Donk Defends Her Latest Major Asshole-ism


@chescaleigh – has nothing to do with “winning” an argument. Why don’t we keep the focus on combatting violence against women? 6 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to chescaleigh

@chescaleigh – she believed that going public about it would help other women. The Chicago Tribune did several articles. 9 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to chescaleigh

@katiedub – She was public with it – to raise awareness. I think I would know better than you about this, don’t you?? 10 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to katiedub

I see. So because the victim went public with it almost 20 years ago, Donk can trot it out any time anyone questions her sudden outrage over violence against (famous) women.

I still find it odd that the close relative of a rape victim would toss off “date rape” so frivolously in the Media Bistro article. People who attended Georgetown, people close to her, have alleged to us that she claimed she was date-raped when she was late handing in an assignment. That would take a special kind of asshole considering what we know now thanks to the courage and grace of the victim, who really doesn’t sound like she deserved a crazy self-obsessed donkey for a close family member.

Do these sound like the words of someone traumatized by what happened to her, or what happened to the victim? I am not making any accusations, Daddy Cease and Desist, I just once again marvel at the tone deafness and sheer belligerent stupidity of your lunatic spawn.

Julia Baugher moved to Los Angeles after college with her then-fiance. She tried developing a reality show based on the sex lives of college students that she would host. When both the relationship and the show idea fizzled, she moved to New York in late 2004. On a legal pad, she wrote out ‘My Two Year Plan.’ One of the main goals was ‘become a cult figure.’

And that she did. First came a name change. Critics suggest it was to escape the google history of the plagiarism accusation, but Allison speed-talks her way through her reasons. “First of all, I had a stalker at Georgetown. It was bad and I had gotten date-raped in August right before I was going into my senior year. I just wish I had protected [Julia Baugher] from that from the start. ‘Julia Allison’ I can put her out there.”


  1. I seem to remember “chescaleigh” being on this blog (in comments) a while ago, not sure of why people hated Julia. People were like “stick around and you’ll see”. I think chescaleigh also asked on twitter to see why people hated Julia.

    I guess she sees now? It sure seems like it.

    Well done, Donkey, well done.

      • My bad. “Mistakes were made.”

        I’m thinking of someone else who was poking around last week. Perhaps under a similar screen name.

    • Chescaleigh has been around RBNS for a long time. She’s one person who uses their real name to comment and has often called donkey out on her questionable behavior.

      • I admire her for both for being ballsy enough to use her real name in the comments and being polite in her disagreements and not flying off the handle (like, um, I have).

        Also, her YouTube channel and vlogs are awesome.

    • hello! i’m here! no, i’ve never wondered why people hate her. i actually don’t hate julia, but i don’t agree with her behavior.

      i’ve followed JA since her blog with [redacted] and started commenting on rbns back in the blogspot days. kinda embarrassing to admit, but yeah, i’ve been here awhile. at first i thought she was cute and funny and thought the idea of online celebrity was interesting. as a blogger myself, i looked at julia as someone i could learn from, but that quickly changed once her true colors were revealed.

      now i follow for the same reason most do, because she’s a train wreck. she’s my guilty pleasure reality show that i can’t figure out.

      • Hi! Embarrassing too… I’ve been here since QOTD. I remember your colorful button avatar from the blogspot days, I think?

        Kudos to you for engaging her in a thoughtful and respectful manner. Sadly she can’t repay you the same basic courtesy.

        • yup! that was me!

          aw don’t be embarrassed. as someone with an “online persona” i know how frustrating it can be to deal with unbalanced online criticism. believe me, i’ve had every racist insult in the book slung at me online. so on one hand i understand why JA is defensive about “haters” especially since there are some nut jobs who are way too obsessed with hating on her. it’s not that serious to me. but on the other hand, i’ve learned a lot from julia when it comes to handling myself in the public sphere. and as a result i’m very careful about how i present myself online if/when i respond to criticism or to julia’s antics.

          thanks for the kudos, i appreciate it.

    • Ches has been around since the beginning. I am pretty sure she has always understood the loathing. But she seems to have a kind heart who genuinely wants to understand the madness, and to provide guidance to the poor dumb donkey at times.

  2. So when she got allegedly raped, she had to change her name to protect the family.
    But her mother got raped and she can tweet about it.

    She’s just so full of shit, no wonder so many people loathe her.

  3. Also the focus wasn’t on “violence against women”, the focus was on the fact that she calls herself a social media expert but is a month late to the biggest social media story in HISTORY and can’t relate to it until a recognizable celebrity is involved.

