A Stirringly Eloquent Call To Arms, Right Up There With JFK’s “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You” Speech: “Stop … Um … People From Being … Like … Mean To Me On The Internet!”


Our Julie. I’m SO. PROUD. of her! Her presentation at SXSW was so profound, so searingly intelligent, so well-structured and sensibly argued, that someone astonished by what they were hearing felt compelled to transcribe it. It will no doubt go down in history as one of the most scintillating speeches of modern times, a true call to arms for our generation:

Social Media or Sado-Masochism, um, I cannot take credit, I guess it’s not the most clever thing anyone’s ever thought of but I still can’t take credit for it, uh, the S & M/S & M thing, um, there’s sort of a clichéd piece of advice about uh speaking that nothing you could possibly think about yourself is, is worse than what people are thinking about you, wait, I did that, I did that in reverse – nothing that anyone else is thinking about you in the audience is worse than what you can think about yourself and I have to say that the internet has definitively proved me wrong about that, um, after, uh, being online for over six years I have received the kind of criticism that I didn’t even know was possible when I was, um, in my teens and getting bullied the normal way.  Um, my haters have come up with comments so nasty I didn’t even have vocabulary, um, I didn’t know certain parts of my body could even be ugly like my fingers (?) I have sausage fingers apparently, um, and, and really the only answer they have come up with is that I should get off the internet and die and as far as I know from my fellow, um, public figures online, this is actually fairly normal, this kind of hatred and I’ll read you, to give you an example, sort of what I deal with on a regular basis. Um, I’ll read you, I’ll read to you a couple of my hate comments that I’ve gotten just within the last couple of days, and, this is one of my favorites, “Julia, you are a despicable person, ugly inside and out, with zero redeeming qualities.” “These are my observations that has nothing to do with bullying; your antics are very well-documented and despite your best efforts to land a husband, that will never happen.” “The sooner you leave my lovely city of Austin the better. Go back to Chicago to live with your parents or whatever couch you’re sleeping on this week, you total loser!”

Um, now it’s like it can be sort of cathartic to read these aloud and laugh about them but I have to say when you get them it doesn’t feel that great, it really doesn’t, um, and I think that there’s something very unique about internet celebrity, and I will put that in air quotes, that lends itself to this sort of, um, pretty withering criticism.

Um, one, another tweet I got, uh, yesterday. “Whoa, saw pics of you when you worked on the Hill,” — this was about ten years ago — “Homely would be an understatement. I now get why you wear five pounds of makeup!” So, um, where, where’s this coming from, where’s this hatred coming from? This is, this is … by the way, these are things said about me, um, I originally, it’s a dubious distinction, I originally started out as a columnist, I was a dating columnist, I didn’t, um, go into this you know looking for, uh, internet fame. This is, this is me and, um, if you see the circle thing, it’s why do so many people hate this woman – it’s a very air-brushed picture by the way – um and, uh, this is from CNN banner saying “mocked across the internet.” Um, just to give you sort of a background, I was a columnist, um, then I did a lot of TV and then I, now I write a, uh, nationally syndicated social media column and the insults have not stopped through that entire time and if I had known what I know now when I was back in college, frankly I wouldn’t have done this because, um, I think some people are built for criticism and other people aren’t and I’m not and I guess, um, I’d like to talk a little bit here about what is it about micro-celebrity that, that leads to this sort of attacks, and, and how I think all of us are going to be vulnerable to this as we go into the future.

So here’s what the thing that I was thinking about micro-celebrity — you know, the question really that’s been asked of me and also of, of  various people who are called micro-celebrities or web-celebrities or whatever you want to call it is, um, you know, “Do you want to be famous or do you want to stay anonymous?” Well, it’s both, I mean at certain times I’ve wanted to become famous, for the benefits that you know fame brings, money and giant security guards and you know apparently, um, I don’t know, lots of plastic surgery, but it, but I’ve also wanted to stay anonymous and I think that that’s why we we we we lead to this. Ok, so this is my little graph — this is as far as it goes in terms of my abilities to do graphs but, um, it, these are the real people, see, happy, anonymous, they can do whatever they want, uh, celebrities they’re getting a little wikifix cos they get (?) um, but internet- famous as far as I’ve experienced it, not so great. Um, and I think it’s because, um, frankly you are accessible enough via the especially the tools of social media you, uh, people can tweet you, they can set up anonymous Twitter accounts every single time you block them, um, and they can email you, because you know if you are online you probably have your email address somewhere out there, they can edit your Wikipedia page to say really nasty things about you, um, that there are a multitude of avenues to reach you. Whereas that’s really not the case with someone like Jennifer Aniston, I mean, um, and I’m not condoning that sort of hatred that’s in the tabloids newspapers but, um, you don’t have her email address, she doesn’t even have a Twitter, um, and, and that’s what I think if we look, if you look at that sort of intersection there, between celebrities and internet-famous, you see someone like Gwyneth Paltrow sort of bringing herself from celebrity down to like internet-famous and starting to get the hatred. Like I don’t know if anyone has noticed that but people harass her in a way that they didn’t back when she was just an Academy Award winner, when she was untouchable, um, and so I think that there’s something, there is something that is vaguely accessible, um, but it’s almost like you can take these people down.

One of the things that, that people talk about frequently is sort of used as a justification for the kind of um uh hatred that is shot at me and others like me online is that you’re a public figure, you brought it upon yourself, but these … you know these numbers are roughly accurate, um, is everyone on there now, are we all public figures and all subject to this sort of hatred? Um, I feel like the message I’ve been getting is this, from, from my, I have several hate sites, I have a lot of people who just think, you know, I don’t know, I’m ugly and horrible, and this is what they, you know, they in essence say, by posting things on the internet and that goes for me but it also goes for everyone here: you give up your right to, to say that you, you know, to say that’s not acceptable to say that about me, you give up your right as a quote unquote private person right? Um and I, I would contend that that’s not fair, and I would contend that that, um, that’s really dangerous for society because I think most people at this point, um, certainly in this room have a Facebook profile, have a Twitter account, have a blog, and would feel like if, if that gives people the ability to write the sorts of things I read to you, and, um, by the way, much worse, to –in my case they’ve contacted employers, they have contacted, uh, boyfriends, they’ve contacted my family, because all of that information is accessible –and yet they’ve remained anonymous. Um, it’s almost like internet celebrity has given them an all-access pass to judge, to judge my life, based upon what they see online and you know they’ve really given sort of me and people like me two chioces: um, you can either get off social media or you can stop complaining, they say it’s complaining.

It’s not that I think criticism is a bad thing, it’s that I think these sorts of ad hominem attacks are really dangerous and I think that they can lead to a downward spiral kind of, um, society that we don’t want to live in and I think unless you, you’ve had something like this happen to you, um, you don’t realize it’s, it’s not just words, and you know we…uh…the best analogy I can give in this particular case where people haven’t experienced it, but I am guessing maybe most of you have in one way or another is, um, you, would you ever say to someone, uh, you have to choose between walking outside or being harassed. Like I don’t think that any of us would ever make that argument and yet that’s the argument that we’re, you know either condoning through our silence online and I hate to be, I feel like this is a rallying cry but I, I didn’t mean to be so like on this but this is a huge issue and it’s not, um, it’s not to limited just to internet celebrities. Obviously we have issues with teen suicides but really as a society as a whole we’re dealing with these issues and I think that, um, if we don’t say something, if we don’t say, this isn’t constructive criticism, talking to people like this, is really, um, nasty and it can have real consequences.

