How Dare Gawker Make The Defamatory Statement That Julia Allison Was Making Out With Sean Parker While She Was Dating Greasy and Craving Pancakes!

Interesting. . .

After a brief apparent dalliance with lifecaster turned syndicated columnist Julia Allison—at least one witness spotted the enamored pair kissing at the Manhattan restaurant The Lion in October—Parker then took up with his soon-to-be-fiancée that same month.

Hmm. . . . October. . . what happened in October? Oh yeah, she was attending Oktoberfest parties with Greasy and dripping her syrup over a plate of Pancakes. How did she even fit this in, and what did they even talk about?

“OMG, OMG, HERE’S THE THING! I was in a commercial with Justin Timberlake. And Justin Timberlake played you in a movie! Let’s get married!”


  1. I need someone to explain this video to me. I’ve watched it a few times over the years and I just DO NOT UNDERSTAND. What was the purpose? Who/what was this for? Why does she randomly make out with that guy? I’m so confused!

  2. That video makes me throw up in my mouth a little. She looks like a terrible kisser. Like she has one of those *slug* tongues. Ick.

  3. I’ve been drinking and I love you all! Also, I’ve definitely made out with three guys in the space of a month, albeit not when I was quite as old as L’Donk. I don’t mind being called a whore but I will throw down if anyone compares me to Julia Allison.

    • The difference would be, I am assuming, that you enjoyed it and did it for fun and thrills. I don’t think she gets any actual pleasure out of it except for imagining other people watching her. It’s the difference between female sexual agency (thumbs up!) and attention-whoring (boo).

    • Girl (boy?), who gives a shit? I mean, 3 guys, whatever. As long as you’re taking care of yourself and not getting mixed up and you’re happy, not a big deal.

      • It seems like it’s a big deal when the person up to these shenanigans is Julia Allison. If she wants to get her freak on with a bunch of dudes while a Chanel bag stuffed with clip-in pelts rests on the nightstand, more power to her. I despise her for other reasons entirely!

    • I’ve definitely made out with three guys in one *night* before. One of them in the bathroom of a tour bus.

      *hangs head*
      *remembers said make outs*
      *lifts chins, proudly readjusts slut badge*

      I think the only thing I find strange about this new JA revelation is less that she canoodled with multiple people, and more that she was being all-about-Greasy. That was what threw me with the Panks thing, too. Her rapid turn about from being all emo about leaving her ‘sweet SF boy’ sleeping in bed to being all “I’m in love with a McCain, of the Senatorial and rich, rich, rich McCains!”

      Throwing another dude in that mix does confuse even more. Publicly braying about how smitten you are with one dude and then haphazardly making out with anyone who has a modicum of name or success… well, it actually isn’t THAT confusing. It’s just business as usual for her — networking with her tongue and generous ass-ets.

  4. clearly sean parker >>> pancakes. too bad sean parker has taste and can probably see through julia, whereas pancakes comes from a family known largely for questionable choices

  5. Julia Allison you are a Rent-A-Vagina. Gurrrl, you should stop shilling Volvos and start shilling vaginal products – tampons, lube, condoms. Seriously Julia, vaginal shilling is the only thing you are qualified for, and that my dear might finally make you your fuck you money. Literally.

    PS: Dear Mr and Mrs Baugher, your daughter is a ho.

  6. Forgive me–I am still distance Donking. I just read the VF profile on Sean Parker.
    Julia’s lifestyle-cribbing from everyone who she perceives influential-gives me ills. I imagine her studying that article pre-makeout and highlighting (sadly, not using the MacAir):

    Sean may be the long-lost grandson of Howard Hughes—a brilliant entrepreneur who is somehow transforming the United States and yet is not understood by society. Sean is one of the great serial entrepreneurs of his generation, someone who is really changing the world and turning the wheel of history.

    While Parker has few generational equals in terms of raw achievement, that doesn’t mean he isn’t still surprisingly insecure. As several bemused friends and associates recounted, he devoted considerable effort—knowing a reporter would be interviewing them for this piece—to attempting to script their comments. (Mostly, they say, he appears to have wanted them to characterize his wilder behavior as youthful indiscretions.)

