From the comments of her NonSociety fuck-you money blog, which she hopes to sell soon for fuck-you money:

I thought you were moving to San Diego? There is a great vintage store there called Frock You.

Technically, my primary residence will be San Diego, but I have to come back to Chicago for work purposes quite frequently.

If, by work purposes, she means eating Cindy McCain’s Girl Scout cookies, watching Oprah, fawning over Kate Middleton in her TMS column, and pulling all-nighters posting photos of ugly pink dresses. All righty then.

Something’s up, Type-A haters. What could it be?


  1. Actually, she does have to go back to Chicago for business, I’m sure her parents are paying her to dog and house sit for them. That way “technically” they are not giving her money, she is working for it.

    • Don’t forget washing the dishes…and er, um, oops using dishwashing liquid instead of detergent.

      • I still cannot get over this. What 47 year-old woman doesn’t know the difference between dish soap and dishwasher detergent?

        La Donks!

  2. her primary residence WILL be san diego, goddamnit, whether pancakes likes it or not.

  3. I wonder if Gangy finally sat Buster down for a ‘come to Jesus’ talk? ‘Cause srsly? There’s a whole lotta Office + A Gentleman type tail to be had before he leaves for Guam.

  4. There’s only one thing we can be sure of: whatever Julia says the situation is, that’s what it’s not.

  5. That picture of her on the library table gives me brayge. She really doesn’t get that libraries and museums are for more than just fauxto-shoots, does she? I will never the donkey.

    • I’m filled with brayge about the picture, too. I was actually at the library today, in that very reading room, wearing headphones to listen to music while I cranked out some cover letters. Then the security guard came over and told me I had to move to the other side of the room, because headphones aren’t allowed in the section I was in.

      So. Headphones: not okay. Standing on tables: totally okay.

      • That would have made my blood boil too and I’m usually one to get bothered by very minimal noise (ADHD, horrible focus).

        You’re always welcome at the Toronto Public Library, eating, talking, having video chats, and conducing 10+ person classes and prayer groups in the quiet work area are totally allowed. I once complained when a man was following me around saying dirty things and was told he wasn’t breaking any rules as everyone was allowed to be there (later another staff member actually heard him and he was asked to leave). I love the library but I wish we had other public spaces so that it could be used for studying and reading.

  6. something’s up. considering how daft Juliar goes over birthdays and celebrations and love-love-love, something is definitely up. And she will definitely misrepresent whatever it is as surely as the sun will set over Coronado beach tonight.

    • i disagree, while julia is obsessed with her own birthday, she couldn’t actually give a fuck about anyone else’s birthday.

  7. Oh Touche Julia! Touche!!!!

    juliaallison [Moderator] 22 minutes ago in reply to nycreaderr
    No – I can write my column from anywhere. But I regularly meet with the sales, promotional and editorial staff at Tribune Media Services here in the city – in fact, I just finished a lunch with the sales director, and met with my managing editor twice and PR director once in person last week. We have a full team meeting tomorrow at 11 as well with about six people at the Tribune building. In addition, I am working on a tv gig here in Chicago, to launch next month. I have to be back for that May 17. I also have to travel regularly to other cities for meetings with editors about picking up the column, as well as other work related issues (public speaking engagements, consulting, strategic meetings about other projects, etc. – those cities are usually NY, SF & LA, but it looks like Boston could be coming up as well as perhaps Phoenix.

    Does that help?


    • public speaking engagements, consulting


        • “strategic meetings about other projects” = converse with readers of my tumblr about vintage shops in Chicago.

          It’s important biznizz y’all.

    • a lunch with the sales director = an afternoon quickie

      I also have to travel regularly to other cities for meetings with editors about picking up the column = blow jobs

      as other work related issues (public speaking engagements, consulting, strategic meetings about other projects, etc) = more blow jobs

      Boston could be coming up as well as perhaps Phoenix = hand jobs

    • Met with the managing editor twice? Wat. I work in magazine publishing and managing editors are usually fucking SWAMPED with work — and yet hers meets with her twice in one week? Does he do this with all columnists? Does not compute.

      • Says that there’s something wrong with her column (terrible writing, ridiculously few subscriptions, unlikable columnist) to me. The ME is probably regretting ever picking her up and scrambling to figure out how to fix this.

        • ME said: “Here’s your check – it’s not worth postage. We don’t validate.”

          SD said: “More than 100+ papers aren’t picking up your dung column.”

          ME said: “I Kant … wait, there’s more…”

          PR said: “You’re the 3rd most-hated asshole wri …*cough*…ter on the internet, but you’re still #1 asshole in our book.”

          Donkey: “I’M NOT RANDOM! Oh yeah, I’ll tell Daddy you guys said ‘Hi’!”

      • maybe that’s why they’re in bankruptcy; dude doesn’t do his job! too busy “meeting” with Julia-my-tits-are-perfectly-symmetrical-Allison

      • She truly thinks it’s ridiculous that people even question her. Delusion, thy name is Donkey.

