Julia Allison Admits That She’s a Bully (Or How I Know Julia Allison Didn’t Break the Law)

I am not sure you are aware of this, but there once was this website called “Reblogging Nonsociety,” a tiny little enclave in the dark recesses of the internet where drunken cat ladies converged to imbibe Franzia and snark on their favorite donkey show. To catch you up to speed, that little site was unceremoniously shut down by WordPress, which, whatever, they can do what they want.

You may not know that during the perilous time when cat ladies had to stop dusting their ceramic pussies in order to venture outside and interact with people, others who could in no way be described as a “cat-owning fatty” were receiving menacing communications at their places of employment or via their personal emails that threatened donkey-stomping and hellfire. You see, these sweet, innocent people found themselves to be the victims of inconsolable brayge that would not cease until they lost their jobs and their lives were destroyed. One received a cease and desist letter at his office from this strange and smarmy bespectacled man known as “Dadsers.” Another received strange phone calls from “Jack McCain’s lawyers” at her place of employment. Another received electronic communiques threatening to expose to her employers that she was the gatekeeper to that dark and mysterious corner of the internet, where Cheetos bags littered the floor and empty containers of cake frosting were tossed in discarded piles. It’s a shame that none of these people had any involvement with operating “Reblogging NonSociety,” because those bullish threats were crossing the line into criminal territory.

Thank God, Julia Allison had nothing to do with it. She claimed that she knew who was involved, but by no means was it her. Nope! Not at all! She would never in her life bully innocent people, especially since she had absolutely no concrete proof that they were involved in Reblogging NonSociety. That would be insane, and might possibly harm any legal action she might take in the future! It’s not like she wanted those behind RBNS to lose their jobs! Of course not! That’s why she never contacted those people at their work or orchestrated a campaign to have someone else do so! Why would Julia Allison ever contact the employers of anyone involved with “Reblogging Nonsociety,” as that crazy, obsessed fan, who was in no way associated with Julia Allison, had done?

Case closed! Consider Julia Allison absolved!

Oh. . . wait.

Isn’t it peculiar that she admits in her blog post entitled “Attention Whore Discovered That Playing the Victim Will Get You More Attention” that her end game is remarkably similar to that of her “crazy, obssessed fan”? In response to a question on why Julia Allison can’t just shut the basement down, she replied:

“Thank you – I am looking into taking action – once again – on their defamatory, copyright violating, harassing website, yes. Mostly I want them to reveal the real names of those actually spewing invectives on the site – and find out if their employers would enjoy their “constructive criticism” as much as they do. I’m thinking not.”

So strange and worrisome that Julia Allison admits that she wishes to contact the employer of those who write this site when she adamantly denied involvement in the defamatory campaign that targeted anyone she thought was even remotely associated with Reblogging NonSociety. That would be BULLYING, and that would be HARASSMENT, and I don’t know if you know this, but Julia Allison gave a empassioned speech today about the turmoil that bullying and harassment have caused her. It was like those strong women giving speeches during the suffrage movement, except with more tits.

But how did Julia Allison know these people who were bullied and harrassed were involved with Reblogging NonSociety?

She didn’t.

Julia claims she hired a private investigator who ascertained the IPs of the writers of this site. Well, that investigator must have ascertained incorrectly. None of the writers of this site have yet to be contacted at their work or via their personal e-mails, social media accounts, etc. Instead she brayed and donkey-kicked until her hooves smacked innocent people in their face. One person was harassed since October. Others have threatened legal action if the campaign of bullying and harassment continued, which strangely enough, it didn’t.

How did the private investigator get those IPs anyway? Well, the short answer is he didn’t because any means taken to acquire them most likely would have been illegal. You see, to get the IP addresses of those involved with Reblogging NonSociety, either as a contributor or commenter (but not visitor, because WordPress doesn’t log that information), one would need a court order and, typically, would have to deal with a waiting period of 60 or some odd days. And IPs don’t really tell you anything; to get the personal identification of those involved with the site, Julia Allison would have had to take legal action against these people’s Internet service providers to acquire information that would identify them personally. Acquisition of IP addresses by any other means would be a severe and litigious violation of privacy. If WordPress simply handed them over, which they did not, they would be severely exposed, legally speaking, and I’m sure they didn’t want to take such an irresponsible risk.

So what did happen? Julia got Dadsers to meet with a friend who founded a company where she served as an “adviser,” who coincidentally was also on the WordPress board of directors. She cried and whined and played the victim and sweet-talked and tittie-thrusted until she got the site pulled, which was WordPress’s prerogative.

So either Julia Allison admitted that she illegally obtained private information, or she is lying.

I’m gonna go with lying. So, no, she didn’t break the law. At least in relation to the IPs. The bullying and harassment of innocent people, well. . . that may be another matter.

Oh, well. I actually feel sorry for Julia Allison. She must LITERALLY be exhausted from her tireless campaign for retribution. So, I’ll help a donkey out.

Jules? My name is Cristobal Morales. But only mi abuela calls me that. Most people call me Chris. Have fun learning how to use Google!

P.S. My bosses know I write this site, and they think it’s hilareballz. You would know how offices actually work if you ever got an actual job.


  1. I think a throbbing vein in Julia forehead just cracked through seventeen layers on foundation.

  2. The other thing that we have raised before but it bears mentioning again:

    The person who got the cease-and-desist at his office from Dadsers was harassed for weeks, starting in October, via e-mail by someone claiming “I don’t even know Julia. I just think you’re a dick.” And yet if it WASN’T Donkey who was behind that harassment, how did Dadsers know to send him the cease-and-desist?

    There was no private investigator. It was Donk thinking she had stumbled upon a smoking gun, and convincing Daddy that she had found a culprit. And she was wrong.

    Nice try, Donkey.

    • I really want the donk and her dad to harass me – just for the shits and giggles. Jacy email me if you need a back up or a working email address or whatever.

      I only comment at night but cos I’m in a different time zone I guess my comments turn up at all times of work day times. Yeah, Donk, GET YOUR FUCKING NEIGH ON, I’m commenting when I’m at work shit for brains!

      Cooome and get me!

  3. Agradable encontrarle, Cristóbal.
    Mi nombre no es Eli Whalley.
    ¿Ese burro es insano combado loco, no?

  4. 1) Great post, JP! It can’t be easy to untangle such a sordid Donkey mess.

    2) Why is her face so bloated? That looks like some kind of side effect from medication.

    3) “One received a cease and desist letter at his office from this strange and smarmy bespeckled man known as “Dadsers.”

    YES! Dadsers makes my skin crawl. He’s such a pretentious ass, and smarmy is the perfect word for him.

      • I’ve walked passed dadsers on the street before and he looked like a creepy Chester. With horrible big black ortho shoes.

        And guess what, Donk?! I ONLY knew it was him because of YOU!

        • Yep…the only reason we know any of this shit is because SHE TOLD US.

          Then when we didn’t LIKE it (ugh, sorry to use caps like her) it becomes bullying.

          She. Is. So. Gross.


    ‘No more bullying! People contact my family this isn’t right!’

    ‘I know, I’ll find out who they work for and get them fired!’

    I mean, that’s totally an equal response! Find the BOSS of someone who comments on a WEBSITE, not even someone who contacted her family or friends or employers, and…email their boss! Because that isn’t EXACTLY THE SAME THING as what she is complaining about! Not at all! It’s just…contacting someone’s RL boss based on things posted online….interfering with their life….fucking with their finances.

    Yeah. Totally different.

  6. Speaking of offices, across from mine there’s an office of a sex educator (which is packed with vaginas and penises for teaching how to properly use male and female condoms). She’s notoriously disorganized and I’ve frequently heard her scream out “who took my vagina!” and “have you seen a bag of penises?”

  7. Glorious, JP.

    Simple explanations are always the right ones. Julia didn’t hire an investigator – this isn’t the first time she has claimed to, by the way. She just thought she had enough information to claim she had unmasked her critics.

    Julia doesn’t hire people. Period. First and foremost, she is startlingly cheap. She twitter sources for absolutely everything – makeup artists, clothes, graphic designers – everything and everyone. Hell, she couldn’t even hire her dad in his capacity as a law firm partner. He wrote his little cease and desists on personal letterhead. I would be astounded if she has actually hired anyone – by that, I mean paid them money – in the past few years. This woman won’t pay for a hotel room, for fuck’s sake.

