Pancakes Has Balls; Defriends Donkey’s Ass


We have it from reliable authorities that Pancakes McCain, grossed out on several fronts by the Donkey he used to date — in particular the “keep that helo safe, babe” message — has indeed defriended Julie Albertson’s arse on Facebook.

He also deleted all photos of the two of them together, and detagged himself from just about every photo of hers. Oh. Dear.

Such a love story. Really, it was only Guam that tore them apart. They were so deeply in love, and will be friends FOREVER!



  1. Good for Jack. Just because I’m curious, I googled “Jack McCain” and “girlfriend” and all that comes up are story after story of he and Julia breaking up – per the PR release she must have put out about it. Julia is so sickening. You can’t just date this Donkey and ever be done with her.

    But what she wrote on his FB page was so tone deaf and insensitive – I’m glad he got rid of her ass.

    • Even if you just google “Jack McCain,” Julia pops up on the first page. It’s pretty gross.

      • Same thing if you google ‘Jack McCain’ + images. Julie is all over the first page of results. Poor Pancakes. He should have never The Donkey.

          • ‘Zactly. I’ve said it before but this little fling will haunt him forevvvvaaarrr.
            Political aspirations down the drain. Poor pancakes.

      • He deserves it. Any sentient adult who willingly associates with her knows what he or she is getting. He’s not some guileless, innocent victim.

        • I disagree. He likely had no clue about what he was getting himself into. He’s a young guy who got caught in the Donkey’s web and now he’s trying to slowly back out of the room.

          • Please. How long does even a slow dude have to spend with her to know that she’s batshit crazy?

            As if that melted face and flabby body on top of weird legs aren’t enough boner killers? And that braying and cackling?

            Most sane people figure out pretty quickly that she’s nuts, and unpleasant to be around.

          • I’m kind of over this argument. People whip it out like it is as easy as all that. “Well that is what he gets… she is crazy, and you can tell that instantly.”

            That’s bullshit, and I have explained a million times that narcissists are often VERY charming, and in the beginning they can seem exciting, fresh, and fun. They can also seem like they are your long lost soul mate because they will mimic all your interests. It takes repeated exposure to their fuckcrazy behaviors before you begin to realize how nutty they are. Because they just plod along acting like you are still best friends you get caught in this web of just trying to stay away.

            Regardless, he is a 24 year old kid who got sucked into an exchange with a woman who blew it way out of proportion, manipulated him and (from all reports) took advantage of him

            As much as people want to sling mud at anyone with whom she has ever been in contact, to say they all ‘deserve’ it is just horseshit. Give the guy credit for getting away when he did, and with a decent amount of dignity, rather than assuming that we all come built in with a secret decoder bracelet that flashes when in range of a psychotic asshole.

          • The very first video of him graduating and Cindi giving her the eye..was the tell….they knew at that moment and were in wait until he figured it out.

          • She is crazy, and he finally realized just how crazy she is. He may be a little slow on the uptake, but he figured it out in the end.

            It would be just like her to try to ruin the kid’s life just because he was over her. She’s a miserable, selfish and vindictive person. Luckily her exploits are being documented, and Google-searchable, here.

          • Ditto, mcakez.

            He learned a hella hard lesson early (25 now, btw) & will undoubtedly has a much more discerning taste in future friends & GF’s (to whit: the new Cute & Tiny™ GF w/ actual accomplishments).

            Besides, the military teaches troops to endure psychological warfare, so he’s already got that under his belt (even though said belt is AWOL).

          • How does anyone with opposable thumbs NOT see within a very short time that she’s crazy AND obnoxious AND hideous to be around?

            How does an adult NOT have a fucking clue that she’s insane and extremely unpleasant? The braying is an easy tell.

          • What I don’t get is, how could Meghan McCain truly not know? I really don’t get it. at. all. She admitted she’s the one who set them up…

          • Megan didn’t say she set them up, she said she introduced them. I covered this down thread. She probably DID introduce them, as they were two people, at her part, who did not know each other. “Julia, Jack. Jack, Julia.”

            It doesn’t mean she planned a love connection.

            Also, has Megan hung out with Julia more than a handful of times, for more than a few hours? They’ve done lunch/dinner a few times, but other than that? Megan mostly just ignores her, from what I can tell. Even more so once Donkey latched on to her bro.

            Also, I maintain that anyone who thinks a complete NPD loon can be spotted instantly has never had a run in with a true narcissist. They can be very charming at first, especially if they want to use you.

            She doesn’t have problems meeting/making ‘friends,’ she has problems keeping them and blows the depth of the relationships way out of proportion. Many people have caught on and either don’t know how to get away, or try to just politely ignore her.

          • Did Megan post somewhere (Twitter?) that she set them up?

            And how the fuck do you know that Julia Allison definitely is NPD or any other diagnosis? Are you her shrink? Have you even met the hag?

          • Are you new here? It is obvious she has NPD based on tells such as her making everything about herself.

          • The other thing is — all of us here are obviously online A LOT. I mean I spend most of my life online. But many people don’t. And I have heard from several friends of hers and his that he does not. He works a ton and just doesn’t spend a lot of time online before or since; it’s just not his thing. And he doesn’t exactly have an office job in which he’s in front of a computer all day and kills time by watching the Donkey Show. She knew this, apparently, and felt she didn’t have to worry too much about her online exaggerations. When he started to pay attention, because friends and family members were pointing her shit out to him, he was very weirded out, and that was the beginning of the end.

          • Again, are you her shrink? None of us has any idea what the hell her upbringing was like (although it almost certainly was not normal and healthy) or what contributed to her being the fuck up that she is today. Just yesterday, someone made a good case for her being emotionally stunted at the age of 12, instead of NPD.

            For one thing, narcissists can be incredibly charming, and she is not. At least not to anyone with half a brain.

            Armchair experts casually tossing around psych diagnoses don’t impress me.

          • So? Do you think ANYone, much less EVERYone, is here to impress you? NPD yourself much?

            You say she’s batshit crazy … & you know this HOW? By observation of what she puts out there & deductive reasoning? Well, there ya go.

          • Re: NPD. We have heard from lots of people who knew her in her heyday who say she was one of the most charming people they’d ever met. Even people meeting her today say that — I am sure Christine Kelly would agree. But sooner or later she turns off the charm offensive and the true JA emerges.

            None of us are her shrinks, obviously, and we are all just speculating on what ails her. But some kind of NPD mixed in with histrionic personality disorder seems to describe her pretty perfectly.

            Seems pointless to argue about what is really wrong with her, however, since none of us will ever treat her medically.

          • Then there are those who’ve never been impressed by her and saw right through the thin veneer of nice.

            And, of course, there are those who *insist* that she has a great figure. (The whole “men cum on sight for pear shapes” still cracks me up!) So I’ll go with my own impressions, experiences, observations.