    • You know what would help with getting the column picke dup? Having it listed in the Tribune Media Services menu of columns. They have dozens of columnists and columns and features listed so editors can check them out. But no Julia Allison and no Social Studies.

      Also, it’s bull shit that she says she’s meeting with editors in cities considering picking it up. It’s a syndication thing. A column that once a week plugs a 12-inch hole in the c-section, arts section. They don’t need to meet her. DOn’t have time to meet her. Ridiculous.

      They don’t meet with Tom Wilson before they pick up fucking Ziggy. Or whatever.

      • HERE’S THE FUCKING THING if thy don’t meet her in person they won’t see her perfectly symmetrical tits and, as a result, be less likely to pick up her column.

        I work for the NIMH and we barely ever meet in person with our collaborators from different states. And we deal with some pretty sensitive information and are frequently try to publish papers before our “fellow researchers ” do.

        • you mean, how do we communicate? usual phone conferences, emails, skype vid-conference etc. And the material is sensitive for several reasons mostly so that our “fellow researchers” don’t find out we’re working on a certain topic and rush to publish their paper on that same topic. Oh, geeks and their geeky problems, I know.

          • book/movie ref!



    • Am I smoking crack, or couldn’t Julie handle whatever she needs to “write” or produce her “column” by cell phone, telephone, IM, email, text, GoToMeeting, Skype call, Skype video conference, iPhone FaceTime, tribal drums, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, etc?

      Shouldn’t the TMS ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’ COLUMNIST know how to conduct a VIRTUAL MEETING?


      • She’s the only person who will spend $1000 on airfare, taxis, food, etc on a “business trip” and get paid $200 for the job.

        • true dat, because we know she’s not spending it on hotels (friends/ex-lovers’ couches) and not taking her dog

          she gets paid $15-17 per paper that runs it ANNNDD I’m pretty certain the first few columns were “tests” and they don’t charge. You can make a good living off it if you build a BRAND (a la Dave Barry) but you gotta’ do it in volume like comic strips do.

        • The thing is that it makes economic sense, because Momsers and Dadsers are paying for the former, and she gets to keep the latter.

    • Never in history was there ever a bigger nobody who thought she was somebody.

      God, someone stuff a cupcake in her mouth, I can’t anymore.

    • Taylor, most definitely. I chortled when “her boy” popped up in a blog photo last week. Touche, pancakes. (This use of touche sanctioned by Tribune Media Services.)

      • Sometimes you just know when you know. And I’m betting sometimes it’s Greasy, although she forgot that she knew when she knew when they first met … but this time, bunnies, Julia’s sure that she knows it’s not Flapjacks and is Mista Bidness Skool. Got all that?

        • I read this twice and I still don’t understand.

          I do agree that GreasyBear is #winning right now. Good that Julia kept a fall-back option around, I guess.

        • She knew that she knew with Prom King but only after he dumped her. She carried on as if their 3-month theme relationshit was THE relationshit of all time. Donkey usually falls deeply in love after the first date and immediately makes plans to move in with the poor guy.

    • I’m wagering two dozen pink cupcakes, a tiara (slightly worn), and a too-tight tutu that Julia turns it back on with Greasy Bear in 3, 2, 1… She is certainly doing a very good job of keeping him in the queue.

  8. Hopefully Cindy had a little talk with Jack… Perhaps the McCains finally got around to vetting the braying bitch that had gotten her hooks into Pancakes.

      • Maybe they pressed the “learn button”?

        Remember, after McCain chose Palin, that couldn’t be undone. However, Jack can still “undo” the Julia thing.

    • I really love Katie Bakes, both as a sportswriter and as a person who occasionally makes hilarious public jabs at Julia Booger’s idiocy. They are noble professions both.

      • lol:

        “(Some 48 hours later, the subsequent social media tidal waves created by Osama bin Laden’s death served only to reinforce the trend.)”

        Does that help?

  9. There is a Chicago version of that NBC thing she did in NYC (non stop?); there is a channel 5.2 that airs those shows. Maybe the NYC affiliate was tired of her and pawned her off on Chicago?

    God, this depresses me. I’ve been an unemployed journalist in Chicago for TWO YEARS (and I have two graduate degrees to support my 13 yrs experience), and the opportunities she continues to get just floor me. Granted, she screws them up, and she is a laughingstock — not to mention perpetually unhappy, rapidly aging by the millisecond, and aimless — and I’ve got a relatively okay life (considering the no-income situation and the grieving over my fiance) with two school-aged kittens (and a newly adopted hedgehog), but still…who is she sleeping with to get things handed to her without any effort (or results)?

    Sorry for the tl;dr … I just kant.

    • If it makes you feel better she’s getting paid little to nothing for these “jobs”. She’s probably only getting them because she’s the only person they can find who will fly out on her own dime (Dadser’s dime, whatev) and accept the limited pay (or lack there of).

      • Unfortunately the money part doesn’t make anyone feel better. She could be paying THEM and it wouldn’t change the fact she is a terrible hack with a vanity blog of her dreams. All she ever wanted was her own stupid Doogie Howser M.D./Carrie 2.0 weekly deep thoughts roundup and she got it. Meanwhile, all the English majors on this site with actual talent claw their eyes out reading it.

