Attention Assholes


How dare we judge her on the apparently incomplete, misleading and me-me-me-me-me spewings about her family’s most intimate moments that she relentlessly broadcasts to her thousands of Twitter followers and dozen or so blog readers?

Who do her followers think they are? They should be ashamed of themselves! There oughta be a law!!!

I just got a blog comment that I will reprint here, because I found it so f—ked up: “Your grandfather is dying in the hospital. I’m glad to see you’re over it. Also, how kind of you to stay and support your mother, you truly proved yourself to be a great support.”

Here is what I said in response:

Actually, my grandfather is in hospice at home now, and my mom just flew into LA late Tuesday night (she booked a flight that day).  I didn’t even know she would be flying out until Tues afternoon.

She is not alone.  She has his longtime caretaker, Linda, and her brothers and sister, who all live in LA and are there.  My father is back in Wilmette, and she didn’t need me to stay – we don’t know when he will die, it could be a few days or a few weeks.

I can’t stay in the house, as there is no room with the family there.  Although I saw him and kissed him on the forehead, my grandfather is not really cognizant of who is there and who isn’t.  My mom was really happy I was there today, but she wanted me to keep my plans as scheduled (I moved my flight back anyway).  This death is not sudden.  He has been going downhill for a while.  While I found it really sad to say goodbye – and frankly, somewhat shocking (he was really, really different than when I had talked with him just a month ago), my mom says this is part of life.  I don’t know how I feel. I’m processing it.

That said, why would you assume you know anything about what is going on inside my head – or with my family??  I think it’s really insensitive go around yelling at people you don’t know – when you’re not there – that they should be doing things differently.  If my mom felt I wasn’t supportive – she would tell me.  But she just texted me that she really appreciated both my visit – and my little brother’s phone call.

Perhaps instead of telling other people how to live correctly (from what information? a tweet??), we should all focus doing the best we can with our own families.


  1. Ashton, where can I buy some compassion?

    also, Waiting at LAX for my flight. 3 hours late & the @United agents could not have been any ruder. Awesome. Awesome day. Awesome week., she’s still in LA (7:30PM), but you just know she will insist on having her date with randi and baby tonight, even if it’s at midnight!

    • Please have Ashton pick up a little jar of consistency while he’s out.

      “This death is not sudden” [NINE WORDS] “I found it really sad to say goodbye – and frankly, somewhat shocking.”

      …make that a Costco family pack of consistency; ask for a forklift.

      • Haha. Transbraytion: “Oh please, Grandpa has been boring for some time now. He hasn’t been fun since he set me up with his older friend for that super-artistic photo shoot.”

    • The first thing I thought of when I read this was, seriously?! Why is every single mention of her brother has to include the fact that he is her little brother? Why doesn’t simply “brother” suffice? This annoys me for some reason.

      And then I thought, hey fuck you – he is all the way across the country on the east coast with a wife and working on a PhD at OMGMIT, and you’re putting in a dig at him? You’re totally the favorite child, Julesy – how amaze-balls of you to take time out of your busy LA schedule of dating, couch-crashing, “having meetings” and hiking fucking Runyon Canyon.

      Julia, when you put every burp, fart and tampon change on the internet for the entire world to see – PEOPLE JUDGE YOU AND MAY MAKE COMMENTS. Bitch, didn’t you used to work for Star?! You got on television to make stupid comments about actors and musicians – people who are in the public eye for doing their jobs!

      I cannot with this bitch today. It’s been a rough week.

      • I think it’s a “You might be better than me in every other way, but YOU’RE STILL YOUNGER HAHA” thing. Which only highlights that Donkerina is past her expiration date.

    • WOW she is a jealous seething bitch, isn’t she! It’d bug me, too, if I were a tutu-wearing freak show like her and my younger sibling was smarter, saner, more successful and had a spouse 200% thinner and hotter than me.

    • Oh wow. Now she’s lashing out at BritBrit? She WENT there. He only CALLED on the PHONE! Nevermind that he has a job and a life like a normal person, while our pretty, pretty princess has absolutely no commitments and can hop on a plane at a moment’s notice.

  2. I didn’t care that she hadn’t said anything about it (might have been a legitimate attempt to keep something painful private) but OF COURSE the first thing she posts is about how SHE’S sooooooo upset.

    Yea, it was your grandfather, but it was your MOM’S dad! Just because they’re old as fuck doesn’t mean it’s any easier for her. I love my grandparents to pieces and am close with all of them, but the day they die I will be thinking of my mom and what she needs, not my motherfucking self.

  3. I’m willing to go on record as saying I think it is far more appropriate and comforting for Robin Baugher to have her siblings around her while her dad is dying than her daughter. They share many more memories of their father, and are probably closer to him than any grandchild.

    I think it can be difficult for RBNS’s who’s grandparents raised them or who saw them everyday to understand that not everyone is “OMG, MY GRAMMY IS THE BESTEST PERSON EVAH!!!!” and so the histrionics over Donkey’s actions are off the chart.

