Time For A Difficult To Decipher Blind Item

Unsubstantiated rumor time!

Which devastatingly handsome blogger is not at all surprised that recent wild speculation on his part has turned out to be entirely true, according to multiple sources? It appears that a certain social media columnist for Tribune Media Services is using her column to not so subtly imply that a certain Senator’s son has more in common with his father than a military career. Of course, when it comes to this columnist, who believes settling scores trumps having an ounce of journalistic integrity, things are not always as they seem.

Anyone who has read said columnist’s deceptive bio knows by now that the amount of bullshit one has to sift through to determine the absolute truth is staggering. But a truth exists, and it is exactly as one would speculate. Turns out that while a certain columnist was shipping fluffy, boner-killing frocks halfway across the United States and submitting changes of address for all her wedding magazine subscriptions and braying on and on about the difficulties of being a military spouse, a certain Naval Academy-trained helicopter pilot was, like, “Dude, what the fuck? I’ve seen you in person, like, what? Five times? And each time your face has changed. Chill out, brah!”

This account, of course, completely contradicts the sob story that said columnist, who may not be able to accurately use the title “columnist” in her bio much longer, leaked to the press. You know, the one about how the relationship faced insurmountable odds, those impossible odds being that, despite lacking things like an actual job or responsibilities that tie her to a specific city, our columnist was incapable of moving to Guam, most likely because OBO-ing offers are few and far between in the South Pacific. Turns out Guam may have not been an option, because our helicopter pilot was under the impression that he was allowed to have multiple options. This of course, was not cheating, as a certain columnist is trying to imply. Rather, the relationship never reached the point where exclusivity was officially declared.

Meanwhile, according to various confirmed sources, a certain pill-popping, impeccably dressed mother wasn’t too keen on the fact that her son’s gold-digging “girlfriend” (termed used loosely) was taking to Twitter to ingratiate herself into the well-known family. Turns out that a certain book about the harsh realities military spouses face was indeed a not-so-subtle hint that someone really should back the fuck off. Someone needs to take a heaping dose of shut-the-fuck-up soon. She’s never played ball in this court before, and she doesn’t know what she’s getting into.


  1. McCains, I’d be happy to help deploy a scorched earth activation!

  2. I read this post 3 times in a row because it brought me such pleasure.

    And her face here is just so fucking full of the crazy. Wow.

  3. Guys, this shitshow will still be running by the time we all have grandkittens. This bitch NEVER learns!

    Peter and Robin Baugher, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Get this 30-year-old toddler into inpatient treatment NOW.

    • It’s never going to end is it? Like … never.

      That’s so sad.

      • i think what you mean by “that’s so sad.” is “this is so awesome, let’s make some more popcorn”.

        this is my favorite show on the internetz; may it never endz!

        • thanks for that dose of happy reality. I enjoy the shit out of this shitshow, in my own perverse way. Let the good times roooooooollllllll.

    • DBT outpatient clinic program. Northwester Hospital has one of the best. She needs it!

      • Amen. As a DBT devotee myself. I have thought that from the beginning.
        Julie: DO NOT MAKE IT WORSE.

      • I worked myself through the standard DBT text and accompanying workbook (I’m sure you know the one I mean) as a lay person in order to write a character in a piece of fiction, and I must say it improved my life and made me a better person, and I don’t have a personality disorder. I incorporated it as a new sort of emotional mindfulness. I can only imagine how helpful it would be to someone suffering as much as JA seems to be.

        • Me too. I love DBT and worked through it myself as part of my training as a CSW.

          Great article about Marscha Linehan (“inventor” of DBT) in today’s NYT:

  4. If they weren’t exclusive, why the “I love you Julia” texts? Why would he go there? And why would Cindy and Meghan be nice to her on Twitter? Doesn’t quite add up.

    • I am nice to the NPD in my life when she tweets, even though I can’t stand her, because there is no point in being a bitch, as it would only make things worse. Additionally, calling her out as a bitch would alienate a lot more people than just being civil.

      Cind and megz tried the ignore card quite a bit before offering a few polite tweet-backs (some more polite and others.) When someone is that aggressively begging for a bone, sometimes it gets easier to toss one — especially since she was fucking a family member. Who knows what kind of arm twisting was going on there.

      Same with Jack texts. Wasn’t it theorized, “I love you, Julia. Really.” has an air of annoyance, like, “Fuck, you already asked me seven times, fine: I love you. Really. Now let me go back to sleep.”

      I admit there are parts of this that are a little mind baughling, but then again, the whole, “So in love! So in love! So in love! Oh, wait, we amicably over the Guam thing which we knew was his station from the start. Also, I now feverishly hate cheaters (just like two months ago I feverishly hated cyberbullies, which I haven’t mentioned in weeks),” thing never added up either.

    • They treat her nicely because they don’t want to ruffle any feathers. I’m sure they’re all a bit scared of the barking mad, braying donkey, as they should be.

      • Absolutely this. They were showing one of the many things Donks lacks…. tact in using Social Media.

    • I agree with you. There was no reason for Cindy to follow Julia on Twitter, or to answer any of her tweets, and for Meghan to have lunch with Julia after the break-up. The belief that “they’re scared of her, so they appease her” is ridiculous.

      I also have a problem with the idea that Julia OBOs her boyfriends. OBO implies that she is the one breaking up with these guys—and when was the last time that happened?? How many years do we have to go back to find one where JULIA had the upper hand???

      Redacted….Prom King…..Jack McCain….Codename TK…..the Eater dude…..all these guys dumped *her* (or in TK’s case, was never available to begin with.) Maybe you could make the case with Taylor, but shit, Julia never described him as a boyfriend, and though he may have banged the Donk, I get the feeling he was never interested in being her boyfriend (cos you know she tried to talk him into a relationship.)

      • Yes, and for Cindy to call her “dear heart” and Meghan to claim credit for setting Jack and Julia up. It just doesn’t make sense. I could see Jack sending “I love you” texts just to be a player or whatever, but the Cindy and Meghan correspondence doesn’t seem to fit.

      • See, the OBO thing is not that she gets to dump them to date up, but that she likes to play coy little games, just in case something better comes along.

        She flirts over twitter, makes it clear to the dudes that she has other options, talks about all the guys who find her hot. It isn’t that she is jumping from offer to offer, it is that she keeps that idea alive in her mind.

        Also, OBO is her own wording. She just isn’t very good at it.