        Really, we should all be thankful she has an outlet to embarrass herself so thoroughly every week. I mean, a few months ago all we had were her tumblr posts. right?

        • Former English major here. Her writing, literally, makes me want to tear my eyes out.

          • Shit, I’m mathy/statsy person whose first and only language, English, is a struggle and even I find her writing embarrassing.

    • I think every city’s NBC affiliate has these, because I just realized that Philly has a Philadelphia Non-Stop. There was a commercial one morning when I had the local NBC news on. But I don’t know what it is exactly or where it airs. So she’s not exactly in line to be the next Diane Sawyer.

      And there is no way in fucking hell that she’s meeting with anybody at any newspaper because they’re thinking about running her column. It’s a syndicated column that papers (all nine of them) use to fill space. She’s not Paul Fucking Krugman.

      And I hope your situation starts looking up, Pink Palatian

      • Krugman is awesome. I cringe everytime he pwns some know-nothing right-winger on a cable news show but the right-winger doesn’t realize it. Kind of like canklehausen by proxy.

        He was a really good Macroeconomics prof, too, although I did not appreciate it as a 20 yr old. I skipped that class a lot.

          • I didn’t like him but I don’t think I ever said he didn’t deserve the Nobel. My understanding is, people felt he should’ve won the Nobel at least a decade before he did because of how his work on international trade changed economics in the 80s and 90s.

            I didn’t like him because I was a dumb kid back then, which is also why I didn’t go to class. Luckily, I’ve pressed the “learn button” in the intervening years.

            @ JFA – To borrow a Julia-ism… “touche”.

        • You had a class with him? Really? Where did you go to school? You never mention it.

      • Thanks — some days, I just have to be grateful that I’m not homeless. I know there are many people who are much worse off than I am. Still… it grates on me. In my worst moments, I’ve considered doing a subversive “Chicago hates Donkey” street art campaign, but I suppose that’s way too much energy to expend. Then again, I do have a lot of time on my hands… 😉

        • We cat ladies need to stick together!

          I’d pay good money to see a photo or video of “Chicago hates Donkey” spray painted on a Chicago sidewalk. But in all seriousness, I’d be happy to send you a little something. I’m sure some of the other RBD cat ladies could also help out.

          Is there a way to set up a PayPal account that protects your private info?

          Or, if you’re not comfortable doing that, email me (dr gary at gmail) and let me know *how I can help* (see wut I did there??!)

          I’ve been in some tough situations before, and was lucky to have friends or family who helped me out. Happy to pay it forward. Especially when there are kittens to look after.

          • I was thinking more along the lines of printing up some handbills and engaging in some sort of postering thing… I mean, how funny would it be to have an entire abandoned building/storefront plastered with Chicago Hates Donkey? It’s not Banksy, but it sure would have people scratching their heads, no? 😉

            I just sent you an email, but in case it doesn’t get to you — I’m at tobysparky at live dot com. I’m not sure what *can* be done to help, but ideas are appreciated!

      • If you have cable, it’s probably harder to find the station — I only know the one here exists because I see it when I’m flipping through the stations on my no-cable-digital-converter-box-antenna television. And thanks for the kind words.

    • PP have you done all the right things like having a writing portfolio, have a blog, etc.? These seem to be rather expected by the editors I deal with these days…. almost seems more about personality than true journalism in some places 🙁

      • Oh, I’ve tried everything. I’ve even started my own website that draws in quite a few hits and a bit of money every month — don’t want to advertise it or link to it here because I don’t want to get myself into a, uh, legal situation, especially since I’m in Chicago, where Dad$er might have more of an influence than I’d like to think reality warrants.

        I’m technically considered a displaced worker — I’m going back to school in August to become a paralegal. I like to joke that since I already have a BA and two MAs, I need an AA to complete my collection. Ah, as was noted on the Indigo Girls double set a few years back: you have to laugh at yourself or you’d cry your eyes out if you didn’t. But I’m getting a WIA grant to pay for it, so there’s that.

        The problem I run into in Chicago — which may or may not exist elsewhere, I don’t know (I’m wedded to this city because of my kittens) — is that there are a lot of jobs paying marginally above minimum wage — which isn’t feasible for me and the kittens — but there are soooo many new grads who think “a writing job!” and don’t care what it pays.

        Anyhow, thanks catladies for the RBD love.

        • Ugh Pink. Freakin’ Ugh. My husband’s family business of 50 years went belly-up a couple years ago and they’re trying, really trying to rebuild. They didn’t lay down and die but the money situation sure isn’t the same. We have a lot of doctor-y issues w/ one of our kittens and I ‘stay home’ because, well, it’s a lot of doctor-y issues. So I knit. And knit and knit and knit. It’s the only way these days I get a sense of ‘done’. Does that make sense? Everything else is just always hanging, but when I knit, I get to complete something. I end up giving so much of it away. I could knit you something!!! 🙂 (BTW, not grandma type stuff, like my own kids wear it, mohawk hats, wacky scarves, etc.)