    • Yeah, I agree. My grandma’s in the hospital right now, and while her death isn’t necessarily imminent, it seems that she’s probably going to pass on this year. I love her and I’ve sent her flowers and been calling her, but my experience of it is far different than my mother’s. That doesn’t mean that Julia isn’t still a Cuntius Maximus for tweeting and blogging about it for attention, but I could definitely see a non-dysfunctional parent being okay with his/her normal daughter keeping some semblance of a regular routine in that situation.

      Her defensive posturing when she gets called on her phoniness (“You don’t know what I’m thinking!”) is vile as usual, however.

      • I should clarify that obviously hiking My Bald Runyon Canyon and drinking poop squirt juice doesn’t qualify as a normal routine.

    • I totally agree with this. I was not close to my grandfather and when he died, I wasn’t involved — or called upon to get involved — in terms of making arrangements.

      I think what’s weird is she was in the same city where obviously a ton of family is gathered and she’s more concerned about her week of blind dates. You wouldn’t go over to the house one night and offer to help out in some way? Order dinner in for everyone, something like that? And then Tweeting it at all so that it reads like a sympathy ploy, only to follow it up in short order with some iPhone tech question. She is off her nut.

      • This. And as I said below, she seems to never visit the relatives there, or mention them when she’s in LA.! I come from a pretty close family so that’s normal for me, and not everyone has that, but you’d think at least once she’d mention aunts/uncles in LA.

        For someone who goes so far out of her way to portray her family as perfect, they seem awfully fucked up to me.

      • Very little the Baughers do as a whole makes sense to me, I’ve said before I think some weird stuff went on in that family, but to be charitable, I will say that some relates to their WASP reserve.

        Just look at their Christmas celebrations. Do they have family and friends streaming in and out of the house all day? Do they each make a dish, and sit around the table drinking wine and laughing like normal families? Nope, they get dressed in their Sunday best, head over to that mausoleum of a Country Club they belong to and eat what the poor browns and blacks that had to work on Christmas prepared for them. Is *that* a family-centered celebration?

        Well, the Baughers obviously think it is, and it probably all relates to how Granny Moneybags is ostracized, aunts and uncles are never mentioned, and how she only sees her cousins at their weddings.

        • I see where you’re coming from, but I come from a very WASPy family (cary randolph can suck it) and when my brother and i were very little, we definitely were kept away from the hospital, but for any sick or dying relative in the last 10 years (i’m 24) as soon as we got the call, we were on the next train/plane/automobile to get there, and to do anything but was simply not an option.

          and her stiff christmases are just weird. WASPs drink. a lot. everyone in her family just looks awkward to be around each other…OR maybe they feel awkward that this bitch is shoving a camera in their face.

        • I will say that some relates to their WASP reserve.

          Disagree; I think it’s more of the tryhard syndrome at work. My family is pretty goddamn WASPy but we are not dysfunctional loons like los Baughers, but then we’re not so anxious to prove that we’re Inside!

    • This. I don’t find it objectively awful or callous that Julia chose not to stay with her grandfather until his death.

      That said, I firmly believe that Julia puts herself in a position to have all her actions analyzed and criticized by putting so much information out there. The death of a family member is, one would think, personal and private. She hasn’t said anything particularly illuminating or poignant about death or the grieving process, hasn’t offered advice to her readers who may be in similar situations, so… Why write about it? Just to vent? That’s what friends are for, not the internet.

      I don’t think she made a bad decision by leaving, but she definitely did by broadcasting her situation. She reaps what she sows, she’s simply too self-centered and high strung to view the larger picture.

      • It was her “peace out, back to the hubby hunt” that pissed me off plus her lack of discretion. We didn’t need to know about any of this.

  4. She’s smother her grandfather under a pillow herself with her own giant hands if was a matter of not seeing Facebook’s Sister or not. She’s pure evil.

      • “That said, why would you assume you know anything about what is going on inside my head – or with my family?? ”


        • BECAUSE THAT’S YOUR CAREER, BOOGERS! Sweet Lord, feigning igorance is one thing but how does this woman expose herself to the planet for pay and then… just… forget……….?

    • You sure did. This was one of the fastest turn-arounds — from RBD’s lips to her tweeters — I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. My mom was very sick with cancer for a year and passed away in December. I WISH I could have spent more time with her before she died but, oh yeah that’s right, I had a JOB in a different state that I had to keep! Julia has nothing else to do, but apparently sucking up to facebook’s sister is more important than her own family.

