Even Lasagna Now Openly Mocking Donkey’s Embarrassing Fashion Week Ensembles


Headed to Lincoln Center wearing a dress involving a collar which I can only describe as … Faux leopard fur? #ThingsINeverThoughtIdTweet
about 2 hours ago via Echofon

Hey, it was the only dress I had which I could wear with black tights! FREEZING BRRR COLD #NYFW
about 2 hours ago via Echofon

“My mom would wear that.” – @MeganAlagna on my “outfit” today. Gee, thanks Megs! #NYFW
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PSSSST — Hey Megs. You can’t SAY THINGS LIKE THAT to your pal!! That’s bullying! And she’s a special person who needs a special amount of love, remember?


  1. “Leopard fur?” It’s generally called “leopard skin” in the fashion world you are so comfortably ensconsed in, Donkey.

    • It’s this. This. This is what’s most frustrating for me. Even with all the other nonsense with her it’s this. She’s not only a nightmare, she is ALWAYS WRONG. About everything. This is a simple and elegant moment that personifies her whole vibe. Not knowing this difference, fur or skin, tells her whole story. Class, fashion, coolness, awareness, anything, and she’s always on the wrong side of it.

      • especially since she is obviously trying to be “on trend” with the leopard, and she still looks stupid. that dress is hideous.

  2. “Hey, it was the only dress I had which I could wear with black tights! FREEZING BRRR COLD #NYFW
    about 2 hours ago via Echofon”

    -For the love of all that is good and holy, learn the fucking difference between that and which! In your most recent blergh post, you describe yourself as a writer/journalist. Writers are supposed to know grammar! FFS even if you’re not a writer, if you’re a social worker or lawyer or doctor or whatever, basic grammar is expected!

    Plus, I love how she bitches nonstop about Fashion Week. ALL SHE DOES is bitch about it. There are a zillion women who would LOVE to be at Fashion Week, even to have the limited access that Donkey gets. Yet every year, all she does is bitch about the weather, or how exhausting it is. Exhausting? To get dressed, get your makeup & hair done, take a cab to Lincoln Center, and sit around all day watching twenty minute fashion shows? I mean, it’s not like she’s an editor, designer, or PR person who has actual work to do. She just posts blurry iphone pictures with “Love!” “Stunning!” “Want!” “On trend!” “My future wedding dress!” or a series of ten photos of herself in the same outfit with slightly different poses. Or a paragraph bitching about how cold/hungry/tired she is.

      • She’s going to NYC in February and it doesn’t occur to her that, oh, she might need to wear tights the entire freakin’ time? FFS, *I* know that, and I was raised in rural Texas during the time when blue eyeshadow and Big Hair was “sophisticated.”

    • Her complaining is like a humblebrag. She wants to pretend she hates it or is above it or whatever, but she can’t resist telling the world she’s at FASHION WEEK and has gone to FASHION WEEK for EIGHT SEASONS. She doesn’t have to go, doesn’t have to cover it – the pay cannot be that good, no matter what she claims. She goes because it’s the only somewhat “high status marker” she has left in her sad empty life.

      • Did you see the comments on her liecast about this? Someone asked why she does it if she hates it so much…

    • She answered you!!

      @anneanneandanne – LOL – okay, so explain to me: when does one use “which” and when does one use “that”? I’m always trying to improve!
      14 minutes ago via Echofon in reply to anneanneandanne


      • I have no doubt that Robinbogger, at one time an actual OMG professional writer, tried in vain to drill these basic concepts into her dumb donkey daughter. Obviously nothing stuck because the problem is two-fold: Donkey is DUMB, and Donkey has no use for RULES of any kind.

      • That twitter account is not mine, but it figures that donk would have such a stupid answer. She graduated from a good high school, went to Georgetown, and has been a “writer/columnist/journalist” for ten years, but STILL doesn’t know basic grammar? But she tries to play it off all cutesy and haha-i’m-dumb-isn’t-it-adorable.

        • Worse, she asks that it be explained to her rather than, you know, FUCKING GOOGLING IT HERSELF.

      • @anneanneandanne – LOL – okay, so explain to me: when does one use “which” and when does one use “that”? I’m always trying to improve!

        Answer: get the fuck off Twitter and look it up, asshole.

  3. Her “fashion” coverage gives me the brayge. I go to fashion school and would kill to be able to sit on my ass and just watch the shows. Instead I volunteer and do bitchwork so I can spend the fifteen minutes the show lasts standing and watching.

    And who the fuck packs for NYFW and doesn’t bring dresses that work with black tights in the dead of winter? Especially after living in NYC.

