Serial Cheater Thinks It’s Disgusting That Men Cheat On ALL THE GIRLS

Do I really need to write a post?

“Reps for behaving badly to women did not derail their rise to power. Maybe nothing short of jail is disqualifying for certain men.” – @Time

“How can it be, in this ostensibly enlightened age, that anyone with so little judgment, so little honor, could rise to such heights?” @Time

Schwarzenegger, Bill Clinton, Spitzer, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, Newt Gingrich, John Edwards, John Ensign, D Strauss-Kahn: what the hell?!

How can young men grow up to be loyal, honest, respectful & faithful with these men as their role models???

I’ll just be nit-picky and ask why John McCain is not on that list.


  1. Imma rewrite that for you Julie: “How can young women grow up to be loyal, honest, respectful & faithful with charlatan hack bank-rolled princess ego-bloggers as their role models???”

  2. Her memory lapses are so very convenient, aren’t they? I specifically remember seeing a picture of the married dude who Donkey was banging, the one who left his wife & kids … & they were pretty young kids too …

    OT: Didn’t Donkey recently post stats about bad potential for kids from broken homes?

  3. Au contraire: What men do in their personal life has no affect on executing their professional and public duties. Or that’s what they told us in defense of Bill Clinton.


    • Funny, that wasn’t what Newt Gingrich told us about Bill Clinton. According to Newt, it was terrible that Bill Clinton was fucking an intern while married. And Newt should know, seeing as he was fucking a staffer while married at the same time!

      Also, odd that you thought this was a partisan thing, seeing as Donk included Clinton and Spitzer in her list. I think we can all agree that there is plenty of sleazebag for all political parties!

      • Wow – where did I mention Newt at all? Please point out his name or a quote I attribute to him.

        In fact, given the O worshippers here I go out of my way to be non-partisan. I was defending politicians using the same argument that the talking heads told used when discussing the Bill Clinton scandal and why his impeachment was so wrong. So yes, I was *shudder* towing the Democrat line.

        But hey, feel free if this is the outlet you need to vent. Glad to help.

        • Sorry, I guess I misparsed your post–I thought you were singling out Clinton as the only sex-scandal politician.

          • I think this is where I went astray: the same argument that the talking heads told used when discussing the Bill Clinton scandal and why his impeachment was so wrong

            Which talking heads? Because on my TV I got all kinds of people like Newt and Henry Hyde coming on to shake their heads disapprovingly about how terrible it was for elected officials to have sex with staffers. I should be subscribing to whatever cable tiers you’re getting, I guess. 😉

    • Difference between lying to your wife about half a blowjob in the hallway and LEAVING YOUR WIFE FOR A BLOND PILL ADDICT WHILE SHE RECOVERS IN HER HOSPITAL BED FROM A DISFIGURING CAR WRECK.

      John McCain senior as a coward and an asshole.

      • fixed this for you


      • She probably thinks it’s ok because in her eyes J Mccain OBO’d his first wife for somebody more tiny and cute!

    • And it’s “no effect,” not “no affect.” It would be “does not affect the execution of…”

  4. The thing I probably loathe the most over this hoofed beast is the fact that she’s such a goddamned hypocrite. Figures that she’s a Republican.
    Yes, it’s so morally wrong to cheat, lie and snark on people; except when Julia Allison does it, of course! Do as she says, not as she does, girls!!

  5. If your minor child sees Charlie Sheen as a role model and not a as cautionary tale, then you have failed as a parent.


  6. There is plenty of hypocrisy on both sides of the aisle, Andy Whorehol. To wit, the complete silence form the formerly anti-war Democrats as Obama continues to spend billions and get embroiled in more war.

    But that’s off topic.

    First of all, anyone who thinks ANY politician is a role model is fucked in the head. They are all slimy scumbags. Every last one of them. Republicans and Democrats.

    Secondly, it’s not in most guys’ nature to stay true for decades. Sorry to break it to you. The instinct is to breed with as many women as possible. Cities are filled with thousands of prostitutes, and they’re all fucking somebody. Lots of married men. They just don’t get caught most of the time.

    You are just hearing about the rich and powerful ones because they have an easier time getting it and their downfall is of interest. They are usually done in by Julia Allison types (see: Elliot Spitzer’s chick) who throw their pussies at the first whiff of power and/or money. The baggage handler at Delta would fuck 10 women too, but he’s not exactly having pussy flung at him left and right.

    Personally, I think marriage is a bad idea unless you’re hell bent on having kids. There’s a reason 50% of them end in divorce. Guys like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan have no business getting married in the first place. It’s next to impossible to stay faithful in their positions and with the fame and money they have. Again, thanks to young gold-digging whores like Julia Allison constantly tempting them.

    • “…it’s not in most guys’ nature to stay true for decades.”

      That’s such a weak, cop out excuse. Please go away.

        • Maybe so. For Neanderthals.

          We’ve made a lot of advances in the 400,000 or so years since then, perhaps you’d like to keep up?

