UPDATED: Julia Allison Uses New Supremely Homosexual Gay Anthem To Justify Her Being a Lazy, Unintelligent Asshole

My favorite quote from Gaga: “‘Born This Way’ is about saying, ‘This is who I am. This is who the fuck I am!’”

That’s a rallying cry for those of us who feel different – and who have been made to feel that difference is wrong, or bad, or unacceptable for whatever reason.  I count myself among those numbers.

And for those who choose to spend their time judging others, telling others that who they are isn’t okay – telling others that who they love, how they dress, the way they act isn’t acceptable, isn’t appropriate, isn’t right  – Who are you to say what someone else should be?

You know, Julia’s right. “Born This Way,” among other things, is a rallying cry to encourage confused gay teens to accept themselves as the beautiful glitter unicorns they are, young men and women who couldn’t help coming out of the womb being all sassy and fabulous. (It’s also an obvious ploy to make millions off of all those buttpumpers who just want to dance, dance, dance.) Perhaps Julia Allison was simply born an entitled, classist, vapid, status-hungry twat who can’t speak or write intelligently. Maybe it is biology and not rude, socially unacceptable, assholish and lazy behavior that is almost universally unappealing. We shouldn’t “bully” people who can’t help being an asshole. But, to that end, Julia Allison shouldn’t bully Lady Gaga.

Remember this?

Can someone please explain to me why Lady Gaga … who is from New York … speaks with a faux British accent?

@euanrellie – HA! Well it made me (a fan) want to punch her in the faux face.

Julia Allison should know about faux faces, amiright? I find it strange that we catladies are considered “bullies” who have malice “in spades,” when we absolutely do not condone physical violence whatsoever when remarking on a public figure. Yet, when Julia Allison threatens to give a public figure a beatdown, it’s perfectly OK.

It’s just genetics, after all, bunnies! Fell free to relax!

UPDATE: In other news, Julia Allison find gays who don’t adhere to demeaning, caricature-like stereotypes disappointing.

Watch “a complete lack of sass” on “My Disappointing Gay Best Friend.”


Why won’t she stop judging gays for being the fully-realized, complicated human beings they are? Who is she to tell them that the way they act is unacceptable? Why is it perfectly fine to shove her prom dress in their faces, demand that they play dress-up and force them to be a minstrelsy one-dimensional stereotype that sets back  the quest for equal rights and acceptance of homosexuals in our society?

Stop not being faggoty fags, you fags, or else Julia Allison won’t stop judging you!

UPDATE #2: Tyler Coates, of the aforementioned “My Disappointing Gay Best Friend” video above, expresses. . . um. . . annoyance that Julia Allison posted his (admittedly funny) video and completely missed the point — that point being that most sane gay people hate when annoying women bully the gays into being nothing but a sassy and stereotypical accessory.

In the words of Julia Allison: “Hysterical!”


    • I think someone posts this exactly same comment on each post, but it’s necessary every damn time.

  1. Yes, faux Brit accents are irritating, but so are daft cunts who purchase “frocks” at “shoppes.”

    • Let’s repeat that her blog tagline is: “I wish I had a British accent so everything I said would sound smart. Instead I was born in Chicago.”

      The stupidity! It burns!

      • Hey, you know who else sucks- Euan Rellie for being the one to actually say he wanted to punch Gaga in the face for daring to use a Brit accent on occasion. Ugh, misogynist pompous twit, fuck you. Here’s this crunt of a man via Cityfile:

        “The dapper, well-groomed Rellie works in finance, but he’s better known for his social presence and for his Brit designer wife, Lucy Sykes. The son of a British diplomat, Rellie was raised in London and attended the right schools (Eton, Cambridge) before joining the investment bank Schroders. Stints in the Singapore and New York offices followed,… It’s not his banking career, though, that’s made him something of a name in town—it’s his ubiquity on the social circuit. If there’s a society photographer in the house, you can count on Euan and his wife Lucy to jump in front of the flashbulbs.

        Oh, and likes to talk about punching girls in the face. Perfect fake pal of Donk’s, an insufferable Brit famewhore.


          I apologize to Rellie, and to you all for missing that @ sign, and shall shut the hell up now. Guh. 🙁

          • Don’t worry about it, NorseHorse. I’m sure Euan Rellie doesn’t want to punch girls in the face, but he IS a huge, huge, HUGE asshole!

