In the Interest of Fairness. . .

Apparently the sponsored Swedish vacation contest shilling is no April Fool’s Joke, as speculated. The contest is now live. Good for her for still landing shilling gigs, but for the life of me I do not understand why she would be a good promotional fit for anything car related since she, you know, doesn’t actually own one.

Her coverage of the country that gave us “I Saw the Sign,” lingonberry jam, a little memory eraser I like to call “Absolut” and this — again, thanks for that — is somewhat lacking, however. Basically, if you look at her blog or her Twitter, Sweden is non-specifically awesome and tasty. Oh, and did you know they have IKEA there? Wow! This place is just like America! We have IKEA and meatballs too!


  1. How can she call herself a journalist when she doesn’t report on anything and gets paid by PR and marketing firms to promote things.

    Any real journalist would consider it unethical and tacky.

    • What I want to know is – how does she get these shill opportunities? She really doesn’t have that many Twitter followers and her blog stats aren’t that impressive. Does she have an agent that seeks these opportunities out? Do they come to her? It just doesn’t make sense – things like Sea World or Sweden are not in her demographic AT ALL. Does she get them because legitimate journalists and bloggers turn their nose up at them? I don’t get it.

      • I used to get these offers a lot when I was more involved in this nonsense. Some agency with no fucking clue probably arranged. These social media marketing companies are basically scams. No real marketing or advertising chops. A couple of douchebags who like twitter and FB get together. “Hey kids let’s start an agency!!” Then they go sell to some sap somewhere even more clueless than they are.

      • There are all of these marketing “clearinghouses” like social spark etc. Julia was signed up with at least one, the one that gave her the trip to Sea World. And like Loren said, they have no idea what they are doing.

  2. How can SO many people be SO stupid SO much of the time? How does this woman keep getting second (or 1,340,773,032nd) chances when she is obviously so completely terrible at everything she sets out to do? I’d be so tempted to call her a failure after her fuck you money business idea fizzled, she left New York with her tail between her legs, every one of her relationships ended in a spectacularly bad fashion, most of her friends have turned their backs on her, etc. etc. but she keeps getting opportunities.

    She honest to fuck represents everything bad about the world. Her narcissism and special brand of lazy ruthlessness have been consistently rewarded, time and time again, with offers and opportunities she eventually ruins, each and every time. She never puts forth anything remotely resembling quality content. She is a BAD WRITER. She is a LAUGHABLE JOURNALIST. She is a HORRIBLE FRIEND. She is SOCIALLY INEPT. She EATS PUPPIES.

    • “… narcissism and special brand of lazy ruthlessness have been consistently rewarded, time and time again, … ”

      ^^^ this ^^^ this is what bothers me so much about the world, (or my world anyway), as I know it today. I can NOT turn away because this scenario plays out everywhere, all the time, big and small, and I’m always feeling like I’ve missed some kind of train. I watch because I seriously want to know WHAT happens to people like this! I mean eventually. It’s like I keep turning the page waiting for the part where the piper comes for his due.

      • Agreed. I’m waiting for karma to catch up with her but it’s taking its sweet damn time.

      • A-fucking-men

        I’m still waiting for Chaney/Bush to share a cell but I’ll be waiting a long time. Money insulates & breeds & attracts more money. C’est la vie.

  3. If I was the president of Volvo I would fire the VP of marketing. That person is obviously clueless about using social media for buzz. She can’t be the target demographic, and she is not a “social media” expert. I would wager that most of her “following” are just watching the shit-show train wreck for amusement. It will be interesting to see how she gets a Volvo plug into her “column”.

    • “After a night on the town full of meatballs, I was thankful that I could fit my raft ass inside the roomy new Volvo V50 Wagon!”

  4. Her attempts at humor might make me angrier than anything else she does.

    She is SO. FUCKING. LAME. At least people with such inherently flat sense of humor usually have the sense not to try and make lolz all the time.

    What a vapid waste of space.

  5. Just because the contest launched, does that really mean she was sent as a shill? And if she was, don’t you think there would be some sort of mention about her involvement by the company? After all, her parents could have just purchased a car via the Overseas Delivery program (that operates year-round)…

    • I agree. Still not convinced she has a real shill job.

      Me thinks she’s picking up the car with Robin and lying saying her trip is sponsored. The contest being open is a coincidence.