  6. Odd that her mom got in late Tuesday…yet Julia could only squeeze time in to see her mother and say goodbye to her grandfather just before her SF flight…God forbid she should miss out on a dating opportunity! Instead of spending time with loved ones and supporting her mother she chose to fret over some dude standing her up…in Tweet after Tweet after Tweet…this certainly ranks up there with the vilest things she’s done yet…

    • That is what has me so upset about this. As others have said above (and I haven’t even read the comments below yet), this bitch is wandering around California seemingly unmoved by her grandfather’s move to a hospice. If I were unemployed, I would be on the first flight out there (even if it meant I had to stay in a HOTEL), just to keep the family company as they gather and reminisce. She could be a part of this — she’s already out there! Maybe her mother secretly understands that Julia’s presence may only add to the stress, but I know my mother would find comfort in my being there. I would love the opportunity to bond with my aunts and uncles, even if it were just watching reruns on the couch with them at the end of a difficult day. They would never forget the gesture. And most of all, it would be important to me to be there for my grandfather. Even during my sweet grandmother’s last days, simply holding her hand gave me a sense that she was at peace, with all of her loved ones by her side. For most people in this situation, that’s impossible. Julia is choosing to chase random dates and acquaintances while her grandfather is dying a car drive away? So he may pass in a few days, a few weeks? Maybe longer? Julia, do you have some job or something you’re doing that prevents you from being there indefinitely for now, as your mom seems to be?

      I’ve been hating on you since the Gawker days, and I have never been more disgusted.

  7. And what are your Saturday breakfast plans??

    That, of course, directed @NickBilton but brayed to everyone. Glad to see her appetite for brunches and self-promotion aren’t in the least affected by Grampsers.

    And? FUCK YOU JULIA for using “not cognizant of who was there” as an excuse to high-hoof it up-up-and-abray to the next name dropping or panty dropping opportunity. Just- FUCK YOU. I Kant this vapid bitch.

    • Just shut the fuck up, Julia!

      She’s right; I don’t know her family’s situation. When my grandmother died, my mother and my aunt were with her six hours away, I was working at my first job right after college and my cousin had two toddlers, so neither of us were with our mothers when my grandmother was in hospice. We came out for the funeral. I was neither aimlessly traveling about the country going from couch to couch, nor was I milking it online or anywhere for sympathy.

      So just shut the fuck up Julia! She is going back and forth between “poor tiny cute me, I’ve been stood up and not over the heartbreak of the pancake split” and “yay LA and Facebook’s sister!” and “so sad, I’m processing a death.” How about you lay off the tweets for a hot minute?! Jesus Christ, she is a vapid, selfish, delusional asshole.


    “HUGE props to @United’s social media team for reaching out so promptly! If only they could virtually slap this horribly rude agent for me ;)”

    • This needs to happen:

      From @United

      @juliaallison Everytime you fly you bitch and moan about us.

    • I can see it now: Julia (Allison) Baugher whining to a UA Social Media person that she, One Time Cover Girl of Wired Magazine more than three+ years ago & most definitely NOT RANDOM! has a dying grandfather & so she needs bereavement fare discount or at least an upgrade to 1st class to fly away from family obligations, because she isn’t even over her break-up with JACK McCain yet & already some blind date she hasn’t even googled has stood her up, & who does she have to fuck to get that men agent fired?

      • You KNOW she’s that girl who stages the fireworks for female agents assuming a higher-up is male and can be manipulated.

        • Can I just say, this is an OT rant, but women who think & act this way (like I’m sure Julia does) drive me NUTS. I am a woman (tiny and cute, with boobs) and some of the most understanding TSA agents (or any other people in any service capacity) I’ve met have been women. Including one exceptionally kind female TSA agent recently who snuck me back a snowglobe that had been confiscated because I’d accidentally packed it in my carry-on, after I broke down in tears because I’d bought it in England for my best friend and didn’t want to have to throw it away (not fake tears – I am an overemotional person, I was legitimately devastated, and I think she saw that).

          It’s just, yes, men have done nice things for me and I’m sure part of it might be from looks sometimes. I’ve gotten out of speeding tickets, etc. But women have also done nice things for me too when they didn’t have to. I just REALLY hate when women complain about how other women are all bitchy to them and men are nice and understanding pushovers. It’s not all “women are against us, men fall victim to our boobies.” Try using “please” and “thank you” liberally, be gracious, be understanding, be polite, be kind, show interest and compassion for the people with whom you’re interacting. You’d be amazed at how kind women can be – and a lot of the time (not ALL of the time, but a lot of the time), the women who think that other women are always unkind and bitchy are probably acting in some way to merit it.

          • I can’t remember a time I was ever treated by a woman in any capacity, anywhere. I’m sure there have been such occasions (as I am old and have experienced many individual occasions) but I don’t recall any.

          • None of this negates the obvious fact, however, that men are suckers for boobies. (Hehe…see what I did thar?)

          • I’m a guy, and TSA/airline agents’ attitudes towards me don’t seem to depend on gender: whether male or female, the best quarter of agents are friendly, enthusiastic, and polite; the middle half treat me like mildly troublesome livestock; and the bottom quarter are blatantly rude and even malicious.

    • Yet this is the woman how takes offense at OUR comments on her behavior and finds it outrageous and offensive that we, the public who presumably will buy the things she’s shilling, would dare let companies know we aren’t into donkey advertising.

      The public stating they do not appreciate her as a spokesdonkey? TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS BULLYING!!!

      Julia calling out people and asking them to be fired/slapped due to perceived rudeness? Tots a different thing, bunnies!

