Julie Albertson Is a Complete Asshole


This flippant little message was posted on Pancakes McCain’s Facebook wall amid an exchange between Pancakes and his new perfect, tiny, cute, intelligent, accomplished and hot new girlfriend, the one he and his family are crazy about despite that whole “shipping off to Guam” thing that apparently meant he had no time for a relationship with Julie Albertson.

Let’s have a little rundown on what an asshole move this was on several fronts.

a. The new GF. A braying donkey desperate to use anything to maintain contact interrupted their discussion. And she called him “babe.” What an asshole.

b. It’s offensive. This helicopter was shot down by Taliban insurgents. It had nothing to do with any pilot failure to “keep that helo in the air, babe.” So grossly disrespectful to the dead and their loved ones. What an asshole.

c. Jack McCain wouldn’t have heard about the biggest loss of American lives since the war began a decade ago? What an asshole.

She is a bad, mean, conniving human being with no boundaries whatsoever. I truly pity the fool who has ever been involved with her or ever will be involved with her. I also truly sympathize with whoever the new girlfriends are. Because, either subtly or not so subtly, they will be terrorized by a braying, desperate barking seal for years to come. That is all.


  1. Oh my God. I can’t. I CAN’T! I just CAN’T!


    • Pathologically insensitive. I’m surprised she didn’t add a smiley face.

      Yes, she’s the fucking worst.

    • honestly. she has done a lot of fucked up shit lately, but this is the first time in a while that i LITERALLY gasped and muttered, “oh NOOOO she did not…”

  2. What a creepy perversion of the bullshitty way that people usually poke at their ex-boyfriends to stay on their radar. She is just fantastically tone-deaf to social niceties.

  3. Truly inappropriate and psychotic behavior. Doesn’t she ever get embarrassed by her actions? Like, forget for a second how rude this FB post was w/r/t the Taliban and loss of lives and just focus on the sheer lunacy of inserting oneself in the middle of a FB convo between your ex and his new gf…and then calling him “BABE”!! Who does that?! That is so crazy and cringe-inducing, I can’t even.

    I have moments where I think she’s like, slighty normal, and then she behaves the way she has been since ProstiTot Wyoming Barbie (actually, way before that, who am I kidding) and I’m like, oh right, this shit show will never end and thank god for that.

    So yeah – REALLY, JA? Calm yaself.

    • I maintain that I will never find her even the slightest bit of normal. She clearly has mental issues.

  4. Unless Pancakes already explained Donkey to NewHotTinyPerfect, this is probably how it went.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Um, Jack? Who is this drag queen who posted on your FB wall?

    Pancakes: Oh, jesus…did she actually post that? I can’t believe her..

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Why is a Michael Jackson impersonator calling you babe? Who is that?

    Pancakes: That’s Julia Allison.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Who?

    Pancakes: Julia Allison.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Who?

    Pancakes: She’s this 30 year old freak who my sister sort of knows through twitter. She wrote a sex column like 5 years ago.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Ugh, I’m clicking through some of her other photos now. She wrote a sex column? She looks like Rachael Ray with lupus.

    Pancakes: Yeah, and her voice is getting husky like that, too. Anyway, we met at a party, she seemed friendly at first, and we hooked up. The next thing I know, she fucking had all her magazines re-routed out here, shipped her shit and tried to move in with me.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: God, what a desperate, random woman. What’s up with the left side of her face?

    Pancakes: It’s wonky. Anyway, mom quickly realized this woman is a serial lunatic who just tries to date rich and prominent men. She’s a fake journalist, had tons of plagiarism scandals, fired from most jobs she had. Her life is basically a series of favors called in by her father.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Was she good in bed?

    Pancakes: Absolutely not. She cried after sex, and she just sort of lay there. Not nearly as good as you, babe.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Yeah, about that “babe” – why did she call you that?

    Pancakes: It’s just a thing she does. She stalks her exes, you can look it up online she’s really awful about it. She’s trying to make you jealous.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: So what ended up happening with this random woman?

    Pancakes: My mom realized the deal, and we literally put her ass on an airplane and shipped her the fuck home. She was crying and insane and skitzo the whole way. The last night she was here was total insanity. This bitch is like Golum with the precious when it comes to unearned status or money.

    NewHotTinyPerfecT: Wow, I feel so bad for her. She’s going to be alone forever.

    Pancakes: I dunno. I think that might just be part of being Julia Allison.

    NewHotTinyPerfect: Who?

  5. Just logging back in to say that she is off her nut.

    OT, but how she claims she hasn’t has extensive plastic surgery is insane. Her face looks cut to shit.

    Also, she does not look attractive in that Wonder Woman get up. Major boner killer.

    So that’s a huge fail if she’s trying to make anyone jealous.

  6. how has he not flipped the fuck out on her? i would have deleted her wall post, defriended her and called her up and screamed at her.

      • i saw that. the timing makes me think jack did it, since it was around 12 here (9 on west coast) and he probably saw it when he woke up.

        hopefully his new, awesome gf never had to see it.