    “If there’s some triumphant end of the story, I guess in a roundabout way I’ve gotten what I wanted,” Parker posits late one night, “which is the ability to do interesting things and the wealth to be free…. I can sort of do what I want. Maybe I have to work harder to prove myself in some new relationship because they’ve heard some wacky stories about me. But at least I can get the meeting.”

    The road, he points out, has been rocky. “It hasn’t been some kind of fairy tale for me. All of my success has been born of failure. Your childhood dreams are always tales of glory; reality is a lot messier and more dramatic.”

    Girl is ruthless.

    • What is this “distance Donking” that you are doing? Is that like what Pancakes is doing?

        • all the course content for the phd is online, i think she’s just spending a semester abroad before her parents give her a small 10k gift upon graduation.

  7. Big deal, she kissed (if its to be believed) a guy near the terminus of her relationship with Greasy and then started dating Pancakes, never to see S.P. again. I’ve seen my female friends do much much much worse. I like to poke fun of Julia too but this is just a little too Puritanical for me.

    • agreed. non story.

      That video though…

      • I agree 100%….yes, this is technically cheating (if Greasy and Julia were exclusive) and so it makes her a bit of a ho (which we already knew), but it isn’t really that newsworthy. If they weren’t exclusive, it just makes her normal – not at all slutty. I’m sure most of us have done worse..

    • It’s her using sex to gain power that grinds my gears. She made out with him so she could leave the tip with Gawker and get more exposure. That, to me, is whore behavior.

    • Given that she was doing more than kissing with at least some of these guys, there’s a possibility that she’s got sores elsewhere.

  8. Sean Parker’s fiancee is super fug. She actually looks like a downgrade from the Donk.

    Just how much coke is he alleged to be hoovering to make putting a ring on that droopy-eyed girl seem like a good idea?

      • Word. I’m kind of into the whole ‘droopy eyed’ thing, though.

        Although, I thought the Halloween costume was supposed to be Speidi, which I thought was hilarious. I get why the Timberlake thing SHOULD be funny, but the execution was poor.

    • sean’s fiance is not bad looking, but she’s only slightly better looking than donkey. it seems like they really get along personally, though. in the abstract, you’d expect sean to be able to get a lot better than donkey or this girl, for sure.

      • “expect him to get a lot better” ? Jesus. That’s pretty disgusting. He deserves a higher caliber of women, you think? Because he’s rich? And rich guys only deserve super hot women? And that girl he’s with is not hot enough for you? Go back to sixth grade.

        • No but for some reason if you have hundreds of millions of dollars really hot women follow you around, its weird its like they are trading their good looks for your money.

          • basically. and i didnt say i agree with this, just making an observation. this site is full of jezebel readers, though.

          • AFF, I usually don’t bother, but seriously? You know jack shit about dude’s girlfriend, other than you don’t think she is ‘hot’ enough for him, considering he is loaded.

            Maybe some dudes, umm, care about qualities other than just having the ‘hottest’ piece of ass?

            It’s a revolutionary idea, I know, but try wrapping your brain around it.

            While you are wrapping your brain around it, try and consider why people on this site might find your valuation of this woman to be so offensive.

            Seriously, sometimes you are as tone-deaf as JA.

          • @mcakez

            reading comprehension problems? (“it seems like they really get along personally”)

            ummm durrrrr, you mean guys care about much more than looks? really? never knew that! of course you know little about me, but shockingly my fiancecat and i have a relationship based on much more than looks. are you really that stupid to make assumptions about me for something i write on RBD when venting about this stupid vapid fameball? fuck the fuck off.

          • I just feel like pointing out, for the record, that right after this response AFF came into chat and had a big cry-baby tantrum about how he is so misunderstood. I patted his head and dried his tears and now we are besties again.


      • Sometimes I wonder about your misogyny. You really like to see women as the other who are meant to be “had” by men, eh?

        • Maybe he picked up this tendency in college. Where did he go to college, again? I plumb forgot.

          • Ha, CTBob, I actually looked it up to make certain I was using the right word.

            1 informal exactly : a contrabassoonist who sits plumb in the middle of the wind section.
            • [as submodifier ] to a very high degree; extremely : they must both be plumb crazy.
            • [as submodifier ] completely : the transmission was plumb worn out.
            2 archaic vertically : drapery fell from their human forms plumb down.

    • She looks like the poor man’s version of Isla Fisher, Sasha Baron Cohen’s wife.