Um, it’s also very gendered. This is Gary, I’m sure most people know Gary, Gary and I have had many long discussions about how to deal with internet haters. His perspective is that you call them up individually, like you email them individually, every single time they say something, you respond. Gary does not sleep a lot, but Gary is also a guy and I have to say there’s a huge difference in how he’s treated. He’s talked to me about the kind of criticism he gets, trust me, he doesn’t get, uh, as some people call it body snark which I think is actually a little bit too kind of a term, no one has ever said, “Gary you’re fat, you’re ugly, you’ve no right to be on the internet, you’ve no right to say the things, you will never have a healthy relationship;” they don’t insult his marriage. Um, they, you know and so he, I guess, at least in my experience it’s almost like this, uh, um, repeated attacks on your psyche get to you to such a point where you’re like, I don’t want to respond, I’m certainly not going to call someone who’s just said something I’m going, about to read you this comment and this is how I, I really think that this showcases how gendered this, um, hatred is online. Um, this is an email that I received: “It is extremely disgusting that men find high-mileage tramps such as yourself to be dating material. I would love to watch you get punched senseless. You are not a gifted person or an achiever of any sort, you are a – excuse my language – fucking failure, a typical New York failure. If I ever find any of your written nonsense on Amazon or Yahoo it will probably get ugly. You are a dumb – again, excuse my language – cunt. I bet you,” – this is my favorite part – “I bet you own a copy of Eat, Pray, Love.” I do actually but, um, I didn’t know that that was like a, like a big offence. So I guess I would just say like it’s you know to me that’s really concerning and I will say I actually used to be a very confident person. This had a, this had a cumulative effect on me, I cried three times during this week. You think this is, I looked into my hate site whenever I had some of these criticisms, this criticism, this hatred frankly and it’s, it gets to you after a while. This is what I’ve done to try to get them to stop. Mostly cried but it doesn’t work, none of it doesn’t work and I’ll tell you why, um, they’re anonymous and I know we had a 4-chan, um, presentation by Christopher the other day who, who lauded anonymity and I would just say this: Um, the problem with anonymity in this particular case is that they cannot be accountable for their actions and I, I would have only say that, you know, say what you’re gonna say using your real name so if you are using defamatory comments, if you’re using defamatory language, if you’re libellous, at least you, um, you can be held accountable but frankly I don’t have the time or money or the cyber-detective skills to track down the people who are doing this and I’m guessing that most peope don’t and I don’t think we should live in a society in which we require people to have, you know, friends who are PIs, um, in order to escape this scapegoating.

Um, really quickly, Obama just launched his campaign to stop bullying last week. It was primarily targeted at teens. I think that, um, there’s a huge issue there in the sense that, uh, it’s not just for teens, forty-five-year old bullies exist, um, and they beget you know thirteen year old, their kids are thirteen-year-old bullies who grow up to be twenty-eight year old bullies, it’s like the age in my opinion doesn’t so much matter, it’s establishing a culture of you know sort of civility. Um, frankly it hasn’t really gotten better for me, I find it actually gets worse, you know, you might hear the same things over and over and you start to believe them, you know, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’ll never maintain a personal relationship.

Um, what I think we can do:

WordPress has a great, um, an amazing, uh, uh, TOS, um, clause I guess, they do not allow personal attack blogs, don’t know if you can read that: “…blogs with the primary purpose of attacking an individual or group…”, um, they have a particular low tolerance for anonymous bloggers who make personal attacks. I think people say, “What is the line?” I think it’s actually more clear than we would all admit; you read something, it works like an attack, it’s an attack, I think it’s pretty clear if something is constructive criticism or not, um, and if it’s not then that can be debated but, um, I think companies need to stand up for it, companies, ISPs need to stand up for this, um, you know, service providers, I think individuals need to not read, I know this is going to sound like a Pollyanna thing but I think they need to not read it, not engage in it and I think the government frankly, um, needs to create – you’re going to make fun of me – cyber police, I swear to God, I think they need a cyber police to call someone to say, “Someone’s harassing me, please make them stop.” This is, um, this is what a commenter said when I said we should try to be a little nicer online and I honestly, I don’t think that would be that bad if we just had a law that just said, “Just don’t be mean!” and you know, I may sound like I’m competely naive but trust me, after years of these kinds of comments because the last thing you want is for this to happen to your sister, to your daughter, to your friend, you know, it and it will and we going on in this direction if we don’t stop now, this is crusade, I hope you guys, um, could at least take this, you know, back to your blogs, back to your homes and, and stop this…um, I’ve totally run out of time.


  1. WOW. I really tried to get through this, and it’s just THAT BAD, so I had to stop. No snark whatsoever, I’m really serious in believing that anyone who gives this girl a platform of ANY KIND EVER, is very, very foolish.

    She’s so retarded.

    • Agreed. This was so much worse than I ever imagined. Mind is blown. What an absolute embarrassment on so many levels. Those that tweeted support, SXSW, TMS and any agent/PR firm should slowly be backing out of the room.

    • This can’t be real … did she really say “um” that many times?? The first rule of public speaking: PRACTICE!! I know, I know, she wrote the speech the night before. But she has to know that it’s hard to take her seriously when she can’t put a sentence together without stuffing it with fillers

        • Bwaha!

          Re: the night before. You think she wrote it the night before? I don’t think she wrote anything at all. I think she just decided to wing it off the top of her head, and put no effort into it at all. She’s given a forum at a big event after braying for weeks previous about how she’s going to “work towards this goal in the future,” and once again she squanders it because she’s either too dumb or too lazy to put any effort into anything.

          Prediction: She will lose that column in no time. You know it’s just a matter of time.

          It’s bizarre.

  2. I feel so flattered that my remarks about her being a despicable person keep getting repeated in speeches, blog postings and now transcribed. I think I must be the only one who wrote her an insulting comment because it seems to be the only one she repeats.

    Of course, I never would have bothered giving her a click or wasting one minute of my time over there commenting if she hadn’t (a) been a twat about shutting this site down and (b) repeatedly reading here and babbling incoherent (and untrue) rebuttals about every single little thing written here. Eventually, I had to go straight to the Donkey’s mouth, as it were.

    I will also take this opportunity to tell Julia this: if you want to see REAL hate and invective, I suggest you go to Arthur Kade’s site. He is the male version of you – stupid fame whore who leaches off of others. Pretty much every single comment on his site (yes, they comment on HIS site, not some reblogging site that’s none of his business) is basically a variation of “fuck off and die”, “I hope you die”, “you are a faggot and a big-nosed freak”, “your Dad is a sexual predator and your Mom is a beast”, and much MUCH worse. Wishing death, beatings, etc on this admitted douche bag.

    Yet he knows better than to go running to the police or whine to the world because he revels in this shit and brings it on himself with the idiocy he posts. I’m sure he loves the attention. He also realizes – as stupid as he is – that he has no case just because people are ridiculing him.

    I wish Jack would hurry up and dump this idiot so we can move on to a new topic of crazy. She is getting tiresome.

    • High five! (note to cat ladies: this doesn’t mean i agree with matt’s social/political views. i’m just saluting his “bullying” for the LULZ it gave all of us)

    • JULIA COPYRIGHT VIOLATES MATT’S COMMENTS, and this makes me so fat and so sad. It is tortruous. And I believe we are also responsible for making her understand that her fingers are like a bag of sausage knees, so we are owed royalties there as well. I feel as if everything is inevitable at this point.

