UPDATED: Julia Allison Outdoes Herself in the Most Horrendous Way


She did NOT!

This little reveal, which I, for one, have never revealed, even though I have known about it for a very long time, has to be the absolute, most disgusting thing Julia Allison, of the “I Changed My Name To Protect The Privacy of My Family” Allison’s, has ever done.

@excite_enliven – I’m not qualified to speak about the revolution in Egypt. But I can speak about violence against women. It’s disgusting.

@CaitStahle – what an ignorant, selfish, horrendous thing to say. My mother was raped outside our apt when I was 8. I was inside.

It’s peculiar that she defends herself by revealing an incredibly private story about her mother to over 20,000 Twitter followers, when, if Georgetown intel is to be believed, Julia Allison was known as the donkey whore who cried date rape in college when an assignment was late. Why not just mention that personal information instead of the story about Robin, if it is true (which it is not)? And since it’s not, considering that her mother is a victim of sexual violence, it makes Julia Allison even more heinous when she pulls the rape card as an excuse for being a lazy entitled twat. Just as heinous is the fact that she revealed this information on a hugely public forum and then immediately proceeds to post 10,037,3974,495,038,958 pictures of her wearing her “Reno Hooker Goes to the Fire and Ice Ball” garb.

I can go on and on with a patented JP tirade, but I really don’t think I could stop. Instead, to confine my immense rage, the next time I see a kitten, I’m going to punch it in the nuts.

Look what you made me do, Julia. LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!

UPDATE: Ok, after having now read through all the comments on this matter: Fuck it. I’m going to do this.

I haven’t paid attention to Julia since this morning, when I was mesmerized by her “Minnie Mouse Standing On The Street Corner Because She Needs Some Meth Money” footwear, so it is quite an unfortunate coincidence that, today in therapy, I did something that I rarely ever do.

I openly discussed my own rape.

When I was twelve-years-old, I was gang raped by a group young men. Even though I can still feel, still hear, still see and smell every single detail of my assault, when I think about that night — which is not often — the only words I am capable of using to describe that sadistic experience are “violent” and “traumatic” and “life-altering,” three heavy words that seem flimsy and weightless relative to the gravity of the experience.

I accepted that sexual violence is part of my story; those soiled, grimy pages were forcibly inserted into my narrative. I was so young when it happened and incapable of fully understanding what was done to me that it took nearly ten years to acknowledge my rape, ten years to sincerely recognize that this savage act was committed against me,  ten years to accept that no amount of denial could eradicate that darkness from my memory and that I had to concede my role as a victim so that I could consciously make the decision that this was not a role I was going to play.

It happened. I was raped. And for most of my adult life I adopted and “it is what it is” attitude about my assault. That was my survival tactic. It wasn’t healthy to try to forget that this had happened to me, but it wasn’t healthy to continually reflect on that night to the point of exhaustion.

And now hear I am, 18 years after my childhood was eviscerated, and only now am I recognizing that my rape is not just a part of my story. It is undeniably the most significant part. Those excruciatingly interminable minutes make up the most defining moment of my life. Its residual echoes reverberate in almost every facet of my existence.

My rape destroyed me. It obliterated my faith in God. It irreparably damaged my relationship with my parents. It handicapped my ability to love and inhibited my ability to nurture emotional connections with others. It forced me to unconsciously seek out inequitable romantic relationships. It shattered my ability to recognize that sex is a form of emotional expression.  And I cannot even begin to convey to you how enormously difficult it was for me to come to terms with my sexual identity when my first homosexual experience was a violent and brutal act, how disgusted I was with myself because I couldn’t control my natural attractions, how debilitating depression consumed me for years because I had to be damaged and something had to be seriously wrong with me. How could I have these uncontrollable and physically painful sexual desires for men when it was men who threw me against a wall and violently stole my virginity and my innocence.

And as horrific as my rape was, the trauma of that experience was compounded when I confided in what I thought was a close friend when I went to school the following year and told him what happened to me, only to walk into the schoolyard the next day and be welcomed by the glares and gossipy whispers and mocking laughter of the entire student body. The story had spread across campus in a matter of 24 hours. Its original details were mutated and disfigured until the rumors morphed into something where shock value infected the truth and where I was described, no longer as a victim, but as someone who wanted, begged to be assaulted and as a faggot who liked it.

The story of my rape was used against me, and my identity was tied to fantastically unbelievable and cruel rumors until the day I graduated high school. Everyday, just sitting in a classroom was a mortifying and paralyzing experience. At 13, THIRTEEN, I felt the only way to escape the daily ridicule was to wrap my lips around the barrel of my brother’s gun. And I sat there for hours, trying to convince myself to pull the trigger.


Why, WHY, would Julia Allison publicly broadcast a deeply personal experience that is not her own via such an incredibly public forum, especially when she has spent the the past two months casting herself as a cyberbully victim? Why would she casually throw this fodder into a digital basement populated by what she truly believes  to be a cabal of ravaging cat ladies whose driving mission in life is to destroy her? Why claim that protecting her family’s privacy is her utmost priority when she is going to reveal such an intimate matter — one that is her mother’s and not her own — to an online audience that includes a few dozen impressionable dumb bitches, thousands of “haters” and the entire nation of Uzbekistan?


Seriously, Julia, fuck you for using your “My Mother Was Raped” card to win a fucking internet argument. And fuck you for attempting to co-opt your mother’s experience as your own. Why, WHY, would anyone do that? Who willingly wants to be, even tangentially, a victim of sexual violence? (And while I won’t deny that her mother’s experience may have had some profound effect on Julia’s childhood, Donks can never truly understand what her mother went through, or how that experience can haunt her mother for the rest of her life.)

And why, Julia, is your mother’s (again not your own) experience a qualifying prerequisite for you to claim that rape is bad? Guess what? ALL SANE PEOPLE KNOW THAT RAPE IS HORRIBLE SO YOU CAN TAKE THE “SOLE AUTHORITY ON RAPE” TITLE OFF YOUR ALREADY FABRICATED BIO, YOU STUPID PUTTY-FACED BINT! And how can you be a self-anointed “rape expert” and crown yourself with Jordan’s stolen tiara and completely ignore the fact that men can be victims of sexual violence as well?

And why is rape even the qualifier for you to finally, FINALLY acknowledge an international story that has been dominating the news cycle for weeks? God damn it! Seriously, FUCK YOU! Why don’t you acknowledge that there are more important things going on in the world instead of your ego-feeding photo shoots and narcissistic birthday extravaganzas and fucking read a newspaper or listen to NPR or read somebody else’s Twitter feed instead of spending time posting irrefutable evidence of your heinous fashion sense and humblebragging that a senator’s son’s cock felt the inside of your musty ladycave? Considering that you dusted off your box of crayons to update your resume to claim that you are now a social media expert, shouldn’t you have been braying endlessly about how Twitter is changing the world and emboldening democracy among oppressed populations across the globe? Isn’t that a more interesting topic for a column instead of railing against TYPING IN ALL CAPS?!?!?!?!?!

And speaking of being a social media expert: WHY THE FUCK DO YOU NEED NOT ONE, BUT TWO (!) INTERNS FOR YOUR COLUMN? WHY DO YOU NEED ANY? WHY DO YOU HAVE SOMEONE ELSE MANAGING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE FOR YOUR COLUMN WHERE YOU CLAIM TO BE AN EXPERT ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Did all that Botox and Restylane dissolve your cupcake brain? Do you not realize that your new employers may reach the conclusion that even though they hired you to write stupid, stupid shit, you may not be writing this shit at all? How can your column’s readers, who have yet to realize what a stupid, fucking lazy twat you are, trust your purported expertise when you don’t even coordinate your column’s social media efforts on your own? Then again, how can they trust your expertise WHEN YOU GO BATSHIT INSANE ON TWITTER AND RELEASE IMMENSELY PERSONAL DETAILS ABOUT YOUR FAMILY?

And why reveal that on Twitter? Rape is not a topic that can be limited to the confines of 140 characters. Writing about rape on Twitter makes you look like an uninformed and gigantically stupid asshole who is only looking for pity. Then again, even if you wrote an ENTIRE BOOK on sexual violence (hahahahahahahahaha), you would STILL look like an asshole.



Seriously, FUCK! YOU!


  1. She’s also posting paragraphs about changing her part. She’s seriously lost it. Nobody cares about your fucking part.

    • It happened in her apartment building and she has spoken quite publicly about it. But donkey claims she has lived in the house by the lake since she was two so I don’t understand why they were there.

      • I don’t think there’s an acceptable season in which to showcase all those moles on her arm.

        • in one of the photos on her blog, she has four dresses laid out, and she includes the chicken cutlets on top of this dress! apparently the ‘material’ of the dress holds you in so tightly that the dress requires cutlets, in order to not appear flat chested.

          classy! I love seeing pictures of people’s underwear! maybe next she’ll take a picture of her crumpled, dirty thong on the bathroom floor.

          • i think she’s actually done that. (see: all those iphone self portraits in the omg condo bathroom)

      • it is not winter white!

        i’m sorry about your experience, jp. i can’t imagine what you went through but my heart breaks reading it.

  2. My two cents … Given all the moving comments of sympathy on the previous post, can we just move on from this? It’s awkward. She’s a cunt for posting this, but it is still not appropriate. Maybe I am wrong …

    But thanks to the mods for keeping the secret particularly during the dark weeks of the C&Ds.

