How Many Antibiotics Is This Donkey On?


I thought the doctor put her on antibiotics yesterday and “grounded” her.

And then she flew anyway, and went to another city, and went to ANOTHER doctor, and he’s put her on MORE antibiotics?

To quote a donkey … um?

Last night on Facebook:

Literally the first time I’ve gotten sick in two years … two days before an international flight, and my doctor put me on antibiotics and grounded me. (fist shakes) I’m so sad.

Today on Twitter:

Just slept for 14 hours on @JuliaPriceMusic‘s futon, trying to get my body feeling better. Now headed to the doctor here.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics – says I have a bacterial sinus infection. Also just got a vitamin B shot in my butt. (um … It hurts!)

Two doctors! Two prescriptions! Double the ass-covering! This tool must really fear the wrath of Rachel Billow, huh? I wonder why ….

It’s also enjoyable watching her suck up the sympathy from poor fools on Twitter who do not know how she rolls. So brave, this one. So very bummed to miss Paris. NOW ON TO BURNING MAN, BITCHES, SHE’S GOT A RICH HUSBAND TO BAG!!!

@davepeck – thanks Dave. I’m pretty bummed, but this will teach me a lesson about burning my candle at both ends.

“Burning my candle at both ends.” Bwahahaha!! That’s a good one. Yes, lying on the couch Googling yourself in one city, then flying to another to couch-surf and Google yourself some more. Going to some parties now and again. Posting photos of ball gowns and tirelessly doing the difficult work of reblogging Glitter Guide. Exhausting! Who wouldn’t get deathly ill under the crush of so many responsibilities, so many long hours!??!


  1. PS Donkey – docs don’t put people on antibiotics for bacterial sinus infections UNLESS THEY HAVE SYMPTOMS FOR TEN DAYS

    Also – it’s not even considered “bacterial” UNLESS you have the symptom of a sinus infection for ten days!!!!

    I know you couldn’t crowd source for your lies but next time, try GOOGLE and make your lies more believable!!!

    • Also, doctors do not put you on antibiotics when you are already on antibiotics for the same ailment.

      Donkey: so bad at lying despite oodles of practice.

    • For sinus infections, I’ve always gotten a Z-pak, which I think is only a 3 day antibiotic. And alongside it comes a prescription for a massive dose of steroids which will make you feel better in about one day.

      • I think it depends on the doc. My BFF who is a flight attendant gets sinus infections all the time so the doc doesn’t need to wait for it to clear up on its own because he knows her history and knows it won’t.

        For donkey, going to an out of town doc, I doubt he would give her antibiotics, unless she expressed she really wanted to get better BEFORE her trip – if she was going to Paris, I would find it more believable that she was put on antibiotics.

        • I’ve never heard the 10-day symptoms rule because, much like Brant’s watercress experience, my sinus infection experience is very limited — I’ve had a grand total of one — it was a raving bitch of nose & tooth pain that came on as if a switch was flipped, so I actually called my dentist since he’d just seen me for the usual cleaning, etc., & because he knows me well, he called in an antibiotic scrip right then & there. This was just a few hours into all. Thank dog.

    • meh, you’re giving docs a little too much credit here probably… not that i ever discount the chances of her lying, antibiotic prescribing is still way too fast and loose…

  2. And if Billow wants to see a doctor’s note, too bad! Lilly ate both doctors’ notes!

    • More than one commenter has mentioned in the past that Billow walks among us. Wouldn’t surprise me. For sure other (ex)frenemies like Mary and Rachel Sklar walk among us, too.

    • I am quite convinced Billow was one of our tipsters re: Hipster Lawyer. My hunch wasn’t based on much, but she knew an awful lot — things the Donk would have only told girlfriends, I think.

  3. If you went to the doctor and he ‘grounded’ you, why would you fly THAT SAME DAY?

    If you went to the doctor in SF and he prescribed antibiotics, why would go to the doctor the next day in LA, and get MORE ANTIBIOTICS?

    It doesn’t make any sense. Get your lies straight, dipshit.

    • The idea of being ‘grounded’ for a sinus infection is fucking ridiculous. It’s a fucking runny nose! Man up, you pussy.

      Also, it makes me giggle because the JA in my life is forever whining about ‘sinus infections’ and taking off work because of it and getting antibiotics like she has pneumonia or something. I repeat: it’s a fucking runny nose.

