Donkey: When Faced With Criticism, Blame PMS — It’s Very Feminist


For fuck’s sake. So when an intelligent reader of her blog politely takes her to task for the eight million photos of herself that she once claimed was Fashion Week coverage, Donkey ends the argument this way:

I *am* defensive, absolutely. But I’m also exhausted from a really long two weeks. Plus I’m PMSing. I desperately need to sleep tonight (taking Lilly out now then falling into bed) … Hopefully will be far less cranky tomorrow morning.

PS – yes – it’s a hobby now.


  1. I’m quoting myself:

    “Fuck that shit. “It is just me being a bitch. I am hostile sometimes and i have a right to be. Got a problem with that? Fuck you!” is the damn answer.

    It would NEVER occur to me to blame the glorious female cycle for being pissy. Shit makes me mad sometimes, the end.”

    Such a stalwart feminist our Julie. Good job!

    We had best make sure we don’t even get a woman elected Prime Minister or President anywhere. Good lord, what would HAPPEN when she got her period? [clutches pearls]

    • I fucking HATE when women trot out that as a reason for their crazy/angry/overly emotional behavior. It’s not that I don’t believe many women suffer from PMS, I do some months, but to point to it when acting like an asshole? What a self-defeating, sexist fucking thing to propogate.

      GROW THE FUCK UP and take responsibility for your own mentalness.

      • “Sharing” this does not make you “liberated” — it says you are not accountable for you actions and hello? This has been a tool used to suppress women since forever. You got a little extra bitchy, so what. Getting pissy or agro is something men are free to do wheneves if pushed. I don’t see why women aren’t entitled to be angry when the situation calls for it and its something that needs to be put off to uncontrollable biological forces.

        What is so wrong with “Bitch, you are pissing me off” if that’s what’s going on.

        But the real problem here is Donkey cannot hear constructive criticism to improve herself. She has suppressed it for so long that her response is disproportionate. Plus, this website exist.

        And, she could never make it as an artist or ‘creative’ bc the first thing that happens is you are told your shit stinks the minute you don’t make a masterpiece.

        Oh, but “art is in the eye of the beholder” — um, not it isn’t. Yes, there is a subjective response, but every first year knows the discussion, “what is art” does not wind up with “everything.”

        God she is dumb.

  2. I searched google news for “Julia allison” and “Fashion Week” and got nothing.

    Fashion week is over Julia, you have missed your deadline.

    I don’t know what it is you claim to do (Social Media Expert? Journalist? Artist? Gustavo Cadile’s Mule?) but whatever it is that you do, you are INCOMPETENT.

    Fashion week was just so exhausting for you because you had to wear shoes all day, how do you think it felt for legitimate journalists and photographers who actually provided copy and content? Do you think they are whining about PMS right now?

    • In her mind it’s one and the same. She is an event. Her going to Fashion Week is Fashion Week.

      Can’t wait to see those videos!!!

        • well, you would be exhausted too if you spent two weeks tirelessly chasing down the one and only getty photographer who is still willing to take photos of you. stalking someone in six inch heels does have to be pretty tiring.

  3. I know this has been asked before but it’s worth bringing up again: if Nonsociety is a hobby, then why does she need interns? Besides being a lazy sack of shit, I mean.

    • My hobby is cooking, which is why I’m planning to call culinary schools to find unpaid interns to cook all my meals.

    • I wish one of her “readers” would ask her this. Reader Becky, where are you?

      “Darling Julia, I was thinking of applying to be your Fashion Week intern, but didn’t have time that week. I was hoping another fantastic opportunity would arise in the fall for Fall NYFW! But now I’m sad, since I guess there won’t be. 🙁 You said Nonsociety is a hobby, so I guess you don’t need any more Fashion Week interns for your Nonsociety coverage and photoshoots. What a shame! I wish I could be there to help you get glammed up for your classy, artistic shoots!”

    • my question is not even why does she need them, but how can she legally have them? I mean, before it didn’t seem like she could legally have them either, but now that she’s saying that nonsociety isn’t even a business, it’s just a hobby…then, seriously, how delusional is she that she thinks she can have interns and that the internship at her hobby is so valuable, it’s worth college credits.