  9. My column idea for Julia (social media protocols at funerals) is tots gonna happen!!

  10. Julie, if you don’t want people judging you, perhaps try not tweeting awkward aspects of your personal life on the Internet? No matter the details, leaving your grandfather’s deathbedside is hella awkie. Keep it to yourself just like you would if a family member were a victim of a nightmarish and traumatic crime. Oh wait.

    • Yes. Either keep it private or learn how to be more compassionate if you go public. I know that you are incapable of either, but try. Not for us but for your family’s sake, okay?

  11. ‘… his longtime caretaker, Linda, and her brothers and sister, who all live in LA are there. […] I can’t stay in the house, as there is no room with the family there.

    Linda has her regular bed; the aunt & brothers have their own beds in their homes nearby; Donkey could share a bed w/ her mom. Or pull up a couch. There are ways. A freeloading, couch-surfing sasshole always finds a way when it’s her way she be wanting.

    When my bro was comatose in hospital & family occupied every square inch of upholstery, I napped on bare tile floor under chairs (to be out of what little walking space there was) in his room. When my mom died suddenly in a bizarre situation, four strangers (to the whole family except for my mom, who they’d only known for something like eight days) came in from out-of-state & put themselves up at a motel to wait for her funeral, which couldn’t be held before ten days.

    So no, Donkey, you can’t tell readers, not me anyway, that it just isn’t doable to avail yourself to your mom at a time like this, even if your grandfather isn’t aware of your presence, because there’s nowhere to sleep. You can’t tell me that life & death moments which don’t provide ‘save-the-date’ notice in advance are just too logistically inconvenient for someone who has nowhere to be at any given moment.

    You are incredibly despicable, Julia (Allison) Baugher. Where is your goddamn dog?

    • Yep, as I said in the last thread, when my grandmother was dying my family slept in her hospital room on seats and on the floor. If you want to do something, you’ll find a way. I would never have said goodbye and gone on a date. She is awful.

  12. If a family member’s funeral conflicted with a rich acquaintance’s wedding, any bets on which event Donkey would be at?

    • Merely rich + in light of this hissyfit = LOTS of humblebragging on twitter, tumblr, and in her {cough} column about her selfless journey to Los Angeles for the memorial service of her beloved grandfather on the weekend of her ~¤¦¤~*best bestie whazzername*~¤¦¤~’s wedding.

      Tech Founder/Big Name Rich – in spite of this hissyfit = Julie Boogers craps out three tweets about her ~¤¦¤~*best bestie whazzername*~¤¦¤~, stomps a muddy hoofprint on someone else’s gift, shows up to the wedding with two overexposed titties and a Miss Piggy Pink dress designed for a 14 year old, and we dig up the info about her dead grandpappy 3 days later.


    I can’t stay in the house, as there is no room with the family there. I know, most families would make room at a time like this, but they can’t stand me and I can’t stand sharing a bathoom. Although I saw him and kissed him on the forehead, my grandfather is not really cognizant of who is there and who isn’t leaving me anything in his will. My mom was really happy I was there today, but she wanted me to keep my plans as scheduled I am too self-centered to think of anyone but myself. (I moved my flight back) because something told me I should stay and help. This death is not sudden. It seems like it’s taking FOREVER! He has been going downhill for a while, so who really cares, right? . While I found it really sad to say goodbye – and frankly, somewhat shocking that my mom was making me miss my flight(he was really, really different than when I had talked with him just a month ago) (they tell me imminent death will do that), my mom says this is part of life because #Iam12. I don’t know how I to feel because I am borderline/sociopathic. I’m processing it.I think I’m gonna go with “milk the shit out of it for sympathy”.

    That said, why would you assume you know anything about what is going on inside my head – or with my family?? It isn’t like I tweet every every queef and private detail about my life (remember when i told everyone my mom was raped?) Perhaps instead of telling other people how to live correctly like i do in my weekly column, Social Studies (from what information? a tweet??), we should all focus doing the best we can with our own families.unlike me. Don’t think you can guilt me into going back, i have VERY IMPORTANT SHIT TO DO.

  14. It really does take talent to make everything about herself, just like at true narcissist. My grandmother passed away over my 17th birthday/the holidays and I barely noticed. It was about what my mom and family needed, not my birthday.

  15. Wasn’t her last column about telling all brides everywhere what to do? She wasn’t speaking about people she knew but future hypotheticals.

    TL;DR Julia is a thundercunt

  16. Bunnies, I just KANT with this bish. I thought about turning to fauxtoshoppe but my cold dead catlady heart is in a black place and the only pix I want to do are ones I would regret (because it would sully ME, not this sasshole).

    But! I thought and thought about something semi-constructive to do, and here’s what I came up with:

    I went to mah reader-of-teh-googelz and started at the beginning of baugher (I think? it was before I started following this shitshow and I don’t know if there were earlier posts that google reader isn’t telling me about.) and ANYWAY, if you’d like all of baugher’s posts from beginning to end in pdf format, just click your lil mousey here:
    (warning, the file is approx. 8megs)

    Anyhoo, I dunno if anyone else is interested in it, but I thought it’d be handy to slap on the phone for airplane-reading or whatevs.

