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So for the first time, Donk has divulged some state secrets. As we already knew, it was indeed Lasagna who linked Codename TK’s true identity to RBNS (not two years ago, by the way, but 18 months ago). Weird logic — thinking the site is “nasty” and never reading it yet making sure we knew the identity of the latest dude to flee in terror from a crazy donkey. Because he deserved it. But Donk, who has cuckolded many in her day, doesn’t deserve any scrutiny at all.

Donk also believes (teeehheeeee) none of her friends read or contribute here.

Caroline doesn’t contribute there, nor does Katrina – she hates the site. I can’t speak for Mary, but I would guess that she doesn’t either. I think people have a natural tendency to want to defend themselves, and I doubt any of them read it regularly. I know most people have google alerts on their name (I do not), so if they come up in the hate site, they may click on the link.

But no, I don’t think that gives it any credibility. And Megan revealing Toph’s name – because she felt that he was a dick and should be called out – certainly doesn’t either. That was two years ago. She thinks the site is nasty.

Frankly, no one I know or love thinks it’s anything but garbage.

And yet Caroline McCarthy was all up in this thread, and strangely with no mention that she thinks the site is garbage. In fact, she pointed out that someone directed her to a post they found particularly funny.  No need to mention when Katrina came on here and lost her shit. And we know of other “friends” who not only regularly read the blog, but have sent in information not just on her behest, but because they cannot believe her latest bullshit antics.

Sorry Donk. That’s the truth.


  1. garbage in, garbage out…. (Julia, ‘literally’ would be appropriate here but non-literally too)

  2. “And Megan revealing Toph’s name – because she felt that he was a dick and should be called out – certainly doesn’t either.”

    Did she deny this? How many times? Isn’t saying Toph is a dick on the internet bullying him? CYBA’ POHLEESE!

    • You know what’s funny about that? She’s acknowledging that one of the worst things that could happen to an ex is to be associated with her. Because that post from Lasagna didn’t say “His name is Toph Eggers and he’s a dick.” It just said “His name is Toph Eggers.”

      This amuses me.

    • “Dick” is also a favorite slur of hers. She used it when e-mail harassing the person she thought was behind RBNS but who wasn’t.

      • I thought that too. “Dick” has been used by her before and I read it in her voice.

  3. So her friends think this site is nasty and never read here until one of Julia’s boyfriends’ needs to be “called out.” Then it is perfectly acceptable to post here. So this site is nasty until it is useful???

    • Yeah, that’s what I got out of it. Mostly it’s bullying if it’s about Julia, anyone else is fair game.

    • Also translated as “this site is nasty and mean and the police should be called unless some boy wronged me and I want to tell the world, then my friend should be able to use the nasty mean site to do nasty mean things.” Um, but she didn’t unless you consider simply revealing his name to be mean and nasty.

    • Yes, we’re Nazis until Julia finds a use for us.

      Similarly, Julia is famous and not random . . . until people critique her publicly; then she magically turns into one of ALL THE GIRLS who post a few things and subsequently get BULLIED.

      Similarly, Julia’s “friends” are all amazing, ineffable, tiny&cute, and are THE BEST PEOPLE EVER!!! until, of course, they stop complimenting her or stop being useful to her. That’s when this site becomes useful as an outlet for Donkey’s vitriol, causing temporary suspension of our Nazi Party memberships.

      Similarly, Greasy is Julia’s future husband . . . until her personal narrative reads more like a fairy tale if he is instead designated her BFF.

      Similarly, social media is totally changing the world and, frankly, is the only thing that makes democracy possible . . . until it temporarily inconveniences Julia Allison, in which case SOCIAL MEDIA MUST BE POLICED AND DEMOCRACY BECOMES INADVISABLE.

      Similarly, “WHY ARE GUNS STILL LEGAL!?!?!” until your boyfriend’s parents give his sister a gun for Christmas, which is tots an outrageously cool gift.

      . . . it’s possible to continue like this indefinitely. If I’ve learned one thingwhile studying Donkology, it’s that the structure of reality as it is experienced by all humankind shifts dramatically to reflect the current personal circumstances surrounding Julia Allison Baugher. This reminds me of the spoon benders in the Matrix: “It’s not the spoon that bends but your mind.”

      • hoof stomper says “stop bullying that spoon!”


      • That’s exactly what I’ve found. I noted below that my biggest takeaway from her opening up comments on her cite/site/sight is that any (usually valid) point a commenter makes w/r/t her behavior is always wrong — mainly because there’s some little facet that makes the point not relevant to her behavior (behoovier?). It’s amazing the twists and turns her “logic” is able to make in order for her to be right, always and forever. And to get the last word.

      • If anyone gets a chance, could you share the link? I’m *genuinely curious* about what TJ had to say…

  4. didn’t she say, and i may be wrong (i am still working on my Ph.donk), that the worst thing about the whole “name revel” was that the crazy H8TR used toph’s dead sister’s name as her username?

    • No, we said that. We knew it was Lasagna right away, and couldn’t believe she chose that name. She probably didn’t do it deliberately, however.

      • I believe, if Lasagna didn’t use the name “Beth” on purpose, Julia did. Maybe Lasagna didn’t know the meaning but I believe Donkey is just that cruel.

        • I’d totally believe that Donks would tell her to use that name without telling her why.

    • This makes me so sad. I hope to god Lily has been with Julia’s parents this whole time while she’s been clomping to San Diego, LA, back to San Diego and then Austin. That’s no way for a dog to live.

      And Julia? If we’re such mean, awful, nasty haters how do explain the universal love here for your dog? Or how no one has ever had a mean thing to say about your brother and his wife?

      • It makes me sad, too. I’m actually literally tearing up reading the Comic Sans ‘Have You Seen Me?’ sign.

        (I’m serious. “Have I been fed recently?” is what did it.)

        • “Have I been fed recently?” That line destroys me, too. I work at home so I spend all day with my animals, and man oh man do they go through food and water and inexplicable needs for attention and running and the desire to learn new stuff. All day. It’s a source of great joy to me. I can’t imagine them in a perilous position — that would the unjoy.

