Fashion Week Bingo — Everyone Can Play!!


With thanks to Har Har and Meow_Mix:



    • Holy crap. This woman’s sense is style is… um, ineffable.

      It’s not even “so bad it’s kitschy.” It’s just bad.

    • yes. there was discussion two posts ago about her finally realizing that all of her dresses do not go with black tights.

      um. she definitely has not come to that realization yet.

      but, on the up-side, she’s had a few tweets at her today instructing her on the proper usage of that and which. hopefully she’ll actually learn something?


    • Of course it’s nothing new, but she’s going to some incredible lengths to hide her body in this pic. Sad donkey.

      • It sort of looks as though her waist on the right was severely fauxto-chopped & then just a tad added back in … like not quite the right depth of ‘black’ (paint) was used when she tried to correct …

        Who knows? I’ll go against the grain here & say that *I* think this outfit is not nearly as bad as some … I don’t even dislike the dress. Not sure about those textured tights though. The bracelet? UGH! No jewelry necessary at all w/ the leopard print, IMHO. Gotta give her props for losing the bobby-pin mullet too.

        OVERALL: This is a 6-7 for her.

        • I agree, minus the bad faux fur/skin, it’s better than usual. Looks like the waist fits her and hangs well on her hips/butt. I’m giving her a pass on the tights but the shoes in this weather? Ridiculous.

        • No sausage curls, either, and no “statement” necklace whose statement appears to be “I can weigh down your sternum so heavily the flow to your aorta may be constricted.” For most of us, to wear this out in public would be to open ourselves up to snide comments about our Auntie Mame get-up. For Donk, it whispers subtlety.

    • Jesus. OK, if I am 30 looking like I’m pushing 40, and I’m dating a 24-year-old? I am going to avoid ANYTHING reminiscent of cougar, amirite??!??!?

      Also, textured tights when you’ve got a busy COUGAR collar and cuffs going on? No. Plain black tights you dumb donkey, or maybe even nude fishnets, something very subtle.

      And the shoes are just completely ridiculous.

    • That dress could have looked totally cute with nude legs (even nude fishnets as someone mentioned above), simple black pumps without the platform, and minus the gianormous mis-matched jewelry.
      In other words, on someone else … (or even on JABa here if you crop the picture from the waist up and forget that she’s supposed to be only 30, not 52).
      For this girl more is always more. She has no impulse control, no restraint, no discretion.

      • EXACTLY. You are wearing a fucking statement piece in the dress, why would you wear those fucking hooves? Just wear 3 or 4 inch black pumps that you can actually move in.

    • I like the dress FWIW, I like when she dresses pin-up like, that’s what her body looks good in, but those shoes are an abomination. If they are real YSL’s…that is just sad. She can’t even do expensive shoes correctly and I can’t imagine how badly she walks in them.

    • Oh god, I just noticed the ring. Why? Why does she fuck everything up? Just wear the fucking dress without 17 more layers of THINGS.

  1. Whoa! I’ve been lurking forever but i just had the first fashion week sighting. Dress, cheap looking and bad (although 80% of the people at FW were dressed just as badly), standing rather aimlessly near the entrance DURING the Christian Siriano show (or at least right before it started) with no cameraman in sight. Didn’t clock the insignia on the mike but it kind of made me sad.. she seemed to be so ready to interview someone, anyone but no one was there to be interviewed.

    • She didn’t have a seat for this show, & it’s not even the same one she was braying for tickets to, is it? Wasn’t that the Marc Jacobs show?

      I predict there will be many things Donkey ‘gives up’ following her ‘milestone’ birthcray expiration, Fashion Week being one of them …

  2. This bingo list is amaze-balls (I’m kidding, I would never use that word). Scratch that, this is hillarious!!

    Has anyone noticed each horrific outfit she has posted on her blog? Maybe they’d be good for someone tall and slim but the slouchy pants and that ballgown looking dress were just totally wrong for her body. The ballgown dress scares me – it seems like a dress to hide your body, not show it off. I’m not a fan.