    • It’s because she got stood up….by a blind date….who finally re-appears to say his phone fell in the toilet. That would make me unhinged too!

      JuliaAllison Julia Allison
      Ah, Mr. Stood-Me-Up from last night emerged, claiming HE DROPPED HIS PHONE IN A TOILET. Um … and I actually believe him. Seriously.
      3 hours ago

        • And then he couldn’t get anyone or anywhere with internet access to use the email address that she posts everywhere?

          Its so cute that she believes that shit! Adorable.

          • Course she believes it. Must fit it into her narrative of herself, that she is absolutely irresistible and deserving of male adoration. Cunt.

          • I don’t believe that she believes it. She’s such an expert bullshitter, she knows it when she sees it.

            No, she’s broadcasting that she doesn’t belive his excuse, while saying that she does. The “um” is a tipoff. She knows he’s lying, but to say so would be even more humiliating for her, and make an enemy of this guy. OF COUrse she’s buying the excuse- otherwise, the guy intentionally stood up Julia Allison. Unthinkable! She’s broadcasting her doubt by dog-whistle there, but accusing him of lying would make her look worse, and she knows that.

        • I’ve dropped my phone in water before, and while it probably isn’t good for the life of the phone, it still works. She’s dumber than I thought.

      • didn’t she say she was an hour and a half late to the restaurant? I’m going to assume he knew where to go, and he did, in fact, stand her up.

  17. Julie,

    I just took a look at your blergh. You know how you are in a total career meltdown situation with no new opportunities or success on the horizon? Well you have your shit stream of a blog to thank for that. And i do mean shit — what you put up there is total shit that no one with a brain would associate themselves with.

    Your very own shit stream of pettiness, over sharing of things that really should remain private (here’s some info, over sharing may be just peachy for you, it is other people you put off by spreading personal, private information) are to blame, sweetie. No one with a modicum of professionalism is going to want to work with you. Only a failed newspaper (obvi now why they are failing, huh?) is dumb enough at this point.

    And you only have you, crazy little you! to blame for it. Thought you should know!


    • this.
      however, i bet she is fishing for sponsorship from @hertz based on her recent tweets, and they might just be dumb enough to buy it.

  18. “My mom says this is part of life” ???? Get right outta town, Momsers! Is she 4? I think Julia should thank her lucky stars that this is apparently the first death she is dealing with. I lost my mom as a teenager so I’m a bitter bitch and had to grow up fast, but geebus cripes. “Mommy says death is part of life” NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

    • I would like to point out that it is still sad and never easy…but she truly is lucky if this is her first rodeo and her grandpa is lucky to have had a long life and be surrounded by family. So there, I said something kinda nice.

    • It’s like she has no concept of death being a forever thing. As in, you will never, ever, ever see or hear this person’s earthly voice again. You’ll never kiss his warm forehead again. Even if she’s incapable of supporting her mother, you’d think it would hit her to take every moment she could to just ‘be there’.

      • This sort of thinking requires empathy, a trait generally missing from the sociopath’s makeup.

    • I seem to recall that JABa’s grandmother died in the past couple of years (not crazy granny moneybags, obvs) and that Momser’s attended the funeral, but I don’t think anyone else in the Bonkers family did. ???
      Same with clearing though the accumulated lifetime in the deceased woman’s house, I think Momser’s tackled that on her own, loving daughter was too busy pretending to be too busy.
      I might be wrong … hazy memory.

      • Yes, it was the fall of 2008. Featherbrained, FC and I were trying to piece it together in the other thread, but it was a pretty similar story. Momsers carried the load, Donk had one sobby post, then was bitching about something trivial within minutes.

  19. How can she process her feelings on her grandfather’s imminent death if she’s not done processing her feelings on that John Mayer concert?

  20. I love her “and my little brother’s phone call” – “See? SEE? He did even less than me!!!!! I did more!!!!!”


    • Never mind he is on an entirely different coast AND married AND working on a prestigious degree worlds away from what she will ever achieve AND securing a pretty awesome, impressive career and she was RIGHT THERE FOR A WEEK WITH EVERYONE and only bothered to show up, what was it, yesterday? Despite having NOTHING IMPORTANT TO DO.

      Yes. He is obviously the less considerate sibling.

  21. PS, And let me call bullshit on that whole story about the guy that stood her up dropping his phone in the toilet.

    First of all, WAKE UP JULIA!!!

    1) Tell me – did he not, from the airport, go to a hotel or friend’s place that had the internet? I’m sure he and she commicated by email in some way
    2) If they didn’t have each other’s emails but they were set up by friends, can’t he email THAT friend and get her email or phone number and perhaps use a landline to call her?
    3) At this point, you can google someone and figure out SOME alternate way besides their number to get in touch with them – facebook, Twitter – their none-society account
    4) Call your phone company and get their number

    She’s just KANT see in any way that someone would stand her up and the fact that she buys his story makes her so laughable. Aren’t you questioning, dear heart, why he (of the toliet phone dropping) is just surfacing MINUTES before you leave town to tell you this BS story?