        • Then should we flatter Julia by using the OBO term? It certainly implies that she dumps a wealthy, accomplished boyfriend to date an even more accomplished man, and that clearly isn’t happening…she’s single for months between break-ups.

          She’s clearly not OBOing the men she is dating, and yet this term has been thrown around in the comments repeatedly for months now….

          • The term doesn’t bother me because we know that in HER mind she could do better.

            She OBO’ed Michael, and he dumped her, she OBO’ed PK, and he dumped her. Taking the sort of opposite of the ‘or best offer’ analogy, it is like she is always waiting on that dream car to come along, the one she just knows is going to be top of the line, and free to little old her. In the mean time, she has missed out on some OK deals, because she is always scanning the horizon.

            It’s the same reason she looks through people when she meets them, and scans the room for someone who might be better connected — she OBO’s situations constantly.

            She OBO’ed her dying grandfather earlier this week, FFS! Although, we all know she wasn’t even considering that ‘deal.’

            She is a social climber — but one who is too inept to correctly use a ladder.

          • “It’s the same reason she looks through people when she meets them, and scans the room for someone who might be better connected — she OBO’s situations constantly. ”

            This happened to my friend, who is married to an OMGTechFounder. Is actually what brought me to this site.

          • You know, she even admits openly that she OBO’s. It was one of her New Year’s resolutions one year, along with that ridiculous tattoo.

          • Those New Year’s resolutions are hilareballz. Well, at least she bought a bicycle, or shillbegged one or something.

          • i’m sure the reports on all these activities are also in the queue. how did that stick shift lesson with greasy go…?

            1) Improv
            2) Hot air balloon
            3) Learn how to drive stick-shift
            4) Drive a race car
            5) Back handspring
            6) Run a 5k without walking once
            7) Horseback ride again
            8) Perform a dance in front of people
            9) Compete in a (beginner’s) tennis tournament
            10) Go on an African safari
            11) Visit a pacific island
            12) Go to Peru
            13) Bet on roulette
            14) See the Grand Canyon
            15) Give a speech at a major event without stage fright
            16) Write and sell a book

        • Exactly. She TRIES to OBO, but she fails at that as in everything else. She is a complete tryhard failsack.

  5. I just LOVE it when Julia Allison’s insane bullshit gets exposed and is on display for everyone to see! PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. This is magnificent, JP. I have to go read it again.

  6. Good god I just checked in on her FU tumblr empire and she is all kinds of crazy right now.
    Blog posts on I have to start dating again but hate it! Check. I want to be crazy thin like this chick not that I have an eating disorder! Check. “Aren’t I hilarious” text screen grabs (no you aren’t) with the backup! Check. Wedding hair! Infantile dresses! Check. Check. I have no self awareness so I am posting the backup’s convo about how if you have trust with your partner you don’t have to check their emails! Check. If you love someone set them free and if they come back…(like that is even an option?)! Check. Oh and let’s not forget the “my hair looked like shit because my friend who is generously letting me couch surf has a shitty bathroom. LOL!!”
    Mental case.

  7. Also, if this is indeed true, I want to die of embarrassment on her behalf. How crazy.

  8. I mentioned this the other day, but I read part of Bristol Palin’s new book about being 18 and pregnant and on the campaign trail with the McCains… and she says that Meghan and Cindy McCain were major bitches right from the jump, mocking the Palins for their lack of polish/sophistication. The overarching impression one gets of the McCain women from the book is that they are ruthless, out of touch bitches. If they’d treat the Palins that way (Palin was, after all, a governor and a VP nominee of their husband/dad), imagine what they’d do to Le Donk. It would be brutal.

    • Yeah, maybe… but also Bristol is perhaps not the most nuanced and mature young woman on the planet.

      • I’m no Palin fan, but if there were candidates for a modern day Marie Antoinette, the McCain women would both be good choices.

    • The Daily Show skewered John McCain yesterday and for good reason, for alleging (and then lying that he alleged such when it turned out to be complete bullshit) that illegal immigrants were causing some of the fires in Arizona. He’s a cunt and I don’t doubt his entire family are all cunts.

  9. [img]http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_DiyxVzBLalc/R6jDEvBmOTI/AAAAAAAABSw/IeOp0OC8AXU/s320/CindyMcCain_full.jpg[/img]

  10. LOVE IT!!!!

    PS, Donkey so looks like Pancakes great aunt in this photo! I miss them together 🙁

      • I don’t think she said anything in this column that would merit their involvement.

      • I can promise you JSM3 can’t remember her name (if he ever knew it) and Cindy has better things to do. Megs *might* still be annoyed with her, but even she knows the best revenge is ignoring the Donkey.

  11. Her most recent tweet:

    “God, I heart @NPR.”

    She is in desperate need of a friend or family member who can teach her how not to be such an asshole.

    • My money is on her trying to seem impressive to a dude she has her eye on who mentioned liking NPR in his Facebook profile. Of course it reeks of try-too-hard fail.

  12. Gob.

    I shouldn’t be, but I am. Her gall leaves me utterly amazed that a person like her can even exist outside of fiction.

  13. The best part of all this is that Darling Julesie, true to form, will read this. Then she will start harassing and haranguing clan McCain to prove this false. They will refuse, or ignore. She will escalate.

    All signs point to shitshow.

  14. I’ve always felt that they weren’t serious at all and that she was using all possible Internet media to passive-aggressively push her way into his life. By the time Pancakes saw her gushing about him and their amazing relationship to the world (and his family), it was too late for him to really shut that down. I don’t think he cheated. I think her hoof stomping and whinnying is because she found out he had several girls waiting in the wings and it took him all of -45 seconds to move on while she amped up the histrionics for her “readers.” She is not random!

  15. Lovely post — just when I think I’ve seen the best, something better is written! — but begging some questions…why would she “move in” if they weren’t exclusive? Or was that more Donkey shit? And was it the case that none of them read her blergh so they didn’t know what she was saying?

    She really is quite delusional, if all of this is true. I think it’s time — long past due, actually — for someone in the Baugher family to initiate a Come to Jesus conversation and put her in some kind of in-patient treatment facility.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. There is no way a family this politically high-profile couldn’t have shut that shit down in a matter of seconds if they had cared to. People like the McCains have PR teams devoted to being aware of and managing this type of thing (crazy hangers-on, spewing in the media, etc). No way they didn’t know about her blog. On second thought, maybe the PR team was intimately involved in getting rid of the relationship?…hmmmm.

      • Exactly. I picture it all going down in stealth mode. Kind of like the movie, “Inception”.