    QED Julia is a lazy stupid asshole.

  4. god, this has been an emotionally draining couple of days on Reblogging Donk. it all really is starting to unravel. she really needs help.
    much love to all who have been hurt, who have told their stories here, or who have remained silent. you guys are all incredibly strong and brave.

  5. She was in a perfect position to become an advocate for sexual assault survivors, but when has she ever cared about that? All she can do is say “Men are animals” and stick her tits in their faces.

    • Oh come on, she’s asking the tough questions, like “WHY DO MEN STILL RAPE WOMEN?”

      At least she is discussing the subject she brought up on her own blog in a calm and rational way. Oh wait. No. It’s still lipstick and gushing.

    • exactly. she could’ve easily turned these negative experiences around and incorporated them into her “brand”. instead of saying “well it happened to someone in my family so there!” how about bringing to light how sexual assault has changed now in the age of social media. ie. women being violated on video, slut shaming on facebook etc.

      cue the first social studies article…

  6. Also, i was pretty sure that she would not start to do the right thing now. Instead, she just digs in deeper.

    Just because there are 20 year old newspaper articles about it doesn’t mean it was okay for her disclose again on her Twitter to strangers when she was called out for being a phoney.

    This did not need to be brought out in this light. That she did so is beyond disrespectful to her family. It’s not her story to decide to tell or not, and to do so in 140 character?? There are no words.

    • I totally expected her to stop, think of her mom’s rights/feelings, and remove the tweet. But of course not, she’ll wait until she gets some validation or attention and then remove it later. She doesn’t give 2 shits about her mom’s feelings because she has no empathy.

      • Well if it were my mistake i would realized instantly and yanked that thing down within minutes. Fine, you hit send and had a better thought moments later, no one is perfect.

        But we are talking about crazy brains, so no, i did not think she’d cringe and take it down and move on. This is exactly what i anticipated.

        I am actually expecting a longer article on her blog backtracking and deflecting blame in the wee hours of tomorrow morning. But that’s only a 50/50 possibility, so i am not holding my breath.

        • The tweet will be deleted at some point, a few days or weeks from now. She will eventually either get attention or (unlikely) her parents will talk sense into her. I hope it’s her dad or brother so her mom never needs to know… and have to realize WTF happened. It would be terrible if this ends up hurting her mom. Julia is vile.

  7. I read the Tribune articles after her ridicu-Tweets about her mother wanting to help other women (I wouldn’t have before, because I wasn’t sure if her mom wanted that info out there). That was really brave of Robin to do, especially twenty years ago. I can’t imagine her not being completely appalled by her daughter’s behavior. No wonder they go through “rough patches.”

    • Yeah. If Jaba was telling the truth when she said her parents didn’t talk to her for six months (or whatever it was) I wonder if it was something like this that caused it.

  8. here’s what Julia fails to understand and i can’t fit into 140 characters.

    expressing outrage is one thing, but as a “journalist” and “social media expert” she has done nothing to add to the discussion regarding Lara Logan’s attack. she hasn’t mentioned the horrible tweets, online polls or blog posts arguing that Logan deserved the attack or that there’s some scandal that’s being covered up, nor did she offer her mother’s story to compliment Logan’s courage for letting CNN run the story on her attack.

    her response was purely made to one up a troll. the end. for her to back peddle and say the focus should be on violence against women is laughable. if that was her intention she should’ve said something about how common sexual assault is and that too many victims and their families have been effected by it, including herself. the end.

    • Excellent points, all.

      There would have been a much more respectable way to respond to this, but that is not what happened.

      Adding further insult to injury, she has 1 million photos of her preening and sticking her tits and ass out at FW (not even tastefully, like true fashion people). She has not lifted on single finger to discuss this horrible event and the revolting aftermath in a respectful or educated manner.

      If she truly was date raped and is a survivor herself, why talk about her mother and not her own experiences? That’s just gross.

      Lastly, what i find most offensive about her tweet was that she implied she was a witness to the event and therefore as traumatized as the person who underwent the assault.

      There are no words for her hideousness.

      • Yeah, the not bringing up her own rape is chilling. It was okay to talk about for the Media Bistro (?) article but not now? I mean far be it from me to dictate when and how rape survivors talk about their experiences, but give me a fucking break, it’s Julia Allison. She’ll talk about it when it suits her purposes only.

    • “expressing outrage is one thing, but as a “journalist” and “social media expert” she has done nothing to add to the discussion regarding Lara Logan’s attack.”