          • First of all, I am NOT agreeing with ol Fuckface up there (who derides politicians, but has run for public office himself, right?), but…

            I’ve been reading this book Sex at Dawn, and I’m not quite finished with it yet, but it basically says that humans have not evolved to be monogamous. It offers all sorts of evidence (footnoted, tho I haven’t checked the veracity of any of them) about human evolution in relation to chimpanzees and bonobos, talks about penis size and shape and vaginal secretions and blahblahblah. It posits that until about 10,000 years ago, humans were foragers, and then they settled down to be farmers, and once land ownership came into play (and defending it, and property rights, and “property” in general) human relationships changed. For the better, for the worse? I dunno yet, but it’s fascinating stuff.


          • Oh those poor men! Slaves to the biological urges that bullied them into cheating on their partners – they had no choice, no control over the situation. How can we save ALL THE MEN, Ashton?

            It’s still a bullshit excuse, is what I’m saying.

          • RE: CUNTbunnies: I have no opinion besides, why didn’t you express that comment via digital collage?

          • Oh, I agree! I’ve said this before about Tiger
            Woods: if he had just said “Baby, imma fuck around A LOT, but I still want to marry you” he would have at least BEEN HONEST. (And probs also married to someone else, but maybe he would have found a girl who was down with that.)

            But! This book… it’s not so much about apologizing for men sleeping with every young thang that entices them. It also talks about how women are multi-orgasmic and that means we evolved for the laydees to be gettin sideshow booty TOO. Like, A LOT OF BOOTY. With MULTIPLE MEN. And the switch to farming (and later towns, cities, defense of property, war) shifted us in a way that biology hasn’t caught up with yet.

            Also, there’s a lot about women as “chaste” and “not interested in sex” and other victorian-era suppositions that have been assumed in evolutionary sciences.

            Anyhoo, I’m not excusing people who cheat, men or women. I’m just saying this book is a REALLY interesting read. For me, it’s up there with Jared Diamond’s work.

          • eyegloss: there’s a pic in the works. Sort of. Desk errands have been crazy busy, my sleep schedule is wack with all the extra daylight (OHAI 4am!), and other rando real-life-in-the-basement craps have gotten in the way. Plus, I’ve just been… not feeling it lately?

            Soon. It’s almost here.

          • CB, it won’t be long before Toolia does something that will inspire your photoshop genius. We will be blessed soon enough, I’m sure.

            In the meantime, stop reading books that expand your understanding of human relationships and get back down to the basement where it’s dark, dank and littered with chip crumbs.

            Hope you feel better soon.

          • I think the Neanderthals may have left a few behind. Mr Beauchamp, for example. Possibly more repulsive than Julia. I will never the Ass.

            Also, crass, very.

            (Apologies, everyone, but his comments do my head in)

        • Um, last time I checked, human beings had developed quite a complex brain structure that distinguishes us from other animals. It’s this complex brain that allows us to know, for example, that murdering someone in a rage triggered by a “flight or fight” response is morally wrong. Just because there is an “instinct” to do something doesn’t make it impossible to do otherwise.

          Free will: you’re doing it wrong.

          See also – evolutionary biology: you’re doing it wrong.

        • I can forgive the occasional cheating but I struggle with poor grammar.


    • Julie, fantastic insights. Instead of escorting, maybe you should consider marriage-wrecking FOR PROFIT! Now we’re talking Fuck You money! Literally. You’ve already fucked several married guys already. Time to ramp this operation up!

      Just make sure Dad can keep the airfare coming until you get on your feet.

    • I do agree that they are usually done in by Julia Allison types, who has never been shy about going after engaged and/or married men, which is why this post is so ironic.

      It is ultimately the cheating man’s bigger sin, but who does Donkey think they’re cheating with? Chicks like her, who will not hesitate to go aggressively after other women’s men. Remember the wealthy married yoga guy, whom she Tweeted about having an “inappropriate crush” on and then posted those hilarious fauxga shots of herself to impress him? And how about REDACTED2, who she stalked and harassed for years knowing he was in love with and committed to someone else? There are many, many others.

      She’s a piece of work, this one.

      • chicks like her friend Natali del Conte, that’s who. Would love to hear donks opinion on that relationship. They already talk about babies together, and it seemed from that one post good ole Nat was encouraging Julia to spawn. Or molt. whatever it is Julia does.

    • I hate it when guys separate the ‘Men are just wired to fuck around! It’s biology!’ from the ‘The purpose of fucking around is to have a WHOLE SHIT TON of kids to keep your genetic material alive’.

      You can’t keep the ‘biological drive’ argument and throw away the ‘to make lots of babies’ reason. If you’re going to plead ‘it’s hard wired into me! It is a nature I cannot control, passed down by the cavemen!’ but go all out to wrap it up, vasectomize, get your mistress on depo and fund ‘oops’ abortions, I’m going to think you’re kind of full of shit and just looking for an excuse to be an asshole. If it is an unbreakable biological drive to fuck whatever spreads her legs, the corresponding biological drive to knock that up should also be there.

