I’m Sorry, I Don’t Know If This Has Been Discussed, Nor Have I Read the Actual Article, Because I Was Too Busy Looking At Her Rack


And I say this as a dude who chows down on cock. I am entranced. This looks like the opening photo of a Hustler spread where it looks all innocent and sweet, that is, until you turn the page and see gaping, hairless beaver.

Anyway, Julia’s Michigan Avenue article appears to be online. It’s quite a fun read, especially when you play the fun game of deciphering the horrifying truth behind the glossy veneer of all the PR-speak.

Visit Julia Allison’s website (nonsociety.com) and you’ll find a video of her at fashion week—not interviewing a celeb for NBC (though she did that) but dancing on an empty runway between shows and lip syncing to RuPaul’s “Supermodel.”

New York City’s spunky digital darling, media personality, dating guru and former Wired magazine cover girl, Allison—who grew up in Wilmette—is starting over in Chicago, primed to make her debut with a nationally syndicated column through the Chicago Tribune.

“It’s not about dating, which is a pretty big departure for me. Instead, it’ll roughly focus on how technology is changing our culture—a technology lifestyle column,” she says. “I would talk about entrepreneurs and startups and the most recent venture capital investments until 4 a.m. every night if I could. I’m an unabashed fangirl of it all.”

Her new career turn certainly makes sense—Allison’s active on Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Twitter, Friendfeed and keeps four Tumblr blogs, three Movable Type blogs, two Vimeos, and one YouTube.

It’s her constant virtual presence that allows Allison to take her readers on a ride as she travels the world and back. Just this past year, she’s attended conferences in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, gave talks at MIT, Harvard, and Wharton, and regularly jumps from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Boston.

Recently, though, Allison gave up her New York apartment to give Chicago a try. “Chicago has changed so much since I left for college a decade ago. It’s like seeing a boy you knew as a kid ten years later, and you realize he’s all grown up and he’s sort of … hot! Yes, yes, everything always comes back to dating for me,” she laughs.

But back to those “LipDub” videos on NonSociety, which give fans an inside look into her bubbly, attention-grabbing personality. (We also love the video that features Allison dancing in a bright blue polka dot swimsuit with a matching inner tube around her waist, lip syncing “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid.)

“God didn’t give me a good voice—or a talent for much of anything at all—but he gave me a lot of enthusiasm, a bit of moxie, and an inconvenient desire to make people laugh, which is really what those videos are all about.”

[Photo via Michigan Avenue]


  1. God didn’t give me a good voice—or a talent for much of anything at all—but

    But what, Julia? You’re actually under the impression that you are so special as to be beyond, or above, the hard work necessary to acquire and maintain certain skills? Is that it? Not that you’re actually unskilled, but you remain so deluded by your sense of entitlement as to consider those who work hard as undifferentiated peasants with whom you’d rather not associate—unless, of course, their last name is McCain.

    P.S. Donkey.

  2. “God didn’t give me…a talent for much of anything at all” – this part true

    “but he gave me…an inconvenient desire to make people laugh” – What? Is she high?
    Oh you make us laugh Julia, but not in the way you intend. Hahahahahaheehaw!

    • Yes, that’s right, Donkey. You’re not an untalented, stupid, useless donkey because you have been incredibly unwilling to work or to develop any skills; you’re an untalented, stupid, useless donkey because goddidit.

        • Well, if Julia actually has a penis, then I will entertain the possibility that God actually did create some of her problems.

    • It’s all a part of her campaign to rewrite history: I’m not a ridiculous tool; those videos were SUPPOSED to be funny.

    • One of her standard typical lines – about how she doesn’t take herself too seriously and she’s really the class clown, bla bla bla. Except the class clown is fucking funny, and people are laughing AT YOU.

  3. Unless a HazMat crew came & de-slimed that table, I am feeling pretty sorry for any poor schmuck who came along & put their stuff down there … & dog forbid it have been their hands or lunch napkin, anything they touched to their lips …. EWWW!

    • don’t worry, that table is donkey’s very own gluten-free dining table in the omg downtown condo.

      • Oh. I thought possibly it was an MA conference room table, which is only slightly better than an MA lunchroom table.

        What is it w/ Donkey putting dog butt on food counters? She is so geedee nasty, it boggles / baughles.

      • Was this not the same photo shoot where she was in some rando office-y building that overlooks the Chicago river/Trump Tower/NBC? I don’t think this is the condo.

  4. “I would talk about entrepreneurs and startups and the most recent venture capital investments until 4 a.m. every night if I could. I’m an unabashed fangirl of it all.”


    “I would talk about people with money and the people who received money from those wealthy investors, and then I would try to find any single and/or desperate high-ranking (c-level or above) employees and try to insinuate myself into their lives. I could discuss strategies to dig for gold as this is my most likely ticket to moderate financial success. I am unabashedly angling for c-level employees to match my own c-word identity.”

    “Chicago has changed so much since I left for college a decade ago. It’s like seeing a boy you knew as a kid ten years later, and you realize he’s all grown up and he’s sort of … hot! Yes, yes, everything always comes back to dating for me,” she laughs.


    “I am exposing my logical inconsistencies early so that people know not to pay attention to what I write as it is largely incoherent. However, if you know any single c-level employees of companies that have recently had a major investment, and you think those c-level employees may be lax with the company expense account, give me a tweet!”

    • I’m sure Donkey understands venture capital in the same way she understands “nano-carbon.”

      • Well, it’s simple.

        There are people with an unlimited amount of money who listen to people tell them about their ideas for projects. Then they decide to give it to the coolest people.*

        *Yes, Julia, as a veteran of the startup scene, I can assure you this is exactly how it works. Those guys at Redpoint actually have a lobby that is made of hundred dollar bills. They have a handful of Macbook Platinums. It’s really calming to be around all that money.

    • “I would talk about entrepreneurs and startups and the most recent venture capital investments until 4 a.m. every night if I could. I’m an unabashed fangirl of it all.”

      I thought you made this up as a joke because it sounds SOOOOO DESPERATE, but I double-checked above and yes, she actually did say this.

      “Yoo-hoo! Hear that, rich venture capitalist/startup/entrepreneurs in Chicago? And their mothers/grandmothers/sisters? I like talking about it! I’m OMG such a fangirl! I’m currently planning for Husband Tour 2011!”

      • Putting words in Donk’s mouth is not unlike putting words in Sarah Palin’s mouth: reality is always way weirder and stranger than fiction; it’s better to underplay when possible.

  5. Also, nothing screams “take me seriously” like that much cleavage, exposed bra and sheer skirt. That ivy league education is really paying off! People are paying attention to your… thoughts.

    What a shame I went to a state school. We didn’t have the classes about how to show the right amount of skin on your headshot. I’d probably show a little too much balls if I tried to pull it off.

    • Georgetown is in the Big East, not the Ivy League. Dad$ter is the only Ivy Leaguer among the Baugher clan.