    Second, and again, this is her calling card – she is claiming some sort of moral superiority in doing something she wails about her critics doing to her. She claims (this is synonymous with lies) that people are contacting her “employers” (laff), trying to get her fired, and that this is bullying. Yet out of the same gaping mouth, gleefully says she wants to get her critics fired from their jobs. For criticizing her online behavior.

    She has no legal standing – every article written about fair use as it applies to criticism and commentary supports the existence of this site. This is an opinion site about a self-proclaimed attention whore/personality/fameball/lifecaster. This is criticism and commentary. And that is why her dad’s firm wanted nothing to do with it. It is a meritless claim and the cease and desists are fast approaching Rule 11 territory (knowingly asserting bullshit claims).

    Her column isn’t selling, and whatever infamy the papers thought might help get eyeballs isn’t panning out. Instead of trying to produce a better product, Julia is doing what Julia does best – causing a little bit of commotion to get attention.

    • JP me pull a Julia Allison Baugher and be horribly late to pop culture references and say that you, sir, are #winning. You know she’s probably stomping her little hoof right now in frustration.

      Also, Julia? I don’t comment here while I’m working because I like to leave work, pick up some take-out, pour myself a drink and sit back to read the wittiest people on the internet make fun of a horrible girl who thinks she’s the only person that has boobs. Sweetheart, you’re just a freak show that I watch because Dexter’s on hiatus.

    • For serious. I’d like to see her try to prove defamation legally, considering she is a public figure. The standard is ridiculously high. Good luck with that one fuckbag!

      But I think Dadsers Esq. didn’t use his law firm letterhead because there is no way in hell his firm would want to touch this shit. It’s embarrassing enough he signed his OWN name to it.

      • Seriously, I don’t wanna give her too much help, but little miss “I work for NBC! I have made 500 television appearances! I am not random!” would have to show that a) there was an untrue statement of fact made and b) the writers knew it was untrue and published it anyway. I really, honestly would like to see her try.

        • An internationally syndicated columnist…with virtually no papers actually carrying her dreck.

          • I LOVE checking google news everyday for her column. It’s so sad. There is one paper carrying the newest column right now, with two very sad comments following it. It’s so bad it almost makes me feel sorry for her. It’s absolutely dreadful. She tries and fails to be funny in it, besides the bad writing.

          • Fuck her. She’s had breaks handed to her that most of us have worked years to get, and she ruins it. Always. Donkey is a shitty, uninteresting, unreadable writer with no work ethic whatsoever.

            But it does feel good when a senior editor at a major publication tells me that I should be writing for his magazine. And that’s based solely on my writing, not my father begging a favor from a business acquaintance.

        • (Not to correct you, Jacy, but…) Donks is a public figure or, at a minimum, a “limited purpose public figure” (famous on the internet). She bolsters that argument herself.

          At law, public figures (or LPPFs) get less protection. They need to show actual malice. Just showing that it was untrue isn’t enough. (Of course, most of the stuff IS true that is said here.) Moreover, there are protections for sarcasm, hyperbole, political rants (e.g. for her associations with Kirk or the McCains), and so forth.

          Donks could never win. These suits she refers to work when it’s the REVERSE of her situation. Courtney Love, for example, has a platform. She’s known. She attacked a relatively unknown and certainly not famous designer. And she ruined their “job” (company).

          Julia, after all these yrs, still doesn’t understand the law in this area. It’s troubling, since “media” people (LOL, I know she’s not really media) typically learn the relevant areas of the law pretty early on. Either she’s fucking dumb or she’s pretending she doesn’t know how it works. I just can’t care enough to figure out which.

          • I really do think she got that Courtney Love case confused and thought Courtney won the defamation case, not the designer. Reading comprehension … she haz nun!

          • You can actually win “nominal damages”, where the court awards you $1 as a symbolic gesture. I’ve never seen such a case and I doubt anyone who isn’t a 1st amendment scholar can name any such cases, I just remember reading about it in Remedies class a few yrs ago. Interestingly (not), no such cases were included in the Constitutional Law curriculum–the freedom of speech cases were legit cases. Julia should ask Dadsters to borrow a casebook and familiarize herself.

      • Limited purpose public figure. But sure, same result, so not going to fight.

        I love that she forecloses her own (minimal) legal options by constantly implying she’s a public figure. Her “fame” (**voms in shower**) is really limited to a small sliver of the internet, but since her “job” is braying all over the internet on decidedly non-private venues like FB, tumblr, and twitter, no lawyer–even Dad$ter–would represent the Burro in court.

        The judge would boot them out and a good defense lawyer would push for Rule 11 sanctions (long shot, but why not go for it).

  8. I will always keep reading here, but I do want to wind down my commenting. Why? Because I say the same thing every time I comment. What is that? Here it is:

    Mother of fuck she is stupid.


  9. I mentioned this in a thread yesterday, the reminder that Julia Allison has stated twice that “Tom” (IT guy for @astrologyzone) isn’t ‘cutting it’ & should be ‘fired’. Not that the business operations &/or monetizing of that outfit are in the least bit her business, but you see, there was this one time that Donkey couldn’t get her whoreascope right away, & man was Donkey pissed!

    WTF is her deal w/ taking other people’s jobs? Besides being an entitled brat, I mean. I’m becoming convinced that’s she’s genuinely jealous of people who have the intellect & attention-span to hold own actual jobs & function independently of legal guardians.

    • Not to mention that was posted publicly, on twitter, and thus available to a wide audience – EVERYONE could read how she thought that poor guy was shitty and should be fired. Over a horoscope.

      She is beyond frustrating. She asks her ‘haters’ to post about why they hate her, their justifications. I sent her a bulleted list of the specific incidents that appalled me. Did the publish that? No.

      She only publishes the comments she thinks she can easily refute. The ones that bring up the bolt bus girl? The email to the ex’s fiance? The calling for someone to be fired over a horoscope, the redacted thing, mocking that woman’s outfit after taking a secret picture of her, the C&D to some guy’s boss? Nope, not published. Because they don’t serve her purpose. Yet she gets ‘credit’ for publishing ‘negative’ comments, even though those are the comments she can think up rebuttals for.

      • She is a huge selective editor, she does it to momentarily win arguments (reminds me about mom/twitter incident) but in the long run it always comes back to haunt her.

        It ruins her credibility when she fails to accurately cite detractors, their arguments or known facts. Once a reader catches onto her failure to disclose these things, they will never trust her again and question everything she says.
        Take the teen music video incident:

        She says this on her blog:
        “You’re thinking of me reposting the gawker link on my Twitter – and yeah, it’s still up there – saying something along the lines of “this is why kids shouldn’t be allowed to drive” – um … the girl made a music video with kids standing up in the back of a convertible.”

        “You’re comparing that comment to systemic attacks on me and my character, my family, my friends, my jobs and my relationships – for over THREE years? You really think that’s a good argument? ”

        But what she really said on her twitter was:
        “A powerful argument for why kids shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Or make music videos”

        Personally, I don’t think its rude but the issue here is not me, its you. We are judging you by your own self promoted paradigm. I haven’t picked up the “Treat someone the way YOU would want to be treated – or just don’t say anything at all” banner, you have. I don’t need to defend my position, you do. You are the one violating the rules of your own social critique and demonstrating its over encompassing and selfserving definitions.

        I haven’t broken your family’s privacy you have, 95% of the people in here wouldn’t of even known their names, where they worked or how to contact them if you haven’t told them. I didn’t put up insanely private family moments for the world to see and I didn’t shatter their aura of privacy. I didn’t put up the videos of Christmas morning or of Britt’s wedding, you did. You prostitute your family for personal gain and then cry wolf about privacy violations.

        You talk about consistent harassment but I don’t have 23,300 twitter fans. One tweet to 23k people is far worse than my comments, which may only reach a couple hundred of people. In addition, your twitter fans are disproportionately composed of PR and marketing reps, magnifying the effect of the rude comments.

        In closing, its not me who has the problem, its you.