          • I should also say I hate it like fire during hurricane season and during ice storms. And if I thought I had a whole lot of better things to be doing with my time, I wouldn’t have the animals.

          • Correction:
            Here’s to our animals with the exception of one particular Donkey!

  5. Anyone think she’s bringing this up this way again because she’s pissed at him all over again for some reason?

  6. OMG Bears: “We are very, very, very different people.”

    Love how even her “friends” can’t stand to be associated with her.

    • seriously, the world cannot handle two Julia Allisons. One’s enough. More than enough. Too much, in fact.

      • the fact that her friends have never once stepped in to defend her is what’s made me feel less guilty about participating in this site. Not even her beloved Sklar, who never steps down from an internet fight, has come in to say anything. That’s gotta hurt.

        I’m genuinely shocked that Lasagna was the one who dropped Toph’s name and using the name of his dead sister, no less. Always wanted to believe that she wasn’t involved. If that’s true and JA wants to use this site to shame those who wronged her, then…she has no business being upset about it, or crying about “cyber-bullying.”

        • None of her important friends have tweeted anything about the cyberbullying cause, either, correct?

          • because they know she brings it on herself & is not bullied. People who are really bullied deserve sympathy. Not JA. We are mean to her, I will freely admit that, but much of it’s nuanced parsing of what she herself says and puts out there for public consumption. And since I PAY for some of it, I have very right to vote not only with my wallet but also for giving appropriate feedback to those who might be snowed by her scrubbed internet reputation.

            (and no, Julia, putting out 7,000,818 pictures of yourself in faux shoots, prancing around the country with your little white dog, JACK OMGMCCAIN, ass kissing anyone with connections or money publicly, is not the same argument as saying a woman deserves to be abused because of what she wears)

        • This is PRECISELY why she is making a big to-do about how NO ONE READS THIS SITE that knows her. Because deep down she can’t stand the fact that no one comes to her rescue on here. I’m pretty certain my boyfriend would lose it at least once and tell people off if anyone was doing this to me. I’ve been “internet bullied” before and I had friends step up and tell the offending party to cut the shit.

        • “Frankly, no one I know or love thinks it’s anything but garbage.”

          Ohhhkay. Keep telling yourself that Julie. But the fact is – they know about it. They’ve commented here. They’ve never once defended you or told us we have it all wrong. By most accounts, they’re the ones sending in tips! And your big tough boyfriend can say he wants to kick our collective ass all day long (OMG WHAT A BULLY!!!) but the fact is – everyone in your life knows you have a snark site dedicated to you and are probably wondering why you deserve it.

          • Her big tough boyfriend is all of 5’8″ and 140 lbs… maybe 5’9″ with some inserts. And his intellect is also underwhelming: wooohoo, 1008th in a class of 1050 or whatever it was.

            Well done, Jack, well done indeed.

    • Caroline-OMGBears can’t stand Julia. She tolerates her because it’s not worth severing ties. She rarely has to put up with her. But, trust me, she talks plenty of hardcore shit behind Julia’s back.

      • She basically came on the site because people thought she might’ve introduced Jankles to Ferris and/or Greasy at Princeton Reunions last yr. She flatly denied it and I believe her.

        If they even go to Reunions (most people only go the first yr or two, and then only to the big yrs, like 10, 20, 25, etc.) they would’ve been in different “reunion areas” every single time, since they’re 5+ yrs apart. If they ever met, it would’ve been through Julia, after she had already boned Ferris.

        • pretty sure caroline showed up when she was dating david karp. but you are all knowing, soooo

  7. And what about Meghan’s choice to reveal Toph’s name USING THE SCREEN NAME OF HIS DEAD SISTER?

    I dare you to produce ANYTHING the mods of this site have EVER done to you.

    You call this site bullying, I call it karma for what you did ON THE INTERNET to Prom King, Eater Guy, Harold Ford, Toph, Jakob, Michael and Michael’s fiancee. Wake the fuck up to how you treat people, Julia. It’s the reason why at 30 you have no job, no real friends to speak of, and your face is melting off your skull.

    The fact that you’re calling for a cyber police force when you’re one of the biggest bullies on the Internet is one of the clearest signs yet that you are in desperate need of professional mental help.

      • The first thing you wrote also works. The mods of this site have never done anything to her. SHE is the one that contacts them. SHE is the one that emails them.

        • Thank you. This cyberbullying braying has really sent me over the edge. She has had every advantage in the world. She’s managed to fuck up every opportunity on her own–all thanks to her lazy, entitled, vindictive personality. But the fallout from the way she treats people is never her fault. It’s our fault for holding up a mirror.

  8. Gotta love that bitchy aside about Mary – Can’t speak for her! She probably loves it! Mary is all up in GOMI, honey. And she can usually laugh right along with them. But it must be because she’s drunk all the time, right Julia?

    • Leven, too.

      Yet… Julia’s so needy when she’s in LA that she visits Leven @ Leven’s lovely place with her OMGfiance the photographer.

      Julia–Leven hates you, too.

  9. Stop braying about this. You’re only bringing more attention to the site and revealing how obsessive you are about it. Seriously, just stop and move on. I think there was a big event in Japan you could post about.

  10. I was reading K.S. q/a and I love the last line in this post.

    Katrina Szish says:
    April 24, 2010 at 4:32 pm

    “And, don’t laugh at me here: I’d be curious to hear suggestions as to how those negative judgments you mention could be turned around. I genuinely hope/hoped that my involvement would help push things more in that direction. That’s not being vain, just something that seemed possible.

    Seriously — I’m curious.”

  11. I just wrote (not sure if it will be published) in response to her saying the Founding Fathers were not trying to defend gossip. UM. YES, THEY WERE. I mean, I’m sure they weren’t sitting there talking shit about Jefferson and being like, “We should protect this!” but they were absolutely about defending speech from the arbitrary likes of Julia and her directives on what words are and are not permitted.