        • hopefully his new, awesome gf never had to see it.

          Heh — RBD’s resident misogynist getting all up in arms over the sensibilities of Cute & Tiny™ new GF is sorta like Donkey wearing leather boots & belt to a vegan dinner.

      • ok – good to know. i cant imagine if one his friends stumbled upon that and had a connection with anyone who died and had to see how fucking ignorant and tasteless someone could be regarding that story.

        i come from an area where many people are in the service so she makes me extra ragey when she says such cunty shit like this.

        • I thought the same thing re: his fellow aviators. I hope this comment follows her around for a long time. We all know she says ridonkulous shit about sex, dresses, etc but this one was especially vile.

        • I’m sure Jack nuked this. He might me a small, not very attractive mother’s boy who orders pancakes with a side order of pancakes, but he didn’t come across as completely batshit flipping psychotic insane.

          Anyone who doesn’t fall into that category would realize how cookoo nutso fucked up sadfail that post is and scrub it ASAP. Looks like did just that.

          Where is Julia for the cray that will ensue? Is she back in Chicago? This could be a rough few days.

          • But he needs to unfriend her entirely and end all contact, otherwise she will not go away.

          • She wouldn’t take it down, she’s too tone deaf to get what she did was wrong. My money is on her trying to get back in Pancakes good graces by tweeting/Facebooking about our service men and woman…

          • @Jacy re: Unfriending her – I have heard that at least one BF is afraid to unfriend her because then she will retaliate by leaking unsavory/ even untrue gossip to Gawker, her blog, etc. They think it’s easier/smarter to ignore her batshitness.

          • This is probably why some of her frenemies don’t cut her out of their lives entirely: She has dirt on them. I wonder if this is the case for either of the Meghans.

          • Megan Alagna, AKA Lasagna, seems too boring to generate dirt of her own, but I do believe in regards to Donkey’s dirt, that she knows where all the bodies are buried. Also, & I’ve said this numerous times, I have a feeling that Lasagna is even more mentally unstable than Donkey.

          • @Brayella I was thinking McCain and Asha respectively. A few of JA’s other friends who have decently high profiles probably are in the same situation and I wonder if a falling out with any one of them would lead to Gawker or Page Six items about drug use, embarrassing exes, or spilled details about their families that they’d rather keep private. Still scratching my head over Randi Z. though, who really seems to genuinely like Julia. I don’t think she’s just trying to ensure that secrets aren’t leaked.

      • Must have been Jack, because it looks like Dink has been flying all day from here morning Tweets.. She’s gonna flip out upon landing at “grody” Laguardia 🙂

  7. At least Julia didn’t tweet that. She is foul and should make those kinds of exchanges private, but it doesn’t feel right to involve pancakes and his new relationship, they are innocent parties….

  8. Horrible. This rotten little cunt – who once brayed constantly about her respect for the Armed Forces, and men and women serving abroad, the impact on their families – now posts an incredibly flippant and offensive Facebook post about the incident.

    To her, thirty sailors and airmen killed in a ball of fire aren’t worth mention.

  9. Btw y’all I strongly advocate tipping Jacy and JP directly via email…they have always been extra respectful of my miserable tips and released them (only the ones I okay’ed) in a very inconspicuous manner! It’s the safest way to gossip!

  10. Let’s also not forget she did this on his wall instead of an email/text/donkeygram. Meaning she WANTED the new GF to see this.

    • Exactly. She is bonkers! Same with tagging the belt recently. “I’ll never let go, Jack!”

  11. OT but look who’s in NYC and renting a hotel…. Did someone lose her couch surfing privileges after banging a that Alex M-whatever guy on a friend’s couch????

    Julia Allison
    Staying here for two nights … Up to no good. 😉 — at The Hudson Hotel, 356 West 58 Street New York NY.
    2 hours ago via Facebook Mobile

    Julia Allison ugh, this hotel is really, really … gross. Anyone have a better suggestion near Lincoln Center? Yuck.
    about an hour ago

    • She has been back to NYC a couple of times since the Loud SexFest — she crashed in Randi’s hotel room, it sounds like, and now this. We have barely heard Meghann Dotson’s name mentioned since. I am guessing Donkey’s been banned.

      • I can’t believe this has been up for seven hours and she hasn’t managed a ‘requestion’ post about “Getting lunch with the darling Megan Datsun! We were roomies in college!”


    • Yeah, a Holiday Inn Express you fucking entitled cunt. I’m sure the sheets are better than the same unwashed dress you wear every day.

    • She can go fuck herself with that comment on the hotel. I never stayed there but met my husband (through friends) at their bar/lounge 5 years ago. Opinionated moron she is and I thought I couldn’t dislike her anymore. Get out of my city!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I went to a roller disco in their basement a couple of months ago, seriously bruised my tailbone, and left cursing their unnecessarily hard concrete floors, but still think the Hudson’s too good for her.