  10. Haha, no. Those editors are not having meetings with her. They are running a paper. If a paper decides to syndicate someone, they’ll loop in that dept and email or conference call. They do not need her to come in, at all. We have authors all over the place at my job, and we would never expect them to come meet with us every time they wanted to pitch something. The lies, they are enormous.

    • She is such a typical narcissist by listing all her meetings to show how busy she is, when if she was truly busy, she would prefer email. I am not a journalist, but that number of meetings sounded more appropriate for someone running Tribune. If she is truly going to that many meetings, it is because she is being a needy psychopath and demanding face-to-face meetings. Or, they aren’t happy and want to talk about it in person for more effective communication.

    • She’s totally full of shit. I have a side gig that is similar to hers — I have never once had to fly anywhere for meetings with anyone. It’s all e-mail, including the signing of various contracts.

      Maureen fucking Dowd likely hasn’t had has many meetings about her column as this dame is claiming to have. It’s total bullshit.

    • I’ve been in book and magazine publishing since Julie was in high school and NO ONE needs, takes, makes or is otherwise involved with that type of bullshit schedule.

      There is never that much attention lavished one one writer and I’ve worked on books and articles by many brilliant, popular, funny, talented, best selling authors and none have meeting schedules like Julia.

      Where’s her fucking lit agent, Katie Lee, when you need her, amirite?

      She’s such a fucking liar. How she could say that on the off chance that OMG Bears!, Rachel Sklar or – whoever the hell she is – Lightbulb Boobs McGee might read her blergh.

      Those women have actual media jobs in which they are contractually obligated to deliver X amount of content and/or media on a daily basis. I am sure they don’t have the damning meeting schedule Julia claims to have. And, I’d wager they are being paid more than the roughly $200/week Julia is pulling down with this column.

      Speaking engagements? Puh-lease.

      • There is absolutely zero chance anyone from that company is meeting with her.

        • If I weren’t chaperoning a field trip for one of my kittens tomorrow, I’d be tempted to show up at the Tribune Building at 11am to see if I could randomly talk my way into that meeting. (Not really, feel free to relax. I’m not into meddling in people’s lives, especially when those people seem to eventually ruin everything they touch without any outside help…)

        • She learned the terms “managing editor”, “subscription services” and “ad sales” and just tried to plug herself into what she thinks they each mean.

    • I really think that she may talk to an editor, who politely signs off with let’s meet next time you’re in town or something along those lines and she replies, oh, I’ll be in town next week!

  11. Seriously, what the flying fuck is this picture? I bet it ended up in some super awesome magazine in buttfuck nowhere (jk).

    • How DARE YOU.

      This photo ran in our Christmas issue last year, and the feedback we received was extremely positive. One of our most popular issues, as a matter of fact.

      We are hoping that Ms. Albertsons will keep us in mind when it comes time to release the ‘Ballgowns and Bling’ photos. Let me just say, I was fortunate enough to preview a few pix, and they were *stunning*.

  12. Arranging multiplatform cross promotion online tv radio spokesmodel opportunities to build the Tms brand no doubt


  13. Totally off topic.
    Do any of you basement dwellers have a writing enhancement software recommendation? I’m looking at White Horse, Grammarly, etc.
    Does anyone know of one that is good for say, writing business letters, helping kittens write, etc? A home-friendly kind of not super expensive one?

    • You might want to ask one of the ‘starving lab rats’ where you can find some ‘White Horse’. I heard their ‘Bridal’ was pretty good sh*t.

      • Thank you Dr. Gary. I will pick you up in my punchbuggy, which is much more gas friendly than your van, It will be filled w/ WhiteSmoke (if ya’ know what I mean), and blasting WhiteSnake.

  14. Wherever Julia “lives” is where she spends the least time? I remember when people were talking about how she was leaving NYC but it seemed like she was barely there to begin with (at least that last year). And now she’s in Chicago for an extended stay (and possible ongoing TV opportunity?) after Jack supposedly asked her to hurry back from Sweden.

    • Yes! Unless you are unfortunately truly homeless, having a home is just that – somewhere that you live. Have your stuff. Go home to. Sleep. Maybe eat. Why is just having a home the biggest drama this woman has in life? Why is so hard to just have a home?? I had a relationship with a man who spent several months at a time working around the globe as a movie stills photographer. But he still had a home, here, where he paid a mortgage, kept his furniture, came home to.
      The reason she tries to spin this “my life is too glamorous to have just one home” is because she can’t afford a home, and if she could, she has nowhere to make it because no city and no people want her. And if she ever had to commit to a permanent location, no spin in the world would hide that.

  15. Just visited Mary’s blergh. If it’s possible, she’s an even worse writer that Donkadonk. Lazy typos or just stupidity, it matters not. It’s a jumbled mess. She still cannot spell ‘sight’ correctly. But my guess is she’s making just as little $ as Jabbadonk.

    • Mary’s stupidity when it comes to spelling, grammar, and words in general is amazeballz!

    • You rang?

      My problem with Mary has always been that not only is she stupid, but she’s proud of it. Misspellings and typos is just who she are!

