There’s no way this chick is missing the Potential Moneybagged Husband Festival that she laughably believes Burning Man to be. She needs days to find the perfect cheap slutty costumes, and flying to Paris with Billow didn’t allow her to do that.

Read this if you must — it’s written for us anyway.

A few updates …

So last weekend I was in Napa speaking at Tim Ferriss’ OTR conference, which was such an incredible experience I neglected to sleep much of the time. Awesome, except … I got myself sick.  I called my doctor back in Chicago, listed my symptoms, and got a recommendation to go on antibiotics.  I’m not a huge fan of them, so after flying to LA yesterday I headed to my doctor here. She checked me out and agreed, so I started a Z-pak today.  Yay.  I’m not contagious, but I don’t think it’s a good plan to fly internationally – which means no Paris trip for my friend Natasha’s birthday at the chateau. I’m very disappointed, to say the least.

As it stands, I’ve been doing everything possible to get myself better. Vitamin B shot in my BUTT this morning (um, it hurts like a B!), hiked in Runyon this afternoon, got a massage tonight, slept 14 hours last night, plan to sleep another 12 tonight.

I banned myself from my friends – just focusing on getting well, and am staying at the new hotel called Mr. C’s in Beverly Hills.  I’ll probably remain in LA for the next few days just trying to get myself back to normal.  (I’m speaking at a conference tomorrow, as well.)

Lesson learned: don’t burn candle at both ends!

Oh yeah … and I’m going to Burning Man on Wednesday.  So I have to be 100% by then!!  My doctor said I would be fine by Saturday, so … I’m giving it an extra few days just in case. Which is good, as I have Social Studies columns to write, plus a lot of crazy pink costumes to purchase!


  1. BTW I’m no longer curious and have converted to being a huge fan of this site (for anyone who remembers when I was last here annoying y’all)

      • Just started looking at her actual site/tweets and realizing that there’s little point in having sympathy for her, she’s doing just “fine” on her own.

        This site is usually hilarious and most of the fun making is kind of well-intentioned in a bizarre way and rarely crosses the line into truly trying to create real problems in her life. She creates enough on her own. That’s what changed my mind.

        • Huh. Interesting. And I think you have hit the nail on the head with your observation that RBD “rarely crosses the line into truly trying to create real problems in her life. She creates enough on her own.” We just sit here and watch her fuck her life up, then comment on it. And she never fails to continuously fuck her life up, and to blog and Tweet that shit. If she learned some discretion and went offline, we’d have nothing to talk about.

        • Agreed! I too went back and forth for a while. Feeling sorry for her, feeling bad about reading this site, then loving this site, back and forth, back and forth. But you’ve said it perfectly – she created her own problems, and puts all her business all over the interwebernets. You just can’t help but sit back and watch the train wreck. She does this to herself. Onward, I say! 🙂

          • It’s how I came to be here too, I thought “no woman could possibly deserve this much criticism”, but then I realized she does.

      • Oh, refresher–I was the annoying guy who said you’d all feel bad if she committed suicide due to your torments…haha. Feel a little silly for that now.

        BTW the only thing that was a bit ridiculous was how you all kept trying to say that I was her friend or Julia or something, when I was telling the truth about who I was. But I suppose you do get a lot of sock puppets pretending to be a “regular” poster…

      • There are a lot of good comments on that thread but I liked this one & thought it made a good point:

        I’m sincerely curious how when things are going well in Julia’s life, comments like this never appear. The moment she hits a bump in the road, new people start showing up to lay the blame at the horrible people on RBD for ruining her life.

        Sincerely Curious, get help for Julia.

        This one is another good one just for the level of delusion. Catladies aren’t perfect, I suppose. This one is like, um, a little bonkers.

        I think it was really wise of her to break up with Jack (and I do believe it was her decision, though I will say that I think it was at least partly to annoy everyone here who wanted a wedding and at least partly because she actually read our site and probably did some reality checking with herself). Even though this breakup reeks of PK, I think she did the mature thing. I think she’s tired of all of this and might finally be ready to grow up a little bit.

        Yeah, you keep on thinking that, honey.

        • No I don’t think this site has anything to do with her problems although there’s obviously a weirdly symbiotic relationship. This site does in fact give her some bizarre kind of underground cult relevance and I suspect she enjoys it in some weird way…

          But I doubt it effects her in the way I was talking about in the previous thread where I was sadly misguided. I wasn’t cognizant of just how truly nasty a character Julia is until following her own site a bit more closely.

          That sealed the deal for me…

          • I agree I believe that in her mind we here at the RBness have been co-opted as a cog the belief system she has constructed to tell herself she’s fabulous.

            I imagine it started with Potty training. Dad$ers and Mom$ers probably opened trusts for her every time she shat in a pot.

        • And at that time of the discussion, I had an odd notion that she was in the midst of a downfall, when in reality it was just part of her normal cycle of ups and downs. Didn’t know what I was talking about obviously. So sad. So fat (always wanted to say that).

          • Sometimes the tone here gets a bit one sided so it’s good to have an outsiders perspective to let us go over The List of Julia and remind ourselves that we aren’t cruel or driving Julia to suicide (she’s way too vain for it). Even the most black-hearted people on here (raises hand) still feel sorry for her at times. It’s the human condition.

          • KwaK…

            I most be THE blackest of the blackhearts because I NEVER feel sorry for her. I only threaten to flounce when, contrary to sympathy, my vitriol gets so bitter that I just need a break from myself.

  2. “Yay. I’m not contagious, but I don’t think it’s a good plan to fly internationally…”

    Why not? You’re not contagious? And unless you’re hocking up blood is a sinus infection really the excuse to OBO a friends birthday?