          • Isn’t he the same dude that was trying to set up a playdate w/ Donkey when she was going to be in NYC for NYFW? &he was going to take his son?

  2. I guess it’s not bullying to want to deny a massive part of the population their civil rights based on their sexual orientation a la John / Jack McCain – or maybe that kind of bullying is ok if you’re rich.

    Julia Allison’s tacit support of this kind of politicized hatred makes the reference to this song particularly galling. Another example of how Julia doesn’t really any ideals other than a love of fame, power, and money.

    • Is it just me or isn’t Julia Allison dating a guy who hates “ragheads” and “sand n*****s” and whose dad is one of the biggest racists/homophobes in the Senate?

      Am I just imagining this? bc last I heard, she was dating a McLame and they have a pretty awful record re: tolerance.

  3. I find it worrisome how often she expresses a desire to physically pound the shit out of people. I hope she’s OK! Maybe it’s the drink?

    • Yes, she shows an undercurrent of violence that is disturbing. Just in the past few weeks she “joked” on twitter about cutting off baby’s feet and then posted a “joke” on her blergh showing a bear trap set to catch hipsters.

      Pretty pink princesses who never say a word against anybody because that’s bullying should not joke about people being maimed and disfigured. They should not post about wanting to punch people.

    • Me too! Her rage is disturbing to me. So this makes Gaga, the NY Times reporter (I want to kick her ass!) and the Bolt Bus girl as people she’s publicly said she wants to physically harm… am I missing anyone else?

  4. I think JAB is going for this feel:

    Gibert: I just wanted to say that I’m a nerd, and I’m here tonight to stand up for the rights of other nerds. I mean uh, all our lives we’ve been laughed at and made to feel inferior. And tonight, those bastards, they trashed our house. Why? Cause we’re smart? Cause we look different? Well, we’re not. I’m a nerd, and uh, I’m pretty proud of it.

    Lewis: Hi, Gilbert. I’m a nerd too. I just found that out tonight. We have news for the beautiful people. There’s a lot more of us than there are of you. I know there’s alumni here tonight. When you went to Adams you might’ve been called a spazz, or a dork, or a geek. Any of you that have ever felt stepped on, left out, picked on, put down, whether you think you’re a nerd or not, why don’t you just come down here and join us. Okay? Come on.

    Gibert: Just join us cos uh, no-one’s gonna really be free until nerd persecution ends.

    Only it doesn’t quite work. She is Betty Childs on the arm on Stan Gable the entire movie. Only she doesn’t switch sides at the end. She remains a cunt.

  5. Lady Gaga, Rebecca Black, Bolt Bus Girl, United Airlines, Hoya staff, [redacted1], [redacted 2], [redacted 1’s fiance], catladies at work, every waiter in NYC, every waiter in CHI, every waiter in LA, every waiter in SF, every waiter in SD, Rosie O’Donnell, Mad Men, tech guy at Astrologyzone, Momsers, Mary, Jordan, Prop Thing, my eyes, my ears, TMS…

  6. “Different” isn’t an adjective I’d ever use to describe Donkey. In fact, there’s a sameness about her behavior and personality that’s unremarkable. We all know or have known someone, man or woman, who acts like Donkey does, and we have words for them: asshole, dipshit, twat, bitch, cocksucker, attention whore, et cetera. The online component to Donkey’s life does not make her “different.” Unlikable /= uniquity.

    • Utter lack of originality. Cupcakes! Pink! Sex and the City carrie Bradshaw! Juicy velour tracksuits! Blogging! Weddings! Hair extensions!

      All the most common, most thoroughly marketed and advertised and already done into the ground everything. Does anyone remember the time she tweeted that something was “amazeballs (TM)” as though she made up that fake cutesy word herself? Like seriously 2 years after another popular Tumblr blogger (vie society) had been using it all over everything AND it had already been adopted, mocked, discarded by others.

      Ugh. Ha and remember around ashram time when she was blerging “spiritual” quotes and hinting that like seemed t be unfolding her in the direction of writing about spiritual topics? She was first one ever to find God at ashram. Cupcakes, pink, the end.

      • I think besides julia’s amazeballs lack of originality, what is consistent is that her pet causes/obsessions are always years behind trending/topical peak.