        • I think it’s too good for her too. It’s not like top of the line but it’s not shit either the way she makes it out to be. I guess I just hold the name in my heart from meeting my husband there and she needs to get over herself.

      • Maybe it has gone way downhill since, but I stayed there one weekend 2 years ago and it was fine! Rooms are small like most NYC hotels but it was clean, nice rooftop bar, pretty good room service, etc. I don’t think you can do too much better for less than $200/night.

      • Of course she would stay at the Hudson! It’s all about the glamorous appearance – got amazing bars, roof lounge, etc, but the rooms are not good. I stayed there and gave it one star on Yelp – AC and TV kept shorting out. And of course, not one word of acknowledgment from management.

        • Julia Allison – I’ve been to the Empire, but I feel like it’s fairly similar to the Hudson. Sort of looking for The Mandarian type experience, without the Mandarian type prices. 😉
          3 hours ago

          Um, maybe you shouldn’t have had loud donkey sex on your friend’s couch and you could have stayed in NYC for free!

          • How gross could it possibly be? I’ve had to stay in some crappy motels/hotels in my time, and the reason why it doesn’t matter is 1. price is right and 2. I wasn’t wherever I was to sleep in the lap of luxury but to go to wedding/go to a funeral/see the sights.

            How fucking spoiled can you get?

          • Seriously, how picky can she be, she lives in a free condo with two twin beds pushed together.

          • Sort of looking for The Mandarian type experience, without the Mandarian type prices

            First of all, rolling my eyes so hard at this.

            Second of all, the Mandarin is a fairly crap hotel despite its high prices. It is so typical of A Donkey that her benchmark of luxury is a tryhard and overhyped establishment.

          • For the same $, why doesn’t she stable at the Pod? Everyone I know who stays there loves it, but then again, they don’t hole up in the room to google themselves either, they go enjoy the city.

          • I love the Pod! It’s perfect because, if you’re staying in NYC, you’re probably going to be out and about so much that you shouldn’t really care about how upscale your accommodations are. All you’re going to do there is sleep (uh, unless you’re hoping to lure people back to your room). True, I wouldn’t want something nasty or dangerous, but I have been to the Hudson Hotel and I know that it is far from either.

          • the fuck? the “mandarian”? did the get the mandarin and the mondrian confused? idiot. get OUT of my city.

          • Hoping for an upgrade, as per usual.

            “PLEASE @Julia! come stay at our hotel that you love — rooms on us because you are famous internet celebrity writer person! We will peel grapes for your and pick the mud out of your hooves! DM us!”

            She is so transparent.

          • The Mandarian? Is that how klassy folks are spelling “Mandarin” (as in, Mandarin Oriental Hotel) these days, Julie?

          • I’m sure she means “Mandarin” because it’s glitzy and ultra-expensive and beloved of Valley types.

    • She was complaining about LGA airport this morning, too. So, I guess she’s still doing her “NYC eww! Yucky! I left here by choice. I DIDN’T FAIL! I’M NOT RANDOM!!” thing.

  12. Hours later, I am still shaking my head at the idiocracy of the wall comment to Pancakes and now I am annoyed she put down the Hudson Hotel. Bitch is just looking for someone to say “come sleep at my apartment on my couch”. Where does she even get the money to travel? I just don’t get it.

  13. And now she’s apparently posting on Marquardt’s wall today, angling for another loud bout of bray-sex:

    “3 days ’till your 30th, think this calls for an unexpected Paris trip… ;)”

    He probably has a girlfriend too.

    • She is such a ho with NO SHAME!!!

      Whether she knows if he has a girlfriend or not, people still have professional contacts on their FB page and it’s embarrassing when a Donkey you banged pisses all over your wall.

    • When is she going to Paris anyway? On a related note, I may be heading to Spain to bang Spaniards next year and was thinking about tacking on Paris at the end of my trip, but really can only spare three days. Is Paris worth going to for such a short period of time? I know it is super expensive, it is better to take a longer, Paris exclusive trip in the future?

      • Three days is enough to get a taste for the city and have a great time, but will leave you wanting more.

        • Ditto this. I think three days is long enough to see a decent amount of the city without feeling like you’re GOGOGO all the time, but you’ll also have to prioritise what’s important and miss other stuff. I spent a long weekend in Paris earlier this year and it was a great trip. Long enough to eat my own body weight in caneles, which is long enough for me!

      • I don’t find Paris super-expensive. Not as expensive as London, to be sure. You can find nice but small hotel rooms for pretty cheap,and you can eat well for cheap too. I love Paris. Three days is better than no days, in my opinion. Just go to the Louvre and Notre Dame and walk around and sit at cafes and have baguette picnics in the park — you can’t go wrong.

          • You really, really should—I just did a 3-night trip to Paris a few months ago and it was heavenly. I was on very low budget, but you can so easily do Paris on the cheap—hotels were definitely my biggest expense, but I did tons and tons of research and ended up finding a totally adequate in the 9th district for under 99 euros a night, with a free bottle of wine included.