  3. I wonder if julia’s got a little bit of an electra complex going on. she saw the ‘attention’ and the care her mother got when this happened, and she was jealous, so she took the story as her own and used it for her own benefit later.

    I’m simplifying, I know, but it’s late and I can’t be entirely eloquent in what I want to say.

    • I was thinking something similar but felt too timid to say it. These are really deep dark issues for women, and so much comes up when some incident like this happens that it almost impossible not to speculate, and wonder, and apply it to issues or incidents in our own lives. It’s the modern morality play part, I guess, of why I follow this particular soap opera/comedy of digital manners.

      • And now, in the light of day, I wish sincerely that I had written, “these are really deep dark issues for women and men.” I know this whole episode has stirred up so much for so many of us here, rape being so much more common than our society wants to believe or recognize. JP, that was an eloquent, brave piece of writing and argument and critique and soliloquy. I may be a cynical cat lady with a shriveled heart, but I had tears in my eyes.

    • Now the date rape excuses at GU make much more sense. Julia would toss these out SO casually, almost as if she were asking if you’d prefer tea or coffee, while becoming furious when folks didn’t believe her. Playing armchair psychologist, one might imagine jealousy directed towards Robin when the family become deeply concerned about her mother’s well-being and had little time for Julia’s antics. Electra’s bizarre revenge continues to play itself out.

      • Um, er, oops. “Became” rather than “become.” Early in the morning and no coffee yet. I still can’t believe she would disclose her mother’s rape as if it’s her tragedy to reveal.

  4. This is really an unimaginable low. No one needs to qualify their objection to violence against women.

    One time in an undergraduae video production class we watched a video made by fellow students that was unintentionally sexist. The professor had already given his comments on the video as had an older male student who typically dominated class discussions. When it was my turn and I pointed out how it accidentally glamourized violence against women they both wanted a second turn to speak. The older student went on and on about how the video bothered him, “as someone with a family history of violence against women,” and left the class. The professor finally let me speak again but asked how the video made me feel, “as a woman.”. My opinion didn’t need that qualifier and people in the class without family histories of violence could be equally offended and make equally valid points.

    Anyway, to share her mother’s personal business in such a way is disguisting. What a piece of trash.

  5. Given the issues in Pancakes’ family, one wonders if they are aware that she will use personal information like this so casually. I guess they know now.

  6. I almost have to stop hating on her for a minute, this is something which obviously would have a had a huge effect on her family and undoubtedly has a large part to play in the way she’s turned out. I always thought a mother editing her daughter’s sex column was a weird thing.

    However as we’ve always said, Julia needs a therapist, not twitter therapy.

  7. As the Swiss birdie sings, CooKoo, CooKoo…

    “Attention passengers – Next stop, Round-The Bend!”

  8. I love how she added ‘I was inside’. Because when we hear that someone has been the victim of sexual assault we immediately think ‘But where was Juuuuuuuuuulia?!’ She’s just awful.

  9. I have this sick feeling that her keeping that Twitter remark up is in hopes of gaining some publicity or there is some agenda at work. Something is not right. She constantly reads her @s so she knows she has been taken to task for posting it. So why is she keeping it up?

    I am so disturbed by this.

    • feverishly working on draft of a new Social Studies column right this minute. She started right after she posted the last skirt-pull/thinly veiled beg for a $1000 dress.

  10. (Similar to what I said in the other post.)

    According to those article links, it took place:
    [a] in the laundry room of the apartment complex (which apparently was a theme of the repeat offender) &
    [b] on a Monday morning, when presumably 8-year-old la burra would have been in school (Feb’ 5th, ’90).

    LEGALESE QUESTION of the DAY: “inside” where?

    • more to the point, when did the baugher family ever live in AN APARTMENT COMPLEX?? according to this, the family has lived at the house in wilmette for over 20 years.
      does not compute.

      • the article says that they tore down the original house in 1990 to build the house that’s there now. they had to live somewhere when the house was being built.

        • the article was written 2 yrs after the rape of robin. the robin rape was in 1990. the 2nd rape (which might’ve been in ’92) followed the pattern fo the first and the 2nd victim thus pointed out that no way should this guy go free, nor should anyone try to “fix” him–he was unredeemable.

          i feel gross for knowing this. JULIA, this was none of anyone’s business. in your years of being one of the most hated ppl on the internet, no one ever went looking for this info. think about that. think about how fucked up you are in the head. and seek help.

          the place they lived is a condo complex.

        • You are way out of line with these conspiracy theories. Clearly, the family lived in an apartment building at some point in 1990. Drop it.

    • Lets not delve further into the wherabouts of Julia during this. We’ll never know and it really doesn’t matter. If she was aware of it, it was surely traumatizing for her then and is still inappropriate to share in the way she did now.

      • I do recognize she invites this type of inquiry by offering unnecessary and quite possibly untrue information. Maybe she doesn’t get that having something aweful happen to her mother is still aweful whether she was in physical proximity or not…

    • Where exactly? Was it inside the OMG Condo building because according to her bio she has lived in the house in Wilmette since she was two that her parents had built.

  11. Every time I think she can’t sink any lower…. every time, she proves me wrong.

    Bravo, Julie. Bravo.

  12. Interesting to see her last name is not on her Wikipedia page anymore, and her parents aren’t listed. Seems like she’s managed to keep a lid on that.

    • another masterpiece. (though i’m slightly disappointed that spencer pratt is the flying monkey, instead of meghannaise) 😉

    • A much-needed bit of LULZ. Love it.

      We need some sort of directory for all of the masterpieces that you’ve created. A ‘RBD Gallery’, if you will.

  13. *It’s all about me! It was hard on ME! *I* was inside! The trauma *I* faced. Don’t you know how hard it is to have a sad mom! Hard on ME!*

  14. Can we cover up her titties in this picture. I don’t want to look at them anymore they’re making me feel sick.

  15. Oooh, @ThirdWorldGirl and @danliner have retweeted her. They both have a shitload of followers and seem *really* excited about their ability to make this tweet go viral.

    I’m sure they’ll be many more retweeting her in the morning, this is amazing!

    Poor Donks tweets a single person, and the whole Twitterverse now knows Momser was a rape victim.

    • Sorry, but you are wrong. She didn’t tweet to a ‘single person’. If she did, that would have been a DM = Direct Message. A private message that no one else but the recipient could see.

      However, that’s not what she did. I don’t even have a twitter account, yet I was able to see this tweet, both in my google reader and at icerocket.com. And if you click on http://twitter.com/juliaallison? You can see it there as well. So I don’t know what point you are trying to make. But bottom line? This was NOT a private, personal message sent to one person that somehow escaped to the Twitterverse. It was a private family matter that was intentionally put out into public by JA.

      And now, no matter who re-tweets it or discusses it, ultimately, the only person responsible for this information getting out there? ‘Poor Donks’.

      • You had to go to her page to see that tweet.

        Her 22K followers *don’t* go to her page, they view her tweets on their own page and this tweet wouldn’t have shown up unless they followed Donks and @CaitStahle. It’s true, she should have counted on her legion of haters to find the tweet and spread it far and wide. But I do think it was a good idea to reference her mother’s rape and not her own Georgetown “rapes.” Whether they happened or not, a lot of people still have Whoopi’s attitude about date rape not being “rape rape”. She had more cred using her mother’s (legally proved!) experience.

        And now Lego Wig has retweeted the retweeters! This is getting better and better!

        • wow, another donkey enabler. well done, donkey enabler, well done. your trolling will probably get a lot of comments in the morning. that’s what you want, right?

          • Don’t we all want a 500 comment thread?? Doesn’t that prove how virulent the hate is??

            I don’t like the Donk, but unlike most of you I haven’t met her, so I have no personal animus. She’s dug her own grave with her friends and family, she doesn’t need help.

          • Bray for Pay, begging your pardon, but you are not the only person who understands Twitter. It is true that by using an @reply to tweet about that assault, Juliar was limiting the number of people who saw the tweet in their feeds to @Caitwhatever and her followers. Yet there it sat in public, on Juliar’s home twitter page, not just for a gaggle of cat ladies, but for anyone in the world who was curious to see this “social media expert’s” official Twitter stream. That’s public, not private. Get over it.

          • Agreed, Little Orphan Lilly. Rapes should not be commodified, and in the case that someone’s rape has to be deemed ‘credible,’ I would posit that every rape is credible–especially since the random, violent rapes are the exception, not the norm. The emotional shock and scarring and the impact on the victims’ everyday lives are the same. Jesus fucking Christ.

    • she tweeted that info, VERY happy to include herself in her mom’s situation, fully aware that more than 20k+ people could see it. and fully aware that many people who think she’s a narcissistic fuckjob would see it. you realize she did this for attention… right?

      • Eh, maybe if she didn’t have multiple trolls creating new Twitter accounts to slam her every single day, she’d have more patience, and not be so quick to try to make a point.

        • “They goaded her!” isn’t an excuse for such a disgusting, self-serving invasion of her mother’s privacy.

          • The important question is “is Robin OK with Julia tweeting that?” which would require Julia to talk with her mother about repeating family history that many would like to keep private.

            Maybe Robin is OK with it. We don’t know. I doubt it. I think Julia is pretty indefensible here. But there is a chance that Robin is open about it, it is a matter of public record after all.

            That should be left up to Robin to decide.

            I love your name “Cabinet”!

        • I agree that in the Twitter sphere her 20,000 followers won’t see it unless they click her profile — that part is true. HOWEVER, to keep that info private, DM. That’s it that’s all.

          However, your blaming the people goading her for this is total fucking bullshit.