      • I don’t understand why Cindy McCain was tweeting lovely things to Julia and buying them PJs. I think Jr. McCain is doing a bit of rewriting too and FOR GOOD REASON. He realized he made an awful, awful mistake.

        • The guy realizing early in the relationship that he made an “awful, awful mistake” and then making a mad dash for the exit door is going to be the story of her life.

        • Those jammies were total motherboy jams, and also total boner killers. I like to read them as “Look, footsie jams for you, you infinite infant. Also, Buster is MAHN.”

    • I’d commented that Donkey probably left Lilly w/ Mom$er in CA (as if Mom$er doesn’t have enough on her plate) & voilà, a Lilly fauxto materializes! Notice that there’s no caption? That’s probably CA terrain that Lilly is sitting on & …

      • That’s why I love it so. The past couple of posts people started commenting with the typical where’s Lily comments. Ask and you shall receive. I love how transparent she is.

        • You know Donkey will be glued to RBD today once she gets up at the crack of 2:00 p.m. … if Lilly is *not* in CA w/ Mom$er & she wants to prove it, she should post a fauxto of her & Lilly & today’s Chicago paper.


          • Snort at: #ThingsThatWillNeverHappen

            Brayella, you been pushing my laugh button hard the last few days.

  16. Wait, is there some bizarre assumption that the McCains have a savvy research and PR team that would be able to handle and manage their son’s girlfriend of five minutes?

    Senior picked Palin as VP having met her once, for five minutes. No vetting, nothing. No way in hell that now, when McCain is literally a joke puppet on Jon Stewart and has no political future, does the McCain family suddenly concern themselves with the batshit attention whore clamoring for their son’s attention.

    No one should ever mistake the McCains for a family with any PR savvy. They were, at best, polite to Julia on Twitter, responding to about every tenth tweet she directed to them.

  17. But don’t you think that someone in the mccain camp did just shut this shit down? I mean one minute she was overlapping dating with the backup, then she was moving in, then she was kicked out there just weeks later. I think they did just take control and tell pancakes she had to go like now.
    And the I love you thing? Players be playing. And the Cindy being polite and friendly thing? If you have never met a passive aggressive mother of the boyfriend who was so cordial to your face while having your guys nuts in a vice, well, you’re very lucky. They are the scariest bitches of all.

    • Yes, my ex-MIL was like that…sweet on the surface but a mean, evil bitch underneath. She’s half the reason the marriage didn’t work out. And she was filthy rich, too, so she thought if she threw money at people she could control them as a result. So, yeah, I see your point.

      • I have that MIL right this moment. I experienced her wrath two nights ago — in a situation in which she was 100% in the wrong — and after she left my heart was pounding so hard, and I was crying so . . . you know those big, histrionic gulps?, that I poured a glass of wine, took a Xanax, and went to bed. It was 8:45 in the evening, and I missed the final episode of Game of Thrones as a result.

        • OT: Game of Thrones is phenomenal! I really hope you were able to watch the finale. And how can they wait a whole year for the next season??

        • Well, GRR to your poopy mother-in-law. The nerve.

          Fortunately, the final episode of GoT is being replayed about a gazillion times, but I think you should order it from On Demand and deduct the cost from her Christmas present.

  18. I’m sorry but Lily is the ugliest rat dog I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m an animal lover, but something needs to eat that thing and put it out of it’s misery. NOT cute.

    • White dogs are gross if they aren’t clean, and that is a dingy, unkempt-looking animal. Fault of the owner.

      Slightly OT, but your comment made me think of Daria:

      Quinn – And then I thought, if I sign up with a charity now, before I’m famous, later on I can say, “Oh! I was helping others long before I started modeling.”
      Helen – We agreed that you would take that one class and that was it.
      Quinn – I was thinking maybe some group that wants to help animals, but cute animals.
      Helen – Quinn, we made a commitment to each other. Now it’s time to honor that commitment. No more modeling classes.
      Quinn – Muh-om! I’m not talking about taking classes! I’m talking about winning the modeling contract.
      Helen – Sweetheart, please don’t take this the wrong way, but what if you don’t win?
      Quinn – Don’t win?
      Daria – Then I guess the animals are on their own. Even the cute ones.

      Quinn is like a more tiny and cute (and bearable) version of Our Jules.

    • I was praying someone had eaten you and put you out of our misery. No such luck.

      • Shhh. Do not provoke, lest she come into chat… again.

        We are a nice bunch. Mostly talk of every day shit. We kind of frown on creepers.

        To catladies far and wide: if you come in, and we seem to be on other topics, just join in. We talk about a lot of things. JA is not the beginning and end of our universe, more just the strange phenom around which we gathered.

        Tell us about what you had for dinner, what your cat is doing, how delicious Franzia is after a dinner of Cheetos, how you are presenting your thesis. Give us your… um… poor? hungry? broken iphoned? We shall receive.

        However, keep the RachMar out of it, because it scares the fuck out of the Manta.

        • Mybad. I had no idea that she’d infected chat or that invoking her name might cause a repeat. When did this happen?

          • DAFUKK up there used to also post as pancakesocopter, and would sometimes pop into chat.

            A few months ago, someone on the board compared RaMar to JA, and DAFUKK said something like, “Oh, I know her because she is on a friend’s facebook friends.” When people said, “Yeah, well bitch be crazy,” DAFUKK went into hardcore crazy defensive mode, daring people to post body shots of themselves because RaMar is SURELY hotter, saying RaMar is sooooo smart and powerful and we are all just jelly. Basically behavior typical of how the woman herself is known to behave online. Thus the whole DF/POC IS RaMar ‘joke’ (only, like, we are totally serious) was born.

            SOME PEOPLE (*cough*manta*cough*) get the vapors every time her name is mentioned, because it is kind of saying Beetlejuice!Beetlejuice!Beetlejuice!

            I’m gonna go drink some NyQuil and read Family Circus right now. My brain needs a rest from the memories.

          • I remember DAFUKK trolling comments, just didn’t know she couldn’t let it drop & trolled chat also. She’s probably more volatile & explosive than a donkey on a BPC bender.

          • Well, DF would come into chat before the whole RaMar thing happened. So, you know, before we knew that DF was crazy.

            After the RaMar thing happened, she came a few more times, got the Care Bear Scare, and left quickly enough. Now she pops in occasionally with an anon handle just to say things like, “You losers are still at it lololol have fun being losers, losers,” and then bounces.