            Do the trip, fall in love with Paris and then you can plan a longer France trip for the future that gives you time to maybe get out to Bordeaux, the Champagne region or the Loire Valley.

            I would just start looking at hotels sooner rather than later, as some of the good “bang for your buck” hotels get booked up quickly.

            When I run errands at work, I’m basically planning rich people’s trips, but my own travel is definitely budget to mid-level–I’d be happy to help you if you need any tips or hotel recommendations for your budget.

        • what she said… just know that with 3 days you won’t be able to do everything you want and let go of the natural urge to try and squeeze too much stuff in. i’d suggest doing one big museum/location you want to see each morning and spending the afternoons leisurely enjoying cafes/parks/strolling and/or
          some hot dude in a scarf…

      • i was there as a poor student on spring break from a semester abroad in london and spent my time having coffee and baguette at cafes. it was heavenly. and the cluny museum. and bakeries.

        • OMG, yes, the bakeries. Have a tarte citrone or one of those amazing strawberry tarts with the teeny little frambroises du bois lined up perfectly.

          If you love eating, Paris is like Disneyland.

          You can get a baguette with ham at every corner, grab some fruit and a bottle of wine, sit in a lovely park and there’s one meal of the day for under 15 bucks.

          • were we there together? that was my trip. i stayed at a tiny hotel with a birdcage elevator and the bathroom down the hall.

          • Those are the best kind of Parisian places. The best. I can’t imagine choosing a chain hotel in that city. So many sweet little independent places with a ton of charm. Donkey would hate them all.

      • Absolutely.

        There are many inexpensive hotels and simple meals can be had for relatively little money. The public spaces and formal gardens alone make it worth it. I would suggest visiting the Pantheon and touring the 3rd arrondissement, which is full of 17th and 18th century streets, small museums and wonderful cafes and bars.

        • Yeah! I may be crowdsourcing when it’s time to plan logistics. The whole thing is tentative and I have the Spain trip to plan first, but I think I can make the whole thing work.

          • I would be happy to suggest a small list of the lesser-known museums when you know for a fact if you’ll be going.

          • JP! Come to Paris! (We live here!!) I can totally send you a list of the recommended places and awesome places to see! 🙂

          • I actually just did a two week euro trip and spent all of two nights and one full day in Paris and it was great. I got to see all of the major sights, partied in Monmarte, ate crepes in the Jardin Des Tuileries, and left with a desire to return someday and some money still in my wallet. Paris is not for everyone (my parents hated it when they went years ago), so I suggest tacking a day or two onto your current trip in order to get a feel for it without devoting so much time and money on the first visit.

            Also, I know of a secret entrance to the Louvre I can email you about that means zero lines for you if you choose to go!

          • I hear about these people who hate Paris and I don’t understand it. How can you hate Paris? Nothing against your parents; I have heard it before … I just never understand it.

          • My parents are more into Tuscany and Italy in general – the history and gardens of Paris were of little interest to them.

    • I just died at “he probably has a girlfriend too”.

      She is unravelling. Getcha popcorn ready!

  14. She is on Alex M.’s wall demanding loud Parisian sex. I have lost track of who she’s trying to make jealous. Pancakes, Greasy, Cancer Dan?

  15. This is it for me. If ever I felt sorry for her or sympathized with her, or tried to give her the benefit of the doubt… I’m done. What an asshole. She’s a horrible human being.

    AND JULIA ALLISON, BECAUSE I KNOW YOU READ HERE: Jack McCain is whispering to his girlfriend at night, thanking the heavens that she came into his life and that he got you the fuck out. Trust me on this one, not that the McCain family is thinking about you too much, but they are LAUGHING AT YOU and ever-so-grateful you are out of Jack’s life. Not that they ever really worried you’d be in it for long.

    You SUCK Julia Allison.

    • From what I hear, Jack McCain and the McCain family are telling everyone within earshot what a gold digging loon Julia Allison is.

      • If that’s the case, has Pancakes ever explained why he let that loon “move-in”? Is he confirming that J.A. tried to force her way into living in mama McCain’s condo?

        • She basically arrived and wouldn’t leave, and she pronounced them “living together.” He saw it very differently. Post coming up in a day or so … just trying to nail some details down.

          • Ineffably anticipating this post! Bullet dodging Jack must be counting his blessings every morning.

          • This promises to be a stressful week at my errand running desk thingy, so the promise of this post is keeping me from vomming in the shower at this very moment.

          • Interesting. No doubt she rammed her way into his mommy’s condo, but let’s remember that he’s the one who bought her at least one airplane ticket to see him and that he went to see her in that tacky suburban Wilmette.

            So, at the very least, she had some encouragement from him.

          • Tiny, Cute & Photochopped — We know he bought her a ticket, but some people around here can attest that she sometimes says she will pay people back for things and then decides that was a ‘gift.’

            Not that dude doesn’t have the dough, so maybe he did buy it outright to be nice. He also allegedly bought her an ipad for VD, but I think that was just to quiet her hysterics before she inhaled the entire chocolate aisle at Whole Foods before moving on to mainlining the bulk organic raw sugar and genuine maple syrup.