          She can direct message those people and tell them to fuck off. She doesn’t. She makes that shit public. True, her public of 20000 follower might not click on her account and ever see it.

          The fact is her Twitter feed is linked to her Tumblr and SOME PEOPLE, maybe even MANY PEOPLE can click on over there and see that Tweet.

          That is fucking bullshit and blaming the haters is classic Donkey failure to own mistakes.


    • I Bray for Pay –

      You make an excellent point about how Julia manipulates others — she is of course counting on her family not seeing that tweet (consequences might never be the same), while enjoying a public victory over someone who dared question her authority on the topic of rape. Win for her, right?

      Come by more often, you’re more instructive than you realize.

      • The bizarre thing is Julia wasn’t really being challenged about her knowledge of sexual violence. She was being challenged for being an alleged “Social Media Expert” who hasn’t got a clue what happened in Egypt. And this is what she pulls out as her trump card.

        This is just like the times she hadn’t done her assignment at Georgetown and claimed she couldn’t because she was date raped.
        Once again she hasn’t fulfilled the requirements and has used rape as an excuse.

        • Not to get all correcty, Effervescent, but I think what she was responding to was even more damning than her thorough uninterest in all world events: it was that she reserves her pity (such as it is) for the famous or notable. I don’t believe I have ever seen her tweet concern for the anonymous millions of men and women and children who suffer sexual abuse every single day. The “goader,” as it were, was entirely right. Even in this intimate family revelation she turned the narrative from her mother (one of the nearly anonymous millions) back to herself. She did so because she is without hope of repair. I’ve come to believe she is so wildly damaged she will live and die without ever knowing a thing about who she was or why she lived.

          • Exactly the first thing I thought. She’s too grotesque to be an object lesson at this point. I have to daily remind myself that all the current literature on personality disorders suggests that they are, themselves, in immense pain, which in no way mitigates the disaster they inflict on everyone around them. Oh who am I kidding — after this? and JP’s response? I’d have to see her in the jaws of a wild animal to feel any compassion for her. And even then I’d worry more about the animal. Reader Becky, it’s time for a prayer meetin’.

          • Exactly. And on a side note…true to form, she clumsily and insensitively left “widow” (in reference to Gabrielle Giffords’ husband) on her blog for the entire day…LONG after it had been announced that Ms. Giffords was still alive.

        • oh, crap. that “heh” was about Bray for Pay being more instructive than he/she realizes. Good one, Sacred Scrapbooks.

          • Why, thank you, Dyspeptic. I just gave myself a time-out because I NEVER comment this much. It is a well known fact about Donkologists that we all have our breaking point. I have thought mine came and went a dozen times already! Um, errr, whoops!

  16. So I’m assuming revealing a family member’s sexual assault will be in the next Tribune “netiquette” column?

  17. Revolting. I could tell a similar story about one of my relatives but with even more unpleasantness to it. I do not because it is something that is incredibly disturbing to her and the whole family and is only discussed privately. Lara Logan obviously consented to CBS making details of her assault public and I think that can be quite empowering. For a lot of women though, it would be devastating. Truly this makes me feel sick.

  18. I am beyond disturbed by Julia’s behavior, particularly her nonchalantly posting photos of herself all over her ego blog after revealing/using something so horrendous to serve her benefit, but I feel dirty reading about it here in this instance.

    It feels almost complicit to continue discussing something that should have only been initiated by Julia’s mom, NOT Julia. Can we move on?

  19. JP, I am awed and moved. Nothing I say will do justice to what you’ve written, so instead I’ll just acknowledge that my words are inadequate.

  20. For lack of better words, I hear you, JP.

    And regarding Donk: I’m finding it incomprehensible that she keeps doing what she’s been doing for years and yet somehow WE are supposed to be the bad guys. That’s not right, SHE’s not right.

  21. I’m sorry for your experience, JP. Echoing Holly O, I don’t have the words to speak to this.

    Julia’s behavior is horrendous as usual, but we all knew that.

    • It’s too early, I bit off the post title’s adjective.
      I’m tots a plagiarist just like my idol JA!

    • JP, read your post this morning and it made me cry. It truly baffles me how kids can be so cruel. You’re right though about how the very thing you want to forget is the very thing that defines you. It’s weird how violence can do that.

  22. JP, given that I am a catlady from the internet who doesn’t actually know you I feel kind of weird and silly commenting on your update, but I also feel like reading something so searingly honest and personal and then being like “right, next post in the blogreader!” would be awful. I am so sorry you have gone through what you have, and I’m sorry you didn’t have love and support around you when you most needed it. My thoughts and good wishes are with you. Thank you for sharing this, and for putting things in some serious fucking perspective. Thank you for surviving.

      • Amen to the surviving part JP. I cried reading this. For so many reasons. Probably most because that moment changed everything for you. You survived, yes, but not without redefining all you knew, all you were. And what did you really know at 12?
        Please tell me JP, anything, I have a 10 yr old son so this hits very close. He’s at the age where he’s developing his ‘own life’ and I don’t know everything as much as I’d like. I love him. All my kids. I would seriously consider jail time if anyone… EVER hurt my kid(s) and something like what you went through would kill me if my son couldn’t come to me. Please tell me, based on what you’ve learned and survived, tell me what you wish could have been after the horror, in regards to your family. What could they have done? What signs are blatant red flags for a trauma a child is trying to carry alone?
        I would value your observations very much.

          • I do Stalker, but I get nervous. I’ve already had a few smaller incidents (little kids, little problems, bigger kids… you get it), where I ‘thought’ something was up and couldn’t figure it out. And I feel like the only thing I haven’t done is computer chip my kids! Yet, voila! those times I ‘suspected’, I was off track and felt an immense amount of guilt because I always thought I’d ‘know’. We just had a ‘time’ a few months ago where every little anger-burst was followed with, “I wish I wasn’t born”, “I’m dumb/moron/loser and everyone knows it” A lot of acting out, ya’ know?? FINALLY, finally I figured out what is was and it was a subtle type of bullying going on. Blah, blah. W/out going into a long story, I used it as an opportunity how to take action, take care of ‘him’, make a valid point and attempt to recognize those self-deprecating thoughts are not right or healthy.
            I just get really, really, really worried there will come a time I won’t see it in time. You sound like you have a few years ahead of me, any advice how you check in? He’s my oldest so I’m learning… 🙂

          • So… in other words you DID know!

            you might not see it in time to stop it. We all have to live in this risky cruel world. But I think you’d figure it out. I hesitate to make generalizations but I know JP said he’s not close to his mom. I’m guessing she missed some pretty obvious signs. You would KNOW if your child had been ASSAULTED.

            I’ve been lucky with mine so far (age 14) . I use opportunities when we are alone to ask how things are going and I monitor his behavior. He’s normally easygoing so when he turns into an asshole I know something’s wrong. Sounds like you have the same kind of radar.

            You’re right about bigger kids, bigger problems. And I think one thing about JP’s post is the reminder that rape and sexual assault don’t only happen to women.

            It’s terrifying and sad and all we can do is our best and that’s not always enough and that sucks.

          • I was thinking and worry about the same thing. Mine is nine. Recently, out of no where, out of excellent grades and happy conversations, I got “I never want to go back to that school, again”. Turns out he’d been bullied for two months and held it in and didn’t talk about it. He’d made friends with another child who was unliked and kids were calling him “gay”. When the little boy moved away, it didn’t stop. They said he missed him and wanted to be with him. The thing is he did. That little boy was his best friend. But, these bullies made my son ashamed and tried to make something as magical as childhood friendship between little boys into something wrong. What’s more, I’ve always taught him that gay is not a bad word because being gay is just like having brown hair.

            But all that is nothing compared to JP’s experience. It’s just a little step down a giant cliff of violence, abuse, corrupted power, hate and fear of different, a cliff JP was thrown over. And all the love I have in my heart as the mother of a little boy goes out to JP and it breaks my heart to think his mother missed the signs and wasn’t there to protect, comfort, help him heal and make sure he survived. All I can think to do knowing there are still monsters in the world who hurt children is marvel at JP’s strength to have survived violation upon violation he endured and to watch and guard that it something similar not go unnoticed in my sphere of the world if I can help it.

    • For some reason my comments aren’t showing up, but I’m adding my voice to the crowd thanking JP for telling his story with such bravery, composure, and grace. Thank you.

  23. JP, I don’t know you either and nothing I can say will help but thank you for sharing your story. Many of us have experienced sexual assault and can relate. I’m sorry that your trust was betrayed first by the group of young men and later by who you thought was your friend at school. There is no reasoning here. I just want to wrap my arms around you and give you a huge hug! Instead I will just tell you that the minnie mouse/meth comment is among the top ten funniest things you have ever come up with. And that even when you rant, you are incredibly articulate and eloquent. Wow.

    Thank you for being here with us, as always.

  24. Wow. Utterly shocked by everything that’s happened over the last half day. I don’t have the words. Thank you for sharing your story, JP.

    Julia Allison, you know that karma that you like to talk so much about? It’s coming your way. Oh, is it coming.

    • I sure hope so. Just when I think there is nothing she can do or say that makes her seem like a lower life form, she keeps pulling another rabbit out of her friggin’ greasy pelted hat.

  25. JP, I’ll echo everyone else – thanks for sharing. I can’t imagine going through an experience of that magnitude ever, but especially at such a young age before a sense of adult self has truly formed. We’re glad you’re here with us.