      I get sinus infections a few times a year (being around grubby ass students does that to you), and I take Sudafed non-drowsy and handle my shit. It’s not the end of the freaking world.

  4. Must be really draining to be a professional traveler. No matter how much she brays about this stupid exaggerated illness – the fact is she still traveled, granted less hours of flying but what’s the difference?!

    If I were Billow, I’d have had enough of her shit and drop her a long time ago.

  5. OMG this donkey, i just KANT.

  6. Funny, she’s in LA but not one mention of Taryn Southern? Guess she burned that bridge pretty hard. Looks like @JuliaPriceMusic is her new mark. How long until she burns this bridge?

    @JuliaAllison: Just slept for 14 hours on @JuliaPriceMusic’s futon, trying to get my body feeling better. Now headed to the doctor here

    @JuliaPriceMusic: @JuliaAllison awww! I was wondering if you were still here. Operation Get Julia Better starts now! @daverosenfelt and I are upstairs working

    • Taryn probably got so much shit with her young hipster LA friends for having that braying Donkey at her bday party. “She’s your friend? The old chick filming everything, throwing up gang signs and making everyone sing while she brays like a lunatic?” She looked so out of place with Taryn’s other friends and clearly annoyed the hell out of them that night.

    • She really does seem to glom on to one person at a time, particularly where her female friends are concerned. Then you pretty much never hear about that particular “sister”/person-you-practice-French-kissing-on-at-a-sleepover-while-wearing-matching-footie-pajamas ever again.

    • Ew! So instead of doing the right thing and springing for a hotel, she’s allowing her nasty, infected self to crash at someone’s home? That goes beyond bad manners.

      • I’m sure Ms. Price insisted that Julia stay with her. Her friends are always insisting that the Donks do ridiculous things … like that time Leven INSISTED that JABA try on her engagement ring.

    • ” I was wondering if you were still here. “??
      Ha, that sounds like a burn. Oh, you’re still in my house? See, I was so busy working I had no idea you were still lounging on my futon! Whaddya know, you’re still here. You don’t say that to a welcome guest, do you?

      I am thinking the Aww and Operation Julia Get Better is veiled sarcasm. She wants the Donk begone. Who wouldn’t?

      (reposted, so sorryfat).

      • She is terrible and just like someone from my past. We called him the Mal and he was bad. He would show up at whatever bar we were at, drink on our tab and invite himself to stay at whoever had the pleasure of being the last to talk to him . Once he got in your place he was there for days. He did not have a job but had his parents money and a place to stay at home when it was absolutely necessary. Julia is the Mal.

  7. bacterial sinus infection….yeah, i get those at least twice a year. i get the antibiotics and continue to go to my full-time job and take care of my 3 small kids (who, if i am sick, are usually sick themselves). it’s no biggie, donks. definitely not serious enough to cancel a trip to Paris, and CERTAINLY not serious enough to broadcast to the interwebs how you are so, so ill.

  8. So, if she isn’t sure if this is a bacterial or a viral infection, she’s be a bitch to show up at new mommy Randi’s event tomorrow. “The Mirror Crack’d”, Donkey. Google it.

    • No way! B12 shot and double dose of antibiotics! She’ll be right as rain tomorrow AM!

      Though I said I thought she’d make it to Burning Man, I now think there’s a possibility she will wind up “pushing harder than she should have” at the lolference and will be too sick to hit the playa. She’ll be just fine to take the 4 hour flight back to Chicago though, due to the 14,000 mg of doxycycline and a clutch wheatgrass shot at OMGEarthbar!

    • Your reference led me down a Wiki spiral. The movie’s plot twist is, apparently, based on a fan having given a pregnant Gene Tierney rubella. This resulted in her daughter suffering from blindness, deafness and mental retardation. ~*The more you know!*~ Poor Gene Tierney.

      • Honestly, if Julie has something contagious she probably caught it on one of her pointless flights and has spread it around a few more.

        I was half hoping she would read here and cancel for everyone’s sake (First unselfish thing she has ever done?) and half testing if she would all the suddenly develop an Elizabeth Taylor/Gene Tierney infatuation (or some Fromme-Toyou variation)

        O/T Now that I am an old I’ve heard a lot about Agatha and Dorothy L. Sayers being dated and over-rated. But as a tween they got me through a miserable lonely summer. So I am still a fan.