        • This! Thank you for articulating the thing that I haven’t been able to identify. She drives me CRAZY because she constantly violates her own espoused rules and standards, sometimes in the same post, sometimes in the same sentence. And it makes me sputter into the (cool-ranch dorito-flavored-stagnant-basement-fan generated) wind “but but but you just saaaaiiiiidddddd….” This is why I can’t leave it alone. I’m supposed to be asleep but I guess my gif-posting binge got me riled up.

      • I left a comment yesterday asking why she wants to do away with anonymous commenting on the internet yet she doesn’t even use her own real name. My comment not only didn’t get published, she blocked me from commenting again.

        Keep sticking your head in the sand Julia. Because it’s worked so well before.

    • I think it’s some sort of old-timey-wannabe power trip. Kind of like her boss that she said that she would make sure never worked in journalism again (and is a Fed correspondent for Bloomberg (Internationally Syndicated™!)).

      I think she likes to imagine she’s got the ears of all of these Important People when in reality outside a very small circle of people (who aren’t necessarily that important) she’s an unknown. No one who actually works in technology gives a nanofuck about who she is or what she thinks.

      Here’s my question for Her Importantliness, The Beset-Upon Victim: What’s the actual business plan for YawnSociety? If she’s such an Important And Influential OMG OMG TECH FOUNDER OMG CEO, surely there’s a pretty clear path to monetization and a liquidity event. Which part of that does “blurry airport photos” and “photos of iphone weather forecast” fit into? Ditto “Notepad recaps of pointless flights taken in the last month”….

      PS: People who know what the fuck they’re doing for business travel use TripIt. Surely someone so connected to tech and social media is familiar with it. (And also knows that tweeting about air travel is about as gauche as it gets)

      Maybe it is all just a fucking hobby.
      And clearly the stupid has taken me off track here.

  10. She won’t publish it, but here is what I wrote in response to that. Not the best comment, but whatevs. I’ve had a long-ass day.


    • My response re: ‘they are spreading lies and information!!’:

      But you did the same thing.

      Your father sent a cease and desist letter to someone’s workplace, and that person turned out to NOT be the person behind the site. Isn’t that misinformation? Trying to interfere with their job? An attempt to hurt them?

      Contacting ANYONE’S place of work is completely out of line and totally unrelated to what you feel is ‘bullying’. Contacting someone’s workplace due to completely legal behavior you feel threatened by is just as bad as someone from that site contacting your friends or family members because they don’t like you, and to suggest otherwise is completely hypocritical. I really can’t believe you suggested that after expressing outrage that ‘haters’ have done the same to you.

      You want to hurt them because they hurt you, which is bullying back as a cure for bullying. If you feel a law was violated, go through the proper channels, contact those people personally. That is absolutely within your right. But would you also contact their family members? Maybe their churches? When would you feel vindicated?

      Also not holding my breath on that getting published.

      • That’s great, Brianna, and don’t worry about whether or not she publishes it…the important thing is that SHE will read it. She has really gone ’round the bend with her “I am victim!” routine. Wait a couple of weeks, and some other shiny object will capture her attention, at which time she’ll forget all about her imaginary mandate to eliminate worldwide bullying.

        • But what about ALL THE GIRLS? She promised she was going to protect ALL OF THE GIRLS. We are all going to live for free in The Downtown Condo in “giant fleece blankets of cheesy kindness”. No more bills! No more having to work! Because Julie is going to protect us all after she’s got us fired.

          • If she was really concerned about protecting little girls then she wouldn’t promote her fucked up Barbiesque world, where beauty and acceptance can only be obtained by plastic surgery and life threatening bulimic cleanses.

            People like Julia are why women have a fucked up sense of body image and try to attain the impossible, destroying themselves in the process.

            I’m a guy and I recognize this, why can’t she?

    • All of you who comment on Julia’s blog do a really nice job of articulating your points. If I went over there and attempted to call her out on her bullshit, I’d end up sputtering nonsense and calling her names. Kudos to those of you who can maintain cool heads while engaging the donkey.

  11. So her private detective story might be a load of bollocks, but then, how did she find the person she started harassing in October? There had been some chatter that she just contacted/Googled (for once) people who had liked the Free RBNS page, is that still a theory? Color me a touch confused.

    • She went after someone who liked the facebook page. Facebook has information she could access. Real name, employer, etc. I won’t speculate how she would get that info.

    • She found someone via another blog who is loosely associated with one of us. The blog linked to his real name and e-mail, since why not, he wasn’t doing anything wrong, just blogging funny shit. She determined that he was not only associated with one of us via another blog, he WAS one of us, and the harassment began and continued despite his denials.

  12. Julia, some of us are our own employers. Hell, some of us have employed YOU (but not for long, and not without regret).

    Get a fucking life, you dumb bitch.

  13. Another thing. Didn’t she straight up lie by saying that she once lost an opportunity, post ashram perhaps, because of language she used while in RBNS chat? Then it seemed implausible and even more so now…Are we really supposed to believe that she a) had a “job”/contract offer and that b) her future employers happened to be in the chat session or get wind of it somehow? I call bullshit. The status and attention she’s receiving as a “victim” is scary. The girl who cried bully. Sad thing is, it seems to be working for the time being.

    Has anyone noticed that after her “I was inside” tweet, there have been no mentions of her mom…no text screen shots of their Family Circus convos, no “my parents got me this amazing _______ for my epic birthday.” Hmm. Suspect.

    • Well, there were Vimeos of her mother looking pained at Christmas and while shovelling the walk while Donkey stood by and brayed.

    • … the irony being that John Mccain and his ilk would try to prevent us from marrying anyway. Fuck them.

  14. OT, but I’m so glad she’s been opting for the expression above rather than the stupid looking “sexy” face.

  15. Just for shits and giggles – a wee bit of legal analysis.

    Let’s start with defamation. First, the standard is different depending on the plaintiff. This is where the public figure thing comes into play, and Julia, you are a public figure BY YOUR OWN FUCKING PERSISTENCE.

    The First Amendment requires that a defamation plaintiff prove actual malice or reckless disregard of the truth when the plaintiff is a public official or public figure. New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964). A “public figure” is a person who is publicly prominent, so much so that discussion or commentary about that person amounts to a “public concern.” Public figures include “those who have thrust themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved.”Gertz v. Robert Welch, Inc., 418 U.S. 323, 345 (1974). Where the plaintiff is a public figure, he must prove actual malice or reckless disregard of the truth with “clear and convincing proof”. New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254, 286 (1964); Gertz, 418 U.S. at 342. Likewise, and probably most hilarious here, the plaintiff must also prove falsity by “clear and convincing proof.” Id. That means Julia has to prove whatever she is complaining about is false – and SHE has to prove it by clear and convincing proof. It is her burden to prove it is false, not our burden to show it is true.

    Even more hilarious is the very specific defense of opinion! Milkovich v. Lorain Journal Co., 497 U.S. 1 (1990). A statement is an opinion when: (1) the statement addresses matters of public concern; (2) the statement expressed in a manner that is not provably true or false; and (3) the statement cannot be reasonably interpreted as intended to convey actual facts about a person. Id at 17. In addition, the Court articulated some standards to assist in determining whether a statement is intended to convey an actual fact about a person, or not: (1) is the language loose, figurative, or hyperbolic, which would negate the impression that the speaker was seriously maintaining the truth of the underlying facts? (2) Does the general tenor of the article negate the impression that the speaker was seriously maintaining the truth of the underlying fact? and (3) is the connotation sufficiently factual to be susceptible of being proved true or false. Id. at 21.

    Thus, a statement such as “Julia Allison is a lying liar who brays like a donkey and fucks like a fish and will sell her own mother out to gain attention” is a statement of opinion and fully protected under the First Amendment.

    • Public figures include “those who have thrust themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved.

      Pubic figures includes she who has thrust her tits & genitalia to the forefront of particular founders during fauxto opps in order to influence the attainment of Fuck You $$.

      • that phrase has become known as describing a “limited purpose public figure”. julia is almost assuredly a LPPF. therefore, almost impossible for her to find someone to file anything on her behalf. the more she brays, the more you’re allowed to comment on her, so long as you’re not doing anything outrageous. and, sadly for julia, outrageous means calculated smear campaigns or threats of violence, not snark sites and ocassional “hateful” comments on her blog or twitter. you’d have to be repeatedly going after her in the press in a way specifically calculated to discredit or defame her.