    “Er, um, ooops, guess it’s too late to reschedule our date! You’re leaving town!”

  22. Y’all rang, motherfuckers?

    I come here for lulz upon lulz but this week’s level of cuntitude (and oh how I hate using any variation of the ‘c’ word) has me beyond riled up. Like ‘poking the beast’ riled up (not gonna because, unlike Donkey, I can self-restrain.)

    I’m not going to assume anything about her family, but the way she treated this subject (similar to ‘I was inside’) was so callous. And when she gets defensive, instead of saying “This is a difficult time for my family. Please respect that.” she launches an embarrassing shitstorm that further alienates any support she still has.

    I swear, she is the most self-centered, bitchy, nasty, CLUELESS asshole I’ve ever seen. And I think I really mean ever.

    • Yeah she really loves to misappropriate her mother’s tragedies doesn’t she?

  23. When my grandmother was sick, my mom begged my sisters and me to come whenever we were free to just be there for support, etc. We all live, like, one-two hours away from the hospital. At one point, my younger sister started to complain, saying she had stuff to do and all, so my mom was like, fine you don’t have to be here if you’re busy in the nicest way she could but I knew it hurt her because my mom hardly ever asks us for anything and it wasn’t like it was out of the way for any of us (the “stuff” my sister had to do was go to the beach or something). Anyway, every time she needed help after that she was reluctant to ask my sister because she said it was better to not have her around than to hear her complain.

    I feel like Julia’s mom is kind of like this – she may not have even wanted Julia there, considering how selfish and whiney she is. Who needs that when they have other, more pressing matters to occupy their time? In other words, Julia’s like “if you want me to stay…” but really in her mind she’s thinking “please don’t ask me to stay” and her mom’s like “no, no, you go and keep your busy schedule” but really in her mind she’s thinking “please, for the love of God, LEAVE ALREADY”

    Also, that dig at her “little brother” was low. Julia, just because you don’t have a place of your own, go to a top graduate school for one of the most difficult (if not THE most difficult) subjects, or have a husband (or ANY long-standing relationships for that matter) that doesn’t mean you have the right to belittle his gesture, how small it might seem compared to your “I VISITED!” Maybe he really wanted to be there but obviously couldn’t because of his obligations.

    I think it’s really insensitive to go around insulting people to whom you’re related – when you’re not there – that they should be doing things differently.

    • That she scolds us (and said commenter) for being out of line or insensitive is the best (and by ‘best’ I mean ‘worst’) part. You will never get it, will you peanut brain?

    • If she hadn’t been in LA anyway to get her bald runyon fucked out she wouldn’t have given two shits about “I’m not in the will so fuck him” Grampaw.

  24. “Headed into the city tonight! First hanging with Taylor, then over to Elly’s place to sleep (although T generously offered his air mattress. LOL.) Tomorrow a meeting in the city with the NYT’s Nick Bilton, then to Palo Alto to see Randi & the baby.”

    All while your fucking GRANDFATHER is on his deathbed, with your mom in town, in a city you were already spending time in? What’s the matter, Julsie, can’t spend more than an hour with “Momsers” unless she’s picking up the check or it’s in a janky Swedish hot tub?

    You are sick, vile little girl, Julia. I’d say get some help, but you wouldn’t know what to do with it. Go fuck yourself.

    • And thanks for remind us you’re meeting with someone from the OMGNYT OMGNYT. Guess what Julia – YOU ARE NOT A FUCKING JOURNALIST.

      The piece of trash column that YOUR FATHER, CHICAGO ATTORNEY PETERY BAUGHER, PULLED STRINGS FOR YOU TO GET, will be pulled shortly, and thank god for it.

      Apparently word of her using TMS column inches for personal revenge writing (the bitter wedding social media post) has pissed off some higher ups, and made some waves behind the scenes at TMS. Julia is obviously not aware of it, because her bosses mostly treat her as nuisance they have to put up with, sort of like an intern, which is exactly what you’d expect when you’re 100% unqualified for a job your father gets you.

      • What in how fuck is “lol”-worthy about an air mattress.


        • I know, right? Why is an air mattress funny? Because she wouldn’t deign to sleep on one? Because sleeping at at her bff’s apt. is funny?

          • because it means this boy wants to fuck her. and she’s biding her time. SHE IS SO TRANSPARENT. she’s like a jelly fish.

        • I know, right? At least you can pretty much count on an air mattress being reasonably comfy, whereas couches, not so much.

        • Maybe ‘air mattress’ is a euphemism for Greasy’s “God has a sense of humor” cock.

        • I totally took that to mean she’s too good for an air mattress. Which, LOL indeed, you future gutter whore, it’s too good for you. Mark my words, you won’t turn what’s left of your nose up at an air mattress one day.

          (Also, what a bitchy snipe at someone’s kind hospitality.)

      • Didn’t she tweet about leaving him sleeping in bed when she says they were just best friends? So why can’t they just cuddle up in bed like last time.