        • I have mentioned this before here, and will so again: I love the book “Absent in the Spring,” by Mary Westmacott (another Agatha pen name.) The protagonist/anti-heroine is a Donk-level narcissist, who gets stranded in a situation where she has nothing to do but reflect on her past … and how it turns out is exactly how it would turn out for Donk given her trajectory thus far. I highly recommend it. Books that really nail human truths, sufferings, follies, whatever, never get dated.

  9. Do you guys think Julia is depressed? Or does that require a level of introspection, emotions that she just doesn’t have?

    I know if I were grifting aimlessly I’d feel terribly alone and unfulfilled. Fuck. I have a good job and great friends and a steady cat friend and I deal with ups and downs like everyone else. But this one… I don’t know if she cares enough about anything but herself. I could see her getting MAD when her ego is stepped on, but ick.

    • She’s depressed when no one pays attention to her, I imagine. But yes, I can see her having a blue mood , like everyone else sometimes. Gee, you’d think a nice trip to Paris with a friend might lift the spirits.

      But no, I’d say right now she’s a bit on the manic side (I am not saying she’s bipolar though), she is spinning her relationships, or churning them, left and right. Just look at the past week. All these new acquaintances at the lolference, a first date with somebody, ditching Billow in Paris, crashing on Price’s futon, will glom onto Randi sure-as-shit even if it’s in an iron lung (think of the dramatic entrance!), whomever she’s supposed to go to Burning Man with, I’m sure there are a dozen other “friends” she’s rang up to be of service to herself.

      What does she give to them? What does she bring? She is going through people on a tear, and the slightest hint of her honoring her commitments, she gets “sick”, and she doesn’t have to do jack shit for anyone else, as always. Doubt very highly she’s ever picked up a check for “friends” hosting her. Maybe she’s modest, I doubt it. She’s a one-way street with people, it’s always about what they can do for her. Burning Woman, she seems to burn through relationships, friends. They seem to often feel burned by having known her, used a bit. I’ll bet her editor at TMS feels burned that she’s so unreliable, now on her “vacation”.

      “Candles at both ends”, like she’s Zelda Fitzgerald or something. Well Zelda ended up badly (and I can’t believe how much I can stretch this metaphor, but she died in a fire) and I think JA is going to burn out for a bit after this exhaustive spree of people-using. No, I don’t think she’s depressed. I think she’s feeling happily herself, taking everything she wants from everyone she knows or meets, and giving nothing back. She’s in her element, moving among people with happening careers, mooching and seeing what they can do for her.

      • Doubt very highly she’s ever picked up a check for “friends” hosting her. Maybe she’s modest, I doubt it.

        She doesn’t, and she isn’t. Were she giving back to her hosts we would see tweets about it constantly. The few times she has done a nice for someone who let her impose, she always made sure to point out her generosity — Flowers for Randinon, unwanted grift bag stuff/unused tickets to NYFW, hot sauce for the New Yorker couch-haver (who, I believe has since banned her from staying due to the other gift of lost sleep and couch fuckstains with ineffable whatzhisface.) Cheap she is, modest she is not.

      • Burning Woman, she seems to burn through relationships, friends. They seem to often feel burned by having known her, used a bit. I’ll bet her editor at TMS feels burned that she’s so unreliable, now on her “vacation”.

        this is so perfectly fitting.

  10. OT, and maybe AWKWARD, but where is Daddy JP? Doesn’t he love us anymore, Mama Jacy? Did we do something wrong? 🙁

    • CVS Minute Clinic is cheap and they’ll write anyone a prescription for antibiotics just to keep the turnover going.

  11. OK, hmm. MAYBE she was referring to the SF doc in that tweet? And then she had to mention the “shot” from today in LA as well so that she can say it, poof, made her all better.

    • Am I completely confused? Was she in LA, then went to SF. Or was she in SF, then she went to LA? Isn’t there two visits to two doctors and two antibiotics?

      • Yes. Sf doc gave her antibiotics and told her not to fly. She then flew to LA where LA doc gave her antibiotics and a Vitamin B shot. (side eye)

        • Yeah the second doctor said, “Julie, we need to up your crazy meds, and this shot I’m giving you is a sedative you manic beast. Now please put on this white gown from c/o Insaneasylum, don’t you like the way the sleeves tie behind your back?”