        • When she spouted that story about how he asked her to come “home” while she was in Sweden, I knew she’s misinterpreted it. What he really meant is: When are you back in the States and can pick up this non-housebroken yappy dog because I am picking up chicks here in San Diego left and right, my mom’s in town and I can’t pull of, ‘yeah, that’s my mom’s dog’ while she’s around.

          She’s such a fucking loon!

      • And whose fault is it that Jack wound up with her? Any guy who isn’t in captivity and willingly spends more than 15 minutes in her company is just as guilty. The ONLY reason they don’t flee within minutes is that they think she’s so fucking crazy that they’re going to have some wild sex and then ditch her.

        The McCains should be pissed at Yack for such bad taste and poor decision making. He’s not an innocent victim in this.

        • Apparently, Jack is a really nice, go with the flow guy. He’s not dumb, it just took him a while to find a nice way to let her down easy. I hate dealing with Julia via email. I can only imagine what it’s like to deal with the cray in person.

        • I’ve said it before — narcissists can come across very charming and exciting when you first meet them, before they decide that you owe them your indentured servitude and immortal soul. They come off seeming carefree, magnetic, and ‘genuinely interested’ in — omg — the EXACT SAME THINGS that you are interested in (which is just because they glom onto your identity.)

          It is once they think they’ve ‘hooked’ you that they unleash the crazy and demanding behavior. I think JA is actually more classically hystrionic PD than NPD, but I don’t have a psych degree or anything to back me, just experience dealing with both types. She could also fit the criteria for borderline, substituting bad dieting for ‘self-harm/suicide attempts.’

          Regardless, people with these personality disorders can usually amass a number of short-term and long-distance friends. We only know the cray because we’ve all followed it so long. Don’t forget there are a number of people who used to follow her until they noticed the raft-ass sized cracks in her “FUN, FREE-SPIRITED, SOOOO NICE, SO. BLESSED.” image.

          I give Jack, and anyone who gets away from her with a quickness, a pass. Especially if there is the long-distance thing going on (which almost every single one of them has going on.)

          Greasy, however, will remain a grease-spot on the crotch of the Juicy Couture sweatpants that are her life. Unless he finally breaks and comes to dish. Then I might — big, big might — just find it in my heart to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • This actually makes me feel bad for her, because she’s so unbelievably far gone, she can’t see the light. She’s succumbed to the darkness of her shitty soul.


      If she doesn’t, she’s gonna really truly lose her mind for real, for good.

      • just when you think she’s already plumbed the depths of human decency she somehow manages to surprise yet again…

        • It really is amazing to me that I have the capacity to be jaw-droppingly shocked after all the shite she’s pulled. It is amazing to me that when I think there are no possible lower lows … Donkey schools me yet again.

      • I saw that pic and thought the same thing. It’s like she’s trying to goad Jack McCain into loving her again. It ain’t gonna happen honey!

        • In the Sex with Emily interview, the only time she perked up was when she was talking about Jack. She said he was such a great guy, and they had the ideal relationship. They’ve been broken up for almost three months! She is so creepy! She really convinced herself that she was the newest member of the McCain dynasty. I think a backhanded wall post on Facebook is the least of his problems.

      • The way she holding it scares the shit out of me. There is 100% crazy in those eyes.

        • Chilling.
          Note to young Pancakes: I hope you know your sister owes you big time. Make sure you cash in on that some day. She can’t say no. Just show her this picture and start listing what you want.

        • Oh my GAWD yes. She’s clutching his belt, calling attention to her possession of it, symbolically her “hold” on him. With that drink aloft and that sinister look in her eyes. Wow, just wow. “Read” the picture, this snap is not random, it’s sending a message, and she is frightening.

      • It is so hilarious that she has given up her polyester prom dresses and is suddenly wearing jeans all the time so she can wear the belt Pancakes McCain “gave” her, and post endless photos of her wearing it and claim that people are complimenting her on it just so she can maintain a connection to him and attempt to terrorize the new GF. Who apparently could not give a shit and laughs along with Yack at the attempts of a crazy old tranny to make her jealous. What a tool.

    • eeeeeeeeeeew! i wasn’t expecting that enormous pic of her when i scrolled down! take the fucking belt off, sister. she looks like a total loon. JACK HAS MOVED ON, YOU WEIRDO. it’s so true that her fake smiles never reach her eyes. gives me the creeeeeeeps.

  16. Okay, I don’t comment here very much. But I am in Iraq and use helicopters for transportation quite a bit these days. Every time I fly, I know it could be the last day of my life. I have also been involved in a few investigations of Soldier deaths, both combat and non-combat. You cannot even imagine the grief we feel when we lose one of our own. So I have some personal experience. I cannot even believe she would use something like the death of 31 people for her sick games.

    • The only thing to remember: she’s an inconsequential dumb donkey and everyone knows how insane and dumb she is, including the ex-boyfriend in question. So there’s that.