    • This. She was not sponsored. I have never in my life see an agency use bloggers to promote something and just use one. It is usually an all out assault involving at least 20. Plus, there is no chatter on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media outlets which would typically be flooded if this were an organized campaign.

      Plus, she made a point to post many comments and responses regarding whether or not her mom bought a Volvo. She did not, however, post or respond to mine which asked whether her mother OR a family member bought a Volvo. I wonder why? And I even used my real name.

    • Yeah, something is rotten in Denmark Sweden. It isn’t what she says it is – there is no question she is lying to make it seem like something it isn’t.

      I think the presence of her mother is the tell. If Julia had two spots available, she would have given that second seat to anyone she could bray about. She would be tweeting to that person, being all social media manic about it – she would have done ANYTHING to make it seem like she was sharing her fabulous life with her fabulous important friends.

      Not buying it. I think there is a new car registration coming to the Baugher house.

      • Agreed. I still think the car purchasing theory is correct. We know that there really is a contest now, but we have no knowledge of whether Julia is in any way affiliated with the contest.

  6. is really getting their money out of Julia Allison. She’s been there since March 28th and has posted a whole picture in her blog. She has also posted five entire tweets, not counting an @reply which will not appear in her followers’ timelines. These tweets have provided the following information that would tantalize anyone into visiting this fine, fair country. Did you know?

    1. While visiting Sweden, you will experience severe jet lag.

    2. There are two (possibly three) ways to spell Gothenburg.

    3. You will get “very fat” while you are there and be unable to fit into your normal clothing.

    4. There is more in Sweden than just meatballs and IKEA. The entire economy is not driven by particle-board furniture and meatballs. The mind reels. I had no idea.

    5. Good morning, Malmo!

    So just one country can leave me exhausted, confused, fat, and inarticulate? Pack our bags, H.R. Fluffenstuff, we’re going to STOCKHOLM! IT’S NOT JUST A SYNDROME, IT’S A CITY!

    • The whole “getting so fat” shit has really bugged me. Out of all the things to talk about, she has mentioned the fat thing at least 2 or 3 times. She has to be parroting things her mom has said during their trip, and it makes me Her mom passed on to Julia all of her eating disorder issues.

      • I almost posted on that the other day. Donkey, just eat. Eat what you like and eat it in moderation. No chocolate binges followed by the Kale Nectar Colon Blow. Just fucking enjoy life and eat while you’re on vacation and if you gain a couple of pounds, no biggie, do a few more workouts when you get home and chillax. She and/or her mother really know how to sap the joy out of life.

    • I’m laughing to myself at my desk while I do my errands over your Stockholm slogan!

      I’m sorry Sweden 🙁 You gave us the Swedish Chef and yes, Vampire Eric, and then we return the favor by sending over Julia Allison.

      Also does anyone remember eating Croonchy Stars, the Swedish Chef’s own cereal, some time in the 80s?

  7. nothing enrages me about this Thundercunt than her “humor” when it really displays the lowest form of ignorance.

    It’s very possible that most Americans don’t know anything about Sweden other than IKEA and meatballs. But most Americans wouldn’t be PROUD of that ignorance, and I can’t imagine ANY American about to fly there and not learn something about the country.

    Her “joke” presupposes that that’s all anyone knows about the other country and isn’t it tee-hee funny. No, your ignorance isn’t funny, and it’s not funny to assume everyone else is as ignorant as you you THUNDERCUNT

    Yes, I should feel free to relax….

    • “But most Americans wouldn’t be PROUD of that ignorance, and I can’t imagine ANY American about to fly there and not learn something about the country.”

      hahaha. i think most, sadly, would be proud of that ignorance and most Americans who fly places, don’t really spend a lot of time learning about the country.

    • KashMoney – please tell me that your name derives from my all-time favorite Partypants story about the Domino’s delivery man.

      • Was that from chat? I pop in there once in a blue moon and maybe a year+ ago there was an epic evening in which PP ordered a pizza from Domino’s and KashMoney was spouting off Domino’s trivia. As I recall, there was a lively discussion of sgatniks as well. I was never sure if PP was KashMoney or if it was some hilarious cat lady but I wish there was a transcript, it was priceless!