    • That was awesome. She’ll never let go of the ‘bullying’ spin though. The bully platform is her new condom dress. She’s getting more reaction on her NS page with those posts than she has in years. What’s really great about this is she actually believes that commentary, satire, and snark should be made a criminal offense. She wants to be adored, and shining a light on her hypocrisy is equal to bullying in her world.

      • It’s funny though – she’s still getting more comments from those who disagree with her.

        And, those comments that get through refuting her ‘platform’ get more likes than anything she or her supporters say.

  16. Here’s a guy (@ComfortablySmug) who has not been charmed by Donkey’s tit-thrusting:

    What do you think motivates people who set up anonymous twitter accounts solely to insult other people?
    14 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply

    @juliaallison a desire for you to shut the fuck up
    14 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply

    • I’m guessing this is ComfortablySmug from NY Mag. He used to be all over the Intel sex diaries. He’s kind of nuts, but also kind of awesome. And he is not easily impressed. I love that he hates the Donk, too.

  17. I’ve been around a long time, and unless I’m mistaken, this isn’t even the first time you have provides JA with your real name, JP. considering this woman’s denial of her own legal surname, I continue to be certain that RBD stands for truth, justice, and LOLs. and Julia stands for indefensible bullcrap. and disgusting materialism. and utter self-absorption in a world chock full of real problems.

    to you and jacy: thanks for what you do. keep fighting the good fight.

  18. My employer couldn’t give two shits I comment on a website on my own time, you entitled cupcake hoovering bitch.

    You’re a disgusting, entitled tramp who deserves every iota of unhappiness you’ve earned for yourself. Do you realize what can happen to someone if they actually lose a job? They can lose their home, they can lose their family…it can hurt them in the realest and more dire of ways. Of course none of that registers for you, since you’re a spoiled, short rich girl who always had a safety net for your warehouse-sized ass to fall into.

    Everything about your life is a fraud, and Tribune Media Services should be ashamed for hiring a plagiarizing, cheating hack like you as a columnist. Go to hell.


    P.P.S Georgetown, Hoya, plagiarism, plagiarize, grapefruit, intern, mediabistro, macbook air, Julia Baugher, Peter Baugher, Chicago, attorney, non-society, liar, asshole, fraud, drag queen, ugly, short, stupid


  19. My employer would probably be proud of me for standing up for what I believe in and voicing my opinion, which, contrary to Julia’s delusional beliefs, does not constitute harassment or bullying.

    Also, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST SHE CENSORS HER COMMENTS LIKE AN ASSHOLE. Even ones that are the furthest thing from bullying or harassment. What a tool.

    I guess I can’t post my unpublished but informative comment here because I can’t access it on Disqus?

      • Unfortunately, you can’t. I just went to my Disqus dashboard and my unpublished comments aren’t preserved. Best practice, I guess, is to compose your comments in a text editor, save them, and paste them into Disqus. Which you’ll probably want to do anyway, since Disqus only provides you with an itty-bitty box in which to type, which makes me feel more cramped than when I try to change clothes in an airplane restroom.

      • Thx, Mini. I wasn’t entirely sure, but it seemed worth a try. I only use Disqus because my paper converted to that (no way I’m going to comment on NS; I will never the donkey!)

  20. Did a single one of her so-called friends respond to any of her desperate tweets from SXSW? Did she have dinner with a single person while there – Aubrey, Rachel, Shira, , Caro, Randi?? Or did she sit alone in her hotel room the entire time wringing her hands over bullies?

  21. She is crazypants:

    juliaallison 13 hours ago in reply to elizabethhouston
    Thank you – I am looking into taking action – once again – on their defamatory, copyright violating, harassing website, yes. Mostly I want them to reveal the real names of those actually spewing invectives on the site – and find out if their employers would enjoy their “constructive criticism” as much as they do. I’m thinking not.

    Meg Whyte 10 hours ago in reply to juliaallison
    Isn’t that just a little bit vindictive of you? What if they don’t use the site on company time? I’d say that someone’s use of their personal time is not anyone’s business but their own.

    juliaallison 5 hours ago in reply to Meg Whyte
    Vindictive? To say that I will trace anyone who is contacting me, or who is publishing defamatory comments about me? No. I don’t think that’s vindictive.

    I’m not talking about readers. I’m talking about the people who run the site and the people who publish lies and the people who send emails and comments to my family, friends and employers. That is not acceptable.

    amymchalloran 10 hours ago in reply to juliaallison
    Didn’t you say elsewhere that it wasn’t about getting back at your haters? Yet that is exactly what you’re suggesting you’ll do. Contacting their employers brings you down to their level. It’s reprehensible behavior all around.

    juliaallison 5 hours ago in reply to amymchalloran
    Let me be crystal clear: If a hater chooses to contact the following: my employers, my boyfriends, my family, any of the papers which run my column, or any company with which I do business – to spread lies and hatred about me in an attempt to harm me – I have absolutely no issue whatsoever with contacting that person’s employer.

    Is this about “getting them back”? No. I don’t want to spend even a minute of my time on this. I hope they refrain from pursing such ends in the future.

    It’s about protecting myself. I’ve been hurt too many times and never stood up for myself until the cease and desist letters this January.

    I don’t intend to let that happen again.

    • Also: if she really wanted to build an argument, she’d publish or present proof of these instances of “bullying” she keeps bringing up. What are these job opportunities you’ve lost? Where are these hateful emails to you, your family members, friends, etc? Do they exist? Can you be specific? Didn’t think so.

      And according to Julia, you can read here! No problem! Just don’t comment! Ha. Ha. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.

      • THIS.

        She has not provided proof of one instance of someone contacting her family, ’employers’, etc.

        She has not detailed one incident she believes is harassment. I could claim to have been contacted by Julia Allison with the same amount of proof as she’s provided. Which is none. Because apparently SHE needs no proof, just accusations.

        She has ALSO said that if someone is contacted with an accusation which isn’t true, it should be no problem! So, which is it, Julia? If someone contacts your friends and family members with untruths, it should be no problem, same as for those other people who received C&D letters at their jobs?

        Or, if someone has their RL connections contacted and they feel threatened, they have every right to retaliate by contacting the other person’s bosses, family, etc?

        WHICH IS IT? So confusing, bunnies!

    • juliaallison 5 hours ago in reply to amymchalloran
      Let me be crystal clear: If a hater chooses to contact the following: my employers, my boyfriends, my family, any of the papers which run my column, or any company with which I do business – to spread lies and hatred about me in an attempt to harm me – I have absolutely no issue whatsoever with contacting that person’s employer.

      Then what she needs to work off of are headers of so-called injurious emails, assuming any such emails truly exist. This is where her bullshit line about a private investigator bites her in the raft ass, but hey, there’s always Dad$er & ‘@unstatusthequo’ to fall back on, right?

      Injured parties w/ concrete evidence + resources to pursue recompense & justice don’t need to cross their hooves & bray into the wind, hoping their wahh wahhs will be herd/heard & heeded … they STFU, lawyer-up, & git ‘er done.

      • Exactly. In that short video that Brian Van posted yesterday, she wasn’t reading injurious emails – she was reading comments directly off this site!

        Curious to see if anything comes out of her working with that @unstatusthequo lawyer. I noticed they both deleted their tweets to each other. Wonder if he’s working on the case pro boner?

        • Tsk, and now he’s in jail.

          For something totally unrelated.

          But I’m sure she’s excited! Karma, bunnies!

        • Heh.
          Whenever Donkey is ‘crystal clear,
          RBD parses & is ‘cristóbalz clear’.

          Will the circle be unbroken?
          Bray & bray, Herd, bray & bray …
          There’s a C&D letter home awaitin’ …
          In the queue, Herd, in the queue.

      • If I was her attorney, I’d get a muzzle on that woman A.S.A.P. She has no idea the harm she is doing to herself and any possible defense her attorney may try to concoct if she is sued by those innocent bystanders.

    • If a hater chooses to contact . . . any of the papers which run my column . . . I have absolutely no issue whatsoever with contacting that person’s employer.

      Right. So, if I contact one of the two papers running your column to say “this column is behind the times and poorly written, why on earth are you wasting space on it?”, I’m not someone commenting on a product I find sub-standard, I’m a hater and deserve to lose my job for voicing my opinion. Cheers for clearing up that murky bit of constitutional ambiguity there, Donkey!

