To Clarify …


1. No one who has ever written a single word for this blog has ever contacted anyone or any company that has a single thing to do with the Donk. Nor have we started up a Twitter account to call her or her family names. I have no doubt some of our commenters might have done so despite our asking repeatedly for people to refrain from doing such shit in our name. But just as newspapers are not responsible for their commenters,  neither are we. We have no right to forbid people from doing what they want to do online. And Julie Albertson continuously solicited friends, fans and followers all over the Internet. It’s really too bad that they don’t all adore her, but how could anyone reading that shitshow? There are plenty of former fans here among us.

2. Two people, as far as I know, contacted Peter Baugher. They were the people who had nothing to do with RBNS and yet were harassed to a frightening degree. One got the call from “Jack McCain’s lawyer,” the other received relentless e-mails at work vowing to destroy her professionally. When that person and Julie Albertson communicated, JA told her she knew who was behind the harassment. So, yes, both people contacted Peter Baugher to alert him to what his daughter was up to. Why? Because he was representing his daughter as an attorney at law, and his daughter went off the rails and was entering criminal territory.

Here’s a comment from one of those harassed:

Jacy, I just left her a comment letting her know that I was the person harassed at work by ‘Yack’s lawyer’ and that all of this happened the very same week as dadsers letters and that I had never commented on the site, much less had something to do with running RBNS. I ‘liked’ the Free RBNS page and my name was googled and I was contacted and threatened. I was also clear that the reason I contacted her father directly was because I needed an adult, rationale response, not blaming “crazed hacker fans” and an invitation to have coffee with her.

I guess we’ll see if she approves it…

I wouldn’t count on it. It doesn’t fit in with the martyr narrative. But if she does, she will deny knowing anything about it. Of course.

3. She has never e-mailed or commented on a blog anonymously? Really? She did on her Wikipedia page until she was called out for it, she sent Gawker many e-mails from various anonymous accounts about her dating life, and she personally made sure this blog of “haters” was told the names of the two Code Names who dumped her. One of those comments was traced to the very same geo-location that showed up, under her name, on an IP on her Wikipedia discussion page. So nice try, Donk.

4. Another lie — that “a private investigator” traced IPs back to this blog. That is untrue. She deduced through a bit of bubble-headed reasoning that someone loosely associated with one of us online WAS one of us. She began harassing the person via e-mail, despite his denials. Then she finally got Daddy to send him a cease-and-desist at his place of employment despite him having nothing to do with RBNS. And we’re bullies?

5. I personally would love to hear her detail the “eight” dick moves she admits she committed and apologize for them. Why does she have one standard of behavior for herself  but another for her “haters?” She is honestly arguing that someone is evil for e-mailing one of her new boyfriends but she was justified in e-mailing the fiancee of an ex-boyfriend and trying to destroy their established relationship right at one of the happiest moments of their lives? How does Donkey’s brain work?

6. And who says Jacy isn’t my real name?

Questions, questions, questions.


  1. OT but every time I look at this photo I burst out laughing. Help me caption it?


  2. i won’t engage her on her site, but when she has the gall to say something like – you can’t tell me one instance in which i’ve invited this attention – i’d simply ask her how often she has either engaged gawker or rbns directly or done it through intermediaries? she has admitted to this happening. and we all know she’s done it from her IP on rbns and from people in the gawker circles confirming it. donk, you are certifiable. i’m so happy for you that your business gets a tenth as many like/reblogs on tumblr as some random Filipino teenager posting sparkly pictures. if that was my career, i’d call it a hobby too. and looks like your column is going global – what is it 3 papers so far? at least in the kind of papers that actually register in google? i’ve no doubt a few randoms have “poked the beast” as they say and contacted aspects of your life, but how dare you equate those whackjobs with the larger community of people who like to laugh at the spectacle you have made of your life and see it as quite karmic given the truly atrocious things we’ve seen you do online. disclosing a supposed loved one’s mental health issues – unforgivable. contacting an ex’s new partner on the verge of them beginning their new life together as husband and wife – unforgivable. there are just so many things you do in your entitled special snow-flake way that makes people dislike you. we are not a community of haters (though some no doubt exist and intermingle her on occasion) we are a community of people who dislike who you are and what you stand for. just look at your own life with some degree of honesty for 5 damn minutes. Where are your “sisters” from nonsociety? How are you received by businesses with whom you have worked? You can argue semantics and julia-legalese all day long if you want re. whether you’ve ever in your life been “fired,” but Jesus, you’ve sure seemed to have had a lot of “amicable parting of ways” after short periods of time with organizations who now want nothing to do with you. nary a bridge stands unburned over the river baugher. probably makes sense at this point to find a group to blame for your career prospects and try to glob onto this bullying issue in the news. But it is incredibly disrespectful to the issue of bullying that youth face, and in many ways capture once again perfectly why it is so many don’t like you and how you present yourself. but what do i know, i’m just a hater who has had their career blow up, doesn’t have a real job no matter how i spin it and is living in my parent’s place… oh wait… that’s not me at all…

  3. Her brain is consumed by NPD. It works by justifying everything she’s ever done and directing all blame outward.

    • Exactly.