        • Which is bullshit. I have been plagued by throat infections my whole life (been cursing my childhood pediatrician for not taking my tonsils out for years). Never have I needed to be on two antibiotics. What the fuck is she talking about?

          • I’ve been treated for a persistent cough for 15 months (much of that spent ruling things out — still unsure of the cause) and not once have I been prescribed antibiotics. The go-to diagnosis for the first two doctors was atypical pneumonia, and they didn’t prescribe antibiotics even as a precaution; they waited until x-rays showed that wasn’t it. PNEUMONIA.

  12. I just can’t wait to hear the Donkey’s brays of distress when she realizes there is no Starbucks at Burning Man.

      • Isn’t there wifi? I could have sworn there was when I was there in 2007…I remember sitting in the WiFi tent trying to get some signal through my iPhone (probably to chat with my exBF because I was lame). Then Larry Page walked in. It was weird.

        • Do you mean Larry Harvey, the creator? I’m not sure who Larry Page is, and my mind always jumps to Harvey when I hear ‘Larry’ associated with the burn.

          I’ve heard of people rigging up wifi somehow, satellite I suppose. It isn’t widespread provided by the event, though, as it is kind of against the concept of being ‘in the moment.’ There is occasional access at certain places (I won’t name names), but it is very unreliable and very slow. I’m sure Julia will find a way to get her self-googling and ‘so blessed!’ brags in, though. If she is going with Silo Valley tech types, they might have something up their sleeves. It makes me sad to even think about people using the net while out there, though. What a waste!

  13. So she is now so desperate she is not just a couch surfer but a futon surfer?!
    And is she going to have sinus infected donkey braying shagging on this poor sucker’s futon like she did with the other one’s couch?
    And who the fuck even visits someone if they are legitimately that sick? And then sleeps in their living area for 14 hours straight?
    And why does this fucking donkey still manage to shock the shit out of me with her total lack of manners and consideration to others?
    So many questions…

  14. ”I was wondering if you were still here” = “What kind of rude cunt stays in bed for 14 FUCKING HOURS as a houseguest, then tweets before even saying hello to her hostess?”

    I used to get ungodly sinus infections, to the point where my parents had to take me to the ER (this was before urgent care existed in my middle-of-nowhere area). If you have a sinus infection THAT bad, you really can’t bear to be anywhere but a darkened room. If it’s not that bad, you can fucking fly – to LA OR Paris.

    She is just so fucking predictable! Rachel Billow, why do you put up with her shit, for YEARS now? Come the fuck on!

    • She has obviously pissed Billow off because she deleted that Tweet pimping her out in Paris. Which she did just hours before claiming to be too sick to travel. God she’s an asshole.

    • Oh god yes. Real sinus infections hurt. I used to have sinus infections so bad that I routinely had to have them drained by having the cavity pierced through the inside of my nose and I still used to buck up and go back to uni or the pub the same day. Even when I had general surgery to have them drilled out and had to wear a splint on my face for 4 weeks I still went about my day to day business. She is a lying lazy big baby full of piss weak excuses.

    • It’s great how “Operation Get Julia Better” consists of tweeting, “Oh, are you still parked on my couch? I’M WORKING.” Rather than walking downstairs to see if Donk needs some OJ or whatever. I’m Donk’s welcome and I am worn out.

      • Does JuliaPrice also not realize how long JA is planning to stay? So weird.

        I honestly feel strange asking really good friends if I can crash their couch for one night… I can’t imagine being such a habitual couch squatter.

        • it’s cool when you are all college-aged or in your young twenties….i crashed all over the place back then and always had visitors to my various pads. but once you hit late twenties/early thirties, and your friends have real jobs and spouses and sometimes kids, it just isn’t cool anymore.

    • I’ve almost died from sinus infections twice (and have had them operated upon several times) and her bullshit is BULLSHIT and it’s driving me insane.





  15. As someone who’s told some lies in my life, I can spot them. This reeks of it.

    What did your doctor say would happen if you flew. You’d die? Funny how you’ve got the particular type of illness that would make flying uncomfortable.

    We all called this days ago.

    Julia Allison Baugher is a fucking liar.

    CC: Lewis Howes

  16. Absolutely zero not happening chance of her NOT being at Randi’s event.

    God, we’re calling her life move for move.