  3. Also, moron? Can I call you moron? Good, so moron, I think you should know there IS SUCH A THING as “cyber police” to call when you are being “harassed.” It’s called THE FUCKING REAL POLICE. If you call them, and you tell them what is happening, and they don’t do anything? Chances are it’s because what is happening to you is NOT HARASSMENT.

    Glad we cleared this shit up. I really cannot with this fucking girl.

    • She just throws around terms like “harassment” and “defamation” and doesn’t seem to realize these are ACTUAL THINGS and ACTUAL CRIMES. And if she ACTUALLY SUFFERED THEM, she would have an ACTUAL CASE. But she is not a victim of either, and that is why we are all here.

      She’ll never get it. I just think anyone who gives this bitch a forum, a column, a speaking engagement…should really be ashamed of themselves, because she’s just the biggest ignorant asshole I have ever encountered.

  4. Also I really wanna know how are these “cyber police” going to function? How about little problems like jurisdiction? As a former victim of ACTUAL HARASSMENT and ACTUAL EXTORTION through email, in part, from someone who was out of the country, I can tell you that it was impossible for the cops in NY to do anything, because the person perpetuating the crime was foreign. So are these extra special super duper CYBER POLICE going to have some sort of universal police power to reach across the internets and nab anyone and everyone, wherever they are? Does she ever think through the logical conclusion to any of the word-vomit she barfs forth?

    • Congress is going to create a federal long arm statute or possibly ratify a treaty creating general jurisdiction for all causes of action rooted in cyber snark. Not in personem (where the poster is), not in rem (where the servers are), but general jurisdiction. Also, maybe a new branch in the DHS or DOJ to aggressively police message boards. DDS = department of donkey security.

          • i ran outta cheetos, so i’m just gonna eat the orange crust out from under my fingernails then lick the dust from my keyboard. #h8rsunite

          • Zandra–clearly it is time to move on to the next rhyming junk food. I would recommend Cool Ranch Doritos. No well-stocked basement should be without.

          • Burritos, fritos, taquitos, you name it. The key is to keep eating here. After you double your current bodyweight, you are inducted as an official Type A hater.

        • JFA, come sit on the couch and I’ll make you some hot chocolate. Put your head down on the pillow and I’ll cover you up with the world’s fuzziest blanket and pat your back til you fall asleep.

          I’ve been where you are several times over the years and it’s horrible. You wake up in the morning feeling good – until you remember. But you will find an opportunity and when you do you’ll make the most of it. Just don’t give up.

          • JFA–sorry, I got carried away by all the Cheeto talk and forgot to say the important thing, which is that I hope things get better soon. From one struggling catlady to another:


          • BLB, I’m glad! I love the kittehs, so I thought a feline hug would be the best internet picker-upper.


  5. i asked this last night, but for those of us that couldn’t stand to watch that video (i couldnt watch more than 1 min)… what was wrong with her Venn diagram? i was assuming that it was just 3 circles that didn’t overlap, and thus not really a Venn?

  6. [img]http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lil981Htgb1qz82nco1_1280.jpg?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1301100922&Signature=VRETEIkprXleVev1qfcoeS12Eec%3D[/img]

    “…what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”

  7. What I don’t get is this: This is apparently a rallying cry, her call to arms, her life’s new mission.

    And THAT was her presentation? That rambling, pointless, barely literate, meandering spew of shite?

    Why didn’t she put something kick-ass together if she’s so consumed with the issue? I won’t give her any tips, but there was a really obvious way to pin it to current events and make a compelling, if flawed, argument about online civility. But honest to God, she’s either too lazy or too dumb to have figured it out. Tiny and cute though!!!

    Someone said on here that she’s a dumb girl born into an intellectual family and I really believe that’s true. She didn’t get quite enough oxygen at birth, yet everyone in her immediate family is very bright. She tries mightily to sound smart, to talk smart, but she can’t do it. I almost feel sorry for her because it cannot have been fun to grow up the dumb one in a family of brains, and this is why she’s tried to get so much attention from just being a loud, braying, self-obsessed, oxygen-sucking lunatic — it distracts from the lack of brain. It’s been her coping mechanism.

    I think I’ve finally figured her out.

    • This, so much this. Not to toot my own fucking horn but I’m sort of the family intellectual, parents didn’t go to college don’t read books bla bla de bla, so I’ve always had to deal with the ramifications of THAT, feeling like an alien because I wanted to go to an OMG IVY and shit like that and my family just not getting it, and I can’t imagine what it must be like for her, to be the literal family moron. Then again, she really believes she’s smart. She really does, I have no doubt about that. She has absolutely no reason to believe it, because she doesn’t display intelligence in any way, not in the books she reads, not in the schools she gets dinged from (Georgetown doesn’t count when Daddy got you in, and seriously you can’t get into Stanford as a triple female legacy? Fail.)…it’s amazing but she really just does not get how vapid, dumb, unoriginal, and lazy she is.

      • I hear you. I too am the “family brain,” and they actually make fun of me for it, which used to grate but no longer does. Because seriously, way better to be the one in your family who has a brain rather than the dumb one trying to pretend you have one, barely getting through college, using huge words to make yourself sound smart without really understanding them, and utterly failing to employ any logic to any area of your life. Poor Donkey.

        • It makes me mad though, I’ll be honest. This is one reason this chick causes me THE RAGES. Because I’m unemployed now, and struggling, even though I’ve done everything right, and worked my ass off, and succeeded despite my background, whereas she’s had every goddamn advantage thrown her way, is pretty much an utter failure, and traipses around the country living her twisted fairytale. I haven’t had a fucking vacation in years. So yeah, makes me angry.

          • Thanks nostrils. I know everyone is always like “wow I’m SOO GLAD not to be her!” etc. but whatever. It’s unfair, and yeah life’s unfair, I get it. But I literally spend my days worrying and avoiding creditors’ phone calls lately and wondering when the fuck I’m gonna catch a damn break, and this bitch never suffers the consequences of any actions and seems to have an unlimited bag of money at her disposal. I’m sick of her shit. Where’s the comeuppance? Now she seems to be happily ensconced in a relationship with a dude with more money than God – exactly what she wanted. It doesn’t seem right to me. She’s terrible and yet she keeps catching breaks.

          • JFA, I really do feel you. While Julia does drive me crazy I also have a friend IRL who makes so much more money than I do, always ends up with really great relationships, has less education than I do and talks about money all the time (sooo classy, right?). And I just have to sit by and listen to “I spent xyz on this and xyz on that and haha poor people!” Sometimes I get so upset about some of the cards I’ve been dealt and I hate that.

          • I feel you, too, JFA. I’m employed and doing OK with paying the bills and all the basics right now, but for months it was all but certain that I and several of my colleagues were getting laid off. I’m not bitching because I am working right now, but I couldn’t (still can’t) find any other jobs out there and when it was looking like we were a hot second away from being out of work at the end of the year, I was freaking the fuck out. I hope you catch a break really, really soon!

            It is really, really infuriating to see some stupid, privileged little asshole like Julia running around doing photoshoots in the middle of city streets, flying all over the place for no reason (and, as a side note, seriously, Julia, SHUT UP about the inconveniences of flying. You have no reason in the entire world to be jetting back and forth between NYC and Austin and San Francisco and Chicago and wherever else you couch surf. I know you believe you’re “working,” but you’re not. You’re either flying for fun in order to play serious bidness laydee like you did at SXSW or you’re flying to go hump a McCain. No one is holding a gun to your head and forcing you to an airport every couple of weeks. Either sit your ass down in Chicago or shut the fuck up. But I digress, sorry …)

          • I’ve said it before and I’ll probably say it again. This is why I’m here. She throws away what other people have to work and fight to get.