          • Actually, having seen your comments plenty of times (the name changes but the content rarely does, so they’re easy to spot), you typically come across as someone JA had dissed/used/abused in the past who never got over the slight. Perhaps it happened to someone you knew, but the consistent butthurt tone and repetitiveness of your comments tend to imply otherwise. No shame in that, just calling it as I see it.

          • I’ve been out of the loop for a couple weeks with work and houseguests, but for the love of fuck I’d PAY Julia Allison Is Guilty of Bonercide to drop the flabby obsession. There are 40,000 genuine grounds on which to be critical of her and so you choose fat/flabby? It’s not incisive, it’s not helpful, it’s not funny, and it’s not even remotely accurate.

          • No shit. Really, really tiresome, and so offbase. I think it’s the same commenter who was suggesting for months Donk was a size 12 and weighed 160 pounds. Like please, give it up. That’s seriously warped thinking/perception to be suggesting she’s a grossly overweight cow. She may not be completely toned, and she is strangely shaped, but the chick is not fat or even terribly flabby.

          • So sorry, ontheotherhoof, but your armchair psychologist skills are seriously lacking. She has done nothing to me, as she has never had the power or influence to do anything to me. However, I have seen and heard her mock young women who weren’t thin and weren’t as stylish as Donk deludes herself into believing that she is.

            Speaking of delusions, I’ve said – on more than one occasion – that she isn’t fat, but she is flabby. Have you not seen her arms and legs, esp. the thighs? Oh, that’s right. This the make-believe land where pear shapes are the sexiest thing and all men cum on sight, the bigger the better. Carry on! No wonder Julia is able to convince enough people that she’s not what her “haterz” say she is.

          • Eh, you obviously aren’t aware of how you come across.. which is what I’d articulated. Not my problem. As for her flabbiness, ohhhh well — she eats poorly, doesn’t get enough sleep and doesn’t exercise, so that’s to be expected. It’s nothing ANOTHER round of liposuction can’t fix. Shapes and sizes hardly matter and I don’t particularly care to get into the “ideal body” discussion (I simply don’t care) as BOTTOM LINE it’s different strokes for different folks. You know, kind of like opinions! For every female on this planet there’s a man SOMEWHERE that will find her appealing for whatever reason or maybe just want to sleep with her. Perhaps that hasn’t been your experience, but it’s the truth. Julia has documented plenty of relationships, and it’s no small number. If she didn’t have such ridiculously lofty standards WRT what she feel she deserves (if she would opt to “settle”), there would probably be many more. Throw a rock and you’ll hit at least one guy who would bone Julia without asking questions, hate to break it to you. If you’re agreeing that Julia has such power over others, then she is precisely that overly charming NPD case she’s been repeatedly called out as, although hmmm… I thought most people can spot that on sight? If armchair psychology is such a problem, let’s just go ahead and say she mimics all the traits of having NPD/HPD. Or let’s simply say she’s an asshole. Does that help? She has clearly had power/influence over you in having inspired commentary on the same things ad nauseum based on the fact that she’s catty and talks shit about other women, which should come as no surprise in the first place. I’m sure you feel you’re giving her a taste of her own medicine or whatever, but she’s helped you get to that point and she’s certainly done far more heinous things than be a shady and insecure bitch. Let’s put your repetitive comments in the context of her apparent amazing ability to convince people she isn’t what her haters say she is, then. Since there probably ARE people out in the world who might not see her as flabby with chunky arms or thighs, your comments would certainly prove her point – pointing out her physical flaws instead of her horrid treatment of people and behavior in general. To each their own as far as body-snarking goes; far be it from me to really care or prevent others from doing what they want, but keep it real that the comments are moreso as if you were writing directly for Julia in hopes that she’d read it rather than it being purely an observation. We get it, she’s earned it, but it’s laughable that you’d think your comments wouldn’t be the FIRST cherry-picked for “proof” as to exactly how her haters are just fat, jelliz obese catladies whose statements have no merit.

          • This is the thing, Bonercide.

            None of us have the moral authority here. I recognize that.

            But almost every single one of your comments involves talking about her hideous pear-shaped body and her flab (and you’ve lost me on the whole pear-shaped rant, by the way, since I know a lot of dudes who really like that body type and think JA still has a smoking hot body, despite the scary face). In fact, I always know it’s you when someone is ranting angrily at any suggestion JA is a Republican or if someone dares suggest she’s got a good body. It’s tiresome. We get it. You find her physically disgusting, out-of-shape, and a Democrat.

            But she’s not a lard-ass, nor is she Republican nor Democrat — she blows whichever way will most benefit her personally. When Obama was cool, she loved Obama. When she was banging a McCain, she loved the Republicans.

            There are so many legitimate reasons why she is detestable. Most of us know people she has treated abominally and/or stalked to the extent that they were frightened and all because they had the unmitigated gall to break up with her. She is devious, conniving, mean, dishonest, fucked up, selfish, self-obsessed, inconsiderate, inappropriate, lacking social skills, unintelligent, hypocritical, shady, cheap, a back-stabber, controlling, nasty, obstinate, passive-aggressive, angry and completely fucking insane.

            Go after her on that stuff.

            While I will always agree she should cover up those gams and that she is strangely shaped, that isn’t what is detestable about her. Her flab is not really a problem, and every time we go there we just make her look justified in claiming she has online bullies who terrorize her with cruelty. I wish we’d stop.

          • Bonercide, if you think you aren’t just as transparent as JA is, you’re the delusional one.

          • So Bonercide – What is your point? You want us to be aware that you think she is flabby? Ok, point taken. What are you harping on? It’s worrisome that you think your POV is the only one… You’re allowed to think or feel whatever you want, but so am I which is why I stated that I disagreed with you and my own reasoning. I don’t understand your purpose – to convince everyone that you are right? I would be enchanted if you would enlighten me.

          • I see Crazy Burro displays typical analytic skills around here these days. Starting with my gender.

            @Jacy – Help me out here. It’s good to make fun of Megan McCain’s huge chest, and Jack’s lack of height and short arms, among so many others. But point out that Donkey’s lack of good habits (eating and exercise) and propensity for wearing clothes a few sizes too small makes her look incredibly flabby and that she has an extreme pear shape? That’s bad?

            It’s a shame there wasn’t a fraction of this outrage when a few people used to make some rather rude anti-Jewish cracks here. Maybe if they paired them with cracks about her pear shape, it would’ve provoked some outrage.

          • I am not all that comfortable re: Megatits’ tits — although they truly are mega tits — or Pancakes wee-ness, to be honest. They can’t really help that stuff, and to me, it isn’t what makes them loathsome. But unless I am mistaken, you seem to regard Donk’s body as her most detestable feature. That’s what I don’t get.