    • When reports come in that her presentation was fucking god awful she will blame the drug cocktail (even though that ain’t how anti-bis word) and her illness. ‘Sinus infuckted’ is the new ‘drink.’ Wonder if she will out some of Jack’s secrets while looped out on goofballs and vitamin B?

    • This speaking engagement is her DREAM JOB. The start of her new grift. I promise you. I hope a cat lady is going to tell us all.

      • So do you suspect speaking with Randi part of he gig at the new R to Z marketing firm? Maybe this is why she will “decide” not to renew her TMS contract–she prefers talking to writing.

  17. Um… JULIA ALLISON, this is why people think you’re a liar…

    Stephanie Perdew VanSlyke Maybe you need to slow down?
    Yesterday at 6:12pm · 1 person

    Julia Allison HA, I know, that occurred to me, Steph … my body is forcing me to slow down! But I got a vitamin B shot in my butt, went on a hike, got a massage, and plan to sleep 12 hours tonight. Still, wish I were going to Paris on Friday!

    She went on a hike???? With a sinus infection???? When I have a sinus infection, I have migraines so bad I can’t move my head… headaches are the biggest symptom. But I guess it was more important to chase Codename TK around Runyon Canyon than keep her lies straight.

    • Oh, Donkey, give it up; TK has avoided Runyon Canyon (not to mention your Bald Runyon Canyon) with a vengeance ever since.

      (And this makes me agree with previous observations: she is definitely in a manic phase, frantically casting out, casting out, for any connection that could be her next OBO/face-saving ploy.)

    • wait, is “Stephanie Perdew VanSlyke” the real name of a real human being?
      i KANT.
      PS. donkey!

      • HA! What a great name! Did she go to Perdue? What am I saying! Of course she did!

        I just VanSlyked in my pants.

    • “Oh, Rachel, hi…what’s that? No, that’s just my masseuse in the background… Sick? Of course I’m sick, silly! The doctor recommended Vitamin B and a massage for balance and health. This is doctor ordered and you don’t mess with that! Lack of sleep and my bidness lady ways definitely gave me a VIRAL and/or BACTERIAL infection, haha, you know, that’s what WebMD said anyway…”

    • She has an extremely weird relationship with her body. She talks about it like it’s some alien thing that was randomly attached to her head.

      trying to get my body feeling better

      my body is forcing me to slow down

      my body is indescribably happy at this moment

      despite my insomnia, my body has cooperated with me far beyond any reasonable expectation

      if I let my body do what it wants, it will stay up for about 36 hours

      maybe I should just let my body know that it is not, in fact, November yet*

      *She was setting up an excuse to be late with a column — due to illness! — and referencing the fact that she was sick for Thanksgiving 2006 and 2007. This was prior to her illness of Thanksgiving 2009. Poor, poor momsers.

      • I know I post ‘JAmyL’ stories a lot, but the resemblance between the JAmyL and JA never cease to amaze me. The similarities are what makes me stay here, I know. The fact that I can read all of this and think, “Ugh, thank god someone else gets me!” even if the obnoxious human I know isn’t the actual obnoxious human we all bitch about. The might as well be.

        Whenever the JAmyL wants to get out of doing something she always says ‘[her] little body’ is telling her something, and she needs to listen to her body.

        “I know I promised, but my little body is just telling me I need to sleep.”

        “My little body just can’t handle this, so I’m dropping this course/cutting my hours to 20 a week instead of 24…”

        “I believe in vegetarianism, but I keep craving meat, and I need to listen to what my little body is telling me.”

        Bitch, stop blaming ‘your body’ and just admit that you are a lazy, unreliable, unprincipled asshole with no ultimate convictions except for doing whatever you want at any given moment. Stop acting like it is your inner balance and self-awareness. One of the least self-aware things about you is your inability to admit that you are self-centered and selfish. Get help.

  18. Alls I know is that is was very selfish for Billowz to schedule her Parisian birthday extravaganza between serious bidness laydee speaking events and Snag-A-Man at Burning Man 2011.

  19. omg. i just can’t with all her lies anymore. she totally ditched billow for burning man. she probably couldn’t afford to do both.

    her latest explanation:
    A few updates …

    So last weekend I was in Napa speaking at Tim Ferriss’ OTR conference, which was such an incredible experience I neglected to sleep much of the time. Awesome, except … I got myself sick. I called my doctor back in Chicago, listed my symptoms, and got a recommendation to go on antibiotics. I’m not a huge fan of them, so after flying to LA yesterday I headed to my doctor here. She checked me out and agreed, so I started a Z-pak today. Yay. I’m not contagious, but I don’t think it’s a good plan to fly internationally – which means no Paris trip for my friend Natasha’s birthday at the chateau. I’m very disappointed, to say the least.