            We promptly resume eating cheetos and talking about Degrassi, no more phased than an elephant is by the mosquito on its ass.

  19. OT, but I hate how she calles it E-Cheating. If I make phone calls to my secret lover I don’t call it tele-cheating. It’s just fucking cheating. All those technologies just act as enablers to the behaviour. And for the record, Tiger Woods banging like a million hookers, Arnold fathering a love child and exchanging dirty texts/pictures with someone who is not your SO all qualify as PLAIN CHEATING.

    She gives the worst advice ever. I cannot believe someone read this and found it fit for anything other than bird cage lining.

    • She’ll do anything to make any story conform to her stupid journalistic “hook” that she is queen of all things “media.” It’s profoundly dumb.

  20. First, I am a little confused because I thought she was moving in with him? Or was that just going to be a couch surfing escapade that she inflated like so many Botox inflated donkey lips?

    Second, Rld above touched on something: you cat ladies have been napping. Julia.nonsociety is absolutely sick with insane inanity. From her supposedly self-deprecating statement that Chicagoans sound stupid, to a Lily sighting, to her drooling over the xylophone of ribs on display from our newest Miss USA. There’s a blahblah about how in love she “sometimes feels about him”; a lovey note from dadsers; and a picture of some nasty green smoothie without comment. My personal favorite is the horrific photo, a screengrab of her in full Michael Jackson make-up with a chyron titling her as a “Tech Etiquette Columnist”, attached this June 20 post:

    So happy and proud of this new chyron – and the column itself, which has been almost a year in the making now.  🙂 It really feels right!

    It’s fun to think of all the chyrons I’ve had over the years … “Democratic strategist” (!?), “political expert,” “entertainment columnist,” “relationship expert,” “Time Out New York columnist,” “AM New York columnist,” “STAR magazine editor-at-large,” “NBC New York NonStop contributor,” “TMI Weekly host,” “Fashion Week correspondent,” “Random Girl We Found On The Street.” 

    Okay, not the last one, but that’s probably the most accurate of them all. 😉

    A Tech Etiquette Columnist?!? Seems to me the only columns she has written on tech etiquette are those authorizing cyber-stalking, crying about cyber-bullying (of her, natch), and one about how THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TECH ETIQUETTE BECAUSE IT HASN’T BEEN “CODIFIED”, YET!

    So, wake up cat ladies because there’s a lot going on right now.

    • I agree with you, so much insanity. I love the rundown of all her past “chyrons.” Just reminding everyone how OMG RELEVANT AND IMPORTANT she is.


    • You know, that “almost a year in the making” comment strikes me as a red flag. Could it be she knows she’s on the chopping block and is therefore laying ground to pad out the timeline, i.e., that she was an internationally syndicated columnist (pardon me —>Shower—>VOM … okay, better now) with TMS for an entire year instead of a sad hot minute?
      Kinda like how she tried to pull-taffy herself into a long-suffering military fiancée with Pancakes McBusypants?

    • Agreed! We keep talking about reruns (Brit’s wedding and Flapjack), but there is so much cray happening presently!

  21. I’ve always thought that Pancakes prob offered his place as a west coast “base” for her and she jumped on it as an invite to move in. Then he “kindly” asked her to come and look after her own damn dog. So she spent a whole week or so there, the only time they were together for more than a couple of days. For what it’s worth I think that’s when it ended. The guy “kindly” told her it wasn’t going to work and “kindly” ended it with her. The next month or so while she was jetting around was all about trying to pretend it didn’t happen and getting him to change his mind but he didn’t. He “kindly” let her paint her own online picture of their ending since he doesn’t really give a shit about her blathering. I don’t think he’s an asshole, he really seemed to like her at first. I think he’s just a young guy who ended up in way over his head by trying to be nice to a girl he was dating during all her emotional shitstorms.

    And this latest “cheating” tirade is all about revenge. He’s probably been out with 10 different girls since her exit, and is no longer answering her calls and texts.

    The family involvement – who knows? They probably advised him and helped him get rid of her, and she probably had to sign something to prevent her coming at him for palimony or publishing some kind of online expose. The fact that Cindy and Yimmy showed up to make sure she got on the plane speaks volumes.

    That is all.

    • i definitely agree with your statement how he is no longer answering her calls and texts. i think some couples may keep in touch or stay friendly (or not), but he is 24 and living in san diego. they aren’t even friends on facebook anymore. not trying tot make generalizations, but maybe he loved her (maybe?) but when you’re in your 20s its easy to go through different friends and im sure he keeps himself busy with that, which is why she keeps throwing taylor texts everywhere to show yimmy she is with other guys too.

      • I’m pretty sure that FlapJack is 25* now.
        Not splitting pelts, just sayin’ …

        *Didn’t Donkey manage to miss his Bday?

        • She crowdsourced for a place to take him to dinner (probably hoping for a freebie) and then they had a belated date, I think.

          His birthday was May 2. She posted a pic of herself at a “lovely” birthday party on May 4 (after midnight, so it must have taken place May 3.) Did she skip his birthday to go to someone else’s? Pancakes dumped her ass a few days later, so that’s interesting.


          • I forgot that she crowd-sourced for his birthday dinner and then ended up not even going to SD. Missing his birthday? Can you imagine if he missed hers? Hell. To. Pay.

            The inconsistencies in her storylines are mind-baughling.

          • She was going to be in SD for his birthday but was mysteriously still in Chicago when the day came. That’s when the speculation started that they broke up.

          • This fauxto is from when Mom$ey & Dad$ey took her someplace, isn’t it?

          • That picture is not at his birthday party. It’s from some event she attended in Chicago. She was crowdsourcing for restaurants in San Diego to take him out to dinner but when the day rolled around, she was still in Chicago and blogged something lame like “A very happy birthday to this very special man.” We thought they were already on the outs.

          • That’s in Chicago. I am blanking on where it is, but I have been there and have a photo of myself taken under the “Juvenile Shoes” sign.

    • I’ve always thought that Pancakes prob offered his place as a west coast “base” for her and she jumped on it as an invite to move in.

      Yeah, this sounds really plausible to me. The whole moving-in thing makes no sense if he was never that serious about her, but I could totally see someone in a casual relationship with someone who travels constantly being like “Oh sure, stay with me when you’re on the west coast, it’ll be fun!” expecting the odd sex-fest every month or so…and then the wedding magazines start arriving through the mailslot…

  22. My theory re: “moving in”

    Yack said something like, “You have no job, no real home and no friends, maybe you should move here.” By “here” he meant San Diego or somewhere nearby, not Cindy’s condo. Donkey took that as “OMG we’re moving in together!” and next thing you know, Yack is receiving her boxes of shit and her dog.