        • No. Kashmoney actually delivered PP’s pizza. She posted her delivery slip and the driver’s name was “Kashmoney.” PP asked him if he was for realz and he claimed, “yes.”

          • Ah, thank you! I think some cat lady took it and ran with it during the chat – someone was posting hilarious commentary under the nickname KashMoney but it must have originated with the delivery guy. My memory of the details is a little fuzzy.

          • Wasn’t that PP coming in & out of chat as KashMoney? Like you, I’m fuzzy, but I remember it being a fun night in there.

    • Hey, remember that fun little ‘theory’ that DA FUKK??! was actually Rachel Marsden?

      DA FUKK??!’s comment from February of this year:
      “Three years ago Donkey emailed me to request an interview for a TONY “column”. I spent an hour on the phone with her. The article ended up being 99.9% everything I dictated verbatim…unattributed as though they were her thoughts…plus a 4-word quote attributed to me.
      She is a fucking intellectual thief.”

      Hoolia’s posting of a TONY column from 2008.

      Your crazy is showing, yo.

      • Da Fukk & Da Donkey share a memoir RE: escaped exes:

        “You think you’re safe. You’re wrong.”

        • JA had a lesson to impart in that 2008 column:
          ‘ When in a relationship – and especially ending one – take a deep breath and step … away … from … the … computer. You – and all of the people you date subsequently – will thank me.’
          Unless you are dating Jack jack jack jack JACK JACK JACK McCain Jr! In which case be sure to share the exact length of your phone convos, your menu, and his sleep schedule.
          But seriously, Julia? Here is a word of advice: You come across as a blatant star fucker and you always have, but if I were you I would stop it NOW. Just because JACK MCCAIN JR says he doesn’t mind if you write about him, doesn’t mean he’s gonna stay cool once you post one too many twee details and the honeymoon period wears off, or as some people would call it, the penny drops. Also, his high profile family, while very tacky themselves, might not be so thrilled by this extremely gauche behavior, especially over time. If you want to close this deal, which you should since JACK is the most famous and likely the richest guy you have dated ( kudos!) and you are ye olde now, oh and also you wicked love him, I forgot about that part, you should really develop some discretion. Airing out the details is for the divorce, not the courtship. However I’m sure your NPD will not allow you to follow this sage advice and instead we will be privileged to watch it Unfold as it always does… in the same way as it always does…

  8. Jacy and Cristobal should get the free trips because I just signed up! and i knew about it from RBD! Wouldn’t it be awesome if a catperson actually won the trip?

    • I’d kill to go on a Swedish road trip with my BFF Cristobal! Bob! Are you our Fairy Godmother?

      • be sure to post one grey, sad looking pic of a lonely looking girl in bad fashion on the water’s edge where the sharks are obviously too cold to BITE her.

      • I think everyone who reads here should sign up and if we win Jacy and Cristobal get the trip.. Pinky swear everyone????

        • I’ll do it too! That would be really, really awesome. I would love to see someone here have fun.

        • I just went there. Could Cristobal and Jacy please site/cite/sight the specifics of your trip and car? Since I just FEELITHTATI’MOMGGOINGTOWIN!!!, it would be nice if you actually got what you wanted. Yes?

    • Then again, all the “man, how dumb is Volvo for hiring JA” talk takes a different bent when a horde of RBD readers go fill out a ton of entries on the site…

      • well if we were to go there (carfartvacations) from this site it would be “ironic” no? And if Jacy and JP are able to monetize a vacation and car out of this ( to be shared 6 months a piece) I really don’t care if i proves that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  9. I know immjust a hater, but seriously what’s to be jealous of? This sad person has nothing going on in her life, the least of which – WORK, and goes to Sweden for free for a couple of days. She’s not getting paid for her time. She’s just escaping life again. She will never know the satisfaction of an honest day’s work, te thrill of climbing the ladder of success on her own MERIT, nor true romantic love and monkey sex without shame. Enjoy your meatballs, raftass.

    • Thank you. This is good perspective. HOWEVER i would love to go on a free trip!! as long as I didn’t have to be her to do it!!

  10. it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of all the brands I will never again support. I already switched from sony with my last laptop and tv purchases. Fortunately, I am sane and have a healthy body concept, so I won’t get the opportunity to forego any butt-juice cleanses. Probably never would have bought a volvo anyway, but who the hell knows if i would have turned into crazy safety dad when I have kids… In short… she’s a taste-maker alright… just not in the intended direction.