          • p.s. I don’t actually think MT and Pancakes are loathsome. Really, the only person in this online reality show who is truly awful is Donkey, but not because of her body. Because of her soul. I used to think Rambo, in the early years, was loathsome, but then she grew up. I just don’t get being so bent out of shape about whether the Donk is hot or not. Some think so, some don’t — you, in particular, do not — but, you know, we’ve all got different opinions, moving along ………..

            But you keep harping on it, and it seems gratuitous.

          • There’s no reasoning with crazy. I could explain it again. But really, why bother.

          • Yes, you are mistaken. As I’ve said before, the main reason I do it is because of what a royal bitch she was to less than attractive girls, during the few minutes that she was decent looking and was on a path to some fame. We all know she reads here, and it should remind her that if she ever again gets close to any fame (or good looks), maybe she should be a little kinder and a lot less of a cunt. Not likely. Then again, her snapping out of it and becoming a decent and productive person, as so many here still hold out hope, ain’t gonna happen either.

            No matter how many times I say that, enough people here will insist on playing armchair shrink and say otherwise. Just like they cling to the myth that pear-shaped is the hottest thing going.

          • The men and women who are attracted to/dating/sexing/marrying pear-shaped women are highly likely to find that body type the hottest thing going. Does that help?

          • No. That’s quite different than the repetitive claims that pear shape is THE hottest shape and that (most) men totally can’t control themselves around one.

          • I guess the only question left is…How do you feel about pear-shaped men?

          • I think that 1-2X in the last couple of days that someone (JFA?) said something not quite that. Whoever said whatever, it was so trivial that no one but JAiGoB thought to fixate & obsess over ot like the fucking loon that Julia Allison herself happens to be. STFO already, no one cares.

          • Actually, the “pear shape is SO hot that men cum on command” meme used to be quite popular here a while back. I wasn’t the only one amused by that. But keep telling yourselves otherwise.

          • In much the same way Julia Allison being a heavily and successfully lipo-ed (Multiple times! She’s thinner in person! The camera adds 10 pounds, don’t you know!), statuesque, born jewish republican with an enviable figure and gorgeous face, possessing a knack for enticing totally sane men who don’t deserve the vitriol aimed at them might throw YOU into a tizzy! I think I hit on all your sore spots, but feel free to correct (and relax)!

          • This thread is getting a little TL;DR


          • Seriously this whole conversation is so fucking retarded. Pear-shaped has never been a meme. Sometimes people would refer to her beer bottle body from what I remember. People obviously refer to her raftass. But you are over the top with your “she is so fat and flabby” bullcrap. And I’ll be sure to tell the next guy who jizzes all over my bubble butt about the “myth of the pear shape” or whatever. Christ you are irritating. I made like two comments about it, get the fuck over it you hag.

          • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread go this long at the end of the ‘nest’ tether.

            Anyway, I think Achrealxay Arsdenmexay strikes again.


          • I don’t think I’ve ever been so amused by anything. This thread is truly hysterical. I will never, ever again be able to hear the phrase “pear shape” without laughing until I bleed.

        • I’m still loling over “extreme pear shape.” There are degrees of pear shape now. Let’s all consult the bonercide dictionary to see what pear-shape is acceptable and which one all men obviously can’t stand.

          • That Crazy Burro photo nearly made me swallow my tongue with laughter.

            I went away one day to the land of internetless and this hilarious thread springs up. This site just keeps giving and giving.

            Also, on a serious note, I heart what Jacy said about her soul being her worst feature. In this twisted world of reality shows & Julia Allisons, it’s like undo a public service announcement to shame such horrible, soulless, mindless monsters (for all the girls!!). I should write the grant proposal. I’m sure there’s funding out there to continue this righteous effort.

            Oh, and one more thing, the tone of Julia’s Blahblahblah Bonercide compared to JFA, makes me long for the latter blindly, as there’s a difference between attractive, witty, insightful commentary and that of what sounds like a starving, harpy shrew.

    • You know, she’s really managed the impossible: she’s made me feel bad for the McCains.

      Well done, Julesie. Well done.

      • Agree. But imagining what went through Cindy’s head when she realized who and what she was dealing with, and the steps taken to neutralize the threat, are deliciously soap-opera to contemplate. You couldn’t make this up.

          • Really? I always just thought it would have been like swatting a horsefly (or directing an assistant to do so) for her. But reconsidering, Cindy seems like an “eat what you kill” type and so would have enjoyed a more personal smackdown.

  2. Eh, unfortunately I don’t think this is Donkey specific. The Fakebook Defriending of The Ex, marks the end of every modern day great love story.

    • I disagree here… I think he was being civil, even friendly, he left a message on her wall only a month ago. I think his unfriending her was very specific to the very insensitive comment she made after Navy SEALs and other servicemembers died in Afghanistan.

      I could be wrong but I would imagine that really stung him.

    • No, she’s apparently been harassing him constantly. He was trying to be nice, but clearly he has had enough.

      • Not shocking. An girlfriend of one of Donkey’s ex’s was in here just a week or 2 ago saying she is in constant contact, WILL NOT go away and is a huge pain in the ass.

        Loves it!

    • Yeah but my point is, the Exbook dance happens to many at the end of a relationshit. It’s nigh on impossible not to stalk if you’re still friends, nor is it easy to sit back and a watch the new relationshit of an ex unfold. Fecebook is not a healthy-making place.

      • I do love to FB stalk my old exes, but I don’t hassle their new girls, try to stake a claim, or post inappropriate messages, so… I guess I’m not THAT unhealthy? I really am friends with them, but with a distance I don’t have with my other guy friends. No mixed messages! It’s just nice to see what they’re up to and if the new girls are tiny cute etc.

        Sometimes I feel bad for JAB, but not this round. Cray cray!

    • Not only can you stay Facebook friends with your exes, it’s also normal to talk to all of them every day! So blessed!

      However, seriously, I remain Facebook friends with all my exes excepting the girl who was even more cray yet much less pathetic than Julia.

      • This is extraordinary. I don’t know a lot of people who are in facebook communication with ex’s…lucky u!

        • I am, but barely. I defriended him when I finally had enough and dumped him. Then, a few months later, I ran into him at a couple of parties (he actually invited me to the 2nd) and re-friended him because we got along well.

          I was hoping for things to re-ignite, but he was still the same douchebag and I can’t be bothered to make the effort to defriend him again. I’m now in the early stages of a relationship with an incredible man and I don’t even bother looking at the ex’s page anymore.

          Funny thing about the ex is that I know for a fact that he’s at least met Donkey (they were both present at an incident covered on Gawker), but refuses to admit it. Can’t say I blame him.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing how Julia ups her “I’m so happy and positive and also YOUNG” game from here. I predict a video from the next Twilight premiere in sparkle pasties and a diaper.

  4. “Even by the most liberal definition of stalking, you would have a difficult time proving that case. 😉 ” Part deux.

        • Wasn’t there another one right after she said: I take it this means I am not invited to the wedding?