    So much for the doctor grounding her.

  3. Um, not to take it so seriously, because it was 2 days ago and nobody remembers, and I need
    to feel free to relax, but she actually flew FROM SF to LA.

    And yes, her “explanation” was written for us. We appreciate.

  4. I’m going to be honest here. I’ve followed RBNS/Reblogging Donk for years now. I love the banter, the jokes, the intelligence and psychological analysis that is earnestly and insightfully debated. But every now and then, I read some of your predictions of upcoming cuntish behaviour and think “nah, I just can’t see it, noone would be as much of a cunt to do something like that, maybe my fellow catladies are just looking for something to predict in the hope that she does it”. Then she fucking does it. SHE FUCKING DOES IT! The latest example being “bail-out-of-Paris-gate”. You were all calling it weeks ago and I was thinking, “hmmmm, nah, she could not, would not pull a stunt like this, surely? I mean, she can’t be that fucking evil and dumb?”

    I will never, EVER doubt you wonderful catladies again!!!!

    PS Julia – I know you’re reading this, you crazy disgusting sociopath fool – GET HELP.

    • Me too. I’ve been reading this site for years and I still sometimes find myself giving Donkey the benefit of the doubt. I think it’s because the things she’s does are just so shady, delusional and transparent and go against basic human decency. When will I ever learn?

    • Thats because lots of us know her. If you know Julia Baugher then you are never surprised by this. Scratch that – you still are surprised at times but then hate yourself for being surprised because she has been this way forever. Its just that now, with the help of social media (irony!?) everyone can see it more clearly.

        • Do you remember that thing Jacob wrote about her on his blog – about how she would not go away, leave his friends alone, and just generally stop. That’s why you never say how you know her. You would create a world of annoying problems for yourself, friends, and family.

          • In my fantasy, you are Jakob, and the Jacob spelling is a decoy. To have Jakob walk among us would be too amazing and hilarious! We would be so. blessed!

      • Exactly. She still makes my jaw drop with the appalling cuntwattage of these stunts and then I have to stop and ask myself, “Really ICAALL? You’re still surprised and shocked by this creature? Really?”
        Unlike some unfortunate souls here, I have no one in my life remotely like this — I like to believe that if I did, they’d be dust in the wind, but I realize you can’t pick your family or co-workers or so’s exes, etc.
        So, I cut myself some slack because, holy crap, as transparent and predicable as she’s become to those of us who have watched this shitshow unfold, as the permutations of entitlement, conceit, and manipulative fakery continue to manifest themselves anew, the shock value remains.

    • Yes, it never ceases to amaze how the play calling on this site is consistently accurate. We’re like bookmakers for Baughles, and the RBNS House always wins.

      I sincerely hope that Billow is having an Ah-May-Zing time in France. I hope she drinks wine, eats cheese, sees all there is to see and comes home with a billionaire Parisian husband. God, wouldn’t that make Donkey cray cray?

      Yes, that is what I hope for Billow, a rich, French man with multiple homes overseas and a private plane that she’d let Julia use, if her new Parisian paramour hadn’t made her see the error of her ways and dump the Donkey.

      • And I think that on at least some occasions when people here are a little off, it’s only because Donkey has read the predictions and behaved differently than she would otherwise so she can tell herself, “SEE??? They’re so wrong about me! They really don’t know me at all!!!! I AM SOOOO NICE!”

    • Julia can’t do foreign countries.

      Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the false positivity that’s rampant in America. (read Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Bright Sided” if you have the time)

      I think she can truly only thrive in the US or only in foreign locations where there’s a cordon sanitaire of American hype/bullshit/flackery surrounding her.

      In any foreign English speaking countries she’d be cut down to donkmeat slivers. Can you imagine if she’d tried to rear her ugly head in London instead of New York – let alone put it on TV.

    • She really never stops astonishing us, above and beyond. That quote of hers at top- she’s totally addressing us, yes she reads here. What else does she have to do when people with real jobs and lives are doing things?

      If I tried, I’d bet I could honestly try to find things to like about Julia. Actually, she does have some positive qualities. She’s really upbeat!! Has a good attitude, a can-do spirit about bagging a rich husband. By any means necessary. Mostly I’ve become very fond of Julia for her awesome consistency , her dedication at being a splaying transparent awful conniving mess with no taste, class or manners all the fucking time. She really doesn’t let us down, does she? She tells a spectacular lie, spinning fables, we notice, she erases things and rephrases them, and reality is repositioned to where she prefers it to be, like moving furniture (not that she’d ever, ew).

      I hope she sticks with her own special program. Hi Julia! Don’t ever change.

      • Well, if you value her consistency, you should die — at a ripe old age — a happy person, because bitch does not ever, ever change.

  5. Wait, doesn’t she always claim she never sleeps (remember the sleep study?) and also, always claims never to get sick but now lack of sleep at the Napa conference made her sick?
    Bunnies, I am burning the candle at both ends trying to parse Donkey’s lies. I’m going to call imaginary doctors, post on Facebook and Twitter, take a flight, go on a hike, get a massage and then update my blog lest I get sick.

    • And if she is a chronic insomniac, how can she state “I am going to sleep 12 hours tonight?” For someone who lies all. snap. the. snap. fucking. snap. time. snap, she is the absolute worst liar ever.

    • Remember to arrange some comp’d lodging at an ex-bf’s OMG so exclusive and OTR conference, then a friend’s futon, and then more free lodging while riding the coattails of OMG bff Randi Zuckerberg (for whom you already OBO’d a different bff at the last minute).
      Meet a fresh wallet at the first conference (where your ex bf got a bunch of really stupid people to pay for your ass being there), and then try to impress him with your mad playa skillz in a sexy burn costume, while you OBO the shit out of everything else you have planned for the following week.