      I just kant.

  4. Poor bunny is exhaaaaaaausted from “working” for two weeks. I bet you are darlin’, you should now totally take a vacation or two. Go ahead bunny, you tots deserve it. Having hobbies for a living and not having to pay your own rent IS hard.

    Would anyone care for a gently used magazine?

  5. Here’s the thing. What the fuck does she expect for posting an endless stream of “Look at me! I’m so beautiful!” photos? Just endless fawning and adoration? She cannot possibly be completely ignorant to how this would rub some people the wrong way, can she????

    Life, you are doing it wrong.

    • Exactly- any normal person would feel like a giant asshole doing these elaborate photoshoots while freeloading on their friend’s couch or in their parents’ condo. So wasteful and sickening.

    • It might be understandable coming from a 14-year-old, but an almost 30-year-old? Nope. She has no class.

  6. Also it’s a really good thing to announce to the world, and to your new boyfriend, that you are basically a hose beast before you get your period. Future employers and love interests love a bitchy loon.

  7. She is such a raging cuntbag to her readers and commenters. If I were a naive young thing who stumbled onto Julia’s blog, and I saw how nasty and condescending she is to her commenters, I would stop reading immediately because she is SO RUDE. Someone emailed her a spelling correction of the designer who uses her as an OMGMuse and she called her out and made such passive-aggressive nasty remarks. It’s like on Gawker when Brian Moylan throws a hissy fit when people correct his misinformation and spelling mistakes. It’s in bad form and looks really tacky.

    • Did you catch this bizarre piece of cognitive dissonance in her comments?

      What does this even mean?
      Kodak & Cisco paid NonSociety a large fee to attend CES and produce videos for them. Davos was a wonderful experience for me, but I had no obligation to anyone to do coverage.

      She was paid to produce videos but had no obligation to do coverage?

      • “Cisco did not sponsor NonSociety at CES; rather we employed them to develop media assets, which would live on both our sites. We gave NonSociety the liberty to be creative and spontaneous when producing CES content because NonSociety is able to address people and topics in a lighthearted way that is exclusive of the … feel that I sometimes find difficult to avoid. We would also like to disclose that Digital Cribs personalities do not receive any payment for their participation.”

        THIS is what they got paid to “produce”:
        Has anyone ever paid them for “content” since?

        • oh my god how tragic 🙁

          Still it is delightful to be reminded of what a complete nong Meghan Asha was!!

        • It’s almost impossible to watch Julia Allison talk and not come away hating her. I had never seen that video before, and I never want to see it again.

        • wasn’t Asha’s dad one of the founders or former top execs of Cisco?

          so they basically only got the job bc of nepotism (i.e. Meghan Asha being involved, which she isnt anymore)

        • I kinda thought they were a total fail which is why they were never posted. Remember they were like soap opera shoots they did as well as some lip dubbing (I remember them trying to get MC Hammer in one of them). I think Cisco probably was like, we can’t release these. I dunno, that’s my guess.

  8. I mainly get the physical joys of PMS – the bloating and occasional breakouts – but even if I do get a little moody, I get a grip on my moods and would never, ever blame my behavior on my period. Because, as someone already said, it’s pretty much saying that your personality depends on the time of the month, and that if you’re a raging cunt now, you’ll be a raging cunt for a few days each month in perpetuity.

    • she’s turning 30, so she’s been dealing with her period now for at least half of her life. she’s had more than enough time to learn to deal with the moodiness. I get moody, where I am apt to snap at people or I feel like crying with little provocation. but at this point I’m able to recognize that it’s not the situation or person that’s so bad, it’s me, and I adjust my attitude as best as I can. and if I can’t, I just keep my mouth shut. god forbid she grow up, act like an adult, and recognize that only she is responsible for and in control of her behavior.

      I guess it’s biology!

      • You probably don’t make a public embarassment of your life to the point where you have people needling you and subtly mocking you everywhere you go, in real life and online. She has to realize that even though people don’t (usually) mock her openly, they’re definitely talking about how dumb she is behind her back or else implying it in their tone of voice/choice of words. As if she’s mildly retarded.