    • Ah, right. Sorry, I think I made the assumption she wishes we would make.

      I’ll go stand in the corner.

      • Georgetown grad here. My FAVORITE (and by favorite I mean stabbiest) moments of freshman year were the kids who swore up and down that Georgetown had been invited to join the Ivy League but declined the invitation to maintain its “Catholic” identity. Maybe the story is true, but only the truly insecure tell it to make themselves feel better. So you’re not too far off, Bunny! IF ONLY THE JESUITS HAD WANTED TO GO IVY, WE TOTS WOULD HAVE BEEN!

  6. I dont think she’s done a lip dub thing in YEARS and thats what MA wants to write about? Thats what it takes for this paper to find you noteworthy, Youtube clips and unbuttoning your top while leaning on a table in black underwear and a sheer see-through pancake fluffer. ooookkaaaayyy

  7. FIRST!!111

    JP, as NS beauty expert Amber would, that post was glamaze. I’m so glad you’ve started to write again, bunny. Just in time for the expiry shitstorm!!!!!

  8. “I would talk about entrepreneurs and startups and the most recent venture capital investments until 4 a.m. every night if I could. I’m an unabashed fangirl of it all.”

    she forgot to mention ARCHITECTURE. remember how much she LOVES “having conversations about architecture?” it’s one of her TRUE PASSIONS!!!

    i mean, she posts so much about her passion for architecture on her blog.

  9. She doesn’t know jack about startups or venture capital, that’s why she doesn’t stay up every night talking about it. What a joke.

  10. Julia, you dress like a whore. No wonder Nouriel loves you. Surprised he won’t give you a job given your, um, er abilities.

    PS: Your dog hates you… Look at her, depressed like you, Julia. SAVE LILLY!!!

    • Is Nouriel code for that married guy, Eurine,
      who she’s twitter-stalking into a movie date?

      • no, nouriel is a skeevy economist who has vaginas on the wall in his condo. he was at the davos piano bar with donkey.

          • Link me to the Davos pic you’re talking about and I can tell you.

          • Those aren’t just random sugar daddies. Those guys are all respected economists/mathematicians. The guys to Julia’s left are Nouriel Roubini and Nicholas Nassim Talib (“Black Swan”)(Talib is considered a raging asshole by most other economists and by most journalists as well), for example. My God, I’d be so embarassed if I were them. Surely they could do better.

          • They don’t care about “doing better.”

            They care about banging hot poon. It doesn’t matter how dumb and annoying Julia and Meghan are- not like those men are taking them seriously. Eye candy/arm candy/fun to flirt with, maybe hit it, then go home to their wives.

      • he’s a prof at NYU-Stern and has a column in the NYT. ten times more annoying than paul krugman, if you can believe it.

        • Very familiar with Nouriel’s shit show. He’s a Soros puppet … Who do you think gave him money to set up shop, was an initial client. Julia’s fake BS fits right in to his low class hooer chasing. Never has one man chased so much low quality ass, globally.

  11. On second inspection, I’m convinced Julsie’s clothes in this shoot are several sizes too small. She must have told the stylist a smaller size than she actually is. That shirt looks skintight. Look at the arms! The torso! She’s showing cleavage because the shirt wouldn’t button! She hiked the skirt’s slip layer up to her waist to give the illusion the skirt fits her…at the expense of looking like she’s wearing a sheer skirt.

    Lesson here Donks: Don’t lie about your size. You just end up looking silly.

    • Your screen name is good, but it’s supposed to be Lasagna and Ravioli! Although if she has a boy, I guess they might name it Meatball.

      • Do we have confirmation on that?! If we do, I’ll officially change my name to Lasagna and Ravioli. For Lasagna’s sake, I hope she has found herself a new life away from Julsie’s “hobby”.

        • Lasagna has always seemed like a shiftless enabler.

          There’s no confirmation on a Lasagna pregnancy. It’s just something people say bc Lasagna used to be really toned (visible abs) a few summers ago but in more recent pictures she was looking like she forgot to stop eating.

  12. I keep wanting to reach into that photo and button up those top 2 buttons.

    “It’s her constant virtual presence that allows Allison to take her readers on a ride as she travels the world and back. Just this past year, she’s attended conferences in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, gave talks at MIT, Harvard, and Wharton…”

    *cough* bullshit *cough*

    Denmark, Germany and Switzerland? Yeah, no. That was what? 2009? It’s now 2011 and we are still waiting on that Davos coverage. I think someone even came into chat recently to say that Julie had been ‘banned’ from Davos. LOL.

    From RBNS April 28, 2009:

    “this girl mentioned the World Economic Forum and JA started gushing about how amazing it was to be around all of these billionaires with their guards down (in the piano bar, I’m assuming) and then proceeded to call Davos “really really ghetto.”


    Oh, and re: ‘gave talks at MIT, Harvard, and Wharton’? Scroll down that same page to ‘Julia: Faking It … Again?’ (make sure you also check out the hilarious photoshop contest entries as you make your way down the page):

    ‘A commenter who was in attendance at Jackles’s MIT ZOMG ZOMG speech the other night reports:

    “the pictures above are totally staged. she gave her entire talk sitting down at a table. she took a few pictures sitting down after the talk pretending like she was lecturing. after that, she left. my guess is that she actually went through the trouble of coming back to the room to take pictures of her “lecturing” from the podium. so, like everything else she does, the pictures were fake…”

    • More from RBNS, Jan 2009:

      Krista adds:

      “Here we go! This is kind of rewarding in some weird way. I don’t like how you talk about upcoming events and then they disappear. Example? Julia’s talk in Germany. Why wasn’t a link posted at the least? Why didn’t you share your thoughts about it, Julia? You said this is all an experiment. Nonetheless, it seems as though you withhold more than you *put out there*. So, where’s the experimentation then? You used to write more and you used to…kind of…follow through with your thoughts. Now, it seems as though anything and everything you do is just for show. There’s no real heart behind your posts on spirituality and whatever else. On top of everything, you lost me at the inauguration. This feels good to say! You want a community here, right? Well, this is how a community breaks up. Your inauguration coverage was akin to an SNL skit. The girl who gets to see history and, instead, just blogs about herself, her coat, her camera photos, the names of people she poses with, and the traffic.”

      And even “Tina Brown” chimes in:

      “The funny thing about us over here at The Daily Beast, Julia, is that our writers actually write about things. Even me. My website isn’t just endless pictures of me with all the famous people I actually know (as apposed to stalking “names” at parties I’ve crashed without an invite and snapping a quick picture before they realize what’s happening or who you are).

      It’s truly shameful the mockery you make of hard working young women everywhere. You are flown here and there as some kind of representative of someone or other (press pass at CES for example) and you so blatantly squander those opportunities. Here you are with a front row seat to some very interesting events and people and how do you share your good fortune? By posting kissy faced pictures of yourself. “Hey everybody, look at me! My boobs are about to fall out of this dress and I’ve just met and am hanging all over Chad Hurley! I jumped up and down when I met him!!”