    • YES, THIS ALSO. Like that’s new for her. “Oh I was up all night because I was SO EXCITED BY MY CONFERENCE!” Being up all night manically googling yourself is called “every night” as anyone with even the vaguest refernce of your online spewings knows.

      But anything to make her story seem believable.

  6. Aug 26, 2011 2:09 AM
    JuliaAllison: @Steven_Grossman – ohhhhh look who’s figured out Twitter 😉 xoxoxo, your favorite infectious client, JA

    Aug 25, 2011 11:44 PM
    I’m not contagious, but I don’t think it’s a good plan to fly

    Aug 25, 2011 11:26 PM
    When you want something you’ve never had, you have to do something you’ve never done

    Hey, whirling donkish? Why don’t you quit spinning so many lies & try telling truth for once? THAT is something you’ve never done …

    • Look, Miss Julia said cleerly that she was not contagious. “Infectios” and “contgaious” have different meanings as you pathetic haters would now if you ever stopped posting lies to this cite.

  7. Why does she have a doctor in LA?????? I don’t even have a doctor in SF (other than my gyno -TMI?) and I’ve lived here 12 years.

    I always cringe when I see “dance, donkey, dance” but she really does write for us….

    • Yeah I call BULLSHIT on that one too. So, you have no home, and you have no health insurance, and you rarely spring for a hotel, but you had the wherewithal and funds to actually find a doctor in a place in which you don’t live? I think she thinks it makes her sound more impressive to have her own doctor there.

      • WebMD! It’s in LA just like every other city. You just know this counts for her…. right? Feel free to relax!

      • Hrrrmph. I don’t know about LA, but in the city where I live, getting in to see a new doctor for the first time can take months. I just say. Maybe she went to one of those strip-mall urgent care clinic thingies.

        • I gotta guess, maybe she didn’t go at all!

          Please, you don’t have a sinus infection and go hiking. PLEASE! She told Julia Price she was going to the doctor and during that time went and got a massage.

          Also, agree with you, re: impossible to see a doc in LA or NY that fast.

    • CVS Minute Clinic. When you’re a narcissist, every doctor is your doctor.

  8. If she goes to Burning Man on Wednesday and stays until Sunday morning (as most people do), that will be 5 (five!!) days in the desert.

    I just can’t imagine her without access to Starbucks, mani-pedis or Twitter for more than 12 hrs.

    • One wonders if there will not be an OMG turrable relapse of the “bacterial infection” which will cause her to have to leave Burning Man early and maybe even be HOSPITALIZED — say after about the first time she has to visit a port-a-potty that’s been simmering in the desert sun. Heh heh.

    • She’ll go for 2 days then will:
      1) be called away for an important bidness meeting with HER social studies team
      2) be soooooo sick she knew she was pushing herself way too hard and collapsed
      3) a relative will get sick/die (nah, lol, sorry gramps)
      4) meet a guy and have to fly to Chico to start packing her bags to move in with him

      • I’m thinking an emergency helicopter airlift out of the Playa to the hospital would garner the most attention.

        • That might be the straw that breaks the Dadser checkbook.

          A medevac out of a yachting party from Long Beach is one thing; paying thousands of dollars to get his donkter out of a bunch of dirty hippies may frost his Nixonian ass.

          Not that she’s actually going to Burning Man, of course.

    • Chasing straight-laced military types didn’t work out, so she thought she’d try hippies?

    • I don’t think she has any idea what Burning Man is or what kind of people it attracts. She probably thinks it is your average music festival.

      She is a preppy urban donkey, not a crusty hippie donkey that can survive on warm mineral water and psychedelics.

      She is gonna freak out at the lack of cocktail waiters & air conditioning.

      And it is going to be A LOT OF FUN to watch!

      • Imagine the guy’s reaction when he sees Donkey without her painted face. And imagine when he gets a whiff of the pelts after a few days in the desert!

        • She looks way better without makeup so maybe that will work to her advantage. Throwing a braying hissy fit because she can’t get cell service or a green shake — that’s a whole other story.

          • That’s the thing I don’t understand – Donkey is putting herself in a position where her true colors will come out – she will be exposed for who she really is by braying and complaining the whole time. Where if she just played it cool, stayed away from Burning Man and just let this wallet ask her out on a date – they might have a chance at a 2 week whirlwind courtship!

          • The other thing is, regardless of whether she looks better or worse without the makeup, she’ll just look very different. It seems like she wears a lot of makeup at virtually all times around a guy.

          • oh god reminds me of the time I went to a hot summer hippy festival with friends, including one who complained all the time. I love her to death but she cannot deal with physical discomfort and it became and endless monolog of her suffering. We were all experiencing the same heat, the same tiredness, the same hunger, the same cold showers, but this gal had was so vocal about how badly it affected her and that her suffering was unique and unacceptable.

            Julia likewise will be a little Miss Bringdown-Buzzkilllington. There is absolutely NO WAY ON EARTH she will be able to cope with BM.

          • I disagree actually – I think we’re underestimating her determination to snag whatever poor man she has in her sights. She is going there on a mission, and I think she’ll shut the fuck up, see it out and work incredibly hard to morph into whatever creature she thinks this man wants. She is 10 times more desperate than she has ever been in her life to finally pin a man down (and that’s sying something), and she’ll be wanting to cancel out the Pancakes disaster with another bullshit ‘relationship’ that she can bray about online. She’ll embrace the lack of wifi as ‘having a break from the internet’, apart from the odd cryptic text, and if things don’t pan out the way she wants while she’s there, she’ll spout out her evil venomous cray afterwards! That’s what I think anyway.