    • I was considering buying a used Volvo for my daughter this summer for transportation at school. Think I’ll look at an Audi or VW instead now.

      • If you’re buying used, it’s not like any of the money goes into Volvo’s pocket on the resale.

  11. Personally, I really want to know how Sweden compares to a manta-ray-themed roller coaster at Sea World.

    • I find it interesting that Meghan is publicly defending her family’s name in light of the upcoming mini series, but is completely mum about the mockery of the relationship between JA and Flappy. Telling?

  12. My theory: Julia’s *mom* didn’t buy the car, but *Julia* did. No one asked her whether she bought a car, only whether her mother did…and perhaps it was her parents’ money paying for the car, and Julia brought Mom$ers with as a condition/weird thank you.

    • yes, posted in wrong area, but especially if a move to LA is imminent. i think one would need a car there. And Volvos are safe

      • Julia will be collecting and discarding Volvos at various locales like Beach Bikes….

  13. she’s not tweeting or posting because I’m pretty sure she usually goes that remotely from her phone and it’s expensive to use data abroad. and we’ve established that shes cheap. she’s also stupid. if this is a true marketing campaign she should understand that a complementary vacation abroad is worth the cash required to secure Internet and an international ability to tweet. As in: it’s her JOB. what is the return on investment for the company footing her bill if it is a true shill?

    and even if not — why post a disclaimer “all of my tweets and posts are my own opinion” and then go dark? way to prove your ineptness. I hang out with a group of v talented young guys in a local band who don’t get this either. after one gig recently I had to impress upon them why they should stay after the gig to help the two volunteers at the site: because those volunteers would remember their chivilry and helpfulness and report back to their managers which helps their reputation and helps secure them gigs in the future at the same venue. DURRRR. these guys are in their early 20s and new to being relatively well known though. JA should have this on lock by now.

    • If this is the case, it’s pretty hilarious to me that she used data to reblog the picture of those ugly shoes.

  14. Didn’t her Twitter account used to be “verified” (for unknown reasons)? I don’t see the blue “verified” check mark for her any more.

        • Does Meghan even bother to tweet?
          Anyways, she may well be in South Asia sourcing leather and craftspeople for her scarves.

          • Oops might be confused with the Asha. My heads explodes with ridiculousness of it all, what a journey…

          • so many meg(h)ans in the julierrrrr saga.

            meghan mccain
            meghan asha (parikh)
            megan alagna
            meagan dotson
            probably another 1 or 2 that i’m forgetting as well….

        • someone’s tweeting for her from the US, most likely. very few celebs actually handle their own tweets. they can’t be bothered

          • so you’re telling me every time Katy Perry has some dumb thought or wants to say “GGRRRR I LOVE YOU @RUSTYROCKETS!” she emails someone in the US and says “put this on twitter for me”? urkay.

            Most of the celebs I follow definitely write their own tweets. You can tell the ones who don’t because it’s a PR blitz machine, not just random thoughts. Not buying this overseas/unverified business. Why would twitter care where the tweet is coming from?

      • I’m not sure that’s true. I follow a couple of professional soccer players who post from both the US and overseas and they still have verified badges.

    • I’m going back on record as claiming her account has lost its verified status.

      Just checked some people who follow here, and that insignia is gone beside her name there too. I find it difficult to believe that going to Europe and tweeting from there makes your insignia disappear temporarily.

      Anyhow, she’s heading back to the US today, so we’ll know as soon as she farts out her first tweet upon landing to complain about air travel in some form.

      • Agreed, espesh since “verified” would mostly apply to celebrities, and celebs rarely stay in one country nor are they all from US. Makes no sense. So twitter would have to track their country of origin and then remove the check mark if they are any where else? The login information would be a the verification, not IP address.

        Reality is: Julia never should have been verified, and now she isn’t.

        • Yeah, the bitch is back:

          Back from Sweden, wheels down in America! Not to be overdramatic but that was the best trip I’ve been on in a decade. #SwedenIsAwesome


          She really isn’t a celebrity, y’all.

        • Until she calls Fatty Kate and does some hoof-stopping that she has to convince her BF Jack Dorsey to verify her once again. Countdown in 3-2-1…

  15. “This is not, by any stretch of your admittedly impressive imaginations, all I will be posting about Sweden … but until I get home, let this wave of Swedish fluff-ball adorable tide you over.”