      ” LISTEN! The Cyberbullying of defenseless quasi celebrity Z list grownups is a Rilly Rilly Rilly an important issue! How can we stop free speech so I can be comfortable being an asshole online?”

      The thing is, the more she whines about it, the worse she looks.

      Its kind of amazing because for most of us burning though/ pissing off friends, businesses, lovers, and family members, and pissing off a group of strangers enough to participate on a mocking website due to NPD would be a huge red flag and would prompt some serious soul searching and inner work.
      but for JA, it’s just more fuel to the NPD fire.
      It’s rather sad, actually.

  4. Julia Allison, aged 70, living in basement:

  5. Donkey is pounding so relentlessly on this bullying thing, she’s actually got one of her followers (@renesugar) thinking there’s criminal activity going on. Here’s his tweet to her:

    @juliaallison Unless they are really careful by hiding behind a proxy, Twitter has their IP address. Police can find them if crime reported.
    about 8 hours ago via web in reply to juliaallison

    Police? A crime?? Isn’t this getting just a bit out of hand? Her supporters are almost as stupid as she is.

    • Didn’t you hear? It’s a crime to object to someone’s endless stream of Twitter boasts on Twitter.


        Christ, no wonder someone drew a Hitler analogy in her comments.

    • I most enjoyed Donk having the idiocy to post a “you go, girl’ from some tool in shining armor who had also been bullied: people made fun of him for driving a Mercedez. And she wonders why people can’t stand her.

    • The funny thing about only telling half (uh, your half) of the story: when discovery happens (as it would, in a court of law), they learn that you’ve been lying/telling half truths all along. (See: any courtroom drama in which a defense attorney realizes that his/her innocent client’s been playing him/her all along…)

      Julia, before you start flinging accusations, realize that you have more to lose than anyone. In fact, you are the only one who has anything to lose, as you’re the only one who has a vested interest in the truth NOT coming out.

      • … which is why this is all grandstanding / bluffing

        she just wants to make it seem like she’s all indignant and righteous. she knows none of this is going anywhere.

    • That’s because she lies and pretends to be SUCH a fucking victim that people think she’s been an actual victim of an actual crime.

  6. She just needs someone to pin the fail on, but she’s the Donkey (in RBNS parlance anyway).

    Seriously. This is about her scapegoating the ‘haters’ for her own fail due to lack of skill, discipline, focus, etc.

    Also, I am really pissed about the people ‘invading her life’ because it makes all her critics suspicious by her (admittedly failed) logic…

    The key item to remember is that all celebrities have unwanted people contacting them (she does it to more famous people @aplusk, @mrskutcher anyone??), and so it is not surprising she does as well, being internet famous and all.

    Really, she is full of shit. If anyone in her life bothered to engage her in earnest, this would be pointed out to her. The fact that she is fucked up and the fact that people contacting her/her ex boyfriends/whatever are also fucked up can both be true. She seems to think only one can be true. She is wrong!!

  7. You know I feel like she’s trying to rile us up and provoke us so she can talk about it on her dumbass panel and I’m not gonna bite. See you in chat h8erz!

  8. Her commenters encouraging violence. Julia Allison approved the comment.

    Elizabeth Allegrezza [Moderator] 2 hours ago in reply to juliaallison
    Can i just say that if Julia’s father went to the RBNS heaquarters, if such a thing existed, and punched each person typing away in their mean spirited faces, he would be COMPLETELY justified in doing so.

  9. I’m sure this was Tay-Tay’s doing since he LOVES reinforcing to the donkey just how horribly bullied she is:

    “Would you walk into the nearest insane asylum and try to have a rational discussion with the people in there? Then why would you try to do it online?”

    Julia says that was a note she got from “a friend of mine, trying to convince me never, ever to engage with sociopaths who spend all their time coming up with ways to justify their psychotic behavior. I think he’s right.”