  9. What the fuckity fuck? Is she fucking 14? A grown ass woman about to turn 30 usually stops blaming her bad moods on PMS by the time she hits her 20’s.

    • Forgot to add:

      It’s *not* biology. You are just a raging cunt. And there are plenty of people who’ve met you in person who could confirm this.

        • PMS was a bullshit excuse for being rude to me, JennyGrace, after I BAITED HER by saying I was famous and had met her. That’s when she hid behind the PMS excuse after she’d wagged her finger at me numerous times and said I was being rude.


          • Oh that is so true! When you said you were a famous person, she backed off SO DAMN FAST and immediately trotted out the old PMS excuse. God forbid a “famous” person might think badly of her. She is a shameless piece of trash.

    • ALSO – can she stop INTERRUPTING PEOPLE like a fucking moron? Jesus – she never lets anyone finish a GD sentence. Ok, I’m done having this conversation with myself now. 🙂

      Carry on!

      • It makes me especially irritated when someone gets halfway through a sentence and she jerks the mike back to her own maw, repeats whatever phrase they just said that struck her funny, chortles out a hee-haw, then finally swings the mike back around to the flabbergasted celebrity. She does this several times during the ANTM Jay & J interview. She literally cannot follow an interviewee’s entire train of thought and can only grok McNugget-sized bits of dialogue.

        The worst part of that one is that it starts out with Jay & J gushing over Julia’s outfit, and for a minute or so I thought it was that powder-blue, peplummed grandma tablecloth that she’s wearing in other last-season segments. I was about to lose all respect for them, but it turned out to be that black cap-sleeved sheath that I actually really liked, with the garnet drop earrings and a non-sausagey French twist.

        • Her laugh is so annoying, too. “Uh huh huh huh,” puts mic back, pulls it away again, makes unclever comment, “Uh huh huh huh.”

          It’s like fucking Butthead from ‘Beavis and Butthead.’


      I’ve never seen someone just STINK of trying too hard in my life. Her attempts at humor are cloying and inane. She argues with the other person, forces them respond to her brain dead comments and THEY have to be the one to make it not awkward.

      I’d say this aging spinster should stink to the printed page, but sadly she writes like an autistic 8th grade girl, which is basically what she is anyway.

    • Her vids are likely somebody trying to impersonate a real journalist. She’s so incredibly contrived and pretentious. By the end of each vid you can see her interview subject has realized she is completely devoid of charm.

    • Pause that video where KC says, actually, i am known for comedy. The bitch please is INTENSE. Chenoweth (sp?) HATES her.

      And the douche move of taking off the heels? Not acceptable. KC=nonplussed.

  10. Can we get an “Unsubstantiated Rumor Time” post any time soon? I’m jonesing for one and those are my very favorite!

  11. I think she said that just to make it clear she hadn’t gone through menopause yet.

    The way she looked in most of those photos…tough to tell.

  12. How come she can’t deal with PMS at the age of 29? Oh, right, cause she can’t deal with anything.

  13. another attempt to make jack jealous?

    Julia Allison
    I received a lovely blue & green BCBG dress in the mail with a “Happy Birthday” but no signature!!! Um. What do I do now?
    14 hours ago via web

  14. OT: Just channel-surfed & came across (on ABC) Good Housekeeping’s TURNING BACK THE CLOCK & the girl I caught a glimpse of right before commercial break looked a dead ringer for Lasagna. I wish that girl would get an astonishing make-over, then some self-confidence, then the hell away from the hell that is Donkey & dog-sitting.

    • Alagna’s Linked In profile still shows her as the COO of NonSociety.

      She’s the COO of Julia’s hobby.


      • Alagna is 33 or 34. Far too old to have a pretend nonjob™.

        She should be ashamed of herself.

        (Remember when Krystal was CFO of NonSociety? That was such a good one.)

        • Not defending any of these losers–but Krystal (31 yr old) is dating (maybe engaged to) a guy who makes a lot of money. Lasagna (33 yr old), God bless her lil’ heart, is still firmly within the “NS family” as their “COO” and she’s dating a nearly-40-year-old guido named Joe who plays cover band stuff on Lawn Guyland and BK. She also apparently lives with her parents.