    As it stands, I’ve been doing everything possible to get myself better. Vitamin B shot in my BUTT this morning (um, it hurts like a B!), hiked in Runyon this afternoon, got a massage tonight, slept 14 hours last night, plan to sleep another 12 tonight.

    I banned myself from my friends – just focusing on getting well, and am staying at the new hotel called Mr. C’s in Beverly Hills. I’ll probably remain in LA for the next few days just trying to get myself back to normal. (I’m speaking at a conference tomorrow, as well.)

    Lesson learned: don’t burn candle at both ends!

    Oh yeah … and I’m going to Burning Man on Wednesday. So I have to be 100% by then!! My doctor said I would be fine by Saturday, so … I’m giving it an extra few days just in case. Which is good, as I have Social Studies columns to write, plus a lot of crazy pink costumes to purchase!

    • i know someone linked to the video of this earlier, but it’s still applicable!


    • It is to vom.

      Why is Natasha simply a “friend,” sans modifiers? My gut is that she ditched ALL THE GIRLS Parisian Adventure to chase tail at Burning Man (!) which promises schadenfreude beyond imagine.

    • This is the most bullshit she’s ever tried string together. It’s off the charts.

      • That’s if you think she’ll actually go to Burning Man. I’m not convinced anymore. The needle on my bullshit meter broke from being buried in the red. I think BM is just a convenient fiction right now.

        • “The terms of the Burning Man ticket require that participants wishing to use video-recording equipment (including, in practice, most digital cameras) sign over copyright in their images to Black Rock City, and forbid them from using their images for anything other than personal and private use.”

          Does this exclude hobbyblogs?

    • I’m sorry, but as someone who gets pretty serious sinus infections on the reg, I can promise you that they come from far more than a simple lack of sleep. For a “social media expert” who enjoys lying this spectacularly, she should at least learn how to use The Google and WebMD properly. Re-tard.

    • Also–for someone who never gets sick (except when she does) and doesn’t have health insurance (as she can afford OOP costs) I am genuinely curious how she has snagged a Chicago and LA doctor who will drop everything for “sniffles.”

      I called my doctor back in Chicago, listed my symptoms, and got a recommendation to go on antibiotics…after flying to LA yesterday I headed to my doctor here… I Kant.

    • God, she’s an idiot.

      Tim Ferriss’ conference was called ‘Opening The Kimono’. I guess when she says ‘OTR’, she means ‘Opening The Robe’, because she is too lazy or too stupid or both to know/remember that it was ‘kimono’ and not ‘robe’.

      She is a big, fat liar. The only reason she posted this ‘update’ is because we’ve been all over her lies and bullshit the last few days. Nice try, Julie, but we ain’t buyin’ it.

      And I think you need to send Rachel Billow a nice gift to make up for your horrible cunty behavior. No, not some leftover crap swag. But a real gift. Like a gift certificate for a massage/spa treatment. Or some local, handmade chocolates. Something special. Because one of these days, she will have had enough of your deceitful NPD ways and be done with you for good.

      Also, ‘got a recommendation to go on antibiotics’ is not the same as ‘got a prescription‘ for antibiotics. So which is it? ‘Recommended’? Or ‘prescribed’? Time to brush up on your ‘keeping my lies straight’ skills, Julie.

      • hmm…as a gift, may i suggest…. entry fee for the komen 3-day walk?!!?!?!!!?!?!?!

      • Wait. Where is RBillow? Is she stuck in Paris on her lonesome? Where is Lilly? Where is JP? Are they all together?

        Cathorez, this is turning into a Scooby Doo mystery. We all need to go for a massage.

      • The next link after ‘Opening the Kimono’ is ‘How to Bribe People to Start Companies’ — can’t get Klassier than that.

      • Really, that Tim Ferris seminar had references to “opening the kimono?” Because wasn’t that a catchphrase (offensive even then) in the corporate world in the go-go eighties, mocked and parodied relentlessly ever since? And now he’s co-opting it as some kind of 4-minute mantra? I hate these people.