      • Better yet, if someone who has never heard of Julia Allison, much less this website, writes to a paper carrying her column and says the exact same thing? Should they lose their jobs, too?

        • You know who else should be fired? Those people who write letters to the editor of magazines and print newspapers with critiques of articles and columns, if they’re not totally fawning. They’re such bullies.

      • WTH is she thinking? That the bigger the hole she digs for herself, the more burnt-bridge ashes it will hold?

        The right to voice an opinion is a completely different thing from falsely accusing someone of something untrue.

        I dunno; maybe we’re playing right into her calculated hooves … maybe she all but guaranteed TMS high page hits based on the negative publicity she cultivates w/ unabashed glee.

        • I don’t go to the news sites with her articles, I look at the google cache or tmsfeatures.com

      • Yes, that sounds like criminal behaviour. I’m not an expert on American law enforcement (or Canadian law enforcement for that matter) but they should probably just throw you in jail preemptively.

  22. Wannabe First Lady-Speak Alert!

    “juliaallison 5 hours ago in reply to Sara Suchi
    I think – like anything – it will be a debate, but a debate that is healthy for the country to have …”

    • Okay. So apparently balloon-head is going to lead a countrywide debate on bullying. Her inflated opinion of herself and her delusions of grandeur continue to disgust me.

      • Why would the crazy-eyed bitch who has BULLIED this country (HAHA!) think for a moment she was going to get anywhere in any kind of policy or dialogue? I have never contacted an employer, a sponsor, friend nor family member of this nutty bitch, but if she thinks for a SECOND this half-baked internet crusade of hers is going ANYWHERE, she is so deeply deluded.

        Just flame out already, Julia. You’re beyond sad.

        • Julia Allison would never bully the country that John McCain wanted to run, the very one that FlapJack has enlisted to serve & protect!

          Oh. Wait …

          USA, kill yourself. No, really, do it. NYT bestseller list: George Bush #1, Sarah Palin #2, Kardashians #4. Bieber #3 on kids list. 10:02 PM Dec 2nd, 2010 via Echofon Retweeted by 41 people


  23. Uh oh! The Celiac sufferer was forced to eat a brownie!

    TheDateCoach: Sharing a ridiculous brownie with @juliaallison. All gone now! plixi.com/p/84256636

  24. I’m beginning to wonder if Julia simply hates herself so much that she instigates this shit to bring it upon herself. Because this vindictive stuff is only going to further stir the pot, just as shutting down RBNS did. Does she really think she’s going to see “justice” for her “wrongs”, or is she, in some extremely disturbing manner, sabotaging herself further? I’m genuinely curious!

    • She constantly sabotages herself. How hard is it to actually complete a task (like writing a throwaway column or following through on any of her promises)? I am genuinely curious. It’s like she can’t finish anything.

      • It’s such a pattern at this point that it’s boringly predictable. Like another opinion-giver said, I feel as though I’m just repeating myself over and over at this point. She will never learn, and I can’t help but wonder if she needs this attention in some sadistic way. Maybe it makes her feel relevant, or she really just hates herself that much to 1) not ever entertain the idea that it’s HER, NOT the hundreds of commenters here, who are the problem, and 2) not change one iota. Because most sane, or at least reasonable, people with a decent sense of self would maybe take a look at themselves if the same kind of criticism was being directed at them for years on end (or they wouldn’t behave that way in the first place).

      • She is legitimately an empty void and yes, a self-saboteur. She does it because putting in the hard work is a huge challenge for her and she would rather play helpless victim who is being beaten down by others than just buckle down and do the work necessary, despite all the advantages she has that make her behavior inexcusable. Someone mentioned the other day that she hates having a boss – and of course she does – having any type of real job means personal responsibility, actual productivity, and accountability for whatever you do. Yet she has flouted such rules (and they aren’t even rules as they are the normal facets of a job) in every position she’s held and will continue to do so. Having to work for a living was never in her plan; marrying rich and spending the money someone else earns always has been, but she didn’t jump on board with that early enough in her life because she thought she deserved better than what she got at every turn. Right now, though, pancakes can do whatever the hell he wants even when she looks like she’s been crying for days, because he’s got the name and the money and that’s what she’s after because she is LITERALLY hanging by a thread and has few other options.

          • Well, if it isn’t Mr. Pot. Mr. Kettle is on line two. Congratulations! It’s twins!

            Loren, you are one of two…maybe three…people remotely connected with this site whom I would objectively call a bully. A howling, yowling, yelling, crazy-eyes arm-waving flipper-flopping bully.

            But don’t worry about being pigeonholed! You’re also a two-faced ass-kissing hack!

          • Another blast of Wildean wit from the bog-eyed Wonderbaldie.

            Hey Loren, did you know that those deep circles under your eyes actually contain build-up of excretory matter most likely due to poor diet and sleep habits? You actually literally have given Julia the stink-eye!

            Go you!

          • RRR,

            You know I love you, but I’m not exactly sure why you go off on Loren so much. If you think he sucks, couldn’t you just tell him his content sucks*? It’s not like Loren holds his physical appearance out there begging for commentary.

            *I kind of disagree, I think a couple of his puppets are really funny. He retired some of the funnier puppets, though.

          • If all Loren provided was the same level of content that, say, Jacy does here, I would have no problem with him personally.

            He stepped over an unforgivable boundary by attacking Julia in a public place. She is not Condi Rice or some other generally unapproachable figure of power; there is nothing to accomplish by going all Day of the Locust on her ass.

            He is, furthermore, a person who has made racist anti-Arab comments (and deleted said comments when others started calling him out on his shit); plays both sides of a fence neither side of which is worth standing anywhere near; his delivery is unfunny, vulgar, crass, untalented, craven and appears to be the product of an all-round lousy human being. He puts himself out there the EXACT SAME WAY Julia does and then, hilariously, has tried to play the sweet damaged little innocent flower of late.

            “Ooh, I had to delete my blahhhhhhhhhg! The stench of corruption was just too much for me! Hand me mah smellin’ salts, Veronica May!”

            FUCK THAT.

          • OK, I’ll respect your opinion on that, I haven’t looked into it that much. I can see why someone would want to ask her why she violated [redacted 2]’s privacy re: his alleged mental health issue (Note: not sure I even believe he has the issue she alleges, and it’s not my business anyway). I’m not here to defend his behavior but I can see where he’s coming from. Julia obviously didn’t really mind, bc a short time after that the two of them were on some panel together and she also let him interview her for something. I forget the details. Also, I really don’t care. I probably wouldn’t have done what Loren did, but I don’t feel I can condemn him or hate him for it.

            I have to do real desk-errand thingies now, been nice talking to you.Cheers.

          • Not taking sides or intending to facilitate the fray, per se, but there’s an(other) interesting correlation to be made between Loren & Julia …

            Some people took issue w/ comedian Loren Feldman’s online actions & threatened to boycott product(s) 0f sponsor(s) — real deals were really lost.

            To my recollection, Loren didn’t apologize for his actions, but he did take accountability & own them as being the catalyst for backlash..

            No one knows what, if any, ‘deals’ have been lost to Julia — the only thing for certain is that she takes no responsibility for her reprehensible actions. Ever. She just blames others & whines for Dad$er to intervene & muck up behind her.

            Fast-forward to this moment, where Loren is getting verbally abused online for his behavior. By an anonymous poster. He doesn’t threaten anyone’s livelihood, he simply shrugs & say: “Fuck Off”.

            I have some respect for some of what Loren produces; I have some admiration for some of what he does; I laugh with Loren.

            Donkey, on the other hoof? Nothing whatsoever respectable or admirable about her; I just laughat her.

            /end of obserbraytion

          • If you don’t know why RRR “went off” on Loren, then you haven’t ever had an encounter with Loren. The man is completely incapable of responding to any even slightly critical comment with anything other than “Fuck you and I hope you die” (or one of its many permutations).

            He *is* an Internet bully — and, from the stories I’ve heard, an in-person one as well. A good example of someone who’s about as reprehensible as Perez Hilton without even a fraction of the success.