  4. I can’t wait for Donkey to start spending half her life tramping around San Diego in these outfits. She may look like an aging hooker in New York, but she’ll look like an aging ALIEN hooker in San Diego.

    • you’re going to be waiting a long time. there is no way pancakes wants a side order of crazy in Sand Diego. her sleep schedule alone will drive him bonkers.

    • And I don’t mean “illegal alien.” I mean “an entity from a different fucking galaxy whose only knowledge of human civilization has been culled from Sex and the City, The Secret, and Russian pornography.”

        • Sincere thanks! (Sincerity is defined as the antithesis of all things Donkey, not that anyone here needs to be told that, you Donkologists you.)

          Seriously, this comment makes me feel almost as warm and fuzzy as cuddling with my many cats or the fact that RBD now allows me to switch between mobile and standard versions!!! ¡¡¡Amaze-ballz!!!

    • My thoughts exactly.

      Beyond that, I’d like to know who ordered her to wear black tights or any tights or any DRESS in the first place? It’s not like the world needs to see those legs. Pro tip, Donkula: pants. Wear them. I promise they’re perfectly acceptable at FW.

      • Pants would be perfect for the tents this year, even those crazy wide legged black ones she wore with the Yale tote or whatever from “juuusss crossin’ da streeeet” photo. Or she could wear a different color of tights, two pairs of black, or knee boots with knee socks over tights. Fashion is really fun right now with layering. Obviously not all of these looks could work for Julia but get on it.

      • Pants make her raft ass stand out.

        (So do dresses, of course, but doesn’t tell Albertson that. That’s bullying.)

        • Remember last fashion week when she was all into bandage dresses and embracing her “Kim Kardasian booty?” (um, not really donkey, but whatever)

          What happened to that? I guess the raft ass and 138.4 lbs wasn’t acceptable anymore once a boy came into the picture?

  5. Can someone keep a log of all her tweets during every fashion so that every time she exclaims her love for her, someone can turn around shoot back, “OH YEAH, BITCH?” Many thanks in advance.

    • It was -4 in Chicago today. I wore two pairs of 100 denier tights and thigh high socks from American apparel with a pair of snow boots today. It’s possible to look good in a dress with tights on and stay warm. I just don’t get her issue with it.

      • Especially since she fucking GREW UP IN CHICAGO and spent the last five or so years in NY. It’s not like she’s never experienced a cold winter before. Yet she still bitches about it. What a fucking idiot.

        • I think all this cold weather moaning is to get Pancakes attention. She wants to be WARM. In a WARM STATE.

          • Preferably in Arizona hanging out with Jack’s more famous nuclear family, but she’ll settle for going to San Diego to see Señor Yack (for she is His Amazing Burro).

        • She’s also been living in Chicago where it is as cold (probably colder) as NYC. It’s not as if she’s been in Aruba for the last three months.

      • Yeah, I’m constantly wearing thick tights and boots in Chicago during the winter — it’s actually easier with the snow, and I have a lot of outfits/dresses/layers that look quite fine — lately I’ve been rocking the pencil skirt, shiny boots, and cropped sweater/blouse look, and I love it.

        I think Donkey’s problem is that she really doesn’t know how to assemble an outfit for comfort or practicality. She constantly wants to be a “spectacle” or “sexy” — and, honestly, the former happens when you’re Snooki (don’t think she’s going for that, though she’s closer than she might think) and the latter comes from dressing for your body type, for the situation, for practicality, and for comfort — I’ve found that once I’ve been doing all of that stuff re: my own wardrobe choices, I’ve been getting more dates & more attention. I also feel sexy from the inside, as opposed to trying to BE sexy from the outside.

        • I know, right? That 80-degree weather in the Bay Area this weekend almost made me feel guilty knowing what a hard winter other parts of the country are having. I hope Donkey freezes her raft-ass off, though.

          • There was a hilarious chalk note on the sidewalk in Dolores Park this weekend that read “Dear snowed in friends, if it’s any consolation the park is too crowded and we’re running out of ice cream. Love, San Francisco. XO”
            Felt cruel laughing at it but laughed nonetheless.

    • I just walked my dogs in leggings and a long coat. It’s not that fucking cold. She needs to quit whining.

