Why is an Employee of Virginia’s Attorney General Editing Donkey’s Wikipedia Page?


It’s not news that Julie Albertson’s Wikipedia page has undergone some shady editing in the past. A few days ago something interesting popped up in the “Talk” page of the wiki article: instructions from a PR flak to correct the article. Julia is an “internationally syndicated tech and social media columnist” in over 100+ newspapers, right?! This oversight must be corrected immediately!

So who is this person who apparently doesn’t know how to use Wikipedia? Looks like she’s former dating columnist and former self-employed PR person Caroline Gibson, now the deputy director of communications for the VA AG. Looks like she even lists “Social Media Intern at Julia Allison” on her LinkedIn.

Dear “social media nerd”: you can’t phone-in reputation defender-style PR “corrections” to Wikipedia. If you had any sense or work ethic (you are employed by working for free umbrellas for Ms. Allison, aren’t you?), you would have made the changes yourself (I know, it’s crazy how that works!); after all, you have linked to the very references that back up your claims (though trotting out the Calcutta Telegraph is a bit sad, don’t you think?). And, as Ms. Allison’s PR gofer, do you really think that you represent a “neutral point of view”? If you want to see PR done right, check out Julia’s bio, written by her ineffable publicist. Better luck next time, xoxo!


  1. Why was she doing Julia Allison’s bidding at 3pm on a work day, on VA taxpayers’ dime?

  2. What junior-level bullshit. I can’t believe this level of retardation passes as “tech/online savvy” for these nimrods.

    Well, I’ll correct that. I can believe it, it just makes me sad.

    Oh well.

  3. Who are these people who do her bidding? What are they thinking? Is it that important to clarify that Julia’s “columns have been featured in papers across the world” – which is a laughable and great exaggerated statement.

    From “Florida to Calcutta” made me burst out laughing by the way. So, thanks for that Caroline.

    Things are always done in such a way that Julia can deny she had anything to do with it, “I swear, a friend did it, not me… I didn’t even know for MONTHS!!!!”

  4. Well all I want to know is if Caroline gets the sweaty disgusting Wonder Woman costume and a hand written love note from the donkey!

  5. I wonder when Julia is going to inform the VA Attorney General’s Office about this infraction?

    • You know, this might be something some of the lawyers around here are ethically required to report.

        • Theft of time by a public employee bumps up against that line. Me personally, I don’t care enough. But if she were running a business and getting paid during time she’s on the government clock and someone knew about this, yes they would be under the obligation. If you’re barred and you know about someone double dipping, it’s not an ethical option, it’s an obligation. For all we know, this could be a one time deal or she could be on vacation this week.

          • “For all we know, this could be a one time deal or she could be on vacation this week.”

            Exactly. So shut up.

      • As a lawyer, I can tell you it is not. “Theft of time by a public employee” – you’re kidding me right? If that were true I’d be required to report every time one of my government lawyer friends is on gchat during the work day. It is, unequivocally, NOT an ethical obligation that bar members report other bar members wasting time.

        All your bullshit posturing around here is really, really getting old AFF. I suspect you’re not even actually a lawyer, just an overzealous law student with a hardon for acting like a know-it-all. Otherwise, based on some of the shit you’ve tried to pass off around here as legal analysis, you’re probably the worst lawyer ever.

        • She’s operating a business from her government job, unless she’s on vacation. We really don’t have enough info and this might be a one-off thing. If it was a pattern, then it’s essentially an MPRE practice question.

          • for me, whether she is doing this during work hours is secondary. she’s white knighting in wikipedia. who does that?! plus, she is julie’s former intern, or former/current PR person, and so has a conflict of interest that should be clearly stated.

          • @crazytrain – She is Julia’s PR person. She might be doing it for free, but she’s holding herself out as a PR professional (LOL, I know). It just seems incredibly stupid of her, if you ask me. And if this is something she does routinely while at work, I wouldn’t say it’s a “big deal” but it definitely is a “deal”. She apparently learned her professionalism from Le Donk. Well, she needs to hit the “Learn Button” again.

          • Ohhh, so we learned the source of JA’s “inappropriate use of social media at work” column, huh?

            No wonder she was so damn forgiving.