  7. Hey! Juan or Pedro or whatever the hell yer name really *is*, I keep tellin ya…you got to ungay this thing, son! Ya keep this up and I got to tell ya, the ICE people will start noticin’ and then the caca will be in fan, okay? Lookit. Strike one, you’re homo. Okay? Strike two, you’re messkin. Okay? Strike three, you done took after a white woman here…I mean, hell, there’s prolly lots more strikes I can’t even think of rat offhand! Listen: you will be zip locked and into a green van headed due south at high speed in a New York Minute, son. Don’t you grasp that? None of us want that. Well…okay….there’re probably some people who wouldn’t like that, okay? What you do is this, I’m telling you, are you listenin? Quit. Bein. Gay. Quit. Bein. Messkin. Leave. The. White. Woman. Alone. Compren-day much-a-cho? Si ace verdad. Keep all that stuff on the downloooooooooooooow. Awright? Prayin’ for you, sodomite.

    Rev. Jim

    • run, Cristobal, run away!


    • OMFG!!! Juliaspublicist is taking our jobs as RBD mods! People with slightly darker skin should be unable to work so long as there is a single slightly paler person left unemployed!! I’m not racist, and if you say I am, you’re a bully and you should feel free to relax (after you’ve served your time for your cyberbullying crime)! And that last remaining slightly paler person left unemployed would certainly be Julia Allison.

      This comment powered by the McCain family’s rabid ignorance.

  8. …the way they act isn’t acceptable, isn’t appropriate, isn’t right

    /british accent on/ I will never find lying grifters acceptable or appropriate, ever. /british accent off/

  9. So according to Donkey, no one should ever be judged on anyone they love or any way they act?
    So in Donkeyland we’re going to abolish all the age of consent laws and throw open the jails? No more courts? What will the poor unemployed cyberpolice do?
    Julie, you really need to think the end results of your arguments out better before you place your hooves on the keyboard, el burro loco.
    Hope the family McCain realizes they’re inviting a dangerous anarchist into their midst.

    • “So according to Donkey, no one should ever be judged on anyone they love or any way they act?”

      Quit judging those pedophiles who love those little girls and boys! It’s unacceptable!

      • [img]http://files.sharenator.com/pedobear_approved_men_only_s300x300_42865_535_RE_Totally_Oblivious-s300x300-56845.jpg[/img]

      • Donks is just fishing for a fresh crop of Twitter followers. Namely, members of NAMBLA and the KKK.

      • Hey! Stop bullying NAMBLA! I’m talking to you, law enforcement! We need cyber police to make sure that people like NAMBLA and sex-deprived priests aren’t bullied! Who are you to judge their actions?!

  10. This chick is suburban milquetoast whitebread. As much as she tries to amp up her personality with pink and dogs and glomming onto d-list celebs at the end of the day she is bland as soggy cardboard.

    • EXACTLY THIS. How in MOTHERFUCK is she “different?” How does this even make sense? She’s an unintelligent, upper middle class white girl who got into Georgetown undoubtedly because her Daddy pulled strings. She likes the color pink and prom dresses and the Little Mermaid sountrack. She’s not in any way, shape or form an individual, an iconoclast…I mean seriously??? She’s an average looking overprivileged unoriginal white lady. She hasn’t been “different” a day in her life.

      • Oh, she’s different, I’ll give her that: she takes thousands of pictures of herself and posts them, she creates a vanity blog and boo hoos when people criticize it, she posts lip dubs and videos of everything she does and she can’t go for a New York Minute without being on the internet. She has documented her life but wants nothing but positive comments about it and she is her own paparazzi.

    • Next up: Read “complete lack of insight and basic grammatical knowledge” by “the outrageously inept ‘columnist’ TMS wishes they never knew”.

    • Silly JP: she is perfectly consistent in whatever thought she is trying to convey that moment. That Lady Gaga tweet is a year old! And that British accent tagline on her blog is also a year old. Feel free to relax!

    • She’s not inconsistent! She’s different! She has a different kind of consistency!

      Who are you to say what someone else should be?!

  11. Julia, newsflash: Attention/Fame-whores are neither persecuted nor a minority, least of all both. Also, being a famewhore/golddigger doesn’t make you special or different. Unless you count sucking at both because it seems that at least 90 per cent of those we know of are doing a better job than you are.
    This McCain thing really brings out her crazy, doesn’t it?