  3. apropros of nothing, i am de-lurking to note that the donkey’s head-to-toe-with-a-side-of-lamesauce lists her shoes as “YSL Tribune slingbacks”

    sidenote: i saw a real woman wearing similar shoes today, and i must say that they are even more ridiculous in action… the only words to describe her gait are a random mishmash of “sprightly bent-kneed alcoholic stumble with incipient fractured ankles in the near future.”

    fashun WOOOOOOO!

    • Just a calculated Freudian Slip on her part so that she can “Uhm, err, oops?” gush about her non-job at the Tribune when someone … ANYone? … calls it to her attention.

    • I saw that!! Ha ha. What a dumb donkey. That’s even better than Alia shoes. OMG she is such a dumb tacky hick.

      And let’s all recall the Mediabistro article re: the authenticity of her “Tribune slingbacks”:

      “Then the door opens. Allison’s pedicured crimson toes are housed in faux Yves St. Laurent heels and her first step turns her left ankle near sideways. “

    • I don’t doubt that her shoes are YSL Tribunes. I got a pair, and they look fan-freaking-tastic with my Hermeez Borkin bag.

      Now, why don’t you all just simmer down and enjoy your nice peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

    • I was people watching at a mall the other day and many women had those sky-high shoes on. They looked absolutely ridiculous; not a single one knew how to walk in them. Alcoholic stumble is the perfect description.

      • I bought a pair of 4-5 inch heels, stilettos, Stuart Weitzman when I was making good money and everyone on Zappos talked about how “comfortable” they were for high heels. I wore them ONCE on a date and literally could not walk one block at the end of the night to get a cab. Never again. There is no way she can walk in those things. And she’s graceless on a good day.

        • Servicey tip I use to buy high heels – if you can’t bend the sole with your hands, you will not be able to walk in the shoes.
          Or: look for shoes like this where it’s a high heel but the front of your foot is raised up too so it’s the equivalent of a lower heel.

          • yup yup. Or built in front platform, so it looks like a higher heel than it really is.

          • What I do is, I wear a 3.5 inch heel. That’s essentially my limit, besides these 5 inch platform boots I had to have recently, that I can actually walk in but will start to hurt after a few hours. 3.5 inch heels still give you some height and elongate the legs etc and look hot, and you can actually walk in them. Anything above that without a platform and you are just asking for torture.

            She needs to fucking get over the clod hoppers and wear some sensible pumps 3-4 inch pumps. She probably walks like a complete spastic in those.

        • These tips have allowed me to stop looking like a crippled, drunken horse when I wear heels. Now I can focus on just the drinking.

  4. Saw this on today + it made me think of Julie:

    “How to Sneak into a Runway Show: A Gatecrasher’s Guide

    Hilarious. The women with scanners seemed difficult to bypass in September, but maybe they’re less aggro this week! I gave up my tix this season for Vacay with HubbaHubbaHusby starting tomorrow………”

    Julie wishes she could have a life like Vie’s. But, sadly, she never will.

    What she doesn’t understand is that it’s not about the money. Or status. Or marrying the ‘right’ guy i.e. good looking, rich, connected, Ivy League alumnus. Or coming from the ‘right’ family. It’s about the one thing that Julie will never have: Class.

    Those circles that you so desperately long to be part of, Julie? They see right through you. Maybe not at first. At first, you probably put on a pretty good show. Like the one you’ve put on for Señor & Señora Yack McKane. But eventually? They’ll see right through it. Just like everyone else has. And you’ll be shown the door, once again, just like before.

    Every opportunity in the world given to you. The best education. All that work for all those connections and TV gigs and writing opportunities. One by one, knocked down. A trail of failure and bridges burned, in flames behind you. The list growing longer and longer.

    What will it take for you to finally wonder, ‘what if it is me?’

    • teacher and student have traded places–julia should be taking lessons from fatty kate now. the former intern is now the one who “gets it”. the former mentor (?), julia, is not an expiring hag who looks 40, brays loudly, and scares men away within 3 months.