      If you’re not aiming towards that goal, you’re just out for an excuse to fuck around with no consequences. We’ve managed to break the biological drives to run around naked, kill indiscriminately, masturbate in public and use our feces to mark territory – just man up and say ‘I just like to fuck around’.

    • I can’t stand it when people think the biological drive argument applies only to men — like women don’t have the urge to breed as well? Oh women are supposed to be content with whatever penis turns in their direction? fuck no, if the evolutionary argument is to be believed, then women should be looking around even more for the stronger, better, faster mate.

      • I actually read a very interesting article explaining how it made more sense for things to be REVERSED, with it being more advantageous for men to stay monogamous and women to be polygamous.

        A man staying with one woman can devote 100% of his resources to those offspring, guard them, and ensure they reach adulthood – better odds than randomly scattering sperm everywhere and hoping the mother has the sense and resources to aid them in reaching adulthood.

        A woman who sleeps with different men and has children with different men increases her means of support – instead of one guy dragging elk carcasses into the cave, there are two, or three guys out hunting, gathering, and keeping her and her many children fed and defended.

        It’s pretty easy to flip things around – that article linked below is pretty spot on. People like to turn to these ‘evolution theories’ to justify their own preferred way of living.

        • This is because the vast, vast majority of “evolutionary biology” or “evolutionary psychology” (which is really the right term, such as it is) is really just reverse-engineering whatever conclusion the theory-airer thinks is true at the moment. You can make a fairly logical “evolutionary” argument for just about anything, because existing beliefs rest on other existing beliefs about their underlying logic.

    • Dude, from one straight guy who reads this site to another — GTFO.
      “Throw their pussies at the the first whiff of power and/or money…”?
      It’s like you’re calculating your comments to be of maximum offensiveness to the majority of this site, so just do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up.
      You’re making us look bad and embarrassing yourself in the process. Seriously, as a guy with a mother, a wife and three sisters, learn how to talk about women.

    • “Again, thanks to young gold-digging whores like Julia Allison constantly tempting them.”


  7. There are two kinds of people in this world: Those who are having trouble opening this package of cheese, and other kinds. I fall into the first category. I think that, two people can live a life together without hating each other after ten years. Matt Beau: Maybe there are women who are good in bed AND not crazy. You should meet one of them and then reevaluate your position on things. Can somebody open this cheese for me, please? I am drink.

  8. Also, if evolution doesn’t dictate monogamy, why do we give so much of a shit about it? #devilsadvocate

  9. If you don’t know the difference between a shotgun and an assault rifle, just call them all “guns.” Really, it’s fine if you can’t identify a Kalashnikov on sight. You’re a white girl whose parents live on the lake and sent you to New Trier and Georgetown and so you have no use for that knowledge. I don’t care. Just don’t pretend to be SO STREET because it’s SO FUNNY to pretend that you’re familiar with violence. That goes for the gang signs and the attempts at urban argot, too.

    • Seriously, she’s so LAZY. If you can’t tell that’s a shotgun (and why not?? is a different matter) and you’re going to post some super obvious threat against the last person who dumped you, wouldn’t you LOOK UP THE TYPE OF GUN IN THE PHOTO? It’s no wonder she has zero credibility. I never with her.

    • Now see, I read that particular “gun” post of JABs as a backhanded stalkery wink and nudge to Pancakes. Don’t mess with her man…she will shoot your ass with a shotgun, machine gun thingy…..ahahahaaa

    • It’s so fucking tone deaf for this asshole who supposedly supports women’s issues and military familes to make a domestic violence joke.

      • See, *I* took it as Donkey’s so-called GF (really, Donkey? You met her once, through Jack & you’re claiming her as *your* friend?) subtly telling Donkey to cool her jets & to be a *nice* Ex-GF (IE: knock off the effing press releases!).

  10. “How can young women grow up to be loyal, honest, respectful & faithful with women like me as their role models???”
    -Julia Allison

    Srsly, Donkey: all the dudes you list are better role models than you are. None of them are even close to as bad as you except Sheen. One would think that ANYONE calling Charlie Fucking Sheen a better role model than you would be a shocking, transformative experience, but Donk won’t bat an eye when she reads this in a bit.

    Donkey, since you’re so fond of quotes by the OMG FAMOUS, here’s one for you:

    Duke. I know thee well: how dost thou, my good fellow?
    Clown. Truly, sir, the better for my foes and the worse for my friends.
    Duke. Just the contrary; the better for thy friends.
    Clown. No, sir, the worse.
    Duke. How can that be?
    Clown. Marry, sir, they praise me and make an ass of me: now my foes tell me plainly I am an ass: so that by my foes, sir, I profit in the knowledge of myself, and by my friends I am abused: so that, conclusions to be as kisses, if your four negatives make your two affirmatives, why then, the worse for my friends and the better for my foes.
    -The Tempest

    • We tell Julia she’s literally an ass. She should find us quite servicey. Also, I believe just used the word “literally” in a way that adds value to a sentence. She should find that amazing. And if she doesn’t, why, she can take a long walk off a short pier. Litorally.