  12. Question: Why won’t she stop judging gays for being the fully-realized, complicated human beings they are? Who is she to tell them that the way they act is unacceptable? Why is it perfectly fine to shove her prom dress in their faces, demand that they play dress-up and force them to be a minstrelsy one-dimensional stereotype that sets back the quest for equal rights and acceptance of homosexuals in our society?

    Answer: Because she does not hang around lesbian, gay, bi, trans people IRL. Having many friends in these communities pretty much disabuses a person of any received ideas they held true that were mere stereotypes.

    Julie!! Just like the straights, no two geighs are alike!!!

    • Nah, you’re just making this up. As we all know from 90s and early noughties television, the only raison d’etre for gay men and black women to exist in the orbit of wholesome white people is their inherent sassiness. Accept it, it’s biology. Julia has been guessing this forever!

  13. I feel like Disappointing Gay Friend was just posted here a day or so ago. Is she ripping us off again!?

    • It makes me feel dirty that she apparently discovered this video on the same day I shared it with my Disappointing Gay Best Friend ™.

    • I caught the end of this when I got in my car this afternoon. I can’t believe Terry Gross didn’t ask Julie to be on her show! This is an affront to anti-bullies everywhere.

      • YES. THIS. i literally went through three of those little packets of tissues (the kind a grandma/catlady always has in her purse). in the face of such sad/bittersweet/humorous stories, i was also reminded of how out of touch the fucking donkeykongshitshow is from reality. i’d say i want to punch her in the face, but that would be stooping to her slimeball level, and i actually have restraint (sometimes, okay not last weekend, but you know).

        the segment also had some uber funny moments, see: description of terry’s ninth birthday party, dan’s 13th birthday request for tickets to a chorus line, and how they explain to their son that he’s probably straight.

    • And she had the nerve to post something like “Does it get better? Not really.”

      As if her experience is IN ANY WAY PARALLELED by these teen’s suffering.

      I will never the donkey.

  14. Fuck yes, it’s about time! Upper-middle-class, suburban, college-educated, able-bodied, Christian, heterosexual white people of America – STAND UP! I feel you, Julia Allison. When I think about what Martin Luther King would think if he could have seen a black family enter the White House as the new First Family or when I watched “It Gets Better” videos from people like Tim Gunn, talking about their hopelessness and their plans for suicide, all with tears springing to my eyes, I couldn’t help but think that maybe we’ll finally be able to deal with the oppression faced by trustfund brats raised in nuclear families in well-to-do Midwestern suburbs. We need to stop being so mean to the little donkey. She has been bullied and oppressed and ostracized, just for being herself – a stupid, priledged famewhore. It’s pretty clear that Julia and her ilk inspired Lady Gaga.

    • That was my thought exactly!!! It’s all about you Julie, you poor, poor dear girl. How you must have suffered growing up straight, white, christian and rich! How you suffer now, writing those 700 words weekly, living rent free and flying on the bfs dime. The horror! The horror!

    • The oppressive views of our society forced her to dress in condom dresses and rub her breasts against founder arms.

        • “Rich white girl forced by biology to demand attention, shove tits, and pull skirts.”

    • the entitlement, it burns.
      in julie’s defense (dunning-kruger effect), she’s so privileged she doesn’t even know what “privilege” means; she said so herself. tell us again, julie, about your future father-in-law’s definition of “rich”?

      • Actually, Julia is, like doubly oppressed. Didn’t she say that she was 1/75th Jewish or something? It’s probably because her grandmother’s cousin married a guy who was 1/4 Jewish and Julia once had three sips of Manichevitz or something, but, whatever, anything you guys say against her is anti-Semetic!

    • She looks forward to exploring privilege further! Feel free to relax!

  15. “And for those who choose to spend their time judging others, telling others that who they are isn’t okay – telling others that who they love, how they dress, the way they act isn’t acceptable, isn’t appropriate, isn’t right  – Who are you to say what someone else should be?”

    Julia, I would expect almost any other 30 year old to understand this, but I don’t expect it of you; “Who are you to criticize anyone’s behavior!?!?!?” is a risky card to play when you are criticizing someone’s behavior.

    Members of the Associated Cat Ladies Local Basement 136 and your many non-union haterz alike recognize that some behavior is not acceptable. They have painfully learned this lesson again and again by watching you. Moral relativism has value, but it has its limitations, too (we all agree that Ghandi was nicer than Pol Pot, right? Or does that make us bullies?), and everyone except you seems to agree that your behavior is far too often repulsive.