    He’s off his nut, and so is she. Can we start bullying Taylor? KIDDING, Julia. Just kidding. Do not call the police!

  10. Holy Veruca Salt picture, Batman!

    And three things:
    1. Oh yes, she has commented and emailed anonymously. She was particularly fond of leaking shit about Mary – while they were partners. And hell, anyone at Gawker will tell you about the bank of email addresses she uses.

    2. No one bullies Julia. This whole bullshit about her being harassed? There is usually about a 10% nugget of truth of what she says and the rest is complete and utter bullshit. She is simply lying and exaggerating because what Julia does best is repeat bullshit over and over until she believes it to be truth. And viola, then she isn’t lying and it is her truth.

    3. Anonymity: the most hilarious thing about Julia Allison, self-promoter of her “brand:” no one wants their name in any way associated with her. Not because they don’t have astute observations about her flavor of “celebrity,” but because no one wants their name coming up next to hers in a google search.

    Occam’s Razor, Julia. Crowd source it. The simple explanation is that your “brand” tarnishes anything it touches and no one wants the taint of your stench. That’s it.

    • So much agreement to number 3. SO. MUCH.

      Also, number 2 is bang on. She programs herself to believing the lies as her truth so she can remain such a good person in her own mind.

      No way this girl is strong enough to really play the villain even partially. But the villain is the role she was born to play — therein the paradox of her life and the root of her failure in the business of perception (HA!).

  11. Also Julia Full of Shit Allison, in Chatgate II you explicity stated that a lot of the commenters here were very funny. Keep your shit straight bitch.

  12. Bullying and harassment: when you are asked over and over to have nothing to do with someone – no calls, no web posts by name or nickname, no photos, no surprise visits at the office, no letters or IMs – and your response is to write a nasty email to that persons fiance (that same person you keep writing about how you want him back) in an attempt to break them up and at the same time refuse to take down pics of them because “they are your memories too” (even though the other side seems to remember things very differently) – call me crazy but that sounds like harassment and and makes you a bully.

    Julia Baugher, I agree with some of the ideAs you are presenting. But I can imagine what you are thinking because YOU do all of those terrible things. Feel free to be ashamed of yourself, bunny! And relax.

  13. I’m one of the people who was a fan, very, very briefly back when her face looked normal. I think she was dating [redacted the first]. I remember she posted about going to see a musical alone and named the dozen friends who weren’t able to join her. Back then I thought good for her for going on her own. I now think she likely named every person who could barely be considered a friend and I imagine they would all rather have done just about anything than join her. There was no big turning point for me she quickly seemed desperate for attention and inauthentic in most of what she had to say.

    I guess the loss of fans is the damage refered to in Peter Baugher’s senseless c&d but this site is just a meeting place for people who’ve already been turned off by her. When a movie gets bad ratings and reviews on Rotten Tomatoes the director, producer and actors don’t cry about being bullied by that site. She puts content out there and people judge it. It’s like she wants to be judged but only positively.

  14. Atention-whore complains when not all attention given is positive in nature. Shocking. The central issue seems to be that RBD commentary is beyond JA’s control and that freaks her out.

  15. I tried to leave a comment but didn’t get approved : ( I guess it was too ‘mean?’

    This ‘hate’ site is really just a gossip site. That is alllll it is. What the fuck is the difference between this and gossip magazines, ie- Star Magazine? I suggested to Julia that if blogging hurt her so much, then she might want to consider keeping her relationships and other personal things to herself instead of wanting to ‘share’ all the time.

    It’s sad because I used to love Julia’s blog and even enjoyed her TONY column back in the day. Is this just me or did you catladies also feel the same? I find it ALMOST excusable to be vain when you’re that young. But now, years later, it’s still the same pink gowns and care bears and photo shoots. No substance. No evolvement.

    • No, never. I always thought she was a vain, superficial, manipulative twat from hell.

      I never thought of her as sophisticated or anything like that, just another hick trying to live out the same old tired SATC fantasy. She was always a crappy writer who was never as hot-looking as she thought she was, even when she was attractive for a few months.

    • Not here, either. I started following her because I was simultaneously intrigued/revolted by the world that web 2.0 was introducing. I think I was at best mildly amused (e.g. always wondered what Jakob ever saw in her and couldn’t look away from their shitshow; enjoyed laughing at her TONY columns, especially the one on date outfits, none of which I’d ever be caught dead in).

      But her increasing lack of content (she can’t even go to a musical or the symphony without 17 photos of herself and zero commentary about what she saw and how it made her feel–no one is expecting scholarly content from you, Julia) is so off-putting. It’s just bragging.

