What Bullshit


I hardly know where to begin with her today following that 8,000-word steaming heap of lies that is her biography and her utter disbelief that people don’t snoop through their boyfriends’ e-mails and phones (I called that one, by the way, and theorized that all her MALE POLITICIANS ARE ALL CHEATING ASSHOLES shite was because she stumbled upon something in Pancakes Land that suggested the old man didn’t take to the donkey). Jesus, she is crazy.

But I love her justification of the Bridezilla column and Windy City horror show to a commenter who asked: What the fuck?

After watching this and reading your column I’m just having some difficulty understanding why asking your guests to refrain from using their cell phones for 30-60 minutes is considered a “bridezilla” move. Unless it is a full Catholic mass a wedding ceremony is short (even with a full mass we’re really only talking an hour and 10 min). Text and tweet all you want on the way to the ceremony or while you’re on the dance floor. But for that brief period of time, where you are watching two people (who have spent an obscene amount of money on this day and who have been gracious enough to invite you) in love making the committment to spend the rest of their lives together, is it really necessary to pick up that phone?

I know you obviously weren’t telling people go ahead a wedding should be a facebook-ing free for all, but I guess it was more your attitude toward the bride that struck me in your column. I’m sure you were trying to be funny but i guess it just seemed a little mean.  You seemed to take the question concerning not allowing tweeting during the ceremony really personally and acted like this writer was a totally out of line to even suggest no “social media” in the ceremony. I guess I didn’t see how the question made this bride a total bridezilla/control freak (and trust me you’ll know a true bridezilla  when you meet one…we’re talking lose 15 lbs, no underarm jiggle in the bridal party allowed, don’t cut your hair or you’re paying for extensions, please spray tan 2 days before the wedding, get your manicure re-done if a tip dares to get chipped, etc.). This woman just seemed to be looking for a bit of advice from a “social media” expert and all she seemed to get was an antagonistic scolding.

Yeah, I was just trying to have fun with it. I think it’s nice to hear a contrary perspective (because all of the other advice out there is like “NO SOCIAL MEDIA WHATSOEVER!”) I thought the couple who updated their Facebook status during their vows were pretty funny

Hey, Ding Dong. This blog? We’re just trying to have some fun with it! Don’t take it so seriously! Hahah! LOL!!


  1. I just kant. She’ll win by exhausting me. I just….I kant. I kant.

    The “chryons I’ve had” humblebrag post is just too. fucking. much.

    And when the HELL was she referred to as a “Democratic strategist.” Bitch is a Republican, straight up.

    • It happened. Someone around here is bound to have the photo. If you think she has any true convictions, I’d be delighted to post her photo of the voting screen when she voted for Obama juxtaposed with her red, white and hooved self humping the Mark Kirk sign.

      • People really hinge on that photo of her clicking on the “Obama/Biden” ticket but as we voters know (and you all better be voters, damn it) you can change that real quick. I don’t think she voted for Obama. There, I said it.

        • He is from Chicago, and she bragged about meeting him, back before he was ‘Him,’ and idiotically talking about Harold Ford. (“OH MY GOSH, YOU ARE A BLACK POLITICIAN! I DATED A BLACK POLITICIAN!” *white girl gang signs*)

          I fully believe that alone is enough to make her vote for him. I think all this was pre-Mega, so she had no reason to go McCain yet.

        • Yeah, I forgot about the video she took of herself skulking around McCain headquarters. Oh, no I didn’t, that was an Obama campaign office Julie doesn’t believe in anything.

    • in the mediabistro profile: “By November 2006, Allison was appearing on low rent Fox shows and was being limo’d to a Philadelphia cable station to talk about politics under a chyron that inexplicably read “Democratic political consultant.””

  2. Yeah, if there was one thing Emily Post could be counted on for it was shit stirring just for grins. I mean, isn’t that what most people expect from an advice columnist?

    It’s just as well – I think most sane people would do the opposite of whatever the Donkey says anyway.

  3. She just doesn’t get that normal people don’t orgasm (then cry) every time they’re @’d or mentioned online the way she does. Or that her “humor” is actually mean and vindictive.

    I knew I’d love watching her get her “sass” back. It’s how she loses friends and influences enemies.

  4. Someone linked to that terrible Cisco soap opera Julia did w/ Meghan and Mary and also on Meghan’s channel is this video (http://vimeo.com/2948592) of Meghan and Julia tromping through the streets of Munich and generally acting like clueless morons. Skip ahead to 2:00 to hear Julia talk about how awesome Munich is because **there aren’t any homeless people** (Megs laughs cuntily, for good measure).

    It amazes me that this woman argues so loudly and fervently for the use of social media to document one’s every thought when so many of hers have been so small-minded and stupid and embarrassing.

  5. The more I’m exposed to Julia and her 8,000 faces of doom, the more I want to just punch a hole in my wall. Having hung a picture of a donkey there first, of course.

  6. So basically, she is just being a contrarian and making shit up, meaning that you really shouldn’t consider her a social media expert or trust her column advice at all. Is she actively trying to run this shit into the ground?

  7. Coming in late here, but her claim that people couldn’t possibly know it’s rude to use their phones during a wedding because the technology is too new for such strictures is ridiculous. It’s never been okay to partake in any kind of distracted or distracting activity during a solemn, important ceremony such as a wedding, funeral, or christening. It’s not kosher to read a magazine or do a crossword puzzle or have a conversation with your date while a loved one is taking a vow of marriage at the altar in front of you. That rudeness doesn’t go away if you change those things to Kindle, Words With Friends, or texting, all of which came into being after Emily Post went to her grave in 1960.

  8. I guess the good news is, whatever publicity she’s encouraging on this ‘provocative’ topic is bound to backfire. If her credibility wasn’t in the toilet before, it sure as shit is now.

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