      You were kicked out of Airianna’s sphere (and then had the unmitigated GALL to crash her inaguration ball), you were kicked out of Bonnie Fuller’s little world, and for the record, you’ll never step one foot in mine. Dream on little pink bunny, there’s no place for you in any self-respecting organization.”


      • Did you notice on that old blog the pro-Julia comments from what we now know to be an obvious alt, “Kyle” who said “Let it Unfold” – this was before her tattoo.

    • Interesting link-frog to the Page Six article ( http://nyp.st/fszCwb ) that says, in part: ‘…Allison, who’s had her nose reduced and her breasts enlarged…’

      That quote brings me back to what I’ve said before, that Donkey must have had a boob-job-explant & subsequent smaller implants. I don’t pay attention to other women’s chests, but when every fauxto you see of someone is them sticking their tits in the face of some dude, you are bound to notice the differences. Yeah, wonder bras are great, but they’re not all that*

      *I have to plead ignorance to the cutlets though; are they all that, for real?

      • It seems unlike she had any boob work done. Whenever it has appeared that she was curvy up there, it was always smoke and mirrors of one type or another. Bra, cutlets, etc.

        • All I see when I see this pic is NOSEJOB,NOSEJOB,NOSEJOB! That said, she looks like just another JAP from Jersey here and that horrible fake Crystal Gayle hair ain’t helping things. Why can’t she just get a nice tasteful blunt cut and get up-to-dated already with her look? What the fuck is up with her unbuttoned top there? She looks fucking idiotic, not remotely sexy. And she wonders why no one takes her seriously?

      • she attended DLD with Meghan and Arrington then spoke at it:


        The co-founder of NonSociety.com, which garners over 800,000 visitors every month, she also co-hosts and exec produces the popular internet chat show, TMI Weekly, with Next New Networks. She’s been hired to speak to companies like A&E, Unilever, Microsoft, and MIT’s Sloan School on new media and innovative marketing strategies, and is a frequent panelist at conferences, where she relishes the copious use of nametags.

        She graduated from Georgetown in 2004 with a degree in political science, and was the youngest legislative correspondent on Capitol Hill during the 107th Congress. Her father is still waiting for her to get a “real job” with health insurance.

  13. I’m also official offended by Julsie’s “You go girl!!” post in reference to Teej. And I’m not male or gay. Could she be anymore patronizing and insensitive???

      • The first time I read this, I saw: “It must really chap her that her ass is more famous than her now.” I think that works, too. I’m sure casual acqaintances have been saying for years, “Julia Allison? Who’s that? Oh, you mean the loud, annoying girl with the really fat butt?”

      • I have wondered how that is sitting with her. The internal monologue if she can bring herself to watch Teej on the teevee must be really something.

    • It’s so demeaning. My gay friends throw around “girl” a lot in casual contexts, but would be shocked if they were called that professionally/in public. But Donkey sees all gay men as Nathan Lane in The Birdcage, so there’s no reason to expect her to understand that there are real people in there.

    • “TJ refers to himself as a girl 🙂 and he uses the pronoun “she.””

      UGHHH. I bet he also refers to himself as a “fag” occasionally, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay for your privileged ass to do it. Sit down, white girl.

  14. REWRITE!

    “It’s not about dating, which is a pretty big departure for me. Instead, it’ll roughly focus on how technology is changing how I document my homeless, jobless lifestyle—a technology lifestyle column,” she says. “I would pretend to talk about entrepreneurs and startups and the most recent venture capital investments until 4 a.m. every night if I could – but sadly, I still think a convertible note is what an OMG tech founder uses to pay for his sick whip.  I’m an unabashed ignoramus about it all.”

    It’s her constant virtual presence that allows Allison to take her readers on a ride as she travels the world and back. Just this past year, she’s lied to journalists about attending conferences in Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland, and giving  talks at MIT, Harvard, and Wharton. The truth is, she regularly jumps from Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Boston for no good goddamn reason.

    Recently, though, Allison gave up her parents’ funding of her New York apartment to give livinh with mom and dad in Chicago a try. “Chicago has changed so much since I left for college a decade ago. It’s like seeing a boy you knew as a kid ten years later, and you realize he’s all grown up and he’s sort of … hot! Yes, yes, everything always comes back to me for me,” she laughs.

    “God didn’t give me a good voice—or a talent for much of anything at all—but he gave me a lot of enthusiasm for myself, a bit of moxie for getting my own way and shirking responsibilities and flouting rules, and an inconvenient desire to make people look at me, which is really what those videos are all about.”

  15. “God didn’t give me a good voice—or a talent for much of anything at all—but he gave me a lot of enthusiasm, a bit of moxie…”

    At first I was offended that the Donk tarnished my username. But now I’m honored to be amongst the SO. BLESSED.

    Thanks Donk!

  16. Seriously? One more button-surely the Donk is already turning this into ButtonGate in her head/column-would have made a better impression.

    I was a geedee Hooters girl in college. Their slogan was something like, “deliciously tacky, yet refined.” I don’t know-it was on the back of our shirts and yups, amazeballz, most people didn’t come to eat our food. I was exposed to 25 hours of BTN (boobs, tan, nails) a week.

    This strikes me as tackamundo-not delicious, not refined. There’s no reason to have a skirt-hike, boob-hike shoot if you’re a rebranded serious tech bidness lady refraining from chronicling the dating life bunnies! Carrie 2.No.

    PROTIP–don’t bring your catfriend or feline others to Hoots on Valentine’s Day because you will get talked about from back of house.

    • Unfortunately there’s nothing delicious about her. Julia’s just tragically tacky. Always has been, always will be.

  17. “Allison—who grew up in Wilmette—is starting over in Chicago, primed to make her debut with a nationally syndicated column through the Chicago Tribune.”

    Chicago Tribune is NOT the same as Tribune Media Services, right?

    • Y’all notice she didn’t have her team of lawyers to call in the correction to that little error, unlike that TMS piece where a correction was posted that she wasn’t fired from Star.

  18. Donk Photoshoot checklist:

    1 Too small blouse and unbuttoned clear down to navel, CHEck!

    2 Almost sheer skirt, CHEck!

    3 Neck jewelery to draw attention to cleavage, CHECK!

    4 Canary-eating grin, CHEck!

    5 Pelts glued, plastered on..CHECK!

  19. So I have a BA in Communication & have a facebook page. Does this mean I could get a job like this too?

  20. “Allison’s active on Facebook, Myspace, Flickr, Twitter, Friendfeed and keeps four Tumblr blogs, three Movable Type blogs, two Vimeos, and one YouTube.”

    Why is this at all a big deal? All of those things are FREE and most 16 year-olds have them. Just because you can come up with user name and password doesn’t make you a social media expert. Sheesh.