      Thanks for being in touch. And thanks for your service. We are honored to have you as one of our commenters! Stay safe and keep reading … we will try to ease your stress by making you laugh.

      • Thanks guys. All I can say is that it is truly an honor to serve. Just wish you guys could see some of the incredible people giving their all here every day. I am not your stereotypical Army officer by any stretch of the imagination. I am one of those partly-cloudy patriots. But I am moved almost to tears by the wonderful Soldiers I have met during these last years.

        You guys are the best…thank you all. It is to laugh!

        • Thank you and all of your fellow military people! Please stay safe, we care and those of us who are so inclined do pray for all of you!

        • Thank you for all you do. My catman is thinking about becoming an Army officer and I know all the sacrifices you and your families make on a daily basis. I’m not very religious, but I pray sometimes and will definitely keep you and our other servicemen/women in my prayers.

    • We appreciate what you are doing over there and understand how life-threatening it is. Not all of us are assholes.

    • Your dedication & service is appreciated beyond what mere words can convey.

    • Tears over here, in gratitude and empathy to you and all who serve.

  17. You have got to be fucking kidding me. I saw that news last night and was devastated – they must have been on some super important mission and to lose so many specialized soldiers is a huge blow to our country. I just cannot believe her. This is beyond. It’s a huge upset for us and she’s like “<3 <3 <3 thinking of yous!!!!!!" Fuck her.

    • So insensitive and offensive on so many levels … her abject selfishness never ceases to amaze.
      Only saving grace is that one of them had the sense to delete it.
      I find it hard to believe it was Donkey, and I’m sorry for Jack that he even had to see it before sensibly deciding to “Delete this post”.
      How his mouse must have hovered longingly over “Hide all Julia”! But he should do that! If he believes the backlash of flat-out unfriending her would be too much drama, I hope he knows that he can hide ALL her posts on his wall. He’ll never have to see them again, and she’ll never know.

  18. And WHO FUCK calls an ex-boyfriend or anyone else they aren’t dating, “babe”? !?!?!?!??!?!/1/1/1111one!1/?!@?~eleven


  19. Every time people are certain that JULIA ALLISON BAUGHER of Wilmette, Illinois, can’t sink any further into the gutter, she dives down even lower.

  20. Just noticed she shared the story from the Daily Fucking Mail. What a classless moron! There is nothing wrong with the Daily Mail, but that’s your source?? Such. A. Freak. This. One.

    • There is nothing wrong with the Daily Mail.


      A) Terrible, error-filled coverage of everything, particularly science and health.

      B) Liz Jones. LIZ FUCKING JONES. She makes Julie Albertson look like Marie Curie Gandhi McPaulFarmer. LIZ FUCKING JONES is a demon. The level of sociopathy JABberwocky displayed in this post would just be an ordinary afternoon to LIZ FUCKING JONES.

      • No, it’s terrible, but i get why people like it as a trash read. I’m defending it as a trash read omg i can’t believe they really printed this sort of a read. Honestly i have no idea who writes there or whatever and i do not care to delve deeper.

        As a news read? Totally no. And that she uses this to as the source to enact her cuntitude is extreme hilarious fail. This is the takeaway message of my comment. Julie is fucking crazy, tragic and totally stupid and she doesn’t even bother to dress it up with NYT url or whatnot.

      • Never having heard of Liz Jones, I had to google & read a bit. It all clicked, once I came across this: (how Jones treats her ill mother is reminiscent of Donkey’s treatment of her Gramp$).

        “Every morning, she is hoisted out of bed and strip-washed. I know that she is suspended, butt-naked, by her bedroom window, but I have never quite got round to having net curtains put up. I now use her dementia as an excuse not to visit her. She doesn’t know I am there, I tell myself. I don’t have time, what with my super-busy life. When I do see her, she searches my face, trying to work out who I am and I lie and tell her I came just two weeks ago. Her nurse is making sure she has a lovely Mother’s Day today, putting mascara on her tired eyes, handing her tulips. I am 250 miles away. I wouldn’t not be with my cat on his birthday, or risk not being with him when he dies.”

        • I’ve never heard of this broad, but at least she — in that snippet — seems to be owning her cuntitude.

          JA is just subconsciously thinking those things and pretends like she is granddaughter of the year by posting a shit ton of photos of her and gramps and talking about how he made princess Julia feel princessy.

      • Thank you, Liz Jones is…there are no words. I don’t understand how that woman makes it into print every week. “I’m so poor, I’m so poor, I can’t pay my mother’s medical bills even though I live alone on a farm. I’m so poor, I’m so poor, also stop doing damaging things to women by using models magazine industry. NOW LOOK AT MY FACE LIFT EVERYBODY!”

        She is a fucking loon, and I am so sick of her getting paid to whinge out her neurotic, psychotic, and not even remotely interesting bullshit every week.

  21. On one hand, I’m willing to feel bad for him. On the other hand, he willingly dated/fucked this woman.
    Water seeks it’s own level.