          • It’s worrisome that you think it’s a bad thing that she wanted to attend. She was just thinking about braying “OVERLAP!” once the minister got to the “speak now or forever hold your peace” bit. It was for the good of the bride!

        • God, all her flaws meld together but I think that was her attempt at adding levity to a serious subject. Her sense of humor is so far off the charts in how bad it is that it always reads as something-other-than-humor.

          which makes sense, because humor is meant for others.

          • I think she read the headline and her hamster brain started to spin and think about how she could use it to connect to Jack without really comprehending the seriousness and devastation – because it all about Donkey and no one else.

            I can’t give her the credit you’re giving her. “Keep that helo in the air” doesn’t even make sense considering what happened.

            Sorry, she rages me on this one.

          • sorry, i was referring to the “Even by the most liberal definition of stalking, you would have a difficult time proving that case. ;)”

          • @KashMoney – sorry, that was my bad… both my parents are in the service so I really gasped at that helicopter comment – sorry, I jumped ahead here – so much like the donkey, I am!

  5. I’m really curious if Megatits caught holy hell from the family for introducing Donk into their lives. I haven’t seen JAB tweeting her much recently..

    • You know, i really think the Megatits thing is really over emphasized. Should she have been smart enough to warn him off? Yes, absolutely. But Jackles plays up her closeness with Megatits like she does with everyone OMGFamous. So basically she clawed herself into an invite to Titsy’s party and then did the rest herself is my take. I think Titsy posted that tweet in the spring about introducing them under extreme duress.

      Do i give Titsy too much credit? I don’t think so. She is fucking stupid after all.

        • She said she introduced them. She did not say she played matchmaker or set them up.

          Introduction surely went like this:
          Julia: “Megan! Who is your FRIEEEEND.”
          Meg: “Um. Jack, Julia. Julia, Jack. Now, um, Jack let’s go thi–”
          Julia: “HI, I’M ONE OF MEGAN’S BEST FRIENDS! HOW DO YOU KNOW HER? WHHHAAAT? YOU’RE HER BROTHER? I HAD NOOOO IDEA. Megan, was this part of some plan of yours!? To hook me up with your brother? You crazy girl! This is why I love you so much, honey! You’re so crazy!”
          Meg: “Back atcha… now Jack, quickly let’s–”
          Julia: “AHAHA! I don’t know what I’m laughing at, I just love to laugh. Jack, tell me more about you…”


      • ‘The titsy one hates the flappy one’ has long been my contention … she did it, & she did it on. purpose.

  6. If Donkey has any embarrassing info left to spill on Jack, the spillage will now commence.

    • wow, great point. what a despicable bitch.

      even more despicable is the fact that she’ll see your comment, if anything, as a reminder to do so rather than an opportunity to think twice and refrain.

      • Dear Jacky Poo,

        I’m in negotiations with Gawker (it’s a World Wide Web celebrity news site on the Internet darling) to sell some of the pictures of your penis that you sent me of your own free will and a few I took while you were sleeping. It’s so adorably shy and small when you are unconscious! Since your family is so wealthy already, you don’t want a percentage do you? I’m a bit strapped for cash right now since you kicked me and our doggy Lilly out of the home we shared together so I really need it 🙁

        Julia XXXOOO

  7. Every time I think of Julio and her exes I think of this –
    “A gun rack… a gun rack. I don’t even own *a* gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do… with a gun rack.”

    • That is so her. Does anyone remember that Apes & Androids show she showed up at AFTER her break up with Lodwick? Total psycho hose beast at the Gasworks.

      • Not me. I googled it, followed a link from a gawker article on it & came to another g-art re: Donkey’s barfbray, that says this:

        ‘…though this may be unkind: there is something sad about a birthday party at which photographers, promoters and random party-hoppers, outnumbering the host’s real friends, look awkwardly at each other when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday”, too embarrassed to join in.’

        I think we should start an RBD Hoofball Pot & sell squares to bet on whether or not there’s a Bi-Polar BarfBray Bash in ‘2012, considering how many frenemies she’s gone through.

        • She showed up at this show under the guise of “Even though we just broke up AND I knew Jake and all of his friends would be there, I still went anyway because I like this band too!”
          I think she thought it would be her Angela-Chase-at-the-Buffalo-Tom-show moment.

        • Hey, that’s Forman beside her — was he supposed to make [Redacted] jealous? Hahahahaha — riiiiight!

          She looked every bit as awful in that video as she does now,+ her expressions are beyond bizarre.

    • She is definitely Stacy.
      “Hi Jaaaaaaaaaaaaack, HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.”


  8. What is she going to do ten years from now when she is still single and without a husband to take care of her? I mean, every woman needs a man to take care of her, right? What other purpose on this planet do we have than to be idiotic, princess-wannabe twats?

  9. Bra-fucking-vo Pancakes. So proud of you and your family for finally playing catch up and realizing you were sticking the family fuck stick in one of the most hated people on the Internet. She had her own heavily trafficked detractor (sorry but I hate calling this a hate site) site, not one ex-bf with good things to say about her, no job, no friends, she posted daily reports about how you were in love and going to get married and go to Guam which you failed to notice. She (probably) made up fake text message conversations that again, you failed to notice because you were too busy being in the bottom 10% of your school.

    As a Navy flight officer you basically had a free pussy buffet before but you are now going to have to explain to all subsequent poon for the rest of your life that “uh, I have a crazy ex that might stalk you” because you couldn’t be bothered to glance at the first page of Google results for her name.

    Not only this, but your fucking dad make the same mistake about not researching a crazy ass woman on the national stage running for office! Yup. At this point I’m willing to bet you would trade genital herpes for the fact you fucked a Donkey. And you think it’s bad now? It’s only going to get worse as she ups her cray and all your friends, flyboy shipmates and future girlfriends get referred here and laugh and laugh and laugh. Sorry brah. Good luck figuring out those Facebook privacy settings. They can be a little tricky.

      • I’m ‘friends’ w/ one ex bf of FB. He found me and I was genuinely happy to hear from him. Even told the huzcat about him. However, he is one of only a select few I woul let see my life as it is now. I tots wish him well and he has a great life. That ONE warms my heart, and I really have no desire to friend any others. I’m so lame. I didn’t stay ‘friends’ w/ almost every guy after, a… uummmm, date.

    • This is why I refuse to give him the benefit of the doubt re: donkey dating. She couldn’t trick anybody with critical thinking abilities — it’s all out there on the Internet! This whole site is pointing out her insanity. Even if he wanted to believe she was just being bullied, SHE self-publishes get own lies and insanity. I believe her “friends” feel bad for her and let her hang around, but if that’s a guy’s excuse for letting her think they were seriously dating, that’s horrendously lame.

      And age doesn’t matter. I met quite a few secret psychos when I was 22 and 23, and I ran screaming. He seems like a nice guy and I don’t think he’s dumb. He should have known better, both by being a conscious human being as well as by being from a family in the public eye.