      Then I found this place via Gawker and came to understand her catalogue of sins. Like for many here, she represents all that is wrong with the web today.

    • Agree. This is a gossip site, straight up. She is super deluded and needs to blame someone other than herself for her floundering career.

      This site is no different than any other celebrity blog — except the subject is the tiniest of the micro-celebrities.

      Celebrities have unwanted attention — but that is part of the deal.

      Her “i just want to share — wah!” is such a pile of shit. Fine — share, but realise not everyone is going to think your shit smells like roses, honey.

      It’s really oh so very simple.

  16. In other news: Donkey doesn’t understand what “serendipity” means.
    There’s nothing serendipitous about SXSW. It’s a highly planned and executed event. A lot of people put a lot of work into bring all of those elements together. It doesn’t just happen.

    • I hope she’ll misuse that word in her internationally syndicated column! It’s not like anyone will actually see it.

  17. Dear Julia,

    I posted this on your site first, but I seriously doubt it will ever see the light of day! So I’ll post it here – which, funnily enough, is why this site exists.

    I will say first, I don’t condone people contacting your friends, coworkers, and so forth. They are obviously not responsible for your actions and really have nothing to do with all this and should be left alone.

    It just seems hypocritical to complain and point out other’s bullying when you try to brush away all the (to you) small, insignificant snide remarks you yourself have posted, without retraction or apology.

    The bolt bus girl comes to mind.

    The woman at the airport whose clothes you didn’t like.

    The reporter who wrote something unflattering (I believe you were going to kick their ass?)

    The email to an ex’s fiance which you have rationalized, but which I STILL find appalling (and it was addressed to him, so your reasoning that you were trying to warn her doesn’t even make sense.)

    The whole (redacted) fiasco

    The people who were contacted at work, whether or not it was from you or at your behest (Because, surely, rationally, if people from your ‘hater’ site contact you and yours without the founder’s knowledge or encouragement and it is the site’s fault, if your supporters contact people at their place of work with various accusations, it can be considered your fault, no? Nary an apology or condemnation of that, though.)

    And I get it, some of these things were a long time ago, water under the bridge…but most people whose blogs I read will apologize and step up when many people express shock at what they’ve done. But you don’t seem to ever apologize or even acknowledge or understand why people are angry and disgusted by some of your actions – these things have built up and created an impression that is not terribly flattering and that you will not own up to and instead try to rationalize, ignore, or tell people to lighten up! Why so serious?!

    And maybe you do not owe the online anonymous world an apology, of course you don’t, but playing the victim when you’ve indulged yourself is somewhat disingenuous. And expecting everyone who sees these things to ignore them like you to is a bit silly. OF COURSE people will comment! It is all there, publicly displayed, years of possibly questionable actions you felt you had a right to make public without any public condemnation.

    And cherry picking which ones you’ll address just solidifies my impression.

  18. I’m at SXSW & will go to her panel tomorrow. In my professional life I work with a population that is bullied and I speak in my community on this issue. Julia is not bullied by anyone here. Bullying is all about power & control. Maybe it is worse than we know but I have never seen her (at least from what she posts online) conform herself thus giving a ‘bully’ control.

    Is she harassed? Yes. Some people (maybe people who post here, maybe not – how could you truly tell?) have gone over the line if they have called her ’employers’ (although I thought she worked for herself).

    I saw Del Harvy, Twitter’s Director of Trust & Safety, speak about harassment online today. She basically said, “don’t feed the trolls”.

    • I do think that calling employers is wrong but I know there have been instances where people here have mentioned negative comments that on her online articles and mentioned sponsor issues. While personally it’s not something I would do or have done, if a company chooses a spokesperson that you don’t dislike or who offends you, you’re more than welcome to voice your dissatisfaction to that company. I wouldn’t call that harassment. If people think her articles suck and write comments that say so on the publication’s site, they’re welcome to do that. This happens to people who are not Julia. Just because she’s put herself in the position of a semi-public figure, she is not free from criticism or people who just don’t like her. That does not translate harassment in my opinion. She’s in a public forum and criticism in that manner is not harassment. I’ve been harassed before and it was not as easy as people don’t like me.

    • Thanks for this. I am always appreciative of people with real life work experience in combatting (real) bullies speak to this issue.

      She is not being bullied, she is being critiqued for her online performance (that many people do not seem to like). She can’t take criticism, straight up.