      This times eleventy! But this is vintage Julia Allison. She never adds a single, solitary bit of anything meaningful to any discussion. Not one goddamn thing. She has not one profound thought in her tiny little turd-brain.

        • I just really challenge her to post ONE THING on her blergh that I find either revelatory, or funny, or witty, or thought-provoking, or remotely intelligent.

          One fucking thing. I’ll be waiting!

  9. I can’t believe she’s basically directing people where to look if they want to read all about her mother’s painful past. Hey 20,000 followers! Just look in the hallowed TRIBUNE archives! It’s all right there!

    I knew there was something very strange and off about her always asserting what a PERFECT family life she had. This explains so much. Wonder if the painful past between her mother and grandmother is related.

    • This makes it all the weirder that the grandmother doesn’t talk to the mom. Or that the mom won’t let the grandmother come over. No reaching out, no compassion?

        • Eh, Donkey’s father clearly has issues with women. He doesn’t seem to have a normal or healthy relationship with any of the women in his life. I assume the Donkfather did something to drive a wedge between his wife and mother.

        • I think it unlikely that the banishment and the rape are closely connected, but I don’t really know, either.

          • Hadn’t Granny & RB already been on the outs for ten-some-odd years before this ever happened?

      • Yeah, you know, without getting into details, I had a nasty thing happen to me as a 12-year-old by a pervy uncle. Nothing in the same league as some of the stories here, but still terrifying and gross. When I told my donkey-ish mother, herself a stiff-upper-lip WASP, I was told that it was probably my fault– I must have tempted the old perv somehow — and I should shut up about it so as not to embarrass the family.

        That’s how this social sect operates.

          • No worries. It’s one of the many reasons I have very little to do with my mother, who would have been JA if the Internet as we know it had existed in the ’70s and ’80s. Manipulative, dishonest, self-obsessed whackaloon.

        • I hope no one ever touches any of my kids like that (when I have kids someday). If it’s a relative, they’d be strongarmed into therapy. If it’s some random person, random body parts would probably start turning up in back alleys and creeks around my city. (OK, I hope not, but I’d be pissed–I can’t believe they blamed you, Jacy. WTF???)

          • Not they, her. But I actually never told my father either because I knew he would have killed the old perv with his own hands. Thankfully my older sister, the mother I never had, was there to deal with it rather than tell me to “zip it, you probably did something to entice the man.” (In addition to all her other lunacies, she also really resented that her daughters were closer to their father than to her, and was actually jealous that we were cute because it took attention away from her. Cuckoo).

          • Not to get too analytical, Jacy, but it interests me that you see connections between your mother and Donkey and are now esteemed proprietor of the world headquarters of Donkey discussion. Is this site in any way therapy to help you cope with your relationship with your mother?

            Anyone else see connections between Donk and some aspect of their own life? I know a number of people here have mentioned Donkeys in their lives.

            Though I am mostly very un-Donkeyish (I have little to no interest in fame and am a confirmed introvert) I do relate to Donkey a bit because, like her, I’ve told some pretty big lies in order to “manage my image.” I turned from a lurker to a commenter when Donkey and the Donkfather tried the deluge of C&Ds.

          • I definitely reacted to her negatively due to having been raised by a Donk type, that’s for sure.

            I am not sure this is terribly therapeutic becomes sometimes it brings back unhappy memories, but I actually had hoped Donk might grow up and grow out of it at some point. Uhhh … no. That’s clearly not happening, ever. I pity the future spouses and future children.

          • I have an aunt who raised me who is just as you describe your mom, self-absorbed, jealous of any woman or even female child who is attractive due to jealousy with her husband, WASP, appearance-oriented and all about who you marry and how much money he makes. I recognize those triats here, but it is sometimes painful when they’re very real. But, hell, we might be cousins, right?

          • You just described my mother to a T.

            She is after my niece, only 18, to “marry rich.” My sister had to totally shut it down.

          • My best friend from Secondary School (High School) was a total Julia-type. I decided to finally cut all ties with her after understanding how her behaviour was so similiar to Julia’s when I first started reading this blog back in the blogspot days. Thats not to say that I cut off a friend because she was similiar to le donk, but simply because I finally knew her behaviour wasn’t acceptable.

          • my mom isn’t Donkesque but both parents def had issues. so i feel you on this, jacy. it’s probably why i find RBNS/ReDonk so interesting. there are a few other sites like this that I read/comment on. its a decent way of learning from it/coping, IMO.

            keep up the good fight, jacy. xoxo.

