What Is Wrong With People?


Julia Albertson, also known as the ex-lifecaster now behind Reblogging Glitter Guide (RBGG for short), is apparently so hard up for friends and ego-stroking that she’ll hang out with LITERAL strangers. I am genuinely curious — has she got nothing better to do than to meet fangirls for tea with her hair in a bun, and obsess over how the bun didn’t look good in photographs, and to set up yet another pointless “date” with yet another stranger?

TriciaJoyy: I would do ANYTHING to hang with @JuliaAllison while she’s in Chicago #begging #favoritepersonofalltime

juliaallison:@TriciaJoyy – awwww! I will hang with you! Next week?? xoxo email me! Julia@NonSociety.com

Really, Tricia Joy-with-two-Ys? Julia Allison is your “favorite person of all time?” What is it you admire most? The rampant, pathological narcissism? The lying? The laziness? What? Is wrong with yyou? Yyou need to raise the bar, yyoung ladyy!


    • I seriously feel bad for this tricia joyy person and her family and anyone she comes in contact with. Favorite person of all time? Hmmm, maybe Gandhi? MLK? Abe Lincoln? James Joyce? Mother Theresa? Locke? Thoreau? No, no, no …. Julia Allison. Talk about a fucking dumbass. America should kill itself? No, Julia, anyone dumb enough to be your “fan” in a non-snarky way should kill themselves.

      • I was creating a non-plagiarized listicle as well, Afghani. Jane Austen, William Faulkner, Michel Foucault, hell, even Katherine Bigelow. Someone who as accomplished SOMETHING, anything. I feel utterlyy joyyless for Joyy!

        • First off, I said that I’m agnostic, but I might actually be atheist. Either way, I am not citing these people because they were holier-than-thou, but because of the effect they had on our world.

          I’m citing Lincoln because he had a huge hand in shaping the US at a key moment in its history. I’m not saying he was perfect. It’s well known that he did not consider the races to be equal or capable of living together. That said, he also didn’t believe that slavery should spread to the new states, as in the Nebraska-Kansas comprimise. He felt, if nothing else, that it corrupted the white slaveowners and denied slaves the fruits of their labor. Even if he thought blacks less intelligent, he cared about fundamental fairness. Moreover, he was lightyears ahead of his contemporaries and, sans Lincoln, the GOP would’ve folded after a few short years.

          I’m not even going to get into the whole rest of this… I’m saying that for anyone to say that Julia Allison is their favorite person ever, it baughles the mind. SHe’s a motherfucking idle, lazy, xenophobic, stupid 30 yr old who acts 12. Period.

        • Matt, I’ve generally been a bit of a defender of your right to post here without getting the screaming about your personal opinions being brought into it. I don’t really care what your political beliefs are, as long as you keep things JAnkles central.

          However, I will drop my stance this one time just to say you might want to step away from the political shit (which Penn and Teller’s Bullshit definitely is) and go back to talking about the Donkey, lest you invite more people to fume at you. Which, as far as I know, you might enjoy. I, personally, don’t, as I think people’s personal bullshit can distract from the Donkey hating; especially when it comes to someone with as public a face as you.

          I am, by all means, not trying to tell you not to post whatever you think. What I *am* saying is that personal politics tend to be a touchy subject around here, and yours tend to be controversial. Bringing up questionable sources such as P&T might just cause people to unload.

          If that was tl;dr for you: I am just suggesting, considering your posting history here, you keep things more Donk specific. For the betterment of the community.

          P.S. — If you care, it isn’t like I am freaking that you are shooting down my ‘heroes.’ I actually already knew that shit about all three of the people you mentioned. Also, the allegations that Ghandi is a big ‘mo. I just think that you might want to get back on topic, for the good of all here.

          • First off, it’s Gandhi, not Ghandi. Secondly… Who the fuck would care if Gandhi liked men or women? What the fuck does that have to do with his role in bringing down injustices in his country? WTF. Really.

          • AFF — Slow down killer. I don’t give a shit who likes who (some people like to drag out the ‘Gandhi was a ‘mo’ argument as if that renders anything he did null). I was trying to say the exact opposite, but maybe that didn’t come across correctly. I tots misspelled Gandhi, and admit it. (I was drink!) My whole point was that Matt B. has already proven himself unpopular when he steps out of his JA hating borders, and he really ought to consider that when he starts bringing up highly politicized issues such as these.