  5. Wow. Day one and you can already check off:

    Event-inappropriate outfit
    Blurry iPhone photos
    Weather-inappropriate outfit (for all her recent braying about long sleeves… maybe she could have picked something with long sleeves?)
    Steals front row seat
    NBC microphone
    Complains about weather

    And can we add a bonus point for every time she fucks up a designers name or brand? YSL Tribune Slingbacks…. GUFFAW.

  6. juliaallison
    Help! Desperately seeking tickets to Marc Jacobs. Anyone know who to talk to?? #NYFW

    Um… there isn’t a Marc Jacobs show this week.

  7. OT RE: a comparison I don’t recall having seen here before.

    I don’t know the name of a show that was on early this morn (30-minute segment of Q&A w/ comedians, moderated by a black guy who also does some 30-minute show on movies & celebs, first name starts w/ a “B”, I’m pretty sure).

    There was a chick on who was getting under my skin as she completely reminds me of a pathological liar I’ve known most of my life … same demonstrative mannerisms as a story gets embellished & the tell-tale giveaway in the darting eyes & pregnant pauses (lot’s of “uh’s”) that tell you she’s making it up as she goes.

    So. I was about to change channels or go back to sleep when I started noticing other similarities … to Donkey! Besides the annoying animation, a seemingly over-sized melon head & brunette sausage curls. Has anyone else ever seen Rebecca Corry & thought she bears a resemblance to our donk?

    • Haha, I think Byron Alllen is the host. He’s developed quite a d list empire, creating low end, inexpensive content. Allen also is the executive producer of Better TV, which occasionally features Jordan Reid.

      • Yeah, Byron Allen! Knew when I saw it; couldn’t think of it to save my life though. Have never heard of Rebecca Corry though, & man, she is soooo annoying!

    • rebecca corry is actually a pretty funny stand-up comedian, and self-deprecating. so, she’s no donkey. although maybe they take as many flights?

  8. When did Fashion Week and 6-inch heels become permanently fused together in her big ol’ noggin’? Was it some sort of gluten-related incident?

    She looooooooves to publicize her martyrdom to what she thinks are these badges of (1950s) femininity. She’s supposedly working, for donk’s sake. There’s no reason she has to wedge her bloated hooves into the cruel shoes yet again, when there are literally a zillion stylish and comfortable options available.

    Has she ever spent her own money on (authentic) designer fashion of ANY KIND? I’ve only seen her in borrowed, inherited, or gifted stuff — usually ill-fitting, out of season, or in a state of disrepair.

    How can a grown woman, intent on a media career, not have assembled a camera-ready working wardrobe by now? She’s got nothing but one-offs and costumes.

    • If any of her designer shoes were authentic, she wouldn’t be complaining so much about them hurting her feet. Pleather and cheap construction in knock offs tend to pinch the toes more than the soft, supple leather of real designer shoes.

        • It depends. A chunkier heel is going to be more stable and a more rounded toe is probably going to be roomier. If you have both, even 4 inches can be easy(ish) to walk in and not too uncomfortable (unless you’re standing all day).

        • Over 4″ and they all hurt after a while or if you’re trying to do any actual walking in them, trust. Anyone who says differently is lying and probably one of those girls who claims to “walk better in heels than flats!” “only have guy friends!” and wears her hair down at the gym.

          And I love designer shoes. But heels hurt, high quality leather or not.


      • IDK, I have a pair of blahniks and they HURT if I wear them for long periods of time (i.e. more than two hours…I’m a sucker for flats)

        • I’m going to agree as well. My pairs of Jimmy Choos hurt, too. I wore a pair on my wedding day and they got chucked under the table as soon as the first dance was over. I live in Dansko clogs because they’re comfy…ugly but comfy.

          • Oh how I love my Dansko clogs.