      • Agreed. Somehow I glossed over that. Assuming his guilt looks fairly safe, so Donkey is a demonstrably better role model than Strauss-Kahn.

        Also, I’ve thought better of teaching Donkey the word “litorally.”

    • I’d rank it thusly:


      And I’d agree with those below that the fact that Julia doesn’t understand the categorical difference between adultery and assault (see: the two fellas listed below her) is but one, though one really compelling, reason that she would be a terrible role model for young women.

      • Or possibly flip Julia and Ensign. After all, she’s never abused power on a federal level.

      • I second your rating. Don’t worry about Donk only coming in at #3 though; she may not look it, but she’s much younger than these guys and has plenty of time to descend down the moral ladder even more.

    • EXACTLY. That is what bugs me about this post. Especially coming from someone who has cheated often, and I imagine will continue to do so in the years to come.

      And who knows what goes on in marriages? Bill and Hills have always had an understanding, for example. Of course publicly, she had to behave as though she were outraged — and she probably genuinely was, because he violated the agreement not to publicly humiliate her — but privately, apparently, they have their understandings and their marriage has worked for them that way.

      • I agree, Bill and Hills are obviously unconventional that way, and the violation was getting caught.

        But Julie really isn’t that prepared to have to think on something as difficult as non-standardized functional relationships.

        If it doesn’t follow a Disney formula, she can’t compute the data.

    • Dear Foolia, as Jacy and others have pointed out, who do you think all of these men are cheating with?? Oh wait, you already know the answer to this. You’re such a hypocrite.

  11. Also, to list Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and John Edwards (among the rest of them) with Charlie Sheen and Dominique Strauss-Kahn is offensively moronic. The first three men had consensual affairs with women who weren’t their wives. Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen has a well-documented history of violence against women, and Strauss-Kahn, if the allegations are true, is a rapist. I may find John Edwards’ conduct appalling, but there is a huge difference between a guy who’s a lying cheat and a guy who rapes women. I’d argue it’s a creepy illustration of how Julia views heterosexual relationships across the board, but I think it’s more likely she’s just incredibly, incredibly stupid.

    • Not so much, they’re different points on the same spectrum. It’s all an abuse of power. There are a few DV agencies who are now starting to include affairs whilst in a monogamous relationshit as abuse, which it is.

      • If a man is married whilst cheating I totally blame him for cheating and I also blame the woman with whom he is cheating

        • I agree. I am not in the “blame only the man because he’s the one who’s betraying his wife” camp. I agree, he’s Villain No. 1. But any woman knowingly fucking around with someone else’s husband/boyfriend/fiancee, as far as I am concerned, is not much better. It’s a violation of the sisterhood.

          • exactly. the wife who blames only the woman is a fool; the man who actually took the vows is far more to blame, but women who fuck married men are desparate

      • Hm, interesting point. I see what you’re saying, and I think infidelity can cross the threshold into physical harm if the wife is exposed to STIs, but I still think there is a tremendous difference between betraying someone’s trust and assault. Do you know the names of any of those DV agencies, or anywhere where I could read more? (Sarcastic tags are off, btw; I’m genuinely interested in it.)

        • My pal’s boyfriend fucked around on her. And gave her herpes type 1. Imagine if it had been HIV… People have started suing over contracting affair related STI’s, I think rightly so.

      • Raping strangers is quite different from cheating on your partner. I have had both experiences myself (being raped and being cheated on), and they weren’t similar at all.

        Now, I can see a model where cheating on a partner and raping a partner are part of the same spectrum of abuse toward that partner, but Strauss-Kahn’s victim was just trying to do her job.

    • Wonderful comment. I can chuckle and roll my eyes when Julia is stupid (so, like, I’m guaranteed a bit of laughter every day, which is nice), but when she’s outright offensive, I just start to sputter and glare at my laptop screen.

      She has the mental capacity of a third grader.

    • not to defend JA, but she is (naturally) getting all those names straight from the TIME article. i read it yesterday, and it mentions all of them, not so much about cheating but just about the correlation between men in power and their sexual misconduct. i was actually really disappointed by the article – it’s an interesting topic and the article fell very flat (i thought).

    • I have never commented on this site, but I wanted to applaud this comment. The fact that she puts infidelity (while heinous and awful) in the same category as a violent act such as rape shows how truly clueless and sheltered she is.

  12. I love how this post (cheater cheater) is just above the Halloween photo (pumpkin eater). I’m also wondering when Jabs decided her dream man is a Boy Scout? Loyal, honest, respectful, faithful? What happened to founder, founder, rich, political, spoils me and and FINALLY makes my daddy lurve me?

  13. How is Jon Edwards’ behavior any different than McCain’s with his first wife?

    • Because she’s not angling to get Edwards’ son to realize he made an OMGHugeMistake and take he lazy ass back. She can’t ask the McCains to ignore her past if she doesn’t ignore theirs.

  14. What do we think this is about, bunnies? Is this like her War on Sugar, or is this directed at some guy?

    • Everything is directed at some guy. Some guy who probably isn’t even reading anymore…

  15. She finally got the photo she was hoping for on the Daily Caller. So, Well Done, Susan Blond.

    She might also have admitted on Twitter that Pancakes dumped her when she was last in NYC.