          • Umm Let me make myself crystal clear bunny. I do not give a fuck in any way what you think. I do my thing, if you dont like it, well them the breaks. You know nothing about me at all, you know what I want you to know. In terms of my “looks” well I have a feeling you aren’t my type anyway so don’t sweat it, I manage to do just fine with the gals. Just fine.

          • “Umm Let me make myself crystal clear bunny. I do not give a fuck in any way what you think.”

            Ah yes, the “I CAN’T HEAR YOU LALALA” response.

            “I do my thing, if you dont like it, well them the breaks.”

            Where have we heard THIS before? From someone who wears pink prom dresses and is a special snowflake? (No, you silly catladies, not Carrie White, the other one.)

            So Julia does what she wants and you go fucking ballistic….and you do what you want and, um, er, oops?

            “You know nothing about me at all, you know what I want you to know.”

            You want me to know that you are a pompous, yelling shithead with underarm stains and anger issues? Congratulations, then. Wouldn’t have crested my personal top 100, but whatever.

            “In terms of my “looks” well I have a feeling you aren’t my type anyway so don’t sweat it, I manage to do just fine with the gals. Just fine.”

            It is true that some of your hand puppets are female, Loren. I suppose you can consider them “the gals” if you want.

            Basically, you attack Julia for doing what you do yourself – social-climbing, fameballing, acting out in public and flinging your shit around as if it doesn’t stink. She wears too much make-up. You look as if you have BO. I’d call it a draw.

            Anyway, enough from me on this. I am perfectly willing to allow Yertle the Turtle here to lord it over the pond.

          • Please stop filling up my screen with whatever this is, I get it you don’t like each other. You are taking time away from my Foolia Fun.

        • Sooooo much at play here!

          Attn-span issues. Can’t focus on a task for the necessary duration = output that’s habitually late & shoddy at best.

          Lack of motivation. Over-privileged & under-educated as to how the real world works = non-functioning adult dependent on others.

          Raft ass lazy. Wastes more time looking for shortcuts or how to get others to do her work than the actual task would ever take.

          Abhors authority. Rules are fine for others, but they don’t apply to her; wants to arbitrarily impose her own rules on others as they occur to her & facilitate her agenda.

          Pathological liar. With sociopathic overtones.

          Narcissist. “Enough about you. I’m sure you’ve heard about my ___”

  25. Also! Julia Allison wants to take credit for your work, per usual.


    Question for all: who are the most awesome SXSW’ers, either guys or girls? Nerve asked me to do a list – who would you choose? #SXSW
    about 15 hours ago via Echofon
    Reply Retweet

    • She’s just hoping the (smart) folks who totally ignored her at SXSW will start tweeting their suggestions, so it looks like she knows OMG! important people! And Nerve tots thinks she’s cool like dat! Everybody kiss a donkey’s ass, so you can OMG get your name on a completely random and meaningless list on OMG nerve dot com!!!!

      I predict this tweet will be all we ever hear about it.

  26. BRAVO, Cristobal and commenters. Amazing post, amazing thread (I got severe lulz from clapping bits and H&H mentions). I have nothing to add because it’s all been said, pretty much, but she blocked me from commenting as well and I think it was because I was getting too many “likes” #whilst calling her out on her shit, which I did without ever calling her names. So, BOOM – twitter, where I carried on in the same fashion but condensed into fewer words. In case you haven’t learned yet, Julie (god, the existence of this community should tell AND show you), censorship is NOT YOUR FRIEND.

  27. Anyone notice how she said she was pasting an email from one of the “haters” below her comment/reply… and then there was nothing?

    • I noticed that. If she and her family, friends, boyfriends, etc. were truly receiving the harassing emails like she claims, she would be posting those all over her blog as proof that OMG SHE IS BEING BULLIED. But… crickets. In that clip from her speech yesterday she was just reading comments directly off this site.

      I also love how one of her commenters said of her haters: “How can they sleep at night? I cannot imagine.”

      I sleep just fine at night. It looks like Julia was the one up at 3 a.m. – yet again. Why is that Julia? Why can’t you sleep at night?

        • You’re nobody until you’ve made it onto one of the Donkey’s infamous spreadsheets.

        • She can go right ahead and do whatever she wants — I haven’t contacted any of her “employers,” family members, boyfriends, friends, or anyone remotely associated with her.

          I have commented on YouTube videos (from “TMS”) and her columns — but she’d be hard pressed in ANY way to say that those comments were harassing or violating any law of this country.

          While you, dear Julia, may want there to be a law based on guilt by association*, that’s just a fantasy in your pink ruffled little head.

          *Not really, because under “guilt by association,” the moderators and owners of this site would have to be guilty of something, and then people who comment here would be guilty, but only if they comment on her site as well… and, well, I’m confusing myself, and I have a 170 IQ and 2 MAs… so I’m sure she can’t even get it straight, either. Whew.

  28. Well Jay-sus WEPT! Not only do we got ourselves a sodomite–but he’s probably one of them illegal aliens too!

    Holy crap!

    Hurry up and build that wall down yonder boys…they’s takin’ over the country and they’s gayer’n a handbag full of rainbows!

  29. Please note that, on her Lifecast, Julia’s reason for “saving PBS” is that her mother worked there while pregnant with Julia.

  30. I admit I Googled your name, JP.

    Nice dreadlocks!

    Of course if you Google mine, you get a link to an amusing story involving the front window of a Tescos in the UK Midlands.

  31. BTW Bravo, JP, for taking the wind out of her sails and revealing your real name to the internet masses. You delivered your name on a platter; what will she stomp her hooves over next?

  32. Hey Julie: My boss knows you. He doesn’t like you. Unfortunately: your antics in social settings do not make a very good impression on people in REAL LIFE.

    You’d have a better case if you sued yourself.

    • Hey Julie. I AM my boss, and I know you, don’t like you, and you have kissed my ass every single time we’ve interacted (because you want things from me I will never give). Please, send me a stiff letter!

  33. I hope she doesn’t start tracking commenters down and notifying their parents.

    Or worse yet: notifying the principal.

    We’ll al be grounded and have to stay after school for detention.

        • :'(


          • OMG NOOOOOOO 🙁 we must salvage this situation…


          • Noooooo I must fix this.


    • OMG can you imagine if your mom read this site? My mom would be like, “Oh, Melissa.” I might die laughing.

  34. Jp. You are my hero for many reasons.
    My husband won’t fire me for commenting because after 20 years of marriage I still shine his bumper

  35. Holy crap, I go on vacation for a couple of days and this happened.

    This exchange says it all:
    Kate921 22 hours ago in reply to juliaallison
    If you don’t understand what privilege is, then it’s not possible for you to understand bullying. If this is a cause you want to take up (and I think it’s a worthwhile one), you need to look beyond your own experiences and learn about the things that give one power in society–race, social class, sexual orientation, education, native language, disability, religion–all areas in which you are a part of the cultural majority. Bullying is so much more nuanced than just making someone “feel bad.”
    6 people liked this. Like Reply

    juliaallison 20 hours ago in reply to Kate921
    I look forward to exploring this issue further. But I think it’s important not to dismiss ANYONE’S experiences with bullying. We need to condemn it as a whole, not single out some types that are more harmful than others.

    Julia, I look forward to you exploring privilege further, too. What an appalling dimwit.

    • She’s just so fucking grating. I kinda think the experience of say, the only black kid in a white class being bullied for being black, or a gay person being bullied for being gay, is just a TAD different and more serious than you, you asshole, being “bullied” because you are an asshole.

      I can’t fucking stand this wench anymore.

    • She needs to read about the Invisible Backpack. It talks about the advantages we carry around that we may not be aware of. My oldest kitten attended a seminar that included a session on this concept and it’s a real eye-opener.

  36. I think we should track down the real identities of her commenters. Find them and then find out where they work. Then contact their bosses and let them know that their employee is spending company time commenting on a fashion/boyfriend website.

      • It should be like a race: who can unmask commenters first, us or Julia.

        I’m betting on us. and we can do it without interns.