    • Thank you. That’s exactly what I think every time I hear about these things being brayed about as Donkey’s “accomplishments.” Never will you hear about anything meaningful or interesting or noteworthy she DOES with this “new media / TECH” crap. It’s so cringeworthy. Exactly WHAT do you do that an average sixth grader couldn’t? Oh wait, an average sixth grader also goes to school and probably has some friends and hobbies. Never mind.

  21. Her face is BUSTED. And those tits smack in the middle of the picture, no, just no.

    I know there is more to parse than her appearance, but when you try to get by being hot and you aren’t hot anymore? That’s sad.

    Also, she is only 30. There is no reason for the hot to have vanished as it has. She has done this to herself my being a massive fucking phoney.

    • Was she ever hot? I don’t think so. Behind all the stage makeup and LOOK AT ME low cut shirts and push up bras, she was always a very average looking woman. Maybe once as passably pretty as your average college co-ed, but I went to school in the south so my view is skewed – smoking hot girls are a dime a dozen here. Julia would be a nobody if she’d gone to college down there.

  22. Someone brought up this photo on her blergh and she defended it saying it was the stylist who dressed her. When it was pointed out to her that she didn’t have to wear it she said she didn’t see anything wrong with it at the time, but that she’d think about why it wasn’t appropriate (if she wanted to be taken seriously as a “tech” columnist) since the commenter mentioned it.

    • She’s lying. Obvi. She most likely unbuttoned that sweater herself.

      Blaming the stylist is another lie. What stylist not hired by Playboy/Maxim would do that in such a setting? It looks really bad for being super incongruous for one.

      The styling is for shit anyway — but still. This is outer limits bad here.

      • Yes. As someone who has been styled by a number of stylists, I’ve always had say over what I’ll wear or how my hair will look, etc. Plus as was seen in that Gawker video, she has no problem being assertive about her hair, whether her butt will be shown, etc.

        • With Juliar, it’s always someone else’s fault. For “stylist,” read “haters, intern, unidentified friend who has been remonstrated and told never to do that again, Mary Rambin, blah blah blah infinitum.”

        • Perhaps you can confirm my suspicion she unbuttoned that shit herself then? Have you ever been styled by someone for a non-sexy style mag that tried to show MEGA cleavage, as is shown here?

          I mean, this display above is not even decent since you pretty much see the full meet up dead centre there.

          This isn’t normal, i would think.

          Obviously Playboy and Maxim play by a different book, but for anything non-skin, sort of mainstream — tell me, would a stylist do this? Because to me that just seems like another lie, given the outright tawdriness of the look here. This seems 100% Julie orchestrated.

    • Ah, that was me. I wrote a little more a few comments down. I was just pretty offended by what she was wearing. She gives women who want to be known for their brains a really bad name.

      • I also like that she seems to believe she’s being called out for it (or “bullied”) because she looks so, so SEXAY in the photo. She’s probably enjoying all the criticism for this reason. It’s so hard to be seen as a professional bidness lady when you’re so sexy! Donkey and Angelina Jolie, two of a kind!

        It’s not that you look sexy, you tool. Attractive women can look sexy WITHOUT exposing a cleavage large enough to petition for the membership in the EU, but we all know that’s too complicated for you. Point is, you look stupid and tasteless, and you’re obviously trying wayyyyyyy too hard. THAT is tragically unprofessional.

  23. OH MY LORD ABOVE ON HIGH! Are yew people all BLIND?! Did you not notice that the sodomite was back? WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE??!!

    O WOE! O sackcloth and ashes, here we come. Again. Beggin the Good Lord Above to send him back to his hidey-hole. O REND YOUR ROBES…but hide yore privates for fear of an attempt of that little o-ring pirate to visit perversion upon yew! Baugher, o Papa Baugher, puh-leez! Visit another skeery fax upon him at his place of employment, whatever bung-hole of hell it is located in. Use yore Mighty Letter Head, Pa Baugher, oh we pray in thy Holy Name. Ah.Men.

  24. I left her a comment about the “cleavage”. A fair comment, because I don’t believe in harassing her on her own webpage. She published my first one, but then when someone idiotically came to her defense by saying “FREELANCE WRITERS HAVE A VERY LAX WARDROBE! I WEAR SWEATS LOLL”, I replied to that person and Julia wasn’t in the mood to publish that comment. Whatever.

    • Yeah but that was Lena Chen sex blogger who jumped to her defense. Lena Chen who posted photos online of herself with semen on her face; so you know her standards are kinda lax.

      • Lena Chen’s sex blog was a little…problematic, but she was always smarter and more self-aware than Julia, and she hasn’t blogged about sex for at least a year or two now. In fact, she’s written at length about what a horror show her life became after she started her blog. (She was also MUCH younger than Julia – 19 or 20 – at the height of Sex and the Ivy.)

        • Since Julia uses being 23-26 as an excuse for breaking up marriages, she’d probably think it excusable for her to cut off someone’s hands, eat one and feed the other to her victim, then watch the person bleed to death if she were 19-20.

  25. Christ on a bike. The least fashionable person on the Internet is covering Fashion Week for the Internet. I just say.

    • Also, on her blog a “reader” asks where her NYFW segments are airing and Julia says they’ll be up in about 2 weeks on channel 4 NBC, etc. So her coverage is going to be aired after FW is over?

  26. The fact that she would pose with a see-through skirt and her boobs hanging out for an article announcing her new job is so white trash, even for the queen of white trash, Julia Allison. Her parents are so fucked up, I imagine they’re looking at this picture and saying, “Well done, Julesie!”

    • What gets me is apparently her new bosses are okay with it as well. They think that she is doing a good job representing their brand here? I don’t get it. Except I do because there is no way in hell this job is anything other than someone doing her father a favor. This really is the only rational explanation.

      • I don’t think they ever had a say in the matter. This and the WGN segment are all part of the Julia Allison Self-Directed Media Tour. She still has a knack for getting herself out there, I’ll grant her–otherwise, no one would even know that these columns exist–but what she’ll never understand is that in doing so, she sets herself up for mockery.

        • perhaps that’s what she pays all those agents etc. for?? I just can’t believe all of her “self-branding” is actually “self-taught” / innate. She brags about being “represented” and having an agent — I have to imagine someone somewhere is giving her PR advice. (Ill-advised as it might be.)

  27. Yuck, I’ve been waiting for her first mention of my neighborhood. She’s at Bubby’s, of course. For a “breakfast meeting.” Why is she in NYC again? Has fashion week started yet?

    “At Bubby’s in TriBeCa for a breakfast meeting – and I’m early! I also am wearing tights under my jeans and despite my cableknit pink sweater, won’t remove my coat.”