          • i wonder if JA desperation increases logarithmically with age… and is compounded by each new failure.

      • It’s so fucking hilarious, because she couldn’t hack it at Lollapalooza, which was three blocks FROM HER HOUSE.

  9. I don’t get it. Attempting to get inside JA’s head here and grossly and grandly generalizing, I would assume that there would be more husband-bagging potential at birthday party at chateau (cultured Europeans, etc) rather than at Burning Man. Which fish is she going for here??

        • Or the pretense at an attempt to portray a mad rush to get tickets.

          “Oh I REALLY wanted to go!”

      • She’s made no mention of preparation – as if the Donkey prepares for anything! Ha! – which makes me think she’s relying on whichever dumbshit musclehead she’s following there to take care of all her needs (food, water, shelter etc). She’s such an ass.

        • I should say, she’s made no mention of preparation beyond what costumes she’s going to wear. That’s our Donkey!

        • Yes, but tickets, plural. So who is going with her? That is the answer to all this b.s. drama. I believe we can safely assume it’s a male, and I believe we can safely assume it’s also someone who was at the recent omg so exclusive otr WED conference. (WED = wannabes & entitled douches)

    • She doesn’t do anything right, it does not surprise me at all that she’s such a gold-digger failure.

      She probably heard that girls get a lot of attention at Burning Man and she can let all that sexy (eye roll) out.

    • Maybe she was told not to liveblog the Paris party? Or maybe she just couldn’t muster enough shits to give about her friend’s birthday.

    • The Lewis Howes-type. As somebody earlier described, a snake-oil salesman who grifts the gullible and radically overstates his business acumen/success/influence…a perfect match for our little conniving liar, Julia (xoxo)

    • I think I figured it out. JA can’t google for the life of her*, so clearly she hasn’t googled Burning Man. All she knows about it is that it’s a “huge, popular event where people wear costumes.” Of course!

      *Except herself.

      • Yes she has her work cut out for her “buying crazy pink costumes” over the next few days while she’s so sick, because she lacks the taste and creativity to make them herself.

      • trust julia to have costumes as her #1 priority. what about WATER or FOOD (2 cases of amy’s chili should do it!!!). she has zero understanding of what she is getting herself into. makes me sad that there won’t be livestreaming from the playa, cos that shit’s going to be hilare.

        • I’m going to BM Monday through Sunday with a camp of over 150 and many are of the ZOMGdotcomfounder breed (which is what she is hunting still, right?), and none particularly of the hippie ilk, including myself.

          Someone convinced her to “go for it” and of course she’s doing a bang-up job prepping. This is purely about going hubby hunting and to be “taken care of” hence only caring about the costumes and nothing else. She is so ineffably transparent. Vom.

          This is going to be a shitshow for the record books if she actually ends up going through with it. You’ve called it! Now “Let It Unfold”…

          Anyway, love you kittehs! I just got caught up on this week’s ‘sodes, and it never fails to be a good read. You’re putting in an honest day of running errands at your desk… and besides, it’s the Lord’s work. 😉

          • Ugh. I am so jelly of you right now. I already explained in a previous thread why I am out for this year’s burn, so I won’t launch into it again.

            I have already seen a few vehicles headed to the burn (I commute along 80) and I get a massive feeling of excitement for them, and longing for myself, every time.

            If you can somehow come across her and convince her to let you snap a picture of her at Pancake Playhouse (assuming they rep this year), I would heart you forever. Bass Donkeys is far less likely, but it would be like the Holy Grail of photo ops.

            Otherwise, shake your groove at Opulent Temple and the Deep End, and think of your basement dwelling friends back in the default world.

    • Not long. Randi has a husband, a baby and real financial security. Donkey-jelliz will rear its ugly head sometime soon. Bank on it.

      • I think the levels of brown nosing that Julia gives Randi is way beyond anything any of us could imagine. The view of Julia from Mt Randi is always sunny and fine.

    • Randi, the “no-one should be allowed anonymity on the internet” poster girl, regularly invites Julia into her home as a welcome guest, knowing, one presumes, that Julia had used Jack McCain’s personal email account to contact his female acquaintances while impersonating him! The same Randi, one presumes, arranged to have Julia participate in this latest conference knowing that Julia had publicly proclaimed she’d be enroute to Paris with other friends on that date (or thereabouts). By all appearances, these two are cut from the exact same cloth and deserve/need each other. I can see other bridges being burned around both of them while they justify/arrange parties for each other in the center of the flames.

      • I wrote my comment below before reading yours & you make me realize that I give Randi wayyyyyyyy to much credit.

      • If Randi’s husband was the wallet in the family, I could totally see Julia trying to fuck him. But as far as I know (which isn’t much), Randi has the dough so she won’t.

    • I’m wondering that too. Methinks it may be sooner rather than later, now that Randi has Facebook’s Nephew & a new company launch to contend with — all of Donkey’s careless approaches to anything resembling responsibility are going to become less Cute & Tiny™ by the week, then by the day, then by the hour …

      I keep thinking some of this current “sick” BS is geared towards bailing on their upcoming talk … anyone else suspect that?

      Hey! Maybe RBD mods should add a “POLLS” tab to site so that we can have a variety of ongoing bets & wagers re: future bridges to be burned, etc.
      * Early termination date of TMS ‘contract’?
      * When will ever-healthy Donkey get ‘sick’ again?
      * When will Donkey move out of the OMG! downtown condo?
      (you get the idea)

    • I honestly think Randi is a very dim bulb. She always seemed like one, and come on, one HAS to be, to be serious friends with the Donkey. I wouldn’t give her too much credit. She’s obviously blind to the fact that she is being used, and probably loves the fawning ass-kissery that Donkey provides her with. The only thing I see ruining it between them is if Randi is dumb enough to give or help JA get a job one day, and JA ruins it, as you know she will, because she sucks at everything.


