UPDATED: It’s True, Julie Albertson Did NOT Need Dadsers To Get Her a Job


I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Julie Albertson is a bullying victim. People say mean things about her on the Internet and she is not in any way deserving. She is, in fact, perfection — pretty, smart, hard-working, and SO NICE! And she is making it her life’s work to ensure that no one says mean things about her or anyone else ever again. She’s doing it for all the girls, except those bitches who have snagged the men she wanted. And Snooki. Not those skanks. And by the way, if any of you disagree with her on this and cite the Constitutionally-enshrined right to freedom of expression, you need to reassess your values.

It most certainly isn’t “criticism” to promulgate lies, hatred, or threats of violence (I’ve gotten them via email).

I think it’s sad that pro-bullying is the cause you – and all of the trolls – have decided to stand up for … Perhaps it’s time to rethink your values.

What a brave and intelligent rebuttal.

And so, indeed, it must be some other the new Tribune Media Services columnist who is NOT irking the people who work there, according to tips lies from bullies employed by TMS that we have received from their offices in Chicago. Her influential father, who is the attorney of record at TMS, MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT lean on them hard to give his daughter some work. He doesn’t even know them, and we apologize profusely for suggesting he does!!

Tribune Media tipsters/bold-face liars allege — ridiculously!! — that this same mysterious father this same mysterious father’s law firm represented TMS in a suit against Fox News over the show RedEye in 2007. TMS sued for trademark infringement since they have a free daily of the same name. It seems they ultimately lost, and, mysteriously, as the case played out, it is a complete coincidence that the same daughter was soon appearing regularly on RedEye, until the host bullied her by not liking her and banned her from the show.

Whispering bully gossip liar dicks inside TMS predict a similar ending with her column given her already apparent lack of work ethic, ideas, ability to take constructive criticism and the pointless amount of money that’s been spent to launch it/sell it to no end — very few papers are picking it up.

Not to mention the fact that the meanie awful meanie head of TMS is said to have absolutely no time for her and resents having to take her on. What a bully! Only bullies dislike people!

And of course, this cannot be Julie Albertson. As we all know, she is in no way privileged –she can’t even afford health insurance!! (Although she can afford boxes of Bonobos pants for her poor henpecked boyfriend to wear and she can find the cash to fly all over the country pointlessly.) And only a privileged grown-ass person with a powerful father could get jobs thanks to her Daddy’s sway. So it’s definitely not our under-privileged Donkey!


    • Last time I saw that startled expression on the gaping maw of a cat, there was a chicken bone wedged between her jaws …

      • Yeah, that happened to one of my small satans [tm Reader Becky] once. PSA: Don’t give your small satans small bones.

        Colette wrote a brief but moving observation of a similar situation, describing how her cat’s eyes became intensely more green as he realized he was done for as he choked to death on a bone. And I never gave my cats any bones thereafter (even though they always hack up everything anywhere all the time anyway.)

  1. This “international” shit bugs me.

    What international papers is your “column” running in? None? Then you’re about as international as George W. Bush’s passport before he turned 40.


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    • I think in one of her columns she typed the word “Egypt”. That makes it international, silly! I guess it’s something only real journalists understand about the newspaper business. But now you do, so you’re essentially a journalist too!
      You’re welcome.

    • Julia Allison’s grasping at the tag “international” reminds me of the chuckle I get every time I fly into Vermont, land o’ my childhood, to the “Burlington International Airport.” Where you are lucky to find a taxicab after dark, let a lone a taxicab with braying videos in the back seat.

      • My friends from Quebec sometimes drive there to take cheaper American flights. I’d say your airport is more international than Julsie’s column.

      • I’ve been to Burlington! It was great fun. The lake is ineffably AMAZING. As far as scenery goes, Vermont is the most beautiful US state I’ve seen. I spent three nights near Burlington, in Essex Junction.

        • OMG. When I was between HS and college, I got turned down for a summer chambermaid job in Essex Junction. They said I was “overqualified,” sob.

      • Burlington rocks. They have a wood fired power plant!

    • I don’t think she ever referred to herself as an international journalist – it started here after she referred to her column about Egyp as “international column”, i.e. that the column dealt with international issues. I think she gets a pass on that one.

      • Julie Albertson’s own description of her employment on her Facebook page reads “Internationally Syndicated Tech and Social Media Columnist.”


          • Somehow I doubt the “tech” part was part of the TMS job description. My educated guess, predicated on years of Donkey Studies (hey! catchy column name!) is that our widdle self-styled Woman in Tech threw that in there.

        • Don’t jinx it by claiming it’ll never happen! All she needs is for some free Canadian weekly to pick it up and she’d be proven right.

  2. Promulgate. Ouch. Her attempts to use SAT words hurts my ears. I remember in high school AP English we had do to the Sadlier workbooks for SAT prep and our teacher always encouraged us to try to use our “Sadlier words” in class and we’d always try to come up with the most awkward or ridiculous ways to use them just to tweak her… this reminds me of that.

    And those stupid pants are $100 a pop. And she bought five pairs. How fuck.

    • If she really cared about the guy, she would’ve bought him some of those height-adding shoes that Tom Cruise wears.

      Then again, maybe he already has those.

      • I’m pretty sure the fact that she’s starting to dress Pancakes is the beginning of the end. That project cannot end well.

  3. Dear Jacy,

    May I call you JC? LOL, as you kids like to say. You write good. Do you need representation? Do you want to appear to overcome the consequences of some not-so-good decisions you made once upon a time? Did someone once remark online about these indiscretions? If so, you’ll be interested to know we are having a St. Pattie’s Weekend Special on our “I’m being bullied, waaaaaah!” PR package. For only a few dollars a month (less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks a day….for 3000 years) we can promote the bejesus out of you. We call this package “whine-a-riffic!” Well….we’re considering calling it that anyway. By the way (or BTW as you kids like to say), what do you think of the word “whine-a-riffic?” Do you think we could get it to be an internet virus? A mimi? Or whatever that is called. You know.

    Oh and can you whip your hair? Can you tit thrust? Are they perfectly symmetrical? Do you love pancake makeup? If so, we might be able to make you our second “Bullied Girl Of The Internet” pinup!

    This is exciting. I mean, shut up. (Is that the way you kids say that?) DM me, whatever that means. I hope you know. I don’t.


    • You might want to contact JABa’s former orthodontist in NY as well if you’re looking to drum up some extra business. I believe she bullied him or her by sending a tweet that suggested her treatment was less than perfect and she was crowd sourcing for a new one in Chicago. I think she’s bullied a few corporations, airlines as well by saying their services and/or products suck. Do your homework and reap in the $$$s!
      (I’d appreciate a 10% finders fee if you’re so inclined but my contracts tend to be draconian in perpetuity.)

      • I’ve heard of instances of humans and donkeys with no need for a pr agency hiring one anyway. Go for it!

  4. She is off her nutter:

    “The mantra I grew up repeating …

    … is that “relationships can’t make you happy – YOU have to make you happy,” or some permutation thereof.

    Despite my rather, uh, overactive dating past, I always believed this, and consequently felt guilty if I wasn’t perfectly happy being completely on my own.

    Here is the truth: I have been happy single and I have been miserable in a relationship. I have also been miserable single and happy in a relationship.

    But I haven’t felt this steady and solid in a relationship, perhaps ever. I feel like I have a – yes, I’m going to use this word – teammate for the first time since Alex – someone who really has my back, who is unwaveringly supportive, who LOVES me.

    And so I think back to my original belief, and I wonder if that’s true, or if maybe we’re just wired (like practically every socio-biology article I read claims) to exist in tightly-knit communities of layered relationships, with primary partnerships at the focal point. So when we disrupt that natural balance by becoming too solitary or even independent (of social ties), we feel a little empty, or unmoored.