      I am sure the crossing the line by emailing boyfriends or whatever is super isolated, instances of which are few and far between. I have stated before many times I think this is wrong and people should not do this. However, I find it odd that she herself engages in this behavior frequently as well and that she has admitted this. Not saying it makes it right, but there is a slippery slope here.

      From what I understand, her father was contacted as a result of her own borderline criminal behavior. And people are free to leave negative comments on newspaper articles to their heart’s content.

      She likes to cherry pick her information to better perform the role of victim.

      That said, I think if her career were not floundering, she would not be playing this role. It is the only role she sees left, so she’s got to go for it to rescue her career.

      If she were making her FU money, this would not be a discussion right now. Pure opportunism is what this boils down to.

      Which makes it all the more creepy and gross in light of the fact that people are bullied and do conform in attempts to save their necks, etc.

  19. “When I worked at STAR I had never been subject to this kind of public harassment. It is the reason I no longer wanted to work there after I served out my year contract.”

    Not because you were fired? Are you saying you quit because you realized you were bullying celebrities?

  20. I think we’re all in agreement that contacting her employer (if she has one?) or family members or boyfriends is not a good idea, but I’ll say again that she has got to be blowing this out of all proportion. I have a hard time believing that those kinds of personal contacts are made very often, but she is determined to make it sound like it’s happening all the time and that it’s ruining her life. She is full of shit.

    • The thing is, I also feel like people on here have said in a fit of annoyance, “Oh I just want to email Sony” or “I’m boycotting Aqua by Bloomingdales” and Donkey says OMG they’re contacting my employers! If you didn’t read here, you wouldn’t even know about it.

      • I honestly never would buy a SONY product. It’s not so much that I’m offended that they’d pay Donks to be in a spot. I just can’t help but think how the company must not really stand behind its products or give a crap if they’re paying her. And… here’s the kicker… she doesn’t use many (any?) SONY products. Almost all Apple.

      • Damn right I’ve emailed at least some of her sponsors to let them know that their poor decision-making in hiring her makes me question their judgment, and that I do not wish to support such an awful person by buying that company’s products.

        It’s my right as a consumer in a free market, and if she doesn’t like it, she should stop putting her raft ass, plastic pelts and tacky outfits out in the public realm.

        Over the years, I’ve written to TV networks and specific shows with complaints about actors, news anchors, etc. I’ve written to corporations when I’ve experienced poor service in their stores.

  21. Julia, you DO deserve your homeless, jobless, self-obsessed life of misery!

    Also, do you know what a sociopath is? Brace yourself, but read “The Sociopath Next Door”. It’s you, bunny!

  22. Julie’s last comment:

    “I don’t think you understand. They are spreading lies and deliberate misinformation about me in attempts to get me fired from various jobs, to get guys I’ve dated to dump me, and in attempts to hurt my family and friends. That isn’t harmless, and it sure as hell doesn’t fall under the protection of free speech.”

    Sorry Julie but what jobs? Seriously Julie, stop drinking, take your meds and go to bed.

    • 1. for all intensive purposes, julie is not employed. i don’t care if she gets fired, she’ll take care of that soon enough on her own.
      2. ditto with the boyfriends
      3. no one here wants to hurt her family. in fact, many here have wished britt and allie nothing but the best, as they seem smart and normal, and sympathized with the fact that momsers is saddled with such a heinous daughter.
      4. “friends”, what friends?

      in short, julie, stop your navel-gazing. not everything is about you. yes, really, i know it’s shocking.

      • Almost every comment people have ever said on RBNS/RD about Britt/Allie is how awesome Allie seems and how Britt is way too smart to be related to the Donk. I’ve never see anyone say anything negative about either of them.

      • Recall how everyone here was absolutely horrified when she posted all kinds of privacy invading intimate pictures and videos of their wedding weekend and even posted a video of their VOWS on her vimeo.

        If anyone is invading Britt and Allie’s privacy, it’s HER.

    • Those who have quoted her directly are perhaps the most guilty of “spreading lies and deliberate misinformation”.

  23. Dear Donkey,

    Yanno how when Bruce Wayne was a lil boy, and his parents were murdered right in front of him? It changed something inside him, and later when the Joker sez “you made me” Batman sez “you made me first.” (Backstory: cause the Joker was the guy who offed his parents, duh!) (Also, disclaimer, I am not claiming that you snuffed out my parents. Again, feel free to relax! They are still alive and well, this is a METAPHOR or something. And obvs you are the Joker and I am Batman in this scenario.) (Also, I am drink.)