            Funnily enough, I can walk pretty well in heels but I’m more likely to turn my ankle in my clogs. Maybe because I feel like I don’t need to be as careful, more likely because they are platform-y. I don’t do so well in platforms.

      • I said this above. I bought a gorgeous pair of Stuart Weitzman heels that are sky high, wore them once, could barely move, and never wore them again. I don’t care what anyone says, even if they are $700 Louboutins, they are going to hurt if you have to do a lot of standing/walking, after a few hours. I also just bought a pair of platform 4-5 inch heeled boots that I SWORE were super comfy in the store. After wearing them a few hours, my feet were killing me. They are not really made to be walked in, such high heels.

      • I guess it depends on the heel. But I just bray… them Why Ess Ells are as fake as her hair. All of the designer shoes that she brags about are all in the most commonly ripped off styles – the Tribute heels, the Manolo d’Orsays … fakes are all over eBay and those online knock off shoe sites. Sorry to keep harping on this, but illegally made designer knockoffs and fakes really chap my ass.

        • But I thought a “fan” bought them for her. I can totally seem some creepy 50 year old weirdo offering, and her accepting because she has no morals.

          Whether they are real or not, they are fucking fug.

          • See above re: foot fetishists. If a “fan” (ie fetish enthusiast) did buy them for her …. and she accepted …. ewwwwww.

    • she thinks that just because she’s pretending they’re YSLs means they’re appropriate for fashion week, when those particular YSL shoes were popular about 3 years ago. if she paid attention at ALL, she would see that virtually no one is wearing such high stiletto heels these days. it’s all platforms and wedges. and there’s no rule that you have to wear heels to fashion week. i’ve worn flats, boots, etc. she’s SUCH a fucking loser.

      • I wonder if her need to wear skyscraping hooves to Fashion Week is because she feels particularly short then.

    • She goes for the height and the clunk because she thinks it slenderizes her legs.
      Unfortunately, the resulting clomp destroys the illusion.

  9. Today, w/ Hosni Mubarak stepping down & out, marks the biggest social networking event ever, considering what has culminated in the three weeks since online protests went to the streets.

    Will the SOCIAL STUDIES -slash tech expert writer write about it?

    Or will she just post fauxtos of herself hanging around the entrances to shows she that wasn’t invited to? Because she has to literally leave NYC in order to write for TMS?

  10. There’s a social media revolution happening RIGHT NOW and this idiot, who pretends to “write” about social media, has nothing better to do than try to sneak into fashion shows.

    Fucking pathetic.

    • She doesn’t get it and she doesn’t care. She only cares about what is in front of her face and what affects her. And that is why I don’t ever feel guilty about reading this site and RBNS before it. This kind of stupidity should be remarked upon. Plus I like laughing at her outfits.

  11. “Alexa Chung, the British TV presenter and fashion show fixture, will front a Lacoste women’s scent, which is to launch in January. Chung, 25, is the first female celebrity to front a Lacoste fragrance. Known for her laid-back yet fashion-forward style, she has collaborated with Madewell, and Mulberry named a handbag after her. Her television résumé includes MTV’s It’s On With Alexa Chung and T4’s Frock Me, which she presents with designer Henry Holland.”

  12. Her entire body has been photoshopped onto those bleachers. Look at the middle bottle of water, it’s almost inside her calf. WTF?

    Why would she blatantly FAKE a photo of herself at fashion week? Won’t she have a million photos to choose from?

    The shadows aren’t even right for the varying depths behind her.. This is just weird.

      • It does look really wonky, on close inspection. If it’s true she didn’t have a seat–this fauxto could be meant to create the impression she was “Front Row”–much as those MIT “lecturing at the podium” fauxtos were meant to create an impression of expert gradeur when in fact she was sitting down talking to a bunch of students at a table. But seriously, who would go to the trouble? Oh, wait.

    • She is huge compared to the water bottles. What a piss poor photoshop. What the fuck kind of intern did you get?

      • Umm, you guys are getting paranoid. This photo looks fine to me.

        PS, you know they make extra small water bottles, right?