          • = the reason she’s not involved with NS is that she doesn’t want to fuck that up.

            I’m not agreeing with these pathetic bitches, I’m just saying that she GAVE UP on life when she moved in with a banker/biglaw guy. In these fucked up idiots’ world, that = success.

            At least she knows how not to scare the guys away. She should teach Julia.

          • Here’s an unpopular opinion, but why is she giving up on life just because she doesn’t have a job? I really dislike the thinking that you are defined by what career or job you have. Some people just aren’t career driven, and if they have a partner who is and who makes a lot of money, why work?

    • Weird article. I think this guy’s got more problems than just an internet privacy violation!

      That has become an issue for August Busch IV after his companion, an aspiring model, was found dead in his bed two months ago with a significant amount of a powerful painkiller, oxycodone, and cocaine in her system. Mr. Busch was the head of Anheuser-Busch when it was sold more than two years ago to a Belgian company, InBev, a move widely criticized in St. Louis, his hometown. So he had no reservoir of good will to draw on when the death was reported. And an online search of his name quickly turns up a reference to the death.

  15. “I went to Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa on Michigan Ave today for an emergency post Fashion Week facial & upsold myself on a mani-pedi. Oops?”

    The thing about her annoying name dropping tweets like this is that she thinks she’s important enough for her “readers” to flock to the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa on Michigan Ave and ask for “whatever Julia Allison had”, or she’s hoping for some shill. Either way, what a twat.

  16. When you fail at your career and your princess fairy corporation generates no revenue = just CALL IT A HOBBY!


  17. The era where they really took themselves seriously as Serious Bisness Tech Laydeez is really the gift that keeps on giving. There is so much to parse just in this short video. How can they even be serious with this??? And so smug. And then Meghanaise says that she thinks the New York Times does a really good job of aggregating information. ?

    I can’t even imagine what it was like to be around them during this time.

    • This one is my all-time favorite from that era:

      “Hi! I’m Meghan Asha!! I’m a TECH BLOGGER! People watch me do crazy shit on a blog and that’s my CAREER! My blog is my business! Oh, and my two equally vapid best friends started this BUSINESS with me! We’re ON THE CUTTING EDGE OF TECH! Pretty soon NO ONE WILL WATCH TV ANYMORE BECAUSE EVERYTHING COOL IS ONLINE NOW! Like us! We’re awesome! Hey, check out all my cool shit in my fucking amazing home! I won’t even discuss how I can possibly live like this on a TECH BLOGGER salary! What, I ain’t no trust funder, I IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS LAYDEE RUNNING A BUSINESS! I tots support myself in my wired home. Yeps, cuz I run a REAL business now! Yay!! Look at all my stuff! LOOK AT ALL MY FUCKING STUFF! I am awesome. What shoes should we wear to yet another vapid social event, girls? THANK GOD FOR THIS APPLE LAPTOP! My life rawks and I rawk out on my pretty guitars. Yay tech!!!”

      • Wow, love how proud Donks is of herself for successfully identifying a pair of Louboutins. I haven’t picked up Vogue since the 90s and even I could spot those in the field. They have fire-engine red soles.

        • Also love that Mary sees a tiny bikini and is all, “Oh yeah, *I* would need extensive gym time to wear this.” Whahh? Girl is 110 lbs dripping wet. Shutup, Mary.
          Although she is so much better on camera than Julia, awful former blonde extensions aside. At least she’s natural and doesn’t CUT OFF her interview subjects for idiotic asides and comments. Julia’s way too self-absorbed and show-offy to properly interview anyone. Which is why her entire on-camera career is laughable.

  18. @juliaallison: Jack: I’m hanging out w Navy Seals buddies tonight and cruising for poontang. Me: Ooh! What do Seals look like? Take photos! Jack: Normal, just in way better shape.

    Fixed that for ya!

  19. Jack! Jack! Read my lifecast! I, too, have dated a lot! Other men have liked me! Oh, and I’m sorry I’m soooo needy! hee hee! It’s an “LDR”, that’s all! I can’t say any of this to you directly, so I post it on the internet so you see it! It’s so perfect that a reader emailed me that question, eh?! Funny! xoxo

    • Is she fucking kidding with this?