    In conclusion, if you are employing moral relativism in an effort to justify your actions, it is probably because your actions desperately need justification, and you can’t think of a single other way to avoid admitting that you behave badly again and again because you have a near sociopathic lack of regard for the feelings, rights, and desires of other people.

    Julia, I criticize largely because I find many of your actions objectionable (multiple per week, and those, the ones I know about, are surely just the tip of the iceberg). Who am I to judge? I’m someone who tries very hard to balance standing up for what I believe in with tolerance for others’ eccentricities. Your actions are continually over the line, and I’m perfectly comfortable with judging you.

    • “Who are you to say what someone else should be?”
      In your case Julia, I am a thinking person, with eyes and ears. That is enough.

  16. Slightly OT, but hands up if you are tired of white women co-opting black gay men, whether it’s Gaga or HeeHaw.

    I’m all for sexual solidarity, but sometimes it seems a little over-egged, if you’ll pardon the term.

    • Hand up. I have told NO ONE this but a few days ago I imitated (to my mate) a conversation I overheard in the grocery store — it demanded to be repeated — and my four-year-old son, who I didn’t know was listening, said, “Hey! Mama! That sounds ezackly like the haircutters!” I said, “I’m sorry, who?” He said, “Those haircutters who cut my hair at the barber shop.” I looked at said mate and said, “Yeah, I suck. And THAT won’t happen again.”

    • Someone I know and love described it thusly (or retweeted it thusly, whatever):

      “There’s a difference between ‘Gays love me!’ and ‘Gays, love me!'”

    • You can spot the Catlaydeez in the notes though. Be careful catladies, you must remain anonymous at all times, otherwise Peter Bogger may turn up at your house. In a Santa Claus outfit. Wanting pizza, and sex.

      • Eh, he’s kind of a dick:

        @tylercoates: An anti-Julia Allison site linked to me. My pageview stats made me realize why people pay her to write: her haters keep them in business. about 1 hour ago via TweetDeck

        • Cue a pink RT in 3 … 2 … 1 … cuz it’ll fly right over Donkey’s plastique pelts that he was being subtle about the fact that no one pays her to write for the sake of her actual WRITING.

        • I think he’s just calling attention to the fact that Julie has WAYYYY more haters than supporters.

        • Eh. You can be neither for, nor against The Julier without being a dick.

          That tweet was pretty funny though – Julia links to him? Crickets. RBD? Wowzers!

  17. There is no more privileged class of people in America, or most of the First World, than college-educated white women who come from a stable upper middle class families.

    Boo hoo, Julia Baugher is a victim!

    I will never the Donkey.

    • Except for college-educated white men who come from upper-middle-class families. (Read: Joolzballz’s dream dates!)

      • No, she’s more into men from upper class families. Uppe-middle? Come on, they’re practically poors.

  18. That picture she just posted of Jack? It makes me think one thing: He’s so tiny and cute.

      • It looks like an event room in a suburban country club.

        No, Julia, that’s not a good thing.

        • the perfect place for john sidney the FIFTH to have his secret birthday party after being grounded by his parents, in about 12 years or so.

    • It makes me think Top Gun.

      And then it makes me think, he too lives in an Assisted Care Living Facility.

    • 5’8″ and 145 lbs. Remember when he said he wanted to kick our a$$es?

      Ha ha ha. Good times. I’d feel bad about hitting that girlyman, personally. (Same with Greasy, FWIW, they’re about the same size)

      • Ooh, Pancakes is 5’8 and 145lbs? Great stuff! Tell us again where you went to college and which women you find attractive..

        • I went to PrincetonMITHarvardYale (they have a highly competitive joint program in Donkology), and I prefer self-obsessed women with flabby arms, immobile faces, and unusual legs whose normal decibel level exceeds that of the average jet engine.

        • Where did this come from? I wanted to say hi to @caro when she was here. @caro and I know Greasybear the same way, which means I saw him around Shea here and there. I didn’t see him a lot because he rowed lightweight crew which had a different schedule. This is also how I have a good idea of his size–most ltwt crew guys are 5’10+, some even 6′ and just super skinny. Greasybear was on the short side of even that. Nothing wrong with it, but I do think the fact that Greasy and Jack are tiny & cute says something about the dynamic between them and Julia.