    • God, the search function on nonsociety sucks so fucking hard. It brings up different results every time, if it even brings up results at all. I searched “married” and “marry” on her liecast and got NO results. Good lord.

      I was trying to find where she said that she joked with Pancakes about how he would never marry her, or wasn’t ready for marriage, and he said something positive about the possibility. The way she wrote about it, I got the impression she really thought he was offering her a commitment. She is a delusional loon.

  23. MegaTits is passing up a real opportunity here. If she had substantial writing chops, she could write about her family’s most recent close encounter w/ lunacy at her own behest, & in the meantime shut down the Donkey shitshow that’s been coasting along on a bloated bio of absolutely no merit.

    • Again, as someone with a JAmyL, it just isn’t WORTH IT. Trying to publicly shame someone like that is pointless, as it just amounts to unwanted attention on the matter, possibly unwanted questions, sometimes awkwardness with other friends. It just isn’t worth it to publicly smear that person.

      Instead, you hope he/she goes on to a new conquest, and then, when he/she mentions you over twitter or text bombs you, you say, “Yes! It was fun.” Trying to ignore how that person posted a screen cap on their blog.

      The best solution is to ignore and occasionally appease. TRUST.

  24. One thing I think is important to keep in mind during this never ending shit show:
    The source of most of the information about the Pancake Festival and other Donkey related fiascos is the deranged outpourings of el Burro herself. And she’s already shown that she will lie, massage or obfuscate any fact, big or small, to make her look better or shape a narrative her way.
    If she’s braying or tapping her hooves on a keypad, odds are she’s lying, omitting some qualifying fact or blurring the lines between fiction and reality.
    Truth is not her natural state.

  25. “Rather, the relationship never reached the point where exclusivity was officially declared.”

    I freely admit I would assume that exclusivity was officially declared right along the time the man said: “Hey! Why don’t you move in with me.”

    Crazy bitch that I am, I know.

    And if said man continued to play the field as I wondered where to put all my underwear–and I found out about it–I wouldn’t waste time writing shitty passive-aggressive articles for third-string morning editions concerning the situation. Said man would be wearing his nutsack as a ski mask in five seconds flat.

    Endy fuckin story.

      • yeah, the facebook status thing kinda invalidates the “he didnt realize it was a real relationship” thing.

      • I can see him being in a relationship with her and I can see it not working, like, immediately. But fucking around on her during the two weeks or whatever it was? Fuck ethics–where would he find the time?

      • But he never said on Facebook that he was in a relationship with her. That struck me as telling. He can’t stop her from putting up that status? Or maybe he accepted it rather than have a fight about it.

        • I seem to remember Julia writing something like “if a guy wants to hide his status on facebook, it’s a HUGE red flag”.

          I guess that could relate to flapjack, as a dig, since he never put the relationship on fb. Maybe since “you shouldn’t have anything to hide in a relationship”, Julia went into his laptop when he was in the bathroom and accepted the relationship on his behalf so she could announce it on her fb? Speculation, obviously… but we’re dealing with a goddamn dumb burro in this instance, so it’s possible.

          • Not to belabor the point since I’ve commented above but I see people on here saying that “Jack never put their relationship on HIS profile” a LOT, which is incorrect. Jack probably has really high privacy settings (because he’s from a famous family and is probably a private person by nature), which keeps non-friends from seeing his relationship status.

            Julia, because she is Julia, has more relaxed privacy settings so EVERYONE would know she is dating Jack McCain.

            But it is impossible for someone to list themselves as “in a relationship”on FB with someone who doesn’t have his relationship status on their profile at all. Julia would’ve had to settle for just plain “in a relationship,” without linking their profiles, if that were the case. If she was listed as “in a relationship with Jack McCain” on her profile, there’s no question that he was “in a relationship with Julia Allison” on his. His privacy settings, unlike Julia’s, were just too high for any of us catlady non-friends to see that.

            Sorry, I know this is pedantic but it’s been bugging me.

          • Sorry if I wasn’t clear. My point was that Jack probably didn’t want to list the relationship bc he’s private and the relationship was new and long-distance in any case. But Julia either pushed him into it OR got on his laptop and accepted her “in a relationship” status request so that she could display it on her fb. Long story short, I absolutely believe that he wouldnt care to list it, while she absolutely needed the validation.

          • Ok thanks for clearing that up, SDD. Makes sense. I was one of the people who said Jack never put it on his profile, but like I said, I don’t know/care how facebook works. My own profile is literally empty because I only use my account to spy on people I once knew and see how pathetic they have become.

          • You can customize your fakebook relationship to be visible only to specific people — would be a hoot (no wait, a HEEHAW) if the only one who ever ‘saw’ that FlapJack was in a relationship w/ Donkey was Donkey!

          • This, what Subsidized Donk Den said. It’s possible to have “In a Relationship” on Facebook, but to be “In a Relationship with ____ ” that person has to accept the status, and then it appears on both people’s profiles.

            Then again, maybe you can accept a relationship request on Facebook, but elect that it not show? No idea. Either way, Jack would have had to have had an understanding that he and Julia were in a relationship (insinuating exclusivity).

          • You can most definitely accept a relationship request, and then make it private on your own profile. However, I am confused as to why banging the donkey would provide him enough motivation to allow her to bray to the world that he was banging the donkey.

        • What if you are friends with a Zuckerberg and they manipulate Facebook for you. No, that never happens. Oh, wait……

  26. I love unsubstantiated rumor time! It’s been way too long. My cold, black heart is happy again.

    • Isn’t JP’s post “substantiated” rumor? I think he drew a line through the “un” part of the word. I know Jacy and JP can’t divulge their sources but it would be fun to know who’s feeding them this information about the Pancakes fiasco. HeeeeHaw!

          • Agreed. Don’t want JP/Jacy to compromise themselves at all but THEY HAVE NEVER put “substantiated” rumor up there before. Meaning the source is close, and probably wears a 38DD bra.

          • Ehh, I just don’t think that particular DD-cup would be the one volunteering the info. The McCains seem too savvy to share any real private information. I would guess the leak is coming from some place on Julia’s end (lol). Meaning it’s one of her 50 OMG BFFS!! to whom she blabbed all the intimate details of their relationship/breakup.

        • If the source authorized the mention of their name, would you disclose? I’m so curious!

