Julia Allison Thinks This Is Good Web Design

>@nicknotned – Gawker redesign is tough to navigate & slow. You should take a look at how the Daily Mail structures their site & copy it.

Julia Allison should shut the fuck up.

And quit trying to make die-hard public radio listener happen, you tool. Quit making tweets like these and write your local station a check.

Ha! “There is posturing within posturing.” – EJ Dionne on @NPR speaking about Washington politics


  1. Oooh! Ashton, am I first?

    Also, I think I discovered the technical term for Canklehausen: “Fremdschämen”

    • Heh. fig taught us about that in chat months ago! She has taught us a number of awesome German words/phrases to convey things we just don’t have in English.

      I also learned ‘notgeil’ from her, and ‘weltschmerz.’

  2. I don’t know whether or not it’s frowned upon in the web design world to copy someone else’s site, but even if it’s not, Julia Allison, notorious plagiarist, advising someone to copy a competitor is lulzy.

  3. “There is posturing within posturing.” – EJ Dionne on @NPR speaking about Washington politics

    ^ If she truly understood how the above sentence relates to her “life” the realization would kill her. Maybe she does. Maybe that’s why she’s slowly melting.

    • The posturing line is the kind of thing that’s said about 425 times per day on NPR. Julia’s showing that she neither listens nor understands.

  4. Zing! “There is contorting within contorting.” – FCamping on @RebloggingDonk speaking about Julia Allison’s fauxto poses

  5. Granted, Gawker format is definitely for shit now, but what does Donkey find to be so great about the Daily Mail site? I read one article (the LI pharmacy murders) & was far from impressed – repetitive sentences, overuse of same words (’emerge’ X six, I think), etc. Both suck, & Non-Society isn’t even as half as good as DM, so where does she get off, anyway?

  6. La burra’s blerg is getting all kinds of exciting this afternoon. Quoth the donkey:

    “Next time I pitch a tv show, I’m going to take a page from [Snooki’s] GTL book:

    ‘It’s kind of like Paris and Nicole, except without Paris or Nicole and I’m not tanned at all and really I don’t do much but look at wedding photos online. And tweet a lot. But it’s going to be awesome.’ ”

    Plus a capture from her Facebook about how she doesn’t do anything all day. I know this is all probs faux self-deprecation but still, a departure from the usual posturing (within posturing.)

    • She’s going stir-crazy. Her flight funds must have run out and now she’s finally having to live with herself. Poor thing.

    • I really do not understand why her parents don’t make her get a fucking job. This is ridiculous already. Also keep pitching those tv shows that never happen, tool.

        • Yeah, I was thinking about this the other day. She has no skills, really, no experience in anything she hasn’t already failed out of (shitty grammar, I know, but ‘out of which she hasn’t failed’ sounds weird), and no real prospects. She is too ego-driven to do what most never-was’s (again, my brain must be on sleep-mode) do and just try and start over with something modest.

          She really is just flailing about waiting for one of two things: hubby paycheck, or huge inheritance from Grandma Nuttybags.

          It is so fucking sick, really. I couldn’t imagine looking myself in the face every morning when I was secretly just hoping to stumble onto my checkbook via union or death. One of which is bound to happen at some point (the latter, at this rate. Poor Granny.)

      • Have you forgotten that she’s writing a screenplay with “Max”? It’s going to be the romvom* that literally defines the genre.

        *or chick-with-dick flick. Donkey film rules have not been codified.

        • Oct 22, 09 12:28am

          Me: So, here’s the logline, but, fair warning – it’s AWFUL. “A successful college sex columnist, increasingly disenchanted with the results of her inflexible dating methodology, finds love when she learns to let go.”

          Max: [laughter]

          Me: I know. It’s beyond awful. It’s every romantic comedy movie ever made.

          Max: Well … yes.

          Me: It’s pretty much the definition of a cliche.

          Mom: Jules, it will have to be a cliche or nobody will like it.

          Me: But I don’t want it to be a cliche! Cliches are lame! Lame is bad! What will the hipsters say??

          Max: The hipsters will hate you no matter what you do.

          Me: That’s true.