    • We all have exes we regret. I’ll cut Cakes slack on this one. Her post is so beyond the line of OK…

      • This reminds me of the costume Donkey wore at Georgetown to “celebrate” the anniversary of September 11th.

        Problem: people who were once close to you are now running away as fast as possible.
        Donkey solution: repeat the same behavior that caused everyone to run. Don’t get the response you like? Repeat again, but more aggressively, if at all possible.

        • Oh dear. I was trying to be succinct (not my strong suit) and simply agree with How Brayella Got Her Hoove Back in that I don’t feel any need to include any current or past GF of any donkey ex into the comment streams of this site. But it didn’t post as an obvious reply.
          I never want to see anyone here simply because of their ersatz relationship to donkey. She is the one who chooses to violate other people’s privacy. This site comments on the shite donkey has already splashed all over the place … or has directed her misguided minions to provide. I’ve never had the impression that mom and dad RBD have any interest in dragging innocent bystanders into the donkeydrome. And for what’s it’s worth, I prefer they don’t. Even when JABa herself posted intrusive pictures of crazygrannymoneybags, it made me cringe to see that pic reproduced here (pasted in by a poster, not by Jacy or JP).

  22. “Feel free to relax! I was just sharing a HORRENDOUS news story with my good friend (former boyfriend), Jack McCain. It’s worrisome how seriously you’re taking this! Don’t you have a desk to run errands from or a paper to read?????”
    -Julia, probably

    • As tragic as the story was and incomprehensible of her wall post- it’s even more ridiculous that she posted it on the wall so long after everyone knew about it to begin with. Like good ole Pancakes doesn’t have the internet?! This is your way to flirt or make yourself still known? Doing.it.all.wrong.

    • I think it’s mean when music videos feature senior citizens in order to treat them like jokes.

      • You can’t teach an old donk new tricks.
        However, the Young One™

    • donkey will fly anywhere to do anything.

      “Be in my music video – we’ve made you a sign out of bristol board!”

        • OMG, it couldn’t be, could it? She wouldn’t consider THIS the biggest contract of her career, could she?

          • Nah, the Big Big Contract was ten months in the making (which shows it wasn’t Randi Facebook’s thing, either). Still think it’s a low-end reality show that’s actually Dunning-Kruger Ambush Theater.

  23. why did she delete a whole bunch of tweets from today? Her most recent one showing is 23 hours ago? Weirdo.

    • Donkey must be worrying about getting tripped up in a lie or about having bad-mouthed whatever entity she’s now trying to shill for — she deleted a LOT more than just three duplicates — C&P from Google Reader:

      JuliaAllison: RT @Jackson_Harris: Working w @JuliaPriceMusic for her new video with @JuliaAllison @sammydavis22 @RoseMartincak! Find us shooting & say hi!
      Aug 7, 2011 5:10 PM

      JuliaAllison: Overheard girl to guy on a date: “Um … hypothetically … you wouldn’t be offended if I thought this was ‘boring’ … would you?”
      12:16 PM (20 minutes ago)

      JuliaAllison: @DrAndyBaldwin – Ha, definitely not!! And you?
      11:15 AM (1 hour ago)

      JuliaAllison: @Aubs @EmilyGannett – Ack! I left this morning for NY! If you two are there, you have to meet my friend Christine – will DM you contact!
      10:05 AM (2 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: Door to door, Chicago to New York, inclusive of cab rides, 3.5 hours. Whoa. Traveling early on Sunday mornings = best idea ever.
      10:05 AM (2 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: The view of the gorgeous city of Chicago from my @United window this morning … http://lockerz.com/s/127469977

      JuliaAllison: The view of the gorgeous city of Chicago from my @United window this morning … http://lockerz.com/s/127469977
      9:10 AM (3 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: I’ve flown into LGA hundreds of times & my reaction is always the same: how is it possible NEW YORK has such an intensely grody airport?!
      9:10 AM (3 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: I’ve flown into LGA hundreds of times & my reaction is always the same: how is it possible NEW YORK has such an intensely grody airport?
      9:10 AM (3 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: GOOD MORNING NEW YORK!!! That dirty chai latte (dirty = Starbucks speak for one shot of espresso) I had in Chicago hit me hard. PSYCHED!
      7:03 AM (5 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: @thedailycraic – it’s also easier to do carry on in the summer! With boots/jackets/sweaters = almost impossible 🙁
      7:03 AM (5 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: Left my apt at 5:49 am, arrived at O’Hare at 6:07, checked in by 6:13, got through security by 6:19 am. Um. This is unprecedented/confusing.
      7:03 AM (5 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: What is it about traveling w only carry-ons that makes me disproportionately proud of myself? Other than the fact I’ve never done it before.
      7:03 AM (5 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: @albabreaper – good morning!!! 🙂 I hope you have an amazing day!!
      7:03 AM (5 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: Looking forward to being in my very first music video for the super talented @JuliaPriceMusic today in New York!!
      6:00 AM (6 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: Up at 4:45 am CST for the first morning flight from ORD to New York! My mom was right, Chicago really is super convenient to both coasts.
      6:00 AM (6 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: LOL! RT @WHITEMENACE: @JuliaAllison Holy Crap! I just got to my hotel & turned on the TV & look who’s on it! http://twitpic.com/627asl