    • well, she is making zipola from the paper I work for, where her vanity blog somehow and I have no idea why, gets posted. thank god and all the little ducklings and bunnies for small favors.

  16. Fuck me. “We have a full team meeting tomorrow at 11 as well with about six people at the Tribune building. ”

    So tomorrow, 5 May, at Noon EST/11am CST/10am MST, when I am on a conf call with colleagues in NYC and clients in Denver, Julia Allison will be in a room with about 6 people, approx 1 more person than my conf call. FUCK! Where did I go wrong, so terribly wrong, in my life, that I can only meet with 5 people while Donkey has about 6 people?

    I am ashamed cat persons. For truly, about six people in a room at the Tribune building, is the true measure of success.

    • She tots has the oddest use of details that I’ve ever seen. Why 6? What is the point of saying that? So weird. So worrisome.

      • I used to drop oddly specific details into conversation as well – when I was 15 and spinning fairytales for my parents about my Friday night plans. Oh I’m going to a Bible study with Brenda and Nancy and Angela – she’s driving – and we’re going to talk about grace in 2nd Thessalonians and then eat Oreos and sing 3 devotional songs seeyalateriwillwearmyseatbeltbye!!! She’s LYING, and she’s doing so hilariously badly.

    • Hmmmmm….

      How much would you like to bet that it won’t be long before someone she is currently making life hell for at TMS has or will soon find us here???

      Think about it.

      I’d like for her “about 6 people” and meetings with her “managing editor” to blow up in her god damn plastic melty face.

    • My guess is that there really is a team meeting that Donkey somehow found out about and tomorrow when she drops her ass down in the middle of it all “about six” other people in it are going to be like, “WTF? Who asked her to this meeting?”

    • This is the tell about too much detail signifying the LIE LIE LIE. Sorry, as a mainstream professional journalist I just do not believe there is a “team” of 6 preparing to TRY to promote the stinking heap of clicheed bad writing that is Miss Pink Principessa Juliar Allison’s “social media column.” And yes, those are scare quotes around “social media column.”

  17. As someone said in another post, “Something is rotten in the state of Donkmark.” That Donkey is saying everything is fine just proves that it’s not. Donkey has been proven a liar many, many times over. It will be interesting to see this unravel.

  18. I received an email tonight from Julia who was inquiring as to why people thought I had lent her money and she had not paid me back…….and she was trying to figure out why I would say that. I explained the situation with the birthday party and the amex etc. When she heard the full story she apologized. And I accepted her apology and I know it was sincere and heartfelt. Nuff said…. No Bad Blood.

    • So she’s reading here then, going through the archives. Poor, bored Julie. Shouldn’t she be having a three-hour Skype date with her boyf?

      It’s nice that she apologised, but did she offer to make financial restitution? Or is an apology all she thinks you deserve?

    • In fact she did (over time) and I told her it was not necessary. Look I know you may not believe this but she was truly upset about it. And it was not BS… We exchanged a number of emails. Time for some slack

      • Fair enough. There are so many other things we can roll our eyes at. Consider the slack bitch cut.

        Oh. I mean. I’ll cut a bitch.

        No. Wait. I’ll cut her some slacks.

        Oh forget it.

        • I need my slacks cut… I actually bought those buttons you put on your pants for “temporary expansion” They work except you end up with a second belly button.

          • I like to think of that as the “emergency backup belly button.” Dignified!

      • That’s very generous of you.

        I say it’s time we officially change your name from ‘Creepy Divorced Bob’ to ‘Hot Bob’.

      • This is just my opinion, but you just got played.

        Dude, if you really think that a classic NPD like this one could EVER feel “truly upset” about the harm that she’s done another person — a harm and exploitation that lingered unmentioned for however long until you came here and started talking about it — then I don’t know what to tell you. You can’t observe such traits in a person and then be placated by “Sorry!” That’s called “enabling.”

        Again, just my opinion.

        • yeah, I gotta side with Gary on this one.

          The ONLY reason she’s upset is because she got caught, and she’s terrified of any of these editors doing too much “digging” into her past and finding stuff like that.

          It’s nothing personal. She is not caring about you or the situation, she cares about how others perceive her and the situation. She can be an extremely persuasive person when it comes to something she wants (ie cleaning up her reputation).

      • I’ll take the money if you don’t want it Bob, she can pay me, but not over time just in a lump sum.

        Over time? For someone who flies 8 times a month she sure is (pretending to be) broke.

        • How ’bout me and you split the money and blow it on a week in Maui? I’ll hook us up with a car + a place to stay. Then we’ll have lots of money leftover for important stuff, like cocktails.

    • Huh. Interesting. She must be reading here obsessively.

      It’s nice that she owned it and apologized. But honestly, she should make arrangements to pay you back. Like send a little something every month. Or, explain the situation to her parents and have them loan her the money to repay in full. Because at the end of the day, as nice as an apology is, it doesn’t pay your Amex bill.