        Oh my god you guys!!! Does that mean he overlapped with the love of her life?!?!? I am SO SHOCKED. Oh wait. No I’m not.

  25. Wait, her mother has siblings in LA? JA apparently never visits them. That whole family is fucked.

    Ugh, she’s terrible. It’s patently obvious she does NOT give two shits. My grandmother and last surviving grandparent died in 2008 and I am still devastated.

    I don’t give a shit what she does and it’s not up to me to say what is appropriate, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to read her response and see that it is devoid of all emotion.


    • well and why mention it at ALL if you don’t care? if you’re not close to your grandpa and for WHATEVER reason feel like you don’t need to be there for your mother, why milk the FOR THE LAST TIME I SAT AT HIS SIDE ON HIS DEATHBED drama? at least have the decency to not mention it so as to avoid sounding like a heartless asshole. I don’t hate on people having different responses to death but trying to milk attention out of said death and then flitting off with your life is really just shitty and low.

    • My little one met only one of her grandparents, and just once; she is growing up without any, and she feels the lack every time there’s a school project on families or friends have grandparents visiting. We have many close friends who are enamored of her, but there is no older generation in the world for her and she is sad about it.

      • as an adult (allegedly) with only one grandparent left, I feel the lack still. hugs to your little one.

      • Same here; the only one I knew (‘knew’ as in: I have exactly two memories of her) died right after I turned five. Seeing how great my parents were w/ my nieces & nephews, I know what I missed out on, & so it’s fascinating that Julia (Allison) Baugher, who’s posted so many picturesque bliss farts about her idyllic family, is really an un-empathetic, selfish cunt when it comes to her dying grandfather.

        Hey Donkey. Empathy can be trained & achieved with varying degrees of intensity & if you want any semblance of a ‘happy ever after’ w/ husband & kids, you really need to getchoo some o’ dat. Or don’t. Fuck if I really care, I’m just here to pint & laugh. Go on being a vile, despicable, worthless skintag & keep blaming audience feedback RE: what you regurgitate online for all those things that never work out.

      • Same for me. I only have very vague memories of my paternal grandparents, my maternal grandma passed away when I was about 3, and my maternal grandpa passed away when I was in the eighth grade. Every major life event (bat mitzvah, HS graduation, college graduation, etc.) I’ve sat with my mom while she cried about the fact that her mother (in particular) would never get to see the woman that her daughter had grown up to be.

        Julia has no idea how lucky she is that she even has grandparents around. I listen to my friends talk about theirs and I’m envious, every time. I wish I got to know my parents’ parents. It’s not something to just take for granted.

        • Right there with you. Both grandfathers passed before I was born, my Nana died when I was in fifth grade (and she lived on the other side of the country, so I didn’t get to see her much, but man, I loved her) and my grandma (Mom’s mom) when I was a freshman in college (and I was a selfish brat who left for a road trip right after the funeral instead of staying with my mom, and ten years later, I still regret it and apologize to my mom constantly for that). My mom mentions that she wishes her mom could’ve seen me graduate from college, get married, have kittens, etc.

          • I admitted that part about the road trip specifically because I KNOW I was a selfish, immature asshole in that instance, and I’ve never forgotten it, and have always wished I could take it back. Julia may not be that close with her grandfather, but if she loves her mom, she’ll regret not being there for her later. If she has any ounce of empathy in her body, that is.

  26. “If my mom felt I wasn’t supportive – she would tell me. But she just texted me that she really appreciated both my visit – and my little brother’s phone call.”

    well then, julia, whew! you’re off the hook. your mom really appreciated your visit. why should you bother extending yourself any further than that? and momsers is so used to your narcissistic ways, that she doesn’t ever bother asking for or expecting more from you.


    • I can’t get over that cunty dig at her brother.

      Does he really deserve that nastiness, Julia, just because he:

      – Won your father’s approval instead of his pity
      – has an attractive spouse that your father would likely prefer as a daughter
      – Shows actual discipline and intelligence
      – has a home
      – has a job

    • What’s the moral stance on mocking someone who has melted their face with injectables?

    • *tee hee haw*”People love the train wreck!”*tee hee haw* she says.

      Why yes, yes people do love train wrecks, Donkey! Your remaining audience is comprised of those of us who love a good ol’ train wreck, & so long as you keep bringing it … well, there ya go.

      BTW, that there’s some cold, hard evidence of how much you have fucked up your face w/ procedures … you really were pretty for a nanosecond.

    • Someone needs to do a side by side with a caption on this vid and the one in Chicago for TMS……ooooooooooooooh myyyyyyyyyy

  27. “Perhaps instead of telling other people how to live correctly (from what information? a tweet??), we should all focus doing the best we can with our own families.”

    So, you’re giving up your assholish social-media etiquette column, then????

  28. Goddd, you type-A haters are so heartless and clueless! I’m veree bizee (tick tock!) and I can’t stay in LA because the eligible bachelors don’t seem interes–I mean, I need to visit Facebook’s sister and nephew–so to comfort my mom, I made sure to leave Lilly behind in LA!