    I don’t know. I’m a bit overtired right now, so perhaps this makes no sense, but I’m just struggling to understand why I feel so calm and strong and peaceful. I truly believe that is due to my relationship with Jack. That said, I can’t help but notice that a part of me is embarrassed to admit that’s most likely the reason I feel so great … it almost seems … like a cop out, or something. Like we’ve told ourselves (or I’ve told myself) that garnering joy from a relationship is … what’s the term I’m looking for … cheating? (I know that’s a loaded term, but it’s the only one I could come up with!)

    Does that make sense to anyone else?”

    • Gee Julia, welcome to adulthood. Just in time for your 30th birthday!

      Of course, one can’t help but notice how she speaks of Jack in terms of how he supports her. Your next exercise, Julia, is to think about how YOU can support HIM. (I can hear your brain exploding from here.)

    • So when we disrupt that natural balance by becoming too solitary or even independent (of social ties), we feel a little empty, or unmoored.

      Right. Because when I think of Julia Allison Baugher–the woman who mooches constantly off her friends, lives off her parents’ money, and who apparently does not believe an event actually happened unless she tweets and liveblogs photos and videos of the entire experience–the words “solitary” and “independent” TOTALLY come to mind.

      I don’t think there’s anything necessarily bad about preferring to be in a relationship, and I think you can definitely be happy and secure in yourself while still thinking you would like to be dating someone. But Donkey clearly isn’t like that–she clearly, on some deeper darker level, totally hates herself, and she needs constant outside attention and validation to shore herself up. Having a boyfriend is a biggie, but it’s really about *everybody* paying attention to her. Otherwise why would she care about us so damn much?

      • tots! I remember when she gave advice to men to give women advice while they bone. I hope to cat that my bf never reads it because I’d be like “Jeepers! are we boning or are we talking?”

          • I am now picturing

            Bone bone bone “honey, did I mention that roast was fantastic?” bone bone bone bone “and also, these sheets smell really fresh, did you switch detergents? You have such good taste in soap!” bone bone bone

            Probably not the kind of compliments we’re thinking of, though.

          • Um, this dude prefers laydeez who are into hearing the exact opposite of compliments while we bone. A fair amount of talk while boning can be quite hot, but I’m sure that kind of sex is far beyond the painfully limited imagination of sex expert columnist Donkey who is actually uninterested in and mediocre at sex.

          • I love how much this reveals about Donkey. Sex doesn’t get her off; the only thing that does is hearing how amaze-ballz she is.

    • Whenever she talks about him I just feel bad for her. For as supportive as she says she feels, their body language in all their pics together suggest so much otherwise.

      • Agreed. She’s making some pretty wild statements akin to those that came flying out when PK was drifting away and she all of a sudden was all… “UHHHH I LOVE HIM NOW. LOVE. SAID IT. CAN’T LEAVE ME NOW. CUZ WITH THE LOVE AND ALL.”

    • I guess it would be too easy to point out the obvious contradiction between her claim to “feel so calm and strong and peaceful” on the one hand and all her recent whiny-bitch footstomping about “bullying” on the other, but there it is… I had to say it.

      No, Donkey, nothing you say makes sense to anyone else.

      • Seriously. She feels so calm and peaceful while simultaneously feeling afraid to leave her house. Really? LIES.

        • Pretty sure “calm and peaceful” means the same thing as “so blessed.”

          Which is to say, the precise opposite. She usually posts the “so blessed” thing when the shit is hitting the fan, so this is just the relationship version of that.

    • of course she feels calm & supported. He pays for everything and has FU money and if they marry she’ll never have to worry about faux working. She can dabble in “projects” or causes like Cindy and Meghan!

    • Holy fucking shit. You’ve known this kid for… what? Maybe six months? Gurl, you don’t know what love is. You don’t know what it is to support someone and to be supported. Just wait til the deployments start. Reality is probably gonna find its way in. Yes, even into your pretty princess world.

      • Did you notice in her comments recently she practically went off on a girl who said she and her BF didn’t start saying “I love you” til they’d dated a year? Like that was completely outrageous, and she would have never been able to handle it.

        Cupcake, grow the fuck up. What is weird about that?

        My man and I had a long slow buildup. We were both cautious after having both been burned in the past. We didn’t start saying it until a year in, and the first time we did, it meant so much because we actually KNEW one another. It wasn’t said in the heat of the moment. It wasn’t in the first blush when you can pretty much fall in love with anyone if the sex is good. It was said after a year of spending time together and really knowing one another as people, not as lovers. And it wasn’t like we both didn’t know we had strong feelings for one another; our actions proved that we did. But we had our own shit we had to work through and we both had made the mistake of tossing it out there after only a few weeks and then feeling stuck with someone.

        Why is she still 14?

        • We also didn’t say anything until after a year. My boyfriend told me he loved me when I caught a cold, took a day off in bed and then found a bedbug ending weeks of speculation about mysterious allergies. He got in the infested bed with me too. Its the grossest and most romantic thing, or maybe just gross.

        • i said it to my BF after about 5 months. it was near the year point before he said it to me.

          i said it when i was ready. he said it when he was. we’re adults.

    • If I read this and was dating the Donksers, alarms would be going off in my head and I’d be running for the door. My friends would call me and say, “you picked up another crazy, don’t you remember XXXX and her relentless calling, her relentless tell me you love me, this is some serious SWF shit, bail out now.”

      She sounds so needy, codependent, emotionally parasitic, like some type of relationship vampire:

      “And so I think back to my original belief, and I wonder if that’s true, or if maybe we’re just wired (like practically every socio-biology article I read claims) to exist in tightly-knit communities of layered relationships, with primary partnerships at the focal point. So when we disrupt that natural balance by becoming too solitary or even independent (of social ties), we feel a little empty, or unmoored.”

      • I need a new screename. “Relationship Vampire” sounds good. I am going to try it on for size.

          • Well then I will have to switch back and forth. Maybe I will be little birdies in my manic stage and Relationship Vampire when I come down.

  5. Is this true re tips from the TMS offices? Peter Baugher if you have to keep getting your donkter jobs you should be ashamed of yourself, that tells everyone exactly what kind of imbecile you raised. In which case, step the fuck off because there are people who really need those job, who don’t work as a hobby.

    • It’s pretty telling that we aren’t talking too much about Daddy Baugher getting her a job in the comments because we naturally expect this from Donkey.

    • Yes, but it’s not really a job. It’s just a different kind of freelancing. And she only gets paid if papers pick up the column. Usually a small amount per paper per week, i.e. $10/paper/week. So if she was in 100+ papers, that would mean $1k/week. I don’t think 100 papers is ever going to happen, but even if it does, she’s not getting health insurance, paid time off, 401k, an office, or any of the other things usually provided to “employees”.

      Peter probably just realized that Donkey needed something–anything–to do, so she doesn’t appear like the mooching 10 yr old girl in a 50 yr old body that she is. If Donks ever wanted to be independent and not take money from Dad or the McCains, this job ain’t going to cut it.

      • To her credit — it’s probably more than $10 for each paper. I worked as a freelance journalist for a long time, and I was never offered less than $50 for a piece of freelance work. And $50 is low balling, even in this climate of journalism.

        If we’re talking about what her columns are WORTH, however…

        • no, the papers will probably pay $0 for the trial runs, then less than $15-20 if they keep running it

          It’s not freelance work. It’s syndication. You get money on volume (# of papers that run) and then on whatever other deals you can make off your “brand” (books, speaking tours, etc.)

          • Yep. Friend of mine w/ very similar set-up speculated $8 per for La Donk (based more on what he knows of TMS than anything else).

  6. Everyone in the house raise a drink to Jacy! Mine will have to be coffee; I’m at my desk returning used colored tights to Bloomies.

  7. Jonathan Rauch and Benjamin Wittes — who, I’m sure, have been subjected to much more invective that deal JAB, have launched http://www.commentorvote.com/ . Their point: internet comments are often terrible, so people have a choice: they can comment on the web, OR vote. If you comment, you lose your right to vote for two years.

    Obviously the proposal is tongue in cheek and satirical. I haven’t check the “lifecast” so I don’t know, maybe JAB’s even picked it up already. But this is what intelligent people with a sense of humor do to poke fun at vapid internet comments. Create a funny website! It’s a far cry from “call for a police force to shut down free speech”.