        • I’ll unmask 95% of her fawning commenters right now:

          Kimber = Julia Allison
          Krissie = Julia Allison
          Kim K = Julia Allison
          Karrie = Julia Allison
          Kim = Julia Allison
          Kandy = Julia Allison
          Kate M = Julia Allison
          Kate L = Julia Allison
          Kate P = Julia Allison
          Kate934 = Julia Allison
          Kate2933 = Julia Allison
          Alissa Brayer = Funny Catlady

          • I have it on file that the following comment regularly on Non Society:

            Imaja Mary Frend
            Hotpants Ho-Tep
            Bunny Dustcloth
            Julia S. Lefthand
            Hater McBater and her dog Tater
            Catlady Friskiesvom
            Random Van Blonde
            Nutty Granny Moneybags (RD commenter)
            Nutty Granny Moneybags (the real deal)
            Pancakes’ last girlfriend, Mrs. Butterworth (She will cut a bitch)
            Anne O’Rexic
            Sadie O’Masochist
            Pervert Smurf
            Nick Denton, Socially Retarded Gay to the Stars
            Freebie Fluffercushions
            Fistfula Swagg
            Dr. Frank-N-Furter (for make-up tips)
            Magenta (for shits and giggles)
            Shitzen Giggles, as happenstance would dictate
            Emily Gould(‘s dermatologist)
            Someone who thinks she looks like Anne Hathaway, but she doesn’t
            Anne Hathaway (Some people never learn)
            Olive Tupunchkittens
            Jamaica Meestabby
            Great Big Gobs of Hot Buttered Me

            Oh yeah. And IamLA. But only to tell Julia that her posts do not reward her attention.

  37. If Julia had some ugly friends I’d probably despise her less. Every. single. person. she fawns & gushes over is attractive. How does she not see that this increases the perception of her shallowness? Her bubble world is so “omg pink tiny&cute weddings puppies Jack pink” shit

      • She makes exceptions for sisters of famous and rich dudes, or people she knew before she stuck her ass out in a condom costume. Don’t forget about High School Debate Partner Judy(tm)!

        • totally, the only time fugly people get a pass is:
          – they’re rich/famous or both
          – they’re worthy of derision and/or patronization
          – they are in a position to get her something or other

    • Also – she doesn’t have any friends. Despite her manic tweeting to everyone she knew who would be there, it looks like she spent SXSW alone while her OMG besties actually hung out and worked.

      • From left to right:

        Bulimia Babybump, some mannequin that came with the dress, Sparklecleavage Sexyface, OMG Bareknees, Mary Cuntbomb Smith and Texas Tabby, the LOLest Lesbian Logjam Rider in Smackabitch Creek.

          • I actually think she’s beautiful and all the girls in this photo look cute. Not sure what to make of Disco Dora’s mirrorball jumper.

          • Alexia Tsotsis from TechCrunch! I think she’s hot.

            The funny thing is…didn’t Aubrey tweet this picture right around the same time that JA was doing her little speech? Kind of an ouch that most of these girls are her “friends” from the tech industry and they were all together doing something else instead of going to her victimhood rant.

            I know it’s SXSW and everyone’s schedules are nuts so it may be a coincidence, but it’s still funny.

        • I was actually thinking that was an appealing picture of her. And I would argue that it is, in comparison to every other single picture of her ever taken that I have seen.

          • i’ts not the worst of her (of OMG Bears! for that matter)

            but she’s got lots of FUUUUUUU money

            Randi’s FB page is a bunch of suck-up ass kissers too. I’m beginning to think these two deserve each other as friends. That – or cuz’ I still don’t dislike Randi – her PR people told her to just be nice to everyone. She used to hvae a mouth.

      • oh Renee! soooo snarky! not my point at all.

        She only fawns over those who are physically attractive. She does not gush over fugs (unless they’re rich). A person has no credit in JA’s world unless they’re tiny & cute. Fine, but she doesn’t see that it makes her appear more shallow & superficial than she already is (can’t believe I had to actually explain that). Look at her Twitter. The people she chooses to answer are almost all pretty.

        and of course, feel free to relax.

  38. Yo te amo, JP 🙂

    Also, I am sitting at a cafe and a girl at a table next to me has her Butt Print Cleanse cooler on the table with her. LULZ. It’s Yulia-in-training!

    And Julesie, if you’re listening, which obviously you are, this whole HATERZ-CONTACTED-MY-EMPLOYERS-SO-I-WILL-CONTACT-THEIRS thing makes you sound about six years old. I am a nanny. This is the shit those kids say. And they say it because they are children who have not yet been taught that this is not an appropriate way to act.

    Please grow up.

    • Oh noes! Don’t give Julia clues about your employment! She’ll send a strongly worded letter to your employers and try to get you fired for goofing off on RBD when you should be watching and protecting all the girls!
      Dear Sir or Madam:
      It has recently come to my attention that your employee – a woman by the name of Canklehausen by Proxy – has been defaming, libeling and slandering me on a website called Rebloggingdonk.com. THIS MUST CEASE. Do you enjoy this “constructive criticism” as much as Ms. Proxy does? Are you aware that she is engaging in a relentless campaign to bully and harass me, when she should be watching your children? She may or may not have contacted my employers so I thought it was only the right thing to do to contact hers. Please provide me written assurances that no such further bullying will occur on the internet, through emails or through her very thoughts. This tortious interference and copyright violating must cease.
      Have a nice day! xoxo
      Julia Allison

      • Dear Crazy Person,

        I checked out the site and you’re right, it’s very concerning. I assure you the criticism and commentary will probably end when you learn to shut your gluten-free piehole.

        Gainful Employer Of Nannies

      • LOL i used to nanny, and i am dying laughing thinking of the reactions of the parents if julia ever contacted them and tried to explain.

        also, now i’m in law school, so good fucking luck, julia.

        • Even better, the dad of the kids is an assistant attorney general of the state of Illinois. I’m sure he would have a field day with this.

          Make sure you have the letter from your lawyer, Attorney at LOL, handy!


  39. OT, but here is what Julia should/could be.

    BTW, watch the video. There’s a nice cat cameo at the end… could she be one of us? Hmmm…

  40. Note to Jules..

    Lawyer sending C&D on personal letterhead could get an ethics violation via Lawyer Bar Association..ask your dad to explain it you ..:)

    You are in enough trouble already do not take the shovel people have handed you and continue to dig a bigger hole for yourself.

    • Please explain, because I don’t get it. I don’t think he is violating any ethical rules by using his own name on the letterhead, should he use the name Peter Allison?

      • I very highly doubt he is either. The only thing I find shady about it is that most firms don’t want you to do legal work on the side because you are covered by the firm’s malpractice insurance, but I’m going to assume he is not stupid enough to put his career on the line and he knew it would be okay.

        You have to do some pretty unethical crap to be sanctioned as an attorney. People need to pipe down about it.

        • Eh, even a seemingly innocuous breech of rules can get you a bar complaint. An attorney in a practice we deal with closely has a bar complaint on his record for misunderstanding rules about advertising – that complaint will show up any time people look for him on the Bar’s website.

          Small things might not be an offense that could get you disbarred, but small things can certainly go on your ‘permanent record’.

  41. Hello there Julia Allison fans!

    First let me thank you for keeping my client relevant with your attention. Were it not for your catty and frankly entertaining website, I would have a hell of a job trying to make this chick look like anything but a modestly expensive hooker out trolling for a rich husband. So, please keep those comments and posts coming. We’re even now incorporating your online attention into a frighteningly stunning pie chart to show Ms. Allison. For the money her daddy’s paying us, we need to do something frighteningly stunning. By the way, or “BTW” as I hear you young internet users like to call it, feel free to contact my agency if you wish Ms. Allison to speak at any of your gatherings. It’d be a huge boost to our ratings if we could get a set of photos onto X17 or TMZ of, say, pie throwing or something.

    Toodle-oo or “TTFN”, laughing out loud (or “LOL”),

  42. Other “bullies” on the internet:

    Film reviewers
    Food critics
    Anyone who pens a negative Yelp review
    tech gadget reviewers
    television recappers and bloggers
    political pundits
    people who comment on the NYT and other newspaper websites
    fashion week bloggers who don’t praise the designers
    people who complain about corporate customer service on twitter
    people who disclose the secrets of their former intimates and close family members

    • The Gawker thing really gets me. Gawker has been talking smack about her for fucking years. But that’s okay, because she is “friends” with them. How come they didn’t get a cease and desist?