          • Don’t want you to reveal sources. You’re doing the Lord’s work.

            I do think it’s interesting that as she has gotten extra crazy with crazy on top, more people are emailing to fill your inbox with donk-lish-o-ness!

          • It’s better with no disclosure. It makes any potential sources feel safe. Which is why JP and Jacy get juicy info from numerous “friends” of Julia. The way they handle these things lends itself to trust.

        • Can someone please explain to me how having Lasagna come on here and either leak ex’s names or stories such as the current one help Julia at all? It doesn’t make me think less of the dudes, and Julia ends up looking like an asshole. I just never understood that tactic – wouldn’t she want to do the opposite and keep their identities secret?

  27. You all aren’t thinking like a guy in his position. He probably thought she was cool and she probably hid a LOT of her crazy from him. She wailed on about her “haters,” we know that. So I think if he ever even read her online presence (which, honestly, most guys probably wouldn’t even bother to do after they saw a ton of pink and dress photos) and there was something questionable, she dismissed it as her “online image.” She fully believes in inventing her own reality, remember. (For more concrete proof, see Cary Randolph). Guys aren’t dumb, but they REALLY don’t care about things that don’t affect them personally in most instances. He probably didn’t have time to follow her every crazy Internet barf, so he didn’t get the full whack.

    Also, re: moving in. I’ve had guys I’ve been dating a few months offer to let me “stay here” (not move in, Julie!) if we were long-distance or if I was between apartments. This doesn’t mean “send all your stuff over and change your permanent address,” it means “you can crash here for a couple of weeks, since we’d already be together most of that time anyway.” And if you notice, she just about got 2 actual weeks and all the while was braying about moving to CA, so it fits.

    • She’s delusional and reads all kinds of things into relationships and ex-relationships that just aren’t there. She even said that she and Michael were so serious they went and looked at rings…which turned out to be bullshit. It’s a shame she can’t find a way to get paid for lying because it’s the only thing she’s good at.

  28. FlapJack is *not* a looker.

  29. This is my favorite part of this post. It is so on the money:
    “Dude, what the fuck? I’ve seen you in person, like, what? Five times? And each time your face has changed. Chill out, brah!”

    • Maybe everytime Pancakes saw her he thought he was dating a different woman each time so he thought it was legit.

  30. Just when I thought it couldn’t get worse. As a CSW, I’ve held off SO LONG on making any judgement about Julia Allison’s mental state (it’s not appropriate to dx from afar) but her Cluster B traits and, out and out pathological lying, coupled with not so subtle passive aggressive columns, make it clear to me that Julia will never be able to have a long term relationship or a long term job. She would, and has, sabotaged it all.

    *Bravo, JP and Jacy!

  31. UM…. WOW!!!!

    JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    Latest @SocialStudies column on e-cheating, inspired by Weinergate & my ex Toph, whose “other girlfriend” found out ab me through Twitter!
    16 minutes ago

    God she’s a bitch. It’s 2 years later…. You weren’t his girlfriend, PS, ever.

    • Agree completely
      You were the ‘other’ in this sordid tale, Julia. And hardly the girlfriend, just an extracurricular piece of tail.
      My wife, a woman I once smiled across the aisle at on a United flight and never saw again, totally agrees with me.

    • For fuck’s sake, she was NOT the “other girlfriend” … she WAS the girlfriend and you were the piece of ass on the side.


      • How is a dude she was in the physcial presense of what twice? maybe 3 times? her effing “ex” for eff sakes?
        All the usual megacuntery aside.

        dear lord … pass the oinkment … octoment … ointment …
        darn autocorrect, tee hee … i am drink … see me in my pink boots with a pink brolly … twitter … just like a little all the girls …. harbor seal? who me? what does that even mean? you don’t know me … feel free to relax … it was a joke …

        omfgfgfg … i has lost its

        • On one hand, I feel bad for Toph… it’s been 2 yrs, most people would be over this by now. She’s in a bad man-hating rut right now (why do men cheat on ALL THE GIRLS) so she’s lashing out…

          That said, dude fucked a Donkey. This is a case where he should’ve realized what he was risking.

          • I think she’s trying to get his attention. She is the quintessential coat-tailer and he’s one notch down on the list after Pancakes McNeverAgain.

    • Do you think she wanted to get together with him in LA and he shut her down? I know that billionaire kiwi dude’s gf put the brakes on her visits.

    • You guys, Donkey never reads here! This tweet was in no way prompted by recent RBD posts!

        • He only doesn’t unfriend her on FB b/c he thinks it would prevent shit like this. Wrong! He ignores her just like Pancakes.

          • Yep, and (redacted), and seemingly PK. The hilarious part is how she has brayed about how many ex’s she is still friends with. Really? Because from an outside perspective it seems like almost none of them want a fucking thing to do with you!

    • Uh, what happened to “he apologized so many times I decided to forget about it”? Yeah, decided to forget about it until she could capitalize on it.

    • I think she sent out that fucktarded press release about the untimely end of the Greatest Love Story Ever Told just to make his “other” girlfriends think he was cheating on them.

      Also, “e-cheating” — isn’t that just for cybersex/sexting? Booooooring.

  32. This picture looks like Octomom celebrating the 16th birthday of her eldest son (if she has one, that is, I don’t effing know).
    His gift? Why the best gift ever! All the octobabies had to stay home and he gets some sweet one-on-one motherboy time.

  33. She’s writing her next column based on her last bf of 5 mins, Toph. She even named him in her tweet. How TACKY!

    • surprised she didn’t tweet @TophEggers (he sounds like kind of a douchenozzle in his tweets, btw)

    • Wait, another one? I thought she was referring in that tweet to the most recent one, in which her response to the made-up short letter was about him.

      Has she completely lost her mind and decided to use her column as her personal slam book every goddamned week?

  34. Haven’t read above, cuz, you know of “work”. But holy etiquette Batman: Latest @SocialStudies column on e-cheating, inspired by Weinergate & my ex Toph, whose “other girlfriend” found out ab me through Twitter!

  35. I think featherbrained said it above that this girl is totally in need of in patient care. I was just over at her blog to read the Miss USA comments (totally insane btw and i love the point where Julia implies that she herself is thin and toned and what hard work it takes to get there and that her “friends” all have bodies much like Miss USA).

    I think she is completely removed from reality in that she cannot remember her Sugar is Evil tirade awhile back and just blithely continues to plaster sweets all over her blog. what? the fuck?