    • I don’t think it’s shopped actually. That neutral gray background is almost like a green screen and the shadows may seem off but I think what you’re looking at is the real thing.

  13. I’m confused – is Julia still going segments for NNN or whtever it’s called and that’s why she is at fashion week? Or is she covering it for her tribune media nonstarter column? Seems to me, from a cursory look, she’s not observing anything new about fashion week and posting the same old cliched crap.

    • Her segments are in the queue! How dare you question the relevance and immediacy of her work for local cable and closed-circuit advertainment? You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you even know her? No, no you do not. She wears YSLs and likes the color pink. She also has a blog. Where have you been? Those three things alone make her a FASHION EXPERT for the Millennial generation! Plus, cupcakes. Shut the door!! Knife edge of cultural currency. You must be an old.

      • Haha. Thanks.
        I am an old, having passed my expiration a few years back, but not as tired as Julia.
        I think between the RBNS fiasco (having to skip around for the Donkey beat for a while, without actually having to, like, visit Nonsociety or her Twitter) and the overwhelming excitement of her new Tribune trajectory, I missed the important fact that she remains associated with NNN. And therefore remains relevant.
        Seriously between the RBNS fallout and the Gawker redesign (I’ve been a loyal reader since Elizabeth Spiers, say what you willl…), the new year has been disorienting and a bit sad and I’m missing out on much of the info and snark I took for granted for so long. I’m so glad for this site and GOMI though!!!!

        • Gawker is a hideous mess. It’s so hard to read. Also I liked reading the unstarred comments, I feel like I’m tapping out morse code trying to read the comments there now.

          • The changes have actually depressed me. Gawker has been a part of my daily life for over a decade. The comments were the best part and now I can barely follow them without reloading or expanding multiple times and then they are all in a different order. It’s ironic because I do most of my casual web surfing on an iPad now and Gawker works like buggy shit on me. Honestly the changes are like a death because I dont think Denton is going to relent.

          • It is the worst redesign ever and I will not go back there. I can’t be the only one. They must have lost tons of readers.

    • she is doing this stuff for NY Nonstop this yr, which is kind of like NBC’s ny public access channel that no one watches, but which is shown in backs of cabs in between advertisements aimed at naive tourists.

      • I meant New York Nonstop when I said NNN, goes to show how much I watch it! I rarely take cabs when I’m in NYC…
        I’m just surprised this New York Nonstop relationship has lasted this long given how crappy her segments are and I figured they would have terminated her after her inappropriate usage of the NBC mic flag.

        • I never take cabs in NYC–good subway system. Even here in B’more, I rarely take a cab. Almost never. I can’t wait until the Red Line gets put in; it’s supposed to run within 2 blocks of my current house, my fiancee’s place of work, and my place of work.

          I can’t imagine being lazy enough to take cabs all the time. It doesn’t even save time if you’re doing it at rush hour if you have an actual job (ummm errr, “desk errand thingie”)

          • Ay, the Red Line… I don’t think I can last in Baltimore long enough for that, though it’s much welcome and needed. Have they even broken any ground for that yet? The developers I know here say pretty much everything – improved infrastructure, construction- is stalled right now. I actually take public transport, LR and subway, in Baltimore. Ive sat in on a ton of meetings on the Charles Street Trolley, which i think is a fantastic concept but dont see how it logically connects with Baltimore’ other transit systems. Fortunately I don’t need to on a daily otherwise I’d be screwed (walk most places, and spend most of my weekends, holidays out of town) I actually get kind of an evil kick out of taking my out of town house guests on the system just to show them how screwed up this place is. That said, I hope Baltimore gets a more efficient and respectful transit system.
            Ly get am evil kick

    • I mean, does she? Didn’t her twat say that Lasagna called the dress something her mother would wear? Awesome publicity for the designer.

  14. Don’t know if this has been mentioned before, but I did notice someone asking why on earth she was at NYFW (NNN or TMS?). Well, I happened upon this:

    Why is a social media columnist wasting her time on fashion when she could be at a much more pertinent event?