        P.S.: Donkey: Burning Man is probably not the place (at least for you) to find a husband, though some husbands do go there to get lost, temporarily. I have an acquaintance (married) who meets up with his “Playa Wife” year after year, returning happily to his family with no regrets at the end of the burn. You, being a narcissistic, lying, manipulative donkey, have a hard enough time snagging a man in the real world, so you might as well take your OMG MULTIPLE DOCTORS’ sound medical advice and sit this one out.

        PS: Dumb, LYING Donkey!

    • Oh my fucking God! That post is making me froth at the mouth. So smug, so entitled, so many lies.

      No one believes your bullshit excuse, Donkey. The only reason a person would cancel an international flight for a friends birthday is because of a serious illness. Paris isn’t even that far from whoever’s couch she’s sleeping on. Ten hours max, right? Bitch, please. I’m in Australia and it would take me 24 fucking hours to get there and there is no way I or anyone I know would cancel a trip to Paris because of the sniffles. As Judge Judy says “If it doesn’t make sense it probably isn’t true.”

      P.S. Staying in a Beverly Hills hotel, massages, hiking?! For shame, Dad$sers, for shame.

    • So did Julia Price kick her out? I can’t get over how weird and creepy it is that Julia travels constantly for business, but chooses to crash on a random acquaintance’s futon over a hotel. If Julia Price was a family member or a best friend, that’s different. For people with actual jobs, actual employers, and actual business, the company pays for the trip, because the trip is the cost of doing business. Julia doesn’t take business trips, she takes vacations! The problem with a hotel is that she would be all alone with her computer, with no one to listen to her talk about herself, and hotels won’t babysit your dog.

    • ‘am staying at the new hotel called Mr. C’s in Beverly Hills’

      ‘Get Clickable to host the August Social Media Series at Mr. C’s in Beverly Hills on August 26 from 2 to 8 p.m. Special guest speakers include Social Media Strategist Randi Zuckerberg, Mega Brand Manager Jack McCain’s LOLyer, and Social Media Journalist Julia Allison’

      So, she didn’t ‘ban’ herself from her friends after all. A cynical cat lady (like me) would say that Julie conned Randi into letting her crash in Randi’s room. A less cynical cat lady (not me) might say the conference booked Julie her own room, since she’s a ‘guest speaker’.

  20. As someone with firsthand experience, let me tell you; traveling to the arid Southwest desert when you have a sinus infection is not. a. good. idea. The climate increased my sinus discomfort to epic proportions, and the necessary wiping of nose was pure agony because my skin was so dry and chapped.

    So if Donkey were to have an actual sinus infection, I’d have to revise my estimate of how long she’ll make it at Burning Man down to about 3.9 seconds.

    • Hmm. In these circumstances her GIANT HEAD may explode. I would pay to see that. (Tickets, anyone? I’m a journalist!)

    • And … we’ve just given her all the reason she’ll need to bail on the BM. But she’ll fuck it up, anyway, and one tall tale will cancel out several other lies while trying to leave early or not attend at all. And so it goes. How does she live with herself? Why does ANYONE put up with such an obvious fraud?

  21. @JuliaAllison: If you had to dress up for this year’s Burning Man theme – “Rites of Passage” – what would you dress as?

    Bish PLEASE.

    She probably doesn’t know what ‘Rites of Passage’ means, hence her crowd-sourcing costume ideas. Not that she wouldn’t do that anyway. But this one must really have her stumped. I feel sorry for the little hamster spinning round and round inside her little donkey brain. He must be exhausted!

  22. Latest tweet: “@brit @MelodyMcC @randizuckerberg @brandee @CathyBrooks @aubs @elizabeth – what about me! Add me in! Wait … what are we talking about?”


  23. Sorry you guys. Feel like a big comment whore tonight. But I just had to post this:

    @CathyBrooks Cathy Brooks:
    Hey @Padmasree – I’m thinking another gal gathering is in order & @brandee needs to come this time! Oh and neener neener @shervin #igdimetb

    @Padmasree Padmasree:
    @CathyBrooks of course we will include @brandee I have to find a free Sat when we are all here

    @Aubs Aubrey Sabala:
    @MelodyMcC @randizuckerberg @brandee @CathyBrooks Inviting myself as there’s nothing I need more. Adding @elizabeth & @brit. Let’s do this!