          • randi’s position is retarded. she (mark, facebook) isn’t interested in bullying going away, or people not getting (butt)hurt; all they care about is getting people to reveal as much personal information as possible so they can sell it and make fuck you money. shit is shady, and they are masquerading as some sort of digital angels opening up the world and enabling wonderful things. wrong. everything has a price, and people are only staring to become aware that the price for using facebook is (almost literally) your soul – everything personal, special, unique, and connected about you that can be monetized, which you give them for free. awesome concept, dude.

          • What I thought was hilarious was the Gawker article on it. They were basically calling her argument bullshit, when, I don’t know, a year and a half ago they were chastising us for being anonymous and for blogging for free.

          • While I freely admit I thought you were a toolbox*, I thought Richard Lawson was full of shit for blasting you for staying anonymous. Not like the majority of commenters at Gawker during that time (or since) were posting under their real names. “My name is Richard Lawson! Who are the RBNS writers?” Well, gee, Richard, I don’t really know. But I’d bet good money they don’t all have an eardrum-to-eardrum monobrow.

            *Now, of course, I think of you as my toolbox of LOVE.

          • Richard Lawson looks like a sociopathic koala and his taste in men is so pedestrian and obvious. I find it off-putting.

        • As a non-lawyer, I can tell you I don’t care which of you is right. You both sound like assholes…I think 95% of lawyers are parasitical pieces of dung and the world would be a better place without them.

          • It’s probably more like 50% but for once I kind of agree with you, Matt.

          • Funny how you are no longer “Matt Beauchamp” and your name no longer connects to your septic tank of a blog. A little judicious editing on the part of this website or are you strangely reluctant to link to your recent article about hilarious infanticide allegations?

        • I’m not going to and we can be sure this dumb girl is pwning herself via a Donkey association as it is. No help needed.

      • Oh Jesus Afghani calm down. I haven’t read the whole post/checked all the links but I’m sure it’s far from something clear enough that we have to report it.

  6. “Her columns have been featured in papers across the world, from South Florida Sun-Sentinel to the Calcutta Telegraph to the Chicago Tribune.”

    Here, I’ve fixed it for ya’: “Her columns have been featured three newspapers, the South Florida Sun Sentinel, the Calcutta Telegraph and the Chicago Tribune.”

    • That’s such a lie! They were in the Mercury-News for a couple of weeks. FOUR NEWSPAPERS! That’s fuck-you money right there.

  7. also her Facebook album of Comic Con has a picture with the WW tiara the right side up – so she clearly knew and fixed it at comic con, why bother pretending you didn’t know at all?

  8. This kinda makes sense. I mean, if you were a competent PR professional, you would not be working for a Donkey, so.

  9. The wiki article is “semi-protected.” I don’t know what that means, but it might mean that Caroline couldn’t edit it herself. Hence her “instructions” on the Talk page.

    • This is true, the article is semi-protected. However, if Caroline (or Donks) were even a sporadic, confirmed user of Wikipedia, they could edit it, or would at least know to follow the correct protocol, which I don’t think Caroline quite did. In either case, someone with clear conflict of interest (Julie or her representative) shouldn’t be editing or issuing edit instructions AT ALL.

  10. “Who owns the next-gen fliers?”

    Owns“? “Next-gen fliers”??

    Who’s trying too hard to be “hip with the lingo”, Julia? Yeouch, the question was painful enough, I’m not brave enough to read the response.

  11. I still don’t understand why her real, Julie Baugher, name doesn’t show up in the Wikipedia entry. Every other celebrity with some kind of show business name has their legal name included except her? Wtf.

  12. it used to be there, even quite recently (earlier this year).
    however, since Julie makes demands, for some reason they get met.

    Also, PLEASE remove my former last name. Per BLP policy, please respect my wishes. My professional name is Julia Allison. Thank you!

    – Julia Allison – if you have questions, please email Julia@NonSociety.com

    And PS. FEEL FREE TO DELETE THIS PAGE ENTIRELY. IT’S TOTALLY FINE BY ME!!!! I’d much rather have it deleted than up and inaccurate.

    so would we julie, so would we.

    • The whole BLP thing is so bizarrely observed. Probably if the Norway shooter came and demanded people take mean things down, he’d be obeyed because OMG PEOPLE MIGHT SUE AND THEN WHERE WOULD THE WIKIMEDIA FOUNDATION BE ALSO JIMBO SAID.