        • As Lincoln’s purported dream to send all Africans back to Africa is in line with your own, I fail to see where he goes down in your estimation.

      • Suggesting that someone / anyone should kill their self, seriously?

        You, Afghani, are as much an asshole as Julia Allison. Seriously.

        • I was referencing a stupid JABa meme, not suggesting anything. Feel free to relax.

          • The reference is understood by everyone who’s been playing along at home (or while running errands from their desk).

            Feel Free to quit back-pedaling when called out for making a suggestion as asinine as anything that Donkey ever brayed.

      • Holy shit, yes, Jesus fucking Christ… or Buddha. I’m agnostic but when people like Arax (or this dumb Tricia girl) say “I want to emulate Julia” I can’t help but think it’s a sign of societal collapse, a la the fall of the Roman Empire.

        • I really don’t get why Arax even bothered joining NS. She already had a core group of readers for Kiss & Type, and despite all her JA ass kissery, she hasn’t followed JA’s footsteps in the least (I.E. she has a real J.O.B w/ a salary and everything!). What does she/Tricia/the rest of the NS crew get by associating themselves with the JA’s shit show?

  1. Does anyone in the whole world, and I mean ALL THE GIRLS, know anyone under… 70. Or more recent than 1985… who dresses/styles themselves like this? I haven’t seen a bun, pearls and flowered dress since Mama’s Family.

    • Not in that combination, no. I mean, I wear my hair in a low bun/chignon when going on job interviews, and I know some people who wear pearls to weddings or funerals/on Easter. But I don’t know anyone who wears white hooves or flowered dresses like the one in that photo. It’s weird. Even the thrift stores I go to, those dresses are always the rejects left on the racks at the end of the day…

        • I do whatever is messier than messy bun every day, too. It starts out reasonable, but then . . . I don’t know. Something happens.

          • Me too. My hair always starts off down and looking normal but by 10 a.m. it’s in a sloppy bun secured with a Bic pen or a chopstick I found in my desk or something. I should really just start wearing it up.

          • Me too…. If I don’t have the time to do my hair, I’m not going to make a tight bun – just toss up and go. I think the whole package of hair, pearls and outfits makes this worse than any other girl that would wear their hair in a bun.

        • Excuse you! She was having high tea [sic]! So she had to put her hair up high! Feel free to relax!

    • I think it’s adorable but really only appropriate… um, well, nowhere. Maybe somewhere in the South, though having lived there, I can’t think of any specific place/time where that would fit in. I like the bun myself, though, and I wish she’d do that rather than extensions.

      • I live in the South, and have even been to high tea at the Four Seasons and this get up would look like a mocking/ironic costume in that setting. I wear buns and pearls and even floral patterns occasionally, but not all together like this. She looks like an extra in the wedding scene in Steel Magnolias. I think that’s why it irked me so much. It’s her “authentic Southern ladeee” costume.

  2. Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t the title for this post be: “What? Is wrong with people?”

    • Why? Do you ask?

      Donkey is practically begging to be tricked into meeting one of her h8orz.

        • I’m in the area, but are you a random admirer? Am I your favorite person of all time?

          • My favorite people are anyone who wants to come along and get shitty with us at a location not yet determined but probably one populated by bike hipsters, a big outdoor patio, and drunk elephants on the wall. If that makes any sense to you, then you have partially cracked the (probably google-able) location check. For more details, seek us out in chat.

          • I’m kind of jealous of you guys… I don’t think we have enough jealous hater catpeople in the MD/DC area to have a meet up… As far as I can tell, it’s me, Jordacheandthepelts, and maybe 2 or 3 others.

          • I’ve always wanted to drop “ineffable” into conversation to see if I could identify other catladies. We really need a secret signal or something. (Also, yes, DC here too.)

          • @Nickelodeon Chic – I was reading a Krakauer book and he used indefatigable and I thought for a brief second he might be a catman. Same with Tina Fey book – contained “it’s worrisome.” Also, an email the other day stated, “Mistakes were made.” These words are ruined – but maybe there are more catladies than we ever realized!

    • Oh, I tots agree!

      The “What? Ist wrong with her?” meme is one of my all-time favourites and one I use at home all *snap* the *snap* time *snap*.