          • I understand too, JFA. I’m also unemployed and it’s really hard to cope. I hope things get better for you soon.

      • jfa, sorry to hear about your situation. try to relax. i recommend going to the nearest Whole Paycheck (TM) and wolfing down a half dozen “organic” chocolate bars right in the candy aisle.

        the donk enrages me more than ever these days bc the mccains are involved. the mccains are eerily reminiscent of my fam, to the point of attending virtually the same schools at virtually the same time–the difference being that megatits went to a diff ivy than me. you’d think ppl with such access to education and travel would have englightened viewpoints, but they’re basically brainwashed. they read best-seller list books, think “the gays” should just keep it private and not try to have “special rights”, and everything america does is a-ok awesome. i swear to god they’re not dumb, just very closed-minded. can’t see past their own interests–i.e. national health care is “socialism”, and all taxes are punishing the hardworking to give to the lazy poors. embarassingly, i’m sure they all voted for mccain/palin, too. last i heard, they all think mccain is some sort of national hero while obama is an unworthy “community organizer”. which is why i get such a kick out of knowing that this stupid midget senor yack is dating a disgusting donkey. plenty of educated people make stupid choices bc they live isolated lives.

    • I was so struck the other day by JA’s admission that because she was a crappy hs debater, she coped by pulling stunts and being (no doubt, I am speculating based on past history) loud and bray-y and stuff. Same deal. Recapitulates the family drama by hanging with the smart debate crowd and not really fitting and doing it her way to distract from her lack of ability. Kind of sad, really. Or it would be if she weren’t such a tool.

    • This makes a lot of sense, Jacy. Plus if your theory is correct it explains why her parents enable her: they’ve probably worried themselves sick over their special snowflake surviving in the world. They know she’s not bright and they probably feel badly about it. This could be why Momsers edits her columns and Dadsers provides her with housing–even though she’s 30.

  8. A few years ago I made a rather large purchase on eBay, and the item in question was never delivered. It took exactly two days for eBay to document the exchange to the internet crimes division of the FBI, and only a few days more for the whole amount to be returned to me. There ARE police on these here webs, Jabs — give them a call! See what they say! They WANT to help.

    • Bitch knows none of this shit is illegal. She’s been crying to Dadsers for YEARS probably to get us shut down. She’s probably had legal advice from him in spades. If she had a case, she’d be going to the police.

      Honestly, if you are SO SAD about this shit, STOP POSTING ON THE INTERNETS. Shutter your goddamn hobby blog, continue to write your stupid columns, and otherwise GO OFFLINE. But then she couldn’t brag about dating a McCain, and post her pretty pretty pictures and all 14 of her readers couldn’t kiss her ass, and we all know she can’t live without that attention.

      You can’t have it both ways, toots.

  9. Julia Allison has the eloquence, intellect, and stature of Sarah Palin.

    Megan McCain must be so proud to have her hanging around her brother and so, so grateful to have a Palin-esque woman out there, doing everything she can to bring attention to her McCain connection.

    • Come to think of it, Julia’s attempt to jump on the bullying bandwagon remind me a lot of Sarah Palin in the days after the Arizona shootings.

      Sarah Palin, who had spewed all sorts of shitty rhetoric (and used gun sights) to boost her public rating, got on television shortly after the shooting of Congresswomen Gifford to claim she – Sarah Palin – was the victim of hateful rhetoric.

      Julia Allison, who has outed ex’s personal medical issues, stalked ex-boyfriends, and planted stories about ex-boyfriends and ex-friends and ex-business partners, now claims that she is the poster child for victims of bullying.

      The McCain men sure have a type when it comes to women.

        • i seemed to remember that person leaving. why did she flounce again? i forget the comparison you made that set her off. it seemed pretty innocent (and accurate) at the time, i remember thinking that something else must’ve been going on there.

        • Beloved-commenter sighting today, on GOMI. Been hoping ever since that it’s just a matter of time before she’s back here too.

        • I didn’t see that exchange. But it occurs to me that the most striking difference between Sarah Palin and Julia Allison is that Sarah Palin has passionate, vocal supporters.

          Julia may well have “readers” who think she gets an unfair shake by the internet commentariat, but that is a pretty far cry from Sarah Palin’s crazy base of support.

          Anyway, yeah. The similarities between Sarah Palin and Julia Allison are pretty startling, save for that one big difference (which apparently cost RD a follower).

        • I remember that in previous days there had been a lot of intense McCain bashing which to a Republican or previous McCain supporter might have been rather painful.

          As a more or less impartial observer I found it very difficult to watch, seeing the beloved catladies tearing at each other’s throats over politics/politicians. Whatever you said, Jacy may have been just the last straw after all the previous stuff.

      • I’ve totally noticed and thought this before. The facade of substance despite the complete absence of it. The desire for gravitas and fame with no accompanying deserving traits.

        Julie Albertson and Sarah Palin have the same mental disease, and the same dead psychopath eyes.

    • meghan mccain is no better than donkey or sarah palin… she deserves to be associated with these people.

      that movie about the mccain/palin ticket (game change) is going to be awesome, btw.

  10. “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what you can do for your country; ask what your country can do for you!”
    -Donkey, truly the next JFK. (Don’t bother looking for Julia saying this; she’s said it only in spirit AFAIK.)

    • “And so, my fellow Americans, ask not what you can do for your country; ask what you & your country can do for MEeeeee!”


  11. Dear Tweaker,

    Don’t flatter yourself bitch, I hate everyone. I just happen to think you are more retarded and loathsome than most, and also funny to mock with my friends. If your feelings are hurt by reading this site (and let’s be real, they aren’t because you are a sociopath) STOP FUCKING READING HERE. 99% of the people you call “haters” leave their brayge toward you on this site, so claiming you are bullied by a passive group of people talking amongst themselves makes you look like a whiny little brat who is mad she can’t make everyone love her.

    I got more to say (and it will get ugly), but I had to get this much off my chest while I struggle to digest your off-the-cuff, unprofessional, amphetamine-fueled pile of CRINGE.


  12. “nothing you could possibly think about yourself is, is worse than what people are thinking about you, wait, I did that, I did that in reverse”

    oh, donkey, you had it sort of right for your experience the first time…

  13. “um, I’ve totally run out of time.”
    the fact that her alloted time was 15 Minutes and she ended by saying this, will always make me LOL. 15 minutes are up jules…

  14. “… people harass her in a way that they didn’t back when she was just an Academy Award winner…”

    JUST. an. Academy. Award. winner.
    BEFORE she hit it big-time & got internet-famous (& bullied!) like meMeME!

    To whomever it was w/ the fortitude & iron gut to muddle through & transcribe that tranwreck of a speech impediment, my housecoat’s off to you. Myself, I don’t even have the stomach to read it in its entirety, I’ll have to take my punishment in doses (if at all; couldn’t even make it to the minute & a half mark of the video evidence of this pink-collar crime).

    • Couldn’t watch, couldn’t read. The 50th “um” made me want to stab myself in the eye so I looked away instead.

    • And she is flat out wrong where GOOP is concerned. People have been making fun of Fishsticks Paltrow on the internet for YEARS. Anyone here remember Fametracker??? Her’s was the funniest snark on there. That was when Julie was still in college. What a reject, this one.

      GOOP is just providing different material now, that is all, Julie.