    • someone might want to tell Julia Allison that if “gossip” is “defended” then Facebook would be shut down (and Facebook’s sister out of work)

    • This comment yesterday made me LOL:

      James Madison’s ghost says:
      March 16, 2011 at 6:46 pm
      Well, I say! If I had known that Washington Irving would describe me as “but a withered little apple-John,” I would have supplanted the First Amendment with an edict that sentences anyone to death who dares cross my path.
      Dr. Gary says:
      March 17, 2011 at 1:04 am
      Constitution humor gets me every time!

    • I’m pretty sure gossip was well within the range of things they wanted to protect. The stuff that noted printers like Franklin and Adams produced about the British monarchy and parliament was downright cruel. All sorts of comments about their personal lives, families, corruption, and so forth. It was a no hold’s barred attitude. That’s something people love about this country, then and now. The American Revolution wasn’t some pie in the sky philosophical argument about representation to most colonists. Sure, to the intellectuals, but people were willing to die because stuff only slightly better than “gossip” made people willing to fight the British.

    • I can’t stand Tyler Perry but that made me chuckle. Do you know what also has made me chuckle numerous times today? Potato Knees. I am so going to make Potato Knees happen.

    • I’m def love/hate on TP, but it was just so apt I couldn’t help myself. Once I saw her say “cyber police force” I mentally screamed “CALL THE PO-PO, HO!”.

  12. Anyone else get one of these emails today??

    To wit:

    I write for AOL Weird News and I am doing a story about Internet Trolls.

    Julia Allison responded to a query I put out, but when I said I wanted to speak with trolls themselves and not people who claimed they’ve been bullied by them, she suggested you might be willing to talk aobut it.

    It is my contention that many trolls are engaging in a form of social satire and while I am obligated to include quotes from psychologists who claim that internet agitators weren’t breastfed enough as kids or adults, I’d prefer to find out more from the troll’s perspective.

    I can be reached at 619-677-8088.

    I promise I will be fair.


    David Moye

    • No. Probably because there is no link to my email. Nice of Julia to identify you as a troll though. So blessed!

    • I just realized something when I re-read that email. I was not breastfed. It is biology!

      • Well, I laughed at him and said I had to doubt his fairness when he refers to me as a troll right off the bat.

        Then explained I have a history of calling out scumbags and hypocrites, reaching back as far as 2000 when I ran against Rod Blagojevich for U.S. Congress and also sued the Cook County Sheriff Dept for stealing the antique guns from a gun buyback program after telling the lie that they had been sent to a museum.

        I think my credentials are proven. It’s not a Julia thing. It’s a hypocrite/scumbag thing. She’s the flavor of the month. Nothing more.

    • Nice….classy move publishing his telephone number, you Julia should meet up; I’d bet you get along.

      David if you read this, contact the mods of this site, Beauchamp does not represent the people who comment on this site. He is a particularly vile brand of human.

      • Calm down lady. I cut and pasted the entire email. It pertains to this discussion. I fail to see the big deal. The guy doesn’t know me at all and gives me all his contact info and made no specific instruction NOT to divulge it. He appears to be a writer in search of a story, so feel free to contact him.

        Also – blow me.

          • Sorry your thread is polluted with this nonsense Jacy, but like last night (where I was accused of something I obviously did not write to JA…still waiting for that apology) certain people on here are looking for a beef with me here on YOUR site.

            I am here for the Julia stuff. A couple people feel I am a “vile person” for positions I hold on my blog, yet choose here to throw a hissy.

            I’m more than happy to debate any position I have taken if you are brave enough to leave the safety of the crowd here and call me out in the comments section on my own blog where my statements were made.

            I see no need for it here.

            I’ve never attacked anyone on here even though I am 100% certain I wouldn’t see eye to eye politically with most of them, being a fiscal conservative and all.

            However, this isn’t a political site. It is the Julia Allison Shit Show, so why don’t we keep it that way? Hmmm?

          • “Fiscal conservative?” Whatever. Stick it in your ass.

            “Racist sexist cunt” is the part of Fatty Matty I have a problem with.

          • I’d actually prefer if people took their battles with you over to your site, because I don’t see what it has to do with the discussion at hand, but I am no Comment Sheriff.

          • @ Jacy
            ” I don’t see what it has to do with the discussion at hand, but I am no Comment Sheriff.”
            I see what you did there.

      • Well, so long as no one here goes insane and starts prank-calling the poor innocent reporter, I’m sure he’d be happy the people on a site he’s been referred to now has a way to contact him without him having to try to individually track people down.

        I was under the impression that most reporters make this sort of info public?

        • I would expect after all the “I would never do that” talk on here, that nobody WOULD prank call the guy. What’s the point? It never occurred to me anybody here would do that.

          Last I checked, reporters WANT to be gotten hold of, no?

      • This fellow-commenter-bashing is getting tiresome. If you have a problem with Matt, please call him out on HIS blog. Or HIS reblogging site, if such a thing exists.

        Maybe your hate is justified, how would I know? I just know that it makes you seem like an asshole. And how could you be an asshole, since you are a fellow furry basement-dwelling anti-donktite? It hurts my tiny and cute brain to think about this conundrum.

        Ditto for those few who try to scratch out Loren’s eyes when he drops by. Seriously, catfriends, it makes me feel embarrassment by proxy. Save those claws for the Donkey.

        • Your point is well taken, Donkey. My apologies for derailing the Julia show.

          Hmmmm…”Reblogging Loren Feldman and Matt Beauchamp…”


          Not enough tutus.

      • God, you know she’s salivating at the prospect of getting any coverage/leverage out of this shitshow. Her publicist (but I thought she wasn’t a public person!!!!!) is probably pitching her to the Chicago local news affiliate and the Sunday 8 a.m. MSNBC slot as we speak.

      • Yeeeeeeeeah, there is a BIG difference between a commenter who posts on a topical satire/criticism blog (i.e., RBD/RBNS) and a troll. Trolling takes many forms, but generally speaking, the definition of a troll is someone who will visit internet forums/comment sections/message boards and post intentionally inflammatory statements to bait others to respond (i.e., going to a feminist discussion board and posting “women belong pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen”). That description is tots reductive, but if Mr. Moye had done his research, he would have seen that the tone and purpose of this site (and its comments section) is quite different than what I just described. Also, he really should be talking to sociologists (or at the very least, social psychologists) instead of psychologists, because trolling isn’t a *really* a psychological phenomenon, it’s more of a sociological one.