    God, Donkey! You’re just toooooo stupid.

    Think about it.

    • And cue the countdown until Donkey brays, “I’m thuper thmart! I KNEW WEEKS AGO that Social Media Week would be available on livestream, so I was planning on watching it ALL ALONG.”

      It would be funny if her Chicago NOT Tribune Donkey handlers chewed her out for not being at this event. However, it probably won’t happen because they could probably care less about the cutest little princess and her cutest little column.

    • Jesus. The tights are a pretty hideous choice. No surprise there. How does she ALWAYS manage to get it so incredibly wrong? Also, those shoes truly do make it look like she has hooves. HEEEHAWWWW

    • Summery dress halfway down her jubblies paired with thick gray tights and black “suede” hooves: zese tastes, zey are excellent togezer.


      • I was just looking at that. The bottom half looks like gramma dressed for dinner in a senior citizens home wearing her sturdy winter support hose, while the top half looks like a sun dress in the midst of a crowd dressed for winter. So odd this donkey.

        • Why’s Donkey wearing T.E.D. hose, did she have vascular surgery on her lower extremities? Oh! Maybe an adjustment ot two to the calf implants?

          I seriously hate when there such a contrast between encased legs & bare arms, never mind when the dress clashes w/ the tights clash w/ the shoes.


      • Bare shoulders in winter at a daytime event … there should be a re-re child’s harness on her, it’s that bad …

        • Agreed, it’s not just badly put together, it’s way out of line for the event.

          If you scan the crowd in the background, they are all warmly dressed. And note the stinkeye from the lady in the lovely zebra coat!

    • Oh dear. Separately, the pieces work, but absolutely not together. This outfit might have been salvaged by wearing cute ankle boots, plain black tights and maybe a blazer or motorcycle jacket w/ a scarf….

      • Yes! A cropped black motorcycle jacket, a great scarf, plain black tights and boots.

        And for the love of God, lose the friggin’ pearl earrings. You look like you’re on your way to the Annual Boca Raton Gardening Association Dinner 2011.

        This girl can’t style herself to save her life. She doesn’t know jack shit about accessories. Gwwuurrll! It’s ALL about accessories. How can you have been to x number of FW shows and still not know this?

        And why is the social media ‘columnist’ attending FW again?

      • Yep. The one dress she actually COULD have appropriately winterized with opaque black tights and she does … that, instead.

      • nice, i had the same thoughts on making that outfit work. black leather jacket over top, black tights, black shoes. black leather belt at the waist, maybe with some sort of metal hardware on it for interest. done. it would be an improvement for sure.

        • Right? Would it kill you to wear a friggin’ pyramid studded bracelet or cuff? You know. Like the ones that Vie posts. Instead of that dipshitty Ramjanalanadingdong jewelry you always wear.

      • This is her equivalent of your go-to outfit. You know.. the style you think flatters your body, whether it’s black pants, jeans or whatever. YOU think it looks good because you think you’re showing off your best feature. Julia thinks her decolletage is her calling card and she relies on it when she’s feeling insecure.

  15. i’m looking for the julia allison valentine’s day 2010 bingo that someone made last year. if its creator is reading, or if someone has a copy, please post. thanks.

    • snerk. stop trying to make taxi TV happen, Julesie. (“I was so interested in Millionaire Matchmaker in my cab, I’ll have to tune in. Yaright.)

  16. I can tell you all with absolute certainty JA did not watch a single minute of this 15 minute show. She texted, yawned an talked shit to her assistant the entire time. She didn’t even clap for the designers. Shameful.