          (Gah, her obsession with “hipster” is gagworthy.)

          • The Queen of Cliche calls cliches lame?


  7. Julie ought to wear Andie’s dress to the wedding. It woud go with brown or grey cowboy boots, be age appropriate, and OMGCelebrity.

    • Andie looks great. Her dress is fun and young but still flattering on an adult woman’s body, something Julia has yet to figure out.

      • Oh, I agree. I should have added an exclamation point to OMGCelebrity! You just know she is reading here, and then frantically searching for the lovely younger daughter’s white lace top sundress.

    • Those boots are going to kill her hooves if she hasn’t been breaking them in (which of course she hasn’t been.) It’ll be burning hot in Wyoming (Montana?), and you know those pudgy, square horrors will bloat right up within the confines of those narrow, pointed toes. They will probably have to cut them off of her.

      • It always amazes me how people know so little about cowboy boots. Sure! Go ahead and put them on as part of a costume and trip the light sardonic! That’s what they were MADE for.

        • Kind of guilty. I bought a pair of boots in my size at a thrift store one time because I just thought I’d look SO CUTE rocking them with a simple skirt and a button down. I wore them once and it was a cripplingly painful experience, even though they had been ‘broken in.’ No problem, I thought, I will just put in some cushier inserts, as these particular boots had kind of an eroded (from much wear, presumably) insole and the lightweight Dr. Scholl’s I’d thrown in to protect from cooties hadn’t done the trick.

          No. Super fancy, thick cushioning inserts didn’t help at all, and instead led to even more pressure on the TOP of my foot, which sucked.

          I ditched those puppies completely. Fuck that. I am just not that committed to looking like a prairie girl. (Especially now, when my sortorial flair is restricted to wearing a neck-tie as a belt/headband along with my staple of jeans and a t-shirt.)

          Good luck with those booties, Julia!

          • Have you tried wearing them around the house with super thick socks? I usually do that to break in my shoes before I wear them. you can also have them stretched at a cobbler.

          • In my experience it takes years to make cowboy boots your own, and then you develop too great an attachment to them, so that when your older sister decides they’re heinous and throws them out EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE BOTH ADULTS AND THEY WERE MERELY RESTING IN HER BARN, you have strong feelings.

          • Ooo! I have a magic trick for stretching out shoes that are too tight in the toes. (It works best with real leather, but other materials work okay too.)
            Just take a plastic sandwich baggie and fill it halfway with water. Put it in the toe of the shoe and bang the toe against your counter or table or whatever. Then, put the shoe in the freezer (in a plastic grocery bag so that you don’t get shoe nasties everywhere) and when you get them out in the morning, the water will have turned to ice and stretched your shoes! If it doesn’t work the first time, try again with a little bit more water. I did this with some amazing vintage leather boots that I found in the thrift store with great success.

          • Thanks GG! 😀 I have a pair of heels that I refuse to return (I think my ONLY Aldo purchase ever, and online, too. Despite sizing up by half, they’re still a bit uncomfortably snug – weird.) because they’re just too cute and multifunctional. They aren’t leather, but I’m sure this will work as they’re probably a cheaper material anyway. So, grazie for your servicey-ness!

          • so that when your older sister decides they’re heinous and throws them out EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE BOTH ADULTS AND THEY WERE MERELY RESTING IN HER BARN

            Let it out, HSWHIVB(TT!). Let it all out. We’re here for you.

      • OMG, Handbag, I feel you on the loss of those boots. Once you break them in, they are YOURS, like a signet, an emblem. Which is why I have never disposed of any of my more than a dozen pairs; I rarely wear them anymore, but they are lined up, in various stages of decrepitude, along my baseboards, as home decor.

        P.S.: Donkey’s pink boots ain’t f’real cowboy boots, anyway.

  8. This has to be one of the dumbest things she has ever said – and that’s saying a lot. The Queen of Fail with one of the worst blogs on the planet (both content-wise and design-wise) is going to tell someone who has built a successful media empire how to run their business? Ahahahaha.