        JuliaAllison: ! RT @randizuckerberg: Am looking for a kick-ass assistant to start ASAP! Someone fun, scrappy, loves startup chaos. Ping randi @ rtozmedia

        • So professional! Ugh. Fucking seriously? She’s the sister of the dude who, while a tremendous asshat, created fucking Facebook, and this stupid bitch doesn’t even know how to find an assistant properly. What a useless whore.

      • It’s not just that random is dumb, but she’s also pretty useless. I’ve seen some of her speaking and webcasts–if she weren’t the brother of FB, I have no idea what she’d be doing. They were awful, she really adds nothing to any discussion that I’ve seen.

        Worse, she had a platform at FB to elevate strong women or to speak out for real causes. Instead, she spends time and lends credibility (?) to a dumb, evil burro from the Chicago suburbs and wears matching pink party dresses. Fuck Randi, she could actually lift up and help talented/hardworking people, but she’d rather indulge Le Donk because she’s intellectually lazy.

  10. Not for anything, if I am prescribed a Z pack, I still go to work or continue my normal, daily life. WTF. If you can handle a hike, I think you can fly. I await the “OMG the hike and massage helped SO much that I felt great for my speech and Burning Man”.

    She’s such an asshole, I hope RBillow drops that donkey for good. The tweet with her friends setting up girls night — I’m sure they don’t want you to come for a reason. How pathetic would that be, let me fly from whatever city I’m in just to not be left out. God I hate her!!!!!!!

    • Yes! If you have a bacterial sinus infection so severe that you can’t fly, you definitely don’t feel well enough to HIKE.

      • Seriously! If you are sick you don’t “hike” – but I guess she has to do the obligatory search for Codename whatsisname.

        Given that she said she sprang for a massage I doubt she had sinusitis. Who wants to lie face down on a massage table while all the snot drains into your face? Can you lie still while dripping and sniffing or wouldn’t you at least reach for a hanky?

        She probably got cystitis from boning some over-fit sweat-jock in Napa all night long. (My sister used to call such men “lobsters” – all muscle and shit for brains).

  11. Hello, Catfriends.

    I am an extremely long time lurker and occasional commenter. In all my years of following the Donkey and you hilarious people, I’ve found an incredible outlet for my anger toward people whom I *actually* know. Like many of you, I haven an extreme NPD in my life (mother), and being able to spot Donkey’s narcissistic craziness, call it out, and have others agree with me without anyone talking back has been, ultimately, therapeutic. This site has made me feel like I am not crazy, and that there are actually people in this world who get how it feels when someone’s self-absorption makes you so angry your head spins.

    However, that said, Donkey’s recent rash of complete craziness (and predictability), especially her cancelling on her Paris trip, has somehow flipped a switch in me. I was really, genuinely angry at her for like a day, and then that anger seeped into my every day life and I found myself explaining everything to my boyfriend (omg catladies have bfs) and suddenly… I just stopped caring. I realized that I don’t have the energy to keep up with her insanity anymore.

    I realized that this bitch FEEDS off of this site, she gets a sick pleasure out of the fact that people are so involved in her every mood, even if it is to call her out on her shit. And so, I’m going to stop. Stop reading her, stop caring about her, stop commenting on her life. You know the saying… the opposite of love is not hate, it’s indifference. So, I’m done. I hope, one day, no one comments on her anymore. I really think that only then will she possibly gain a modicum of self-awareness. Her kind of personality feeds off of mass validation from strangers. Not approval, just validation that she, in fact, exists. She is really an empty shell of a person. She has no idea who she is. And I am no longer interested in helping her figure that out. I can’t fix my mother, and I can’t fix the Donkey. While she has been my favorite reality TV show for a long time, now it’s just bordering on pathetic and I’m not interested in documenting the decline of a random, self-absorbed 30 year old womanchild with no sense of reality. I have enough drama in my life.

    So thank you, catladies, for giving me endless hours of entertainment and laughs. I realize this post is self-indulgent, I guess I just wanted to say goodbye and let all you smart people know that you’ve really, in a weird way, helped me deal with a lot of stuff. Keep on keepin’ on.

    TL;DR: Donkey has gone too crazy and made my brain explode. I’m out.

    • I get it, Brayge, because I’ve felt the same thing myself. It felt like I was picking on a mentally disabled person, so I up and left. Going cold donkey, if you will.

      After about six months, I took a peek back and got hooked all over again. I was able to see her antics as just another Bravo-style reality show. Also, tragedy + time = comedy.

      We’ll miss you!


    • Good luck with that 🙂
      I’ve tried it a number times, but Donk’s crazy and this community’s riffs on it, suck me back in every time.

    • That was a well written goodby comment. Whether or not Julia feeds off the attention she gets here like some reverse-vampire that eats turds instead of drinking blood is irrelevant to me. For me, this site is about the community. I love the people. I love Mama Jacy and Papa JP for their tireless commitment to putting up an article everyday for us to use as a discussion space. I love JFA’s bottomless froth and Afghani’s Rainman-esque encyclopedic knowledge of Donkey’s stats. I love how someone can post about their problems in real life and get some support, even if it’s just a few kind words. I love learning about so many different things about women’s fashion, trends, and media that I would otherwise not know (I’m an indoor boycat). I love the silly memes we’re created and the great fictional characters some people come up with. I love seeing lurkers crack and spill their guts in one delightfully messy first post. I love writing something particularly clever and reading the replies of people who enjoyed it.

