A Donkey “So Proud” Roundup


A collection:

Headed to the Hearst building to watch @RandiZuckerberg‘s panel with Chelsea Clinton, hosted by @MarieClaire magazine! So proud of her.

So, so proud of my friend @McCainBlogette for selling her new book with @MichaelIanBlack. They’re going to have a crazy bipartisan summer!!

SO PROUD OF YOU, GIRL!! RT @McCainBlogette: Here is my profile in New York Times style section by Liesl Schillinger – http://nyti.ms/9iHAZp

With my wonderful boyfriend, Jack, now (as of yesterday’s winging) a naval aviator! So proud of him.

Team NonSociety, in New York

I’m so proud of these women.

Congratulations to David and the entire Tumblr team.  This product just blows my mind.  I’m so, so proud of you guys.

So proud of Meghan for taking the leap to India for two weeks.

Can’t wait to see my Momsers – she’s down (through healthy eating) to a size 6, the weight she was when she got married. So proud of her!

  Watching @MeghanAsha’s livestream from Sundance – http://www.24hoursatsundance.com/meghan – so proud I got teary eyed. I’m such a sap.

I don’t know about you assholes, but I’d be so proud if a do-nothing couch-surfer who lives rent-free in her parents’ condo and does nothing but attend weddings and write made-up social media questions and then answers them for about $200 a column was proud of me.



  1. This is pretty much her MO though. Shining through other’s example. It worked with her family. MIT PRINCETON STANFORD LAWYER NIXON SPEECHWRITER!!!! PARENTS SO HAPPY SO IN LOVE! TINY AND CUTE SISTER IN LAW!

    • I read somewhere that “reflected glory” is a big part of the NPD. They take on others’ accomplishments as their own. The “Julias” in my life definitely do this.

  2. The only real “accomplishment” of most of these people is being related to someone rich and/or famous. So proud of you for being lucky!

  3. Also this Randi ass kissing is so nauseating. Like the world doesn’t realize she’s successful because of her familial connections. Ditto Megatits. Not impressive. Just shut up you dumb Donkey.

  4. The funniest one is being proud of Meghannaise because she’s going on a two-week vacation to India. So so proud! So brave!!

  5. She commented publicly on her mom’s weight? WTF? Way, way, way over the line. Jesus Christ she’s tacky.

    Also – her mom is a housewife who has nothing to do all day, I guess? Still… you’re proud of your 60+ year old Momser for…. losing a few lbs? Wow, fucking sad.com to the max


      • Wow, that’s another angle I omitted.

        The other thing is, a lot of older people lose weight. It’s not always a sign of health. A lot of older people in my family have had problems keeping weight on. So Donk’s compliment is even more suspect in my eyes–Momser is likely losing bone and muscle mass.

        • I can’t say I’m particularly concerned about RB’s health, however Julia’s need to make her mother’s healthy eating plan all about HER is just another classic NPD trait.

          Which I guess is the point of this post… it’s all ABOUT HER! Except for when it isn’t. (Which is most of the time.)

          She’s proud for ALL THE GIRLS!!

          • Ha! My thought exactly.

            If older people lose weight it is often an alarm bell for an underlying disease process (unless they have made some pretty significant lifestyle changes and/or started taking their diabetic meds) so I’d get your olds to the doc’s, AFF.

            Also, need to point out that a loss of muscle mass is associated with weight gain. You know, the metabolism thing.

            Post menopausal Momser, or momsers or whatever the ridickufuck Julia calls her, gets a pass from me. She looks healthy and good on her for that.

            I often try to imagine what it must be like to be a Donk parent (am a parent myself). And I just can’t.

            Love your work, jp.

          • LOVE. This comment made me LOL first thing this morning. Thanks, JP!

    • Mom is a very busy person what with harp lessons and hobnobbing with powerful mothers at the club.

      • Deballage doesn’t happen by itself.

        Actually, I think RB looks fine, and she always seems to be dressed in clothes that flatter her figure and are age-appropriate, and the only thing I have against her is WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T SHE TEACH HER DAUGHTER TO DO THE SAME.

  6. Let’s don’t forget:
    Julia “Tech Etiquette Columnist” Allison is
    so happy & proud of her (false*) chyrons …

    *Democratic strategist”
    “Political expert”
    “Entertainment columnist”
    “Relationship expert”
    “Fashion Week correspondent”

  7. this is so bizarre. it’s tweets like this that make me think something is mentally wrong with her. who hell yeah’s about drug stores? and who gives a shit?

    @JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    Late night drug store crawl up 5th Ave w @RandiZuckerburg, @Meghan & Christine Kelly: Duane Reade, Walgreens, CVS & a bodega! Hell yeah NYC!
    7 hours ago via Echofon

    • I love CVS/Walgreen’s like none other (so many weird things and make up and candy!) but I wouldn’t go trolling the aisles of multiple stores with a group of friends like it’s some bachelorette party. Jesus.

      • Ugh. Can you imagine the obnoxious braying if you were just a normal person trying to pick up some tampons at the drugstore.?

      • I think she just loves to mention Randi’s name as much as possible. She loves bringing up her connections, probably because she has no accomplishments herself.

      • I love CVS and can game the system into getting my stuff for almost free, but I don’t make a girl’s night out of it.

  8. So I went to high school with Pancakes (well, he went to an all boys school and I went to the sister school) and he just popped up on my Facebook feed as “in a relationship” with one of my former classmates. That didn’t take long.

    • I wonder if Julia is proud of him for picking up the pieces of his broken dreams of happily ever after with her and bravely moving on.

      • I wonder if she saw that because a mental breakdown will be happening soon. I hope the new girl is young, tiny, and cute.

    • But isn’t he shipping off to Guam?!? How will they make it work? Help us understand, Ashton!

    • Awesome. And yet he’s moving to Guam! He can’t possibly get into a relationship with someone! It’s simply not the right time.

      Please e-mail us with more information. We will predict the new chick’s identity because God knows Donkey will harass the hell out of that bitch.

  9. Oh God, I was supposed to go to that Marie Claire panel last night. Good thing I was seized with a bout of laziness and decided to skip.

    Funny how, now that I know Donkette was in attendance, the whole event seems dumb and cheap in retrospect.

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