    • Donkey knows A LOT when it comes to others making $$ off their sites …
      juliaallison: @astrologyzone – it’s time to get professionals behind your site. You should be making serious money there & Tom ain’t cutting it tech wise.
      from Donk-Twatter – Nov 2, 2010 8:27 PM

      (& just for good measure, let’s re-visit how she continually bullies Tom!)
      juliaallison: @astrologyzone – seriously you need to fire him.
      from Donk-Twatter – Jan 2, 2011 12:23 PM

      Ima gonna say it – Tom will never the Donkey & she’s P I S S E D about it.

      • JuliaAllison: If you have a loyal audience, you can *always* come up with a revenue stream. ALWAYS. Just takes a bit of creativity. | June 24, 2011

        UNLESS your ‘loyal’ audience are people who only laugh & point.

        • EXACTLY! Is she just fronting or counting the free $50 in gift cards she might get every now and again as revenue stream???


  9. Well, this coming from a chica for whom the self-descriptor “I wish I had a British accent so everything I said would sound smart” comes up a the top item on her google search. I suppose she thinks The Daily Mail is more sophisticated because it is a British joint.
    Also I don’t think she is being self depricating at all. Julia is flaunting her laziness and uselessness and fatuousness in her “readers'” sphere as if she expects folk to find it cute. She so Donkey.

  10. Yet another thing (web design) she has no training in, no sense for, and no successful experience doing…yet she’s telling other (more successful) people how to do.

    Really, she should have been less transparent: “Yoo hoo! Nicky! It’s been ages, dahling, since Gawker has mentioned me. I’m tiny now, though maybe not so cute, but I’m trying – it’s been three trips now to the plastic surgery spa…um, err, oops, I mean ASHRAM, and I look 45 now instead of 52. I’ll let one of your interns lick my cankles if you start taking about me again. I thought we were FRIENDS, Nicky! Speaking of which, do you have any place I can crash at in the Hamptons? I promise I’ll only leave Lily there a month. Okay, two, tops. I’ve got a lot of meatings, you know, with fascinating men! Call me! @ me! Mememememeeeeee!”

    • This is it. She is having a hard time finding old Gawker stories about her, and hopes the tweet will get her back on their radar. I don’t think her plan will work though. 🙁

  11. @mariawoike – omg. your grandma TEXTS?! NO! oh oh oh copy and paste one!!!!!!!!!
    8 minutes ago via web

    seriously julia? why is she acting like a grandparent texting is SUCH a huge deal? my mother and her sisters are all grandmothers in their mid to late 70s. they text. they email. so do all their friends. my mother has an iphone and an ipad. my stepfather (a grandfather) has had blackberries for years. he just got a droid. what’s the fucking big deal? i know there are older folks who are scared of technology (my mother-in-law, for one) but most older people i know are all involved in technology in some way. clearly this is going to be her next column and it’s going to be a snoooooze like all the others.

    she’s such an idiot.

    • This is yet another example of Julia being completely self involved to the point of being blind to the rest of the world.

      Because HER grandparents do not text that must be the way it is for everyone.

      Like yours, Donk Donk, my family is not a bunch of tech saavy pros as they are current. My mom texts, emails and is – above all – a talented and prolific photo texter. The good shots she gets on her not-at-all a smartphone are fantastic!

      The first MacAir I ever saw was owned by a dear friend of mine who was 80 at the time and delighted that he could now take his ultra light laptop everywhere he went.

      She has no experience at all outside of whatever couch, shoe box apt or condo she is currently ensconced in.

      • She should worry less about getting Granny Money Bag$ online & more about her dying grandfather’s last days. Just sayin’.

        & WHERE IS LILLY?

        • I can’t take credit for this, as it was brought up in chat, but she needs to hook grandpa up with skype.

          “Next @SocialStudies column: how technology can allow you to be present at the deaths of family members, without missing a single blind date!” alternately titled “How to assuage your guilt (LOL! just kidding, bunnies, I don’t feel guilty. Pa-paw would want to see me married off and happy!) over missing important family deaths!” Next week on @SocialStudies “How to use twitter to avoid a boring funeral.”

    • Hey Donk! I am a grandmother. I was on the internet when you were in grade school and had never heard of it.