        Psychology = understanding people
        Social psychology = understanding people in groups
        Sociology = understanding groups

        ::wipes Cheeto dust off of microphone, steps off soapbox::

    • She must have a spreadsheet with all of our names documenting breadcrumbs we’ve left on this site and elsewhere on the internet.

      • Dave started this crusade this morning I explained how if anyone is being a bully it’s Donks. We do not go after her life we call her out on her bs on this website. That is all. She is the one with C&D orders and throwing fits while playing the victim.

  13. Where is this comment that delineates why her bullying is OK and why ours isn’t? Is it on one of her posts? They all look the same to me, so any cat person that could point the way to this particular food dish will get a catnip-soaked batting toy. Anyone? Bueller?

        • It’s in the comments of the Emily Rose post. Not surprisingly, Emily Rose also “liked” that particular bit of patented Julia Allison truth-parsery.
          Honestly, that’s the thing that’s gotten me so much with this cyber-bullying crap over the past few weeks; actually, ever since she’s opened comments, I’ve noticed a common thread – none of her actions EVER fall under the category that any commenter is trying to put them in. There’s always some mitigating circumstance – some reason that only JA can see as to why her actions are exempt from the behavior that everyone else has to adhere to. No general standard ever applies to her actions — there’s always something that the commenter JUST DOESN’T UNDERSTAND.
          I realize it’s just a little sliver of her special snowflake-ness and her raging narcissism, but I’ve noticed it a lot more lately. It’s very “that depends on what your definition of the word ‘is’ is…”

  14. WHY bring his name up again? She could have referred to him as TK but SHE insists on linking herself to him over and over again. If she genuinely felt badly about Lasagna’s actions, she’d refer to him as TK.

    Wanna know why she’s oh so so casually dropping his name, totally aware of it being published and generating discussion? PROBABLY because he’s having a party soon and she wasn’t invited. For reals.

    Hee haw. She’s so transparent.

    Moving fwd, let’s keep his name off the blog. Dude doesn’t need to be associated with that crap.

    • I would like to posit that the real reason she wants people’s emails and identities revealed is because she wants to see who of her friends and relatives are dishing about her. I’d bet money on it.

    • Dude doesn’t need to be associated with that crap.

      Dude willingly fucked a donkey. IOW, he associated with her via his own free will.

    • Haven’t you heard? They’re great friends. (Yeah, right.) He apologized to her a thousand times. (Probably every time she called demanding an apology until he stopped taking her calls.) Even though he refused to be associated with her the whole time they were “dating” he’s totally cool with her talking about him by name now. (Sure, whatever.)

      • Also he’s cool with Julia intimating, via the Lasagna reveal, that he’s “a dick.” What a saint, that TK.

  15. Dear Julia,

    We can tell when your friends show up here and post because its generally better writing and matches their age and IQ levels…sad to say your writing evokes the emotional castration of a 5-year old..

  16. This sure is some donkey storm! All and because she doesn’t own the Internet and daddy can’t buy it for her.
    She is PISSED that she got this site shut down not once, but twice (remember tumblr? that was pathetic) and now it’s back up AGAIN and she can’t stop people from gathering together in shared mock and awe at the cyberbeast who clomps all over the internets expecting adoration and legitimacy simply because she wins at posting the most pictures of herself. But only fauxtos. I was thinking exactly the same thing as Jacy, she cant stand either that she doesn’t have control of the image apps.
    This isn’t about bullying; it’s about domination. Donkination?

  17. To be honest although I act like I’m all worked up I never truly cared about this fucking dunce. Until now. Everybody deserves a voice. Me, her, this site, anyone in this country. I simply cannot fathom how this dope and her friends don’t get it.

    I lost around 500k, Yeah a full half a million, when I lost my Verizon deal due to nonsense. People have emailed and called clients, potential clients, and friends since I started making videos. I’ve had major corporations and every asshole in tech trying to silence me for years. What did I do? Nothing. Fuck them. I kept doing my thing and never looked back. The entire basis of this country is that anyone can do their thing. Fuck who you want, worship who you want, SAY what you want. This entitled bitch represents everything wrong with this country in a NUTshell. This site must and will live on FOREVER. I hope her baby burros, should she trick some ass into banging her, reads this site. Her granddonks even. What the outsiders and casual observers don’t get is that this site was never really about just the Donk, it’s about all of us. It’s about America. To quote my fave anti-semite Mel “Freeeeeeedom!!”

    Too much? I don’t care I truly believe this.

  18. I’d say “your friends definitely read here, Julia,” but I think the fact that they do means I can’t technically call them friends.

  19. Caroline McCarthy, succesfull actual journalist and attractive lady, is a class act. She realizes she couldn’t call Julia Allison Baugher her trainwreck retard younger sister type friend, so she said this instead:

    “Julia and I are friends, though we’re very very very different people, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for her with regard to the next step in her life.”

    So the secure, accomplished, sane, attractive hopes that the husband hunting Hoya whore is basically a pity case.


    Also, John McCain, Jack McCain, Cindy McCain, Meghan McCain, Non-society, Julia Allison, Julia Baugher, Peter Baugher, Chicago, Tribune Media Services, Social Studies, plagiarism, plagiarize, fire, Hoya, Georgetown, Harold Ford, spinster, grapefruit, diabetic feet

  20. Quick question/recommendation — when the mods post stuff from Julia, could you post a link to the NS page/tweet/etc.? Makes it easier to track back where the stuff came from and get context etc. Like the quote at the top of this post– could someone post where it’s from?


    • It was in a comment on her blog and I generally don’t like linking there. Sorry, should have made that clear in the post.

    • Why give Julia the page views? It irks her that one post on this site get more page views and comments than the whole of NS.