      • I’m with you. Especially when she keeps spending hundreds of dollars on too small dresses.
        Ultimately, it’s Bob’s choice. And I/we (I think) like Bob (or rather his sense of humor/comments), so we should respect what he decides and treat the matter as water under bridge.

    • You seem like a really nice guy, Bob, so I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but THAT WAS TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO! NOW she decides to investigate and make amends? NOW? Not two years ago, around the time she alienated her best friend, her sister, Mary, over that damned birthday party? Now?
      Suffice it to say, I’m not impressed.

      • Bingo. Love ya, Bob, but she’s only reaching out now because she knows it’s out there and so she’s making noises about being apologetic and paying you back but it’s typical NPD “must make everyone believe I am a good person even though I am completely insincere in my apologies/offer to make amends.”

        It was a long time ago. There’s no way this is the first she heard of it — surely Mary must have told her when she found out. And she chose to ignore it until it ended up on RBD.

        • This. She is one manipulative bitch but you’re obviously a kind man HotBob. To respect your wishes to let it go, perhaps we should rename this situation, $$redacted$$

        • Also, people DO fuck up. There’s been times I’ve forgotten to pay back a debt but you know how I handled it? I sent the money AND a gift w/ a card because I felt truly horrible and it was an absolute no-brainer that the screw-up was mine and there was no way they were sending it back or whatever and if they REALLY felt like it was no big deal, then pay it forward.
          When one makes a mistake, one fixes it and learns from it.

      • Oh yeah, Bob was definitely played. If Donkey had an ounce of decency she’d pay him back in spite of his insistence on letting it go. And Bob, if this were just some guy who owed you money and not Julia Allison would you have let him get away with this kind of crap? I think everyone in the universe pretty much knows by now that Julia is a master at manipulation when it comes to getting things for free, and I don’t believe for a second that she didn’t know you got stuck with the bill. She has a well-established reputation for lying.

    • What is the full story? Sorry, I read here pretty often, and even I missed what the story was. Julie must read here obsessively!

  19. DUMB, arrogant donkey is now engaging in a twitter skirmish about why people should not be allowed to eat candy bars.

    • WTH?? God. Stop projecting your food issues onto other people.

      Someone is most definitely *Home Alone Julie* (tm a brilliant cat lady): bored and way too much time on her hands. Smells like trouble in YackLand.

    • The latest tweet about nutrition really got under my skin. I actually think that food stamps are primarily about feeding the hungry. Because they are hungry. But what do I know. She comes across as so thoughtless and nasty. Plus shut up about candy bars, dummy. Must step away now.

      • Right?

        @JuliaAllison: “@JasiLu @fastcompany – Honestly? I wish candy bars didn’t exist. I wish they LITERALLY weren’t sold – ANYWHERE. They are poison.”

        …says the girl who shoved 4 chocolate bars into her mouth in the corner of a Whole Foods.

        Julie, PLEASE get a therapist and stop yelling at people on the internet like a crazy lady who wandering around the neighborhood in her robe.

  20. I am REALLY fucking mad about her current twitter comments on food stamps and government assistance. REALLY REALLY MAD. I don’t understand why she thinks she has the authority to speak on this subject given a) her diet, b) the fact that she has publicly embraced eating candy bars (“poison” in her words) and other junk before (four choc. bars in Whole Foods, pounds of Andes at Christmas) and, c) has demonstrated REPEATEDLY that she knows absolutely NOTHING about government or public policy, despite dating a senator’s son and graduating with a degree in Political Science.

    As someone who is graduating from college in less than two weeks, also with a poli sci degree, and who also has been on food stamps, I am really astounded by her ignorance.


    • Me too, ASV. It’s making me angry and uncomfortable and frustrated. And this isn’t a “don’t take it so seriously” issue. It’s not pretty pink dresses and sprinkles. What a jerk.

      • I did reply to her twitter message, not in a mean or offensive way, just pointing out that sometimes people eat candy bars, herself included.

        I don’t think I would ever spend my energy on it, because I know she would never interpret it as constructive, but at times like these I really would like to email her and share how I used to kind of admire her and then she started saying really offensive and hurtful things about people like me (child of divorce, someone with mood disorders, someone who has received government assistance with food, etc) and I converted to Baugher/RBNS/RBD.

          • @JasiLu
            @JuliaAllison @fastcompany this is pure ignorance. how would you feel if YOU had to go on food stamps & could no longer buy a candy bar?
            @JuliaAllison Julia Allison
            @JasiLu @fastcompany – Healthier.

            She’d feel healthier if she was on food stamps?
            How, fuck? Her problem isn’t that sugar exists it’s her lack of self control. She like that kid who eats paste. You can tell him to stop. You can threaten him, you can tell him he’s going to get a sick tummy, but he never stops. The only way to win is to take away the paste because he’s too stupid and too stubborn to stop doing it on his own.

            Also, doesn’t she realise that you can’t use food stamps to buy cases of over-salted veggie chili online?

        • You’re a FFoJ (former fan of Julia), too? Welcome home, bunny, welcome home!

          • Lol, yup, back when I was a wee baby 18 year old I actually thought she was cool! And then I realized she was an asshole.