    At this point, she’s pretty much admitting that we’re her only audience and she’s writing in response to this website.

    And does she not understand that we’re judging her coverage of Sweden so far based on all the other coverage she’s promised over the years that was never delivered? Prove us wrong for the first time, sweetheart. Show us haters!

  16. So what’s the story? Does she have a new job at Japolipnik?

    Whatever the hell that is…

  17. I am still calling shenanigans, because I’m not seeing anyone else shilling for this.

    Unless she was literally the only person they could find to shill for it. Which would be funny a la The Producers–they start off wanting Ashton Kutcher and eventually have to settle for Donkerina.

  18. I lived in Copenhagen last year, which is across the Oresund straight from Malmo, about a 30 minute train ride away. It’s so weird to picture her in Malmo, where there isn’t a whole lot to do other than visit Turning Torso (which is def worth it) and watch in horror at the outright xenophobia there (1 in 3 are from other countries, mainly in Northern Africa). It’s not uncommon to see drunk Swedish guys there beating up someone with brown skin on a weekend night. I didn’t care for the place.

  19. Totally OT but I just came across this in a Yelp review and it made me LOL.


    • Actually, I think Julia would be a great spokeswomen for lobster tacos. Expensive, addictively delicious, bad for you and involves a demonic claw.

      • When my eyes glimpse the words ‘lobster taco’ on RBD, I’m expecting a euphemism for Donkey’s clam dungeon.

  20. i’ll just leave this here:

    our donkey is in the times today, bunnies! the actual new york ones!

    “It hasn’t become that bad for Ms. Allison. She compares the scar to her online reputation to a large tattoo: “Technically, it’s possible to remove it, but it’s painful and expensive. Plus, there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever remove it 100 percent.”

    The entire experience has made her more cautious about what she shares. “I swore too much and there are a few lingerie photos I wish were private now, but they are the relatively average mistakes of youth,” she said. “Unfortunately, they are now mistakes that will follow me in perpetuity.”

    • I love the “youth” line. I’m 24 and thus far I’ve managed not to pose for photo shoots in lingerie with older men, wear a condom fairy costume, date a married man (perhaps more than one?), use men for money, out someone’s mental illness in exchange for Apple products and I most certainly do not cry after sex.

      Ahh, youth, such a wonderful scapegoat!

      • I will only take issue with your condom-fairy comment.

        As I have argued here and elsewhere, that was her finest moment and was genuinely creative and (for me) sex affirming.

        • Here’s the thing, I don’t really see that big of a deal about the condom fairy costume. If you’re going to go to a Halloween party with your girlfriends/friends and just have a good night and hang out, by all means, go for it. It was creative. My biggest issue is that she now cries about the aftermath of the choices she made, that people don’t take her seriously because there are photos of her in the costume on the internet.
          Hey, my friends and I had fun in college too, but we sure as hell made sure a) photos were not taken or b) they didn’t wind up on the internet.

        • Yeah, but now that she’s recently* owned up to it being a shill (big bucks costume custom-made by condom company), it just looks like the type of unpaid promotional gig that you see on Craigslist all the time.

          All this time, I was impressed with the craftsmanship of the costume and thought she thought it up.

          *Maybe everybody knew all along, but I only found out when she posted about it a month or two ago.

    • Julia has been sucking up to author of the article, nick bilton, for some time and god only knows what kind of arrangement she made with I’m disgusted but not surprised. Im not gonna swear off the nyt for it but it adds to my sadness and cynicism about the media and the world. Well played, Julia! Stay relevant without doing shit.
      And “average mistakes of youth” my ass. Julia sets the lowest of bars.

      • This article reads like a PR piece for reputation defender, #failatjournalism. He doesn’t even address the most worrisome aspect of reputation companies; that in this paperless society these companies are the new Ministry of Truths rewriting history for those that can afford it.