  17. It’s true. I honestly was stunned by how disrecptful she was. She walked in with an intern. (who was holding her bag!) and stood around for a bit talking to a PR person who was clearly trying to reassure her that she was front show. She was wearing a purple dress with A LOT of cleavage and very odd flats. She’s normal sized. In fine, healthy shape. LOTS of make up and yes, it made her look old. Otherwise shes obviously very pretty.
    Before the show i tweeted that I was sitting across from her, the ANTM judges and some of the NYRHs. She tweeter back to me DURING the show. I’ve never met her or tweeted her name before so I’m not sure why she felt compelled to respond. She literally did not watch

    • If she was walking around in flats, does that mean she changes into heels just for photographs? And makes her intern carry her shoes and purse? Slave labor, indeed.

    • Donkey doesn’t need an intern for FW, she needs a farrier to trim her hooves & change her shoes,

        • Okay, ‘donkey-whisperer’ made me giggle. I may also be a little bit dri-zunk.

          I may also be enjoying some supercalifrajalisticdelicioso Harry & David Roasted Chile Picante Corn Kernels aka Corn Nuts right now. ZOMG. They are SOFA KING GOOD. Um. What the hell Harry & David? Really? ‘Corn Kernels’. Oh I see how it is. You’re too good for ‘corn nuts’. Meh. Whatever. You are still the best snack I have ever had and I want to marry you.

          • I always felt like I was going to crack a tooth eating those things. The Corn Nuts brand, not the Harry/David kind.

          • Am happy to report that I have never cracked a tooth whilst (see wut I did thurrr?) eating a H&D *corn kernel*.

            And in case you were wondering:

            #1. Yes. They are still delicious
            #2. No. I am not still drunk

  18. Sorry that published before I was ready. She literally did not watch more than 30 seconds of the show. At one point she was visibly talking shit to the intern and rolling her eyes. And yawning. She was on her phone the whole time, didn’t even look up or clap when the designers came out. I didnt see her after the show but I didn’t see her with a camera man or anything.
    Also, I don’t think that pic of her from yesterday was photoshopped but agree it looks weird. I dont know what show room she was in because the 2 big ones i was in today all had chairs, not bleachers. The water bottles ARE oddly small so maybe that’s why she looks big above them. I don’t know. Either way, I feel bad for her. Jules, just go home to Lily. She probably needs to be fed.

    • Thanks Stephiebee….it doesn’t surprise me at all that she was inconsiderate and rude during the entire show, not even clapping for the designers at the end. She’s a self-obsessed brat who was never taught any manners. Whenever someone reports a Donkey sighting, it almost always involves some kind of rude behavior.

      • But she is SO SO proud of her interviews on why “bullying” (special Donkey definition applies) needs to be stopped.

    • What a freak she is! So she is sitting in a fashion show, obsessively checking her @juliaallison replies is what this amounts to. Alrighty then! So sad, so desperate, so obsessive. Also, crazy.

    • That’s disgusting behavior. I suppose maybe it’s her way of convincing herself she is as important or more important than the other people in the room – she has pressing matters to deal with, bunnies! She is not impressed with your attempts at fashun – she’s wearing YSLs! It’s also tragic behavior, considering how she’s practically begging her way into shows.

    • She really is one of those “always playing with my phone” assholes. I hate those fucking people. Put it down for .5 seconds and enjoy life. What a dick.

  19. Julia doesn’t want to offend Flappy’s mom so on her Cindy-cast she’s using the word “rear” instead of last week’s “a–.” Who does she think she’s kidding? Up until Little Jack came into her life, she had a gutter mouth.

    She’s proud of herself again, this time for the interviews she did about bullying. Not since the heart she drew has she been this proud.

    “Interviewing my friend Ryan, who also happens to be my talented hair stylist and star of Logo’s “The A List,” at the “It Gets Better” Project event today.

    I spent about two hours there interviewing everyone from the Roxanne Jones, the co-chair of GLAAD to Kay Unger the Fashion Designer to Mike Ruiz, the celebrity photographer, about why bullying needs to be stopped.

    I’m more proud of these interviews than anything I’ve done in a long time. I can’t wait for you to see them in a few weeks.”


    • Vomming on the kitchen floor here. I want to preserve my shower in its pristine state. Get real, Donks, you and “bullying” are not a match.