    • Yeah, with you here. As a person who grow up poor as dirt, fuck her for stating what folks who are scraping by can and cannot eat. She couldn’t survive the mental fear, the public humiliation of poverty and the fortitude it takes to wake up every day and dare to believe that you can rise out of poverty. She doesn’t have a spine or the ability to make something of herself outside of her family name. I am sure many cat persons on here are self-made, or have achieved without family support even when offered. Fuck this entitled twit.

      She’s a motherfucking elitist who wants to direct others on who to live but God forbid someone tell Donkey that her stall and valley smell like rotten cabbage.

      I said it once I will say it again: Spankings. Baughers, you did them wrong for decades.

      /rant off.

    • Julia is the expected privileged asshole who acts like being a taxpayer is the same thing as being a consumer. That article she retweeted was ridiculously paternalistic! If poor people shouldn’t be able to use food stamps to buy wasteful bottled water or extravagant lobster, then why should they be allowed to shop at Whole Foods, when better deals are available at other stores? And shouldn’t they be required to use coupons? Hey Julia, not everyone has gift cards from sponsors they can sell when they are short on cash. The point of food stamps is not healthy eating, it’s to prevent people from starving to death.

      • Exactly. I don’t claim to know much about the subject (I mean it’s not like I’m a syndicated columnist or anything) but I can see how off-base and controversial both the article and Julia’s comments are from a mile away. It’s uncomfortable on so many levels. Like Ann Colter uncomforatble. Like Birther uncomfortable. And you know what? I’d respect her opinion or at least that she HAD an opinion if she’d just bone up on the subject before she started tweeting inflammatory declarations. Ugggh. Must keep breathing.

        • I’ve never directly contacted her, but I was about .2348 seconds from replying to that tweet. The content pissed me off but, more than that, it’s upsetting that she’d state something like that without any real knowledge on the topic. I’d bet you an entire Whole Foods candy bar aisle that she saw the Fast Company tweet and thought, “Ohhh!!!! Something to make my future Republican in-laws looooove me!!!!”

          She’s pathetic.

          • I had such a rage stroke I tweeted at her and commented on her blog. This is my serious snapping point. Rich assholes who don’t know a thing about going hungry and being poor holding down people who aren’t as lucky as they are.

            Julia would complain about homeless people who have cell phones or low income teens with Nike shoes. Such an asshole.

    • Chocolate is to heal the distraught emotions of privileged white girls with no job. NOT FOR POORS!

    • “Food stamps are to help with nutrition. Candy bars don’t do that.”

      Um, they’re for food. That’s why they’re called Food Stamps. So hungry people can eat. While no one is disagreeing that candy is not healthy, it’s still technically FOOD. Which is nutrition. Not good nutrition but still keeps someone from going hungry.

      I get what the argument is about, but she misses all of it by a mile. LET”S BAN CANDY BARS SO I DON’T GET FAT AND POORS SHOULDN”T EAT THEM ANYWAY (theyr’e already fat & gross)

      • She’s infuriating. Seriously dumb and clueless. Fresh produce ain’t cheap. Someone feeding a family w/ foodstamps knows this. They can’t go into the local grocery store w/ their foodstamps & stock up on tons of bok-choy, baby spinach, arugula and such. No. It’s the canned stuff. The processed stuff that gets most bang for their foodstamp dollars. Not that she would know.
        We grow a small garden every year and sometimes have an abundance of one type of plant that ends up rotting.
        I’m making the effort this year to find a food bank.
        She is so f’ing clueless.

        • DLM, you took the words out of my mouth; it’s expensive to feed your family healthy meals. Fast food and junk food are cheap. Anyone who has done just a little amount of reading on the subject would know this (let me google that for you). Her reply that she would be healthier on foodstamps is just so full of asshole. Again, that one comment crystallizes how she thinks and all that is wrong with her. My family was on food stamps when I was little and the shame and embarrassment is something you never forget. She has zero compassion.

      • Also dark chocolate is extremely healthy in moderation. She’s a fucking asshole. As long as Daddy gives her enough money for gourmet chocolate, who cares right?

        What a hideous human being. She makes me embarrassed to have a vagina.

    • She clearly doesn’t consider how the ban would impact a family. Say, a child would like to have a birthday party or participate in Halloween celebration. Don’t you think that other kids would notice? Don’t you think that other kids would BULLY? Will someone please think about the children??

      Had the dumb donkey and her moron brigade cared about poisoning children via food, she would’ve looked into how food is marketed in poorer neighborhood and how it differs from the rich ones.

    • She really should shut the hell up about things she doesn’t know anything about.

      Hey, Julie? How about you take that money you owe Bob and donate it to your local food bank?

    • Based on the last couple of tweets, she’s basically saying candy bars should be banned because she can’t fucking control herself enough to not buy them.

      What a fucking dumbass asshole. God, I am so pissed off right now. I don’t think I’ve ever been as irritated with her as I am tonight.

  21. Aaaand here’s that meltdown all you catladies (and dudebrahs like myself) were predicting.

    • Yep. Just like clockwork.