      Ten bucks says Señor Yack is out with his Navy Seal ‘buddies’ right now, drinking beer, picking up on girls and having a good laugh over her nutty, obsessive texts.

      • That’s what I thought / hoped, once I saw CUNTbunnies latest artistic installment of her muse, Ceiling Cat — those SEALS are gonna bust some guts LTAO when they get a load of FlapJack’s donkey fetish.

        • I am sure jack told his seal buddies all about how he and his lady love are living in a ‘romcom,’ as he put it. and immediately following that, his buddies checked to make sure his balls were still intact.

      • oh my god (God)
        she’s giving lessons of her code names. What. Is. Wrong. With. Her.

        Huh? she lived with PK? She ended Toph b-c of long distance? She ended SFBoy b-c of distance, not she found someone better/richer/more famous?

        so many lies, no wonder she has to re-tell these “OMG BOYZ LIKE ME” posts to keep them all straight.

        Dear reader [redacted] (aka Julia),
        1) Please never move to SF. Please.
        2) You’ve been dating this boy for what, seven weeks? This makes you an expert on LDR. Ok then. And this new (rich, famous) boy is THE MOST HONEST PERSON EVER next to your dad? WOE is me. Too much to parse for this comment.
        3) You really expect us to believe that anyone would write that email to you? it sounds *exactly* like your own (terrible) writing

        • and this doesn’t account for idonk, at all. I thought idonk was late summer, and taylor immediately followed him in the fall.

          eh, whatever, I guess one sf boy can easily substitute for another in her pea brain.

          • Wasn’t iDonk a one-shot thing? She posted that she wanted a ticket for John Mayer, he had one, she accompanied him to the show, they never encountered one another again? Or am I confusing her “boys” (I prefer to date “men”)?

    • There is a decidedly high school vibe going here with all of it. It is like someone in 11th grade wrote that.

      And the yoo-hoo Pancakes element of it is hilariously sickening.

    • I am sorely tempted to comment on her post with a “You rang?” but I really don’t want the hassle of her knowing my IP or sending a nasty email to my secondary email address. Ehhh.

  20. “I had just tried the whole long distance thing from July – Oct 2009 with Toph (“Code Name TK”), who lived in LA, and after three or four months, I felt the distance really hindered any chance at a normal relationship, so I suppose I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing.”

    Huh. You know what else ‘really hindered any chance at a normal relationship’? The fact that he had a girlfriend the entire time he was ‘dating’ you.

    • It’s crazy. She’s losing it. Where the hell is Records Custodian?!
      And besides, her tips are idiotic/simple…I mean, it’s so nuanced. Every couple has their own stuffto deal with, particularly if long distance. She should write for Cosmo. Filler/fluff shit.


        “More surprising than the pairing was how it ended: At Allison’s behest. We hear that Toph had an ex-girlfriend who wasn’t ex- enough. With the breakup and its slow leak into public view, Allison is feeling “teary” and old and “the world would be a much better place if we were all more honest.”

        When is this ‘Social Media Expert’ going to learn that the INTERNET NEVER FORGETS?

        • I knew about the GF, I just can’t believe she has the huevos to actually pretend that the ‘distance’ was the only issue with TK.

        • That line was such bullshit, however. She didn’t end it. He was relieved to have been busted, and all she wanted from him was a denial and then the continuation of the relationship, which he had no interests in. He wanted out and his friends despised her.

          • I’m always curious about this… whenever she talked about what they were doing, it was either solo activities that weren’t all that “date-like” or mundane group things (like um, eating cookies and watching him swiffer while hanging with his roomies). She seemed so much more like a girl he was just hanging out with than “dating” in any true sense of the word. I’ve also noticed with Julie that she almost always try to romanticize relationships and interactions as being so much deeper than they actually are. Neither HL nor TK wanted to be photographed with her, and she claims she and HL was “non-exclusive” when she went on vacation with him.