      • He is small. I can’t believe he comes in the door with his military haircut and his little green jumpsuit and she swoons. I mean…I really don’t believe it.

    • I’m confused. Does Señor Yack live at a Courtyard by Marriott?


  19. what a bully! (newsflash, julie, nasty they may be, but supreme court says they are within their rights to do what they do)

    @NaughtyNiceRob – Westboro Baptist Church members need therapy to figure out why they’re so hateful, angry and nasty.

    • Now Julia has expanded from calling out “bullies” and demanding that criticism be illegalized to telling people that they need therapy!?

      Donkey looks in the mirror for 6 hours per day and for the other 18 she can see her reflection in her computer screen. She can spend all that time staring at herself and not realize that she needs therapy almost as badly as the Westboro thugs?

      Excuse me while I laugh so hard I phonedrop and showervom.

    • She really thinks that the ideal state for everyone in the world is CareBears and sunshine and pink cupcakes. Guess what Julia? Some people choose to be angry and nasty. They don’t need to be normalized or fixed.

  20. This post of hers nearly did me in. I’ve never, ever emailed her or approached her in any way, but I was so close this time I had to leave the cabin and take one of my dogs on a hike, and of course the poor dog didn’t understand why we were walking SO FAST.

  21. She’s really got to get over trying to be the poster child for being bullied. You’re not being bullied. Let me use your terminology – ummm…err… well you’re kind of a dick so we laugh at you. There’s a big difference from laughing at an asshole then bullying or tormenting someone. If you don’t like it, then don’t fucking read it. It’s not rocket science!

  22. Can you imagine if Jack was some just some random Okie From Muskogee? She’d smarmily “tee hee” at him behind her fist and run to Randi and the “real” money.

  23. Ok, sorry if I’m totally confused (it’s been one of those days) but…she’s totally not making sense for a several reasons.

    1) I choose to be a cat lady and hide in the basement and mock your joke of an existence. That’s WHO I AM. I WAS BORN THAT WAY. How DARE you bully me by implying that who I am is not ok? By her own stupidity she counteracts the very arguments she’s been using against this site.

    2) If her whole platform is about creating a Cyber-Police force who would by definition police the behaviours of us mean, malice-filled cat ladies, what the fuck is she going on about “judging others, telling others that who they are isn’t ok…blah blah blah” So it’s not right unless the force is hired by her to defend her elephant knees?


    It’s sort of insane to me that you could take her SXSW talk and insert this drivel and it could represent two opposing sides of the same issue.

    It must be so odd to be so completely disconnected from everything, even your own identity and what you stand for. I actually pity her a little bit.

    • I pity her in the same way I pity my family members who’ve joined the Tea Party: it’s sad that they’re so unhappy with their lives and are blaming their unhappiness on things they can’t really understand, but really? That’s your solution?

    • This certainly does seem to be one of the biggest betrayals of her narcissism.

      She really has kicked it into overdrive. I have to give girl credit: she always surpasses my expectations with her fail. Just when I think she can’t top herself, she does.

  24. You’re confused. See, you’re a bully, and Julia is a nice, genuine person. I find it worrisome that you’re not understanding something so simple.

  25. Once again, a day late and a dollar short. Jesus Christ people have been discussing that Gaga song (IMO, it’s terrible) for HOW LONG now? Why does she even TRY to be in any way relevant or informative?

  26. Are we not talking about the fact that Julie was definitely not “born this way”? For someone who keeps saying that all of her horrible traits need to just be accepted because she’s “different”, she sure did jump on getting a few new noses and some injections. What a mess

  27. You were born a narcissistic asshole, Joolzballz, and you will die a narcissistic asshole as well.

  28. This recent tweet of the Donkey’s is hilarious:

    “@juliaallison: @RikLan – Thank you, Rik! Would love your input on my new @SocialStudies columns – http://www.SocialStudiesColumn.com :)”

    Stupid bitch doesn’t even think to make it into a hyperlink SO PEOPLE CAN CLICK ON IT YOU FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA JOURNALIST.

    The hate. It’s for the big things AND the little things.

    • Omg, naturally it showed up as a hyperlink automatically on here. (Blush!) But on her twitter feed it’s just written out as text starting with www.

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