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Didn’t someone point out that all of the names of Julia’s glowing commenters start with the letter “K”?

Well this is what “Kimberly” had to say about the photo above, which documents Julia clearly hard at work covering Fashion Week as a journalist and not a faux-lebrity (she’s not trying to be famous, people!) who hunts down the same photographer every day to create the illusion that dozens of photojournalists, also known as “people who actually work,” follow her around, documenting her every clomp, because who cares what artistic creations designers are shoving down the runways (or Baby Jane kinderwhore crap, in the case of Betsey Johnson) when there is a feverish demand from highly respected publications to purchase hundreds of rights-managed images of Julia Allison doing a motherfucking skirt pull. (Seriously, what is wrong with her face?)

Kimberly M. Yesterday 01:03 AM

Oh wow! I would want to keep it, too! Seriously, this is one of my fave looks on you ever, Julia (and I’ve been a long time reader). 🙂 Also still loving the jewel tones and the shape of the fitted dresses that you sported earlier (esp. that one shouldered red dress!).

The side hair part is really fab, but I also love the center part on you. You can totally pull both off, so long as the curls are soft and flowing throughout, making it look both youthful and sophisticated. All around great choices for Fashion Week, Mademoiselle! It’s fun to experiment! What better place to do it (and find inspiration) than at Fashion Week? I’m totally hitting up Rent The Runway soon. Love it!

(This comment is brought to you buy Rent the Runway, because why should you pay retail to look this tragic? )


    • & you KNOW he’s dreading tomorrow!

      @juliaallison Anna sui was very interesting. See You tomorrow to shoot your citybuzz stuff. about 6 hours ago via Twitter for Android in reply to juliaallison

      • OMG. She’s there shooting fucking FILLER FOR AIRPLANE TVs. And she poses like she’s fucking Angelina Jolie or some shit. NO ONE CARES DONKEY.

        She looks like complete hell, and she’s just so sad already. I really wanna take her tacky ass costume jewelry and just fling it across the room. Enough.

  1. And um, yeah, that comment was not written by a real fucking person. And if it WAS, wow, that person is just a big sack of fucking sad.

      • Nice. I didn’t figure out that extra step. That is amazing, how obvious can she make it? “Running to Rent the Runway right now! Julia, you are the most beautiful, awesome, and lovely and AMAZEBALLS creature I have seen! INeffable! Haha!”

        Wow, I just looked at her blergh. Fucking CRICKETS. Most posts have zero comments, sad face!

    • Yeahhhhh …..I think Kimbraylie plagiarized “the curls are soft and flowing throughout, making it look both youthful and sophisticated” straight off of a WIGS SUPERSTORE ad.

      Well done, Mulesie, WELL DONE.

  2. Also, you complete jackass, if you are wearing a (partially) black dress, it’s kinda hard to see it when you wear FUCKING BLACK TIGHTS against it.

    Also, that dress is beyond hideous. Ugh. I wanna slap her so hard. COME GET ME DADSERS, I’m an internet bully!!!!!

    Those legs. You know, she should probably quit it with the losing weight, because it’s clear the weigh comes off everywhere but her fucking ginormous disgusting calves, and pretty soon she’s going to weigh her FRESHMAN YEAR 108 again omg!!! and still be packing canteloupes on her legs there.

      • I can’t. I really cannot. I’m thinking of just emailing her at this point, and challenging her to a duel. The level of annoying is searing my eyeballs at this point.

        • the duel: who can raise more money for charity.
          the combatants: julie vs. RBDonk.
          the deadline: Expiration Date.

          did y’all pick a charity (re: discussions on previous post)? where do i click?

        • I love it when you lose your shit, JFA. You’re like the Hulk.

          And I would pay good money to see you challenge Julie to a duel. Curling irons at dawn?

          • How about an ass-off? I wore a Stop Staring dress to my bro’s wedding a couple of years ago (she fucking RUINS EVERYTHING for me). You wanna see a real ass? I will out-ass her, and then I will beat her ass down. I will also out-hair her, because I have ACTUAL LONG HAIR and not stinky smelly pelts. I will out-class her and out-ass her and then slap her senseless.

          • Or, how ’bout we set up a mud wrestling pit and charge $20 bucks at the door? $3 beers, $5 well drinks. All proceeds go to the charity of the winner’s choosing.

            Loser has to participate in the next Susan G. Komen Charity Walk/Run. And actually show up + complete it *gives Julie some serious side eye*

          • Classic. Curling irons at dawn has such a nice ring. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my internet. Prepare to die. To the death! No, to the pain.

        • I’m seriously considering it. Unfortunately, I’ve met her several times (not that she’d remember me unless I mention the OMG client I was representing) and this whole thing about her mother’s attack set me off.

          Julia Allison Baugher – YOU mentioned your mother’s rape. On Twitter. For the whole Internet to see. That makes it our business, you fucking moron.

    • I’m pretty sure the dress is (shockingly) too tight on her, too. the fabric is puckering about an inch up from where the black meets the white.

      • It looks fucking trashtastic regardless. Because guess what? She’s too fucking short to pull off that length! Those kind of “frocks” only look good if you have really long legs. And I am the last person to say short people can’t wear anything they want, I’m 5’2″ and I hate all that shit. But it’s true.