            TK: famous name, attractive, money(?) – she’s sooo hurt to find out he wasn’t being exclusive with her and had a GF

            PK: money, willing to indulge her tackiness, not attractive enough for her, she didn’t love him till she was about to lose him – she’s upset that she was “inconsiderate” and happy he left the door open… till he slammed it shut and now has had a new GF for awhile

            Greasy: money, attractive enough for her, good enough till McCain took the best, demoted to “never dated, best friend” though nobody had heard of him till she began crowing about her “SF boy”, now promoted to having been an LDR

            There are so many others, too. It’s amazing how frequently she lists the dates and has hinted at relationships on her blergh and twatter, because I’m sure if you were to put together a visual timeline you’d see she’s overlapped practically every single one she’s ever been in. But [redacted2] and TK had the nerve to do it to her… how dare they!

    • So many lies and half truths to parse here, really, it is staggering.

      Why? Is she doing this?

      That ‘reader email’ is not legit. While it could have been a catlady, i am leaning towards this being Julie.

      She wanted to actively clean up the last 2 years of flitting around and failing to land a boyfriend (they all ran, let’s not forget).

      Well it’s not going to work. We all know you are a liar and the internet never forgets. Mostly because you refuse to leave it alone, Julie.

  21. What long distance couples can afford to see each other every 2 weeks, aside from her and Flapjack? She’s so out of touch with reality.

    Pancakes is already out cruisin’ the town Julesie! And the girls in SD are tan and in shape and naturally pretty. Quite the opposite of the bloated-corpse-moonface-pancake makeup-never-seen-the-sun-untoned look you’re going for.

    • It’s not even just the issue of being able to afford it. How many long distance couples have the time to see each other every two weeks? Just based on my own personal experience, if I had told my boss that every two weeks, I would be out of the office for a few days to visit my (then) long distance boyfriend, he would have laughed at me and told me to find a new job.

    • What happens once he’s on active duty? I know they won’t ship lil Flapjacks off to Afghanistan, but don’t people in the military occasionally have slightly unpredictable schedules?

  22. “(Taylor was/is super trustworthy and honest as well … some others in the past, cough cough, not so much.)”

    GOD, Julia, you are SO RIGHT. It is so awful when someone is dishonest and duplicitous in their relationships, like that time my ex put all these photos up of her trip to visit a friend, and then like two weeks later it turned out she was actually desperately trying to bone someone else and she dropped me as soon as she managed to seal the deal enough to change her facebook status…So glad you’re here to steer us towards the appropriate levels of netiquette! Kisses and fingerwags!

  23. Sweet baby Jesus. Her advice for long distance relationships? I don’t even know where to begin. Like a John Mayer concert, I’m probably going to need a few months to let this all sink in before I’m ready to express my feelings. I would like to call attention to this from the “reader” who emailed Donks for advice:

    first off- you look so radiant and it makes me smile because I can tell you’re SO happy, which is why I’m emailing

    Oooohhh! See that, hater catladiezzzz!?!?! Someone thinks she looks radiant! Not old, bloated or all-around fucked up from fillers and injections. We were all wrong!!

    but it’s very hard to keep up this long distance lifestyle- and you seem to be doing it wonderfully (and gracefully) so I was hoping you could offer some pointers!

    Either this is another email that Donks wrote to herself or the author is 16 year old high school girl whose boyfriend went off to college this past Fall and just doesn’t know any better. No adult woman with half a brain would think that Donkey’s approach to relationships, long distance or otherwise, is worth hitting her up for advice.

  24. i cannot believe the epic level of crazy the Donk is spewing out now!

    The reader email was just…..insanity. Glowing and graceful?? yep. That’s our Donkey, alright.

    Is 6am on the West Cost too early for popcorn?

    I really cannot wait to see what an ass she makes of herself in San Diego.

  25. Jack McCain texting Julia, “We’re totally a ROMCOM,” is a pretty good indication that these two juvenile, superficial assholes belong together. I honestly wouldn’t have believed any male would say something so gross if it weren’t for the fact that she posted a screen grab of the text. Prediction: By the time Donkey leaves San Diego, Flappy will own a pink bike named Tutu.

    • A military guy saying “romcom, JULIA”… it’s pretty suspisch. Beard city? An “arrangement”? Something very off here.

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