      • Wow. Love the snarky tone of that piece. She just got thrown under a bus. Looks like the PR plant is beginning to backfire badly.

        • I know. Every story has been pretty humiliating and not that sympathetic. Besides getting her name out there and connected to a McCain ONE LAST TIME what was she hoping to get out of this? The McCains are going to hate her now, if they didn’t already. It’s just so cringeworthy and embarrassing because they know these have to be coming from her. Barring Megan’s antics, they seem like pretty private people who don’t want their kids’ names dragged out in the press. Sending out a press release announcing the break up is such a cunty move.

        • It’s a disaster. This last one will really rankle and the gloves could finally come off! Or they should, anyway (hence the photo with the “AK47” er, shotgun??)…

          And hello, started dating in November, moved in together in March, now kaput, PR leaks everywhere?? DOES NOT LOOK GOOD!!!

          Her quotes are hilarious.

          And now we know the purpose of those ridiculous blog entires!! They are material for badly executed PR stunts.

          Well done, Julsie!

      • Their relationship gets longer every time someone writes about it. This person says they started dating in November and moved in two months later. She’s such a twat. I can’t believe she’s using a publicist to alert the media to this five-second relationship’s demise. I have cheese in my refrigerator that’s older than their “love.” Though I should probably throw that out as well.

        • And no matter when they started dating or when she moved in (EARLY March, bunnies!), it’s still an embarrassing story either way. He dated you for a hot minute, no matter how amicable the breakup was.

      • I’m still confused about why the PR noise keeps insisting that they broke up after she found out he’d be in Guam for three years. Didn’t she say from the very beginning that she knew about that?

        • It’s a better narrative that way. Rather than “they actually have nothing in common and don’t really like each other,” the “tragically separated by Sudden Military Orders” plays soooooo much better!

          • I’m just dumbfounded at how she can so blatantly lie and rewrite history. I mean, I know that she does it all the time… it just amazes me how easily she gets away with it. (Though did you notice that one of the comments on that article mentioned this site? w00t!)

      • Tucker Carlson’s blog? yuck—I’m skeeved out that I actually clicked……don’t do it, not worth it. He’s awful.

    • No, she’s saying that it’s great to be back in NYC, Chicago was so painful since she’s had to walk over the bridge where they had their first kiss (LOL), but it wasn’t as great to get over a breakup in New York when she was actually dumped by people in New York while living there.

      • I’m not so sure. Remember the “Threw up last night …” tweet from April 22? Similar to the “I just lost my appetite” tweet the day Prom King dumped her.

      • That one in particular is her: ‘See My Crinkly Nose? I’m Just Like Cindy!’ fauxpose.

    • Her face looks terrible there. I don’t know if I’d be more embarassed by the puffy face or the article.

    • UGH ugh ugh. The Daily Crawler is Tucker Carlson’s right-wing laughingstock site, it’s a total joke, they can’t even do their faux-Fox hatchet jobs right, total fail. So I guess she fits right in.

  16. thedailycraic Colleen Mescall
    @JuliaAllison NYC is the perfect place to go to after a break up. Distractions, fun, craziness, inspiration (and more!) around every corner!

    JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    @thedailycraic – right!?! Although it isn’t as helpful when the breakup happened IN New York. LOL

    Whaaaa? I thought they broke up in Coronado.

  17. Has Tripped-down-the-subway-stairs! Oh-nos-I-haz-ceiling-cats! Can’t-walk-for-charity! Donkey (who, btw, never takes the subway!) tripped herself up, yet again, in one of her many lies?

    You know, I think it’s really strange people gave me shit for that. My friend Rachel signed me up for Chicago’s 3-Day Breast Cancer Walk, and I was really excited about taking part. Two weeks before the walk my landlord emailed me that she had sold my apartment and I had to move out August 15 (I was on a month to month). The walk was that weekend (or a few days – maybe a week? – before). I wasn’t just moving apartments – I was putting almost everything into storage and packing for what I thought would be three to four months. In any case, I was really disappointed but it’s not like I didn’t go just because I wasn’t in the mood.

    Julia Allison completely fails to mention as the reason for bailing on yet another charity (so easy to forget what never happened!) her lame ass excuse about being woozy or sore or whatevs & falling down subway stairs after her biopsy by Dr. Eng.

    I wonder if FlapJack & Mrs. Nutterworth et al know yet that Donkey planned to steal a pink tent from the Susan G. Komen charity because OMG!pink! ?

    • I am hazy on the sequence of events on all that or else I’d do a CharityGate post. It’s so obvious her charity post anyway was simply about showing the McCains she is not the Ego Princess that they quickly figured out she was.

      • Oooh, but because they shunned her she won’t help military charities now, even though she is SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THEM.

        So much fail encrusted onto that one post. I just kant.

        If you support a charity, you don’t change because your ass was shown to the tarmac.