    • This is a tough decision: Go to the polls once a year and vote for the next bunch of idiots who will disappoint the voters, betray their trust, and act in their own interests… or hang out in this here basement with cat ladies and Franzia, having many laughs…. ugh, what an agonizing decision.

      It really is an exceedingly dumb idea. Is there thesis that smart people would choose to vote? LOL, most of the ideologues in this country are retarded, lacking any logic and voting completely for one party or the other. If these guys want a system where the only people allowed to vote are extremists or mentally disturbed, more power to them. I hope Fred Phelps in Congress sounds good to them.

      • This is a tough decision: Go to the polls once a year and vote for the next bunch of idiots who will disappoint the voters, betray their trust, and act in their own interests… or hang out in this here basement with cat ladies and Franzia, having many laughs…. ugh, what an agonizing decision.

        amen. voting usually feels like an exercise in futility for me. at least here on rbd I get some laughs out of the deal.

  8. She is so fucking crazy. First, the way she rejects word counts is insane. Word counts exist (even for good writers) because not every fucking adverb that crosses your fingertips is a platinum nugget readers will treasure. There are space constraints, oh, and people who know how to write can get their meaning across in less than 5,000 pointless SAT words. Her editors must already be gouging their eyes out.

    The other thing is her “international” insistence. As people in jolly old England (while they’re at the frock shoppe) can read my comments, I suppose I am an international commentor.

    • Wot wot, I say old chap.

      I mean, technically if aliens had the internet, they’d be able to read this website. I’m having “Intergalactic Bully” printed on my errand-running cards.

    • I would love to be a fly on the wall whenever her editor receives another screed that goes 500 words over.

        • I wish she would post the column she originally filed on her blog. She used to do that with her TONY columns and it was hilarious to read how long/awful/meandering they were.

          • I think Momsers is a reasonably smart woman. Why does she fail so bad at editing the Donkey?

          • I had a potentially similar dilemma when I exchanged papers to edit with a friendly classmate who spoke English as a third language. The only way to really improve his paper would be to rewrite it but there wasn’t enough time and that would be cheating. So I fixed typos and spelling mistakes and pointed out sentences that made absolutely no sense. I think he got a C- and was happy with the improvement.

          • What I was getting at is that Momsers would likely have to tear that shit down and rebuild from the ground up.

          • Yes, I can see that, but that doesn’t stop Momsers from cutting down to the word maximum, does it?

      • Because you know that all those extra words? They probably consisted of whining, complaining, pouting, and rambling sentences about how HARD it is to be her and how MEAN people are and how it is SO UNFAIR that mean anonymous bunny-haters are writing mean unpink things! On the internet!!!

        You know, nothing about bullying or the ramifications on society or how it effects schoolchildren or examples or anything. Probably just a lot of bitching.

        • Hahahaha, unpink. Reminds of Big Lebowski – you’re being very unDude. Gawd, you’re being very unpink.

        • The great thing about her writing about being “bullied” is that whoever edits her columns is bound to do at least a little fact-checking to figure out what Julia is refering to in her column. C’mon, if you knew a little of the backstory and you worked at TMS, how could you not be curious?

    • I can’t honestly imagine her editors much care, if they allow these articles to be published as they are.

      Or maybe these ARE the heavily edited versions? That’d be truly sad.

    • What I am confused about it is if P.B. was suing Fox why would she get a job @ commenting on Fox’s Redeye?

  9. Presented without comment, lest I encourage you bullies:

    Thank you, Alexa. I really appreciate this.

    That’s actually a great example of defamation: I have, for the record, NEVER – EVER – stolen ANYTHING of Jordan’s, let alone a tiara. To say that is beyond insane.

    With regard to the “married men,” I have been very honest about my former relationship with a man who did not let me know until five months into the relationship that he was still married. He is a good person who made a big mistake, and we are still good friends, but that was also a long time ago – more than seven years – and now, before I date anyone, I do a lot more investigating. Haven’t had that problem again. Unless Jack has a secret wife I don’t know about??

    I am human, and certainly make mistakes, but I have been honest about my screw ups. Promulgating lies is just wrong. And yes, they have targeted my friends, my coworkers, my boyfriends, even people just being nice to me on Twitter.

    They had a list of every product I’ve ever mentioned – many of which I had absolutely no relationship other than as a fan – to target and send nasty emails about me.

    Taylor received several disgusting emails – sent to his private Princeton account, when I had NEVER EVEN MENTIONED HIS NAME on my site. People figured out who he was from my Facebook account, although there was no mention of him being my boyfriend.

    In fact, many if not most of my friends and boyfriends have become targets – just by being close with me. That’s seriously messed up. Jordan, frankly, couldn’t take the hate. It’s one of the reasons she left NonSociety. I can guarantee you that had there been no hate site, she would have stayed on. Most people cannot take that kind of hatred lobbed their way. And they shouldn’t have to take it!

    I have also received emails threatening to beat me up, saying that if I tried to write for certain publications, “things would get ugly.”

    I am sure that many of the hate site commenters will hide behind the fact that they perhaps didn’t send those emails. But the fact is, there are a group of people encouraging this sort of behavior, and they are empowered and enabled by one another.

    And that’s just wrong.

    • “I can guarantee you that had there been no hate site, she would have stayed on. ”

      From the commentators, or from you? Because, last I checked, forcing someone to go on a “vacation” (that they then have to pay for) is kind of a hateful thing to do.

      • And that is bullshit, by the way. I have heard from tons of people that Jordo left because she saw the madness. And Kendrick saw it all along.

        • Yeah, and Jordo’s been good about just walking away and not looking back, so I doubt she wants Donk to keep bringing this up and reminding her. Jordo definitely came off as the better person in that leaving situation, just like Mary did a yr or so before.

      • Besides, if someone left my “business” because my haters were so awful that it forced them out, I would not then start tweeting things like “lawyers are inevitable” at them. I would respect the fact that the were that freaked the fuck out over it that they had to get out. And I seriously doubt it would end our friendship – and JA and Jordo do not speak any longer.

    • And this. Another new admission, this time that she knows who made the “Jack McCain’s lawyer” phone call. Funny she has never bothered to divulge that to the person who was harassed and is still pondering legal action:

      That is very, very kind, Alexa. But I can’t in good conscience blame that phone call to the girl on a hater – I know exactly who made it, and while it was not me, nor was it my father, as the haters claimed multiple times, it was a friend of mine, who was trying to stick up for me in a misguided manner. She did so without asking me or even warning me – I only found out AFTER the fact. I would NEVER EVER have recommended going that route. She denied using Jack’s name, but frankly, I don’t know what she said and I wouldn’t put it beyond her. I know her heart was in the right place, but what she did actually made everything exponentially more difficult. I have NEVER gone by another name to attack these people. Everything I’ve said and done has been under my own name. So that was a real setback. But live and learn.

        • EXACT same excuse regarding outing TK, word for word.

          PS, how would “said” friend get the info to even call the person at work? UNLESS she got it from Julia. Please.

        • TK was outed “by a friend” and she didn’t know til after the fact.

          PK was outed “by a friend” and she didn’t know til after the fact.

          Vimeos of her and PK were made public “by a friend” and she didn’t know til after the fact.

          A commenter was harassed with threatening e-mails “by a friend” and she didn’t know til after the fact.

          Now the woman who made the mistake of joining a Free RBNS Facebook group was telephoned at work and threatened “by a friend” and she didn’t know til after the fact.

          All righty then.

          • Wrong Jacy! You “hacked” into her vimeo and stole her passwords, remember, you shithead?! If you ever did it again, she swears she’s a gonna sue!!

          • And now she uses it as an excuse not to take the legal action she’s always threatening (which she knows would never succeed in anything except embarrassing her further):

            I know her heart was in the right place, but what she did actually made everything exponentially more difficult. I have NEVER gone by another name to attack these people. Everything I’ve said and done has been under my own name. So that was a real setback. But live and learn.