  28. Julia didn’t “give up” her New York apartment. It wasn’t hers the to sacrifice- didn’t the owner want to sell? Besides she squandered all her options in in NYC and certainly can’t afford rent.
    What is up with these Michigan Avenue or whatever writers that they buy this bullshit that Julia is some new York city sophisticate who’s now gracing Chicago because he’s turned into some kind of ugly duckling/swan boyfriend? She’s crashing in folks’ spare condo – at a good distance from where her family actually lives – because no one wants her. Julia is in Chicago because she’s desperate and destitute and has no redeeming talent. These Chicago writers must hate themselves and their great city to paint Julia as some kind returning hometown girl asset. Julia represents the very worst in provincialty.

  29. Oh my god, how many sizes too small are those clothes? It’s laughable. I know, I know, Jules, the sleeves are *supposed* to look like that! They’re just 3/4! Or maybe 5/8! Also, that skirt is hideous, but in its defense it isn’t meant to be see-through. You can see the lining, up around the tops of her thighs. She just can’t pull it down to where it’s meant to be because bitch is a 4 in her heart and likes to reflect that on the labels. For christ’s sake, just cut the tags out and lie if you have to, but wearing clothes that don’t fit makes you look bigger, woman.

    • I also love how she has the left arm strategically blocking the the left hip. She almost never lets a photo through of both hips, straight on, view unimpeded (by arm, purse, pool floatie, etc).

      • Yes but she is also covering up her super think knee with her big bloated corpse hand and it gives me the creepies.

        PS who wants to bet by “stylist” she means Lily?

  30. The more I read about her the more attractive she is and the more I think we have in common.
    I should have held onto this one.
    When think implode with Jack, feel free to get at me. Our first date could be sitting on this site and giggling.

  31. “Becky Reader” is doing the Lord’s work:

    Becky Reader 48 minutes ago
    I hate cold New York winters! Have you ever considered moving somewhere warm, like Los Angeles (or anywhere in southern California, really!!)?
    Edit Reply

    juliaallison 14 minutes ago in reply to Becky Reader
    Hahaha yes indeed! I actually was planning to move to LA before I got the Tribune column … But the good news is that Jack lives in San Diego now and I’ll probably spend ab two weeks a month out there visiting him. Warm AND Sunny!!!! A nice change from the East Coast!

    So… she’s already estimating that she is going to spend HALF her time in San Diego?? Yeah. This relationship is going to implode faster than you can say Stage Five Clinger.

    • “Tribune column”….

      Really? She still cannot get that straight?

      Tribune Media Services is to the Chicago Tribune, what youtube is to MTV. Kinda the same thing.. but not really.,

      • I’m sure the “innocent mix up” is completely intentional, just like the article above mistakenly says her column is associated with the Chicago Tribune.

    • she thinks the reason everyone hates her is that new yorkers are generally intelligent and cynical and HATE fakes. because she got pointed out in nyc, that’s why she thinks everyone else started to catch on.

      she moved to try to fool a new group of people. i dont think it will work, but it might buy her time and it might fool dadster, because he’ll think she actually has a shot at ending up with a rich kid a solid 5-6 yrs younger than her.

    • She’s going to live in his apartment for two weeks at a time…doing WHAT, exactly? God, that is SO not going to work. What’s going to happen when he comes home from a hard day of flying around or whatever and wants a stiff drink and something to eat? You know she’s not cooking. And, apparently, she’s not eating anything but canned chili and kale juice. WHAT FUN!!!!

    • How interesting that “Becky Reader” prompts her with a question regarding LA when this website recently addressed the issue of her supposed move. It’s almost as if Julia willed this person to ask just the right question, as it allowed her to mention 1) the move, 2) a Tribune name-drop, 3) a Jack name-drop, 4) monthly visits to San Diego

      • she lied about LA. period.

        just didnt want to move “home” and admit she was, in all likelihood, planning to stay there and life rent-free all along. dad$ter refused to front the money for another yr or two in NYC paying $2500/month (+brokers fees) for a studio for his 30 yr old donkey

        dadster is totally a nebbish.

          • I’ve always done this, I’m really not sure why. On other sites, I have a consistent ID that I keep that traces back to my IRL name. I dunno, I dont want any part of being associated with the baugher clan or having them “accidentally” fax my law firm, so I make a point to switch things up.

            Don’t take things so seriously, bunny.

          • Forgot to say that I’ve mentioned knowing some of JA’s fucks, where I went to college, where I work, what city I live in, and a few other things. Hence not really wanting to tie myself to one screen name here. If the Baughers ever wanted to guess which ones were me, more power to them, but I’ve changed my name so many times even in just the past year, they’d need several “private investigators” or “crazed hacker fans”.

      • I am becky reader although not the original reader Becky. I just wanted hear her try to spin LA and how she was going to glom onto jacks latest move. Two weeks there every month? That is an even more deliciously fucked up plan than I could have imagined. It’s a fun game to try to see what kind of idiotic reply she will leave.

      • Fucking ridiculous is what it is. You might as well just wear a t-shirt that says “I’m desperate for a ring and have no fucking life.” Her parents are insane to keep enabling her.

        GET. A. JOB.

  32. Why is she wearing sheer negligee with a half unbuttoned cardigan? Did I stumble into a column of Penthouse Letters?

  33. I guess this explains why she scrubbed LA from her post about moving to LA. Wouldn’t want MA readers to visit her site and learn the truth: she didnt purposely move to Chicago to start over and take over.She kinda just happened there for the free rent.

    • That’s the best explanation I’ve heard. Makes perfect sense. Maybe her parents kind of planned it? Told her she could stay there for awhile and tried then to make it is as easy as possible to stay by helping her with the connection at the Tribune and the flowers, car and gift when she arrived? Were I her parents, I would have done the same thing to keep her closer, especially if she wouldn’t agree outright before.

      • They’re paying for her health insurance, condo fees, car, car insurance… basically everything a normal 30 yr old pays for themselves. Or, in the case of health insurance, often goes without if they don’t have the right job.

        • I think they’ve got to know she ain’t right and has some psychological disorder. Why else would they essentially “keep her” if she weren’t disabled? It would explain why they pay her health insurance, but not why they wouldn’t insist that she get treatment.

          • They’ve insisted she get a sleep study and see someone about the “celiac” issue. She’s also seen therapists before, but never stayed with it (as far as we know).

            My guess is that it’s just hard for someone like the Baughers and Julia to acknowledge that there is a mental issue and it’s kind of humbling to seek treatment for a mental issue. It’s much easier to look for physical explanations. Or blame others.

          • Yeah, this. It’s easy to say she might have sleep apnea or “celiac” instead of being medicated for a mental illness. Treating her personality disorder, and really treating it, truly facing what is wrong will alleviate a lot of the sleep and stomach problems that accompany mental illness. But she will never face reality.

    • You are being very generous with the imagined MA readers…if there are any.
      People just flick thru those things, maybe reading the photo captions and staring at the RACKS

  34. hilarious. donk is at this lecture: “Gabrielle will guide you to demystify romantic relationships and deepen your self-love. ” yes, she has been lacking in that lately, hasn’t she. MEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEMEME.