      Donkey is just a catalyst for a bunch of awesome, genuine, hardworking people to come together and talk about the disgusting antics of the privileged, entitled class. Yes, I did say cat.

      We’ll miss you. How many websites do you visit that can say that?

      • BRAVO! Exactly how I feel.

        I hope someone gives you an applause GIF because you, sir, sure as hell deserve one!

      • This is a genius comment, for which I have a heart on (that meme never really took off, do it?).

        Or, as others have said before me, this thisity this.

        • “Heart on” will always be a meme to me because you’ve used it before in replies to some of my comments 😉 I’ve seen it used by others. It’s in the “not used so often I’m getting sick of it” stage.

        • “Heart on” always makes me think of “Pushing Daisies,” a show which I liked, but where I kind of hated the female protagonist (she was too manic pixie dream girl, which annoys me, because I’ve known MPD’s, and in real life they are called ‘Bipolar.’)

          Anyway, there is an episode where she says something is “Hearty” and dude is like, “Tee hee, you said heart-y instead of hardy” and is all smitten with her adorable fuck-up and it just made me want to reach through the screen and strangle them both for being so fucking twee and annoying.

          What was I saying?

          Oh right… that is why I never got on board the ‘heart on’ bandwagon.’ I’m sorry. I do less than three you, though.

        • I will never be able to look at a raccoon again without thinking of Handbag’s description of their tiny black leather gloves.

        • This might be my favorite gif ever because I have a female cat who totally does her nails all the time. Extends them in front of her in a very dainty manner, nibbles on them to keep the claws uniform, etc. I howl every time she’s doing it.

  12. Pics of the Z Pack with her name on the prescription label or it didn’t happen. And still, I go to work on a Z Pack when told not contagious. By the second dose, Z Pack typically has you feeling 100%.

    • Yeah, as the daughter of a nurse, Z packs (aka azythromicin) are for when you have a mild sinus infection (which she clearly has if she can go flippin hiking). They’ll put you on something with a distinct “cillin” ending on it if it’s really bad (aka so bad that you have to put off expensive international travel). I love that she had to add “bacterial” at the beginning of “sinus infection” so that nobody could call her out on it just being a virus. “NO! SEE! I’M ON MEDS. CAN’T GO TO PARIS WOOPS.” Fuck off, donkey.

  13. catladeez, i’m worried. what if there’s no wifi at burning man?
    i just watched the latest ep. of jersey shore, and now have to wait A WHOLE WEEK for the next one… i don’t know if i can deal with BOTH my reality shows being off the air…

  14. She honestly must believe that no one remembers the prior incarnation of this story, or that they will convince themselves that what she SAID is actually this other thing which is what she MEANT, even if “and my doctor put me on antibiotics and grounded me. (fist shakes) I’m so sad.” is pretty damn clear. Because that’s what Julia does – convince herself that what she MEANT is not what she SAID and she really doesn’t get why we’re so hung up on these silly words, bunnies!

    She also assumes no one will recall that no doctor is going to suggest antibiotics OVER THE PHONE for a cold (um, liability?), doctors don’t ground you because of a cold, HIKING IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE TREATMENT if you’re so sick you can’t fly, and most doctors won’t give you an expected ‘cured by’ date (Yeah, you’re too sick to fly, I can tell over the phone, but you should be fine by Saturday?).

    This is the most convoluted story ever, but she fully believes everyone will buy it.

    Donkey is delusional.

    • Has anyone considered the possibility that she was dis-invited and now she’s trying to lie her way out of what really happened? (Well, she’s trying to lie her way out of whatever the truth is, we know that much.)

      • I have to say, the language she’s using to say she’s upset she’s not going to Paris is pretty weak. “pretty bummed?”

      • It did cross my mind that the other women travelling were probably relieved JABa obo’d. Relieved? Hell, jubilant more likely.

      • I don’t think she was dis-invited, or she’d be shitting all over her friends en masse (as opposed to just electronically waiving RB around to total strangers because she knows she’s left RB w/ an increase in travel expenses that she didn’t bargain for).

        If she was dis-invited, she’d be crowd-sourcing her bought & paid-for followers for next week’s column in which she exacts revenge on international traveling frenemies.

        I’m telling ya’ll: some sugah dad$er escort service john is trading this pink trick in airline miles — her access to flying is something she takes advantage of but has no actual control over, & somehow she couldn’t book international flight tix.

      • I always thought she was never really invited in the first place — she just bulldozed her way in. She couldn’t stand the thought of Billow going to Paris without her, because that is Donkey’s special place where she fell in love with Alex!!

  15. How does this make any sense whatsoever? Did she delete the tweet or FB post about being “grounded” by the doctor? Does hiking make one miraculously get over a cold? Does a vitamin shot when you are ALREADY SICK? Also, fuck you up the ass if you have an illness yet are putting the masseuse, anyone on your LA flight, and anyone at your speaking engagement at risk.

    She’s such a cuntrag.

  16. I actually don’t think she’s stupid enough to burn that bridge. Randi is an OMG celebrity OMG whose brother is a social media revolutionary gazillionaire.

    She could only burn that bridge if Randi was stupid enough to hire her and Donkey’s laziness emerged, because I don’t think Donkey can control her supreme laziness. But I also don’t think Randi would be dumb enough to hire her.

  17. As I am currently cowering in my basement waiting for Irene, I really hope this weekend turns out to be as full of Donkey cray as it promises to be.

    • Oooh! Thoughts are w/ ya! What state are you in? I hope you have everything you need! Check in on the regular so we know you’re not buried under cheetohs, eh?