  9. Seriously, I totally agree. I mean, JP, I can see why it was irresistible to post the way you did about it, and of course you are funny as fuck and remembering to include that video was genius, but to the rest of y’all, what is this world coming to when a girl who kisses 3 boys in 3 weeks has to be told she’s an advertisement for gonorrhea or herpes or somesuch?

    Call her out for bunburying and whatnot if you like, but if you think she is a slut you need to move to a major metropolitan area and/or get out more.

    • it’s the blatant OBO’ing and search for a guy to pay her bills since she has no career…. it’s not the kissing or whatnot. its the fact she’s a useless, spineless, shiftless sack of shit.

    • I (and probably many others here) don’t really care if she makes out with three guys in three hours, because, hey, whatever works for her. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being slutty, it can be good fun. Personally, I just don’t think it’s very healthy/smart to treat your dating life like college applications and don’t even bother with a realistic option that actually fits. Instead it’s safety school (Greasy), reach (Parker) or party school (Pancakes).

    • It’s not that she makes out with 3 guys in 3 weeks — it’s the OBOing and that we are reading about it in the fucking news that’s gross. She’s an inveterate OBOing braggart. And that is 1 million times worse than just being a slut on the town having fun.

    • You really think that all she did with these guys – while overlapping – was kiss them?

  10. I don’t think most of us are slut shaming here (a kiss? LOLOL) since sex all the time forever is pretty rad. But when it becomes less about filling and meeting needs (emotional, physical, take your pick) and more about opportunities? Yeah, that’s gross. Who knows if that’s what was going on here.

    /off to do it lots

    • This. It’s not slut shaming. I, at times, am a huge slut. It’s the blatant OBO-ing, especially since on her blog she was all about dear, dear Greasy through almost Christmas, pretending what they had was real.

      • I think what bothers me is that things like that come out all the time. But she will claim to have been so madly in love with someone and then you do the math and realize that she was hooking up with 3 guys the whole time. (*Ahem* redacted) If you say – oh I was just having fun – then great! But to claim that you were so in love doesn’t explain how on the brink of marriage you were OBOing all over the US of A.

        • Exactly. Homegirl can make out with every guy from here to Afghanistan, for all I care. It’s the fact that while she was doing it, she was portraying herself as this sweet little girlfriend who was pinning for her long distance lover in San Francisco. All the while she was, around the same time, pursuing Jack McCain, and if the tip is to be believed, Sean Parker.

          What gets to me about her is not her behavior, per se. It’s the fact that she doesn’t own up to her behavior. Either she won’t admit that she makes a mistake — which this wasn’t, get yours gurl! — or it is revealed that what she portrays to the public is a complete and total lie. It’s about building trust with your audience, and portraying yourself as anything but the gold digger she actually is won’t garner the trust with her audience that she thinks she deserves. The lack of trust is why she has detractors.

          (Not that we should trust a complete stranger, by the way, but she built a business around her life, and the lack of trust regarding the “product” she puts out there is why I believe she has receive so much negative reaction.)

          • “built a business around her life”

            ummmm….. what business? you mean her hobby tumblr?

    • I agree! It’s not like she’s just fucking nameless hot pieces that attract her on their own qualities. She is time and again trying to fuck names that no one just out for a good time would be moving in on if it weren’t for their names/accomplishments. Accomplishment can be sexy for sure, but in her case, she is a whore for a name and that doesn’t make her a hot slut just getting laid. It makes her the worst kind gold digger, because she lacks all game at it.

  11. Is there any doubt here that Donkey planted this item? I’d bet my sweet bippy.

    • Exactly. I don’t think it’s scandalous at all for a woman to date multiple men. The item is just fishy. Sean Parker is smart enough to most certainly know who JA is, and that given her rich-husband-hunting proclivities he’d be in for much more than a one-night stand. I don’t think it happened, or if it did, JA planted it.

    • “Brief apparent dalliance” sounds like it came from the same word grave yard the “canoodling” with Jay Cutlet or whatever his name was must have escaped from.

    • I guess I should also clarify that I actually don’t believe this little piece of information for one bit. This tots sounds like a Donkey dropping.

    • This screams publicist dropping to me. Poor Ryan Tate — reduced to including Donkey Publicist Sanctioned Droppings in his columns. Oh, what a dirty world it is.