  3. This is so sad.

    She hangs out with pretty much just her parents and has as her grandmother buy her dinner at nice restaurants (like a 14 year old girl). That’s sad enough.

    Now meeting with Twitter” fans? If this had happened back when Julia was only slightly not less-random (many years ago before Twitter existed) she’d never have given some lonely loon like this the time of day.

    Now it’s all she has. So, so sad.

    • One of my proudest moments was being able to afford to take my nearly-90 year old grandmother to dinner for her birthday at her favorite expensive restaurant after I’d finished school and could afford it. Even though she had money and could pay for it, I’d never act like a Donkey about it. She actually passed away before her next birthday rolled around, but I wish I could’ve given back more of the memories she gave us kids growing up, so it makes me expecially rage-y when I see Le Donk sponging off her grandmother and then mocking old people by saying things like “don’t bother leaving a voicemail, gramps… all us young people just tweet”. Fucking dumb bitch, fucking stupid column.

      • AFF — I have become ‘Santa Claus’ for my family, since none of them have any money, and it is kind of the best thing about being a grown up. I send presents to my brothers, money to my mom, and boxes of Sees candy to my 90 year old grandma. It is basically all the Christmas they get, and it is seriously something that makes me sooooo happy about finally being an adult.

        Since, you know, I’m a teacher and all, isn’t like I make f-u money. I just happen to be in a better position than my (lovably white trash family) is, and whenever I visit I always buy groceries and insist on picking up the check. It is so nice to be self-sufficient, and able to help the family members who loved you all along. JA really ought to be ashamed for riding her fam for freebies.

        I took my brother out for an expensive sushi dinner last week (you also know my stance on fish, so I ate salad and tempura),
        and he tried to insist on paying the bill. Ugh! No effin’ way! He came an hour to hang out, and back when I was slinging drinks and going through college he used to slip a $20 into my purse (or as a tip at the bar) every time he came by. The fact is, when you get to that point, one of the great joys in life is being able to treat your family to things!!!

        Okay, sorry. That was totally wrong and off-topic. Her freeloading shit is awful, though, and it is sad to think she never gets to actually understand what it means to help or take care of others.

        • Hey, can you reply to my question in the other thread from earlier today? I was asking about that study you mentioned on social media in the classroom? Wondered if you had an author name/title/journal? It’s for my catwoman…

          • Check the thread, holmes. I did reply.

            I have to find the article, as mine was a print copy, but I e-mailed my former proff to see if he had it handy.

          • thanks, cakez. she has access to all the databases through her university log-in, so even just a title and author would be sufficient.

          • Working on that part, dude. You’ll have to hunt me down in chat to get my e-mail for any of the other communiques, though.

  4. Also, you think, being a social media columnist, that she would write a column about Google+, or is she that in bed with OMGRandiZuckerburg.

    • Srsly. I have friends who watch the tech scene way more avidly than Julia (she pretends to watch the tech scene but is really watching the people with money scene), and they’re all abuzz about the successor to Buzz.

      However, don’t fear; Julia will be covering it on her own timeline, so she’ll be braying about it incessantly in about 6 months. Among other things, she’ll be braying about how she has two facebook accounts, two wordpress blogs, …. , AND a google+ account.

      • See, this is the sad and stabbiness-provoking thing about Julia: she casts herself as a tech expert, but most (all?) commenters on RBD know more about it than she does.

        You can also substitute the words “public policy expert,” “relationship expert,” “sex expert,” … for “tech expert” and the above sentence still applies.

        Things Julia is more expert in than I am:
        -being obnoxious
        -women’s clothing (especially of the pink and/or unattractive variety)
        -shitty pelts
        -shitty plastic surgery

    • you know she’s going to DUMP all over it.

      Suckerbergs forevah! They should SUE the Google!

  5. OT, but I have a demo account for Google+ and, IMHO, it blows facebook away. I really can see facebook becoming viewed as an anti-privacy, advertising-plastered timewater for behind-the-times people after Google+ is released to the masses. It’s just that much better. So long, facebook… and so much for your more than 100+ billion dollar valuation…

    • *cough*invite*cough*

      I will offer technology in the classroom as interview material in exchange. That is almost never a bargaining point for me, but this is my one time.

    • Did I mention I was specifically petitioning for the twitter in the classroom as a point to make learning more interesting and accessible to hard-to-reach ELD students? Bonus points for that, right?