    She’s going to put Miss USA’s photos on her fridge for diet inspiration AND blog about sickeningly seeet rainbow colored desserts?

    This disconnect or discordance in her thinking is scary.

    Momsers is probably busy caring for her dying father and Dadsers is probably busy finding another love shack for Raul, but, seriously, Baughers – your daughter is mentally ill!!! Do something about it now.

    • Let’s not forget though that she is an adult. While I think they should cease and desist from enabling her, it’s also kinda up to her to get help for herself. Also if she’s a run of the mill sociopath, there really isn’t treatment for that.

    • There’s no treatment for someone like Donkey unless & until she herself admits that she has a (multitude of) problem(s). There is no medication regimen for narcissists, psychopaths or sociopaths.

      • Outpatient DBT. That’s all I’d suggest and she’d have to hit rock bottom. Like you say, she’s an impossible type to treat. I’ve tried and failed with these patients many times.

        • It’s really scary to think of those things. If you’re up against that diagnosis what DO you do?

          • An old friend who is also a CSW has led a group therapy program for this diagnosis for many years, and she believes it has effected her capacity for hope. It’s for sure colored her faith in the efficacy of her work. Sad situation for everyone, because god knows the people in the group are suffering, as are every family member and coworker (when there are any).

          • I really sometimes think of myself: “there but for the grace of a few tattered synapses…” I think it would be terrifying to really come to that conclusion about yourself.

          • So, hey – DBT saved my life. No exaggerating. I think she needs it.
            I do remember when I called to schedule my (outpatient, 3x week) DBT and I think I actually said “I’ve hit rockbottom.” Or maybe “I can’t go on like this.” So much of what she does reminds me of how I used to be …
            So, yes, I think help is available, and I bet this could do wonders. But you gotta be ready. I miss group sometimes, and am still in touch with a girl I met there.

            JA would probably reject it, not deeming her behaviors self-harmful enough. And sure, there are folks in there who would be doing a lot “worse” things. But man, it works. Thanks for listening. : )

          • Ha! I just posted above. It’s a GREAT article. I love her so very, very much. I’ve been privy to see her speak in person a few times and it’s always enriched my practice and, well, ME.

  36. Is her column even still active? A google news search for “julia allison” “social studies” produces zero hits. It used to produce I believe two of the papers the column ran in.


    • Anyone? And when she links to her column on twatter it merely goes to the TMS page. Is ANYONE still carrying this drivel?

        • It doesn’t look like ANYONE is running it. I know for a fact that her old columns used to come up in google searches.

          I honestly think the column has been shelved.

          • So, what she’s really doing is writing something she knows isn’t actually going to get published just to get back at Toph and whoever else cheated on her. She self publicizes by linking to TMS from her twitter. This is a few days after she gushes about how “right” this Social Studies thing felt. It seems like she always does some kind of pretend happy/content thing when things are totally falling apart.

            Batshit Psycho.

          • Maybe she still has some sort of bullshit contract with TMS? Which I can’t imagine will last much longer if 2 papers are running her columns. Not like it’s going gangbusters and is going to get picked up by more papers after getting dropped by others.

            I almost feel sorry for her. Almost, but not quite.

        • They seem to be behind a week, and have been from the start. Which isn’t unusual with syndicated filler content.

          • Well I DO know that it used to come up in google search results regardless of when it came out, and now it doesn’t. So I just find it curious.

          • I think that there was a paper that was running it on schedule that has since dropped it, is why—the S-S has always been a week behind, though. I’ll be interested to see if they run this week’s bag of malice!

            I was also looking to see who was still running it, and this was amusing—some paper in Baton Rouge made a big whoop-dee-doo about how they were going to run JABberwock’s column, and then apparently never ran even one.

          • I wish someone would comment about this on her blergh now. I am too lazy to register for a disqus user name, but someone should call her ass out on who is actually running this piece of shit still.

    • Ah! I think it was the Mercury-News that was running them the same week she wrote them, and the last one they ran was on 6/12. Apparently they got sick of her wedding grudge bullshit?

      So, yeah, it looks like her mighty column empire is down to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and the Telegraph of Calcutta. She’s making literally tens of dollars a week, bunnies!

      • She still has her speaking engagements! I think. No? How about her “consulting.” No? Well she’s an on-air correspondent still! Like once every few months, that’s gotta pay…

  37. Two things:
    bodyfitlab Pierce, ‘Prof. P’™
    Looking to follow an inspirational blogger who’s on the road to improving her health & fitness lifestyle?… http://fb.me/OhMp3QIc <– Guess whose site this goes to? Never the Donkey's. Ha, double ha.

    And someone was blasting her in comments:
    Re: http://julia.nonsociety.com/post/6772598009
    by juliaallison
    Zing! You totally got me! I'm not thin or toned at all. Thank you for setting me straight!! You should be a fitness coach on Celeb Fit Club!
    9:26 AM (9 minutes ago)

    Re: http://julia.nonsociety.com/post/6772598009
    by Kelly_Merman
    "To get here" implies that you think you're thin and toned and, dear heart, you are neither.

    Behold the rapier wit!

    • That’s not indicative—they seem to have been running a week behind since the beginning. Syndicated filler columns by nobodies are generally designed to be non-date-specific, to give the papers more flexibility about when they run them.

  38. So I only have a minute, but the blog about that camera being a ‘game changer’ pisses me off. The comment of whoever posted it first pisses me off even more:

    I fully believe that the Lytro camera, a camera that let’s you shoot first and focus later, is one of the most magical and inspiring innovations that I’ve seen in a long time. I can’t wait to receive one and play.”

    Fuck off, Julia, because you can’t operate a camera that isn’t iphone shaped and clicky-clicky push buttony. Remember a few months ago when you were all over the nuts of Polaroids? You suck at cameras. SFTU. I can’t wait until you start gushing about… nevermind. I’m not even going to say it. Do your own goddamned research.

    And, a big fuckity fuck you to both of you because your “I can’t wait to RECEIVE one” mentality is one of the most obnoxiously hateful things about you. Real people buy things when they want them. Real people do not sit around and wait for others to pass them over graciously because they happen to run a blog, and therefore ‘deserve’ it.

    Loathsome twits.

    • I was reading that article in the NYT yesterday and immediately speculated that Donkey would be creaming her britches over Ren, the adorable OMG FOUNDER, OMG, OMG! I hope he is married or gay and therefore immune to her “charms.”

      • I hope he is married or gay

        or has a modicum of taste

        and therefore immune to her “charms.”