    • It was very brave (and morally right, IMO) of Robin to speak out and self-identify as a rape survivor, but I could see Granny Moneybags thinking that it was unseemly.

      • I think you mean it was her right, not that it was morally right. Because that would imply that it would be morally wrong to keep the rape between her and the police/prosecutor/judge, etc.

        IMO, there’s no moral obligation to go to the newspaper or go public with it. So I think you mean that it was a good thing, but not that it was a question of right/wrong.

        • I don’t think it’s immoral to keep your rape private at all, but no, I meant morally right. If at all emotionally possible for the survivor him- or herself, I personally believe it is a moral thing to work to destigmatize being a rape survivor, even if just by sharing the story with loved ones.

          • not picking a fight here, but by adding in the qualifiers (“if at all possible”) you completely changed the situation and made it context-specific. so i really don’t think you can say it’s “morally right”. but whatever, not here to relive college philosophy.

  10. Anyone think she tweeted about her mother’s story to drive traffic to the Tribune website to give them numbers of how many “readers” she has?

    Total conspiracy theory but why would she wait until now to divulge that family secret and do so in such a flippant manner?

    • I think that’s giving her too much credit. She’s just trying to distract from the way her Egypt cluelessness reveals her to be an ignorant dumbass. She’s terrified of being outed as the amazingly shallow retard that she is because that doesn’t fit at all with the image she is trying to project.

  11. Donkey still doesn’t address this question: how does your mother’s rape make you an authority on rape? Because, sadly, most people have a close acquaintance who has experienced a rape firsthand.

    She’ll never admit to fabricating her date rape. She’ll just say she doesn’t want to talk about it because it was so traumatic. I’m enough of a Donkologist to know that she’ll only bray truthfully when there is no other choice.

    • “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

      Who’d a thunk Julia, Dadsers and Joseph Goebbels had so much in common?

    • It’s gross that she threw her mom under the bus when she has circulated stories about herself being assaulted.

      So she lied about her assault? That is the takeaway message here, obviously.

      • It’s unthinkable that she wouldn’t trot out her own rape story now I’d there were any truth to it. I think she must have forgotten she ever told that lie, though it’s possible that she doesn’t want to continue mentioning it in case she is called on to substantiate it someday.

        • That’s probably it. In any event, she confirms it as a lie in choosing to throw her mom under the bus and get attention only through being the witness and not the survivor.

          It’s all a sick ploy for attention with her.

          • Just had a thought: it’s hard to tell how engaged Donkey’s parents are with her online persona, but is it possible that Donkey’s lies about being a rape victim are at least one of the factors complicating her relationship with her mother? If I were a legit rape survivor like Donk’s mom, I would be enraged to hear my daughter making up some weird story about being raped.

    • “Because, sadly, most people have a close acquaintance who has experienced a rape firsthand.”

      SO MUCH THIS. Who doesn’t know someone who has been raped? No one. We all have close friends and family members who have either been raped, or been victims of childhood sexual abuse.

      Of COURSE she doesn’t get this fact. In her mind she (or her mother) are the only people to have ever suffered such an indignity. As always, she is completely tone-deaf to those around her, and their experiences.

    • Yes this! To understand something you need to put time, effort and often therapy into it. It’s just like her claims of ceiling cats, yet she knows nothing about how the disease actually harms people. I once broke my foot, does that make me able to diagnose and repair other ppl’s bones?

  12. I don’t really understand why any of this is shocking to anyone who knows Julia Allison. All she does is manipulate whatever tools are at her disposal to contort to her twisted idea of reality.

    No one will never win with her. And she will never learn.

    People don’t really change when they’re that delusional and their world is only MEMEMEMMEME. You can’t grow real compassion. She’ll just fake it until she makes a rich someone’s trophy *cough* wife.

  13. Three points:

    1. This was entirely for publicity, as is everything this creature does. She needs attention to survive, and this got her a small canister of the good stuf.
    2. I was inside. The only reason this story was told was to frame Julia in the story. This is, grossly, just another one of Julia’s name droppings.
    3. If I believed there was anything resembling an actual relationship with Jack McCain – which I absolutely DO NOT – then I would hope that Jack would realize that one day soon, Julia would publicly discuss his mother’s prior drug abuse. Because the story isn’t a secret and Julia’s life has now been impacted by a drug addict.

    • So much yes to this.

      She is a liability to every single person connected to her and this just proves to what extent. Your worst personal low is not off limits when you know this pig and the bigger the hole in your life, the better for her to exploit it to her own advantage when the time is right/she’s jonesing hard.