      • Yeah, but if you link from this site, she’ll see that her traffic is coming from RBD. I’ve always wished JP and Jacy would link to her blog more often… because who cares if she’s getting the views when her analytics will show her that 90% of her views are from clickthroughs posted at RBD? Yes, we can use Google Reader, but isn’t it funnier for her to see how much of her traffic really DOES come from us? haha.

  21. I can’t recall where she said it (maybe in an email to Jacy?) but remember when she said Jack and Taylor knew about this site as well, thought we were all terrible (OMG boys don’t like us!!) and said something like Jack wanted to kick our asses?


    • Remember how it shifted from both of them finding it hilarious/silly/stupid and never reading it to *SO HORRIBLE A POX ON SOCIETY* (which would imply they had read it)? One of the funniest things about Julie Albertson is her horrible lack of consistency in her lies and legalese. It just another thing – like seemingly everything in her life – where she decides to just wing it instead of exercising forethought with consideration for the consequences and repercussions of her actions, which I assume is because she feels no need to take responsibility and that the rules do not apply to her; another thing to which she simply can’t commit, nor follow-through. Her OBO in this case being the subsequent attempts at rewriting history and reframing things with “new details” and explanations that come entirely from left field. It’s not even so much about the site being mean (a little bit, because she IS that vain), it’s as mentioned earlier a major CONTROL issue. RBNS is the ultimate record of her misdeeds that she cannot edit, delete or spin, try as she might. I don’t believe it was a mean, jealous, basement-dwelling, unfulfilled, angry, sort of sad hater who said this:

      ”Julia has an extraordinary ability to transform herself when she moves from one stage of life to another…. She literally forgets anything that is inconsistent with the person she is trying to become at that moment in time. It’s a little sad, I have to be the custodian of her memories.”

      • Seriously, Donkey didn’t give two shits about “cyberbullying” until… well about a week before her speech at SXSW on cyberbullying.

  22. Might be unfamiliar to the nonlawyers out there, but there is a site geared toward lawyers called Above the Law ( In talking about bringing on a new writer, the founder writes,

    “As for the commenters (the delightful present company), (1) using a pseudonym doesn’t prevent the writer from getting his or her feelings hurt (just ask Roxana of “Notes from the Breadline”), and (2) if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. If you’re going to write on the web, you have to be ready to be insulted, attacked, and mocked. If you can’t handle a few nasty words, then you don’t belong on the internet.

    Maybe JB should think about that. Elie, a Harvard Law School grad who writes for ATL, gets shit that’s 100x worse than anything lobbed at Jules. Like in the comments today, “When is that fat n*gger Elie going to write an article titled “How To Be A Crappy Human / Ape / fried chicken connoisseur / black rapist”

    Moronic? Yes. Racist? Yes. Bullying?? No.

    The stuff that’s here is (1) nowhere near as vitriolic as on ATL and (2) for the most part, not ad homenim, but actually pointing out why she’s wrong/inconsistent/stupid.

  23. Also bullying is bad behavior. It’s not a crime. At least not neccesarily. Julia dn other sthink that if they chant it enough, it will become accepted as a crime.

  24. gross freckly skin + rebar clavicles of doom

      • On second thought, I think I’ll pick up a few extra copies of this edition to use as bird cage liner.

    • [img][/img]

      See that, you fat jealous haters? You made fun of Julie for doing all those ‘fauxtoshoots’, saying she had no business shooting photos, since they would only end up on her facebook page or her ‘hobby’ blog. But here she is, on the cover of City Link, Florida’s own free weekly!

      Who’s laughing now, fatties?

      • Just look at our little Jules. She has come so so far. From a dating column in a free paper to a social media column in a free paper. So proud. I’m literally tearing up over here.

        • I’m so jealous of her! She’s no doubt getting as much as $4 a word column!

  25. Jacy/JP,

    I don’t want to tell you how to run things, but I think this website has become too biased against Julia Allison.

    I propose we move to a more balanced, point/counterpoint format, for example:

    Point: [insert whatever bullying, sexist lie about Julia Allison that you would like to post.]

    Counterpoint: in Julia’s defense, she’s retarded.

    Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.

    My Bald Runyon Canyon

    • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I like the plunge of your furrow.

      I might suggest an alternate format:

      Julia does something stupid.

      Jacy posts about how stupid it is.

      Everyone else agrees.

      Lasagna invents a commenter name and protests that what Julia did isn’t stupid and further more his name is Toph Eggers.

      Dr. Gary tells Lasagna that everybody knows it’s her.

      Lasagna protests that she is not Lasagna.

      OMGBears reminds us that she herself is a whole other different person.

      Katrina Bitch Please does her own thing.

      Somewhere, in the night, a tie is customized.

      JP plays with his nipples.

      TJ gets all excited.

      Loren Feldman declares his love for TRVTH, JVSTICE & THE AMERICAN WAY.

      I suddenly need a drink.

      Repeat until doomsday or Julia marries Pancakes, which is probably the same thing.

      • I got a mention by RRR???

        I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this site every day! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity, your name in print, that makes people. I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.

        • I’m afraid that’s just the scrofula kicking in.

          I TOLD you to wear the special gloves.

        • I wish this were from SOAP DISH. I saw it recently stoned out of my face, and can remember nothing about it but pleasure.

          • I love that movie. kevin kline, elisabeth shue, sally field, robert downey jr, gary marshall, whoopi goldberg, teri hatcher, cathy moriarity, kathy najimy…so much awesomeness in such a cheesy movie, how can you go wrong?

    • She is just constitutionally incapable of keeping her front hooves off the pelts whenever she is on camera, isn’t she?

    • “There’s something about the live music, you feel it…”

      Julia Allison Baugher, experiencing such new things for the very first time.

      • Who knew there was live music played outside? And it seems there is even music other than sappy love songs!

        And, and, and these people get together just to enjoy the music. They don’t even care if they are tiny or cute or famous!

        The shock, the awe!

    • Was anyone else grossed out by the clumped eyelashes?
      It’s what I imagine tarantula roadkill would look like ….