    • Didn’t Julia brag about getting a Canon DSLR for her birthday or some nonsense? She made it sound like they just sent it to her for free, but I think she portrays Amazon shipments as things “sent to her” so I can’t be sure if she was just making shit up or not.

  39. Catladies, it appears the column has dropped. This new piece of shit isn’t running anywhere. Even a crappy paper like the Sun-Sentinel isn’t going to let a crazy woman who can’t write use their column inches to indulge her psychosis.

    This thing is only available at the TMS website, which as anyone who knows anything about how this stuff works (which Julia doesn’t) effectively means it’s been canceled.

    Since Donkey never reads here I’m sure she’ll correct us if that’s wrong. But it’s not, so she wont’ say a word while she starts crafting her next set of lies.

    • i may have to agree. via a google search, the column does not show up anywhere except the sun sentinel. it was printed on 6/12 in the mercury news and oakland tribune (the first wedding column). and for some inexplicable reason it’s still running in a newspaper in calcutta.

      a rough launch and a whimper of a death. RIP social studies, we hardly knew ye.

    • The Sun-Sentinel is a week behind, so it’s not indicative yet.

      I liked their slugline “This week, Julia Allison continues her discussion of online wedding etiquette” or whatever—it screamed passive-aggression on the part of the editor who wrote it. I am sure they had a laugh coming up with alternate sluglines like ‘IRRELEVANT NOBODY CONTINUES TO HARP ON RIDICULOUS NONSENSE’ and so forth.

    • I think it’s done, personally. And if it’s NOT, it will only be running in one paper. You can’t even find the old columns online anymore.


      • Two papers—the loyal Sun-Sentinel and the Telegraph of Calcutta. She could be earning up to $35 weekly and reaching literally dozens of readers! IT’S A MEDIA EMPIRE!

        I agree that TMS will almost certainly pull the plug on her in the next week or so.

      • ‘Time’ on Planet Donkey works just like her grasp on reality:

        Aug 28, 09 3:57pm
        No, I’m trying to update my site. Because there are these people who get mad if I don’t post photos …
        Code Name TK: Who are these people? Are they real people?

  40. Wait, I’m confused about her column. Is she just making up those questions, and then answering them because that’s what she wants to write about? (And if so, shouldn’t she disclose that?) Wasn’t the column going to be about her take on things, and now she’s, like, a digital Dear Abby?

    • Yes I think that is safe to assume…And yes she should disclose but really, does she ever disclose anything??

    • Making up letters is not unusual for columns, and obviously advice columns in their first couple of weeks aren’t going to have any existing letters to work from. No, it’s not necessary or expected to disclose that.

  41. I believe the Sun- Sentinel still runs it. They tweeted the Bridezilla article on the 21st and the column always lags by a week. If we don’t see anything next week I would assume it was done.

  42. too bad julia is single, that bonobos guy she is fawning over offered to outfit pancakes with head to toe preppy clothes. we all know how much pancakes LOVED preppy pastel stuff.

    @JuliaAllison nicely done ms julia – you have to come see our new space @bonobos you will love it

    @andyrdunn – where is it?! YAY BONOBOS!

    @bonobosninjas if @JuliaAllison is single we will get her out to @bonobos semi formal … julia: verdict? #suspense

    @JuliaAllison 25th and 6th – 5th floor – bring your guy (#stillhave?) and we will outfit for spring. if single will set u up w a ninja

  43. Um, can we take a moment to notice this terrifying and hideous photo Julia posted on her blog? The older woman in the hot pink onesie? I’m pretty sure she crawled out of her cardboard box meth lab right before this was taken.

    But I’m sure that instead of crazy eyes, all Julie sees is SO SKINNY! and PINK!

    • That lady did look a little worse for the wear. Also, the dress is fug. What is “suitably, ironically chic, ” anyway? Donks doesn’t know the meaning of any one of those three words, let alone in combination.

      • If 75% of what she does is just re-blog what’s on theglitterguide, why would she pick something that looks so weird and off?

    • If I were a bettin’ man, and I am, I would lay a little money on a side-bet for a potential return of Just Another Bulimia episode. She’s posted two freak-thin pictures, both beyond the point of looking healthy (Miss USA is just untoned thin, pink onesie is SERIOUSLY METHY), followed by a calorie-bomb of frosting and cake. I would suppose the next bit of “bad news” will prompt a wolfing of sweets without any self-control.

      This of course happens on the heels of constant cleanses.

      Even though she NEVER READS HERE…
      Juices are horrible. You’re consuming a ton of sugar without getting benefits of, you know, fiber, carbs, protein, and yes, fat – the things your body actually needs to run.
      Seriously. Get to a gym. Eat a reasonable calorie diet (Trying to lose weight? Say 1500 cals – 3 meals + 2 snacks). Try to get in 5-6 days of real exercise a week (it’s actually less difficult than you think if you make your health and well-being a priority). Make half that some level of strength training because muscle is denser than fat – which means it’s smaller… a quick ticket to tiny + cute. (PS, muscle burns more calories than fat).

      Do that. Stick with the horrible, unpleasant first two weeks. Soon it’s a habit and you’re making progress. Then you won’t feel as inclined to hoover down your entire day’s calories in a sad fit of self pity off in the supplements and soaps area of whole foods.

      Also, therapy would be massively beneficial to help understand why you use food to numb against pain. Therapy would be more beneficial than you think.

      There’s no shortcut, it’s not an easy path, but it’s one that will put you in a much healthier mental and physical state. Just sayin’.

      But she never reads here. So it’s lost on her. But for someone who likes to indulge herself, it’s seemingly impossible to actually take the real indulgence of taking *real care of herself*.

      Frustrating. Stupid.

  44. Also of note in today’s twitters is the Bonobos thing where JABs asks where the new office/party is and dude gives her an address in nyc. Wonder if she’ll couch crash so she can attend?

  45. She does have quite an impressive mellon there.. And the face she is making there reminds me of The Joker (“Slutty Joker” for next Halloween?).

  46. This was on Dlisted – feels familiar.

    Those nasal-labial lines!!

    Is it possible that Michael K is a catlady? Please say yes.


    • jinx, saw that and thought about posting it here. love michael k.
      busted face, and only in her mid-30s.

    • Oh. My.
      When I looked at the pic on the right, I instinctively flinched away from the monitor, cuz that bulging bottom lip … it’s….


    • “I went from a perfectly normal-looking woman to a 1970s Hammer Film ghoul with one whack of a plank–and so can you!”

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