  13. Attention haters.

    The new future Mrs. Pancakes is tiny, cute, educated and accomplished. An infectious diseases expert from Scottsdale, AZ.

    a. Imagine Pancakes’ relief to be dating someone who has an actual career, an honorable and unselfish one that doesn’t involve waging war against Facebook strangers, using the famous McCain name to do so, because you suspect they might have commented on your pelts on an obscure snark blog, and should therefore be fired.

    b. The infectious diseases expertise should come in handy in a former Donkey Infestation Zone.

    • plus, she appears to be a legit GOPer, not some broad who changes her affiliation when it’s convenient.

      • Prof, you are BRINGING it today, As a fellow Donkey scholar (though perhaps only at Master’s Degree level, I salute you. Heeeee Haw!

        • aw shucks. it’s the commenters too, keep the sharp comments and tips coming! when the donkey is dull and there’s a posting lull, you can always count on something to come out sooner or later. today was one of those days, with new tiny+cute pancakes GF, and this wikipedia thing.

          • PS. wonder if donkey is feverishly hitting the refresh button at Danish Mary’s house.

    • OMG had not even read about the infectious diseases expertise of the new Mrs. Pancakes when I typed the Professor’s encomium below. My cup runneth over. O great and mighty Jacy, this has been a red offing letter day. I bow down.

  14. OT: You know what I find interesting? All the social media “experts” who fawn over Julia Allison. It’s like they have to love her because they are all selling the same snakeoil.

    • You don’t want to break the kayfabe. It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes and all. If they said “Well, this woman knows nothing and has no credentials to make pronouncements about this shit” they’d be pointing three fingers back at themselves.

  15. The VA AG, Ken Cuccinelli, is a complete douche bag and anyone who works for him is a douchebag by association.

  16. Right on cue, from Donk’s blergh:
    “And I also had a wonderful conversation with my friend Jack tonight. (You remember Jack, right? LOL) I realized a few weeks ago that on any average day, I speak to or text at least three or four of my exes – and sometimes more! Isn’t that a wonderful, fuzzy feeling? That even if they’re far away or your lives move in different directions, you can still care about one another enough to stay in touch, to offer wisdom and advice, to laugh together about an old inside joke or just to say “I’m thinking about you.”

    It’s so important to realize that the more love you give to the world – to your family, friends, and yes, even to your exes – the more love you’ll receive.”

    It’s like she knows we are her only audience now, she just HAS to respond to RBD posts. Also, her “I’m so happy, I’m in a good place, give love to receive love” response says she is seethingly pissed off at Jack’s new relationship. Hee!

    She always turns up the saccharine when her stealth bitch is about to bite. C’mon Jules, it’s time to release those photos of Jack & you in your matching footy pyjamas! You know you want to to!

    • Well, some of us do not consider every single guy we’ve ever hung out with to be an ‘ex’, Hoolier. Some of us manage to be homies with dudes without having tried to lick them like a satan’s-red-velvet-cupcake-of-impending-illegal-bestial-gluten sin.

      Do you have a single male friend you HAVEN’T tried to gift-wrap your bow-legs about like an over-zealous paid-by-the-box (wink wink) seasonal Christmas wrapper? Don’t they all kind of mesh into the ‘ex’ category in your mind, because attempting to fuck half of New-Silicon-Angelecago = ‘dating’ and imminent/eventual (“As soon as he realizes *I* am the one! Dave Morin, I am looking at you — well, with my right eye. The left is eyeing that pink froque unjustly strapped to that toddler over there!”) wedding in your mind?

      Also, I notice YOU text them… legalese, bunnies! They never text you back, or someone does, imploring you to stop texting that number, because whoever this ‘Kevin’/’Justin’/’Male Harlot’/Dad$er person is, he clearly changed his number ages ago!

    • And. . . here comes Waffles:

      Listening to the Beach Boys, prepping for mad dancin with my date @TaylorGreason at Via’s Cali wedding. T has some sick dance movez! Yow! 🙂

      I don’t see the above mentioned post on her blog. Did she take it down?

        • Oh, I didn’t see the rest of the post. I will say something lovely. I quite like her dress. The pose where she is sucking out Randi’s soul like women sipped Tab from a skinny straw? Not so much.