      So vile.

    • This. I would add to item 1 that Donks brought this up not only for publicity, but also to change the subject away from her total ignorance of the events in Egypt. Donkey hates being exposed as the shallow investor that she is.

  14. I don’t even know what to say about what she did. It’s horrific, inconsiderate, inappropriate. Her mom is probably “okay” (bigtime scare quotes) talking about it — privately, to her family and friends, as a way to help herself cope. Not as a way of defining herself to internet strangers. I’m surprised she didn’t @juliasmom. Which brings me to my next point.

    Twenty years ago, the entire concept of the Internet as we know it (or something as asinine as Twitter) was beyond what anyone could comprehend. She released her name and story to the Chicago Trib — a localized paper — because this horrific man was an immediate threat to women all over the Chicago area. I promise you she had NO IDEA it would pop up decades later in archives that could be accessed by millions of people all over the world for the foreseeable future. Awful.

    • Point being: Just because she allowed her name in the paper at the time of the crime does not mean anyone and everyone should be able to know about it, Julia.

    • Donksers has a right to everyone’s memories throughout the universe, in perpetuity.

      Her social contract is tots draconian.

      • That analogy is so real, it makes me shiver as though she’s a contagion that can appropriate you like Borg by mere casual observance.

  15. O/T but there was an article in the NY Times yesterday, or maybe today, about FB basically being all shady, as FB always is, and the top executives not allowing people to sign up for the service with pseudonyms – which basically stifles free speech and activism in places where such things can be met with severe penalties.

    You’d think the OMG BEST FRIEND of Randi Rat-teeth Suckerberg would have opinions on this. (Crickets)

    Also this is old news but Mark Suckerberg was beyond terrible on “SNL” a few weeks ago. Fucking cringe-worthy.

  16. You guys lost me here. It’s perfectly normal for someone to be traumatized by what happened to their mom (ESPECIALLY an 8 year old girl who is probably just about to start understanding about her sexuality). It doesn’t sound like she got the appropriate therapy after this situation. But you really shouldn’t fault her because she was not the victim of the rape and yet still suffered because of it. Being the child of someone who was raped no doubt truly damaged her in many ways after and was likely very definitive for her life and sexuality.

    • Nobody is denying that. I think the main criticism is how the situation was handled. She brought it up, on Twitter, as an irrelevant rebuttal to a troll. I agree with you that it probably did have a big impact on her and her upbringing. I don’t agree that condones her behavior.

    • I don’t think anyone is denying it would have been traumatic for her. My take away is that people are disgusted with her opportunism, her using the terrible episode as a way to win an argument with a troll on twatter, her callousness in bringing it up when it’s clearly a pretty private thing.

      If she had any capacity for empathy I would feel sorry for her, but I don’t, because she doesn’t. I really do believe she’s a sociopath and I very highly doubt she has the capacity to be deeply upset about anything that happens to those around her, her mother included. And I am basing this on her behavior for the past few years. I feel sorry for her mother. I don’t feel sorry for her. She doesn’t deserve sympathy – she has no capacity to feel it herself.

    • You are right. If she did experience her mother’s attack, directly or indirectly, it could have damaged her in ways we could never understand. And I do hope both she and her mother received the appropriate therapy or treatment to deal with it.

      However, that does not excuse her horrible behavior or give her the right to post her mother’s story on twitter. I shared my own story of sexual abuse in a previous post last night. Does that give me the right to be nasty and attack people? No. Actually, I feel like it has made me more compassionate.

      The problem is that Julia seems incapable of any sympathy or empathy, which seems indicative of a severe mental illness. Sadly, unless her family is honest about her situation, she may never get the help she needs.

      I just wanted to say that I really love this community that we’ve created. I love that we embrace each other, and show such compassion + support. And thank you to Jacy + JP, for sharing your very personal, painful stories. And thank you also for keeping our community together. Because as much as anyone wants to label us ‘haters’ or ‘bullys’? These last 2 days have shown me that we are, in fact, anything but.

      • I love this place too. I love how we used to share recipes and beauty tips during the boring times of this online shitshow. Seems like it’s been nonstop cray since the new rbns launched.

        If anyone is a thoughtless bully, its Julia.

      • As has been noted many a time, this is the community that Non-Society hoped to build and never succeeded in doing. Jacy and JP are as savvy and smart as they come, as are so many of the commentators. Blogs & Kisses!