      • Hell, I seem to recall Rose McGowan, when asked why she took a role in a particularly terrible movie, saying something to the effect of “Sometimes you just gotta make money — we can’t all be Gwyneth Paltrow.”
        Seriously — people are making fun of GOOP because its so hilariously out of touch. Not surprised that Donks latched onto that as an example of undeserved criticism.

  15. Relax JFA, you are thinking too much.. reading too much into it. stop focusing on your bellybutton. It will all work out and Senator Kirk will figure it out. I once worried about how to pay for this all but now I have seen the light with the help of the fantastik felines in these parts. It is someone else’s job to figure all this out. The Big picture is all that counts.

    • This post was supposed to be way up there two weeks ago under the robocop big fail on my part now i am fat and sad too

      • It sucks, doesn’t it? On the bright side we get to eat all the candy and salty snacks we want, because we done EXPIRED.

        • I’ve hesitated to say this because I know it must seem so unlikely, but in grad school I had a friend whose cat was named Fatty Sad. When she (the cat) enjoyed periodic bursts of energy she was called Fatty WAS Sad, emphasis on the was. It’s such a perfect name I’ve laughed about it for years.

          Also in the genius category, another friend who named a mean little gerbil Fucking Miserable.

  16. I finally had a chance to hit my google reader and check out today’s shenans. How quaint of her to try and sniff all up in RZoe’s butt, as though just a few months ago she wasn’t BULLY BULLY BULLY BULLDONKEYING HER.


    “Literally, what is wrong with Rachel Zoe??
    This is the link I’m going to send my manager next time he attempts to make the BAFFLING argument that Rachel Zoe doesn’t make herself look – literally – like a total retard on her Bravo show.”

    Way to call someone a retard, pretty princess pity party.

    • Ooooh, that’s a good one! SUCH A HYPOCRITE! I wish someone could point that out in her barfcast comments (I’m banned, but I don’t know why!)…

      • It followed a tweet about how Zoe’s show makes her look like, “an asshole.”

        Nice. What exactly did Zoe do that was so assholish? I’ve never seen the show. Apparently, according to Jewels, she has a hot husband, and we all know that makes JA instantly jelly.

        • A hot husband who buys her awesome gifts (The care that Luke Perry drove in 90210? yes. please.) and puts up with her insane life and crazy bones shit (I do like Rachel Zoe).

          • Rachael Zoe owns Dylan McKay’s car? For the first time in my long career of bullydom, I admit that I am jealous.

        • to be honest, i always disliked RZ until i watched her show and then i sort of loved her. so, julie, once again you are wrong.

          • I haven’t seen much of Zoe’s show, but Kell on Earth gave me a deep-seated admiration of Kelly Cutrone. She really got shit done and was still evidently a great mother. She also followed through with a vision of a Manhattan live/work space that was only frivolously bandied about by NaanSociety.

        • She encourages her clients to starve themselves, because anorexia loves company! It’s unsettling.

          That said, Rachel Zoe has actually accomplished something in her life, unlike Julie Albertson.

    • That’s amazing. I forgot about that when I rounded up all the nasty shit she’s had to say on her blog and Twitter about people over the years.

  17. Um, really quickly, Obama just launched his campaign to stop bullying last week, is my favorite line.

    The national problem affecting teens is an afterthought (even though that’s why most probably showed up), what we really need to be concerned about is how Julia is getting bullied. Which she reverts back to after 15 sec on Obama’s initiative.

    • I loved that part of her speech as well – “yeah, yeah, bullied gay teens, committing suicide, that’s sadballz and all, but whatevs about them, because I have been called ugly on the internet! And fat! Me, a totally innocent serious journalist who has never sought out fame by doing things like posing for photographs in my underwear while sucking on a cigar on an old man’s lap!”

      I don’t know why her cluelessness still shocks me. I guess I just don’t want to believe how ignorant and self-centered one person can truly believe. This latest anti-bullying movement started because of a rash of teen suicides, many of whom were bullied for their sexuality and Julia wants to establish an Orwell-style cyberpolice force because someone called her out for being a couch-crasher mooching off her parents. I guess it’s too much to ask someone who voted for Mark Kirk and is trying to become a McCain daughter-in-law to even think about how homophobia could affect a young gay, bi, trans, confused, whatever-he-may-be kid and why this issue has hit home for some many people.

      • With all her access to Republican (John McCain and Mark Kirk) power why hasn’t she posted a letter or an email to them decrying the evils of internet hatzerz and the need of a cyberpolice?

  18. they can email you, because you know if you are online you probably have your email address somewhere out there

    sorry, but when has julia ever ended a post without writing ’email me! julia@nonsociety.com

  19. Okay, this cyber police thing is beyond ridiculous. Has she ever had a stalker? They can’t actually do anything to stop that sort of behavior unless they’ve actually done something, like attack you. And she wants someone to make the people making fun of her stop?

    She said she was made fun of in high school–hasn’t everyone who’s over the age of 14 figured out that they way to make haters stop it is to ignore them, go on with your life, and when you do those things people eventually get sick of it, that is, if you aren’t putting every silly thing about your life out there as fodder…how is she 30 and doesn’t get this? Either make your life more private if these things bother you, or say fuck the haters and ignore them.

    • Agreed. I had someone who was actually harassing/stalking me. It was terrifying but guess what Julsie, there was basically nothing I could do. Get the fuck over yourself and stop reading here.

    • most likely someone ran it through a voice recognition program and then corrected any mistakes so it would read better. her delivery was very choppy, from the little bit i saw.

      • Hi bunnies! I was the one who sent in the transcript…and no, I’m too stupid to think of using any kind of automatic anything. I *literally* listened to her speech and *literally* typed it all out, word for word, and um for um. Took me a while.

        I don’t know why I did it. I’m a very long-time lurker and there have been many, many rage-inducing epsiodes worse than this. But this speech just set me off. Beforehand she made a tremendous fuss about it – and this is what she came up with!?! I thought it was important in some way to have a record (across the universe and in perpetuity) of what, exactly, it means when she claims (in her bio for example) she is a public speaker.

        Anyway, back to my lonely basement. You guys all rock.

        PS “Fameless shamewhore” is from a comment ages and ages ago; I remember reading it and thinking it would be a fab screen name. Sorry for violating that cat lady’s copyright, look forward to the C&D. x

        • well I think you are awesome for suffering through this incredible shite for the sake of the greater cat lady good. I couldn’t make myself watch the whole video, and there’s something really astonishing about seeing this rambling, inccoherent drivel laid out on a page. my fave line has to be “I think that that’s why we we we we lead to this.”


        • I translated + posted about 2 or 3 paragraphs a few days ago. The part about this *argument* that made absolutely NO SENSE:

          “would you ever say to someone, uh, you have to choose between walking outside or being harassed. Like I don’t think that any of us would ever make that argument.”

          I had to sit down and figure out what the hell she was saying because it made NO SENSE. Once I actually transcribed and read it? Made even less sense.

          I don’t know how you were able to sit through the whole thing. I couldn’t do it. You are a brave, brave soul. And we thank you for your dedicated service.

        • Thanks for the public service! Love the name, by the way. Sit and stay a while here in the communal basement. Would you care for some Dorito casserole? Maybe a pair of fluffy slippers?

          • Gosh, wow, that’s very kind but my cats will need feeding pretty soon, plus I have errands to run at my desk, and it’s getting awfully late…

            …well, maybe I could stay for just a little while…

            *removes anorak, rearranges mumu, perches awkwardly on very edge of sofa*

    • somebody with a wicked sense of humor and a need to serve others, notably basement-dwelling catpeeps. So. Blessed.