            The difficulty of hunting down anonymous commenters & bloggers to sue for being liable for libel is not a viable excuse anymore, now that she’s got Loren Feldman, Matt Beauchamp, and juliaspublicist’s names. Now it’s the exponential setback from pulling the trigger. Not the million horrible facts about Julia Baugher that would emerge in discovery.

          • I like that she says that the friend denied using Jack’s name but “I don’t know what it said and I wouldn’t put it beyond her”.

            Um, if you have friends that you describe that way, I’m not sure you quite know the definition of “friend”. It’s no wonder those same “friends” are the ones who continuously tip off this site.

      • And we need to reassess who (/where) we spend our time with? I think a friend who would do that is insane and not a friend at all. Especially if they did it without consulting you beforehand. That clearly hurts Julia and Jack, not the “hater” that they targeted.

        Also, wtf, I am so sick of her using the word “hater”. TAKE OUT THAT THESAURUS JULIA. JESUS.

        • “bully” and “troll” have also recently entered her vocabulary. check back in three years for her report on /b/tards!

      • but frankly, I don’t know what she said and I wouldn’t put it beyond her.

        What a terrible thing to say about Emily Rose!

      • So with her and her friends’ bullying, their hearts are in the right place. But we are just demons out to get her.

        Okay then.

    • I. JUST. CAN’T.

      1. You didn’t know he was married for 5 months? Are you fucking kidding? That is such a hollow lie, even for a vapid husk like you. You knew damn well he’d made sacred vows to another woman, but like any other information that doesn’t square with the preconceived pink princess narrative you’ve written for your life, you pretend it doesn’t exist. If he’d decided to ditch his wife and run away with you (like that coward Senator John McCain did to his first wife after her car accident), it would have been the happiest day of your sad life. Because he was rich.

      2. You’re livid about harassing E-mails sent to entities that were erroneously identified as being associated with you. Do I really need to say anything else? That is exactly what you did to some innocent people who had nothing to do with this site, in contacting their employers. So revealing of your mental illness, Julia Baugher, that when the exact, identical, almost word-for-word-same behavior is done by someone else it’s criminal, but you get a pass. Fuck you.

      3. People contact your friends/owners of rich penises you’re trying to land because you pull them into this reality shit show. I’m guessing J-Wow’s boyfriend probably had people reach out to him, too. Why? BECAUSE HE WAS ON A FUCKING REALITY TV SHOW. While we’ve made it clear that true catladies have no interest in talking to you or your boring ass friends IRL, you’ve got to stop with this bullshit analogy about the Internet being like walking down a street.

      If you walk down the street dresses sensibly and going about your business, no one will care. If you walk down that street dressed like a condom slut with a traveling press pool and yelling and screaming to anyone who will listen to LOOK AT YOU, then there’s a good chance someone might not like what they see and say it out loud.

      I know your light-in-the-orthopaedic-loafers enabling father and batshit crazy mom and granny spoiled your raft ass rotten by telling you you deserve it all because you are a special pink Care Bear. Now that the rest of the world doesn’t agree, your neurosis-addled, stupid little brain can’t stand it.

      At this point, I really think you are pathological. I watch you as a freak entertainment show and nothing more. You have the integrity and credibility of Charlie Sheen, and you’re a fraud as a journalist and a woman. If you actually had an IOTA of self awareness I’d root for you, or at least not give a fuck. But you either don’t know or don’t care how awful and out of control you are, so I’m going to sit here in my cat filled basement and watch you go down in crazy flames.

      And there’s not a THING you can do about it, Bunny.

      P.S. DONKEY

      • this: “You’re livid about harassing E-mails sent to entities that were erroneously identified as being associated with you. Do I really need to say anything else? That is exactly what you did to some innocent people who had nothing to do with this site, in contacting their employers. So revealing of your mental illness, Julia Baugher, that when the exact, identical, almost word-for-word-same behavior is done by someone else it’s criminal, but you get a pass. Fuck you. ”

        Amazing. <3

    • 1. Again with promulgate. Julia – that doesn’t mean the same thing as PromGate- the time you and Randi wore prom dresses to your birthday and then you got stuck with them because you didn’t read the store’s return policy!

      2. And why the near pathological insistence that she is still good friends with all of her exes? It’s just creepy and weird. Funny how she never lists [redacteds] in her list of boyfriends she is still friends with.

      3. So is she admitting she dated Taylor and they were not just “best friends?” Because the facebook pictures she refers to were from December – the same time she was starting things up with Jack. Err… ooops!

    • I am a girl and math is hard, so sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there a way to read her blog comments through a feed?

    • “I am sure that many of the hate site commenters will hide behind the fact that they perhaps didn’t send those emails. But the fact is, there are a group of people encouraging this sort of behavior, and they are empowered and enabled by one another. And that’s just wrong.”

      What does her wrap up even mean? So if you didn’t send the hateful emails (that she keeps referring to but has yet to offer any concrete proof or file a police report) but might be encouraged to, but you don’t, it’s still wrong somehow? Just reading about some bad egg sending an email makes you wrong? Ohhhkay crazy.

      • She’s blaming us for enabling the haters who send emails? There are numerous examples of the authors and commenters of this site explicitly discouraging such behavior.

        Oh, does she mean that our mere existence empowers and enables? Is that the reason behind every other blogger who receives horrible threats and insults? That there are empowering hate sites about those bloggers that rile up haters and encourage direct contact?

        • I feel like it was just yesterday when a half dozen catladies bitched at Matt Beauchamp for sending emails to Julia… and I think we all agree/have learned that poking the beast is wrong, it’s better when she unfolds her madness herself… but Matt and Loren do this under their names. They’re not anon. And yet, they’re not worried because they realize what we realize–Donk has no case against anyone, ever.

          • Correct. It’s insane for her to think so. She will never win and the Donk can’t accept this fact. It’s already over and she’s too stupid to realize it.

      • Besides: when one commenter bragged in the comments about contacting Nonstop New York to accuse her of, essentially, fraud, the other commenters and the mods chided that person for overstepping. And the repeatedly stated policy of this site involves telling people not to intervene directly with Donkey Doings.

        And leaving a comment under her articles/columns is not harassment, and emailing businesses who employ her to promote them to tell them what they think of her as a representative of their product is also not harassment.

        I mean, all of this has been said so many times. We “haters” are a diverse and unruly lot, because there are so many – we don’t speak in one voice. Julia doesn’t speak in one voice either – but it’s reasonable to expect her to, because she’s one person. One thing that happens here is a regular auditing and debate about what we think might be going on – not “lies,” but good-faith efforts to suss out what is obviously being hidden or distorted, which might lead to conclusions that later need to be reassessed once new information emerges. It is multivocal because it is a version of a public sphere, in which diverse points of view are shared – unlike her version of multivocality, which is the product of a disordered and deceitful mind.

        • even though I do think that person went too far by emailing nbc, the fact is that julia’s fashion week coverage is harder to find than the lost city of atlantis. after two or three seasons of julia making a big show of going to fashion week, complaining about how grueling her schedule was, and bragging about how many segments she produced, only for those segments to NEVER be seen (even on julia’s own site/cite/sight!), most rational people would begin to question if julia was lying about the association.

        • Let me preface this by saying: I don’t know who contacted NY NonStop, and I don’t advocate anyone contacting any of her ’employers’.

          However, I do remember at the time when that person emailed NBC, Julie DIDN’T have any videos posted on their site, and there was no mention of her name anywhere on NBC or NY NonStop.

          It just so happened that her FW videos started to appear (last fall 2010?) right after that person complained. Because up until that point? She was stomping through the tents with that NBC mic, but there was no evidence, anywhere, that she was actually working for them.

          Also, I asked this yesterday, but where all those FW videos she allegedly shot for NY NonStop last month? Are they stuck in the queue again?

          • true, Doc. G. before last fall, “she was stomping through the tents with that NBC mic, but there was no evidence, anywhere, that she was actually working for them.” it therefore isn’t surprising that people would wonder whether her claims are legit. and none of her videos from feb. fashion week have shown up anywhere. with donkey, there’s never any proof of ANYTHING, but we’re supposed to take her word for it, because “trust me, tim ferriss is the real thing”. donkey please.