      • Y’all are absolutely wonderful. I do feel like this is a safe haven with smart, savvy, empathetic people. I can’t remember who shouted out to a couple of us in the last post, but thank you. I very rarely talk about what happened, and this feels like a relatively anonymous place on the Interwebs. (Though if it ever comes out under my real name, I’m okay with outing him. I only mentioned one in the last post. One tried with roofies and was unsuccessful, thanks to the dude I’d just started dating and who knew I was acting weird. If it comes out? I will GLADLY testify against both.)

        Anyway, thanks to all you obese catladies. Sending y’all props from my parents’ Dallas condo with my 15 cats and 35 pairs of Bakers platforms.

  17. While Julia didn’t report on the situation in Egypt, she was extremely vocal about the Iranian elections and the use of social media..

    ..LOL JKS, she didn’t say shit!

  18. I am not a regular commenter, so apologies if this is a DUH observation:

    I was just reading back through some of the older stuff and it occurred to me that megatits never gets mentioned anymore now that shes snagged brother pancakes. It was obvious when she hooked him initially, but way to demonstrate long term what the purpose of that friendship was for.

      • brothers rarely opine on other brothers’ relationship choices. it’s just way too weird and uncomfortable. that said, if you bring home something like julia… any decent brother is going to be like “what the fuck are you doing?”

        another thing is, jimmy mccain tweeted julia and clearly reads her crap here and there. that’s just… too close to your brother’s “territory”. it’s weird. UNLESS julia is just a “fuck and chuck” or a joke to flapjack.

        but if that was the case, why have her at her winging?

        so i’m learning towards the family being just creepy/weird (brother talking to other brother’s gf after just a few weeks, sister ignoring the whole situation which is blowing up, senator not pulling the kid aside and talking sense to him).

        • I can’t fault Jimmy for that. I’ve dated a few guys for a couple of months plus, and their siblings have tried to make contact and be friendly. Not a weird thing at all, more of a, okay you’re dating my bro, what’s up, kind of thing.

          If it IS a real relationship (let’s assume that Julia Allison Baugher Donkey were a normal person), a sibling reaching out to a bf/gf of a couple of months would be a nice gesture.

          Then again, I’m from Texas, where I know people who’ve met/dated/married within a year.

          • OK, well maybe being from the Northeast does frame my expectations… but to me, it’s just gross. This was just a twitter shout out, so I guess its not in any way intimate. But I can’t imagine texting/emailing/facebook messaging/calling either of my brothers’ wives… unless we were planning a top secret surprise party for a brothers’ birthday. But to just open up a conversation with a girlfriend/spouse of a brother seems really weird. Which makes me think that the relationship has become a joke among the McCains.

          • Tittykins grow up internationally and her brothers were all great guys, shared political views, so we’d email each other snarky items re the ’08 elections… It was fine for them to reach out to me after a few months, helped break the ice…

          • Wait, I missed something.. She dated 2 brothers?? And why is he named pancakes??

            I know I’m late to the game, but I need to know!

    • It dovetails nicely with my suspicion that this is one of Julia’s media stunts – a fake relationship to drum up interest in her and give Jack a turn on the dance floor.

      If you are Megan McCain and your only “career” is as the occasional talking head for social media and/or her family’s continued relevance in politics, you would stay as far away from this impending debacle as possible, lest whatever credibility you have be decimated by your proximity to this stunt.

      Or, using Occam’s Razor,it could just be the awareness that absolutely no one benefits from having their name and reputation associated with Julia Allison.

      Lex parsimoniae and all that.

  19. EVERYTHING is relatable to Julia. Fergie and Vanessa Hudgens sitting 20 feet away? OMG that are sitting next to ME!!!

    This Birthday meltdown is going to be Heaven sent. If Randi doesn’t politely excuse herself first… Hmmmm…. I wonder, will Tahoe happen? Dadser predicts No. Something will happen, and either (i) Randi will go and Julia won’t -OR- (ii) Julia goes, Randi is elsewhere.

  20. OT/ Julie Culture Queen misspelled Sofia Coppola’s name on her shit cast today.

    Of course this does not surprise. She is a total mental reject.

  21. y’all are nasty; what’s wrong with you?

    @juliaallison i know how insensitive people can be. there are nasty folks everywhere. sucks to be them 😉 about 1 hour ago via web in reply to juliaallison
    @juliaallison you rule & so does your mama! Don’t take it personal when awful people saw awful things – that’s just all they know how to do.

    • For being such a HUGE INTERNET SENSATION, Julia gets very little support, and the support she does get usually comes from airheads like this Jordan Parkinson.

      • Those were the ONLY 2 people who were nice to her.