      • Why is she so obsessed with the people being hipsters? Get. Over. It. Just cause you “can’t” wear skinny jeans Jules?

        • Srsly, this. Skinny jeans aren’t for hipsters anymore, they are THE general trend. Hipsters according to Julia are anyone in their 20s who are loving life.

    • So that reminds me…whatever happened to Julie’s 2011 NY NonStop FW videos? ‘Cause FW was over a month ago, and I still haven’t see one clip. Guess they’re stuck in the queue?

      Maybe she can ask Allison Hagendorf how she gets her clips out of the queue so quickly? Because Allison was somehow able to shoot AND post a clip within ONE DAY.

      • She is really pretty. And she seems so natural on-camera.

        She also has nice hair. I bet it smells good.

      • She’s actually an authentic interviewer and “VJ” type chick from Fuse TV. Just watching her makes you realize even more explicitly how suck-y Julia is at interviewing. And man, I hate watching Julia on camera. The pelts, the obnoxious hands, her entire presence is so artificial and cheesy.

        By the way — are those Ray Bans new since Jack?? So TOP GUN.

        • Top Gun, my ass.

    • freeze it at 1:42, you hating bitches, and tell me what in the cat’s name is going on with her chin?! because it always does it whenever she’s introduced as something or other. is it trying to escape her face from embarrassment? does it now want to be associated with the one and only donkerina?

        • I knew exactly what you meant before I even watched the video…that chin thing she always does. I think the reason she can’t stop making stupid faces whenever she’s on camera is because she’s trying to hide how horribly uncomfortable she is in her own skin. If I were Julia Allison, I’d be horribly uncomfortable, too.

    • Can’t sleep. The irony is not lost on me (see earlier comment below).

      Re-watched this video and noticed a couple of things:

      *What happened to Julie’s boobs? She’s not wearing a bra + girl looks like a straight up A cup, maybe small B. Are Julie’s Spectacular Symmetrical Breasts really just smoke + mirrors? Why do I feel like this has something to do with Señor Yack, and perhaps a few comments made that ‘skinny girls with small boobs are hot’?

      *What is ‘Texas Hipster Dim’? Is she trying to say ‘Hipsterdom’. Oh, honey. If you’re going to use a word to try and sound clever? Practice saying it out loud a few times before you say it on camera.

      *Like a few others, I am also mystified by the weird thing her mouth/chin does at the 1:42 mark. Makes her seem super self-conscious. Why don’t you take some on-camera classes in Chicago. I’m sure there are plenty to choose from. Google it and see who gets the best reviews. Trust me, you’ll thank me for this later.

      *All that weird hand flapping and arm waving you do is incredibly distracting. Again, work on this with your acting coach.

      (Aaaaannnd now it’s 5AM and she’s still up, approving comments & crowd-sourcing for bridesmaid dresses. Which, sadly, will turn into The Julia Show, where the bride-to-be and all the other bridesmaids will end up hating her.)

  26. Legalese, bunnies, regarding friends not readin here. By no means can Julia Allison consider Mary Rambin a friend.

  27. This admission about Lasagna also helps our argument that there is truth in our rumormongering.

  28. “If, for example, people were coming into my business and screaming insults at me and my customers, I could have them removed by the police for harassment. Why are they allowed to do that on the internet?”

    business, what business? i thought it was a hobby. “your customers?” haha!

    • Well in that case Julie, I am a customer, I come to your internet content as a customer, and I may or may not scream insults because I demand a better service. I demand better quality goods, and I demand that you stick to consumer law, also NO FALSE ADVERTSING.

      You think you’re clever huh Julie?

    • Comments only opened up on her business hobby cite/site/sight after the shuttering of RBNS, right? So, hmm… I’m not sure then how Potato Knees thinks she has a bushel to stand on, should she may ever try to use this to justify having her gossipers momentarily stifled because of business hobby cite/site/sight interference.

    • OMG that is SO stupid, it actually hurts.

      In that scenario, we would be able to leave your “business,” go home and say whatever the hell we want to say about you. You can decline to publish comments over at your house, but over here we can say whatever we want so STFU.

    • If only she knew how to use the google, she would know that very recently, the Supreme Court upheld the most abhorrent types of protest – the Westboro Church, who likes to protest at military funerals by carrying signs that say “God Hates Fags.”

      That isn’t even a business – it is arguably the most private kind of family affair. And yet, the right to protest and express even repulsive types of messages? Absolutely protected.

      here, let me google that for you, Julia.

      Let’s see you make the argument that you as an internet famewhore are entitled to greater protection from First Amendment expression than military families grieving at a funeral.

      Go ahead. I’ll wait. I am sure Jack and his family would be thrilled to hear your analysis.

    • People insulting local businesses and sometimes their customers. Yeah, that exists. It’s called Yelp.

    • I mean you’re a brand right Julia Allison, and as a shilldebeast technically your website is an online store both for yourself and the companies you shill for (which you never disclose). Therefore people coming to your site and saying “your products are rubbish” is akin to calling a customer service line and complaining.


    • She seems to have honed her analogy-making skilz as a member of the OMG New Trier Debate Team. And they have remained at high school level since.

      • Seriously, she must have sucked on the debate team, or was mostly sucking the debate team.

        • I always figured that she if she prevailed at all, it was by sheer force of volume. HEEHAW! BRAY!

        • she actually WAS sucking the debate team. more specifically Cancer Dan, who went on to be the best college-level debater in the country.
          as for her debate skillz, we can safely say they are lacking.

      • She honed a lot of her life skills there. I transcribed this from one of the interviews in the sidebar here:

        “I did this when I was in high school in the debate community. I was a terrible, terrible, atrocious, horrifically bad debater. I was very well known in the debate community. How? Well, I mean, I did a lot of the same things. I wore a lot of ridiculous outfits. I didn’t really care about winning, but I cared about having… sort of being ridiculous. I once got up at a state round and read a poem instead. I thought that that was funny, at the time. And the guy that I was dating, I was dating, was one of the best debaters in the nation. … I knew all the key people. Equally, in that community, I had the exact same experience. A lot of them didn’t like me, and a lot really thought I was hysterical.”