      JuliaAllison: LOL! RT @WHITEMENACE: @JuliaAllison Holy Crap! I just got to my hotel & turned on the TV & look who’s on it! http://twitpic.com/627asl
      Aug 6, 2011 (15 hours ago)

      JuliaAllison: “In real life, we expect very few statements to be public, persistent & attached to your real identity”@TheAtlantic http://theatln.tc/nNjB9X

      • I am so sick of reading her negative comments on NY, like stfu already. LGA isn’t even that bad! I prefer it over JFK. If that won’t work, go to Newark and cab through the tunnel, you moron.

        • LGA is aw3som3; fast and easy

          Hudson hotel is like W hotels — very designed, small rooms; meant for people who overpay for not that much; there are so many better options

          Even nicer nyc hotels have low occupancy and low prices in august

      • Isn’t there an RBNS post from, like, 09 where she tweeted that she wanted to say something like this to a date SHE was on?

        JuliaAllison: Overheard girl to guy on a date: “Um … hypothetically … you wouldn’t be offended if I thought this was ‘boring’ … would you?”
        12:16 PM (20 minutes ago)

        Am I going to have to dig through the archives? I swear it happened.

    • Nah, I think twitter’s just being wonky. It wasn’t showing lots of recent tweets for other people earlier today, and then a lot of them just re-appeared.

  24. This is one of the most offensive things she has ever done and we all know her record of questionable actions. When someone does something like this I have to ask, “Who the hell RAISED you?” Did her parents teach her nothing? I rarely have reason to pity anyone in the Mc Cain family, but this wall post was on another level and her parents still enable this monster.

  25. This is so offensive. And in a transparent follow-up move, she seems to be trying to get her hooves into Andy Baldwin of Bachelor fame. (Per twitter)

    • I would CHERISH that match-up. My friends and I were obsessed with that season of “The Bachelor” (Bevin and her tramp stamp 4-evah), and he is such a hardcore famewhoring d-bag.

      • I just read his Wikipedia (until my eyes glazed over from seeing the word ‘award’ one time too many) — dude has every. single. thing. going for him that Donkey wants in a conquest/strike> wallet husband.

        I can’t see him giving her the time of day, he’s too much of an achiever & perfectionist & health fanatic. Will be fun to see her throw herself at him though.

  26. Did she really post this in the middle of the exchange between Jack and the new gf? Unbelievable. Without violating the privacy of either, can you say if her interruption was at least on-topic? Or was it completely random?

  27. Attn all exes fake facebook friending JABA (pancakes, greasy, marquardt): why don’t you just go to your privacy settings and disallow her permission to see your wall? BOOM. digital diplomacy.

    • Same thing as unfriending her though, she’d know. In my opinion, which I suspect they may share, she’s likely throw a hissy fit and either threaten to publicly humiliate them or retaliate in some public way. As JP said, I pity the fools.

  28. Bitch, the Hudson is not “gross”. It’s clean and well-designed. You just cannot abide sticking your hand in your pocket to pay for a hotel, you fucking grifter.

    Also: It’s NOT YOUR APARTMENT, IT’S YOUR PARENTS’ CONDO. You lying fuck!

  29. “Hey babe, hope you don’t die when you fly next time! Try not to die like these guys did! Love you, thinking of you.”


    • That’s the part that gets me the most. She could have just said “thinking of you.” But to say something like “Keep those helicoptors in the sky!” is really just saying “please try not to kill yourself and others! KTHXBAI!” Which, what? Are you that fucking stupid? Does anyone doubt this woman has no conscience or normal human emotions now? Sociopath, I’m telling ya.

  30. Just found out that someone killed in the crash is a good friend and classmate of my cousin’s, from my hometown.

    That Ms. Allison felt it was appropriate to use this as a ‘STILL RELEVANT!’ touchstone w/ Pancakes is….just….wow.

    • I can only hope that it was deleted before any of Jack’s fellow servicemen or women saw it. They must all feel this so personally.

      She is a terrible excuse for a human being.

    • yes, she’s quite loathesome. I don’t even care about her any more because she’s such a disgusting human being, but keep reading because the writers and commenters here are funny and I like seeing her called on our her bullshit.

      Just wish more people would, but I was thinking about it – she’s so confrontational – every time someone has a legit point she responds aggressively, rudely, or otherwise argumentative “I was just kidding!” or “You’re wrong,” or “Why do you care?” and you can neverrrrrr win with a person like this. They are exhausting to be around.

      Kant believe anyone pays her to do anything. Caught her EventBrite ass kissing column in the paper today while visiting relatives. So trite. the “You’re welcome” is soooo annoyingly Julia Allison.


    (the alarm that went off on Pancakes’ brain when he saw that posting)

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