      • Part of me wants to spend a couple of hours with it and edit it so that it reads like actual English … but I’m kinda busy this weekend.

  20. “Um, frankly it hasn’t really gotten better for me, I find it actually gets worse”

    Well, dumbass, as long as you maintain an unwillingness to learn from past behavior & won’t change your interpersonal skills from those of a spoiled 14-year-old, all that improves is your skill at evading accountability.

    Apparently it behooves you (see what I did there?) not to problem-solve — given your unimaginative & lazy approach to every waking moment, even your problems are used & re-used for gaining sympathy & attention.

    You’re an emotionally-immature chronic under-performer at life, Donkey. Keep living that sad existence online, we’ll keep pointing & laughing. Do you get it?

  21. OT- So I’ve been paying attention to MegaTits twitter feed lately. She got into this online snark fight with a Cornell law school professor.

    McCainBlogette Meghan McCain
    Cornell University Law Professor William A. Jacobson enjoys making fun of the size of my breasts: http://bit.ly/gZus3u
    3 hours ago

    McCainBlogette Meghan McCain
    I expect stuff like that from random trolls on the internet – I don’t expect that from ivy league law professors. It’s disappointing.
    3 hours ago

    It looks like she’s been hanging out the Donksers too much, cause she felt she was being bullied. Of course, leave it to a law school prof to put stupid entitled people in their place:

    Meghan McCain has posted a ridiculous Tweet about this post, which among other things doesn’t even get the author right.

    The “McCain Boobette” reference specifically was to http://twitter.com/mccainboobette not to her “breast size,” which she would have known had she clicked on the link above in the original post which was to this Daily Caller piece, TheDC Interview: Meet Meghan McCain’s alter-ego — McCain Boobette. But clicking on links apparently is too deep a thought for Ms. McCain. Meghan must be really desperate for attention to make something out of nothing.

    Given Meghan’s performance with her Tweet, it appears she also did not consider that whoever it is who uses the “McCain Boobette” Twitter name was not referring to her “breast size” but her personality:

    Definition of BOOB
    1: a stupid awkward person : simpleton
    2: boor, philistine

    • I’ve always thought of Meghan McCain as the blonde version of Julia. She’s an immature, entitled, vacuous, self-obsessed, bitchy, stupid (so stupid!), spoiled brat. Just. Like. Donkey.

      • Meghan McCain is just as appalling as Donkey and is much more dangerous because she’s actually famous and has an audience besides us.

      • McCainBoobette sures sounds like Foolia

        MM: like their ever going to get a book deal LOL. but yeah, you dont understand how tough it is to stay in hotels and order room service on a book tour, and you have 2 travel and stuff, and its like alot of hardships. young people know about hardships & how ya just have to rock it out sometimes to deal with stress.

        TheDC: It’s no secret that you have a lot of critics. What do you have to say to people who charge that you aren’t conservative enough?

        MM: I say to that BRING IT. I know there really only saying it bcause of how I look, theres so much discrimination and h8 in the world. I represent Conservative values as a rebel, and critics just cant get those conundrums. Until they realize they are loosing all the cool, young voters, they wont get that they need to be like hipper. my critics also need to have more sex

        Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/10/29/thedc-interview-meet-meghan-mccains-alter-ego-%e2%80%94-mccain-boobette/#ixzz1Ha5OABVn


    Okay, if she honestly wants us to follow her injunction against reading her content, now she can’t read this site without being hypocritical. Yes, hypocritical to an even greater degree than usual. I know you didn’t think that was possible. You think that way because you’re lonely. And fat.

    PS Thanks to my participation in this site, my iPhone now autocorrects “haters” to “haterz.”

    PPS DONKEY!!!!

    PPPS I’m mildly drunky. My iPhone tried to autocorrect “drunky” to “frumpy,” which I’m sure Julia would appreciate since I’m a catman.

    • I hope you wiped the cheeto dust off your fingers on your sweatpants before typing on that iphone, young man.


      • I like this image. Did you make it using MS Paint? You might have a future in preparing Venn diagrams for professional laydeez in tech to use in their presentations!

    • I kind of like her. She’s real about her plastic surgery and her shallowness. Julia is many things, but genuine is not one of them.

    • I’ve been reading her blog for quite some time, and I don’t think she’s anything like Donkey. She is omg!married, has real friends, etc., so I assume she is more tolerable in real life. She says things that are outrageous/I don’t agree with, but she is generally open and honest, which is already 90000 times better than Donkey.

  23. My God, she was so unprepared. What a joke. She flew all the way to Austin to sit at a desk and mumble inarticulately for fifteen minutes?! It’s beyond disrespectful to whoever got her the gig, the organisers of the event and to her audience to be so unprepared.

    She gets all of these opportunities and seems beyond lazy. She never delivers the goods. Ever.

    • This is slightly OT, but with regards to flying all over the place for “work”… Why does this social media columnist and unabashed tech fangirl not utilize virtual meeting hosting services? These are low-cost, if not free! Why not discuss how it is possible to “work” globally from a remote location? To connect with others and brainstorm, realtime, without wasting time, resources, and your (other people’s) money on travel, all while being a little more mindful of our environment?!! Maybe discuss in a column these benefits as well as the costs (trading in face-to-face communication)? Discuss the two sides of the coin?
      If you focus your career on web2.0, and fancy yourself an early-adopter of new methods and technologies… why are you working in the most mid-20th century way possible – especially in a field in which you don’t need to do that?

      • because she wouldn’t have anything to talk post to her blergh if she didn’t
        Late to the airport, um, err oops!
        Julia in TO in her cab!
        Lilly in the bag in the security line!
        Delayed flight!
        Bad weather!
        Crying babies!
        Middle seat!
        Pink luggage!
        No peanuts!!!
        Arrive somewhere to have dinner and #namedrop!

  24. [img]http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i255/basserotic/Miss-South-Carolina-Lauren-Caitlin-.jpg[/img]

  25. OT and apologies if anyone already posted this and I missed it (I just saw a note about his tweet to this effect) – Tyler Coates would like you to know that he did NOT mean his keyboard smashing like that! He doesn’t have a problem with Julia! And furthermore you catladies were funnier before your major label debut. And did you ever think if you just ignored Hoolia she might just go away?

    He then unclenched his fist and a shower of shattered pearls dusted his Tumblr.

    • Just like many people who aren’t regular readers here, he doesn’t get that this isn’t about hating Julia. There’s a community here, and that’s what makes this place so worthwhile. If Julia left the internet I’d still love to hang with you guys on the interwebs.

      • Right. The weird judginess that can come out of the media circlejerk scene can be so strange. These are people who comment all day long on Gawker and The Awl (although I do like the Awl) and wouldn’t think twice about saying something snappy/”catty” there, but when we do the same thing here it’s strange or obsessive or we just don’t UNDERSTAND that we’re the ones feeding her desire to be noticed!

        They’re mistakenly assuming that the purpose of RBD/RBNS was ever to make her go away. I think most of the catpeople here have accepted that’s unlikely to ever happen, given that her fat brain is broken, so instead we built a community of servicey, funny people who enjoy getting together to point and laugh. It may not be everyone’s bag, but I really don’t see what’s so hard to understand about it.

          • This!

            And Admiral – Exactly. My goal isn’t to get her chased off the internet. My goal is strictly lulz and random rages at someone so stupid.