      • But this is assuming he goes online and reads things.

        Not everyone does. It is not everyones first instinct to google a new person. I have a friend who uses the internet for driving directions and that’s ALL.

        Saying ‘Well, he should have known better! We’re right here!’ implies that it’s expected and required to google everyone you begin to date, which seems a little….crazy.

        • His dad ran for president. His family has media training. Even if he didn’t, they’d still have some researchers at their disposal. If he doesn’t go online that much, someone in that family would at least have the foresight to google her. His sister is online all the time, FFS.

          But all of that is moot, because as someone who has indirectly been involved with JA (in a “work” capacity), I can tell you that no matter how much charm she puts out there, I know plenty of people who figured out she’s a total headcase at first sight and didn’t buy any of her fakery. Important people, like Pancakes, who she was on her best behavior for.

          • I think the feeling was, re: his family, that it was nothing serious so no need to worry. She was just some chick he was dating; it wasn’t going anywhere. And then she started braying about how he asked her to move in with him and they were living together in San Diego — that’s when people sat up and took notice, and the relationship ended soon after.

            Great job, Donkey! How’s that whole indiscretion thing working out for you?

          • Jacy that comment gave me warm fuzzy lollies
            This is how I picture this comment:

            First they don’t care/ find it amusing that Jack has a new playtoy:

            and then sitting up and taking notice:
            [img][/img] [img][/img]

            and finally “Get her!”

          • I picture it sort of going like this for the family:


          • [img][/img]

  10. I’m kinda hoping her revenge comes in the form of publishing the photo of J & J in the matching footie pajamas that Cindy sent them.

    Please omniscient overlord of the internets, don’t let that story be a lie!!

  11. I love whenever this Marcia Cross photo appears. It makes me so happy (& so.blessed.)

    Reading the “keep that helo in the sky, babe” again still makes me angry someone would do something so tacky & classless. I’m glad to hear he smartened up after that wall post and defriended – GO PANCAKES!

  12. Ha, Pancakes’ new girlfriend just posted on fbook, ‘An advertisement on one of my apps said “track your bf now using the gps onr his cell phone” That has crazy and messed up all over it… who does that’

    I can think of someone…

  13. Hey Professor Fuck Camping do you have the link that the “friend” with the gun sent as a veiled birthday type warning (that she so tone deaf-ly liked)? just for shits and giggles on this thread

      • Uhm, er oops? Here’s what tone-deaf Donkey wrote:

        AH HAHAHAHAHAHA one of my girl friends (also a navy pilot – I met her through Jack) just texted this to me. Love it. For the record, Jack has been very nice indeed, so no AKs need to be brandished menacingly 😉

        Keep that head up in the ass, Donkey!

  14. She’s a moron. Never reads here and once again never fact checks any of her shite. That is clearly a Remington shotty, a 1911 and what looks like a Baretta. Tool.

    • You don’t honestly have the expectation that the average woman would be able to identify weapons like this, right? Snark is cool and all, but dude.. WTF? This comment is stupid.

      • It’s not the fact that she doesn’t have the facts that’s so annoying; it’s the fact that she presents her misconceptions as received wisdom. If I were to go spouting on my blerg (not that I would ever have one) about something (technical, cultural, whatever) that I knew nothing about, I would certainly do a quick google search or take a peek at Wikipedia so I wouldn’t make an ass of myself. It is my chiefest complaint about Donkey: she assumes that everyone is stupider than she is.

  15. If done rando cane into your life via a friend, friend of friend or family member and announced that they were an internationally syndicated columnist, tech founder, relationship columnist, social media expert and god knows what else she claims to be, you might be interested.
    Interested enough to google that shit. Right? Sounds impressive. What would you find??

    Those of us with jobs and real careers lead with our business cards or the URL in our work signature. Most humans with jobs are pretty easy to figure out. I can explain the company I work for and what my role is therein.

    Julai and her stupid made up job should raise red flags.

    It has always been the “founder” thing that chaps my ass. If someone I met and was interested in said they’d founded a company, I’d be intrigued to look that up.

    She has had the dumb LUCK to surround herself with dimwit morons. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together recognize her as the braying, insane, better to keep your enemies close specimen best managed at arms length and with minimum regularity.

    • I completely agree… I just think some men see her in her slutty Gawker photos and lose their minds. Not defending them… just saying.

    • I think the information that Jacy posted last week implied that she fed him the “Bullies are so MEAN!” line, and he wanted to be supportive and believe her so he didn’t really pay attention to our detractors.

      I mean, be honest y’all, we do look kinda crazy from the outside looking in. Hell, sometimes we look pretty crazy from the inside looking around. We just happen to have watched the shitshow enough that we see the patterns and proof of the ridic behavior and realize that — crazy or not — it is basically all true.

      If she is to be believed, he has read parts of the site and thought we were insane. I’m sure she cherry-picked what she wanted him to hear — specifically some of the mean things bandied about regarding him. I mean, really, people get all indignant that guys don’t read this site and instantly dump her, but half the time we rip the shit out of them, too, and how likely are they to see that and think, “These people are totally right and sane!”

      Blue Print Juice for thought.

      • I know for a fact that one of her paramours (and I can’t say who) came in here and defended her. She obv. had given him the hater speech. It was not some months later when he found out first hand what a crazy f’ing donkey she is.

        • He’s not 0ne of her legion of exes (I don’t think), but Paul Carr used to defend her quite a bit — here and on his own site. I’d love to know what Cinderfella* thinks of her now.


          *remember his shoes!?

          • wait, SAY WHA? Paul Carr was on this site? I’ve been following since it started (all the versions/names) and never remember PC on here. Was I on drugs?

          • Wasn’t Paul Carr also a self-proclaimed alcoholic while defending her? Who then flounced off twitter to “live life” or something but kept his name available, then magically re-appeared, starting juvenile tweet-fights with people like he’d never been gone?

            He seems like the type of person who would tell you the sky was green just because you said it was blue, and then make a website, hold charity events, and run a political campaign based on the sky being green — just to piss everyone off and get his name in the news.

          • I love how her “kissing someone” photos are always so clearly more about her. Can you possibly kiss someone and tilt further into the direction of the camera? Christ I hate her.

    • This. “Due diligence” seems to be lost on a lot of people she surrounds herself with.

  16. [img][/img]

  17. TMS Social Studies column about “My Ex-Boyfriend Defriended me on Facebook…. whatever shall I do???” in 5-4-3…

  18. “Headed to my high school classmate Jenna Benn’s charity event “Twist out Cancer.” She’s requested a special custom lip dub for the occasion!”
    21 hours ago

    Ha ha ha no she didn’t you lying twunt. Who on earth would “request” such a beastly thing? Also, won’t cure cancer. But I’m sure you’ll feel virtuous because someone allegedly asked you to make a narcissistic video of yourself lip-syncing some horrid pop song from 7 years ago. Oh, what a humanitarian.