      Also, I will admit to being ashamed of myself for asking for a hook up. I mostly just want to be able to laugh in my students faces in three years when they say, “You use Google+? But you’re OLD! Shouldn’t you be on myspace, or something?” (For the record, this statement was issues with regards to twitter, and facebook, before those got hip, when kids latched onto myspace five years after I’d started my account. Young people genuinely believe technology doesn’t exist until they discover it. They were also baffled at my use of a sidekick, and I had to explain, at the time, that I’d once had an SK1.)

      • i enjoy telling 25 yos that the internet they’re playing with was invented by me and my friends

    • Are they withholding some of the features for now? I got an invite from someone and apart from the few features Google played up (ie video chats) there doesn’t seem to be much to do.

      No walls to write on, a weird and convoluted friending method, no “likes”/”+1s” working at the moment… all I can do or see in my friend feed is people changing their profile pictures.

  6. What is wrong with people turning perfectly good outdoor furniture into dresses? Seriously, it looks like she turned the cushions from the wicker furniture from the Del Boca Vista house into a too-small dress.

  7. OK, I’m confused this sad sap begs to meet Julia Allison via Twitter and then the same day just “happens” to run into her? Bunny Boiler, meet Rabbit Poacher.

    • I know! Scared.org! And Julia retweets this encounter because she was called “OMG! SO NICE!!!!”

      I would be running for the police station.

    • That is creepy as fuck! Of course Julia is flattered.

      Hope that cookie was gluten free, porkchop.

      • Can someone explain to me how she went for “high tea” a couple of weeks ago and was served platters of gluten-y goodness and blogged about them being “delicious?” Did anyone call her on that?

        Sorry, I was away and missed a lot.

  8. @juliallison : Congratulations to Javier Colon for winning The Voice!!!! I love, love love both him & Dia Frampton. Would buy any of their albums!!

    “Columnist” Julia Allison does not know the difference between any/either.

    Either = one or another

    Either would be the appropriate choice in the this sentence Donkey, either.

  9. Was this the picture she posted and then bitched about her wet hair and her friend’s broken bathroom outlets or something? What a cunt.

  10. Her favorite person? Has Tricia Joyoy never heard of JACKIE GLEASON?!?

  11. I just watched both Catfish and Talhotblond and OMG NEVER EVER TALK TO AND MEET UP ONE-ON-ONE WITH STRANGERS ONLINE!

      • Oops. I should have said “strangers you meet online.” And have you seen those movies? They’re terrifying. For all of her crowing about privacy and being scared of anonymous online bullies, Julia is incredibly stupid to meet up with “readers” and constantly post her travel plans and whereabouts.

    • Who is this advice for? 6 year olds ?
      In about 5 years you won’t be meeting anyone you [b]didn’t[/b] meet first on the internet. Unless you are an avid hitch-hiker picker-upper.

      I love JP’s simple comment “Huh?”. I’d ask for a juicy story about that one time he [redacted] some anonymous hunk in a public park or restroom but that might be stereotyping.

      If it wasn’t for the internet and meetng random people on it I’d be a virgin living in a unabomber shack.

  12. Gee, I didn’t know the Frick Mansion got turned into a Starbucks.

    Haven’t been south of 72nd for a while.

    /gimlet farmstand corn poop highball

  13. OH HIGHLY CONTINGIOUS ITS MEE RollsSeigfredandRoy! I Haz been taking a “break” from blogging and it sort of turned into a much-needed vacay where I sat out at the Hamptons looking at my feet and taking some pictures of them. You know running a blog about how pretty you are is hard wok!!! And sometimes there are things that can get you down like being on the Jitney and the girl behind you will not stop talking into her cell phone REAL LOUD about how she hopes she does not get sunburn on her pussy again this time like I need to hear that.

    Anyway Daddy and Daddy’s girlfriend, Arabella, who I am really trying to like although she sometimes gets on my nerves waht with calling Daddy “lover” and “my love” and sometimes I am like ARRRRGH I GET IT YOU ARE HAVING SEX WITH HIM anyway they have a new house on the beach because the old one burnt down because Arabella was lighting candles for Tantric night which is something she and Daddy do when I don’t come out. So I went there. We went to a farmstand and picked up some corn, then we roasted it, put some butter on and and ate it (have you done this? It is awesome!!! But it always gets stuck in my front teeth).