        Also, that white dress was cute but what’s the fucking deal with her and that “so much ass” comment? Her ass if almost as flat as a pancake. She thinks she’s just so va-va-voomy and really, she’s a dull stupid bore, all around, with a flat ass and sad little boobies. Smoke and mirrors.

  3. Ditto all of Julia’s Fat Ass.

    2nd, that is the damn fakest fucking fluff I have ever read – does she think we cannot see right through the OMG Julia, I like, have followed you 4eva and you are soooo KoOl!

    Quit having your intern, Ms Alagna, write all your fan-girl fluff. It’s sick.

    I can’t wait till Randi bows out of Tahoe and this Chicago Cunt has to seethe in silence.

  4. She’s such a terrible writer she can’t even hide her cloying prose when pretending to be someone else!

    “All around great choices for Fashion Week, Mademoiselle!”

    That’s totally Julia (WHO NEVER READS HERE). She loves using cute, feminine terms like that when sucking up. “See you at our birthday, lady!” to Randi, or Megatits, etc. What unhinged loon.


  5. JP, coughing the sludge out of my craw so I can gaggle that, as one journalist to another, I love your writing. You da man.

  6. StaceyMcCoy Yesterday 09:43 PM
    I LOVE that dress!!!! You look adorable in it! Possible bday gift from the bf perhaps? 😉
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    juliaallison Today 12:10 AM in reply to StaceyMcCoy
    haha I wish!!! 🙂

    If someone actually wrote that on my blog, I would delete it immediately because I would be too embarrassed that people might think I was angling to get my bf to buy it. It’s like she’s got lamb’s blood on her door, and shame and humility and good judgment pass right on by in the night never to touch her.

      • Are you kidding? Of course Julie gets the Passover reference. Did you forget that she is 1/4 or 1/2 or 7/8 or 5/16 Jewish?

    • Au contraire, this is JULIA ALLISON we are discussing. Everything is pointed, and for effect, hoping others are watching. She also left some comments up on one of those posts about a dude asking her out for a “real valentine’s day” or some shit. She left those up too, because the “boyfriend” might see them, and realize OTHER MEN WANT HER!!!!

      She’s fucking disgusting. Also I totally agree with something Records Custodian said about her relationship with Flapjacks. Notably, that it doens’t exist. Something is very off there, and phony. I’m afraid we won’t get the big dramatic breakup we are all hoping for, because I don’t really think there is any “there” there. She’ll keep him around until after birthcray so she has arm candy, like she did with PK, and then it will probably fizzle because it’s pretty obvious there is no spark.

        • I’m not getting the gay vibe so much as there’s no other explanation for him hanging in there when there’s no discernible chemistry whatsoever, unless he’s going to extremes to make a recent ex (heh!) jealous.

          Little dude just doesn’t exude one iota of sex appeal in the vicinity of Donkey …

    • SO passive aggressive.

      Don’t I wish my rich boyfriend bought me dresses. DID YOU READ THAT, PANCAKES?! I WANT STUFF.

      • And yes. Totally. She is angling for a 1000$ dress from someone she has been dating for 3 months. A 24 yr old Navy pilot. This is all about Cindy’s money, as usual.

  7. Let’s talk about future appearances of Miss Kimberly M.
    Click the avatar & Activity & see where she’ll pop up next. tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow 4 hours from now 4 hours from now

    (Caught screengrabs for ya, JP, for if & when Donkey deletes)

  8. Heya, JP … can you catch & release my post that’s no doubt caught in the spam filter dues to 4-5 links? Thanks in advance. (it’s relevant, I promise).

  9. Didn’t someone point out that all of the names of Julia’s glowing commenters start with the letter “K”?

    That was me! Oh bunnies, I feel So.Blessed to be mentioned in a RBD post. I’m going to gorge on 4 chocolate bars to celebrate!!

    • Years ago I remember a commenter called “Kyle” who wisely suggested that Julia “let it unfold” – this was before her tattoo…..

    • Y’know, that’s part of the methodology the IRS uses to catch tax cheats who are just pulling numbers out of thin air. If they don’t match a truly random distribution (like, too many end in “7” or something) , it’s a red flag that the numbers are fudged.

  10. I know we were discussing charities, might I suggest (Micro-lending site where your donation is actually a loan for someone starting a business in a developing country. They pay you back over time and you re-invest in someone else, it’s the gift that keeps on giving!) Maybe we can support a woman who HAS NOT had all the opportunities donkey has had, and who is trying to make something of herself. It’s also nice because we get to see the results!!


    • building off that brayniac. you know what would also be fun. if we do a search contest for the “anti-julia.” some smart, hungry up and coming writer who doesn’t come with all the self-promotion and opportunities handed to her by family privilege. i would definitely donate to a rbd fund to support such a young person’s efforts. and there are A LOT of other connected folk who read here who i am sure would as well. just think… we always complain about how she always has shit handed to her on a platter (and still blows it, but manages to fall upwards) while others struggle with way more talent and drive and less… well evilness. so, let’s find such a person and get creative about ways to support them on their journey – financial, networking, etc… it would be a blast. it would be even better if the anti-julia was some sort of frenemy of hers or someone she has slighted in the past (karma and all that – hey that starts with a k too…).