      My 89 year old mother looooves facebook cause all her kiddies are on it.

      Like we used to say in the early days, go somewhere and download a clue.

      • right! i forgot to mention facebook. my mother is on it and i’m not! imagine that, julia. a grandmother is active on facebook. shocking, isn’t it? even more shocking is me: i have a very full and happy life. and i’m not on facebook! ha! do a column about that! it will be just as boring as the rest!

      • My mom (now 70) was a computer programmer in the late 70’s/earl 80’s. We had the internet in some form from the time I was in single digits. She scoffs at Julia’s insistence that the internet is young and hip. (However, I will admit, she avoided text messaging for years — due to carpel tunnel brought about by being one of those people who created early internet networks — and finally gave in.)

        Honestly, my mom has being doing the internet thing she is BORED with it. She has decided to live off the grid and sit in her house in the mountains and watch deer come drink from the stream. She just sits and enjoys it — doesn’t think for a minute to snap and tweet a phone pic. Not because she doesn’t know how, but because she would much prefer life NOT lived in front of a glowing box, in her twilight years.

        • Kudos to your mom! We all stand on her shoulders and I’m glad she is enjoying life away from the tube. Or flatscreen.

      • Her attitude towards older people is so patronizing. I can’t wait til a twentysomething waitress ma’ams her restalyned face.

        • Going back to the previous thread, where I was annoyed at her asking the server inane questions about what date number she and CNTK were on… I can see Julia pulling the, “how old do you think I am? No, really!” thing on some server in the not-so-distant future (and forever and ever thereafter.) I hope the server would do what I would always do and say, “86? No? 13? I give up.”

          Servers will never the donkey.

        • that’s where the fluffy pink heart dresses come in. It’s just to throw people off.

    • Julia the people who invented the internet are all grandparents. Also if you need Greasy to tell you about Party Rock when it’s played constantly on the radio (not npr) then you probably should start thinking about assisted living yourself.

      • I refuse to let her and greasy’s moronic asses taint Party Rock and that video. Ugh. SO LATE & HORRIFIC. Next she’ll tell us about that awesome tune with accompanying dance moves that just came out… The Macarena.

  12. OT, but let’s talk about how this bitch either dropped out of her “INTENSIVE!!!!!” 3 day improv class or tweeted all through it.

    PS DONKEY!!!!

    • So fucking rude. People wait forever for those classes and if there’s a wait list, you better want to actually get in. She’s the worst.

    • I think so too. If she liked it and had done well we would be hearing her burble about Tina Fey and becoming a star.

      She can’t play well with others.

      • I know! I was looking forward to her Ashram-y “So satisfied!” updated about the bonding experience, and how fun it is to be live and impromptu, and considering a career and whatever else.

        I’m leaning with the people who say “tweets or it didn’t happen.”

        Which means it didn’t happen.

        She is just going to pretend she wasn’t all on about it, just like Sweden, Polaroids, and everything else she has ever enthused about before some shiny wedding picture reduced her into a slobbering puddle of her own neuroses.

        I might be getting on board with the “Can’t hang with mocking a retreadando” crew.

        • Davos coverage. Susan G. Komen walk. John Mayer concert. Wounded warriors.

          IN THE QUEUE.

      • She mentioned that someone in the improv class called her a “Carrie Bradshaw” type, which she took as a compliment.

      • ugh, i hope not. my money is on some foolio from the improv class…or the new personal trainer?

        • Is she even going to Improv? She sure seems to be hanging at the ortho’s orifice A LOT …

          JuliaAllison: I just watched an episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey (in my defense, I was at my DENTIST’s office watching it, no judgement). Wow.

          Thought she was just there yesterday too …

      • Yes! Those NPR-related tweets are the intellectual equivalent of the “hey, lookit me gettin’ my yoga on!” post she made after she caught the ride home from Davos on the yoga-doing billionaire’s private jet (who was also married, by the way. [The billionaire, not the jet.])

  13. Since the Daily Mail is like my favorite site evah–so shoot me, catladeez!–I cannot join in the raspberries. So sad. Daily Mail = my first morning call after I have wiped the crust out my eyes.