    • See, I get the feeling that the “hateful emails” which Julia loves to mention and may even exist outside her head are very often sent by people with no connection to this site who simply hate Julia, probably people who have met her.

    • “…let alone a tiara…” Such an accusation is “beyond insane” because tiaras are sacrosanct in Donkeyland?

      • And why does everything have to be “beyond insane”? She uses that a lot. How about just “insane”? Is that not crazy enough?

  10. Okay, Julia, here’s the thing: if you want to make cyberbullying your “cause” by all means do so. Instead, you’re just using this as an opportunity to rebut every bad thing said on the internet about you, ever.
    By all means, if people are threatening you with violence, file a police report then stop talking about it. If this is truly going to be your cause, then open a discussion about how to change the situation for other people, talk to experts and ask how you can volunteer for an organization, and stop writing about it and move on with your life. Seriously, your haters, er, readers, are getting bored.

    • I know. It’s all reruns now. When is the new episode of my favorite online reality show coming?

    • This exactly. Just make a move already Jules! It’s sad that the only discussion is about her. I can’t believe that she hasn’t made any kind of move initiate a discussion. Unless she’s talking about HERSELF and HER bullies, she doesn’t give a fuck. It’s so painfully obvious she needed to create a distraction of some kind. I wonder what’s rotten in Donkmark.

    • Really, just do it. Go to the police, show them the proof and get on with it. If she and her friends/family/employers are being threatened, then by all means, report it. Just do it!! Take action. I’m beginning to think somewhere deep down she knows it’s no one from here. She knows in the pit of her soul she’s going to find out for sure no one from here has done anything to her. It HAS to be worrisome that all her ‘haters’ are in her own backyard. The basement dwelling cats just comment on their favorite online show.

    • Yes, threats of violence via email is something you call the cops about. Julie, if that is happening to you, you need to call the real life police about it.

  11. The world is falling apart at its seams (Japan, New Zealand, Libya, etc.) and what is noted international columnist Julia Allison tweeting/blogging about?
    Oh, just a zillion posts about the shade of green for her friend’s fucking bridesmaid dresses. What the fuck. Do real people in the real world actually worry about this shit? The exact shade of green for a fucking bridesmaid dress? What a shallow, shallow existence.

    • Also, they’re worried about it looking like a St. Patrick’s day party?? What? I don’t even know…this girl is getting married on some cliff in California in the middle of summer and they’re looking at emerald colored dresses? I don’t get it.

      Also, I literally LOL’d on her post about what jewelry to wear with a strapless dress, “Pearls?”, don’t know why but it cracked me up.

    • YES. And I love that she keeps mentioning that she’s the omgmaidofhonor. “See? Allie? You’re tiny and cute but Via is my TRUE SISTER. HA!”

      • Being the maid of honor kind of sucks.
        I’ve done it three times and it’s a great way to burn through a ton of cash. Good thing Julia is making serious fuck-you money now.

        • I am actually now LOVING that she was made maid of honor. You know walking into it she was all “oh yay, special designation/honor just for me! I rule ALL THE BRIDESMAIDS!” when really it’s a plenty of hands-on background and a laborious type of deal (as per her tips provided by “readers” who had been there before). She is a speshul snowflake who doesn’t like to work, so I’m sure this eye-opener about what a MoH actually DOES will be met with a mental “wait, WTF? THIS SUCKS!” and there’s the additional bonus of having the failure of execution blamed on her. She is so obsessed with weddings that it doesn’t matter if the Kirks’ wedding was a decade ago (and I highly doubt she planned much of anything or lived up to MoH duties then, either), she was just openly crowdsourcing for ideas and another reason to announce being called Maid of Honor. Now that they’ve been so graciously outlined by her faithful readers, Julie can feel quadruple the pressure to “perform” well in her duties. All wedding MoH interns to the stage, please!

        • She’s already sourcing via twatter for (free, I am sure) hair and makeup for the wedding party. Said stylist would need to be willling to drive about an hour south of SF…but what a career-boosting gig (as I am sure Donk will characterize it.) All class, that one.

  12. Superficial post: Those sunglasses are horrific. She looks butch, like she’s channeling Keanu in The Matrix.

    • tots
      aviator glasses = Top Gun = fly boys = Pancakes McCain

      oh, Julia. Always so “I just gotta’ be me!” malleable per whoever you’re dating at the time.

    • They give me the lulz because you know she’s only wearing them because of the new boyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  13. Did Dad$ers pay for Jack’s Bonobos or does Donkey get them for free just by typing the word “Bonobos”? I have nothing against short guys but I was just noticing in the picture on her shitcast how very petit he really is. It still boggles the mind that any sane male would want that loud, braying, self-obsessed, tacky, trashy, dreadful thing to be his girlfriend. There’s either something seriously defective about him or he’s just slow and hasn’t seen the light yet. God help the young lad when he does try to get out.

    • He’s not a catch either. They’re perfect for each other. Inflated senses of self while the rest of us thank our lucky stars we aren’t them.

      • I said it in the last thread: she picked the wrong brother. Team Yimmy.


        • i TOTS just had a dream about team yimmy last night. i was at a dance or something, and someone set me up to dance with yimmy (who wasn’t even there), like “you can’t keep dancing with all those old dudes”. then i had to immediately come over to RBD to comment about it, but was stuck having to explain to this person what the heck RBD is and what is has to do with the McCains. not too exciting. the end.

        • TEAM YIMMY!

          I’d like to punish fuck that smirk right off of his face.

          Wait. What? Did I say that out loud?

          • Dear Doc Gary,

            Please try to keep that randy thing under control. You’re harshing my mellow with all that horny talk. I’m trying to create over her and you are not helping, ‘kay?

            Norman Thijsen, Exchange Student

          • I gotchu.


            Though I’d be all “lose the cig, keep the suit… mostly”. RAWRR

          • The Yimmy needs to hem his pants. Also?

            The Yimmy’s gonna get you, Kadyshe! Hands off Yimmy! Don’t touch Yimmy! Yimmy holds grudges!

            @leonardkadyshes hey guy I don’t know who you are or who these people are. Eat you pancakes some were else dumb shit. 8:59 PM Feb 26th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to leonardkadyshes

            (George: Would you stop with the “Yimmys?”)

      • THOSE ARE MY EXACT whatevers, HEIGHT AND WEIGHT. (Well, 137.) I’ll take him — no worries.

        • Good, because I’d rather save my energy for more worthy adversaries. I’d feel pretty guilty about beating up a small guy like that, almost like hitting a girl or something.

    • Easy pussy. Agreeable to everything and anything he wants. Not around much. It’s simple.

  14. “You’re right. Perhaps some of them aren’t sending the emails. It’s funny, because yesterday I told someone that without a doubt in my mind, someone pretending to be Jack’s lawyer called someone and threatened their job, and most likely, it was one of their own, trying to stir up drama.
    When you went to the ashram, they were so lost. Oh, we have nothing to talk about, so they moved on to other topics. The best was a post where they all talked about the charities they are involved in, and how wonderful they are, blithely unaware of the irony that this is being discussed on a site where they degrade you, photoshop your pictures, deliberately find awful screenshots of you and post them, and damnit the more I remember the more embarrassed I am to have once been associated with it.
    What’s sad is that I somewhat believed when they claimed they had exchanges with you and you were rude. You were actually really gracious to me. If the shoe were on the other foot, I would have been like, “Whatever!” and ignore/block. Girl you are strong!”

    WTF is this shit.

    • Donkey will always have supporters because, sadly, there are so many vacuous assholes just like her who are on-board with everything she represents. It’s our duty as good and decent catladies and gents to mock Julia Allison types and hold them up as examples of what NOT to be. Fighting the good fight since…whenever all the mocking began.

    • Oh, belieeeeeve me she IS rude.

      And why is she going off her rocker again? Is this because her new column is tanking? Is that what all this is about? Because she typically fixates on this site after getting dumped.