    I hope you won’t take this the wrong way, but you had me laughing at the beginning of this post, tearing up at the beginning of the update, and then laughing AGAIN by the end. It felt what I imagine it feels to be JA, alternately laughing and crying and clicking furiously over and over all night long.

  26. I can’t wait until Pancakes dumps her. It better happen soon! Wouldn’t one want to keep a squeaky clean imagine dating a Senator’s son and not post stuff like that on twitter!!!!

    She posted another like 18 photos on the blog, it’s kind of sad how infatuated she is with herself. She’s looking aged and tired, not hot. Good, you lost a few lbs. You still look like a 40 year old, side part or not.

  27. I think all the posturing and rape reveal was all for Cindy. Cindy recently visited the Congo and talked about her visit there on Twitter. We all know she’s following Julia. It seems like Julia’s recent rape tweets were all to have a talking point in common with someone she desperately wants to be her future mother in law, at the expense of her own mother. Egypt wasn’t even on her radar until now. Convenient feminist indeed. Disgusting.

    Cindy’s tweets:
    Off to Africa to take a look at some of the difficult issues facing the continent.
    4:08 PM Jan 30th

    Just finished at Panzi Hospital. They repair the women who have been brutally raped in the Congo.
    9:27 AM Feb 1st

    Rwanda is a prospering African country. The women have taken a leadership role.
    11:07 PM Feb 4th

    It is time the world community join together and stop the rape and brutality against women & children in Congo. Lest we lose them all.
    8:23 PM Feb 6th

    • Yes all part of Julia’s Cindy-cated column to suck up to her future mother in law, ironically revealing she has no sense of discretion or privacy and is a loose canon that will spill anything in a fit of rage.

      Although to be fair, back when it happened Robin Baugher did go public herself to help other women. However 21 years later did she really want Julia to reopen old wounds??

  28. I just want to thank JP for this. You, sir, are very brave and i am very touched by your sharing this story. It was really moving and truly thought-provoking.

    There is so much that is so fucking hideous about what Julie has done here and her tweets leading up to it.

    1) Are men still raping women? — Really Julie, that question needs to be asked? We live in a rape culture. Has she opened a newspaper ever? Rape is a weapon, in addition to being a really shitty phenomenon that persists everywhere and mostly goes unreported and unpunished. Men, evidently, are also raping men you fucking bitch.

    2) Not only did she out her own goddamned mother as a rape survivor on Twitter to win an argument, she fucking LIED about the details to make it sound more traumatic to her!!! I cannot get my mind around that one. That is a low i did not expect to come across in this drama.

    3) Are you still going to try and sell yourself as a social media expert? Really? Because you fucked up LARGE with this. Post photos of me, post photos of my ass, more photos of me, more photos, more photos, announce rape of mom on Twitter to show those haters i know, post more photos of me, dresses, shoes, this dress costs 1000$, i want it, THIS IS A HINT JACK! BUY ME THIS DRESS! You owe it to me, you ruined my princess fantasy Valentines Day 2011, Buy it! Now! I’m a size 2, erm, 4, now, better make that a 6 for when i start eating solids again.

    FOR REAL???

    No. Do not pass go. Get off the internet and get some help you fucking useless, rotten person.

    This is worse than [redacted 1]. She will be writing to Momsers to demand a large gift soon.


  29. I’m sorry, but saying “i care about sexual violence, my mother was raped” is like saying “i’m not racist, i have a black friend” NOT RELEVANT. The fact that she has never given two shits about sexual violence in her entire over-documented life is the proof that she doesn’t care about it. Dragging out the fact that your mother was raped is SO fucking insulting, as if having a victimized family member inoculates you against all criticism and makes you an expert. It only proves how fucking stupid and awful you are.

    • Also the fact that she could have talked about her own alleged sexual assault, instead of using a family member’s to make her point to an anonymous person on the internet. That’s what I really don’t get, except that I do get it because it means her story was all a lie, which means she used a horrendous thing that did happen to someone she cares about to get out of school work. Which makes her a truly horrible person. But we already knew that.

      • Even using her own experience would have been irrelevant. The troll said she only cares about sexual assault when it happens to famous people. and yeah, i think that’s true. julia’s never talked about sexual violence in any other context. she perpetuates rigid gender stereotypes, she’s not some advocate for women or survivors.

      • My theory: there’s usually ‘truth’ to what people blurt out in the heat of the moment…

        In her knee-jerk reaction, she didn’t pause long enough to recollect her own GU-era lie(s); by her own warped instinct, she drew on the pertinent instance that truly did have an impact on her, albeit someone else’s firsthand experience.

  30. Is she really bragging that she has special authority on the topic of violence against women?! This is same Julia Allison who tweeted she wanted to punch another woman in the face for having the audacity to use a cell phone during a bus trip. All righty then.
    Ugh. Julia. Your momumental lack of discretion and gross inappropriateness aside, you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.
    And JP. Aw jeezus. I wanna give you a big hug and cry and then find something silly to laugh about and then wipe our tears and say, ya, enough about those losers, let’s go get lunch.

    • Freudian slip? Momumental? I meant monumental. And I fucking pity anyone and everyone who encounters this nasty madam IRL.

  31. I wish I could give 12 year old JP a big hug and listen to him. Very sorry to hear of your experience luvvie. It’s an experience a lot of us share.

    No wonder Julia incenses you so much, her pathetic claims of “date rape” to get out of handing in assignments – ugh nauseating.

  32. JP, I am in awe of the grace, bravery and composure you’ve shown in sharing your story. Thank you for putting all of this in perspective. I can only hope Julia reads this and finally feels ashamed.

  33. Catpeeps, as an aside – I’m so glad we’re back together here in our fortress, as I can’t imagine how I would have handled this braytastrophe on my own.

    • Agreed. It’s also nice to see such an outpouring of compassion and sympathy from a bunch thoughtful individuals. We are not a hive of crazed whacko bullies like Julia Allison believes. SHE is the bully. SHE is the unstable, ill, thoughtless, privacy invading rat, not us.

  34. The whole thing about Julia claiming “date rape” to get out of doing assignments – if she had assignments due, why was she going out on dates at all?

    I mean I’d rather drink and screw all night too instead of writing some dumb paper, but I wore the penalties of handing in work late. At least I didn’t need to make some guy’s life hell with convenient false accusations.

  35. Thank you for sharing this, JP. Thank you for getting through it and most of all for taking it to therapy.

    This is a reminder that survivors walk among us, not just here in the basement, but at work and on the bus and in the elevator.

    ICrayAnAwfulLotLately said it well. Hug, cry, laugh. And above all, don’t let the bastards win.

  36. Good god. JP, thank you for bravely sharing your story. I’m moved. To you and all others who have been victims of sexual assault, I’m so very sorry you’ve had to experience such pain.

    That Julia made this about her–this horrible, violent, private thing that happened to someone else–makes me want to throw up. Julia Allison Baugher, you are less than dirt.

  37. “jessieabby Jessy Valgarðsdóttir
    @juliaallison You really are an opportunistic ass. You want to do something to advance women in the world? Try putting your tits away.”

  38. The secrets we carry. It’s all so sad. It’s her flippant attitude about such heavy things that really does prove she is a Donkey and not a human being. Try and have a good day JP. Don’t let this shit get to you if you can.

  39. Pictures of the Donkey usually make me laff, but the one above is nearly making me physically ill after her horrendous behavior yesterday. That smug, shit eating grin … The way she’s been so damn full of herself lately… I can’t look at it and not be nauseated and repulsed. What a truly ugly, vile human being. Inside and out. No amount of cleavage, butt, weight loss or freshly pressed pelts can change the ugliness she harbors inside.

    • Seconded! Thank you for sharing. More people have similar traumas like this than you would think, and it’s humbling to have you write so openly about it.

    • Me too!

      JP- every time I come to this site and see one of your posts it brightens my day. YOU brighten my day. I can not pretend to imagine the impact this experience has had on your life, or what you’ve been forced to deal with because of it. I will only say that I am inspired by your courage and strength, and grateful to know (if only through the interwebz) someone like you. <3

    • Yeah JP, beyond my feelings of sadness and rage for you I am impressed and touched by your courage ( right now) and intelligence and hilariousness ( every day). And I’m glad you are healing.

  40. I hate her. People aren’t listening to her so she pulls out a shock value statement. She has no acutal feelings or emotions or attachement to anything, it’s all about her and how wordly, interesting, relevant she can make herself look. You can be (strongly!) against violence without knowing a rape victim, just like I loathe lying, fame seeking, freckly bingo arm douchebags without ever having had one in the family. She’s so gross.

    Also, JP, I’m sorry for what happened to you, but appreciate your story. I was raped by a stranger when I was 22. I was walking home from a friends house at about midnight and noticed a guy following me. I snuck up onto a porch and called 911. I didn’t see him anymore so I walked toward the nearest street sign to give the dispatcher my cross streets. As I neared the sign he jumped from the bushes, punched me, knocked me to the ground and raped me in the middle of the street. The police showed up about 15 minutes later, all men, who were like “What, you get in a fight with your boyfriend or something?” It was a scarring experience that sucked the life out of me and changed me forever. I hate people that make light of rape or use it for some sort of advantage or talking point. It’s a deeply emotional experience that I don’t think anyone can imagine until it happends to them.

  41. I am so sorry you have had to deal with this JP, absolutely no one should. I hope sharing your story brings you some kind of peace.

  42. Donkey’s reaction to this would undoubtedly be: “I’m glad that sharing my mom’s experience has helped you deal with yours.” I’m not kidding. This is the way she thinks.