      • It’s one of the most popular websites in the US and Europe, I believe. There’s a lot of talk about it in “publishing is dead” circles, as a canary in the coal mine of the old ways of gathering, delivering, and perceiving news. Lots and lots of people enjoy it; ain’t no shame.

    • I secretly love the DM- not for its design of course, it’s a mess. I just like shit like, “a bleary eyed Kate Moss looked worse for wear after a shambolic night on the tiles..”. They’re really good at catching celebrities falling down drunk etc. and being shamelessly “concerned” about it. It’s a laugh.

      • That paper has the longest headlines in the history of the world of the universe. One of my favorite things is to read one aloud, then say to Mr. Handbags, “That’s a real headline! You were probably thinking I read you the whole first paragraph but you’d be wrong!” SO funny, that site.

    • You’re not alone. I have a soft spot in my heart for ridiculous British Z-listers. (MOAR Kerry Katona shenanigans!)

  14. i’ve been reading about college admissions and i learned this

    when legacies fail to be accepted at their legacy school for falling below even the low standards allowed for legacies, they are forced into the same pool as non legacies, ie they have to compete on their own merits, and they land at second or third tier places; through gifts and pressure they are then given a chance to transfer into a higher tier later

    amazing, but that’s how it seems to work for legacies who fail even legacy requirements

    i just say

    • Eh I think that depends on the school and how much of a donor the legacy is. I was told (by a college counselor) when I was thinking of applying to my dad’s university that it’d really only help me if it came down to being the deciding factor between me and a non-legacy student. I think that’s usually the case, unless you’re talking donating a wing or something.

      • could you have gotten in on your own?

        i’m talking about those who are below the non-legacy cutoff … they can get in as legacies unless they are so far below that the answer is no, or go someplace else for a year and transfer in with a donation

        • She was also a double legacy or whatever at Stanford, her grandmother AND mother went there, and she still didn’t get in at least twice (you know she prob applied there for college, and then B-school). Legacies def have a better shot than the rest of folks applying regardless of donations etc. She went to a tony high school and had every advantage in the universe and she STILL couldn’t get in. Fail.

  15. Advice columnist, Social Media Expert, and now User Experience Design guru?

    Someone should tell Ms. Genius to slow down before she sprains a lobe.

  16. Belongs in prior thread, but, uh…how depressing is it for Donkerella to see Toph’s really sweet, fit, talented and intelligent ex-girlfriend going to business school, starting a new business, posting new media coverage and content that is informative, relevant, and innovative in the last 2 years while DonkNose cries into her keyboard all night about what could’ve been?

    Get it together, Baughers: if you love her, get your daughter into therapy. She has the energy to rehab and still be successful in life.

    • You sound like you’re in the know. My question, what does Toph’s ex, think about the donkey?

      Does she follow the Donkey show?

      • I think she’s too busy being awesome and positive to even give it a second thought on her own. She and Donkerella have mutual new media “friends” so if she does follow, it’s only because she receives updates without asking.

        The uber interesting part: these new media “friends” have asked the ex to contribute to their successful businesses (blogs, etc)…but did not ask the Donks, who claims these “friends” very publicly.


        • Not surprising Donkey would be passed over. She is empty and lazy with nothing to offer — people recognize that.

          Hope Donkey knows she’s being passed over in favor of the ex. That would sting nicely.

        • So MoonshineDonkey, I am drink and I have to ask, we here at RBD are always fascinated about these guys that go for Donkey… it seems like Toph had an awesome girlfriend, he must have been a somewhat normal guy. Any insight on why he went and banged a donkey?

          Did he have any excuse for this when he got caught?

          • I’m not THAT in the know…but not entirely sure I’d call him a normal guy. Donkerella tries hard to bag the high-profile ones.

            I mean, why does any man (or woman) bang someone other their actual gf or bf? And let’s take a quick account of the hidden woman-beasts of Tiger, Arnold, and Weiner’s pasts. Let’s be (d)hon(k)est: these broads weren’t exactly trophy fucks. On all accounts, these women were not as attractive or accomplished as the mistresses. They do it because it’s easy, it’s convenient…and Donk probably puts on a really good show the first upon first meeting someone she plans to sink her canines into.