    • This annoys me because that charity thread got some crap and people missed the point. We weren’t trying to show everyone how wonderful we were. We were responding to JA telling us we should do something with all the extra time we have on our hands to be haters and, we were also giving her examples of what she could do with all of her spare time. Instead of flying all over the country visiting friends and calling it a job.

      • yes, once again she missed the point completely. she said we could do with some “service to our country” (forcefully enlisting people in the marines is funny, bunny!), so we decided to show that we are, in fact, contributing countless hours to our communities, in addition to running errands from desks and donkey snarking. pelterina can’t possibly understand that. also, this charity thread did not take place when donkey was at the ashram and we were “lost with nothing to talk about”. when donkey gets boring, we have fun photoshop contests!

    • LAFFIN.

      “When you went to the ashram, they were so lost. Oh, we have nothing to talk about, so they moved on to other topics.”

      Those haters must be REALLY desperate. They moved on to other topics! Is there anything more pathetic than moving on to other topics?

    • Another :LLA: moment:

      “The best was a post where they all talked about the charities they are involved in, and how wonderful they are, blithely unaware of the irony that this is being discussed on a site where they degrade you, photoshop your pictures, deliberately find awful screenshots of you and post them, and damnit the more I remember the more embarrassed I am to have once been associated with it.”

      Many of the people who dislike and laugh at Julzie Baugher are involved in charities and “are wonderful.” Trust, there’s no “irony” in this, honey. Hide behind the facts and feel free to calm down. 🙂 xoxo

  15. Are you sure her father represented TMS in that suit? His firm did, but it looks like he didn’t handle the case, or at least didn’t put his name on it:

    “Kenneth Emanuel Kraus, Marcus D. Fruchter, Steven A. Weiss, Schopf & Weiss LLP, Chicago, IL, for Plaintiff.”

  16. Kan I just say that despite being ABD in my PhDonk, the above photograph — among the tens of thousands I have endured! — smashes my brayge button like no other? Look at her, look at her choices. That smug, imperious, insufferable look and with AVIATOR glasses no less?

    Julie, for the love of all that is holy, do you not understand that we look right through you as if you were made of hard, clear plastic? And that, indeed, much of you is made of plastic? You are so transparent we feel a form of humiliation FOR you which can only be summarized in a German compound noun. You have no solid ego structure. Your ego structure is not merely brittle, it’s PLASTIC — it is capable of and dependent upon constant change signaled by outside cues. You are co-morbid, suffering from both histrionic personality disorder and NPD and possibly a form of bipolar disorder. There is real and efficacious cognitive behavioral therapy for someone like you, but you have to work it or you must admit you intend to allow your illness to work YOU and everyone around you instead. You think we don’t understand that your feelings are real and deep and you feel them, but the opposite is true. The terrible emotional storm in which you find yourself day after day is brutally self-evident, and some of us — even as we scorn the damage you do — feel for you in a genuine, non-self-aggrandizing way. I comment here anonymously because you don’t WANT the attention my name would bring to your shitty behavior, you really do not. You’re in pain; I get it. But you are responsible for repairing yourself, nonetheless, and I think a part of you knows how sick and wrong and horrible you behave and thus FEEL, night and day. Call a doctor. They see people like you all the time.

  17. Sorry, Jacy, but I don’t think Julie bought those Bonobos for Señor Yack. Look at the way she words this:

    “BTW, this is Jack opening a box filled with five new Bonobos pants at his place in San Diego, the day before I left for Austin. We had to send back three pairs, but two were a perfect fit, so I guess that’s not a total failure. Kinda.”

    She doesn’t actually say she bought them. I think she forced him to buy them on his credit card. But she worded it in a way, along with the photo, to make it seem like she bought them.

    • Or she leaned on her Bonobos crush to send samples because of what great publicity it would be if an OMGMcCain were pictured/shilled-out on her blergh wearing their pants! Actually that seems the most likely scenario, come to think of it.

      • this. once again, it’s grifter central up in her blergh.

        also: “My first foray into photography, shot with my Canon Rebel, at my birthday party in Tahoe”

        WTF? she has been fauxtographing herself and other people and shit for YEARS. and is “my Canon Rebel” the one that’s on loan from Canon, for “testing purposes”? tell me again how this site has made you more honest, Julia.

        • You rang?

          I just think it’s hilarious how she was sent this pretty good camera with a decent lens, and she still can’t take an in-focus picture.

      • That’s how I figured it played out.
        Lookie, Bonobos dude, me love you long time, and now I have a OMGBOYFREN who is also an OMGMCCAIN, so send me those pants and I will make damn sure he wears them and I will surely post many photos to my OMGHOBBYBLOG. You will thank me, Bonobos dude, because I have many haters who will be so jealous they will have to go buy a pair for their cats.

    • Of course she didn’t buy them, she never buys anything, we all know she promotes their stupid pants all the time.

      Julie, no disclosure once again. So you just broke the law, must go call Internet Police BRB.

  18. I just love how this 30-yr-old bully victim lady calls some 24-year-old boy “my rock.” Which is basically code for “shows no interest in anything and is compliant.”

    This relationship cracks me up. 1) if you’re Pancakes or Family of Pancakes, at what point do you think “wow, there’s a lot of drama surrounding this woman. wonder if it’s worth it?” 2) HE’S MOVING TO GUAM IN SIX MONTHS. In other words, this is over then.

    I look forward to following her covert search for a replacement during this time.

  19. “But I haven’t felt this steady and solid in a relationship, certainly since Alex, and perhaps ever. I feel like I have a – yes, I’m going to use this word – teammate for the first time in a long, long time – someone who really has my back, who is unwaveringly supportive, who loves and respects me.”

    Huh. ‘Teammate’? Don’t you think it’s kinda funny that you say you’re ‘in a relationship with’ your ‘teammate’, while he’s just got you in his list of friends?



      • he’s got quite a few of her friends as his friends. I’m pretty sure I saw callieach de on there (or however you spell her name), plus the one who went with her to pensacola back in december (and he was friends with her before they would’ve spent time together at the birthcray bash), along with a few others that I can’t be bothered to go find now. it’s pretty smart, actually. the guy has 700+ friends, so if he breaks up with julia and unfriends her, he’s probably not going to go hunting through his friends list to defriend every single friend that is her friend. it’ll make it easy to keep tabs on him for a little while after he has parachuted from the donkeycopter.

    • Jesus! Almost 2,000 pictures? I’ve had my Dacebook accept for five years and I don’t even think I have 100!

    • Heh. I am no Facebook expert, but is it odd that her profile says she is in a relationship with Jack, but his profile is silent about being in one with her?

      • Eh, I find that girls put their relationshit status and often a profile pic of the happy couple, and boys…well they just don’t.

        • I should have said it differently:

          How much do you think it pisses Julia off that his profile is silent as to being in a relationship with her?

          It is almost as funny as the”‘international” part of her syndication. Maybe Jack read it as part of his Iranian political studies.

      • But Yack has given his ball & chain special mention under books, “Being and Nothingness.” And if someone who had to attend a year of remedial classes yet still managed to graduate at the bottom of his class is reading Sartre and understanding him, I’ll eat a tiny and cute donkey for dinner.

      • It’s also quite possible that his privacy setting are such that his relationship status (and person) can only be seen by his “friends.” I know many people who have it set that way. I think that’s the most likely explanation.

    • Kind of OT, but may I assume many fellow catladies here absolutely hate FaceBook?

      I finally joined, basically to promote an independent project (because it appears that absolutely nobody knows what the hell is going on without a Facebook “event” page. “Ooh, you’re working on something? Facebook me the event page!”).

      Now I have lebenty-twelveteen-zillion friends, roughly 100% of whom are imbeciles I barely remember and never hoped to see again. My “wall” is a constant trough of “Eating ice cream! Delish!” and “Because of a website I just read, Stalin’s brain is alive and controlling the World Bank.”

      Also–I don’t know where people take photos for websites these days, but this is one fucking bumper crop off the Fugly Tree. And I know for a fact that several of these people are beautiful in real life.