        It’s pretty much crickets in terms of actual friends in her life.

        • Yes! I demand to know what Julie’s BEZ FRAND, Greasy, has to say!

          Or perhaps this isn’t the kind of thing for which you look for comfort to that guy you used to bang before you lured in that other guy with more money and status who probably bangs other girls with bad dye-jobs on the weekends?

          Um… err… oops!

  22. *checks birthcray countdown*

    I have to wait a whole 11 days for a new episode of my favorite online reality shitshow???! Ugh, this is worse than Lost!*

  23. Thank you for all your encouragement, you wonderful and compassionate people. I assure you that my ordeal does not effect me to the severity that it used to. It was interesting that it came up yesterday because I was discussing with my therapist about how residual, unconscious trauma may possibly have an effect on my relationships with people in my life today.

    Julia’s broadcasting her mother’s rape to the world just enraged me so much. It’s not that she did it. It’s that she has absolutely nothing intelligent to say about it, because she is completely incapable of offering an intelligent perspective about this issue or any issue.

    But since sexual violence has been the topic for discussion, I think it would be nice if we chose a worthwhile national or international organization that combats sexual violence (and not just on Twitter) to donate to in honor of birthcray. I’d welcome your recommendations of which organization would benefit.

    And since we are busy being all cause-y and such. I encourage you to contact your congressmen about preserving at least some federal funding for public radio and television instead of eliminating it all together. Diane Rehm needs health insurance for those voice treatments, y’all. And Ari Shapiro is hot.

    Do you really want him thrown out on the street?

    • Two words: Peter Sagal.

      Also, I was disappointed that you can’t buy a donkey through Heifer International, but you can buy some family a llama or water buffalo:

      In fact, this kind of giving might actually do great things for women in the families who receive them– maybe even help their families get enough money that the girls can go to school, and you know, do other things that women in developing nations often can’t do. I am going to go buy some chicks right now. Good for eggs, eating, and a charitable cause this grad student can afford.

      • I was turned onto Heifer Internat’l this last year & it was my charity of choice in lieu of Xmas gift-giving. It really does do double duty in sustainable giving of a ‘hand up’, & I’d be thrilled if we could co-op something substantial for a family in need.

        • I would be happy to pitch in! I can only afford $20 or $30 (need sugar daddy asap) but I think we could figure out a way to pool resources via paypal or something if other catladies are interested…

    • I like RAINN too. Also, Pandora’s Project is a resource that I found (and still find) pretty helpful. It has a lot of resources for the family and friends of survivors, too.

      Also, love your Diane Rehm shoutout. Whenever she talks, I am afraid that she is on the brink of death.

    • Forgive me if you think this is a stupid question, but do you ever discuss ReDonk/RBNS with your therapist? I’d be fascinated to hear if she had any thoughts on this place, your posting here, and so forth. If I had a therapist, I’m pretty sure this place would have to come up and be dissected and I’m a relative newcomer. What would a therapist say? I’d be intrigued to know.

  24. I apologize in advance for how tl;dr and incoherently bray-gy this might be but this has seriously put me over the edge.
    Darling Julia, what! is wrong with you!? Seriously!? Claiming to know a lot about sexual violence and being an active part of combatting it???? Yea, right. Let’s look at the facts you present, shall we? I will strategically capitalize because you seem to understand that better.
    1) The most you could donate out of your vast wardrobe and belongings were used magazines to a women’s shelter. Do you understand the terror they have gone through?! How about actual clothes, blankets, toiletries, toys for kids, money, furniture, new undergarments, storage containers, everything and anything down to lightbulbs. But nah, your old, used magazines should suffice.
    2) Expiration date. How very feminist and not at all basing a woman’s worth on how sexually desirable she is.
    3) Posting that poor man’s suicide letter on your liecast and not saying anything else about it. Julia, HE WAS A VICTIM OF SEXUAL VIOLENCE. If you were a true advocate would you, uh, you know, maybe put at the least a few links giving information, support websites, phone numbers, anything!?!?!?!?! But you didn’t. You just wanted attention for something incredibly tragic. This behavior was atrocious. If you can’t see why, get help.
    4) You have a popular(ish) blog and twitter and NEVER EVER educate about interpersonal violence. Never. There are people who dedicate lifetimes to educating and stopping sexual violence and you won’t even post a link. And to think, these people do it for very little money. Maybe next time you spend hundreds of dollars on tacky hair and nails (which you seem to think are the only ways to be valuable as a woman) you can send toiletries to a rape crisis center. Since it means so much to you.
    5)”WHY DO MEN STILL RAPE WOMEN?!?!” Again, educate yourself. Rape is not just men on women. It’s called a rape culture. It’s about power, control and entitlement. Every little bit of gendered discriminate that you perpetrate contributes. Not to mention your newfound support of Kirk’s politics. (And OMG the boyfriend’s daddy!
    6) And now this twitter BS. I just Kant.