    • Somehow brings to mind a high school sonnet project where my own product seized as a theme the Death of Love [subtext: god-damn you, Jim Young] and rhymed ‘answer’ with ‘cancer’ in the ending couplet. Utterly, mortifyingly trite, but I was Fifteen. Years. Old. As is Donkey, more or less, but she has no cringe instinct whatsoever. Nor will she ever have, which is why she will continue to entertain All the Catladies, so I guess I should just shut up and enjoy.

  19. Not related but this I think this vid says it all! Its to good to be true

    • Kari is actually a better interviewer than Donks. That’s sad.

      Kari managed to find a husband, Julia. No, but seriously, Julia, how does it feel to know that you’re going to be alone forever? All you ever wanted to do was get married. Your aspiration is to be a rich man’s wife and in the interim, you’ll kill time with fun little projects like reality shows and Nonsociety. You’re probably never, ever going to get that rich dude you’ve been banking on. You fuck up every relationship, and now you’ve REALLY screwed up a high profile relationship that you could’ve parlayed into some kind of cache for the next man… but no, you couldn’t control yourself, could you, Donkey? The crazy is just out of control.

      • I fucking hate that Kari Ferrell has parlayed ripping people off into a media career. But that’s a topic for a different website entirely.

        • I hate her for that too, but let’s face it, KF is a con artist. Donkey is a con clown. Selling giftcards? KF must have lol’d at that shit WHEN THEY OUT TOGETHER FOR A PHOTOSHOOT LETS NOT FORGET THAT HAPPENED OK

      • I cannot believe that a hotdog thrown down Kari’s hallway finally adhered. Maybe there is hope for Donkey yet.

  20. i also bet this means that all of jack’s friends defriended her after the breakup, whereas she claimed to be the one defriending them

    • And this is the speech that she actually practiced. God I can’t imagine how bad her speech at Britt’s wedding was.

    • That was the worst speech I’ve ever seen at a wedding. Her speaking is awkward, but I’ve seen other awkward speakers at weddings… what puts it over the top is the near total focus on herself.

      I also love how she talks about Via’s “sardonic” humor… which “less intelligent people don’t get”… seems to imply that Julia thinks she is “intelligent”. Sorry, but that is just HYSTERICAL–it is to LAUGH. (No, really it makes me want to vom in the shower)

      One more thing–what is an “ironic eye roll”? I’m pretty sure she’s misusing the word ironic, as always. Christ, she sucks.

    • So awful. So cringe-y. So NOT funny. Julie thinks she’s being funny, but I think she’s just plain mean. Poor Via. She must have been bullied into letting Julie be MOH.

    • Aaaaaaand now it’s private. Which one of you jealous haters hacked into her account??!!! You are forbidden from watching her videos. Hear that? FORBIDDEN.

      • Wow, she must have really messed up Britt’s wedding speech. If she is admitting fault and Momsers made a comment about how it wasn’t her best moment….it must have been truly horrific. I wonder if it was a passive-agressive thing.

    • Goddamn it, I missed it. How bad was it. We’d heard it was so bad that the bride was embarrassed, but seriously, how bad was it?

      • the clip was only maybe 90 seconds long – 60 of which was spent talking about how she practiced her speech, procrastinated writing it, actually wrote it that morning, “I promise not to embarrass Via but if you come up to me on the dance floor later, I will” … when she finally did get around to talking about Via a minute in, she started off with how the girl is cold and “sardonic”. Also, lots of hair touching + was reading off a giant 8×11 sheet of paper – held away from her body and at eye level.

        • So. Donkey the ‘journalist’, Donkey the ‘syndicated columnist’, Donkey the ‘BFF’ couldn’t manage to write a decent 90 second wedding toast for her childhood friend?

          And when she senses everyone’s discomfort, instead of realizing that the fault lies w/ herself, she takes it out on the bride by traipsing around in her un-hemmed bridesmaid’s dress, getting it soiled, & then further flaunting her petulance by attempting to garbrayge-sell it on her hobby cite/site/sight w/in hours of the wedding?

          WHAT. A. CUNT. I feel really sorry for Dan’s bride — she must be sick at the thought of having Donkey in & at her wedding …

          • in fairness – i think the video was just cut off – it couldn’t have been 90seconds total – but it didn’t seem like it was going in a promising direction – I mean, start off with how you know the bride, even if she is an ice queen, don’t mention it, tell a story about how warm and nice she is – share a moment that is meaningful to you. not molecular physics level stuff, donkey.

      • what else that was weird was that I noticed that the day the video was posted there were 500+ views, and the next day there were 600+ views for that day, a total of over 1100. there are more of us than i thought.

        • Holy shit… I guess that’s what tipped her off. I wonder if that then leads her to read here or if she’s just reading here all the time.

          Do Jacy or JP see her lurking?

          • I do worry sometimes that we are the ones giving her site page views and someone mentioned the other day it was probably because of us that her Windy City Live video was #1 on their site…

            Hopefully, we can find ways to post things here and not give her hits.

          • Jacy, how do you know? I thought IP’s didn’t come up unless you comment?

          • I am just guessing based on the fact that she responds almost immediately to things written or commented about here.

    • I imagine she was up all night trying to re-friend Jack, going back and forth between manic e-mailing about “Haterz! Don’t do this to me, Jack. We LOVE each other! I’m so sorry, give me another chance!!!!!” and hysterical crying, while tweeting “so happy, so blessed! Smiley face!!!!!!!!!!!!!! G*damnit can’t you see my FUCKING SMILEY FACE”

    • In other words, Donkey hasn’t had any use for the non-Cute & Tiny™ frenemy she fought w/ in Jr High until now, when her raft ass has slunk back to Mom$er & Dad$er’s condo, broke, friendless & hated by her exes? Because that’s all anyone remembers of Donkey, the fighting? Is that all she does even now, fight w/ people?

    • This actually makes it sound like they usually do get into fights, just not on this particular day.

      Whatever happened to her bff Sarah Lacy, by the way? I remember when Donkey would boast about 2- and 3-hour marathon phone conversations with her. Maybe that’s what killed the relationship.

      • she’s fat now (with child*) so Julia can’t be seen w/ her until she’s tiny & cute again (and the child is big enough to where focus can be off the kid and on Julia Allison Baugher again)

        *shuddering to think of Sarah Lacy “I’lll never be one of those mommy bloggers” reproducing.

          • Bitchface — Zing and ditto! She’s walking proof that people will believe you are whatever you tell them you are, so it would be amazing karma to have her “beautiful tech journalist” persona stripped down to what she really is: an ignorant pain in the ass who looks like a Four Non Blondes reject.