    @randizuckerberg Randi Zuckerberg:
    I’m so in for a girls night!! RT @Padmasree: @shervin ha! you are sooooo jealous cc @brandee @cathybrooks @melodymcC @rashmi @shak @eldsjal

    @MelodyMcC Melody McCloskey:
    SO IN for girls night! Much needed. @Padmasree @randizuckerberg @brandee @cathybrooks @rashmi + others

    @brit Brittany Bohnet:
    @MelodyMcC @randizuckerberg @brandee @CathyBrooks @aubs @elizabeth YES. Can someone start the email chain?

    @brit @MelodyMcC @randizuckerberg @brandee @CathyBrooks @aubs @elizabeth – what about me! Add me in! Wait … what are we talking about?

    JULIE! If any of these girls had wanted to invite you to their ‘Girls Night’? They would have. From what I can tell, they were twittering each other about setting up a girl’s night, with cc’s to other girls they wanted to include. Guess what? Didn’t see ONE GIRL mention YOUR NAME. So don’t be a tacky donkey and INVITE YOURSELF. You know why? Very rude. In very poor taste. And just downright tacky. Hush yo’ damn mouth. Keep quiet and wait until they invite you. If they don’t? They didn’t want you there. End of story.

    She is so totally clueless and cringe-y. She must have a light dusting of Aspergers, right? Either that, or just straight up douchetard.

    Side note: she’s so sick (practically on her deathbed!) that she’s up twittering and posting comment replies at 1AM???

    • Currently 2AM and all sorts of weird, old pictures from fauxtoshoots going up on her fb, including pics like these:


      You’re on your death bed and taking 25 different antibiotics but you’re tooling around on facebook?

    • @Dr. Gary I am up late tonight doing desk errands and at 4 am it’s a welcome relief to see a bunch of blue and not purple on the top right corner of RBD.

      You know what bothers me, not Julia trying to tag along, but the way the rest of them tell the world what they are doing, i.e. its like in grade school when people handed out bday invitations and you didn’t get one. Its actually quite bitchy and mean.

      • I don’t think it’s mean. No one cares what plans they’re making. It’s only the sad, pathetic donkey who is desperate to get in.

    • Donkey does not have Asperger’s. Not even close. Though she is obsessed with weddings in a way that reminds me a bit of the fixations of people on the autistic end of the spectrum. Donkey doesn’t do bad things to people because she’s socially clueless; she does them because she thinks she’s entitled to treat people however she feels like. Don’t mistake her cuntitude for an autism spectrum disorder.

  24. Omg, if you’re really sick, go home, get into your PJ’s and watch daytime TV like a normal person.

  25. I’d just like to say that I lost my job–er, the desk at which I ran errands–today when my entire company went belly-up and laid off the whole stinking lot of us in one afternoon. Infernally bad management. But you guys cheer me up, and at least I don’t have a sinus infection. Or a group of “friends” who actually hate me because I’m a terrible selfish entitled donkey. As always, even in the worst of times, I can still remind myself that at least I’m not Julia. Although I could certainly use a trust fund right about now. But here’s to better times ahead, and a group of folks I can always count on for a good laugh. Thanks, catpeeps.

    • Oh, that’s awful, poor you…wishing you all the best and tons of luck! Do you have ideas about your next move, or are you just reeling? Either way, a truck load of cat ladee luv from Germany for you.

    • Thanks. I have some avenues to explore, but at the moment it’s just sort of…blank. I get to learn how to file for unemployment, which is interesting. But I’ve got some really great (and now also unemployed) friends from my time there, and we’re all helping each other. It really is something to have a community of people who genuinely care about each other. And luckily I don’t have to crash on anyone’s futon anytime soon. And I can come here for a giggle and some perspective. 🙂

      • Good luck! Here’s hoping it’s just a small bump. Meanwhile, we’ll do everything we can here to make you laugh. That’s Donkey’s only major contribution to society.

    • Ouch. I am sorry to hear about this, and glad to know you’ve got a support network in place. Best of luck on the jerb search.

    • “I’m isolating myself from my friends”

      We know. You’ve been doing this for quite some time, as evidenced by the fact that you can’t keep a friend for longer than a few months or a boyfriend for longer than a few weeks, and not even that unless he/she lives far away from you. Good job ostensibly maintaining doctor-patient relationships in a bunch of different cities, though! Gold star!

    • SO SICK
      Hey, wait, guys! Why didn’t you invite me to your party?!

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