  43. I can’t begin to imagine how someone can survive so much pain, JP, and from what you said about your brother’s gun, you almost didn’t. To have your world, the innocent little world of a 12-year-old, ripped away from you in such a savage way would be enough for anyone to want to end it all. Thank God you didn’t. You write so clearly and movingly about the terror of the violent act, itself, and the excruciating pain that you had to endure every minute of every day for years afterward. No wonder it makes you want to puke when you see the attention-whoring Donkey claim that SHE, Julia Allison, is a bullying victim. You can rest easy, though, because when she was up on her silly little soapbox the other day, she did mention that going forward she’ll work tirelessly to end bullying. There’s a lot of love and caring for you, JP, here at Reblogging Donk, and as cliched as this sounds, you are a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. You just are, and there’s no other way to say it. Big hug and lots of love.

  44. I’m so glad that this is a community where JP, MuffinTop Law, Convenient Feminist and Dr. Gary feel safe to reveal their stories. While we may all have brayge at times, we aren’t the laughing peers in the schoolyard. I’m sorry that this all came out because of such a deplorable donkey, but I’m glad you all shared. I hope you’ll turn to us again if you ever want, or need, to talk about what you went through.

    (Raises obese, sun deprived, little paw in show of solidarity for fellow catladies).

  45. Thank you for sharing that, JP. I know it couldn’t have been easy but it speaks well to the community you have created here that this is a place where you could say this, knowing you would be received with love, caring and understanding.

    Were I in Julia’s shoes and a random baiting follower upset me, I might rail at them and I might think privately that they don’t know shit about me and what I’ve gone through. I would never use a family member’s personal experience to justify my own hissy fit. Is she incapable of empathy? She tends to use these issues (rape, cancer, eating disorders) as bargaining chips to justify her own behaviors as it suits her. She frequently talks about crying and tearing up but her emotions seem transitory, cupcake-deep as it were. The way she mentioned this makes me think that she sees her mother as a mother but not as a woman too. It’s a child’s response. Sometimes when something bad happens to someone else there’s a natural human reaction to chime in with your own life experience but it’s actually more helpful to the person not to identify but just to empathize and say simply, thank you for sharing that with me and I’m very sorry that happened to you.

    I’m amazed she hasn’t deleted the tweet and issued a simple mea culpa. She’s so infatuated with her new thinner self. Yes, Julia, you are a very pretty girl. Now if only you paid as much attention to your heart/mind as your hair.

  46. I think I know why the community formed here is so strong and resilient. We all have our pain and our stories and there are certain times this famewhore says the dumbest thing that makes that piece of our brains hanging onto our experience, not wearing it, go Boing!
    It is our pain, our experiences, our terror/horror and eventual reconcilation with our lives and our beings that keeps us going. That’s why all you bidges are so awesome.
    My favorite mantra? If you didn’t laugh, you’d cry.
    You guys make me laugh so f’ing much.

  47. she is just an awful, awful person. to jp and others who were impacted by her flipness about such an issue in more direct ways, your resilience is inspiring.

    • It takes a really special snowflake — translation, soulless asshole — to out her mother’s rape in order to win an argument with a stranger on the Internet.

      Wonder how Pancakes — clearly very close to his own mother — felt about that Tweet.

      She is getting her ass handed to her on Twitter and Pancakes would be perfectly justified to get out now. That Tweet tells a person everything anyone needs to know about this monstrous cuntbag.

  48. Oh, and how the fuck is she not qualified to speak about Egypt. It’s right up her Social Media Expert alley.

    She’s not qualified to talk about fashion either, yet she still “covers” fashion week year after year.


  49. I know I’m just a lurker, but JP, I love you, and I’m so glad you survived. Thank you for sharing. Peace, hugs, and Fancy Feast for all.

      • For every commenter, there are exponentially more people who are just lurking.

        That means there’s love^1000 for JP and Jacy out there. Thanks for all the lulz!

  50. JP, I cried.
    And in building a snark site, you’ve built a community that actually cares, obese TypeA h8trz that we all are. Which is certainly more than Julia Allison Baugher has done.

    • That is so true. Julia’s friends and followers are not capable of any kind of care and support other than “You look hot, Julia!!! Love your hair, dress, ass, tits, and shoes!!!”

  51. i think this discussion, on this post and on the previous one, has been useful for people to vent and express outrage and disgust about her doing this. that said, i would echo some others on the previous thread who raised the prospect of simply deleting the post/comments so that it isn’t up online. we don’t know the extent to which the outed person would choose to have this online or relive it in anyway and although commenting on something donkey put out we are also providing an echo-chamber for this news and spreading it further. look, what she did is really horrible (working under the assumption that she didn’t have express permission to write about it – and even with that permission the way it was used as an argument trump card was horrible), and generally once she outs something i’m okay talking about. but, this is just too much. rubbernecking on this only draws more attention to something. we’ll all be able to add this to our litany of reasons why she is approaching unredeemable territory as a person, but it would be a powerful statement to take this post down and comments referring to this down. ughhh… i finally totally understand vom in the shower.

    • As a few others have stated, I’m conflicted about this. You’re right about wanting to be sensitive to Julia’s mom and her horrific ordeal but on the other hand, I don’t want to be a part of Donkey’s ongoing mission to scrub all negative things about her from the internet. This says so much about who she is and why RBNS and, now, Reblogging Donk exist.

      • And some members of our community shared their deeply personal stories as a result. I dunno, in a way I feel like shutting up and erasing a discussion about rape adds to the problem.

        • Perhaps we let the discussion have its natural progression here for the time being, but delete it in a weeks time (or perhaps sooner by consensus).
          In this way the rape survivors among us have communicated their experience, but it doesn’t hang around on the internet. One of the major after affects of sexual assault is PTSD. Having to relive it here on what it ostensibly a comedy site may turn out to be painful down the track.

        • Agreed. I think there is some valuable discussion going on here and it’s not like Julia had a moment of clarity and erased the tweet. It’s still up there for all to see and she’s approving ass kissing comments on her blog so she’s not still sleeping on it. Cunt.

          I guess it’s ultimately up to the mods.

        • ss i feel similarly conflicted b/c people did disclose important personal stories – and i don’t want to see those people feel silenced or shamed or that it is something that should be repressed. and donkser i don’t like her efforts to put forward a clean image either. but perhaps just editing the posts/comments that name the outed person and her relationship to donkey would be helpful. i just wish we hadn’t gone down this road b/c unringing a bell without getting into censoring people is impossible. and it’s a huge community where we can’t regulate each other’s statements or control it totally. but the outing was horribly wrong and the details of it being repeated here in many comments only amplifies that and gives it a web presence. i don’t feel good about that.

          • uggh… this just sucks. i just mean – can’t people refer to the horrendous nature of donkey outing someone else’s traumatic experience in a very public way and thus call her on yet another example of why she is awful, without us disclosing who that was she did that to and clean up any mention of the outed person’s name/relationship to donkey

          • That’s even a better idea. After this discussion has followed its natural course people who wish to have their input anonymized could request that the site owners do that.

            Robin Baugher’s rape was a matter of public record, she consented to being named in an effort to help other women in similar situations. But people are allowed to change their minds.

            Meanwhile Julia goes back to wearing borrowed clown clothes and looking at dresses that she has no words to describe…..

          • es, that is sort of my point. it is HER story to tell. And she can use it to inspire others to come forward if she chooses (and she has in the past). but at each and every instance it is her choice. and you use her full name once again and in reply to my post above shamoolia again reposts the newspaper article further raising it up the google output with the link. i just don’t get that? look julia used the story to win an argument to show she is better than someone else/establish authority.
            then some on rbdonk use the story to show how bad julia is.
            those aren’t equivalent things, but repeating the details does in fact also use the details of the story to make a point… JUST LIKE JULIA DID…

          • I think it might be a good idea to anonymize or delete the relevant posts in yesterday’s thread. After all that particular survivor had no say in the information being spread. At least we can show respect for her even if her daughter can’t.

      • I aplogozie, hoosier, I didn’t post the link to raise up the google output or anything like that. Just to point out that she speaks about it. She seems brave and admirable to me. I agree though – it is her story to tell.

        Here are the pertinent parts if you don’t want to click the link:

        Both women, who had not met before Monday, are seeking ways to put their lives back together by reaching out to help other victims.

        [redacted] works with terminally ill people in hospices.

        She speaks about the crime to groups in her church and to the [redacted organization].

        “I`m on my way to doing things that were not possible before,“

  52. She is a sociopath. Absolutely void of even one drop of empathy. I had a situation where a friend glibly mentioned (in print) a horrible, violent thing that had happened to me and it was like a kick to the gut. I’d always been open about it with friends, so it wasn’t like I was hiding what happened to me, but stumbling upon it unexpectedly took me right back there. The terror, the pain—all viscerally revisited until I pulled myself together a few minutes later. Then I was just so devastated that a friend could use my horror to make her lame point. So glibly and with no warning.

    And unless she called her mom and got permission, there’s a good chance that’s what she did to her MOTHER. I really hope her mom never sees or hears about this, because I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

    JP, I’m so sorry that happened to you. That it was compounded by those kids’ cruelty is just jaw-dropping. I’m glad you survived and became a brilliant, hilarious, insightful adult. The world could use a few dozen more of those.

  53. This is horrendous. I cannot believe she would share that, and then to make it all about herself! WHO? DOES? THAT?????!!!!!