      • And now she writes: “I thought I didn’t like having roommates – but my friend Christine has been staying with me in Chicago for 10 days & it’s like summer camp!”
        2 hours ago

        But she doesn’t read here.

        • Yeah, it’s like summer camp because you’re doing nothing but fun, frivolous stuff. The rest of us are working.

        • Eep! Nothing kills a friendship faster than moving in together, in my experience. But then, I am annoying and easily annoyed.

          • Can you imagine having Le Donk as a roommate? I’d stick my head down the garbage disposal within the first 15 minutes.

            Actually, I hate to ask this and jeopardize my MS in Donkology, but has she ever had roommates at either of her colleges?

        • Of course. Christine is in the music industry and gets her free tickets to events.

          Doesn’t Christine live in NYC? So now she’s gonna provide the couch for Donkey’s future visits, until she burns the bridge with her too.

          Also, Donkey? About that “dream” of seeing Taylor Swift? Seeing a performer in person isn’t difficult at all. Just buy a freakin ticket!

  21. I don’t know if this has been mentioned, but while early morning channel surfing today caught the end of the Gay Housewives and apparently TJ has been fired by Ryan.

      • I guess he was fucking up at the salon, not taking out the trash…he had a big crying moment when doughboy terminated him. there was another episode running afterwards where TJ appeared to be still on the highly concocted, ridiculous scene as a bit player but I could not take any more of those awful creatures. TJ didn’t look especially methy, but I guess I’m conditioned to how unhealthy and filthy and twitchy he comes off. And after living where I do in Baltimore, my street bookended by notoriously sad and scary gay bars, I see worse on a daily basis.

        • I was at a bar with him last week. He didn’t drink and was Mr. Social Butterfly. He was there with a few other cast members but no DARIUS.

        • I thought you live near Brewer’s Art?

          Down in my part of town we have few hipsters and no fabulous gay bars, but lots of fratty bars. I’d honestly rather be up by you.

          • I live in the city but I know Pikesville. Actually bought my fianceecat’s engagement ring @ J. Brown’s up on Reisterstown Rd when I ventured out of my basement once. Good memories.

      • It astounds me that there are live male humans who want to have sex with her and don’t go limp.

        • There are plenty of live male humans who can get it up for anything with tits, a hole and a heartbeat. Even toothless crack whores can get laid — and men will actually pay for the privilege.

          The penis is a blessing and a curse. 😉

  22. Why in the world would she LOVE a new “New Facebook Feature Shows You Your Old Status Updates From 2010 & 2009”? Does she think that Pancakes and Prom King are going to use it and think of her everytime they are on Facebook? She wants to be reminded she fucked up two relationships in less than two years?

    Only slightly O/T, I’m going to need a new name soon.

  23. JuliaAllisonJulia Allison

    Of course you do, Julia. You can sit and rewind through the digital scrapbook of your life. Endless hours of enjoyment all about you you you:

    “I LOVE this feature. RT @mashable: New Facebook Feature Shows You Your Old Status Updates From 2010 & 2009 –

    • Um the picture that she just tweeted of herself in pajamas walking lily-dog (lily-dog live, haterz) is straight up a picture of her cleavage. Classy.

      • It’s been said here (& elsewhere) that Donkey has a small upper half & a LARGE lower half (all true), so Donkey took a distorted fauxto of herself to convince her Aghani followers otherwise.

        BTW, Is that a dog carrier hanging off her front leg? Is THAT what she calls walking Lilly?

  24. Here’s a TinyPic from her Twatter so we don’t give her hits…


    • Wowzers that outfit is soooo wacky! How did Chicago-ers NOT notice it?! Oh, Julia Allison, you are so spunky and sassy! Live differently!

      • Sorry, referencing the text that goes with this photo. “Just walked @Lillydog wearing this. No one blinked. Chicagoans aren’t fazed by my haute PJ couture.”

        • I don’t understand the point of this photo. All it shows is that she’s tacky, wearing pajamas out in broad daylight to walk her dog. Is she barefoot as well?

          And where is @Lillydog anyway? I wouldn’t call this photo proof of Lilly being alive. I see is what could be a dog carrier, but no dog and no leash.

          • Donkey let Lilly crap in the bag in the elevator ride down and then she turned the bag upside down outside, shook it out and went back upstairs.

          • She probably didn’t even didn’t walk Lilly — she just left the condo to hide her endless cray-cray self-absorption from her house guest …

            It’s hilarious if there’s a camera in the elevator for the person who reviews tapes, cuz you know Donkey stalled that elevator between floors & contorted no less than a kajillion times ’til she achieved the perfectly distorted ta-ta fauxto.

    • I live in Chicago, I own a dog and am frequently walking him and I have never, ever worn PJs. Nor have I ever seen anyone else wearing PJs. Why the hell would you? What’s so hard about pulling on some running shorts or yoga pants? You know, just for dignity’s sake, because the world is not one big dorm room (the last place where it was appropriate to wear PJs in front of strangers).

      Julia, everyone did notice and thought you were fucking weird, but midwesterners are too polite to gawk.

      • That’s the thing.. she was all, “Chicagoans don’t bat an eye!” or somesuch. As if she were so outrageous to dare such a thing. And an entire big city really gives a shit about what Julia is wearing.

        No, you’re a lazy slob, that’s all. It’s not just Chicago, lazy slobs are everywhere. What did you think Chicagoans would do, give you a stern talking-to about your attire?

        And by the way, talk about JABs scraping the bottom of the barrel for something to write about.

      • She can wear pjs because she doesn’t plan on “walking” that poor doggy any further than the curb directly in front of the entrance to her building.

    • Please tell me she is wearing the pink boots with that. It’s hard to tell but her feet do look pink.

    • I walk my dog in my pajamas all the time (in fact, I just did it this morning), but I would never brag about it because I don’t think it makes me so OMG SASSSSSY! I know it makes me OMG LAZY.

  25. Now that I’ve achieved my dream and seen Taylor Swift in concert … I need a new dream! And her name is Dolly. … I love Dolly Parton. I love how she just is who she is. I love how she doesn’t dress to fit in. I love how she’s taken a look and OWNED IT.

    Except that she no longer is who she was & the look she ‘owns’ is ‘bought & paid for’, much like yours, Julia Allison Baugher, except SHE pays her own way.

    Slide show of Dolly Parton’s plastic surgery B&A’s

    • Also, how typical of Donkey to talk only of Dolly’s looks and not her incredible talent, ambition and hard work. Dolly grew up with nothing and made her own success, Donkey had every advantage and still has accomplished nothing.

      • Yeah, I love DP, so I really wish Donkey wouldn’t go there.

        This new infatuation probably means one of two things: [1] she’s angling for free DP concert tix from Christine, The Happy Camper, or [2] she’s considering breast implants for her next stay at the ashram.

      • Even the compliment she’s paying Dolly is really about herself.