      Aaaannndddd she’s STILL fighting with people on twitter:

      @GailSmithJ: @JuliaAllison Oh geeze, candy bars are not poison unless you happen to be someone with no self-control. In moderation, they’re fine.

      @juliaallison: @GailSmithJ – Not according to this guy!

      @juliaallison: Sugar is a Poison:

      @chelsea_hunter: @juliaallison So you can indulge in chocolate/sugar whenever you want, but poor people don’t get that same option? Doesn’t seem fair.

      *passes out candy bars + soda to the other cat ladies staying up late + watching tonight’s show*

    • This isn’t a meltdown. Just a hoof-stomping hissyfit because she has no boyfriend or parents within braying distance. Someone has to pay attention to her and, dammit, it’s gonna have to be Twitter-strangers.

      • yeah, just a hissy fit. The meltdown is coming. Mark my words. This whole separation at the alleged love-object’s birthday bodes no good.

  22. JuliaAllison Julia Allison
    @chelsea_hunter – Huh? I wish sugar didn’t exist for me to consume!
    9 minutes ago

    1. Toxicity is determined by dosage.
    2. In that NY Times article, the expert repeatedly calls sugar “evil,” which is not scientific language.
    3. Sugar is necessary for survival! Glucose is needed for respiration, which converts glucose to ATP, the energy currency. All food with nutritional value has either sugar or something that can be converted to sugar.

    • Oh my god. Now she’s saying it’s not her fault she has no self-control. Latest tweet:
      While I love eating sugary foods, I’m trying to excise sugar from my life as much as possible. Would be easier if it wasn’t so available.

      It’s like she’s actively trying to make my head explode.

        • There, there! It’s going to be just fine. Lie down on the couch. Here are some extra cushions.

          *applies Cankleshausen ointment to @solidarity cat’s forehead. mixes very strong cocktail and instructs @solidarity cat to take a few sips. gives neck rub.*

          Now, isn’t that better?

          • @solidarity cat

            Oh! You wanted something to *snort*? Well why didn’t you say so?!

            *opens purse and pulls out ‘party favors’ (wink wink)*

      • Oh, jesus. Why has no one thought of this?! Let’s just get rid of everything addicts might get their hands on! Alcohol, cigarettes, porn, gambling, video games, etc etc etc. Oh, and those painkillers, Mrs. Nutterworth? We’re gonna need those too!

    • But, you see, Julie Albertson can’t control herself, therefore sugar must be removed from stores, forthwith! Does that help?

  23. I believe someone called this? From her blergh:

    ‘These are the guys who train right outside – just a few hundred feet – from where Jack & I live in Coronado:

    I know I’m not alone here, especially after Sunday, but I have a lot of respect for the Navy SEALS.

    “If that thing had gone bad, the conversation you and I would be having would be completely different,” Mr. Shipley said. “There’s only two ways to go in these operations — zero or hero.”

    No pressure or anything.’

    (link missing on the first line. but i refuse to click on her blaaaagh to get it. assuming it’s a photo of Navy Seals jogging on the beach or something cliche like that?)

    • I’m like my dog who is afraid of thunderstorms….a round of thunder and lightning passes and my huscat and I get her sort of calmed down and then there is a big thunder-crack and it’s even worse than before plus she doesn’t trust us because we told her it was all over….that’s how I feel tonight. It just won’t stop!

      • *realizes situation is more serious than first suspected. hands @solidarity cat a xanax, gives foot rub. fires up Freaks & Geeks DVD.*

    • The cat person wasn’t specific, but I think Donksers won the OTB pool, the bet being who would Donkey mention first in next blergh or tweet: Taylor, T Ferris or P’cake.

      Congrats Donksers. You Mastered the Bray.

  24. Julia, stop middle-of-the-night manic tweeting. It makes you look sooooo stupid.

    Does that help?

    • OMG. She’s still at it?

      @juliaallison: @chelsea_hunter – the govt has told people what to eat for decades – from nutrition guidelines to school lunches to corn subsidies.

      @juliaallison: @chelsea_hunter – I don’t think they should be allowed to sell anything like candy or with those ingredients (high fructose corn syrup)

      The later it gets, the more she sounds like a fascist dictator. Bish plz. Take an Ambien and call it a night.

  25. My guess, this is all about Cindy. First she gave Julie the stink eye on the graduation videos. Next she saved Donkey a commerative Horror show t-shirt. Then she sent full body flannels footies to the the happy couple. So maybe Cindy put her foot down; Jack can have occasional guests, but no roommates in the condo she owns.
    Now Julie is playing a long game/stalemate by leaving her summer dresses, magazines and Lily with Pancakes. Keep an eye on Cindy’s Twitter. Julie is not going back to San Diego till Cindy is on the East Coast or overseas – too far away to stop her.

    • Exactly. “JuliaAllison While I love eating sugary foods, I’m trying to excise sugar from my life as much as possible. Would be easier if it wasn’t so available.”


  26. I know it’s bad to engage La Burra, but I tweeted her about the food thing because she is just too dumb to function.

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