        • Ha! Yes!! Can you imagine?? Ryan Tate now having to link to that shit is deep hilarity in and of itself. He used to write critical things of her and now he links to her mushy brain farts as a columnist. That must really cut to the core.

      • Ah, that would make sense considering she “just” got a publicist. She’s never going away is she? 🙁

  12. So, not that I’m saying anything about Julia Allison’s skills as a television personality or human being, but in the six and a half minutes she’s sitting on the park bench in that video she smooths/adjusts her hair twenty-two times. That’s once every eighteen seconds.

    • Why does she throw this stuff out there? Was she ever supposed to go? Does she ever read her own twitter?

      Looking forward to being back in NYC April 5th to walk in the Dressed to Kilt charity fashion show, benefiting the Wounded Warrior Project. 10:39 AM Mar 28th via web

      Finishing up this week’s @SocialStudies column, then packing for San Diego to reunite with the boyfriend! If he still remembers me 😉 Monday, April 04, 2011 8:50:50 AM via web

  13. OT
    But TJ of nonsociety/ realtity tv fame got in a fist fight and has a police report pending. Radar and gawker have it…

    • “A-List attentionbot T.J. Kelly “assaulted and beat” a a guy at a club, according to the club guy, who told T.J. that his boyfriend sucked, and threw water on him. “He assaulted me and demanded I do what he said because he was a ‘reality star,”” and “punched me so hard that he cut my face with his nail.” But web someone punches you, his fingernails are curled up inside his fist, no? Club guy’s injuries are more consistent with a bitch slap or eyeball-claw-out. ”

      Nice to know that he is behaving as predicted.

      • I’ve heard from some gay boys about town that he’s been seen partying UP A STORM in Chelsea. I not sure he’s so #sober anymore.

      • Oh lordy. And it was at a club in Sayville, on Long Island. The guy who was assaulted actually paid to have Teej show up for an event. Glam! No, Tacky and tawdry, all of it. Ugh.

    • Oh well, at least he can hit the LEARN button.

      I need to get me one of them things…

  14. he looks like justin timberlake – and that’s not a compliment

    IRL he’s pretty intense, a touch smarmy, but not really arrogant

  15. She is so PROFOUNDLY unappealing on camera. Seriously. Beyond the disgusting, lying, gold-digging personality, she’s just GROSS on screen. Clearly so self absorbed…all she’s thinking about is how SHE must look right now, and it shows.

    If it weren’t for the fact she sucks a dick at the drop of a hat and her father’s wealthy connections, this bitch couldn’t hold down a job at an Orange Julius.

    And since its been awhile:

    P.S. Donkey, John McCain, Jack McCain, Cindy McCain, Julia Allison, Julia Baugher, Mediabistro, Hoya, plagiarism, plagiarize, plagiarist, plagiarism, fired, columnist, column, grapefruit, macbook air, redacted, nonsociety, reblogging nonsociety, Peter Baugher, Robin Baugher, Chicago, Tribute Media, Social Studies, social media, liar, fraud, fat, fat, fat

  16. With Sean Parker (photo credit Randi Zuckerberg!)

    Meghan & I spent quite a bit of time talking with Sean & his gorgeous girlfriend Kate, and I can’t speak highly enough about both of them.  Just good, solid people.  Sean, of course, has had ridiculous success at a monstrously young age – he founded Napster at 19, then went on to co-found Plaxo, then serve as the founding President of Facebook, and now runs Causes on Facebook.  As you might imagine, he’s intelligent, well-spoken, and a decidedly dapper dresser (we think that might have something to do with Kate, though).  But what really struck me is how kind he is, and how well he treats people.  Over the course of two dinners and several in-between-session conversations, I saw a depth of fairness and sense of quiet, calm confidence that is rare or almost nonexistent in people – let alone those his age.

    I try to give credit to those who deserve it, and he most certainly deserves it.  Would that more of Silicon Valley were like Sean Parker.
    Via searching “Sean Parker” on Donqué’s blog. Er, company. Er, hobby.

    • what does a “monstrously young age” even fucking mean? jesus christ she’s a terrible writer.

        • And ridiculous(ly)! She really can’t go a paragraph without using that effing word. Her educators should have to face a tribunal.

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