    • I wore skinny jeans, tall boots, and a cardigan under a puffy coat in NYC today, and I was fine. And probably looked better than Julia anyway :-/

  6. i worked non stop during fashion week for three years…helping my friends in PR, running my bosses shows or trying to get my bosses into shows and let me tell you…all of THAT is hard work that is made even harder by the try hards like miss Julia Albertson here..standing around in completely insane, inappropriate COSTUMES demanding to be let in NOW! with DOGS and huge bags and whining when they have to stand on line.

    listen, Julesie: no one is forcing you to wear 6 inch heels. no one is forcing you to wear a dress. yes its fashion and yes its ridiculous. but no one is holding a gun to your head and telling you dress like a pretty pretty princess. but forgive me. i have forgotten who i am addressing: someone who has NO BUSINESS being at ANY show and therefore has to make an ill-advised, over the top point of HOW FASHION SHE IS. i got news for you jules: you haven’t been “fashionable” for years. and no one cares what you have to say.

    so here’s a newsflash julesie: quit your bitching. stop it. because i’ve been on the receiving end of braying by your kind and its not cool. and it doesnt make you any friends. in addition? if you were a legit “journalist” or KNEW ANYONE in the fashion industry you wouldnt have to worry about getting in to see the shows. its because you’re completely irrelevant that this whole thing is such a CHORE for you.

    enough. shut up.

    • I actually think she’d look nice in an outfit like the one Stacy from What Not to Wear has on in those shampoo commercials — the high-waisted wide-legged black pants and the simple white top.

  7. She claimed (to a commenter) that these little segments for NBC Nonstop (basically a public access channel in NYC) are “a big part of my income for the year”.

    Holy shit, Donks, you might as well file for food stamps. You would qualify. Then you can re-sell the foodstamps for 90% of face value, just like you do with all those gift certificates and gift cards you sell (which actually does make up the majority of your income for the year).

    I really can’t believe she admits that the big part of her “career” is doing glorified public access channel segments.

  8. I’m going to make a wild fucking guess here, and say she is both showing cleavage, and looking stupid.

    Let’s see if I’m right!

  9. God damn that stupid bitch. She just tweeted this:

    @anneanneandanne – LOL – okay, so explain to me: when does one use “which” and when does one use “that”? I’m always trying to improve!

    A WRITER has to ask?

    Does the Tribune Media Service have any idea what a dipshit they have on their hands?

    I doubt that any newspapers are going to want to pick up her scintillating column.

    How Fuck does she have a Literary Agent????

    I know she is an idiot. I get that. I just cannot believe that she is such an idiot in public and on the internet. If I behaved as she does, the people who love me would have me on house arrest and would take away my laptop and iphone and replace them with crayons and a rotary dial phone.

    That she is out in the world being such a braying asshole just continues to blow my mind!

      • Her dad$ter *literally* had the best humanities/legal education (double Ivy, Princeton UG and Yale Law) that money can buy. You can’t really beat that. And yet he still sent out ridiculous C&D notices and threatening emails/faxes a few weeks ago… for a nonexistant cause of action for his semi-retarded daughter.

        Julia was just some fucked up sperm on Dadster’s part. I’m guessing it’s biology, bunnies.

          • If you have to even write those letters at PB’s stage in life (big city attorney approaching retirement), you’ve failed. failed raising your daughter, failed giving her advice before this, and failed because she didn’t become successful enough to actually have agents who’d handle this… or else, your daughter grows up and stops trying to make her shilling “career” work.

            allie baugher is about 100000x > julia baugher. #fact.

  10. Her sole NYFW updates this far (attached to blurry iPhone photos):

    “LOVE!!!!! From Christian Siriano’s Fall 2011 Collection. LOVE LOVE LOVE!”

    “WANT! These grey slouchy Annie Hall updated trousers from Christian Siriano’s Fall 2011 collection.”

    Whoever called it, congratulations.

  11. Donkey Fashion Week Bingo:

    blurry iphone photos:

    “So cold here in NY!”
    “What should I get my college girl friend Meghan as a thank-you gift? I’m thinking in the $10 range. How about a bottle of bacon-flavored hot sauce or some swag I stole from a show?”
    “So exhausted! Just want to stay in bed in sweatpants! Juicy Couture!”
    “With the [fill in adjective] [fill in name of random celeb whom she’s hip-checking out of the frame]”
    “I hate cold weather! Wish I could just pick up and move somewhere warm! Some where like, I don’t know, San Diego! Sometimes you just know 😉 🙂 😉 😉 “

    • Nah. It doesn’t have her name listed anywhere so she’s probably gonna hoof it up at Getty pretty soon. Don’t they KNOW who she IS???

  12. I think she looks nice. I wouldn’t wear the leopard but the silhouette is very flattering and the length appropriate. I wish she would dress like this more often, in outfits that make the most of her curves instead of juniors dresses.

    • really, I agree that the dress looked good on her. the tights and hooves not so much. But I think Donkerina might be learnin’ a little–until I see the next day’s ensemble of strapless cocktail frock with…well, you know.

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