    Donkey, a few months ago you made me the CUNTbunnies! that I am today. I used to be just a lurker, snickering to myself, until YOU took my favoritest place on the internet away (temporarily, at least). I probably never would have photoshopped your head onto any transvestites if it wasn’t for you coming HERE to my HappyFunMockingPlace and turning off the lights. But! You did that, and then you gloated, and I was filled with THE BRAYGE and CUNTbunnies! was born. And I’m not gonna quit until I (ME, not you) decide that I’m bored with it. You want me to stop? Fine, quit being a jackass and I will. Until then, I will continue to amuse myself (and hopefully the other catladies) until I get bored with your antics.

    PS: Donkey!

  24. “For all you #SXSWi attendees, speakers, etc: What makes #SXSW special? The social media – or the serendipity?”


    Also, Donkey. I’m happy to take notes in tomorrow’s session as I’ll be at SXSW against my will. If no one’s there, however, I won’t attend, I’ll just peek in and laugh.

  25. hi Julie! Me again. Yeah, I’d rather comment here than on your site because who wants Dadsers tracking me down via my IP and harassing me at work? Ew.

    But anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the amaze-ballz lollies from this statement:
    “Treat someone the way YOU would want to be treated – or just don’t say anything at all. And don’t look the other way when someone, ANYONE, is getting maligned.”

    One word: hypocrite. Look it up.

    • juliaallison [Moderator] 9 hours ago in reply to Sara Suchi
      I respectfully disagree with you. I don’t think that hiding behind the “you’re a public figure, you asked for it” is legitimate. And no, I do not comment anonymously on websites – EVER. Everything I do, I do with my own name.

      Hypocrite part II! *this is getting awesomer and awesomer*

      • “You think that I lead a privileged life, but I don’t really know what that means – does that mean that I fly to different cities? I don’t have a fancy car or even fancy health insurance (oh wait, I have no health insurance). I’m not making 6 figures. I am just really creative with my life. I wasn’t handed any of it. I worked for it.”

        Hypocrite part III!

  26. Yeah, but so what? If they’re telling lies and making suppositions, who cares? If the people that you know, love and work with know that you’re a stand-up person, who gives a fuck what any other website says about you? And who of your friends and colleagues are reading that “hate” site and taking any notice of what they say anyway, if it’s all lies?

    Anyone who advertises for anyone gets bad feedback. You should be different? You’re a self promoter – everyone in the entire world should give you fawning feedback?

    You didn’t allow comments on your site when you should have, 2 or 3 years ago. You had that stupid QOTD rubbish which was being monitored by your unpaid interns. They turned everyone off. You didn’t only not dodge the bullet at that time, you actually turned it on yourself.

    I mean really, you’re an adult who has chosen to put her life on the internet. If you have sponsors who know you and trust you, you can laugh off the “haters”. Surely by now you’ve worked out how to sell your “brand”. I mean, that has actually worked for you in the past and you seem to have been reasonably successful at it.

    Muscle up and ignore the bullshit. This seems like a position you’re trying to create out of hot air to use to your future advantage. Dooce has vitriolic hate sites – she linked to one and monetized it for a while – and she’s WAY more popular than you are. Denton makes more money off his haters these days than he does off his old loyal

    Laugh it off – that’s the old saying that any parent tells their child – the haters can’t hate if they know that they can’t get to you.

    Julia, you’re 30 years old. Be an adult and not a crybaby.

    Name = Esther McErlain / posted on some websites as ethel-egg. You can get in touch if you want, but not with any of your dad’s C&D’s.


    I tried to post this on her piece of shit website but couldn’t using my gmail account.

    • “I don’t think you understand. They are spreading lies and deliberate misinformation about me in attempts to get me fired from various jobs, to get guys I’ve dated to dump me, and in attempts to hurt my family and friends. That isn’t harmless, and it sure as hell doesn’t fall under the protection of free speech.”

      My comment on her website was in reply to that ridiculous comment.

      • Also, Julia Allison, internationally syndicated columnist, would you care to make a comment about how international students are trying to keep in touch with their parents and families and friends through facebook during this time of disaster in Japan. Cos if you could give me some advice I can pass it on to the three students I have in our school who come from that devastated area. Feel free to disseminate your thoroughgoing investigation! Thanks!

    • Dooce is a great example. I have no doubt that privately she has been deeply affected by hurtful things commenters say (and those commenters can get uber-obnoxious and bitchy…many are just morons) but she handles it with grace and a sense of humor. I like the way she pokes at them in her posts.

      • Dooce obviously knows that by putting her life out there, people are going to judge, and often in ways she does like.