        I wonder if Mr Bilton’s mention of JAB was a quid pro quo for her mention of him in her column? Like Julia, Mr. Associate fails at fact checking and background research, he fails to mention what happens when reputation defending run amock, i.e. Foolia’s C/D, “private investigator”, harassing phonecalls.
        I don’t know like using that technology savy tool called google and reading this article

        Brilliant. RT @nickbilton: NYTimes Plan To Charge People Money For Consuming Goods, Called Bold Business Move @TheOnion
        28 Mar via

        @JuliaAllison Julia Allison
        LOL RT @nickbilton: Dear AT&T, Verizon, etc. It’s 2010, I know how to leave a voicemail! “At the tone, please record your message.”
        2 Dec via

        @JuliaAllison Julia Allison
        Just left @NickBilton’s rocking book party – it even had a photobooth!! Headed home to TriBeCa and my SWEATPANTS. So. Psyched.
        16 Sep via

        @juliaallison the knot is great, at least that’s what @daniellebilton says.
        27 Dec

        @nickbilton – & @daniellebilton is pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, so I’m going to take her word for this!!!
        27 Dec

        JuliaAllison Julia Allison
        So … I’m jumping off the Stratosphere! 108 stories, biotch.
        30 Oct

        @juliaallison huh? You’re jumping off what?
        30 Oct via

        Reporter Nick Bilton unearthed an 1876 New York Times story that argued the telephone “may really be a device
        of the enemies of the Republic” and that the phonograph would cause “both book-making and reading (to) fall into
        disuse.” “Blessed will be the lot of the small boy of the future,” yesteryear’s Times concluded. “He will never have to learn
        his letters or to wrestle with the spelling book.”

    • “It’s more like whack-a-mole than anything else,” said Ms. Allison, who has been in talks with to work or online presence.

      Is it just me, or does that sentence make no sense, w/r/t grammar, etc?

      • i noticed that too (even w/ my atrocious grammar) and was very disappointed to see that not caught in the NYT (in addition to the lame content)

        Julia liar liar pants on fire…..

      • I also noticed that. Shouldn’t it read, ‘said Ms. Allison, who has been in talks with to work on her online presence.’

        Bad, NYT. Bad!

  21. Catpeople, I’m currently in Chicago and this city is beautiful. If I was a certain social media maven I would be all up in this shizz. Who knew there was a glorified boardwalk along the river??! With a ferris wheel! And the river is super gorgeous and romantic at night. Im here for only thr weekend but def comino bacm for siteseeing and bar hopping. /coolstorybro

  22. Check out Wrigleyville this weekend, it was opening day today and the bars are crazy. A trip wouldn’t be complete without drunkenly singing:
    Go, Cubs, go / Hey, Chicago, what do you say / The Cubs are gonna win today.

    Or if your not a lush like me go see the Art Institute of Chicago, it has a kick ass collection of Impressionist paintings. The boardwalk actually run’s across the city’s entire lakeshore, it is 100% public property because it was owned by old Man Mr. Sears and he donated it to the city with the condition it could never be developed (or thats the story I heard). If you are here till Sunday morning, check out the Maxwell Street Market; it has the best Latin street vendor food outside of Central America. Mostly because have the 2nd largest Mexican and Puerto Rican community in the U.S. (yet you don’t hear us being xenophobic assholes like certain Senators from the S.W.

  23. Until I scrolled down to see the caption, I really, honestly thought that picture of Robin on Julie’s blog was Donkey herself. No joke. I read the caption a few minutes later and was shocked that was her mother and not her.

  24. I love (hate) her carefully worded denials.

    “My Mom did not buy a Volvo”. Does that mean Dadsers did and he is too busy persecuting the critics of his favorite equine to take the trip to Sweden? Maybe some relative bought the Volvo?

    She did the same thing when she was denying that Dadsers got her the job at Fox News. She said he “never met” anyone there. Of course, emails and phone calls are not covered by her carefully brayed denial.

    What a tool!

  25. delurking to bray my disgust at this…

    “At that point, some people have been known to legally change their name.
    It hasn’t become that bad for Ms. Allison.”

  26. Actually this seems rather perfect. NYTimes won’t write an article about a website without at least one real-name source, needs press, and Jabberjay can’t afford’s high prices. That’s why the grammar (“Ms. Allison, who has been in talks with to work or online presence”) is wonky– the factchecker couldn’t figure out if being a paid shill to the NYTimes counted as work or.. just a normal, everyday online presence.

  27. U losers see yet that traffic & comments have dropped drastically since ur credibility has been shot to shit?
    Didnt think so.

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