      • And who the fuck crowdsources for charities? How tacky. You support a charity because you believe in it, not because a rando twitter user suggested it to you.

      • CharityGate would be fantastic—maybe catladies will help you out with tips? Alas, I have none. I just would love to see that because I used to work in the fundraising world my own catself.

      • If you do a Charity Gate post, don’t forget about how she used to always tie her birthday bashes to charities in exchange for donated space, drinks, etc. and usually asked for a cover charge/ donation to said charity. I doubt any of that money actually made it to the charity, so she was basically grifting event space, money etc, for herself.

        And remember when they called their birthday party a Komen event when it wasn’t? Komen is actually very strict with what you can designate an official Komen event and what you can’t.

        • This is what is most important to me about all the charity bullshit and why it angers me so much. She always tries to have a charity tie in for a self-serving purpose.

          • How else do you think Julia Allison gets her BFF’s to zig & zag from coast-to-coast in one weekend unless airfare is mysteriously absorbed into bottom line? Bitch bilks well-intentioned charitable donations of others & that is why I will never apologize for calling her cheating, lying ass out on Twitter.

            Sheee-ittt. Ya’ll think Loren Feldman was a biggo meanie to Julia – heh – if I ever come face-to-face w/ her, you’ll think LF was a pussycat.

  18. No way to know if she plannned it, but this whole “We Broke Up” PR blitz is competing with/stealing the thunder from Meghan’s Apartment NYTimes story.

  19. BTW, is anyone of the opinion that this relationship may have been a publicity stunt orchestrated to underscore the perception of a certain someone’s sexual preference?

    If MegaTits truly endorsed this fiasco, I’m convinced she had ulterior motives:
    [1] SEE ABOVE ^
    [2] She actually hates her brother (< THAT, IMHO)

    I keep wondering about Donkey’s motive for deliberately publishing something that might (may still) work against FlapJack’s military career — was that based in stupidity or maliciousness? (When she published that TayTay was updating his résumé, I think that was her quintessential stupidity.)

    • I was also going to ask about this- has everyone here has rejected the “beard” scenario? Just asking. Because I’m still not sure. Think about it- if there was an agreement worked out, with compensation, to get Flapjack’s heterosexuality on the record, on the Internet, out in press releases, with this “romance”- well Julia’s doing a good job, overdoing it in fact. There’s just something off about the whole fauxmance. I don’t know, just a theory, but one that hasn’t especially been disproven. We all know she can do fake like a champ. And I really don’t know anything about him, except he could probably get any available girl he wanted , and he went with Julia for some reason, for like, a semester. I do wonder.

      Again, I don’t know nuthin’. But I think of how impressed I was honestly by Cindy and Mega’s participation in the “No H8” campaign. I wonder if that might, just might be coming from somewhere personal. Anyway, even if not, it was a cool thing of them to do.

      • IF it was a Beard sitch, I just don’t see Donkey ever being privvy to having been out-fauxmanced. Devious cunt that she is, one who thrives on any / all ATTN, even negative ATTN, there’s no way she’d keep potential scandal on the down low.

        Donkey doesn’t do FOR others, she does TO others, & to that end, numerous airfares allowing her to preen in reflected glory is all the comping anyone w/ an agenda could outlay w/out it backfiring.

        The thought of possibly being a gay son of that homophobic asshole has me feeling pretty sorry for the kid, & while I definitely agree w/ ya RE: admiration for the Blondsters digging their stilettos in on the No H8 front (no matter what their motivation), my heretofore otherwise non-existent esteem for them will increase significantly if they coincidentally beat Donkey at her own game.

        (He doesn’t strike me as gay, & I hope I’m right about that strictly in the sense that it would mean he probably isn’t waiting for his dad to die so he can start living a life true to himself.)

        WHEW! Sorry for the rambling TL;DR!

  20. I just have to comment on the evolutionary biology cheating argument that’s being discussed above: evo-psych is TOTAL bullshit. It’s a contentious, new field with a lot of pretenders out there and to act like “MEN ARE WIRED TO CHEAT LOL!” is some sort of gospel without taking into account concepts like neuroplasticity is weak, at best.

    Here’s a good layperson article on why evo-psych as a field is pretty problematic:

    • neuro psych is complete bullshit and is used to justify status quo behavior

      let’s publish the alternative version
      stealing = it’s biology
      women being in charge = it’s biology
      women and cats = it’s biology

      or not

      • Did you mean “evo psych”? In which case I agree with you. If you meant “neuro psych” I will fight to the death on the side of my imaginary boyfriend V.S. Ramachandran.

    • Well, the other thing is that it cherrypicks examples from primates we are less related to than the bonobos, our closest relatives.

      • Also I have learned from my TV watchings that dogs are sometimes smarter (=better at doing what we want them to) than chimps so just tracing behavior back through the primate line seems like it would leave out all the training we have gotten from our domestic animals.

    • There is *some* good evo-psych research being done, but the quality studies are few and far between, and most of them are empirical research studies that are only called “evo-psych” because they talk about hormones. The main problem with the field is that 99% of what it produces is inherently untestable and therefore unfalsifiable – if you can’t falsify it, it’s not science.