          • Agree. Jabbles, if you’re going to be a worthless tool, you might as well stay on my internets so I can laugh at you.

          • Agreed! This is my favorite online reality show too. Did you see the part that hits to him was ‘staggeringly high’? I don’t know why but I felt so proud. The difference between NS and RBD is that NS is smoke and mirrors and this here little kitty box is organic. Julia HAS to know that if this goes away, so does she.

      • I think it’s also to call out someone so vapid and stupid who keeps getting “writing” jobs and TV gigs and is able to snow potential employers with her amaze-ballz biography into getting more and more of these gigs when her body of work is atrocious.

        I’m also disappointed that this guy misses the irony of Julia “My Gays” liking his video AND NOT LINKING TO THE ORIG OWNER! SUE HER FOR COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS! CALL THE CYBER POLICE! SOMEONE BEEN VIOLATED BY JULIA ALLISON!

    • “but I do want to point out that of all of the blogs that linked to my Tumblr (including The Daily What), Reblogging Donk provided the most traffic – by far. Like, staggeringly so.”


    • Yeah, Meghan McCain is no Mensa member either. It really grinds my gears that it is so hard for real journalists and other writers to find good jobs right now and Meghan gets a column and a book deal, all for being the daughter of that embarassment that is Senator John McCain. I get that nepotism and who you know makes the world go round, but at least DO SOMETHING with the platform you’ve been unfairly given. Jenna Bush wrote a book about a woman she worked with in Central America who had AIDS – was she given a book deal because of who her father is? Yeah, sure. But she used that opportunity to write something more than some little vanity project.

      • After catching her on Today Show segments, I’ve become impressed w/ Jenna Bush Hager & just now, after reading her Wiki (couldn’t remember her married name, had to google), I’m even more of a fan — girl has done hard work & is earning a good name for herself in her own right (or in spite of her dad’s name, some might say).

          • I like them too. Jenna put herself more in the public eye in order to talk about things like education and Barbara’s been quieter in the media – to me, at least, I don’t see too much about her – but working on something with AIDS patients. Although recently I remember reading about Barbara doing a video in favor of legalizing gay marriage in NY and I know that’s also something Meghan McCain is in favor of as well, but Meghan always comes across as so desperate and just kind of … not that bright. She’s just so desperate to become the face of the “new, young, hip, sexy, totally gay friendly” Republican Party. She just irks me. Some of that is her father’s fault though, I guess. I have to change the channel whenever I’m watching something and McCain comes on for an interview.

          • I love Laura and the Bush twins. They always made W. seem slightly less heinous and made me feel so bad for bullying him by giving his chopper the finger when it flew over D.C. on Obama’s inauguration day.

            Speaking of that day, remember when she made a big fucking deal about going to the inauguration and then never made it but posted photos of her and a billion other people wandering the streets unable to get anywhere near it?

        • Jenna and Barbra Bush are good people. Lightyears ahead of Meghan McCain in every respect.

          And for everything there is to dislike about GW Bush, there’s no way in hell that he would’ve even considered appointing Sarah Palin as everything except maybe part of the White House maid staff.

          • Ooh, gossip?!
            That’s kind of disappointing to me – in my head I always liked the twins, as well as Laura. It made up for all of the bullying I did toward their father and his administration.

          • Nothing too major. She showed up at a benefit I attended and made a complete drunken ass of herself–running around the museum, hooting and hollering.

            She also crashed a party a friend of mine threw back in their Yale days. She told a black gay guest that she thought it was so cool that he was not only black, but gay. The black gay guest’s response, “suck my black gay dick,” was not what she expected and she fled the party in tears.

            Teh smarts, she haz them not.

          • I went to college with Jenna and had several run in’s with her. Dumb, but essentially a good person.

          • @RRR – that sounds like how they acted 7 or 8 yrs ago. By all indications, they’ve grown up and no longer act like 22 yr olds. If it was more recent than that, well, sadz.

    • Previously on this very site I had half-heartedly defended Megatits as being pretty dumb and obviously unthinkingly privileged, but mostly harmless.

      After seeing this “comedic” atrocity, I retract those statements.

    • Those excerpts gave me the second-hand Canklehausen. Meghan really is just as painfully unfunny and untalented as Julia.

    • I’d liken that to watching a cat yak: You try to look away, you really do (but you hafta see where it’s gonna land) even though you know it’s anything but funny when you too are gagging well before it’s over.

      • That GLOCK GLOCK GLOCK noise they make right before they spew will wake me out of a sound sleep every time. I know that if I don’t find it with my eyes that night I’ll find it with my foot in the morning.

        I’m talking about a real cat, not my nonexistent boyfriend, by the way.

  26. Well, this did NOT cause me to LOL. I can see now why little Julia is so upset! You people are making it IMPOSSIBLE for me to do my job of promoting her. This transcription is…uh…well…out of context. Yes, that’s it, out of context. And it’s…uh….ummm….unfair. Yes, that’s it, it’s unfair to my client to actually USE her own words to show she’s a small-minded, ego-maniacal, self-centered, poorly spoken little whiner. IT’S JUST UNFAIR! I’m stamping my foot. You can’t see it but I am. I just did it again. Darn you all! Now go to your rooms!! You are punished from your computers for a week! NO…a…a….yeah, that’s it…a…MONTH! And that’s like a year on the Internet, right? I hope you all learn from this.

    And by the way, if any of you need representation, DM me. I still don’t know what that means but it sounds so hip and happenin’, right?


  27. Not surprisingly, she never once has given any indication that she’s even capable of sitting down and reflecting on the question: “What is it about me that arouses such negative opinions in others?” or “Is there some value in what these hundreds of people are saying…some validity at all to what they are saying?” Nope. She just hears the body snarking and writes us all off as hopeless, jealous, losers. I doubt she has this particular kind of introspective ability, as fixated on her only little navel as she is. Sad.

  28. Seriously, wtf is this? I couldn’t even read it. It’s just a random mix of the words bullying, scared, harassment, me, and um thrown together.

  29. [img]http://api.ning.com/files/HbO6vwZ9sXhNnehxpXD6N8j3t5mBlHaBp7wD4AfF6RacnCYTFKBMa5YJKbCk9bcv513WGHp2unKDEcfSuYOgav80O0LYFt2E/aledlewis0.jpg[/img]

  30. This is what I’ve done to try to get them to stop. Mostly cried but it doesn’t work,

    That’s right Jolie Assholeson, you can’t cry like a 2 year old and have your problems solved on the internet. Why are you taking it so seriously? Feel free to relax!

    none of it doesn’t work and I’ll tell you why, um, they’re anonymous and I know we had a 4-chan, um, presentation by Christopher the other day who, who lauded anonymity and I would just say this: Um, the problem with anonymity in this particular case is that they cannot be accountable for their actions and I, I would have only say that, you know, say what you’re gonna say using your real name so if you are using defamatory comments, if you’re using defamatory language, if you’re libellous, at least you, um, you can be held accountable but frankly I don’t have the time or money or the cyber-detective skills to track down the people who are doing this and I’m guessing that most peope don’t and I don’t think we should live in a society in which we require people to have, you know, friends who are PIs, um, in order to escape this scapegoating.