            I am not drink tonight, but I have always walked amongst RBNS/RBD.

          • I think that it’s typically charming NPD. They can be super charming at the beginning stages of a relationship, and I guess in the slight chance he never read her blog. Can’t really come up with a theory for how he could stand her old face, unless it looks better while moving/in person but somehow I don’t really think that’s the case.

          • Shit! Amended sentence:

            On all accounts, these women were not as attractive or accomplished as the WIVES*

            Why am I not drink right now?

          • I agree JPA, I also think men get completely caught up when they see those Gawker photos of her and they think they are getting with some sexpot and that’s intriguing to them. This is of course, before they become well versed in donkey tears and skin tags.

            But man, do they often pay a huge price.

          • The lad’s mom kicked he bucket; perhaps it was just one of those motherboy things.

    • I bet her readers have been BOMBARDING her with requests for pictures of her mom and grandmother’s weddings. Two pics of her mom’s wedding, one of Grandma’s, and another random pic of Grandma just because.

      • I LITERALLY thought that was the background and then I screamed.

      • That is Momsers in the reflection.

        It took me three looks, and then recognizing the wedding ring, to be sure.

    • I found it very odd that she felt the need to include that her grandfather had a temper? Sounds like grandpa probably didn’t think Julia was the amazing being that she does and probably used to not let her get away with stuff, so naturally she has to make a passive dig at him.

  17. At least she’s admitting her Chicago life is totally lame in her latest post. As suspected. That tweet about “joining” Taryn Southern in the Hamptons was El Desperado. She wasn’t invited and it sounds like TS was the guest of someone else. What a classless moocher.

  18. So what can we expect tomorrow? A full report on the improv intensive or is she still processesing it? Pictures of Father doing yard work or going to the University Club. Grandma eating pancakes (Ouch!) or taking in the view of the Lake? I think Lily is stuck in the queue.

    But this should be fun ….

    I’m in the middle of what feels like an Eternal Download situation, so let’s play a little Twitter game. I start with a lyric, you finish it

  19. Julia Allison, gay-rights activist, loves the gays and don’t you forget it!!!

    JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    Just got a chill. HELL YES, EQUALITY. Let’s start planning some gay weddings!! WOOO! #MarriageForAll
    48 seconds ago

      • It gets better. She tweeted “WOOO-HOOOO” type of tweets at least three times before she realized it had not actually passed yet. She blamed her premature exuberance on Rachel Sklar and songs from Glee. This guy did not appreciate her YEA GAYS! TUTUS FOR EVERYONE!!! idiocy:

        villagevegan jeff
        @juliaallison: no it didn’t. You amaze me, by how little knowledge you have. Final vote hasn’t been issued yet.
        14 minutes ago

        villagevegan jeff
        @juliaallison: and with that response, you confirmed why you get hated on, always..
        18 minutes ago

        villagevegan jeff
        @JuliaAllison. You are so clueless. Vote on gay marriage in nyc is going on right now, forgrt your game!

          • She deleted these?

            JuliaAllison: Well, let’s just pass this bill already so I can start celebrating!!!
            Jun 24, 2011 9:07 PM

            JuliaAllison: I blame @rachelsklar for getting me too excited. Also I am listening to #Glee so sometimes that leads to overzealous tweeting.
            Jun 24, 2011 9:07 PM

            JuliaAllison: RT @GlynnMacN: RT @benpolitico: RT @NYSenate: Again to be clear, so far we have only passed THE AMENDMENT. The MAIN BILL HAS NOT YET PAS …
            Jun 24, 2011 9:07 PM

            JuliaAllison: Sorry, AMENDMENT is passed.
            Jun 24, 2011 8:55 PM
            JuliaAllison: Just got a chill. HELL YES, EQUALITY. Let’s start planning some gay weddings!! WOOO! #MarriageForAll
            Jun 24, 2011 8:55 PM

            JuliaAllison: GAY MARRIAGE PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Jun 24, 2011 8:55 PM

            JuliaAllison: @villagevegan – um … I cannot vote, as no one elected me to the NY state senate. But I do hope gay marriage prevails!