    This is just so enraging. I will spend the rest of my life working in the field of interpersonal violence and see survivors on a daily basis. I don’t need a qualifier to validate myself. It doesn’t matter if I was a victim or my mother or brother or cousin or aunt. It’s horrible no matter what, it’s not a game to one up who has the worst story, as Little Miss Asshat seems to think.
    I am so humbled to see the support in this community. I have always been intimidated to write more then a few silly little comments because of all of you fabulous, intelligent catpeople, but you are warm and loving and incredible and I really feel proud to type among you.

        • haha thanks bitchface, I just came from an event honouring (what up Morning Muffin!?) victims of abuse and just let it rip. Guess a trip to the assram is needed!

          • Facial plastic surgery is never the answer!

            oh, you mean, actual yoga assram?? Make sure you take pictures of you stretching your leg up at your head for us bunny!!! I hear the wifi is excellent there!!! OM indeed!!

    • I hear you and I feel you. I think what you do is amazing. Thank you for being part of the solution, seeing it everyday and still not becoming jaded. I’ve felt the same way about Julia’s waste. It takes very little to make a difference in someone’s life, and she can’t even manage that.

      • The comments on these past couple posts have really made me feel so much more confident in society. We are all part of the solution. Glad there are so many socially conscious catpeeps making strides from the basements of the world.

  25. The fact that she is incapable of being challenged in any way really speaks to the darkness of her soul. She’s like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland.

  26. If we’re being serious about charities, RAINN is the leading resource for rape, sexual assault, and incest resources, education, and crisis intervention.

  27. Hi guys. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories. I have long watched JA’s craziness unfold and viewed it quite comically but this had brought me out of the shadows to comment. I have just spent all day working on finding solutions to the challenges we are facing in UN Peacekeeping Missions to protect women and children from Sexual Based Gender Violence in conflict. Does JA have any idea that rape is a weapon of war? Why no comment on the mass rapes in Sudan, DRC and Rwanda? It is believed that 500,000 women were raped in Rwanda…that is what is truly disgusting. If any of you cat ladies are interested in showing your support, please visit

  28. I don’t know about writing off JAB’s claims of undergrad rape. Rapists often target victims who are sexually provocative (see: 9/11 anniversary bikini top, sex column), and/or known for being mentally unstable or mendacious. That way, if they are ever called to the carpet they can argue, “She asked for it,” “She’s crazy,” or “She’s lying.”

    There’s some doublethink going on here where we all acknowledge that rape is horrifically common while simultaneously asserting that it never could have happened to Julia. I don’t know. I know she’s been caught in lies before. I understand the doubt.

    When I was young, I lied about a lot of things. But I didn’t make up my rape. And I know I’m bringing in my own baggage here.

    It wasn’t that long ago that RBNSers were speculating that she wasn’t really bulimic, but had crafted that story for sympathy. Now it seems to be taken as given that JAB’s got an eating disorder. Maybe this will go the same way.

    As for why she brought up her mother’s rape instead of her own, that may be because she sees her mother’s victimization as more akin to Lara Logan’s than her own — a violent attack by strangers, rather than a coercive one by an acquaintance.

    Totally agree that dragging Robin’s name into things is vile, as were her email responses to another victim. I’m no friend of La Donque. It’s just entirely conceivable to me that she was sexually assaulted.

    • I knew a woman at college who was sexually assaulted. She was very similar to Julia in many ways (both before and after the attack). Two of her hallmates heard her screams and pulled the guy off and there were people who still thought she made it up. This woman later denied that anything happened (which, alas, meant the creep went scot-free) in part because people perceived her as a wolf-cryer and cock-tease.

      Anxiousness and fear concerning sex is very much part of how I think she interprets her appearance and body: at once accentuating the overly sexual aspects and then cloaking them with pretty-pink childlike and infantile colors and motifs. In some ways she seems stuck between come-hither and a kind of yearning for actual prepubescence, when bed was a place for teddy bears and nightlights.

      I try not to speculate on how past episodes of sexual trauma play into people’s lives but I think she does exhibit some signs that many would associate with post-rape trauma and phobias.

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