      The minute this project is over I am zapping this fucker harder than Alderaan.

      • I’ve never registered. I would have if I’d needed to for a job — I know lots of people who have — but the whole idea gives me the jimjams. Everyone distant and past? I want them to stay that way.

      • I’m just ‘meh’ about Facebook, but have found it to be much nicer since I discovered the ‘hide updates from this person’ feature. Now I only see updates from people I know or want to hear from, and 100% fewer updates about Jesus, Sarah Palin and babies!

        I could just remove those people, but most are vaguely remembered highschool classmates I message on occasion, or distant relatives, so I keep them on and just hide the blather.

      • I don’t necessarily HATE Facebook. I only hate pretty pink princesses who, unlike sad jealous hateful me, are so happy and so blessed. I’ve just never understood what Facebook could do for me that email doesn’t, except submitting my info to a zit-faced corporation with more ease.

      • BTW:

        “(because it appears that absolutely nobody knows what the hell is going on without a Facebook “event” page. “Ooh, you’re working on something? Facebook me the event page!”)”

        I can empathize and I understand that there are jobs where it’s more of an issue than it might be for me, but that kind of shit simply doesn’t fly with the H (I can call myself the H because I invented the internet; it’s Helena’s Hyper Text Protocol). Tell you what, if you want me to communicate electronically with you, read your emails. There will be no “page” and I will not “add” you to anything other than my email recipients. If that’s too complicated for you, then it’s clear that I don’t need you to know about whatever I’m working on in the first place.

      • I’m on the downside of FB now. It was the like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ stages of death. Thing is, now that I’ve been ‘in’, it would seem weird if I just shut it. So I’ve made all of it private to the outside and only part of my ‘stuff’ is available to those close to me. I do lurk though. I’m always amazed by the self-importance and full-of-shit stuff people post.

      • I have a placeholder page on. Name, picture, email address where ppl can reach me. I think you can only find it if you’re within my network or a friend of the few people I have as friends (real life friends)

    • Jack probably just has his relationship status visibility set to “Only me”. My boyfriend’s status shows him as being in a relationship with me, but most people can’t see my status or most of my personal info on fbook.

    • Also a very strong resemblance to an Ozzy Osbourne picture that someone posted the other day. (Apologies to Ozzy for that comparison.)

    • Sorry for the repost, but:


  20. Great post, Jacy. Looks like we Haterz don’t have to try and ruin another job for Julie. Seems like she’s got this one.

    • I saw the hot in this picture, but I haven’t seen it since.


      • Oh, yeah. It’s so ON.


        (Julie looks like their Aunt Susan, who flew in from Irvine, CA, where she has a very successful interior decorating company.)

      • Wow, I was eons late in reposting this but that’s what I get for not reading through comments first!

      • i sorry: exactly HOW is that ciggie a good example for ALL THE GIRLS you have vowed to protect, Donkey?!

    • Eh. Maybe it’s because I went to college in the deep south, but sometimes I dig the dumb frat boy thing. There’s a lot of hot dumb guys round these parts.

  21. Here are her post times on her blog today:


    • She really is sick. Peter Baugher and Robin Baugher should be ashamed of themselves for enabling this pathological behavior instead of getting their daughter the professional help she so desperately needs.

  22. OT: I wanted to make this comment the other day, but I was away from my regular litterbox and typing my comment on my phone was just pissing me off, so I gave up. I found it very interesting that she talked about how we said she had…elephant legs(?) and sausage fingers, but she didn’t mention our criticism on her plastic surgeries. she’s insisted, over and over, that she hasn’t had anything injected into her face (except for when she ‘first tried’ botox last year, and wondered what the big deal was), but one of the most common criticisms here are about her melty, shifty face. I think those things are mentioned much more often than her other body parts, and, if she actually hadn’t had any injectables or plastic surgeries beyond her first nose job, you would think she would jump right on that as one of the lies we’re propagating. hmm I wonder why she missed that…

  23. “They had a list of every product I’ve ever mentioned – many of which I had absolutely no relationship other than as a fan – to target and send nasty emails about me.”

    um, what? no one was ever instructed to send emails to anyone, and if they did, well, they were totally in their right to do so, as consumers. the list of products and sponsorships received by julia was intended to alert people to her grifting ways, and a boycott of those companies was suggested, not imposed on anyone. Julia, YOU are now the one making up lies and defaming US.

    once again, if YOU (or brad pitt or the old spice guy or whoever) are the brand name or spokesperson for a company, we have a right to: (1) not like the product or your promotion of it, (2) contact the company if we believe they are doing a disservice to themselves by associating with you. they will probably want to know that because they have a bottom line to protect. so STFU julia.

    • Funny how someone who never reads here knows the purpose and details of every page.

      I still buy Canon products because I like them, but if I had been introduced to Canon through her “first foray into photography,” I probably would go a different route. I have seen good photos of cupcakes, but her blurry, uninspiring photos would steer me toward another camera brand. Not good advertisement.

      • seconded. I said it before, but any idiot can take a *nice* picture with a dslr camera on full auto settings. but somehow she can’t manage that…her cupcake pictures with her dslr look like she took them with her iphone. if I didn’t already own a canon rebel myself, I would not purchase one after seeing her pictures.

      • The cupcakes in both those pictures looked less than pristine. Perhaps they had been pre-licked?

    • so….it’s ok for her to expect people to buy products because she uses them, but it’s not ok for her to expect people to avoid products because she uses them.


  24. I can’t believe Pancakes is letting her pick out his Easter outfit. I know there will be those that help their boyfriends/husbands dress who will disagree with me on this and it’s not like I don’t ever give my husband suggestions here and there. But to give complete control to someone like that because she likes theme dressing, seems the ultimate in pussy-fication to me.

    But, now I do believe he doesn’t check out this site because, if he’d ever laid his eyes on what she deems appropriate for an Easter outfit for herself, he’d have run screaming in the other direction when she came at him with the suggestion of dressing him.

    • I use to let my girlfriend pick out my outfits all the time. I have no fashion sense, (when I first met here I was wearing a tie dyed shirt and stone washed jeans), she honestly made me dress better, I enjoyed having nice clothes for once, and I know she got joy from it, so it made me happy.

        • Theme? Like wearing green and red on Christmas, super-prep on Derby Day, or no pants for Festivus? I must admit I’ve done it myself, its can be fun. I don’t know maybe I’m in the minority but I love holidays and really try to get into them, if you don’t then its like every other day.

    • What does she mean by “themed holidays,” anyway? Aren’t all holidays inherently themed? She is the shittiest writer in the land.

      • this made me lol. well, more like puff and snort through my nose, like i often do to suppress LITERALLY LOLing here while running errands. i’m sure i sound like a retard to those around me anyway. (“what are you laughing at?!” – me: *stunned silence*)

  25. Julie, stop talking about relationships. We all know you’re not moving to Guam you’ve already said, that would be way too real and gritty for your pink frosted existence. Love is not a pair of Bonobos pants you dumb fuck.

    Christ, I can’t with her during her manic episodes, she’s a freakin’ nut.

  26. juliaallison Julia Allison
    Dinner in downtown Chicago with my parents – we’re all wearing green 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Chi-town!!
    18 hours ago

    mikeb31772 Michael Bianco
    @juliaallison No one from Chicago calls it Chi Town 😉 #Southsiders

    juliaallison Julia Allison
    @mikeb31772 – I was born and raised here – and Kanye calls it Chi-town!
    15 hours ago

    1) You are not from Chicago but from Wilmette
    2) While you may live in Chicago, you cannot claim yourself as a Chicagoan unless:
    a. You’ve been to opening day/home opener at a Sox, Bears, Bulls or Blackhawks game
    b. You’ve spent the entire summer drinking down at Castaways or on the beach (not Wilmette’s)
    c. You’ve played in the Chicago Park District’s handball/softball league
    d. Have prayed to either Mike Ditka/Mayor Daley/Brian Dennehy/Bill Murray at some point in your life
    e. Know at least one of our team’s fight songs
    f. Tried to recreate Ferris Bueller’s Day off on your day off
    g. Spent a lazy Sunday at the Maxwell Street Market
    h. Know where the Chicago bars are that still allow smoking
    i. Successfully mounted the Art Institute’s Lions
    j. Look forward every weekend to some type of festival of meat
    3) Kayne West calls it Chi-city not Chi-town
    4) The guy is right, no one from Chicago calls it Chi-town.