    JP, my heart goes out to you. It took courage to share your story, and maybe it will give others who have gone through similar experiences the strength to look at what happened to them and realize it wasn’t their fault and they aren’t alone.

    Fuck Julia Allison. Seriously.

  54. The one solace in all this is that she’s living her karma every day. Given what she thinks she deserves and what she gets–Sushi by herself at Whole Foods on VDay–cannot do anything but drive her crazier.

  55. Oh, JP. Big hugs.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It may be traumatic for you to talk about it here, or with your therapist. But I think the more you can talk about it, and work out your feelings about what happened to you, the more empowered you feel. You take the power away from your attackers and lessen the emotional hold this horrific act has had over you.

    After reading all the love and support posted here last night and today, it’s clear that we have created a real community. The thing that Julia wishes she had on her blergh, but never will.

  56. She has serious mental illness issues. To tweet something like that and just leave it up for hours, with no follow up on her blergh? Instead, she manically posts pages and pages of photos of herself in different dresses and different photos?

    I’m sick to my stomach over this. She twisted her mother’s rape to be all about her. The news reports someone posted said that Robin was in the laundry room when the attack happened. What Julia posted made it sound like the attack happened in the hallway with Julia just inside. She twists and twists the situation so she can get attention and sympathy. She exploits her mother’s sexual assault for her own gain. Fucking sociopath.

    • Actually, I believe it was the other woman in the case who was in the laundry room. The article doesn’t give any details about Robin’s experience, other than her direct quotes.

      • From one of the Tribune articles:

        “One morning Robin was doing another one of those routine chores we all do. She had taken a load of clothes to the basement of her building to do the laundry. She was overpowered there and raped.”

  57. Hugs for JP. Probably the only thing Julia will take away from that confession is, “OMG silly, boys don’t get raped!!!!”

    Also, just in case you didn’t know any rape victims before, thanks to JP, your “rape expertise” now rivals Julia’s. Seriously, claiming to know about rape just because you know a victim is so arrogant and so presumptuous. What an odious, trollopy bint. Donkey’s real problem is that she can’t rightly claim expertise in ANYTHING because she has wasted at least the past 8 years of her life, so she has to fall back on offensive bullshit claims of competence like this one.

    • “OMG silly, boys don’t get raped!!!!”

      You jest, but Julia still thinks so, according to this now deleted tweet.

      juliaallison: I can’t even see straight I’m so angry at the ANIMALS who assaulted Lara Logan. WHY DOES THIS STILL HAPPEN? WHY DO MEN STILL RAPE WOMEN???

  58. Thank you for sharing your story, JP. I think you’re extremely brave and that was eloquently written. I can’t believe Julia would share a story like that so casually on twitter that wasn’t even here story to tell! She’s a terrible person. Makes me feel sympathy for her parents now though.

  59. Come on people, her mother’s rape is her memory too!

    JP, your story is horrible. It’s good that you are at the point where you can discuss it, and hopefully ease some of the mental burden.

  60. In a country where at least one in six women and one in 33 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, it’s galling for her to claim her mother’s experience as her justification. Julia, that doesn’t make you an exception. Everyone here is the friend or relative of a survivor, if they’re not also survivors themselves. And violence against women? How long has her blog been active, and how often has she spoken out in a thoughtful way about rape, or violence against women? (The sole result for “rape” on a blog search leads to a post about the movie The Duchess.) I mean, bless her heart, we haven’t heard her claim any overtly feminist views outside of invoking a vaguely feminist-lite response to body snarking, not to mention her commodification of those excluded by the traditional gender binary. Nevermind the use of rape as a weapon of war in faraway lands, or the persistence of rape culture in our supposedly enlightened society, I haven’t heard a thing out of her about HR3 or HR358 or any of the other recent attempts by her newly beloved Conservatives to grab control of women’s reproductive rights, redefine rape, eliminate Planned Parenthood, etc – and this is going on in her own country. After all, holding and promoting feminist views would scare away the boys and erode the patriarchal gender dynamic she revels in and depends upon.

    My heart goes out to her mother. My heart also goes out to my fellow survivors. And Julia, keep your hands off other people’s rape.

  61. May I just bray, I am touched to have actually made it into a post (I am excite_enliven). JA is truly ineffably stupid, and to have claimed both to be an expert on women’s issues (but not social media and it’s effect on revolutions, bunnies!) while also betraying her mother is so inexcusable, I have no words.

    JP, that you are here today and write so wonderfully for us is a testament to your boundless strength and ability to rebound. Thank you endlessly for sharing your story with us. We love you.

  62. Given her history of crazy, ruthless, gauche, malicious, and inappropriate behavior I never thought I’d be able to come in here again and say “I can’t believe Julia just did” something, but truly:

    I CANNOT BELIEVE SHE DID THIS. If she is vile enough to use her mother’s rape to WIN AN ARGUMENT WITH A STRANGER ON THE INTERNET then she’s absolutely vile enough to have used her mother’s trauma as an excuse for her failings. And as someone noted in the last thread, any card-carrying narcissist would have a hard time with a family member experiencing trauma and getting a lot of attention from other family and friends, which probably led her down the outburst MEMEME path she’s still on today.

    What I really can’t believe is her flippant playing of the date rape card to get out of turning in assignments at GTown KNOWING WHAT HAPPENED TO HER MOTHER. This almost leads me to believe Julia was a victim because what person would lie about something that hit so close to home? Yet, given how pathological she is I wouldn’t put it past her.

    And what of Robin Baugher? The woman accomplished a great deal in her life: writing speeches for Nixon in the White House, working with the terminally ill in hospice, testifying against her rapist and putting a name to her story in the Chicago Tribune to potentially help other victims of sexual violence, raising one seemingly brilliant and well-adjusted child..

    How did Julia come from such an impressive woman? Much respect, Robin Baugher, for your bravery.

    And JP, if I knew your identity I would send you a dozen longstem roses and some mint n chip ice cream right now. Your rape may be the pivotal moment in your life but only because you survived it. You’re a survivor. You can survive anything. Much love to you.

    • “Your rape may be the pivotal moment in your life but only because you survived it. You’re a survivor. You can survive anything. Much love to you.”

      My skin is crawling with goosebumps. Very nicely said, Mistakes Were Made.

    • “And as someone noted in the last thread, any card-carrying narcissist would have a hard time with a family member experiencing trauma and getting a lot of attention from other family and friends, which probably led her down the outburst MEMEME path she’s still on today.”

      UM YES. This incident highlighted in the Mediabistro article fits the time line:

      “Julia Allison Baugher always liked to be the center of attention. Approaching eleven, Julia was grounded for backtalking and her birthday party was canceled. Undaunted, Julia snuck out of the house, rode her bike to her parent’s country club, and persuaded the club to set aside a private room for her. She threw a surprise birthday party for herself the next day trekking in a bakery cake on her Schwinn.”

      This also explains a lot about her OMG OMG OMG SO PERFECT FAMILY insanity. I knew there were dark secrets there, I just never guessed it would be this.

  63. Do you think we should delete all references to Julia’s relatives experience?
    After all she didn’t ask to be outed here.

  64. JP
    It was very brave of you to let us know what you went through. I hope in some small way it helps you to know that you have a community of people who truly love you and appreciate you for your wit, intelligence and sense of right. I also hope that by telling us about this, you feel some of a sense of burden has been lifted. I had an experience with an older relative which was not nearly as devastating as yours. But it left me with the same sense of guilt and fear of intimacy that you describe. It was only through lots of work and my ability to reconnect with God that I have (had) been able to forgive “myself” as weird as that sounds. I am not suggesting you find religion by any means. My definition of God is pretty wide. When I realized that I was letting an incident from my past define my present and future and i was missing out on love, I was able to redirect my self hatred to something else.

    As for JA…. I actually have some sympathy for her. The treadmill she is on is moving faster and the slope is rising. and she keeps hitting the up button. I don’t see good things happening.

  65. Thank god I’m sitting in the corner of the Student Union, JP because I am wiping away tears right now. You really didn’t need to share that information on such a public place for such a hated creature, but it’s such a strong story.

  66. Jesus Christ, it’s still the main/first tweet on her page. Wonder why she removed the one about “why men still rape women” and she keeps this up.

    • she’s waiting for all the positive feedback that she thinks is coming… but will never materialize. she’s seeking ATTENTION and VALIDATION. fuck her.

    • Maybe she intends to use it as her trump card to settle every argument from now on? Or to really wring pity for herself?

  67. Sorry to hear about your story, JP. I can’t relate and can’t really add anything–but I do know you’re a great writer and that this blog is a raw and interesting place. Much more real that Julia Baugher’s failcast. She can go fuck herself. Unfortunately, there are tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of actual rape victims out there and many more who are in fear of some sick person hitting them again but don’t yet have the strength to do something about it. You’ve laid bare one of Julia’s many sicknesses and it really underlines her lack of decency.

    Hey Peter Baugher–stick your cease & desist form letter up your ass and get your donkey under control.

  68. Do you think this is why Dadsers is so protective over his little baby Julie and sends out C&Ds on her behalf? I mean, he probably feels some sort of guilt at not being able to protect his wife from such a terrible event in her life. Now he’s determined to protect darling Julie?

    • I don’t think her dad really protects her, he just picks up the pieces of all the messes she makes and sends her on her merry way to make more messes…which he’ll clean up again. If he were protective of her, he would have withheld his Dadser cash a long time ago in an attempt to stop her from slutting herself out all over the city and the internet.