        • Hey, catladies… I’m actually coming into NYC tonight (staying in Park Slope, dogsitting) for 10 days. Any of you NYC ladies want to have an impromptu meetup?

        • Just read this & thought I’d post it for all in Irene’s path:

          Text SHELTER + your ZIP code to 44362 (4FEMA) to find the nearest shelter in your area.

          Looks like NY is gonna get a spanking for sure 🙁

        • Hope you have lots of batteries and snacks for the basement – Stay safe!

          At least it’s not a Nor’easter and you have to deal with all the snow afterwards…

  18. (I barely touched it; this shit just writes itself)


    • Her staying up til 2:00am posting “photo shoot” pics of her on FB make her look SO BAT SHIT CRAZY INSANE. Her FB friends must just cackle with delight upon waking up.

      • It’s so fucking insane how many pics she has up of herself. The even crazier thing is that she doesn’t edit through and pick the best shots, she posts all the blurry shots and outtakes because she is that fucking obsessed with herself. I am FB friends with a few professional models who are gorgeous and they hardly post any shots of themselves compared to this donkey, who is average-looking at best. Brayge.

      • It is bizarre. Most of the photos aren’t even flattering. But she always puts up new “sexy face” pictures when she’s got a new guy in her sights. What musclehead has she friended recently? They must be for him.

        How her FB friends must despise her. I wonder how many of them have hid her posts from their feeds?

        • She twitter flirting with Lewis Howes, I think it’s him. Plus she tagged him in like, 20,000 photos over the course of the Tim Ferriss thing.

        • I just saw all that. Vom once again!

          No doubt that she’s posting 5 zillion old pics of herself (where she thinks she’s looking good all dolled-up) for the benefit of some toolbag (who’s going to flounce in 3 months or less.)

          • You’d think it would occur to her that this might work to her disadvantage because SHE DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!
            People have eyes, Donkey!

    • I will never, ever get tired of the little person photos. I know I’m going to hell for saying so. But, these things speak volumes about how inexperienced the photographers are and how clueless Julia is in thinking she looks awesome.

      • The photos of her as the “damsel in distress” looking so twee and scared in the woods make me both burst out laughing and feel sorry for her at the same time. How can she not be mortified by these????

        She is so crazy.

        • The only thing I did was fade out the smidgen of potato sack knee that was showing & add text.

      • I have never seen that before. I am horrifed. Is she about to vomit? Or is that her blowjob face?

        • Can it be both?

          This picture is.. I’m at a loss for words. Ok a few are coming through.. sad clown… armpit.. tranny cheerleader.. starfishbarnacleface.,.. lipstick on an sidepony..

          This is exactly the face and pose I would make if an announcer yelled “Let’s hear it for Juuuuuuuuullia Alllllllisoonnnnnnnn!!!!!!”. So maybe that’s what she was thinking in her head too.

      • I saw this and thought, “Please let a cat lady bring it to the basement!!!”

        Why does she not edit herself???? Does she just think she looks so OMGSEXIIIII in every photo?

        Donkey, what is wrong with you???

  19. [img][/img]

    Heehee, Hooolias you’re so desperate, it is to laugh.

  20. So what’s she going to do in LA for the next four days until BM? Stay in a hotel? Do you think this guy is actually in LA already?

    • No way the hotel is putting her up more than last night – that’s where the conference is. She’s probably back on the futon tonight or maybe she’ll jet up to SF and stay on Randi’s couch.

      The cray should be epic this weekend – always happens when she’s stuck alone.

        • I can’t be bothered to read through it all… maybe someone else knows… it might not be nailed down — I wonder if one of them said offline, “Please do not invite Julia.”

  21. I also like this:

    “Actually, I have doctors in three cities – New York, Chicago and LA. I pay out of pocket – which is actually less expensive than health insurance. ”

    Really? Paying $100/visit and then $100/Z-pak whenever you get sick is less than $60/month for basic insurance? Even with basic, basic coverage, the co-pay for a visit is much less than the up-front fee, with medications.

    Wait until you get hit by an out-of-control art bus, donkey, and then see how much less paying out of pocket is.

    • don’t know where you’re paying $60/month but mine is $335/mo and going up again and I still pay co-pays and have a high deductible (Calif)

      Julia Allison Baugher, thanks for answreing my question from earlier. Now tell us this, who has a doctor in a city in which they DO NOT LIVE AND HAVE NEVER LIVED???

      • Someone who is NEVER sick & does NOT have insurance does NOT pay to have entire medical work-ups to get established w/ three different doctors in three cities!

        If Donkey has a CA doctor … IF … it’s a plastic surgeon.

      • My sister in SoFla is paying about $60/mo for insurance. It doesn’t cover dental or anything, it’s more ‘If you get hit by a car, this will pay for medical bills’ insurance, but it does cover a certain # of routine visits a month as well as prescriptions.

        I think there was also an income qualifier in there somewhere, but we know JA isn’t earning anything.

        • wow, California health insurance sucks then; I thought our fees were normal. Better off moving to FL!

          All the more reason why no explanation for why on god’s earth she has a doctor in LA.

    • Yeah buying a plan in NYC is nowhere near as cheap as $60 a month unless you make like pennies a year. I’m paying over $400 for COBRA right now. Let’s not even discuss it.

  22. RE: the San Fran doc visit that Donkey presumably tweleted when her lies started catching up w/ her – I can’t find it in FriendFeed but didn’t someone post a screengrab of about the same thing from her fakebook page? (I’m looking for it here on RBD in between browser crashes) Am thinking that the screengrab ought to be added to the post up top…

    • She tweeted that she was on her way to the doctor in SF, then she got back from the doctor and went immediately on FB said that the SF doctor gave her antibiotics and grounded her from flying.