      Also, you get a lot of sexists and racists trying to justify why they’re sexist and racist – which does the evolutionary psychologists who try to maintain integrity and are simply offering evolutionary/biologically based explanations for demonstrated psychological phenomena a serious injustice.

      If anyone’s up for some *really* interesting reading on this sort of thing, google Satoshi Kanazawa – arguably the most controversial (and most horrible) evolutionary psychologist out there – and read about the backlash he got for trying to claim that black women are objectively less attractive than women from all other races. It’s been all over the science blogosphere for the past week, and there are some really amazing blog posts where actual reputable psychologists (both evolutionary and not) re-analyze his data and show he’s full of shit.

      These two in particular are great: and

      (end OT spiel)

      • this, exactly: “Also, you get a lot of sexists and racists trying to justify why they’re sexist and racist”

  21. JuliaAllison:
    @euanrellie Hehehee I only do that when I’m in a really good – or really bad – mood 😉 tonight it’s the former! Thank god. Cried last night!

    See that, FlapJack?
    Smiley Face AND Tears!


    • Ha!

      Euan Rellie is tots mocking her in his RT of her bullshit, also.

      “I love it when Julia Allison overshares!!” is how he sets up his RT of her stupidity.

      You are not alone Euan!!

      And how does she respond?? MORE OVERSHARING.

      So desperate for that out of reach upper crust, our Julie.

      • If that’s the “upper crust” I am sending the whole pie back, because DO NOT WANT.

        Of course this highlights the intellectual bankruptcy of Donkerina’s aspirations—her goal is to get in with a more talked-about bunch of narcissistic fameballs, not with people who are actually accomplishing something in the world.

        • I was too lazy to spell check ‘echelon’ from bed — and went for another word that still fit the lead in word.

          And yes, they are way higher in rank than her. They being the Sykes family that Euan married into, that is.

          It’s fucking hilarious the way Euan eggs her on through these ‘@s’ and she laps it up and NOTHING ever comes from it.

          It looks like he is mocking her hard and she’s too dumb and desperate to notice. Because she wants to climb so badly.

          It’s the ‘want’ that turns them all away in the end.

          • Actually, in terms of status, if you want to get technical, the Rellies are above the Sykes. But, the story remains the same nonetheless.

          • Thanks Fashion Girl. I am not clear on the details (not my sphere), but wanted to make the point clear — she is trying to climb into an echelon (no need for spell check now, ladies!) that will never have her/makes fun of her for sport. As you say, the end result is still the same.

          • It’s a very subtle, very British form of social bloodsport for laughs he’s doing. “Oh Julia, you’re a caution! Tell us more!” and of course she does, as if he isn’t laughing at her and not with her.
            In this case, I utterly approve.

            (And yeah, those Sykes girls were plum broke growing up, pun intended.)

  22. O/T I had my first Donkey dream last night: She came up to me at a party. Among other things, she said she had a lot of writing work for me but couldn’t afford to pay me anything.

    Amazing that Dreamdonk was so in character.

    • But just think of the exposure you’d get writing for her! According to crowd-sourced social media expert research, each basement cat-lady has an average of ten cats- that’s an extra twenty “eyeballs” (as they call them in the social-media columnist women-in-tech geniusocracy) per cat lady! Plus, she might throw in some off-brand moisturizer and a soiled pair of her ballet flats from 2009.

      Follow your dreams, KashMoney! 🙂

  23. Julia Allison had at LEAST one affair with a married man, so this bullshit from her is outrageous.

    She’s a gold digging cunt who will do or say WHATEVER she needs to obtain the lazy life of leisure she feels entitled to. She has NO qualms about destroying another man’s marriage, kicking his wife to the curb, ruining the kids…

    Julia Allison Baugher is a monster.

    • Well, she’d like to be able to destroy someone’s marriage, but she can’t even succeed at that loathsome goal. She wishes she were a femme fatale, but she’s hardly even a papercut.

      Of course not every marriage is monogamous. But I don’t think that Donkerina would be into having a thing with someone who was in an open marriage—she is so tied into that 1950s B-movie worldview that I think it’s only fun for her if she can see herself as a potential homewrecker.

      Girl is fucked up.

  24. Time to crowd source bunnies!

    Julia Allison’s Guide To Stalking Exes:
    1. The most important point is to have an ex to stalk thus make sure to act like a total jackass on all dates to ensure a breakup.

    • 2. On a similar note, take every opportunity to make clear that you’re only dating him to use him! Badmouth him as publicly as possible! Make him seem pathetic! Make him do degrading things for you! Exploit his name and money!

    • 3. Social Media is your friend. Make sure to twitter @ anyone whose feed he may subscribe to or anyone he may be even peripherally connected to. Build up those mutual friends on Facebook and make sure to post any pictures you may have, tagging him of course. Comment on any blog post or online article that may mention him even remotely. Plant those rumours. Hell, make him a venue on Foursquare and check in with him until you’re mayor of his “you’ll be sorry for dumping me ” ass. How can he forget you if you’re always in his (media) face?