      • I think everyone has their own definition of “protecting” their loved ones. Dadsers’ may be giving her everything her little heart desires in hopes to protect her from any unhappiness. Just a thought.

  69. Meanwhile when are we going to see all the costumes she’d prepared for fashion week? She’s been quiet since her manic blast of ego pics last night.

  70. JP: you are an amazingly strong individual. I pray you are returned every bit of life that moment took from you. Those dogs will pay, in this life and the next.

  71. JP, thank you for sharing your story with such grace.

    Donk using (her mother’s!) personal information to advance her own agenda and win and argument on Twitter is absolutely reprehensible and she should be ashamed.

    • Well as Julia would say “DON’T TAKE IT SO SERIOUSLY”

      “Core Concept: Dissociative Imagination

      By combining solipsistic introjection with the imagination, a feeling of escapism is produced – a way to throw off mundane concerns to address a specific need without having to worry about consequences. According to Suler’s[1] personal discussion with lawyer Emily Finch (a criminal lawyer studying identity theft in cyberspace), Finch’s observation is that people may see cyberspace as a kind of game where the normal rules of everyday interaction don’t apply to them. In this way, the user is able to dissociate their online persona from the offline reality, effectively enabling that person to don that persona or shed it whenever they wish simply by logging on or off.”

  72. Theory: JABbers leaving the tweet up this long makes me think maybe she’s TRYING to hurt her mom. It’s not hard to believe that JA would find RB insufficiently sympathetic to some kind of Fashion Week/solo Valentine’s Day meltdown. Maybe Momsers told her to grow up and take note of the real problems in the world and Donksers responded by letting her bitch flag fly in mommy’s face.

    • Oh god, I hope this wasn’t all just a cheap ploy to get back at her mom. Even thinking that gives me the creeps.

      • She let the whole macbook air/bipolar thing all hang out. She defended her justifications. She may believe she’s not causing any distress at all. We all know that if anybody takes offense to her behavior she believes it is their fault and not hers.

    • Eh, I don’t think it was that calculated. I think it was a heat of the moment rage reply sent to an anonymous troll to try to win a twitter spat. Julia is someone who ALWAYS has to have the last word. And can get quite ragey and inappropriate when she feels like stomping her hooves.

      • Totally. It’s just baffling to me that she would leave the tweet up this lone if she wasn’t trying to cause distress.

  73. Here we go….

    # @chescaleigh – has nothing to do with “winning” an argument. Why don’t we keep the focus on combatting violence against women? half a minute ago via Echofon in reply to chescaleigh

    # @chescaleigh – she believed that going public about it would help other women. The Chicago Tribune did several articles. 3 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to chescaleigh

    # @katiedub – She was public with it – to raise awareness. I think I would know better than you about this, don’t you?? 4 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to katiedub

      • Of course, she doesn’t clarify whether she told her mother she was sharing this information. She’s just saying she knows it won’t bother her. Really?

        • She was losing an argument about Egypt, nobody was arguing with her about sexual assault. Sexual assault is bad what’s to argue?

  74. She doesn’t care, she’s defending herself:

    juliaallison Julia Allison
    @katiedub – She was public with it – to raise awareness. I think I would know better than you about this, don’t you??

    juliaallison Julia Allison
    @chescaleigh – she believed that going public about it would help other women. The Chicago Tribune did several articles.

    juliaallison Julia Allison
    @chescaleigh – has nothing to do with “winning” an argument. Why don’t we keep the focus on combatting violence against women?

    She doesn’t think she’s done anything wrong.

    • And in between defending her vile behavior, she just can’t help but to suck up and kiss ass and remind everyone she’s a Fashion Weep!

      At @RobertVerdi’s Luxe Lounge with @TinsleyMortimer & @MeganAlagna … Day 7 of Fashion Week. It’s almost over!!

      What a nasty piece of work. Truly a sociopath.

    • “Why don’t we keep the focus on combatting violence against women?”????????

      If ever there was a bitch that needed a slap it is her. Seriously, enough of this dumb cunt and her tits.

  75. Against my better judgment, I sent Julia a relatively polite e-mail letting her know that I was raped in college, and that although my name was made public in newspaper reports about the incident (I agreed to be named), I would be devastated if a friend or family member publicized the attack for their own purposes, especially if it was used to score a point against a random stranger on the internet. I suggested that the tweet might be hurtful to her mom and that she should delete it.

    Here’s Julia’s response:

    “I was raped in college too. What right do you think you have to tell me what I should and shouldn’t say about my own family???

    My mother was very public about her rape – and for you to presume you know better than my family does BLOWS MY MIND.

    You can choose to do whatever you want about your own life. But don’t you dare tell me how to live mine.”

    • And then she just sent me this as I was writing the previous post:

      “One more point. I wasn’t trying to WIN AN ARGUMENT. I was pointing out that this meant something different to me – rape has affected me personally in ways other tragedies haven’t.

      Sent from my iPhone”

      • Transbraytion: I had a clear-cut way to make this tragedy about MEEEE! in a way that I couldn’t manage with other aspects of the Egyptian revolution.

      • Why not reference her own rape instead of her mother’s rape then? Because it was never reported maybe?

        • Exactly. I am going to go out on a limb here and say she pointed to her mother’s rape instead of her own because, oh, I don’t know, IT NEVER HAPPENED?

          I always disbelieved the story about her mother not speaking to her for awhile. I wonder now if it’s related. Wild speculation, but perhaps she found out about the date rape claim years after the fact, and was appalled.

      • Oh my god. That whole reply was anger for daring to tell her that she was wrong. Not even one droplet of compassion for what you went through.

        I am so sorry she was such a vile bitch to you.

          • “How dare you” is another one of Julia’s “You should be ashamed of yourself” and “Who do you think you are?” admonishments.

          • Awful, awful, awful. Jordan Shandy, I’m sorry for what you went through and I’m sorry you felt like you were doing the right thing pointing out–privately, I might add–that she did something incredibly insensitive.

            I had a bad feeling that when she caught up on Twitter replies, she’d use the fact that her mom went very public with her story against anyone trying to call her out for her behavior.

            Julia: this isn’t a contest. If you have been touched personally by such a tragedy, there are gentler, more compassionate ways of expressing it. Do you see how your shitty, shitty writing makes you look like a monster? Why do you insist on continually digging your own grave? Or are you just a monster?

          • And as others have pointed out…if she was raped in college, why not twitter her own personal experience instead of trotting out her mothers?

        • Thanks to everyone for their kind words, and also for sharing their own stories. It helps more than you know.

          I don’t know why I expected a different response from Julia. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I actually teared up a bit when I read her response because it was just so angry and hateful. It looks like everyone is right that there is no point in trying to reason with her. The whole thing is just very sad.

          • Send the whole exchange to Jacy, Jordan. Her utter bitchery and lack of empathy should to be spotlighted. Her ragey response to you was totally inappropriate and uncalled for.

          • I sent it to Jacy a few minutes ago. I went back and forth with Julia a few more times, which was pointless. Should have just let it go and not let her get to me, but her initial response hurt and angered me.

      • It BLOWS HER MIND because she and Daddy have made it clear that negative thoughts and opinions about her and her actions will not be tolerated! She is one angry bitch right now. She can’t cope with the reality that the internet is the one place where she can’t force people to do everything her way.

      • THIS.

        There’s a big difference between agreeing to be named to help ease the stigma of being a victim of such a violent crime, and your dumb donkey daughter using said information almost 20 years later to win an argument with a stranger through Twitter.

        And yes, the articles Donkey mentions are online.

        • 20 years ago there wasn’t twitter. Momser’s allowed to change her mind. She may not want old wounds reopened even if it was published in the cherished “Tribune”.

          I guess legally Donk can argue “public knowledge” but still it shows the horrific insensitivity and stupidity we’ve come to expect from our Julia.

      • There was no time to clear it with mom. And I’m sure mom would’ve wanted it in a column with context around it, if she wanted it out there at all.

    • Wow. See above what I said about always having to have the last word and a bad case of the ragies. This bitch is on a tear and it’s terrifying to witness.


    • I am so sorry that happened to you. But you can’t argue with a sociopathic monster who is incapable of empathizing and experiencing normal human emotion.

      Julia is possibly the most vile disgusting piece of shit I’ve ever come across on the internet.

      I hope she gets everything coming to her.

    • This whole incident is upsetting. I was assaulted on a date (just short of rape) and although I reported it I’m still coming to terms with it and I wouldn’t want friends or family talking about it on twitter. It’s my story and my decision to share it. Julia doesn’t get that not everything is about her.
      Because she (Julia) is a rape victim you think she’d understand why people would think her Mum wouldn’t want that info out there on twitter.

    • What a cunt. Her response was all ME ME ME with no acknowledgment that you had also been through a similar experience.

      • Exactly, that’s what I found chilling- not a shred of sympathy, just selfish dismissal. Monstrous.
        So sorry, Jordan Shandy.

    • Jordan, that was a compassionate thing to try and help her see how this can hurt her mom. Unfortunately, she’s not capable of feeling empathy or compassion; otherwise, she wouldn’t have done it to begin with. At least you tried to protect her mom when she refuses.