        Even more than that, though, I think she realizes that people get off on hating her, it drives more traffic to her site and ups her revenues from advertising.

        It’s really kind of genius.

        Only in Donkeyland does someone actually try to get people to stop reading her blog. Isn’t the point of blogging that you put something out there hoping that people will look at it?

  27. @juliaallison At the end of the day, happy, fulfilled people do not bully others. Period.

    Perhaps happy, fulfilled people (currently in L-o, L-o, L-o, L-o-v-e) do not bully others anyMOAR.

    “Eight or so examples of … being a dick” have retreated to the specious SM past. And aberrations such as inability to access astrology sites or use electronic devices during takeoff may no longer result in a pointed dressing down of anonymous (but named) entities. Whee.

    Everyone is entitled to opinion. Mine? Substitute “increasingly solipsistic” and “use any platform available for self-promotion” in the sentence below.

    At the end of the day, ________ people __________________. Period.

  28. The comments on Julia’s “bullying” post are so great–FULL STOP:

    “Can i just say that if Julia’s father went to the RBNS heaquarters, if such a thing existed, and punched each person typing away in their mean spirited faces, he would be COMPLETELY justified in doing so. She is his DAUGHTER and he loves her- FULL STOP.”

  29. “Would you walk into the nearest insane asylum and try to have a rational discussion with the people in there? Then why would you try to do it online?

    a friend of mine, trying to convince me never, ever to engage with sociopaths who spend all their time coming up with ways to justify their psychotic behavior. I think he’s right.”

    Wait? Is she talking about us? Or herself?

  30. a la Dorthy Parker, “You can lead a whore to culture, but you can’t make her think.” Insert Donk to culture.

  31. Her comments section is a goldmine of hilarity…

    ” same haters will one day be parents. Do you think their kids will be bullies? That’s a trait that’s passed down. Until someone says “THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO TREAT OTHER PEOPLE” that cycle will continue.

    Would you like your child, your sister, your friend or your spouse to be next? Do you want that on your shoulders?”

    Who are you to say we are not already parents? And we observe your hideous behavior and use it as a cautionary tale on how NOT to raise our children?

    “This blog was a hobby, then a job, then a hobby that is inexorably linked with my job. It’s silly and fun and is supposed to be silly and fun. I can see how I might come off as shallow when you write about it like that, but then again, that’s not my reality, so I often forget that it might be perceived as such. I have to rethink – and am in the process of rethinking – how to better present the fun things I like to share here in a light that will make it clear they are merely a silver of me (but by far the most fun things to share!)”

    RBD is just silly and fun, too! Again, feel free to relax!

  32. Watching her try to justify her cunt-tude is filling me with such brayge I may actually have to step away from RBD until this is all over.




    • That’s just it! She never acknowledges ANYTHING but the most trivial shit, and always with an excuse or justification.

      I’ve only been a dick like, eight times! You can’t define me by that!

      She deserved to be warned of his cheating ways! Wouldn’t you want to know! I was being servicey!

      She deserved to be called out on her cell phone talking behavior! I thought it was rude! She wouldn’t listen to me!

      The Macbook air email was private! That shouldn’t even have been published! Therefore you should just ignore that one!

      Never, ever ‘Yeah, that was a total cunt move. All my fault, I should have behaved in a different, more mature fashion.’


  33. Keep in mind, I do not have a baby. It’s just a bad analogy. I hate word maximums!
    25 minutes ago via web

    Having to trim my @SocialStudies column to 700 words from 1100 feels like chopping off my baby’s feet before I put her on the scale. Sniff.
    25 minutes ago via web

    What kind of disgusting, psychotic “analogy” is this? You disgusting pig, equating editing down your column to brutal violence against a baby is not ok. I have a baby and that little visual of hers made my stomach churn. What the hell does it even mean? Why would her mind even go there? It’s disgusting and hideous and awful.

    Julia – this is why people hate you. This is why people think you’re a tone deaf piece of shit. Because YOU ARE A TONE DEAF PIECE OF SHIT!

    • How else could her baby be tiny and cute unless she chops off its feet!! (JK, her analogy was really……misguided. And dumb. And why wouldn’t she say Lilly’s feet, isn’t Lilly her baby? SAVE LILLY)

      • Where the hell is that dog? Really – where is she?

        And for a bunch of horrible, callous, hideous hateful haters, we sure are compassionate when it comes to Julia’s dog, her mother and the Britt and Allie. Explain that, Julia.

    • If she is crying about cutting 400 words, she is really no writer at all. I don’t write professionally, but I write for my work all the time. Word maximums are part of the deal.