    • she successfully mounted some tigers… in new jersey. does that count?

        • HA! both a joke, and an unfortunate reality.


          true story! when i went to get the link to that pic, i almost set it as my desktop background. i hit cancel just in time!

          • “HA! both a joke, and an unfortunate reality.”

            These words could refer to everything about Donkey’s life.

          • Eww. That was the bra-less nipple protrusion dress Donkey wore on her Dad$er date, & Dad$er took this fauxto of Donkey humping the big kitty …

            Did I mention “Eww”?

          • the funniest thing is, those statues are right behind Nassau Hall on Canon Green, probably the highest-trafficked area on campus during Reunions/Graduation festivities. (Graduation is held on the Nass Hall lawn and P-rade ends up there, for example.) There’s no way at least 100 people didn’t see her take that ridiculous fauxto. I think she wore that dress to P-rade, which means it could easily be many hundreds of people watching Dad$ter take that photo. How embarssing.

          • Nevermind, I fucked up, those look like the set of statutes in front of the new football stadium near the art museum. Still a highly trafficked area, but not quite as embarassing.

          • [img]http://wwwimage.cbsnews.com/images/2007/01/31/image2417269.jpg[/img] This picture doesn’t due them justice, they are also a good six feet off the ground.


            Invoke ‘Dad$er Date’ & see what happens?

            juliaallison: “Headed to dinner at the University Club with my dad. This is the best part of being in Chicago.”

            I’ll just say it again … EWWW!

      • Isn’t it refreshing when a narcissist cites one of their kind in reference to the hometown she lovesloveloves but used to hatehatehate? She has been talking shit about Chicago for years now and “loves” or even cares about it at all right now for spin purposes; her site STILL says she wishes for a “British accent” and derides her having been born in Chicago. #fail

  27. Happy Friday catsluts

    Just curious, what is your favorite Julia Allison meme?

    I think mine would be “Facebook’s sister” but “Whoa is me” is a close second

  28. I love “I will never the donkey”

    although *stunned silence* and ALL THE GIRLS always get me too.

      • right!
        *drops phone*
        *voms in shower*
        I just Kant (the donkey)….

        the names slay me too
        TayTay McGreason aka Greasy

    • This is an older one, but remember JP’s post titled, “Getting Her On and On and On On”? God, I’m laughing like a fool over here.

      • Wait… isn’t every one of our handles a meme of some sort? Mine goes waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back.
        I wonder if I should change? Suggestions?

        • i always liked ‘baleful of kale’… and someproblems recently commented about ‘A Confident Person of Quality Substance’, which has a good ring to it as well. “Your Honor, I am a catlady of quality substance, not a bully or troll!”.
          at one point, julia’s SAT words of the day were ‘bastion’ and ‘consternated’, so i really liked ‘consternated bastion of tools’.

        • My very fave username that someone else used but I take credit for is: Bishop Desperate TuTu

          Does he/she still pitty pat among us?

        • I like yours, DLM. I always hear Donks saying “You can basically DRINK Lake Michigan,” when I see your handle. She was so incensed that anyone would take issue with her suggestion that Chicago is a bad locale for Spring Break! BTW, it’s 44 degrees there right now and spring break is next week.

        • Someone had the handle “Normal, Healthy Julia That I Am Today” – that cracked me up every time I saw it.

          • And then another witty commenter riffed on that with “healthy, rideable donkey” [which she shall sadly never be.]

    • Sara Palin is in India this week, she needed something to read that was on her intellectual level.

    • I apologize to all Indians out there. She’s just a “special” Donkey, she does not speak for all of us.

      • Don’t worry, imagine all the lulz they will get when they read the columns. Especially about the cyber police who are going to make everyone be nice on the internets. They will think it’s a humor column!

      • Hey! Just remembered that one of my magazine profiles got translated into Russian! Forgot to add the “International Journalist” line to my resume. Updating now.

  29. Maybe this is where Jules discovered her new cause du jour. Check out these comments on a *public* Facebook photo of Greasy…

  30. a comment on julia’s blog:
    “Apologies for posting this comment on this post, but I wasn’t sure where else to leave it. Could you share with us your thoughts on the situation in Libya, or the catastrophe in Japan? I like cupcakes and dresses a lot too (too much!), but I think it’s always a thoughtful and responsible move for people in the public eye to at least acknowledge some of the big stuff playing out on the world’s stage as it happens – helps us all keep what’s really important in perspective.”

    julia’s response: crickets.

    • You know, I’m going to defend Julia here. She doesn’t have to say shit about current world affairs. So people shouldn’t be demanding her thoughts and opinions on these matter?

      However, the fact that she rarely ever talks about or even comprehends current events only magnifies how narcissistic, out-of-touch and clueless she is. And it certainly doesn’t help her establish trustworthiness or credibility with her audience. She can post pictures of cupcakes and pretty, pretty dresses all day, but when she tries to be a “social media columnist” or “journalist” or “expert on anything” her blog is no help in dispelling her public image as a vapid, selfish idiot.

  31. Heh, take a look at her Facialbook fanpage, an alleged DA left this on the wall:

    Dan B. McKay Jr.
    Julia – Welcome to the Baton Rouge Advocate. You have the potential to bring a much needed perspective on social media. But that 1st column was weak! We already know about how anything you say can and will be spread all over the world on video, audio, or whatever! Step it up, please!
    March 12 at 9:53pm

    OMG Julia, a DA said your column was rubbish. He is a hater and bully. Sue him, call the internet police.

  32. That was my comment that she responded to. Hi, catladies! First time commenter, long time reader. I’ve been bullying Julia Baugher in my head for months, but this latest hissy fit of hers pushed me over the edge.

    I posted a response to her on her liecast. I doubt she’ll approve it. So here it is:

    “If anyone has ever threatened you with violence by e-mail, I certainly hope you forwarded their threatening comments to the police. (I really, really don’t want this to come across as belittling any threats of violence that you’ve received, but you’re a a journalist. Unfortunately, people have been sending threatening e-mails to journalists for decades. I’m sure that even the editor of the Yeehaw Junction Pennysaver gets death threats.)

    I hope I’m misinterpreting you, and that you aren’t actually calling me a troll–because if you are, you’re demonstrating that your view of what constitutes bullying, harassment, and trolling are seriously warped. I’ve never trolled you. I’ve never commented on any permutation of RBNS. Before this, I only ever commented on your lifecast once: on your first anti-bullying screed. (You didn’t approve my respectful comment. But hey, it’s your blog and that’s your right.) I’m using my full legal name to comment–which, I might add, is more than YOU do, and your policy of not approving comments unless people use their real name sure seems to fall apart when the anonymous people are fawning all over you.

    You, Julia Allison, do NOT get to lecture anyone on values. My values are consistent. You have no values. You have no principles. You adopt “values” based on who you’re currently trying to impress and what’s convenient for you. You’re “very liberal” and an Obama fangirl…until you have the chance to bag a McCain, and you “try not to have” opinions about politics. You’re anti-bullying and think people who don’t have anything positive to say shouldn’t say anything at all…until a girl on the Bolt Bus dares to talk on her phone in your presence, in which case you post a picture of her and talk about wanting to slam your phone in her face. You rail against people contacting your employers to express their dislike of you…so you contact THEIR employers to express your dislike of THEM. It’s not me that has to rethink my values, Julia. It’s you. But first, you’d have to actually acquire some.”

    • Please do not bully Julia Allison in your head. You are not allowed to think anything bad about Julia Allison. If you cannot keep your thoughts pure I suggest a visit to The Botox Ashram. where they perform miracle work on people.

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