      What she doesn’t get is regardless of previously being public about ones sexual assault, it is still ones own experience to determine where and when and how it is addressed, in what forum and in what manner and how it is defined. I did a talk show in which I discussed my own sexual and physical abuse as a child, but that does not mean I relinquish my right to my own story. I did one particular talk show. I chose it because of how they addressed the subject in a respectful manner with an eye towards raising awareness. I thought it would help children in my particular situation. There are a few other talk shows, I would have never agreed to do. That’s my perogative because it is my experience to relate when and where and how I choose to. And just because I may have selected one forum does not mean I must agree to allow my story to be shared with any and all future forums. No one has a right to come into my office and broach the topic in the middle of my work day or confront me at dinner with my family, regardless of whether I may have once been on national tv. Even media recognizes this. They have to get my signed permission to tell my story because it is mine. It is still mine six years after I went on national tv and it will be mine until I die. In fact, I have a property right in it. The law recognizes that. Even if Julia’s heart is too sizes too small and she is incapable of feeling empathy and respect for others, she should realize as someone that holds herself out as a media expert that she’s not just morally wrong in co-opting her mother’s experience, she’s legally wrong. As when I did that talk show, I wanted to talk about my siblings experiences and how those were more painful to watch than having gone through it myself. Well, the producers wouldn’t let me, even though I love my siblings and was only compassionate towards them. The producers told me that I can only talk about my experiences as my siblings would need to be present and agree to have theirs discussed. This just all goes to show that Julia Allison not only doesn’t have basic human compassion, she’s not knowledgable, much less an expert at anything media related. And just like pretending to be an expert in medicine can hurt people, her pretending to be an expert in media does as well. As not only do you need to know the law, have experience and knowledge of the field and work really hard, you also have to have insight and understanding of people to take in what you observe, process it and present it to an audience. She fails at every level, no meaningful knowledge or experience, work ethic, preceptiveness, understanding, ability to process and present nor any personal perspective of value.

      Thanks for trying, though, Jordan. And please don’t take her jerk reply personally. A broken computer isn’t capable of feeling emotion, much less even processing data when it can’t even turn on. Julia is a broken smashed computer that won’t turn on. She’s not even good for pretend prop placement on a tv show because even I can see she’s visibly broken from my porch.

      • Oh, I nearly forgot. Julia’s reply tries to pretend that her mom’s experience belongs to her family and thereby to her. No. It’s only her mothers. Period.

        • lest we forget this is the woman who created “juliasmom” as the twitter handle for her mother. in julia’s mind, robin only exists as her mother, she does not exist as an independent woman whose life experience and world view encompasses much more than the thankless burro she shat out 30 years ago.

        • Not to play the devil’s advocate, because I truly do believe what Julia did today (on Twitter and in reaction to Jordan) was VILE)… but to say that it was soley her mother’s experience may be a little narrow minded.

          While the type of attention/pain/sympathy that Julia is fishing for is entirely NOT hers, her mom’s experience BECAME an experience (albeit a separate one) for the whole family. Her mom’s pain, I’m sure, affected that family wholly, and I’m so, so sure that it fucked with the family dynamic enough to warrant pain to them all.

          That said, Donk’s a fucking dumbass and handling this in her usual, cunty way. Just thought I’d offer this POV (as someone who also had a family member suffer from rape, and who saw the effects it had on the whole family).

          • I’ve been thinking abut this a lot, yet there isn’t a charitable thing I can think of to say in regards to her appropriating her mother’s trauma to justify her posturing, but certainly the event itself had its impact on her, yes.

            Quite likely her mom was emotionally unavailable to her for who knows how long afterwards — & that’s probably when she became so willful in attn-seeking of her dad, which naturally carried over to other men in later years.

            Also, it happened a short time before her birthday — possibly there was no birthday celebration that year, which could explain the lengths she went to the following year to ensure a party for herself.

            I dunno; it’s all speculation — I like to know what makes people of the criminal element tick, & chica is most definitely a case study.

    • So basically, how dare you share your experience and opinion in a thoughtful way. Julia can do whatever she wants and will always be right, it was that way when she was 11 and its been that way ever since. She knows something about how the world works, and it doesn’t involve any consideration for you or your feelings or your right to express an opinion. Her experience of pain and tragedy is unique and entitles her to do and say whatever she wants.

      • Yes, like the protagonist in the early bit of Crime and Punishment, she knows that because she’s a special snowflake, normal rules don’t apply to her.

        Love your username.

    • This – her response to your email – makes me angrier than anything she’s done in her entire wretched, useless life up until this point. She’s a despicable excuse for a human being. There’s not a SHRED of sympathy or empathy. It’s all about her.

      I hope you rot in hell, Julia Allison Baugher. You are atrocious. You will eventually alienate anyone who ever loved you or wanted to help you, and you will die alone, unsuccessful, and unloved. And you’ll have deserved every second of it.

    • If we redact your name, would you mind sending us the entire exchange? That is unbelievable. What a fucking thundercunt.

    • I’m so very sorry for your experience, Shandy.

      I applaud your courage to self-identify in the press; we know all too well how a defense team & even the public are quick to blame the victim, which leads to an inevitable under-reporting of sexual assault crimes. It takes brave men & women such as yourself & RB to help reverse the trend of being victimized over & over again long after the actual event took place.

      I hope & trust that you’re in a better place w/ it all?
      May peace be yours, kitten.

  76. Trying very hard not to think about this in the context of her crying after sex.

    Why? Won’t she seek therapy? Why?

    • I guess for her all sex is a commercial transaction. The man is merely a prop for her ego and a means to attain material goods. Yes no wonder she cries after sex.

  77. This Egypt issue reminds me of Tehran when i was questioning “them” i.e. nonsociety and RZ why they weren’t writing anything about it since it was actually a revolution led by women through social media. What a perfect topic for them right? Then Neda got killed and still nothing…… I made some comments to JA and RZ’s walls and got nothing but complaints about “how dare I write things like that on their walls” I merely suggested that maybe they should pay more attention to world event’s in which women were leading the way rather than vapid comments about shoes and brithday cupcakes since they claim to be social media experts .. and I suggested to Randi she ought to be using her position at FB to help women in Iran or elsewhere…. Seems Randi caught on and I am glad for that and kudos to her….. Not so the other one

    • You realize Randi only cares because it’s a trendy issue, right? You’re crazy if you think any of them give deep, sincere thought to any of those issues.

  78. All I can do is echo everyone else and say thank you for your post JP. Even if the only part of you we really know is the brilliant, hilarious writer on here and it’s not like we’re friends in real life, it makes me physically sick that you had to go through an experience like that. Wish I could come over with a bottle of fancy vodka and make some drinks for you.

  79. It’s too bad for Julia that she tweeted this, because I came here wanting to say that her hair looks really good parted like that. But now I’m just going to back away slowly.

  80. Not much to laugh about on Reblogging Donk today, however I did get a big chuckle out of BeckyReader’s twitter avatar (which I believe has been mentioned before). It’s a portrait of Cindy McCain with a pancake on her head!

    • I actually just noticed the pink shoebox with “I <3 NY" crossed out on it on the background. that made me laugh. I hadn't noticed that it was on a pink shoebox until now.

    • You rang? Glad someone got a laugh out of that. It’s weird. She blocked me from commenting on her site even though I never said anything mean, then unblocked me then blocked me again.

  81. It’s telling that JP, who no one here can put a face to and who shares only a very limited slice of his life, is infinitely more human and relatable and evokes incomparably more sympathy and respect than Donkey, who overshares constantly and posts an insane number of pictures of herself.

    We love you, juliaspublicist.

  82. JP, thank you for sharing your story. I know it wasn’t easy, and I admire your courage and honesty. I am in awe of your eloquence even at a time when this bitch is making survivors (there are more of us in the world than she realizes, I guess) feel physically sick to their stomachs. That wasn’t her story to tell, and her bandwagon attitude about sexual assault sickens me.

    Anyway, to reiterate the sentiments of many, we love you, JP.

  83. I want to say “you rang?” But this post makes me really uncomfortable. It tells me more than I ever wanted to know about momser, that’s for sure.

    JP, thank you for persevering and getting well enough to share your story with us. Huge respect from this random Internet stranger.

  84. Thank you to everyone who shared their stories on here. I’m having a lot of trouble finding the right words to say how much I admire the courage of JP and Jordan Shandy and everyone who shared.

    And FUCK THAT BITCH. Fuck that reply she emailed Jordan, fuck the fact that she actually tried to make her mother’s rape about her. This latest stunt has actually enraged me.

  85. JP, words will fail me, but sharing your story helped other people relay their own pain. For a time my studies veered into the anthropology of violence and it was gut wrenching to read accounts in Bosnia, South Africa and here in the United States. Violence, and the threat of if changes people. Sexual violence is a particular abomination/atrocity committed upon the body and spirit of a person, can you tell I’ve read, “The Body in Pain”? I thank you for having the courage to speak up about something some animals did to you and though I do not know you, I feel sad that at such a time of pain for you, others committed further violence upon you. I’ve worked with adolescents who have told me terrible stories about family members abusing them and then in turn being reprimanded, rejected and shushed by their parents. Hugs from the internet.

  86. Thank you JP and everyone else who shared their stories. Indeed, many people have been victims of sexual assaults. I started to cry reading this post amidst pure RAGE that this cunt (I don’t think I’ve ever even typed that word before – thats how mad I am) would use her mother’s trauma for her own gain.

    Also very telling that this “hate site” seems to have 100000x more concern for Mrs. Baugher’s well being than her own daughter does.
    Love you all my catladies! This odd little site really is a community for me and thank you.

  87. The accounts posted here and elsewhere are far from comfortable to read and totally fucking brave. Thank you for trusting your fellow cats.

  88. A late note (only just read this post) to let you know how grateful I am, JP, that you told your story – and how brave you are to do so. I second everyone’s comments about what you wrote.

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