          • I don’t know who “Jeff” is but he obviously finds her as offensive as we do. Gay marriage is an issue he obviously cares deeply about, and there’s Donkass, clueless as ever, trying to jump on board and pretend she’s been passionately involved all along.

          • She deleted these two.

            Just got a chill. HELL YES, EQUALITY. Let’s start planning some gay weddings!! WOOO! #MarriageForAll
            8 hours ago from Twitter – Comment – Like – Share

            GAY MARRIAGE PASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            8 hours ago from Twitter – Comment – Like – Share

          • Iicerocket keeps a record of her assholishness, as well. She averages 29.9 tweets per day, 100% of which contain toxic levels of stupid.

          • That would be icerocket — kinda looks like licerocket the way I effed it up. I’m gonna have to blame Julia for that.

        • My twitter search shows this one, also deleted:

          juliaallison: @villagevegan – You cannot possibly be serious. You honestly have nothing better to do? Go celebrate! Gay marriage just passed!

          That’s what set the guy off. He was trying to tell her it hadn’t passed.

          You should be ashamed of yourself, villagevegan!

          • “You honestly have nothing better to do?”

            She sounds like a freaking broken record. She ALWAYS says this to people who are calling her out on her stupid ass bullshit. She is really, really, REALLY hung up on scolding people for “not having anything better to do” and I think it is 100% projection. She’s the one who has absolutely nothing to do…all day, every day.

    • I just drank 42 sips of wine and then 15 sips of beer when the wine ran out while watching the vote, and I just wanna say: fuck you, Julia Allison, and I love you, New York.

  20. Also? Why can’t she set herself up with stupid blind dates in Chicago if she can do it in LA? No men there? Not the strategic alliance she wants? The fuck?

    • I think it’s a distance thing. She’s always been into the long-distance relationships because they last longer for her. She’s definitely a three month-er, but if they’re in different cities she can usually get a good six month run out of it. She’s never the one to end it either, it seems like she is simply just intolerable.

  21. Yay! More weddings for Julia not to get invited to.

    (Also: What a wonderful night, sincerely. I’m so happy and tearful right now.)

  22. OT but… I was in Cambridge today, and who do I see walking around town but Allie Baugher! I have to say though… the only reason why she caught my eye was b/c girlfriend has WAY too much makeup on. She was dressed casually and headed to the farmers market so it didn’t seem like a fancy occasion, but still… expression on face & caked on makeup makes me wonder if she has more in common w/ the Donks than we think. Weird though that Britt chose a girl that actually looks kind of like the Donks.

    • I was in a production of the Vagina Monologues up in Cambridge a few months ago… The only people I could see clearly in the audience were in the front row, so I used them at times for focal points during my monologue. I could have SWORN that Allie was one of the people in the front row and it kind of freaked me out. Imagine if Donks was there? I would have died laughing on stage.

    • I saw Allie and Britt on the T the other day! I felt super creepy, then realized the only reason I know who they are is because le Donk posts photos of them, so it’s her fault. They were really cute together, no PDA but you could tell they are crazy about each other.

    • After I read this I started looking around the internet to see more pics of Allie and ended up finding this gem: [img]http://blog.juliaallison.com/Images/10.14.07%20-%20Andrea%27s%20Wedding%20-%20Britt%20and%20Julia%20Dance%20Dip.jpg[/img]

      The fact that she kept her head at the same angle while upside down is so incredible to me.

      • Brit’s shit eating grin = “I could drop you on your over-sized head SO EASILY right now.”

      • And she’s managing to put those “perfectly symmetrical’ breasts on full display, of course. While dancing with her BROTHER.

        And long red nails? Jesus Christ. Sure, Julia, you’re the next class Kate Middleton. Just keep telling yourself that.

    • I am jelly because I never see them. Sometimes I see people I think are them and it turns out not to be them (I hear them using each other’s names or speaking Spanish or whatever). He is not a very distinctive looking person in this city, though; there are bazillions of sweet, pleasant-looking white guys in their 20s.