    Xoxoxo (disregard that last bit if you’re not rich),

    • You rang?

      Eesh, this one is really getting to me. I gave her a pass on the whole breakup thing, since I was recently shelved by my catboyfriend (of several months, who lives five blocks from me, and with whom I spent almost every single night and not just two weeks of playing house… but I digress…). I was definitely a little whiny with my friends and spend about ten seconds playing the “omg I’m having so much FUN” card on Facebook for a minute, until I realized how pathetic that looked. So, because breakups can make even the most normal cat lady turn into a wildebeest for a minute, I let it slide when Juliar took it over the top.

      This shit, though.

      When my grandfather passed away five weeks before my college graduation (and, incidentally, four days after I was unceremoniously dumped following a four-year-long relationship), I was able to spend just one afternoon visiting him to say goodbye. Due to an insane course load and some unsympathetic professors, I was not even able to be there for the entirety of the funeral. I STILL have guilt about this, six years later. Donk is responsible for NOTHING. Any and all excuses are irrelevant.

      • My grandma who pretty much raised me had a series of strokes when I was in grad school and broke far away and I visited a few times, scraping the plane fare together, but it wasn’t nearly enough

        When she died, I was shattered, even though the person who she was had already been gone for years

        I still miss her

    • If I weren’t attached to my RBD name I’d totally steal Veree Bizee (Tick Tock!). It’s making me HOWL.

  29. I’m uncomfortable talking about this matter, because it is of a very, very personal nature. All I will say is that, this should’ve not been posted on Twitter in the first place, and that even if your mother said you could go, you stay, and be there for your family, expressed needs vs. desired needs almost never align in cases like this. She should’ve kept this offline if she didn’t want to appear to be a raging, selfish asshole.

    • “… if she didn’t want to appear to be a raging, selfish asshole.”
      The operative word being ‘if’.
      Her karmic debt is astounding.

      • Guaranteed. Her next trip around the wheel will be as a scavenging bacterium in the lower colon of some bottom feeder like that Weiner guy.

        • You’re implying that would be a step down from her current useless existence. At least those bacterium have a job.

    • When I was 24 my paternal grandmother passed. I was told I didn’t need to attend the funeral if I wasn’t able to make the trek (several states away). I took this as an ok to skip it. I did. I regret it. (My head was solidly up my ass at that point in my life.) I am now in my 30’s and can’t fathom anything more important than being with my family during a difficult time. Julia has the emotional maturity of an adolescent (I’m being kind) because her family allows it.
      Also, Mr. Baugher watches as his wife goes to be with her dying father alone? There is nothing that would keep my stepdad away from my mom if she was going through that: NOTHING.

        • I would love to cater a party at their house just so I could see the dynamic between them, up close and personal. I have a good idea how they operate. (I cater to similar families on the North Shore.) Robin is the martyr. Peter is the control freak. Brit is the prize. And Julia is…

      • Are you kidding me? This is quality Raul n’ Dildo time! Dadsers is probably upside down in a sling in the OMGDowntown condo having the time of his life.

        How did Britt make it out alive?

  30. why is this person, blair waldorf obsessee and intern at a hotel, tweeting julia about a (free?) “afternoon high tea” for tomorrow? prediction: a sad shill opportunity for julia, or this gail person is the next nonsociety contributor.

    • And I am sure that isn’t even “high tea” in the proper English sense of that phrase; it’s probably a classic dainty-lady-afternoon-crumpets tea. Of course, if Donks does attend, she will be putting her wrong hoof forward all over the place, bragging about her “high tea” experience.

      • Someone should just respond, “High tea? Cool, how was the steak & kidney pie?”

        But “low tea” or “afternoon tea” just sounds so… undignified. 😉

          • I did not know heretofore what a Camberwall carrot was; now I do. This place is nothing if not educational.

            P.S.: Ironically (!) a Camberwall carrot would do Judaica Alzheimer Bathetic a world of good.

  31. the thing that bothers me in this tweet is the “i cried in my mother’s arms.” julia, it is not your mom’s job to comfort your 30-year-old ass when she’s about to lose a PARENT. as a 30-year-old, you should understand already that “life is precious because endings are a part of it.” you should also understand that your mom is in pain, and is about to be in a whole lot more pain.

  32. I confess I was neither around nor cared when any of my grandparents croaked.

    Now, years later, hey, how about that, I still don’t care.

    At least I’m not fake-tweeting tear-jerking moments with Mummy, I guess.

      • But it does showcase their SASS! I am sure that Jugular Analbeads Bongwater put the other two morons up to the tongue-sticking-out irreverence. So feisty!

    • I’d bet anything there’s a hipster market for this, like retro-2005 “irony”, along with an appalling picture of tonguey hoors, grossing out squares on the sidewalk yet attracting people who also hate Donks. In certain quarters, the hipster irony folds in on itself like a black hole of existential pointlessness, while obliquely commenting on it. Ironically.

      *leaves room, considers the pistol in the study*

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