  43. Anyone else read Jezebel? I just read this post, about a female journalist who wrote recently about preferring her son to her daughter, and the internet shitstorm that followed:


    This is the part I found most…applicable. Italics are quotes from the website, the rest is Jezebel’s narrative:

    And then, Kate goes into the comments to defend herself further.

    Did NONE of you EVER have mothers that taught you that if you don’t like something, to keep your mouth shut and walk away?! . . . Yes, this is a public forum. I accept that. I understand that. I’ve considered that. And I would choose to share this with my daughter anyway so I do not think that this is a horrible, horrible thing. That is MY choice. This is MY life! I shared in hopes that it could help other women who feel the same and feel they are all alone. Because they are not. And some of them get it. Some don’t. So if you don’t like it, walk away. I’m an AWESOME mother and I don’t have to justify ANYTHING to any of you.

    If you’re anything like me, at this point you’ll be feeling super-uncomfortable: understanding both the author’s frustrations and cringing at her actions. That said, in my opinion, this should be essential reading for anyone even thinking about writing anything personal online. People aren’t always going to react the way you want. And you’ve exposed yourself. And there’s no going back — the more emotional you get, the worse things degenerate. At the end of the day, the last word has to go to one “Shea,” who writes,

    Lady, we didn’t walk into your home and tell you that you were a bad mother. You put it on the Internet. The largest public forum in the world. And you put it on a location that has a comment box. Don’t be surprised when we are shocked at your choice of venue, and don’t be surprised when we use the comment section to express that shock. Seriously, this is like Internet 101.

    • I can’t even describe how feverishly I’ve been writing responses, in my mind, to the author of that piece. Of course I’m not committing any of them to the INTERNET, because that’s not something I want to be known for, and I would never want to talk about my kids or the experience of motherhood anywhere but a forum like this, where I’m anonymous and so are they. And even then I would never say a word that wasn’t positive, because it would feel like a violation to the heart of my relationship with them. I will only say that the author’s harshest critics are right, in my opinion, and you’re dead on comparing her to JA.

      • Yes. And I have a theory about women who have to scream to the world or their critics they are “AWESOME” mothers. Who is it they’re trying to convince?

  44. Also, Julia Allison Baugher, can I just say I find it a little rich that you want an internet police when you break the law repeatedly. I mean Julie, let’s be honest, not once, not ever have you disclosed your sponsorships or general free shit on your start up hobby blog as per FTC diktat. And the fact you don’t disclose such things would then lead me to believe that you don’t pay appropriate taxes. So Julie, I’d be very careful about threatening people with job loss and demanding internet policing until you get your own house in order darlin’.

  45. Wow, 300+ comments. Julia Allison must be so very busy aggregating all of our IP addresses and preparing letters to each and every one of our bosses.

    Also, total new newspapers running her column = 0. Fail.

    • Christ. Because out of the numerous, NUMEROUS examples within the last year of children and teenagers being bullied to their deaths, the relevant examples she can come up with are…herself, and a reader. The lack of research is insulting, and the egocentrism is just obscene. She is repulsive. And by the way, Julia, that isn’t bullying, that’s just an honest assessment of your total lack of worth as a human being.

      • I want to comment that so badly but it’s only giving me the option of using my FB profile…which, as a worthless, anonymous hater, I have no intention of doing.

        • I don’t give a shit if she knows who I am, but I’m also a member of “Free RBNS,” so I don’t think commenting “NO FATTIES KTHX” would really help my side of the argument.

        • I commented. She can feel free to cyberstalk me. Or maybe get OMGRandi to delete my facebook account. Might be doing me a favor anyway.

          She is so dumb, fo real.

    • That article is ridiculous. Let’s just toss out the first amendment so people will stop saying mean things about me!

    • I’m sure there are plenty of things we could cut out of the federal budget, in order to fund a force of cybercops. Is there a word to describe something that is a million times dumber than the dumbest thing you’ve ever read? If so, I would apply it to the Donkey’s column.

      She’s an asswipe.

    • Just read this tripe. “A cyber police force doesn’t sound like such a bad idea” she says.

      Oh, really, Donkey? You are a fascist, pure and simple. It is really, really important that you NEVER be put in a position of real power because you would certainly hurt people. Fortunately, it’s clear that you are too stupid and lazy for such a thing to ever happen. In that sense, at least, there IS justice in this world.

  46. I have selected the Chris Morales from the googles that I will pretend is JP. There are so many to choose from!

  47. In a nutshell:
    Donkey and Dadsers gleefully budgeoned RBNS to death using every resource available to them. They no doubt high-fived each other for days after that site was pulled down.
    BUT… Because they are silly, stupid and do not understand how the Internet works, they did not anticipate RDB, a phoenix that rose from the ashes in a new, donkey-proof form.
    So, what’s a silly and stupid donkey do? The usual. Pout, whimper and play the victim card, confident that many who listen to her bleatings will be unaware of her backstory and will gravitate, as most objective observers do, toward sympathy.
    She is as predictable as she is pathetic, and she is as pathetic as she is infuriating.
    I can’t this bitch.

    • That’s one of the unfortunate parts of this. To those who don’t know Donkey’s backstory, she can come across as sympathetic. One of her few strengths is that, when she wants to, she can make a good ‘first impression’ to those experiencing her without any prior knowledge. Luckily for RBD she doesn’t have the intellectual or social stamina and control to keep up the facade for long. The longer you’re exposed to her, the greater the chance of her slipping up in embarrassing ways. It’s one of the reasons she has to continually re-invent herself and her role. Once people cotton on to her, she’s on to the next place or persona.
      JAB ~ only tolerable in small doses, perpetual first impression burro.

    • The victim card is her thing for attention and passes. Also, the central marker of sociopaths is that they will try to get people’s sympathy to get them onside.

      Look at her alleged history now: bullied in school, claimed to not get on with her parents to the extent she wished she went to boarding school, raped in college, bulimic in college, suffers from sleep apnea, suffers from ceiling cats disease, New York made her unhappy, BULLIED BY THE INTERNET.

      What’s next Julie? What do we need to feel sorry for you about next?

      • I’m betting one of two victim cards she’ll claim next: miscarriage or life threatening disease scare.

        Or scary incident of S.O. in a war zone scare (although this one she can’t manufacture, so that lie would be tricky)

    • Hey Julia. Do you realize that your haterz here are an international group? I am not American, and in my country we have a word for you, your Dad$sers and your fancy new e-lawyer. It is “tourist.”

      If the earth tilts on its axis and you manage to get this place shut down, I promise you it will come back online from a cozy basement down the street from me. And if the earth tilts even more, it can go to any other country in the world. You can spend your entire trust fund and all of your inheritances trying to deal with the laws and the legal systems of other countries, but this site will still have a home.

      Maybe you should just stop reading here and work on making your column worth reading. If you are doing a good job and your editors are happy, none of the papers will care that some readers don’t like it.

      • I too am an international cat lady. I’m guessing Canada won’t extradite me for the horrible crime of saying things Julia Allison doesn’t like on the internet. I don’t think there’s any chance an American cyber police force would give a shit about RBD either.

      • if a US cyber police force was enacted to out anonymous commenters, don’t you think they’d have bigger fish to fry than a lazy donkey’s hate site? umm, wikileaks for starters??

  48. I just. Kant. with this woman! She acts like she just discovered a new planet in the solar system…

    ‘It’s like an explosion of folksy hipsters here in Austin!’

    Really?! This is what SX always was and has been…free spirits…live music…pop-up concerts…and spontaneous jams…BEFORE the film people and tech nerds invaded, you f-ing nincompoop!!!

    • Jesus. I also cannot.

      The indie folk scene has been happening for what? The last 10 years? Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver or Mumford & Sons ring a bell?

      el burro es muy estúpido.

      • I not only cannot, I mustn’t! “Folksy hipsters here in Austin”. Quel fuque?

        I can’t recall whether it was an Onion thing, but something something, “One Millionth Twentysomething Hears Austin Is A Surprisingly Cool Place, For Texas”. I swear I read this recently somewhere, so Julia’s blerghing is perfect timing.

  49. Well, I say! If I had known that Washington Irving would describe me as “but a withered little apple-John,” I would have supplanted the First Amendment with an edict that sentences anyone to death who dares cross my path.

      • She’s looks like the mom of one of those ‘folksy hipsters’ playing SX…just there to support her baby!

        How does someone do this to themselves?

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