    • Why is she asking questions about bullying at fashion week? I thought fashion week was about fashion.

      The only thing bullying JA right now is that purple dress. If your skirt is bunching up so much it looks ruched, your pelvic bone is prominently showing, and it’s obvious that you can’t lift your arms out horizontally, then you need to size up. I don’t understand why this is such a hard concept. I’m not a fan of the dress, but she would look so much better in her actual size (and I might actually like it). She’s doing Stop Staring a huge disservice when promoting them and wearing clothes that are too small for her.

      • Seriously, doing a little project about bullying at fashion week is just rich. The fashion industry is overrun with professional mean girls.

    • Seriously, though, she talked to people. Asked questions, put the microphone in their faces and let them answer. How can she take any personal pride in that? I can see saying: “I was really moved by the answers they gave me.” Or “I was proud (barf) of the things they had to say” but is she going to try to take credit for something because she asked a question — bound to be something profound like “What do you have to say about bullying?”

      Did she ask provocative questions, pull people out, get people to emote, talk about their personal experiences on the subject? I doubt it.

      Is she going to have anything to do with pulling the interviews together and editing them into a compelling piece of journalism? Of course fucking not.

      Christ she’s a tool. I so hope she inserts herself into every interview on the subject. “I TOO am a victim of bullying!!” and is met with confused silence.

      Wait — I’m bullying right now!! I better stop!!

      • I love to imagine Donks clopping up to her target and shoving her microphone in front of his or her face with those manicured talons. “WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE ABUSE I, JULIA ALLISON, HAVE SUFFERED AT THE HANDS OF THE INTERNET?”

      • In a perfect world: “I identify with you, as a transgender, because I, too, have been bullied. Also, I look like a man.”

    • The fact that she continues to put our criticism of the product she willingly puts online on par with homophobia, all the while sinking her claws into a guy who almost undoubtedly opposed DADT, is so vile to me.

      I know this isn’t a new observation but it just enraged me anew this morning. She never fucking learns. She reads everything we say and her little bivalve of a brain slams shut. The only advice of ours she ever seems to absorb into her mollusk mind is superficial – when she changed her nail shape, when she asked for advice yesterday on what to pair the strapless floral with.

      Listen, Jules, if you figure out how to be a real human being instead of the sour, shriveled, bigoted, navel-gazing, anti-intellectual twat you are right now, you can wear cableknit tights with summer dresses every day of your life, replace your face with a silicon mold, and sharpen your nails to a three inch point and we won’t say boo. We criticize what you put on your outsides because your insides are unrelentingly ugly.

      • DADT repeal, that should say. I’m sure Senor Yack was all about the not asking and not telling. HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

        (Yust yoking, Yules. Call off your Dadsers.)

        • Also: “her little bivalve of a brain” is right up there with “stunted leprechaun ski pants” in my RBD affections this fine morning.

        • This is why she can lose 20 pounds (whatever, I never thought she was fat), hire someone with taste to dress her, inject gallons more fillers and botox, finally get a decent haircut and actual designer shoes (not those tacky knock-offs) and she will always be an ugly cunt. Her looks aren’t the point. The fug seeps out of every pore and wraps around her like a like a Forever 21 fun fur. The fug—it’s coming from inside the house!

  20. “juliaallison Julia Allison
    I sort of feel like social media is the band I really liked when no one else was into it, but now is in the process of selling out. Grump.”

    i just kant

    • Keep in mind it’s only “selling out” now because other people seem to have the ability to create careers out of thin air using/exploiting it and she hasn’t had that same success. In the history of her numerous title changes, “social media expert” was never one of them, so that “band” literally never even existed. She’s just trying to scream that she did it first when obviously her utilization of it has been mediocre at best. Today she’s um, er, oops, an “internet enthusiast” and “unabashed fangirl” of tech. Also, it’s a hilarious analogy when you consider that she’s typically about 3 years late for everything. We don’t believe you, donkey, you need more people.

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