    In the West Village for @GabbyBernstein’s PACKED lecture on how to have fulfilling romantic relationships (well, that’s why it’s packed!)

    • This tweet, along with this one:

      “WHOA. Confirms every sad, sneaking suspicion I had!! RT @GlynnMacN: It must be V day. “Romantic head games WORK!” http://tinyurl.com/63vlhqx

      and the one about being “fascinated” with Millionaire Matchmaker makes me wonder if all in not well in the Pancake House….

    • It saw what happened with the rest of her face and crawled into her head (whoops, catty. I’m tired today.).

  35. I don’t even know what to say about one of her most recent tweets:

    I sort of feel like social media is the band I really liked when no one else was into it, but now is in the process of selling out. Grump.

    • WTF. Donks, I thought your wannabe-hipster days ended with Jordan.

      What bands have you liked before anyone else? Taylor Swift? The RENT soundtrack? Celine Dion’s Greatest Hits?

    • Silly bunnies! Donkey is referring to her edgy knack of being on the forefront of all trends before they become mainstream.

    • “This is the only thing I can credibly claim to know shit about, and I’m Julia F—–g Allison, so obvs I DESERVE to make f–k you money from it. It’s not my fault that social media is now so ubiquitous that calling yourself a ‘Social Media Expert’ just because you use social media makes as much sense as calling yourself a rocket scientist because you ride in planes a lot.”

      • That’s my transbraytion. I have fantasies about making a living as a Donkese-English transbraytor, but unlike Donkey, I prefer not being a life-sapping cancer on society, so I’ll keep my real job.

  36. And now she’s bitching about “having” to cover FW. Umm… then WHY do it, donkey? It can’t possibly pay that much. She really is the laziest, most ungrateful person EVER.

    • I love how she phrased “who the HELL wants to strap on 6 inch heels and slug their way, freezing their ASS off (in a tiny dress that doesn’t look good with black tights) uptown about 70 blocks?” like she’s actually walking/clomping 70 blocks instead of jumping into a cab. What a hard life our Dear Julie leads!

      • As soon as I read the phrase “happily ensconced” I wanted to reach through the screen and slap her. She is such a shitty writer.

        • Speaking of Donkey’s shitty writing, did she procure slave labor an intern for FW after posting her manifesto?

          • I wonder…didn’t she just start soliciting applicants, like, a week ago? Though you claim to be such a planner, Julia, methinks you were simply looking to quickly hire enslave an errand boy or girl. Internship, my butthole.

          • Well, at least I have company in the HTML fail corner today. Though my fail was worse and twofold.

      • Love that she’s blasting her parents’ condo at 73 degrees. That temp is CRAZY for winter. Wasteful.

        And to answer her question, YOU DO, JULIA. YOU. DO. If you hate it so much don’t go, but the attention and adrenaline from being in proximity of famous people is what keeps you going.

      • Don’t tell me she spelled “ASS” A-S-S! I thought we were safely ensconced in the wholesome, pure, Christian, ladylike, freshwater, tiny’n’cute, perfectly marriageable land of “a–” and “s–t.”

    • WHY? Is she even there?

      She apparently hates NYC now; she is begging for tickets to shows she isn’t invited to; she is begging someone / anyone to pull clothes for her; she certainly is NOT the epitome o fashion herself …

      Don’t tell me that a chance to wear borrowed RanjanKhan jewelry is worth it all.

    • i commented on her entry asking why she doesnt meditate beforehand like she learned at the ashram but she refuses to post it.

    • I’m sorry for my commenting vomit, but does she not realize she doesn’t have to wear those heels and that awful outfit that is her go-to fashion week costume?

      She’s so stupid I’ll never get used to it.

  37. “I’ve always been a big (read: borderline obsessive compulsive) planner – I actually did a limo seating chart for my prom group, okay?? ”

    Around these here parts we call that a control freak.

    • She’s a planner (re: the limo) in that she puts people in places where they will be of advantage to her.

    • Also, can you just imagine getting into a limo for prom and someone is yelling at you to SIT RIGHT HERE NEXT TO XYZ OR ELSE. Boner/buzz kill. Get real.

      • Exactly. I remember my friends and I being really excited for prom and for most of us, it was the first time we had ridden in a limo. Had one of us been screaming about assigned seating, it would have put such a damper on the evening.

    • She’s such a planner, she came up with this brill-ballz, detailed and solid plan to set up a “new media” bidness, and after 3 years, she sold it for “f–k” you money.

      Oh wait.

    • Life is a game of Barbies to her. Ken goes HERE and Chelsea goes HERE. Christie can take the Bolt Bus. I borrowed jewelry for everyone. Put it on. Now all the boys line up and I’ll stand in the middle. This is everything I dreamed a fashion show would be!

    • Just another of a million anecdotes she provides thinking it makes her look so precious and really, it just exposes her as the asshole she is. My friends and I barely made it to our prom because we knew it was LAME. Of course she probably spent a month planning that shit.

  38. for someone who identifies so strongly with sex and the city, how can she really feign ignorance of the origins of the phrase “Fashion Roadkill”?
    even if the phrase didn’t truly originate with SATC, she should at least be able to identify her use of it as stemming from that show.


    • She needs to Strunk and White her ass back to the Lakeside Assisted Living Facility and Pancake Palace so she can spend some quality time with a fourth grade grammar book.

    • And “ensconced”.

      Means to be placed somewhere… like, I’m ensconced on the couch in my mom’s basement. Doesn’t refer to clothes, unless you’re trying to make apoint about how big or overwhelming something is (like, I’m absolutley ensconced in this fur coat!)

      She’s always just a little off…

      Also, who uses the word “aforementioned”? She often throws in these really dry technical terms that are maybe correct, but way to formal or something. She reads like a high school senior writing her college applications essays.

    • Yep. I could make a movie tomorrow and call it Gone With the Wind. Titles are not subject to copyright protection.

    • Wow. That column is more researched, informed and comprehensive than anything the “social media expert” could have put together.

  39. I’ve been reading JA’s website for about two years. I could relate to her as I once had a career in media that began much the same way as hers. However, I choose to walk away from the public eye. Seeing Julia continue walking a path I didn’t take is probably why I’ve watched her from afar. Curiosity and just plain internet surfing is how I stumbled upon this site.

    I will say a few things. The princess thing is ridiculous and annoying. The boyfriend desperation is/was pretty obvious last year. (I do think the ashram did help with that even though you can still smell it.) The way she can afford to live the life she does with the non-stop traveling, expensive clothes, shoes, and other luxuries is completely asking for resentment and to accomplish… ‘What?’ exactly? is extremely puzzling. Not to mention kinda sad if she can’t see that her actions easily raise those feelings in others.