  25. Its seriously time for her to just go Anna Nicole Smith and find some octogenarian cock to start sucking on. No one could ever love her.

  26. Julia,

    While you were dating and OMGSOINLOVE with Young Pancakes, you took photos of you and some other guy doing a near boob grab. This other guy then tweeted a winky face.

    It might be only smoke but you DO have boundary and fidelity issues.

    Just sayin.

  27. Her retarded sideways blerg is particularly obnoxious today…

    “Look at my laptop that a tap tap away at just like Carrie Bradshaw! Tee hee!”

    • You know she put up her mailbox right before the picture – she was prob stalking on fb or photoshopping her pics to send to really important magazines somewhere.

  28. OT, but I’ve recently started watching Dirty Sexy Money for the first time ever — and, for those of you who have seen it, I can’t help but think of Julia every time Juliet throws a fit on the show.

  29. I’ve seen this movie enough times to know that this was directed at Jack because he either cheated on her OR she wants people to think he did. I’d put money on someone random (ahem Lasagna) coming in here this weekend whole Julie is at the ashram to say “the fact is Julia found out jack was cheating on her, and he is a serial womanizer with commitment issues so stop being mean!”

  30. Heading to the ashram in two hours with my girl friend Christine Kelly. We’re ready to get our yoga on!
    Wonder if it’s this Christine Kelly?
    Perhaps some post breakup shoots are being planned? The kind to make a pancake green with envy/nausea?

    Whoever she is, she gives “the most creative and thoughtful gifts”.

    Guess Julia couldn’t stand being alone with her thoughts/screaming voices in her head at the ole ‘shram.

    • LOL! Someone gives you a gift of clothing, even if you hate the damn thing & think it’s of no more use than a damn dog bed, don’t post a picture documenting your ingratitude! Unless you are a donkey cunt. Named Julia.

  31. Oh gag, from a commenter on her blog:
    “It is always difficult to deal with breakdowns and more as the love still exists, but think about those women who find a strong love and perhaps your soul mate and will never have it, ever! At least you have enjoyed with him, lived with him, treasuring memories, have tasted the passion with him. Deep inside, you are fortunate, though you can not see it at this time.”

    Thinks I did not need put into my head today: Julia tasting Jack’s passion.


  32. Why didn’t she mention the good that can come from extra-marital relationships?? I mean, if she’s speaking on behalf of ALL THE GIRLS, I’m sure her friend Natali del Conte could give her a nice quote about her husband Clayton Morris. It’s just biology!! He needed to leave his wife because Natali needed to have some childs.

    fucking stupid donkey.

    • Oh, my god, her mommy blog is the barfiest. “Beta testing parenthood”—JESUS FUCKING HAPLOID CHRIST PEOPLE. It’s not “beta testing,” it’s actually being a parent.

  33. JuliaAllison
    Lights out at the ashram, goodnight! Happy Memorial Day weekend to all the wonderful, brave troops & veterans. Thank you for your service.
    10 minutes ago

    Oh, Good Lord! She is just going to be laughing/pissing herself silly this Memorial Day weekend. She got four (or more?) “news organizations” to talk about how hard it was for her to be a “Navy Widow”. Now She is going to extend her permanent vacation/summer camp at JuliaAllison
    Lights out at the ashram, goodnight! Happy Memorial Day weekend to all the wonderful, brave troops & veterans. Thank you for your service.
    10 minutes ago

    Oh, Good Lord! She is just going to be laughing/pissing herself silly this Memorial Day weekend. She got four (or more?) “news organizations” to talk about how hard it was for her to be a “Navy Widow”. Now She is going to extend her permanent vacation/summer camp atJuliaAllison
    Lights out at the ashram, goodnight! Happy Memorial Day weekend to all the wonderful, brave troops & veterans. Thank you for your service.
    10 minutes ago

    Oh, Good Lord! She must be laughing/pissing herself silly this Memorial Day weekend. She got four (or more?) “news organizations” to talk about how hard it was for her to be a “Navy Widow”. Now She is going to extend her permanent vacation/summer camp at Chernobyl Pond getting Tiny and Cute for a June-Full-O-Weddings.

    Ugly, on her way to Evil. Or maybe she always was.

        • Seriously, lights out at the ashram, good night to Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea…who is she kidding? The McCains must be so completely horrified by the PR blast of the last 2 days that no amount of blathering about charitable works or our brave military men and women will bring them back around. Is she nuts…or is this some devious way of sticking it to them after she’s had time to realize it’s well and truly curtains with pancakes, and get pissed off?

  34. We are all going to sleep in our own metaphorical ‘shram tonight catpeople.

    I will live as Herself this long weekend. I will take deep breathes and think about myself. I will talk at my friend about myself and ensure she gets no sleep. I will read my NY Post blurb over and over again until I need LASIK and pass out.

    In the morning I will do a downward dog into a pancake. *Shudder*

    Pancakes. Pancakes with a side of pancakes. Could this world be any more cruel.

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