    Sooooooooooooo anyway we were sitting sround and Arabella was reading a book called something something older man which she would not let me see the whole cover of and Daddy was mostly just sleeping with the Wall Straight Journal over his face so I got a little bit bored after a whiel and checked my e-mail and there was an e-mail that was “I can tell you are a really fun girl! I am a fun gril too I love your blog and wantt o meet up?” Well that was Nice!!! So I said yes and then I went back to the house and put by hair into a bun and put on a nice dress but just kept the flip-flops and then took a cab into Sagging Harbor (which is were the tweeter who liked me was).

    WELL. It was not what I was expecting at all. For one thing there were three tweeters there and they were not girls at all, although they had the kind of boobs that boys have sometimes. They all had glasses on and really long ponytails (which some girls have also, but girls wash there hair mostly) and they kept giggling. And I said I thought you were girls and they said no, they were grils, which is something with science fiction in it. Then they just kept on kind of laughing and I think they were maybe taking pictures of me under the table with their cell phones and then they were whispering “I knew it!” which is really immature because who wears panties at the beach?

    So I deceide to be offended and then I was elaving and then I heard oen of them say “do it do it! And then one of them grabbed my butt, so I truned around and kind of punched him EW his boob thing was really gross, even through the Aliens vs. Preditor T-shirt ICK ICK ICK. So I guess the morale of the story is that you should never go have lunch with someone you never met who is pretending to be gril who likes fun because mistakes can get made.

    I went back to Daddy’s house and later it caught a little bit on fire.

  14. She just twated this:

    Good work, Ashton. Hold them accountable. RT @aplusk: Hey @villagevoice I’m just getting started!!!!!!!! BTW I only PLAYED stupid on TV.

    I can’t tell anymore…is she laughing with us at this point or are we still just laughing at her?

    Either way “Good Work, Ashton” is the new black!!! Er…um…oops i mean pink.

  15. This is some faint praise (and, what? no mention that the wedding is in Kenosha, Wisconsin???)

    @stylemepretty – WEDDING TIME! I’m headed to @NatalieLent’s sure-to-be-gorgeous 4th of July weekend nuptials to the handsome Chris Bruss!
    47 minutes ago


    I’ll need one!! RT @BPCleanse: Don’t forget to book your post 4th of July cleanse!
    41 minutes ago

    • I hate weddings on holiday weekends, although this must be pretty exciting for Julia as it’s the first major summer holiday not spent with her parents in years.

      And I’m getting all her backwoods cowboy BBQ gingham tablecloth weddings confused… is this the one requiring pink cowboy boots or no? Is she a bridesmaid in this one? Will she have a donk handler? Will there be inappropriate pictures of vows, cake eating and other tacky donktastic moments?

      • I’m thinking it’s Dave Morin’s wedding that will be the scene of the cowboy boots crime scene & BFF Via’s wedding that Donkey is Old Maid of Honor in, so that leaves either Natalie or Dan’s nuptials where the donkey-handler is to be ensconced. Amirite?

        Who? Is dog-sitting Lilly this go-round?

        • Isn’t she in Dan’s wedding too, as a groomsmaid or whatever? I seem to recall her twatting about wearing a tuxedo rather than a dress. I also seem to recall Marlene Dietrich spinning around in her grave shortly after this.

          • I forgot about Donkey being a groom’smaid … she’ll be braying non-stop about being his 1st love … I’m surprised that she hasn’t insisted on ‘giving him away’ …

  16. Can I just remind everyone the whole what? Is wrong with her? Came from ME. Pretty sure anyway. Thanks!


    • JFA, I use this all the time and infected my daughter. You are embedded in my family’s culture forever!

      • Hi praise indeed! 🙂 No I really remember writing that comment because I really couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her. And JP liked it and I got a lil thrill. This is my mark on the world.

  17. Clearly, this is where Julia gets her fashion sense from. Because matching your green blazer, to your green flats and your green, floral printed capris is the height of style. Obviously, good taste runs in the gene pool.


    Also, I love how she’s holding the bill folder in the photo. Like there was ever any question about who picked up the check when Baughles went to dinner with Rich Grandma Pennybags. The only thing that would make it better was if her AmEx black card was sticking out the top…

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