  11. Also, just want to say that I was really touched by the trust shown by our fellow cat-people in sharing their stories and proud to be a part of such a compassionate and wonderful community. You guys are also damn funny.

    Her comments are so weird- and so clearly written by her. I also noticed yesterday between 11:40 and 1:40 she posted ten pictures of herself on her shitcast. I cannot even imagine spending TWO HOURS looking through pictures of myself and a non-event for my non-job and then posting them online. What a colossal waste of time!

  12. No WAY. #conspiracy

    Easy, breezy tone! Life is FANTASY! And so is your HAIR, girl! It’s a fab ‘do, stunning layday, and the only way I can think to describe it is through my varied (use of parentheticals) parlance!

  13. Her self-scribed comments also tend to have an initial for the “reader’s” last name. Not obvious or anything, Julia, you sad, pathetic fuck.

  14. Also, if you check their disqus profiles, most of these glowing commenters only comment on julia’s blog. Disqus is a pretty popular comment system, especially on Tumblr. So these commenters started disqus accounts and only read julia’s blog? They don’t even comment on other non-society pages? Kinda weird.

    • I saw him mention that in his link dump the other day. It was a link to a photo of Paris Hilton, but when I read it before clicking, I thought, OMG! Michael K is making fun of Donks!

  15. That dress DOES NOT FIT HER!
    She is busting the seams, the bodice looks like SAUSAGE CASING!

  16. you know there are companies that pay for ‘astro-turfing’, ie making fake comments with a fake profile, if Julie could manage to marketing anything other than herself she might make a good living at such a thing..

    Or she could end up as an astro-turfing commentor for MareMare’s site..what’s MareMare down to only two commentors per week?

  17. OK, I really hate to bring up that ugly Tweet again, but did anybody else see this reply?

    @leonardkadyshes Leonard Kadyshes
    @juliaallison “i was inside”. no, you were 8 yrs old and it was a weekday. in other words, you were inside SCHOOL. legalese, eh?
    10 hours ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply


    • Leonard is splitting hairs. It doesn’t matter where she was, her mom was raped. Who cares what room Julia was inside when it happened, it was still a very bad event.

  18. This is also a real comment, and her reply:

    I LOVE that dress!!!! You look adorable in it! Possible bday gift from the bf perhaps? 😉
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    juliaallison Today 01:10 AM in reply to StaceyMcCoy
    haha I wish!!! 🙂

    Stacey McCoy, brand new Disqus user and this is her only comment. Julia, you might want to lay off the emoticons and multiple exclamation points. It’s a bit obvious.

    • Oops. I see this has already been commented on above.

      But size up burro. Your armpit fat is screaming for mercy. And those bare, fleshy, freckly, pale arms just gross me out. It’s winter. Cover those haggis impersonators up.

  19. She obvi wrote this and this is her trying to get Pancakes to shell out a grand to buy her this dress for her birthday. The hints are getting less and less subtle!

    It is obvious what she is aiming for here. Man she is vapid.

  20. Tic: Exclamation points everywhere!

    Tic: “and I’ve been a long time reader”

    Tic: So many parenthetical phrases (that are so unnecessary) (but sound like excited asides in her head) (like how girls talk on commercials when they recommend products to each other) (this is how she imagines actual friendship)

    Tic: “Mademoiselle”

    Tic: Creepy robot adspeak boilerplate like “It’s fun to experiment! What better place to do it (and find inspiration) than at Fashion Week?” and “so long as the curls are soft and flowing throughout, making it look both youthful and sophisticated.”

    Tic: “Seriously……, Julia”

    Tic: Floating redundant emoticon 🙂

    Tic: “totally hitting up”

    Tic: “really fab”

    Tic: “sported”

    Tic: “Love it!”


      • I love how when she picks up her commenter pen and smacks her lips she invents the same “reader” every time. It’s just Julia, minus the “fame”. The only difference is when she REALLY goes undercover and tries to disguise herself with a British accent.

        Wot’s all this then? Tally ho and sally forth to Rent the Runway! Good show! Pip pip!

  21. Didn’t someone also point out that she apologized for having a freudian slip on a comment that wasn’t hers?

  22. If there was a drinking game where you had to drink every time Julia was pictured doing that COMPLETELY FUCKING IDIOTIC SKIRT-PULL all participants would be dead before the 40th photo.

    She’s so oblivious. How many classy, well-dressed people can you think of that have an urge to pull their clothing taut at some comical angle to their body? I don’t see that happening a lot because generally clothes are designed to look good on *people* (assuming they fit, ahem) and not some two-dimensional angular restroom sign silhouette.

    Also, her hair is distinctly two different shades and I have to fight the urge to vomit when I look at it. Near part on front right of her face, dark. Everything else, nasty and matted and lighter.

    But hey, if the look you were going for is “Tawny Kitaen’s mugshot”, you fucking NAILED IT, JULESIE!

    So. busted.

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