      Trust me Julie, there are probably 400 useless adjectives you can cut.

      There, done!

      • Shes such a dumbkoff. I write for a living, and if I’m told to deliver 700 words I deliver 700 words. Not 1110 words, 700. It’s just part of the job. I mean desk errands. She’s over her word count by almost 50%! Proportionally, it’s like turning in a 180 page screenplay. ( industry standard is maximum 120 pages) Unprofessional.
        However I’m sure she is just tweeting this to say :
        ” I’m a REAL writer! I am not random! Editing is hard! Bullying me is bullying writers!”

        • Not to get too detailed, but if certain texts I write for my work are longer than requested (and yes, I am forced to print the word count at the bottom, just like professional writers), my writing is flat out thrown into the garbage and my request goes out right a long with it.

          That’s real life. There is a choice, honor the word count or be a fucking idiot. Guess which door most people choose?

    • I’m sure she said that because she wanted to make her own version of the well-worn “killing your babies” cliché real writers use to talk about the painful but necessary process of eliminating sentences or phrases that one might be attached to, but that detract from or encumber the piece as a whole.

      I don’t find the substance of that phrase offensive. Cutting off a baby’s foot – sure, whatever. What I find offensive about her writing is its utter falseness and tin-eared, tic-y cliché-mongering, filled with misheard phrases and SAT words and ill-adapted set phrases contorted into near-indecipherability. Leave the English language alone, you braying bully!

  34. What a fun chick to date!

    “I started jokingly singing “True Colors” to Jack on the phone tonight, and then I realized that, yeah, listening to it was just what I needed to do. (Also, I might want to invest in vocal lessons.) HELL YEAH IT’S CHEESY. Thank you, Glee! But who cares?!? After putting together a column and speech on cyberbullying, I just want to wrap myself in a giant fleece blanket of cheesy kindness.”

    • Most people don’t use ‘I love cheese! Lighten up!’ as a cornerstone of their entire personality.

      She pre-defends everything! ‘I know it’s cheesy! I know it’s too pink! I know it’s silly!’

      News flash: No one cares about this but you.

  35. “Advocate for Victims of Online Bullying” / “Princess Nicemuffins of Sweetmushylandia” is her latest role because playing a Lifecaster, an online publisher and a dating columnist didn’t work out for her. That’s all this is. She’s as genuinely interested in this topic as she was interested in sex or politics. That is to say: Not at all.

    • Does anybody else feel like this whole anti-cyberbullying thing is, in her cupcake-addled mind, her “First Lady” cause?

      • Um YES. Check out this lulzy OMG DRAMATIC comment she left on her post yesterday:

        “Unless you realize that by sanctioning behavior such as this trickles down to EVERYONE in society, you will continue to be an enabler in bullying of future generations, both online and off. These same haters will one day be parents. Do you think their kids will be bullies? That’s a trait that’s passed down. Until someone says “THIS IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE WAY TO TREAT OTHER PEOPLE” that cycle will continue.

        Would you like your child, your sister, your friend or your spouse to be next? Do you want that on your shoulders?” *

        I wonder what the McCains – if they even take her seriously or read her blog – think about all this? Surely, they have many, MANY more haters than she does and they don’t sit around all day complaining and threatening lawsuits. It comes with the territory. People say much more horrible things about Megan and you don’t see her writing weepy, dramatic posts about how people are sooooo mean and call her fat.

        * Who are you to say some of us are not already parents? And that we follow your sad life of everything that’s wrong with web celebrity as a cautionary tale that we will pass along to our children?

  36. Christ on four hooves.

    Julia, your social studies column is tanking because it sucks–not because of the lulz on this website. But since you have never in your life taken responsibility for anything you are latching on to this bullying meme as a way to blame us for the fact that no one wants to print the shitty, tired ideas that dribble out of your non-curious brain.

    If the criticsm on this website was wildly inaccurate it wouldn’t bother you at all. This is hitting a nerve for you because it’s all true and you can’t BELIEVE that the world has seen who you really are and is rejecting you wholeheartedly. You believe you should have been world famous by now, beloved for your invading looks and your winning personsality. It must be someone else’s fault this hasn’t happened.

    You are only being victimized by your own narcissism.

  37. I can’t even express how much joy that screen grab for this post brings me.

    Just know that it’s a LOT! 🙂

  38. [img][/img]

  39. Sorry catladies, too much Franzia last night, hence my angry comment above…her session wasn’t listed on the SXSW mobile app so I completely forgot about it. Darn.

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