    Remember guys, being anonymous is only good, uh, well it only makes sense for stuff like posting positive comments when you don’t have time to properly sign in or uh, when you want to leak someone’s name to the world and not let people know it was you. You should NEVER say something negative anonymously! I mean, how will I know where to send my forged C&D documents? You are making it really haaaaaaard! I am a busy woman! I have.. uh, tweets to write about being delayed at the airport. I can’t silence everyone who disagrees with me if they don’t leave a name, phone number and address! Seriously! The uh, problem with, you know, free speech, is that some people say things that are mean! Especially to me or me, or to people I know like my boyfriends, oops I mean boyfriend. How can we you know, have a social society if there are a bunch of people who don’t properly register so I can block them? The biggest problem with the internet today is the amount of libelous slander setting forth on facebook and oh, I guess I am out of time…

  31. OT: Julia called someone (Taylor) her “wingman” in context of a dinner she went to.


    Talk about a bad word choice when you’ve told the world you’re in a serious relationship. Julia, you should have just said “My friend Taylor and I went to a dinner to celebrate…” (if that’s all you meant to communicate, and I believe it was.)

      • Just saw her post pimping Taylor. Julia, *you* are *his* wingman(woman). Unless he accompanies *you* to help you hook up with people.

  32. @CindyhM1 – awww, I wish I could have been there – thank you for inviting me! Has Jack introduced you to my pup, @Lillydog yet?
    8 minutes ago via web in reply to CindyhM1

    Cindy invites her to things!! She is not random!!!

    So I guess she dumps Lilly on Jack when she flits around with her “wingman” and “best friend” Tyler? Oh my…

    • Is that a public tweet to a private “invite”? I don’t see anything on the matriarch’s twitter regarding an invite.

  33. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Alice Walker Wright, Loren Feldman, Matt Beauchamp and Emily Gould are all people who have openly mocked Julia under their real names. Granted, out of the four, three should spend some quality time playing in speeding traffic, but I fail to see how knowledge of their identities has helped Julia’s cause.

    Although if she tried to go all citizen’s arrest on them that might make a good one-act play. SPOILER ALERT (everybody dies when Loren opens his fridge).

    • There are at least three other names you didn’t mention (& I won’t either, cuz fuck her, she has interns & PI’s to suss this shit out), but yeah, she does nothing w/ whined-for info right under the current version of her nose.

        • skipped over the playing in traffic comment somehow. should’ve been looking for it all the way, knowing how RRR feels about loren & matt in particular. i’ll have to pay more attention to RBD, less to my desk errand-y thing

          RRR–settle down, bunny. RBD is matt and loren’s memories too!

  34. Donk has herself a law firm!

    The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. has started a new group for parents, family members and guardians who are concerned about children who are being bullied in school, on the Internet or anywhere. Family Law attorney Lauren Chartan will share her legal experience and knowledge with family members and discuss the legal recourse that is available. If your child or another family member has recently been victimized by bullying tactics, you are not helpless. Lauren Chartan is knowledgeable and compassionate and this will be a group for sharing and getting legal support.

    • Anywhoo, I think it’s a worthy cause. I would love Julia to show up to assist the cause.

    • The Law Firm of Wisselman, Harounian & Associates, P.C. has started a new group for PARENTS, family members and GUARDIANS who are concerned about CHILDREN who are being bullied in SCHOOL, on the Internet or anywhere. Family Law attorney Lauren Chartan will share her legal experience and knowledge with family members and discuss the legal recourse that is available. If your CHILD or another family member has recently been victimized by bullying tactics, you are not helpless. Lauren Chartan is knowledgeable and compassionate and this will be a group for sharing and getting legal support.

      Julia, you’re a grown ass woman. Kindly STFU.

    • That article makes a good point. I wish there had been more vitriol, though, because her whole shtick is a crime against decency, and the SXSW talk itself was a crime against talking.

  35. Kind of OT:

    @David Lat
    is tired of people complaining about insults from @ATLblog commenters; people, it’s time to #GrowAPair. #WelcomeToTheInternet

    • david lat is a really, really cool guy. very smart & successful as well.

      i used to read that blog religiously, but the writers now aren’t as good and it’s impossible to be “FIRST!!11” over there anymore. too much traffic. 🙁

  36. With my high school girl friend Elly Benson…Elly and I have known each other since we were 12, and she was the co-editor-in-chief of our high school newspaper…We got into many a fight about me being over word count / missing deadlines. Some things never change!!

    teehee, even nearly two decades later, I still refuse to do what my bosses tell me to do and conform to basic rules for employment! teehee so cute and tiny!

    • ‘This rather bizarre pose was her idea, I’ll have you know.’

      Does Elly walk among us? Imagine suggesting this pose. Maybe as a subtle shout-out for the so fat so sad catz to see the seasonally-challenged sartorial mishap that is LabelHo LaDonk? Why does she wear strapless & open-toes in the dead of NYC winter but long-sleeved & sausage casings in CA spring?

    • It is utterly bizarre to me the way she describes her so-called close friends by listing their alma maters, professions, and accomplishments. It resembles a cover letter for a job! Her arrested development is severe (e.g., prom dresses at her motherfucking thirtieth birthday). I think it’s great to have old friends and to have nostalgia for the past, but I guarantee that Julia is so immature that when she reminisces about high school, the stakes are still high. The past pettiness and disappointments still matter to her. The conversation was probably 50 percent high school minutiae about like Homecoming Spirit Week activities or something equally forgettable, 25 percent cyber bullying, and 25 percent PANCAKES.

      • normally you only introduce friends using employer/alma mater/hometown if you’re trying to help them network or give them something to talk about at a party. e.g., “hey john, this is dave, he’s also a lawyer; he went to stanford and you went to berkeley, so you have that north cali thing in common. you guys should really have a lot to talk about, since you both are interested in _______ and both live in _______ now.”

  37. “[T]he best analogy I can give in this particular case where people haven’t experienced it, but I am guessing maybe most of you have in one way or another is, um, you, would you ever say to someone, uh, you have to choose between walking outside or being harassed. Like I don’t think that any of us would ever make that argument and yet that’s the argument that we’re, you know either condoning through our silence online…”

    The choice we’re tacitly being given is analogous to having to choose between walking outside or being harassed? I choose to walk outside! I think we’re done here.

    • “Like I don’t think that any of us would ever make that argument…” Holy shit, I can’t stop laughing at this moron! She graduated from Georgetown? Jesus.

      Feel free to relax and walk outside Julie!

      • The Gtown thing always boggles my mind. I don’t think I could pay for my kid to go to Gtown. In 20 years (or whatever) I still think I’d have a lower opinion of the place bc of Julia Baugher. And it actually would be cool to have the kiddo go to college pretty close to home. But in that case, Johns Hopkins is a better school and doesn’t give me the creeps related to the Donk. (I’m not being completely serious, but I think I would be a little creeped out if my kid went anywhere Donk went)

    • Also, fuck, I have gotten death threats and rape threats on the Internets from just doing my job, and the same is probably true of every other woman journalist. Get over yourself, Donks; you’re not a special snowflake in this, either.

      • Yeah, it’s amazing that someone who has decided to be the Anti-Bullying Spokesmodel, particular for (a) female adults who are (b) well-known on the internet and are experiencing (c) a gendered variety of bullying, centering on their appearance and desirability, would never, ever once mention Kathy Sierra.

        No, the fact that someone once photoshopped a picture of Sierra choking to death on a pair of panties, and that Sierra now chooses to live in an isolated area in the southwest with no internet access pales in comparison to Julia’s story. Someone told her that she had fat fingers, is a couch-surfer, and — worst of all — that she is not a gifted person.

  38. I waved between Cancklehousen by Proxy, and she is seriously insane…I am not kidding about the insane. Wow. Just. Wow!

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