        “I love Dolly Parton. I love how she just is who she is. I love how she doesn’t dress to fit in. I love how she’s taken a look and OWNED IT.”

        Not dressing to fit in. Hmmmm … do you suppose that might have something to do with the ridicule Donk was subjected to for dressing like a teen Hooter’s girl to a tween concert?

        As always, it’s all about her.

    • She is obsessed with Dolly Parton because there was a Daily Mail article about Dolly’s 40-year marriage a couple of days ago.

      • OMG checked out her blog – she DOES link to the dailymail article. Do I get a PhDonk now?

          • Well pears ARE delicious…so yes. Btw, I totally missed out on the pear meme. Anyone care to enlighten me?

          • @BLB – start at top of thread, go down about 20 comments til you get to this comment and then start reading down from there…

            “Julia Allison Is Guilty Of Bonercide says:
            August 12, 2011 at 8:36 pm
            He deserves it. Any sentient adult who willingly associates with her knows what he or she is getting. He’s not some guileless, innocent victim.”

          • From what I gathered, there was no pear meme UNTIL an obsessive Julia Allison is Guilty of Bonercide claimed there was a pear meme.

            Dunno, YMMV — read last night’s comments?

          • I don’t know about this whole meme thing, but can we please stop talking about pears? My pants are getting sticky.

    • She pays for her own surgeries and doesn’t lie about them. Two ways in which she is not A Donkey.

      • She also is successful, hard working, admired and has a man. Four more ways she’s not like Donkey.

        • Talented. Has a sense of humor. Is apparently an awesome cook. Supports a lot of charities without publicizing her involvement. SO UNLIKE A DONKEY IN EVERY WAY!

          • Dolly also keeps her relationship private! So unlike our Donkey!

            (This game is fun!)

  26. Aaaaaand… Now she’s twatting a tweet-that-should-be-a-text to the CEO of B*nobos. What a poser. Could she be any more transparent?

    • She went to Reunions with Dadster hoping to score a preppy, rich Bonobos Boy, but ended up with Greasy. Well, at least she hasn’t given up hope on the Bonobos omgfounder… but it will never come to pass.

    • 4…3…2…1… ’til Donkey posts the same Bonobos
      shill that MareMare BeachHair has just put up.

      • The Bonobos founders probably still remember her begging for free shit at SXSW for Pancakes. I doubt she will get anywhere.

  27. OT: I won a Iron Chef competition tonight!!!! So blessed! So gay! My dessert was a panna cotta duet.

      • To me, the whole winky face, “I got laid! I’m so desirable!” is as desperate as the boob picture she twattered out.

        You’re meant to think one thing (“I’m so hot!”) but it really means another (“Look at meeeeeeeeeeee!”)

        I doubt very much she got laid, but would love every one to speculate she did.

  28. Her recent posts about paying $150 to rent a dress make me so angry when thinking about the people who are currently starving to death in Africa. Her complete lack of awareness when it comes to her privilege / disposable income is disgusting.

    I mean, if she really cared about this stuff, wouldn’t she pen a social media column about how social media can help improve the conditions of people in unfortunate situations around the world, and then use it as a platform to brag about what a wonderful person she is for donating to blah-blah-blah and spreading awareness all over her twitter/facebook/tumblr accounts? I would think she would have jumped on a topic like that long ago, but alas, she does not have a conscience and cares about petty things, so…

    I couldn’t help but comment, though I’m sure it won’t be approved:

    Here’s an idea: take the $150 and instead donate it to the World Food Programme to help some of the millions of children in Africa who are slowly dying due to one of the most severe droughts in the world’s history. Here you go!

    • Whatever do you mean? She wrote an entire ass kissing (as if there is any other kind for her) column about Causes and then donated $20 of her own money….

      Also she donated a bag of stinky old clothes to a women’s shelter.

      And supports the troops!

      • Guess I don’t care enough to read every single of her columns. All I know is that if she is willing to shell as much as she does on frivolity, then she can sure as hell donate more than $20.

    • I believe a couple of friends have used that website for a formal wedding but to rent a $150 dress for a random 30th birthday is kind of pointless. You could buy a dress for that much or here’s an idea -dress up one that you own already!

      I really would love to know where she gets her $ from? Between her flying and events, she must blow through thousands a week. Truly baffling.

      • The funniest thing is one of the dresses is called “Cheap and Chic” and it’s over $1200 LOL – plus, it looks like it came from Target. I can just imagine Donkey wadding that up in her suitcase and wearing it like a big wrinkled mess.

  29. OT: I just turned on Bravo, and Shish-plz is a guest on Rocco’s dinner party. She just said that she doesn’t like ice cream :/

  30. If she had a brain in her head, these would be the type of social media stories she’d be doing. If I were her editors, I’d be sickened that she has ignored these icky, complicated stories. Way easier to write columns aimed at doing personal damage control, and I guess it’s hard to pay attention to global youth uprisings thanks to social media when you have a sparkly pink Taylor Swift costume to pick out. Hard to fathom why she got rejected three times by Stanford. Not.

    • This story is so spot on… and scary. I feel like an old but I am always telling all my younger cousins – get into computers. The world is eliminating jobs like crazy, we don’t even have to come in contact with human beings anymore…

      Why won’t Julia cover stories like this? Well, it talks a lot about the middle class and that’s just gross. Also, I am the believer that her agenda is to interview all these tech founders (under the guise of answering a readers question, LOL) in order to find a future husband. She might even be doing it in hope that she’ll get some awesome consulting job with one of these companies. Another part of it, is since Non Society is such a bust, it makes her seem relevant and gives her an excuse to travel and not think about her disaster of a life.

      But mostly, that husband thing. She doesn’t have the brain, empathy or depth to cover a story like this NYT article.

      tl; dr

  31. the fuck?!?!?!?!? EWWW EWWWW EWWWW BTW Julia’s Klout is not worth anything

    JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    I’m deeply confused as to what a “good” Klout score for an “influencer” is …
    9 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    I guess I got my swagger back. 😉
    12 hours ago

    • This is actually a double-whammy. As we all know she’s so down with “the rap and the hip-hop” YO *whitegirl gangsign*, she’s quoting a line from the new Kanye & Jay-Z (he’s the one that says it) song “Otis”. Bonus points for the video featuring what she’d certainly call a sick whip: a customized and consequently fuglified beyond repair Maybach. The smiley is probably a combined “omgimsocool, random lyrics are the new status updatez!!” thing and a veiled non-message for a bunch of people who will never see it or give a shit about it regardless. Um, er, oops. OMGPEARS!

  32. So sensual. Let the INSTANT ejaculation commence in 3… 2… 1…


  33. I’ve been following the donk show since the Question of the Day days, and I think, in my personal donksperience, that her most recent tweet about not being able to tell the difference between a coincidence and a sign is perhaps the single funniest/dumbest thing that Julier has ever said. What. A. Moron.

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