    So that’s how I feel about Julia. Someone who see’s can see her for who she is.. including the bad parts. Whenever I turn to look at you-all of this- this website- All I see are bad parts.

    This website Is PATHETIC.

    I understand having enemies, nemesis’, and/or people that are put here to make your life a living hell. Honestly, life wouldn’t be a challenge if you didn’t have some. I mean really.. What’s the point? It’s not like everyone can be as perfect as Mother Teresa. But this website is sick. I don’t know what she did to you or most of you guys but your revenge or whatever this is beyond pathetic. I don’t think I’ve felt sorry for a group of people more in my whole life as I do for all of you. I read almost everything I could on here before I couldn’t take it anymore because I was too disgusted.

    What do you want from her? People FUCK UP. People do stupid things. People act selfish in their youth. Everyone does things that they easily regret and do not feel represents the person they are striving to be now. That’s NORMAL. What isn’t normal is THIS.

    This website, the twitter feed is truly disturbing. I don’t know what she did to you but -fucking Get Over It. Seriously. MOVE ON. The fact that you would spend all this time and energy spewing hatred out into the world about JA; that you would take the time to do all of this means she’s already won (which this shouldn’t be some battle anyway). Anyone with a hint of integrity at all wouldn’t be doing this. You all think your so smart, and witty. Your not. This is just pitiful. Maybe someday soon you can look yourself’s in the mirror and see what a horrible person/group of people you’ve become. How you let hatred consume you to a point where you don’t even recognize who you are anymore. Then maybe you can realize that’s not who you want to be anymore and stop all this craziness.

    I know I’m asking for it by saying this but I felt I needed to, mainly for one reason. When I was younger I watched my brother go through a battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and/or cancer. He almost died. He had surgery on his neck and eventually had his spleen removed after the two bouts of chemotherapy that unfortunately left him bald. Why do I bring this up? Because it was obvious to him and our entire family that he got cancer because he was so unhappy for so long. All of his negative feelings, (much like all of this anger towards Julia) built up in him and made him sick. Even my mother who eventually became a nurse and isn’t a ‘spiritual’ or holistic person in anyway shape or form cannot deny this. Negativity, anger, hatred, is poison. Wake up. I almost had to watch my brother die to learn this lesson.

    You say that she deserves it because she puts herself out there. No, she doesn’t. Just like it’s none of my business what celebrities do in there own home. Being a public person and having every facet of your life for grabs are two different things. More so, I would love to see how all of you anonymous haters would look if every aspect of your life was examined with a magnify glass. I bet my life it wouldn’t be pretty. It’s so easy to throw those stones when your hidden in the dark. Way to go Cowards. Really noble of all of you.

    It obvious that Julia has her faults, but at least she’s working on herself. At least she’s trying to become the best version of herself. Can any of you say that? Ever word you put on this website makes that less and less a possibility.

    Luckily, my brother won his battle and has moved on from that dark period of his life, vowing to never return. He’s happy. You could easily be too. But keep this shit up and you’ll never be. Happy people don’t tear others down. If you don’t have something nice to say STFU! Life isn’t about inflicting misery, and if doing so puts a smile on your face then make sure please not to forget your sunscreen or v.i.p. elevator pass downstairs to the underworld. Satin is expecting you.

    I hope this post get’s through to all of you. Make up your mind. It’s simple-Either get busy living or get busy dying. Your choice.

    • i love this comment. “Satin is expecting [me]!” SUH-WEET!
      you once had a career in media? ORLY, you could have fooled me with all your typos.

    • Actually, your brother got cancer because your dipshittery was carcinogenic. Stop bullying him and he wouldn’t get so much cancer all the time!!!

    • I can’t believe I never realized that the reason my cousin almost died from leukemia when she was 4 years old is because she was just. so. negative. It just makes so much sense! You’re so smart.

      • so sorry. was that recently or a long time ago? one of my neighbor’s 6yo twins has leukemia, and has grown back her hair; the mom says the odds are better now than they used to be? i hope your cousin is ok and lives to be at least 100

    • I just watched my grandmother, who I loved more than anything, die painfully and slowly from leukemia. The other day I sat with my grandfather, who cried for hours over the death of his wife of 60 years. And you are telling me that it’s her fault because she was ‘negative’? That if she just felt happy while her blood was poisoning her from the inside, she’d be ok?

      FUCK YOU.

      • i am so sorry for your loss

        my father died when i was in hs: leukemia.

        my 14 yo dog died this summer: mast cell tumors.

        cancer is caused by shilling, and lying about it. pr people don’t get cancer from shilling, because they are, you know, pr people.

        did your grandmother shill? if she didn’t i don’t know where her cancer came

        as far as i know, neither my father nor my dog shilled and lied about it, so i don’t know how they got cancer.

        I did a lot of work with the children’s cancer hospital at columbia university back in the day; as far as i know the spanish speaking girl translating for her mother how her leg was going to be amputated and what her aftercare would be like never shilled and lied about it, but maybe she did and that’s why she had cancer.

    • Dear Pat Hetic

      This site makes me happy, it makes me laugh. Once I was having a really bad day and this was the only thing that made me actually laugh, and once you do that it just turns your mood around. Acording to you nobody is ever happy. If you comment on anything and anyone from politcal people to reality tv stars in a negative way. Then you are not happy. Or better yet what about co-workers or nasty neighbors? If you vent to your family or partner are you on the elevator to hell?

      My aunt died of cancer after being abused for years. I think maybe it did not help that she had so much stress. I think she should have complained about the abuse more and let people know. Mabe she listened to people like you who think that saying a bad word about my uncle would have sent her to hell. But I actually think that a stress reliever or temporary escape would have helped more.

      I dont know what happened w/your brother but I dont believe he or anyone else gave him cancer. You say that you wanted a media career and feel that everyone acts selfish in their youth. Mabe you were selfish and didnt listen to your brother during your “selfish media career” days and should have heard what he had to say. Like why he was so sad. listen to what was bothering him instead of telling him to STFU and stop giving himself cancer and that he was going to hell. Feeling like you have to hold in every “negative” thought probably isnt to helpful.

      Have a laugh, enjoy life, dont let people tell you to STFU.

    • I don’t have any hatred. I work a long, hard day (12, 24, 36 and 48 hour shifts) in a physical and dirty high-risk job where I show up to strange and oftentimes dangerous environments to TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE, and I come home exhausted and needing to decompress.

      This website is awesome! It’s hilarious! Jankles is so stupid. She’s funny to laugh at… her idiocy is compelling and never ceases to amaze.

      The writing here is great, the comments are hilarious and overall I think it’s great fun to hang out here in the cat infested basement.

      Also, I transport cancer patients at work quite frequently and deliver verbal reports to several oncologists. You are on crack if you think negativity causes cancer. Negativity doesn’t cause cancer, you moron. Carcinogens do. Dumb ass.

      See you in Satin!