      She has since taken down the tweet that involves an SF doctor. The FB status is for the benefit of R. Billow, I’m sure, so she’s not going to take that down.

      • wait… really? she tweeted that she was ON HER WAY? i must have been on a commercial break.

        I thought she was just spinning half truths [I talked to *my* (chicago) dr in SF!”]. if this is true, it might be the first time I’ve witnessed a flat out julia allison lie.

        • Promise, it’s true. She was LITERALLY on her way to an SF doctor. Then she said on FB that the doc had grounded her and put her on antibiotics.

          It was the next day, when she said she went to an LA doc and he put her on antibiotics that she got caught in her web of lies and started the backpedaling and deleted her tweet that she was on her way to an SF doctor.

          • What I’m more shocked about is this is the first time you’ve caught her in a lie, LOL.

            I guess in some instances we never truly know but I’d say she never bought a ticket to Paris.

    • And now I get to type those words I never thought I’d get to type ….
      you rang?

      Scooby Snaxx for everyone!

        • A couple of weeks ago I got baked, found a bunch of The New Scooby-Doo Movies from my childhood on YouTube, and ate half a gallon of mint chocolate chip ice cream. This is what I always dreamed adulthood would be like: ice cream and Scooby-Doo whenever I wanted (I didn’t know about weed yet. That was a delightful bonus round.)

  23. I had a chance to go to Burning Man this year – instead, I’m going to NYC and living in civilization (at least until/if Irene comes and then it may well be the apocalypse, based on HuffPo’s analysis!) – but I now kind of wish I’d said yes when I had the chance, if for no other reason than to play I Spy Donkey and see the look on her face when she realizes that her Rent the Runway dress will be ruined by the sand, dirt, and bodily fluids that will be coming her way. (Anyone see Overboard with Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn? I envision it kind of like that…)

    And I mentioned it above, but if any catladies want to have an impromptu meetup when I’m in NYC (until Labor Day), I’d love to compare cellulite, Cheetoh dust, and catfur collections.


    If you’re a house guest of someone & become the kind of sick that requires telephone consults w/ doctors & doctor visits (who drove her?) & prescriptions of antibrayotics & lounging on their couch for more than 14+ hours, what do you do get as a parting gift for your hostess?
    * HazMat cleaning service visit?
    * $100 gift certificate to a recording studio for the musician?
    * Flowers & chocolates?
    Interesting that Donkey hasn’t yet humblebragged about any such hostess gift …

    • She hasn’t dug all the way the bottom of her donkeyhamper to find out what’s there and giftable.
      So I’m thinking linty mint, partially used Starbuck’s card or crusted up mascara?

    • It will be so much worse and boring than that.

      She will be ignored and paid no attention, and she won’t be able to tweet about it.

      It is like no water or food for ordinary human beings.


    How awkward was the conversation in the other room!

    Person 1: “What is wrong with her?”
    Person 2: “I don’t know. Is she stoned?”
    Person 1: “No, I think she’s too stupid to have ever done drugs. Maybe she’s sick?”
    Person 2: “What kind of unbelievable asshole shows up at a friend’s house sick?”
    Person 1: “I guess her.”
    Person 2: “Is she poor? I guess if she absolutely couldn’t afford a hotel…”
    Person 1: “She has a trust fund, and her father pays for all the plane tickets, plastic surgery, and shoes she wants.”
    Person 2: “Jesus, what a bitch. Lets wake her up.”
    Person 1: “Don’t poke the donkey.”

  26. TJ on Monday night’s A-List. I miss him, I wish he’d venture into the basement again…

  27. I would like to see a comprehensive list of ‘friends’, ‘BFFs’, ‘ineffable’ blah blah blah whatever – people she has had friendships with in the past that have spectaculrly imploded or completely disappeared. Hell, even the ones she claims to still be friends with that she hasn’t spent time with in YEARS.

    The ones that jump out at me are –

    1. Mary Rambin.
    2. Jordan.
    3. David Karp.
    4. Arianna Huffington.
    5. Meghan Asha.

    6. In fact, every one of those fuckers on Non Society.

    • I think we can add Taryn Southern to that, most likely Meghan McCain. I have it on good authority that Shira Lazar does a lot of LOLing behind Donkey’s back…

        • Ricky Van Veen???

          I mean, she pretends they are friends but he throws the best “Bitch Please” whenever they are photographed together!

        • there just happens to be an incomplete glossary entry on “Disappearing BFFs”.
          13. OMGBears
          14. Courtney Friel
          15. Randi (soon, I’m sure)
          16. Natasha (the Parisian birthday girl)
          17. Kristin Thorne
          18. High school debate partner Judy
          19. Julia Price (as a result of snotty donkey house guest)

    • Who was the Megan she used to always stay with in NYC? The one who was pissed after Julia Allison banged Alexander Marquardt ever so loudly on her couch?

      That Megan can be added to the list. As I remember Donkey had to stay in a hotel the last time she stayed in NYC so I’m guessing, bridge burned.

  28. You know what I would love in a perfect fairy godmother wish kind of world?

    Rachel Billow, sad from being OBO’d, takes herself out to a quaint Parisian sidewalk cafe where she finds and falls in love with a handsome and wealthy French diplomat out with a gaggle of his wealthy bachelor friends. They marry, and the the wedding Rachel thanks the Spinster Donkey for being the reason she met her fabulous husband.

    • Don’t forget the part where Donkey, driven mad(der) by the IRONY of it all, seeks to escape from the facility where the Boggers finally deposited her by gnashing the restraints from her hooves with the (ultimately ineffectual) GIANT CHICLET VENEERS.

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