          • It’s a good dress. Hopefully it hits below-the-knee, and doesn’t stop just below her wiener and showcase those potato-digging peasant gams.

    • “on any average day, I speak to or text at least three or four of my exes – and sometimes more!”

      Yes, it’s bullshit but taken completely straight, doesn’t this strike people as really, really strange? I mean, isn’t that extraordinary, to speak to your exes so often?

      • But it’s not a comment meant for “people”; it is directly specifically at any new gf trying to stake a claim.
        “[Insert name here] and I care deeply about each other and always will. If you plan to have him in your life, plan to have me in his life too.”

        Girl has major boundary issues (to state the obvious).

      • It’s fucked up. I talk to one ex maybe once a month and it’s always about work because we are in the same field.

        One other I hear from on Facebook maybe twice a year. The others? Never have and never will.

        It is fucked up.

        • What’s fucked up is (if we take this to be true, because..come on) how many people she purports to talk to in a single day, to say nothing of “3 or 4” people from a single group. Outside of work colleagues, I talk to MAYBE 5 people a day, and that includes my OMGWIFE.

          She’s sad — does she just bombard people with texts all day? How can one have so many multiple-hour conversations in one day — I mean, there are still only 24 hours, right?

      • Yes.

        I am really close friends with one of my exes (and so is my huscat), and fairly good friends with a couple of others (and so is my huscat), and Facebook friends with most of the rest. This is a thing I have, to stay on good terms with exes, probably to a neurotic extent.

        And yet, no, I don’t talk with an ex every day. That seems weird. Talking with three or four exes every day seems inappropriate and bunnyboilery.

    • All I have to say about her exes is I always think about how much Lodwick hated her and was embarrassed to have ever dated her and I know TK feels the same, I’m guessing PK does, too. And a few exes before I started reading – same. So I apply that feeling to “all the boys.”

      Every thing she writes is just a lie to cover up her many failures. And a normal person should not be talking to the same 3 -4 people a day unless they are a teenager with no job or responsibili– oh, wait. My bad.

  17. It’s even funnier when you realize that Virginia’s Attorney General is very conservative. Like a hard right religious conservative. And then you have his ditsy, dumbass “social media expert” (who is a former dating/sex columnist…) running a hack PR firm during the day, promoting people like JuLiar Allison. The AG positions himself as a “no nonsense” guy, yet his social media is hired by a fucking dumbass. Sorry, that’s just funny.

    • Both Virginia’s governor and the attorney general have far right wing loons with large families…heavily featured in their campaign ads. I am surprised they didn’t include “We procreate” buttons for their supporters. That the AG would have a staffer who promoted the likes of JA is funny but not a surprise. Stupid knows no political boundaries.

      Just to give you an idea of how stupid is this administration, the governor actually had the state logo which features a female figure of justice with one breast bared (“Thus ever to Tyrants” is the motto) changed to cover up the bared breast. Wonder how he would have censored snaps of JA in her condom fairy outfit.

      • Um, er, oops. “Are” not “have.” It’s been one of those mornings. You know, the workday from hell, something never experienced by the reason for this site’s existence.

  18. I find it a little ridiculous/biased/unfair that there is nary a word about RBD in her wiki entry. This is a woman who rode her hate into celebrity (#3 most hated person on the internet! HEE HAW!), and we are the bulk of her audience at this point. Every other wiki in the universe mentions ‘controversy’ surrounding celebs in question, except hers, which is just a joke, considering it is all she has. She runs around whining “My haters! Those bullies!” but somehow this seemingly ‘huge’ issue in her life is stricken from the record.

    Seriously, as pointless and stupid as that wiki is, it is shown as a true farce for the fact that the bulk of her fame rests in her being infamous. I mean, she intentionally engages with us, and talks about us frequently — what more do you damn want, wiki?

    • She runs around whining “My haters! Those bullies!” but somehow this seemingly ‘huge’ issue in her life is stricken from the record.

      Her detractors are like a prop for her, or a drug she can’t quit …

      JuliaAllison: @NaughtyNiceRob – Hate is poison!!! It only hurts the hater. 🙂

    • Other “celebrities” do the same. Look at, say, Cassandra Claire’s wiki. Or Rachel Marsden’s. The BLP thing is ultra-cowardly; basically, if you want something taken out of your wiki entry, you just have to whine.

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