1. First!!!!!111

    Fatty Kate has a good point here. I can’t get fully aboard team Kate bc she was once a Julia Failison intern. But at least she has the good sense to see through the #pocketgay

  2. I have just done twitter research, Adrien was the one who originally tweeted that. I imagine that Fatty Kate is too dumb/did not gain enough social media knowledge from her NS internship to know how to RT.

      • Or a fail of her blog format if that was where the tweet came from. Twitter feeds embedded into blogs often remove the RT. I know from sad experience.

        • I am available to give talks at Ivy League schools about this tech phenomenon. Reasonable fee. Speak with my agent.

    • It’s still entertaining to read how crunty and deluded Pocketgay is. I mean, he’s advertising his low low place on the totem pole bitching about it in the first place. Who are you again?

  3. excuse me, but why the fuck does adrien field think he is in the position to class other people as ‘failures’?

      • Careful, she may be a billionaire’s wife one day. She has been dating Jack Dorsey and that gives the Donk indigestion.

      • I can’t stop hearing rumors that she’s sleeping her way around and being matchmaker bait. Not sure if those are true, but they’re weirdly persistent and she seems to enjoy the company of a lot of wealthy men. If so, how pathetic.

        • I don’t know if that’s true or not, but she’s a) gorgeous and b) knows how not to spill too much info about her life, her dating life, etc.

          Therefore, she’s two things Julia’s not–gorgeous and discreet/private. I’d bet she learned the latter after seeing the trainwreck that is Julia’s life.

          Fatty Kate has a joke job but has been flown around the world (Paris, St Maarten, etc) and given lavish gifts by men (Marchesa dress, anyone?), yet nary a peep about the guys. She keeps things locked down pretty tight.

          • Yeah, I don’t think it’s acceptable to take lavish gifts from men twice your age just because you don’t feel like accomplishing anything. Especially under the stipulation of keeping it quiet.

          • when did I say I thought that was OK? i just said she might be able to reel one of them in (accomplish her goal) because she hasn’t become a running, loud joke like Our Lady of The Braying

          • Well it must kill Jankles that Fatty Kate can do it and she can’t. Jankles would die to have that lifestyle- and she’s had it *somewhat* before- New Years in Capetown, gifted dresses etc… although it seems like Fatty Kate really outclasses her and outperforms her when it comes to landing generous wealthy men!

            I think it always *ALWAYS* bothered Julia how gorgeous Kate is. I remember she used to get pestered with questions “who is your intern?” “can you post more photos of your intern” a lot and it would really bug her.

            Kate must have learned the importance of one crucial thing during her internship with Jankles- DISCRETION!

  4. If you are being invited to shows via Facebook it is both an indication that you don’t mean shit in the grand scheme of things and are being invited to shit shows to be a seat filler. #fixedthatforya

  5. He is correct. If you are inviting that simpering twit to your fashion show — via any means — you are, indeed, a failure.

    I’m sending him an engraved invitation to take a long walk off a short runway.

    • She once posted a pic of her after a job and apologize for her stomach looking fat because she has an eating disorder. She had that tiny lil bump that all women have because of our sex organs and thought it was fat, so we call her Fatty Kate.

      • Instant hate = threw up three times + jogged 16 miles + fatty stomach. I wish her life in a wheelchair with complete lack of feeling from the neck down because she already has it from the neck up.

        • to be fair, fatty kate was a varsity cross country runner in college, which was only a yr or two before that picture. she still runs a LOT. but not purely for weight loss… she’s always run. her dad is a runner, too. fatty kate finished 1st in her county and either 1st or 2nd in her state meet in her sr yr or HS. so, in her defense, it’s not like she used running to lose massive amounts of weight–she’s always been a competitive runner.

          • AFF, is there any decent-looking blonde associated with Julia Allison you won’t kiss the ass of? It’s really pathetic.

            Besides which, are you good friends with her to know this information or just a Google stalker?

          • I don’t like Mary, Danish Mary, Meghan McCain, or any of Julia’s “other blondes”. And as far as brunettes, c’mon–Alagna is fucking pathetic and the Asha sisters are dumber than bricks.

            I’m stating a fact that Fatty Kate is really attractive. That’s hardly my opinion.

            I kind of liked Jordan when she first left Julia, because I thought she was going to get a j-o-b and do blogging on the side. I thought she’d learned. Lookswise, she’s pretty, but not my “cup of tea”. Too thin and her eyes are kind of wonky.

          • I follow her on tumblr, I’m a runner too. She’s mentioned college running, her college teammates, her dad being a runner, etc. She’s actually saying less and less these days about running–more random-seeming pictures of dresses, dates, and international travel.

      • the funny thing about that post, is cary’s reblog post:

        Saturday’s bacchanal be damned, Kate and I had a long run to do last night. As the sun sank below Jersey City we made swift work of sixteen miles, running from Chelsea to Battery Park, across the Brooklyn Bridge, deep into the heart o’ Carroll Gardens (Carroll and Smith Streets to be exact…and horrified), and back again. Along the way we received myriad cat calls, two gratis bottles of Poland Springs, and a major ego boost upon realizing first, that we each possess washboard abs, and second, that we’re total fucking badasses.

  6. Aw, come on! Being an escort is tiring work y’all, it’s hard to correctly hit the RT button after a long night out and before pretending to go to a job that you don’t have.

  7. I just looked through her blog. It’s actually kind of entertaining (in a vapid way of course). Lots of fancy parties and good taste in music.

    …but Jabs is making fuck you money off of her AMAZING content!

  8. Whoever AFF is in real life, he makes me lol. Biggest. Douche. Ever. You know he’s like some 5’9″ skinny little twerp ass who went to Fordham or some shit school. It’s MY opinion that the greasy faced short badly bleached blonde girl in the pictures who is plowing her way through Manhattans pocketbooks is not really that attractive.

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