      She was wearing makeups to the farmer’s market in Harvard Square? Weird.

    • She has absolutely nothing to do with it and can’t insert herself in the picture despite her best efforts. A really phony fairweather friend to gays at best (and has she ever even mentioned lesbians). She’s already shown where she draws her line in the sand – where ever it is popular and beneficial to her. She can stay with John McCain on the wrong side of history and Mark Kirk in the closet (not that she’s gay and maybe he isn’t but you know he just can’t “vote his conscience” and I’d like to shove her in an actual closet). You can celebrate this victory.

      I’ve learned so much about U.S. politics from this site!

      • Only time she mentions lesbians is if she is reporting on their domestic discord (Rosie O’D) or saying something asinine like “Wow! So hot! I could go gay for her!” to titillate her fanboys.

        P.S.: It’s Pride in SF this wknd, and I think it’s going to be extra-spectacular this year because of the ruling. Muni is already thoroughly fucked up, but I guess I can get to Trader Joe’s next week.

      • Yeah; it’s more trouble than it’s worth (like everything.) But I am happy that things are moving toward a place where you can find that out for yourself.

        P.S.: CDB, you are funny. Come by for a drink when you are down San Francisco way (I don’t know from tequila, though; sorry.)

        • My liver is very accepting of various alcoholic concoctions and I may very well be in your neck of the woods in August.

  23. Holy crap…the photo her mom took of the wedding photo, when I saw the reflection before reading the caption I thought it was JA.

  24. Kinda OT, but tonight I went to go see “Bad Teacher” and oh my stars, I would swear to god Cameron Diaz’ character is based off of donks. Obsessed with plastic surgery, only dating guys for their money/name, totally heinous human being, living on someone’s couch after being dumped, trying to get plastic surgery money from her ex-fiance. One of the opening scenes is her very rich finace dumping her with his mother and I swear to god it was the pancakes/donk breakup with Cindy. Y’all need to see this. Someone has based this character off of her for sure.

  25. Her cray with the endless wedding photo vomit is so very sad. It’s another version of her “I know people who went to Harvard, so I must be smart by association” but with weddings.

  26. Her mother and grandmother are attractive women, in a natural yet polished way. Nothing overdone, yet you can see they take care of themselves. Momsers is aging beautifully. What happened to Julia that made her feel like she needed to alter her appearance, obsess over her looks and weight, and get stuck in the mind of a 14 yr old girl? It makes me kind of sad.

    • I do think her maternal grandmother was very beautiful in that classic way
      that no amount of make-up (& certainly no procedures) ever accomplishes.

      • That and it’s clear Julia inherited some of her features (e.g. teeth). Personally, I like seeing how these things get passed down through generations. Julia, however, will never stop with the orthodontia and injections and plastic surgery to erase these familial characteristics.

        As for Gawker’s v. Daily Mail’s websites, if it was any other person, I’d guess the intention behind the statement was sarcastic to Denton like, “Look, it could be worse. You could be Daily Mail.” Julie, however, is in capable of deliberate sarcasm… or humor, or irony, or double entendre or any other trope. Someone recently mentioned that no matter what she writes, her tone is always the same. There has to be something cognitively wrong with her. Let me be clear: no making fun of the mentally handicapped. A relative of my cat’s narcissistic ex was never told that he has Aspergers and so he fails to understand why he is different form everyone else. He has gone through life with family propping him up and others taking advantage of him. I don’t think Julia has Aspergers, but it seems that something is going on that everyone around her is in denial about or has decided to ignore and, as a consequence, the problem is getting worse over time.

    • Given some of the quotes el Donkey has posted over the years from Momsers, I think a lot of her issues re: looks weight and marriage have come from her mother.
      But then again, we have to take into account the well known Donkey lying factor.

      I’d still place my money on Robin though.

    • I think her mind is warped — someone who thinks you expire at 30, that tells you everything. Not sure where she got that but it seems she has really, really ramped up the cosmetic procedures in the last few years…

      And her crazy obsession with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift can’t help — sure, you’re going to feel ancient if your ideal beauty is a 16 year old.

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