        1) Dress like a whore and call it outrageous. You defy convention and also taste!

        b) Make a mockery of a serious enterprise, thereby letting its serious participants know that you consider their endeavor beneath you. Alternatively, when you know you’re outwitted, act like a vapid little girl and hope you are regarded as whimsical rather than utterly doltish.

        iii) Fuck someone respectable and perhaps you’ll become respectable by injection.

        IV) Accept that many people will dislike you. No, fuck that! SILENCE THEM!

        Σ) Confuse being hysterical with being hilarious.

        • B is pretty much her whole outlook on life and why she hates hipsters and other people who seem to be comfortable in their skin. She has no identity of her own so she has to shit all over everyone else’s.

    • Here’s the thing, Julie. We don’t come to your ‘business’. We stay put. Down here in our basements. Covered in cat fur and munching on Funyons. Mmmmm…Funyons. Yelling at the teevees. Typing snarky comments on the internets about our favorite soap star.

      Now, if we lost some weight, took our OCD meds, changed out of our crusty sweats and rolled our fat asses up off the couch? Maybe we would come to your ‘business’ to hoot and holler. But seeing as how we’re all pretty content with the way things are now? Don’t see that happening any time soon.

      • It is actually so much more akin to her coming into a place with a huge banner that says “Julia Allison sucks” and demanding that we stop talking shit about her or she will tell our employers. It is actually precisely like that.

        She has the ability to delete unflattering comments on her businesshobby page. She has the ability to delete hate email. And she alone has the ability to walk past a place with a “Julia Allison sucks” banner. No one is chasing you, Julia. There isn’t a chanting mob in front of your door. You are coming to us.

  29. So here’s another thing about her speech and her column. She opens her column by describing a hair-raising email from an anonymous source. She makes it seem like it happens all the time. Then she fabricates a link between the emails and this site. She makes it seem like this site generates a flood of creepy threatening emails to her inbox. She is giving the impression that she lives in fear because of them.

    In spite of this she constantly tells the world where she is. And I don’t mean just at sxsw or at home or at Jack’s place. She announced a few days ago that she was staying at the Hilton in Austin; she has posted pictures and identifying information about her parents’ OMGcondo; she also clearly described the exact location of Jack’s condo just a few weeks ago.

    These are not the actions of a person who has been frightened by threatening emails. If that part of her story was true, she would absolutely not be blasting this type of information to the entire Internet.

    This tells me that she has never, ever been truly threatened or stalked. Once again she is lying to paint the picture of a victim that she wants everyone else to see.

    I will never the Donkey.

    • Don’t forget,she also publishes geo-maps of her driving routes, including ETA , + the airport flight boards w/ destination, gate & flight #s, etc. If ever she has some cab tv segment to shill & shoot the next day, she brays far & wide the night before.

    • Actually, this is SUPER true!

      I had an incident once that made me very weary of my general whereabouts being known and I actually did feel afraid to go to work.

      Julie is constantly giving out her precise location. These are not the actions of someone being stalked or bullied. Full stop.

  30. How tasteful:

    Dinner in downtown Chicago with my parents – we’re all wearing green 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Chi-town!!
    30 minutes ago via Echofon


    • I should have known she was back in Chicago when I came out of PetCo and noticed the sky had turned cloudy and dark. I think I might have even heard a bray or whinny or two… wasn’t too far from O’Hare, bunnies.

  31. Ay dios mios! Cyberbullying alert! Rebecca Black, of “Friday” fame, is being cyberbullied (! What does Julia Allison, cyberbullying expert, have to say? “@juliaallison Julia Allison A powerful argument for why kids shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Or make music videos:

    Um, err, oops? Also note that Black’s response is more mature than Ms. Allison Baugher’s. (In my opinion.) I, personally, plan on getting down on Friday. Fry-ee-day!!!

  32. Hey hey, Julie you know how you were all braying about Courtney Love getting twitter sued, well she’s back on it cussing more people out. Whatcha gonna do now Julie?

  33. The fact of the matter is, Julia Allison would absolutely love reading this site if it was targeting anyone else but Julia Allison.

  34. Again, pretty sure she won’t publish it (she hasn’t published any so far…), but here you go:


    • Excellent, PP! This is a really clear discussion of the points. You can write for my free paper any day!

      I really hope she reads it before she deletes it.

    • to be fair, the analogy to the mccains should’ve been said more like this:

      “none of you have many brain cells, but at least the mccains have figured out not to waste their remaining brain cells on haters”

  35. [img][/img]

    Dang….her face is SO busted.

    • Dang is right.

      Look at Julie’s face compared to Shira. Shira looks healthy & well-rested. Like she takes care of herself. But Julie just looks so run down.

      I think Jacy is right when she says it’s all about lack of sleep. Poor girl needs some damn sleep. I see stuff popping up in my google reader right now from Julie’s Twitter + tumblr and it’s 3:30AM in Chicago!

      Listen to us cat ladies, Julie. We know what we’re talking about. Get some Ambien and force yourself to start getting a solid 8 hours per night. Then, I don’t know. A ‘Sleep Therapist’? Is that even a thing? Or a regular therapist? Something is keeping you up at night. And you can’t blame this website for all of your woes. It runs much, much deeper than that.

      Listen to your Dr. Gary. Forget about us, the bullies, the haters. All of that. Focus on fixing yourself. ‘Cause somethin’ ain’t right in Pretty Pretty Princess Land.

      p.s. also stop with the sugar binges + face injections. sugar + face poison = not your friends

      • Jesus, I’m up early to run errands, and I did a cursory look for her blog. Must she crowdsource every aspect of her bridesmaid duties? And St. Patrick’s Day is AN ENTIRE WEEKEND NOW? What more do you white people want?

          • I always know she’s been pulling a manic all-nighter when she’s posting at this time seeing as it’s early in the morning here and I’m on the other side of the friggin’ Atlantic.

