And Now a Message From Your Sponsors, Cindy and John McCain!!! Errrr, Just Kidding! Don’t Call The Cyber-Police!


Well hello, kittens. We’ve drafted a bit of a disclaimer here because of course, the Obama administration is busy busy busy setting up their hotly anticipated People Are Being Mean To Julia Allison Cyber-Police Force, that is as soon as they prevent a catastrophic nuclear meltdown in Japan, help overthrow ruthless dictators in the Arab world while bringing democracy and freedom to millions of suffering people there, prevent a federal government shutdown due to a gazillion-dollar national debt, find a way to reverse global warming and continue to rebuild Haiti.  We will run the disclaimer under the banner momentarily for quick and easy reference. But just so we’re all clear!


Reblogging Donk is a non-commercial entertainment and social commentary website for legitimate critique of public Internet personalities, most notably the public Internet personality known as Julia Allison (nee Baugher).  Any linked-to or reblogged images contained on this website remain the property of their respective copyright owner(s), are assumed to be in the public domain, and/or are displayed under the fair use doctrine. Any opinions, speculation, rumors, or assumptions expressed on the website may or may not be true, and should not in any way be construed as statements of fact. Reblogging Donk makes no warranty as to the validity of any such claims expressed on this website.

Reblogging Donk strenuously discourages any contact or harassment of any kind whatsoever with any of the public Internet personalities discussed.



  1. It seems you are trying to hide behind the fact this site isn’t breaking any law in any way.

  2. Jules
    My name is Dallas Wood. You have my email address. We have communicated several times over the years. Please contact my employer. That would be Dallas Wood. Do it! Because I do waste too much of my time enthralled by your lunacy, and I should be held accountable. How I have the time to run my business and employee so many people while watching your cray reality show I have no idea. Damn you why can’t I quit you you crazy donkey!
    I should send a c & d letter to myself.

  3. (satire)
    17 Mar 2011
    It’s Time To Fix The Internet
    By Ben Pobjie

    “… Once upon a time, to abuse a journalist you needed to write a letter on paper, go to the post office, buy a stamp, go the box, put the letter in, go home, seethe quietly, write another letter, buy another stamp, go home again, take a photo of your genitals, buy another stamp, go home, etc, etc. It was a rigmarole, and after a few weeks I decided that frankly Laura Tingle was not worth the bother.

    But today, with the internet, if you want to harass a journalist, there is a comment field beneath every article! You can hurl your abuse with almost no effort whatsoever, and send your offensive photos as an attachment to an email, and if you’re really malicious, set up a fake Twitter account to make everyone think Laurie Oakes eats live frogs. It takes but a moment, and you can spew your hate out to the whole world. We were so much happier when we had to keep our hate inside ourselves, bubbling and fermenting away until it could be released in a healthily violent way.”

  4. How can her family not be humiliated by her? Brit is at fucking MIT and his sister is writing about the need for a police state to monitor her lack of popularity. Peter Baugher, Robin Baugher: You should be ashamed of yourselves for enabling this mentally ill monster.

    • They’re just desperate to get her married off to Flapjacks and out of the house. That’s why they’re spotting her the publicist and everything. LAST ROLL OF THE DICE, PUTTING IT ALL ON ‘MRS.’

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