    • comment of the year. so many laughs here. poorly written? check. brother getting lymphoma “and/or cancer”? check. doctors said it was due to negativity? check. i could go on and on… this post is SOLID GOLD.

      have you paid any attention to the Donk? she’s crazier than ever. more desparate than ever. more enabled than ever (thanks, Dadster, for writing the C&Ds!!).

      thanks for the MANY laughs… but…
      fuck off, troll.

  40. So people get cancer because they’re unhappy?
    Fuck you and your pseudo “Secret” blame game.
    I dare you to go to a pediatric oncology ward and share that bit of wisdom with some of the patients and their families.
    As to the rest of your poorly written, misspelled diatribe I have this to say.
    If you care enough to take the time to type out that amount of verbal diarrhea to shame us into stopping our misbehaviour, at least have the courtesy to check your spelling.
    It adds to your credibility just an iota.

    • Seeing red leads to reply fail. Guess I better go work some more on my sad sorry self like the great burro does.

  41. Haha, I thought this was photoshopped for a minute. This is the first time I’m seeing the Mich Ave photo and I’m like…there’s no way she actually showed this much cleavage, right?

    I think the peek of the bra is what really makes it gross, too. It’s so purposeful.

  42. I never told you what I did and I won’t. But I will say that I was in the public eye and I handled all of my own media. I was a very public person. I did things like email marketing years before anyone every thought about it. I’m not going to elaborate but basically, I was able to spot trends and maximize them before anyone else ever thought it was possible. That’s why I relate to Julia. But that was a long time ago and honestly- I don’t have to justify shit to you. This wasn’t about me. It’s about all of you. And YES- My grammar isn’t perfect. I’m not perfect. I’m not publishing this. I could really care less about a few typo’s.

    I had to laugh at how all of you haters had/have to find something to hate on. It’s like you don’t even know what you sound like. I feel like I’m back in high school and I’m watching a group of bullies corner/pick on someone. You guys are STILL so pathetic. I’m embarrassed for you and mad at myself for putting any more energy in your direction. Is this what you do all day? PATHETIC.

    Your all jealous little haters. You can say ton’s of things about JA but she was a trailblazer in many aspects and was at the forefront of new forms of in media. Your just pissed you didn’t have what it takes to do it first. All of you sound like some bitter 30 something nobodies who just didn’t have what it takes to be successful in PR, media, publishing…whatever. So you just sit around and hate on her because she gets to do things you wish you could do/did. PATHETIC. Instead of hating on her why don’t you work towards your own success? Why don’t you work on something that makes you happy? Don’t you think your time can be better used some other way?

    As far as my experience with my brother, that was MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. NOT YOURS. I’m not talking about anyone else’s mother, sister, cousin, aunt, or living relative who had cancer/leukemia. I watched my brother battle that disease up close for two years. I know what happened. My experience doesn’t apply to your family, it applies to mine. The end of the day I was making a point. A very simple one if that-Negative emotions are toxic. Period. This hating on her isn’t healthy or normal. It’s not like a casual joke at the office cooler. This is a website (don’t forget twitter feed) ripping every single part of her life apart. It’s sad.

    If JA is as horrible of a person that all of you believe she is she will dig her own grave. Her actions will seal her fate. You don’t need to dig it for her. Because your just digging your own grave. Karma is a bitch. This will come back to haunt you in some way shape or form. Then you’ll realize what a bunch of assholes all of you have been. But then it’ll be too late and all you’ll be filled with is regret.

    This comment wasn’t for the random person who wandered onto this site. Someone who has only seen this a few times and gained a sense of comic relief from some snarky, witty comments. However, my one comment towards you is how would you feel if this website was about you. Pretty sick huh?

    This comment was focused more towards whoever created this. And the small, close knit group of people -you know who you are -who makes it their life’s purpose to rip her life apart. GET A LIFE.

    You know what? I’m done. Go drown in your own negativity. Go on.. I’m done trying to save you.

    • Pat Hetic: To be honest, you sound far more angry than anyone on this site. And your problem isn’t typos; your problem is stupidity. You don’t know the difference between your and you’re, and my all-time pet-peeve…using apostrophes when you make a word plural. You should just get out of here, Pat. You sound like a psycho. Typical Julia Allison fan.

    • Thanks for trying to save me!
      Now, I’ll return the favor and tell you that your= something that belongs to you, you’re=you are. Wow! I’m on the path to redemption. No Satin in my future!

    • hmmm….
      – “high status markers”: check
      – “jeliz haterz”: check
      – “at the forefront of new forms of in media.” [sic]
      – “I could really care less about a few typo’s.” [sic] Yes, clearly. What you actually meant is you “couldn’t care less”.
      – “I did things like email marketing years before anyone every [sic] thought about it.”
      Yes, I’m sure you were highly successful at it (*snort*)

      Don’t bother your pretty little head about us, we’re just a group of fairly literate individuals with a sense of humor. You are (you’re!) lacking in both qualities. I’m sure you can show yourself out.

    • Dayum, I hope the emails you wrote for your trail-blazing email marketing didn’t sound as dumb as this.

      Anyone who writes bromides such as “karma is a bitch”, is clearly too dumb to comprehend the concept of karma, demonstrating that you most definitely couldn’t possibly understand the causes of cancer, nor very much else quite frankly.

      Too dumb; didn’t read.

      “I’M DONE TRYING TO SAVE YOU!” Satin won’t be waiting for you, you’ll totes end up wearing polyester.

    • this is parody, right? with the bad spelling, the raging howls, it has to be?

    • angry, illogical, dumb, lots of unfounded assumptions… your comment is full of fail.

      if you’re not just some dumb troll, hang around the site until after the BBB (about 10 days from now) and see if you don’t find yourself enjoying this site and its very active community.

      this is the community that julia inspired, through lies and stupidity. we love to laugh and share and we ain’t going anywhere, sister.

  43. My mistakes don’t change the truth. All of you are ugly (on the inside), cruel people.

    Why don’t you go spend time working on something you love, or being with someone you care about instead of spending time on this site?

    Can one of you tell me why this site is more important than doing that? Go on..

    • Oh honey. Go read the thread about the volunteer work we do and shut the fuck up. Shouldn’t you be making pancakes?

    • Oh, sorry. Didn’t see your question there.
      “Why don’t you go spend time working on something you love, or being with someone you care about instead of spending time on this site?”
      A few of the things I love, darling Pat Hetic, are authenticity, merit, and human decency. I seem to share those loves with most if not all of the people here. So by spending time on this site I get to do both! Work on something I love; that is, defend those qualities I mentioned against the foul manipulation of them by insideous and despicable creeps like Julia Allison Baugher who use the easy access of new media and cheapen it deplorably for their own self-aggrandizement and little more, and … in the course of that work, I also get to hang out with the fine people here, who I also do care about.
      Question answered?

    • Feel free to love being ignored throughout the universe & in perpetuity.

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