      • I agree, I think most people who lived her lifestyle would look run-down. When you’re unhappy and fucked up, it really shows in your face. Apart from that she travels constantly for no good reason and keeps terrible hours.

        Although I know this will never happen, she needs to get a 9-5 job that requires her to keep regular hours, go to a good psychoanalyst five times a week after work, and most importantly Dadser needs to cut her the fuck off.

  36. Donkster’s latest insomni-tweets:

    So, I thought Via & I had figured out the bridesmaid dresses. But then she brought up an admittedly good point: if we did kelly green, it might sort of look, uh, like a very formal St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Err … oops?

    We’re not back to square one, exactly. But now we’re trying to find greens that aren’t gross but also won’t cause the guests to wonder whether we’ll have Leprechauns as ring bearers.

    Thought one: what is all this “we” shit?? You’re a fucking bridesmaid! (Fine, “heifer of honor.”) Wear the goddamn dress you’re given and stop acting like you’re the wedding planner.

    Thought two: based on this tweet, I thought Via was getting married next March 17th. But no, a following one mentions her wedding is in…July. So Julia is worried that people will see kelly green and go “Holy shit, it is four months after St Patrick’s Day, but green clothing = Irish pride, and here I am without my Bonobos trousers! THIS WEDDING FUCKING SUCKS KILL IT WITH FIRE”?? Or is she just so incapable of forward thinking that whatever day it is right now is automatically the day we will all be living in for perpetuity? This may explain her approach to birthdays.

    • I am so sick of reading umm.err.oops? or any variation. God damn, you’re 30, talk like an adult.

      Anyway, I was married last May. Granted my sis and a couple bm’s came to look at the dress and decide but it was still my decision over all. I wouldn’t like if my MOH sister fb’ed or tweeted like this like it was her wedding. God help this Via for naming a psycho her MOH.

    • It’s awfully nice of her to post photos of strangers’ weddings and bitch about the shade of green of the bridesmaids’ dresses. What a bully!

      • And buying her non-preppy boyfriend a boatload of Bonobos trousers and demanding he dress up like a seersucker Easter bunny to fulfill her sick holiday costume fantasies, even though he hates preppy and pastels. BULLY!!

        “BTW, this is Jack opening a box filled with five new Bonobos pants at his place in San Diego, the day before I left for Austin. We had to send back three pairs, but two were a perfect fit, so I guess that’s not a total failure. Kinda.

        I’m getting psyched about his Easter outfit – which he’s letting me pick out, even though he 1) abhors preppy clothing and 2) probably isn’t all that into pastels. But he knows how much I love themed holidays, and he’s willing to throw on some seersucker if it makes me happy. That’s love, people. :)”

        • She is fucking crazy. He’s not into that style of clothes, but she’s making him wear those pants anyway? Because she loves “themed holidays”? Newsflash Donks – there’s more to celebrating Easter than wearing an obnoxious Little Bo Peep costume to church.
          Also, that’s NOT love, Donks. That’s the behavior of a guy with zero brain in his skull. Love would be you letting him wear what he’s comfortable in instead of forcing him into ugly pants so you can fulfill an insane fantasy.

          • If she’s so desperate to keep him, forcing him to be her dress up doll is NOT the way to do it. Guys hate that shit. It’s not love. It’s alienating him, you dumbass.

            You know who is very preppy? Taylor. Oh how that must chap her raft ass.

          • She really should have stuck it out with that guy if she could have laid off demanding he tell her 24/7 how much he loves her (Jesus, who wants that anyway? My man and I are in love love love but we don’t really say it that much because we are adults, you know, and it’s kind of obvious by our actions, and if he was telling me all the time it would seriously start to annoy me).

            He had more long-term potential, has clearly drunk the “I am a victim” Koolaid and was way hotter than Pancakes, in my opinion. But of course he wasn’t wealthy and famous.

          • WooHoo! I’m waiting w/ baited breath for fauxtos of Potato Knees & FancyPants @ Easter in the Stable of Loon.

            Is if Easter the new Christmas?

          • Agree, the moment his buddies start razzing him about wearing pastels, he will put hose pants in the back of his closet never to be seen again.

          • Didn’t that contribute to the Let-It-Implosion of her and one of the Redacteds?–she insisted on showing up to a party in an aggressively festive costume, and he was totally embarrassed by her? I seem to remember her shiny rictus face in a slutty Claus outfit…

    • Personally, I prefer a darker green, because a lot of these seem very … lime. Which worries me.

      What do you think? Is there a green out there that wouldn’t look too St. Patrick’s Day-esque, but also not like we’re a bridal ad for the now defunct Limewire?

      She is painfully unfunny. Limewire? Has anyone even thought about that in the last five years?
      In another post, she made a reference to not wanting the ring bearers to resemble leprechauns. I don’t get it. The little boys would be wearing green suits? Does she understand that the men in the wedding party wear normal suits and if there is a chosen color, they wear a tie or a pocket square in that shade? She’s acting like it’s impossible to wear a green dress without looking like it’s a Halloween costume. She truly has the worst taste I have ever seen. My friend got married last summer and chose a very similar shade of not-quite-lime green as the theme color. It looked fantastic, but then again, my friend has taste and Donks does not.

      • I wore a green J. Crew dress in a wedding last March. I didn’t even think about St. Patrick’s Day. Nobody mentioned it. And when the bride asked our opinion on the dress, we were all happy because it wasn’t horribly expensive nor did we all act like it was our job as bridesmaids to pick the dress.
        If my honor attendants had done that when I was planning my wedding, I would have been very annoyed.

  37. New Topic? Two words: Easter. Frock. I would add a third: slutty. Time to choose one. Remember last year’s?

    Perhaps we should have a “Dress Donk For Easter” contest. Here’s a nomination. Sure to impress any Naval Academy ring knocker.


    • She’s going to tone down the sluttiness big time. Gotta impress the conservative parents, right? Expect high necklines and pearls all the way (but still managing to look cheap, as only donkey can do).

  38. “it’s like Katie Holmes raided my closet!!”
    Real-life-toddler Suri Cruise can get away w/ tutus though …

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