Donkia Donkercunt Doesn’t Regret Her Attempt To Ruin An Ex-Boyfriend’s Engagement And Impending Nuptials


From her comments:

Commenter: Julia, while I agree that there are people who have gone too far with this, how can you have the nerve to say someone who emails a boyfriend has psychological problems when you, yourself, emailed the fiancee of your ex detailing how his dating of her overlapped with you having sex with him. You admitted you did it. So tell us all, WHO DOES THAT?

Julia’s Response: You’re right, I did do that. He dated me – and her – simultaneously for over six months (after he and I had been together for some time). And he wasn’t just sleeping with me. He was telling me he loved me, that he wanted to marry me. I thought she had the right to know who she was marrying. I don’t regret that in the least. Perhaps I should, but wouldn’t you want to know you were marrying a cheater? I sure as hell would.

That said, whether or not you disagree with me, that conversation – which I stand by – was between me, her, him and no one else. The fact that she wanted it broadcast that her future husband cheated on her is strange to me, but I can’t pretend to understand what goes on in the mind of others.

So let me get this straight. It’s “cheating” if it’s [Redacted#1], but it’s NOT “cheating” if it’s a crazy, marriage-hungry, puffy-faced loon with a side of Greasy Pancakes.

OK, then. I’m glad we cleared that up.


    • The Donkey Delusion knows no bounds. Her “thesis” is easily disproven. To wit:

      1) If all you cared about was letting the fiance know this guy was a cheater, you would have written her the initial email with “your guy is a cheater” and that’s it.

      But you didn’t. You construed this ridiculous “gee, his email wasn’t working…could you send this” little innocent routine, which is exactly why you are so fucking evil. You cloak your razors in a candy apple. At least when I’m an asshole, I’ll show you the entire blade before I shove it in.

      2) The letter to the guy should have also said “you’re a fucking cheater” and that was it. It didn’t. It was all saccharine bullshit and innuendo and fake wishes for happiness.

      I refuse to believe that ANYONE is that deluded. Ergo, you are just an evil cunt that can’t even admit you were out of your mind with jealousy even to this day! Years later! A normal girl would say “man, I was nuts. I shouldn’t have done that” but you’ve instead concocted an elaborate charade – no doubt for the benefit of your future would-be in-laws.

      Well, here’s some news for you: John McCain dumped his first wife after cheating on her. Then married someone 18 years younger. Seems he didn’t care for Carol’s (first wife) new look after a disfiguring car crash so he dumped her. That’s who you’re trying to impress.

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you crazy whore.

  1. y’all, i have to tell you that you are some of the most STUNNING cat ladies i have ever not had the pleasure to lay eyes on, by which i mean that this community is awesome, eloquent, and ineffable. in the words (i believe) of Ice-T, julia can go suck a bag of dicks.

  2. ” I don’t think anything about my behavior is horrible. These are my memories, too. Perhaps you’re embarrassed because you overlapped [REDACTED] and me? Because we were still sleeping together and you were still telling me you loved me up well through the summer of 2007, when you were dating her? I assumed that she knew that, but perhaps she didn’t.”

    • And Julia knew, but the other girlfriend didn’t? Doesn’t that make Julia the tool. Why are you sleeping with him then, Julia? What, only men can cheat and women are just the helpless pawns? Who’s responsibility is your behavior? Is that his, too?

    • She is always so sickeningly sly about everything:

      “I assumed she knew that, but perhaps she didn’t.”

      Fuck you, Julia.

      Or the response she gave to a commenter tonight where she said:

      “The fact that she wanted it broadcast that her future husband cheated on her is strange to me, but I can’t pretend to understand what goes on in the mind of others.”


    • “I thought she had the right to know who she was marrying.”

      But you didn’t tell her. You wanted ‘closure’, remember? You only passed that email on because [redacted]’s wasn’t working!

  3. Didn’t she break up an engagement by cheating with a married man who had children only to cheat on him later with Michael?


    • yup. that was alex. she broke off her own engagement, moved to NYC, and started sleeping with alex, who was married with kids. this later led to him getting divorced and his kids now coming from “a broken home”. something julesie was supposedly concerned about. LOL!!

      • I get confused, was Alex the five dresses guy whose apartment she lived in for a year after they broke up? Or am I thinking of two different guys?

        • I’m not sure who the five dresses guy was, but the three dresses guy was Wallet Thing. I know the five dresses guy was before him.

          • michael was five dresses. alex was the married guy before that, whose apartment she crashed in for a year after they had broken up and he had moved on.

          • So, she was living in Alex’s apartment while fucking Micheal then [Redacted]?
            I try to stay away from slut shaming, but for serious? Prostitution whore!

          • yepppp, she lived in alex’s apartment for like a yr after she cheated on him and that relationship ended

          • 5 dresses was michael, who ended up starting a relationship with that other girl (now marrying her).

            but her relationship with michael started when she was still with alex. alex was married with kids and starting screwing julia, which ended up ending his own marriage.

            before alex, there was some law grad starting a career in california. they were engaged, but she left him to start banging alex, who lived in nyc (married with kids).

            it’s very convoluted

  4. Here’s the thing! That sanctimonious bullshit of “she deserved to know” was CLEARLY a last-ditch effort to piss everyone off and maybe break up an engagement. But why does ol’ crazy hooves CARE who he marries?! It was never gonna be her.

    Also Julie, have you ever been in love? Not with a flammable dress, I mean. By the time normal people are engaged, they’re in love enough with their partners to know them fully and judge them as people. Nothing some scary barnyard dweller like yourself can say will ever really influence that. You’ve done your damage — to yourself.

  5. But Donks, that very same logic can be used to justify the actions of your “crazed hacker fans”!

    Wouldn’t you want to know if you were involved — personally or professionally — with an absolute cunt? I sure as hell would.

    • Double this.

      Like The Tribune might want to know that they are involved with a cheater.

      Like Pancakes might have wanted to know he was getting extra Grease-on.

      They have a RIGHT to know the TRUTH.

      YOU. CAN’T. HANDLE. THE. TRUTH. Can you Julie?

      • Son, we live in a world that has internet walls, and those internet walls have to be guarded by men with C&D’s. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Lt. LaRue? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom.

        • I like all you Navy boys. Every time we’ve gotta go someplace and fight, you fellas always give us a ride.

          • “I run my blog how I run my blog. You want to private investigate me, roll your 20 sided dice and take your chances. I drink brunch 300 yards from 4000 haters who are trained to make me cry, so don’t think for one second that you can come down here, flash your non skintagged badger, and make me nervous.”

            This is extra awesome, because JackNic played the joker.

    • exceptionally early! she still has valentine’s day, her birthday and her syndication deadline to get through … she may actually not make it out of April without a straight jacket on!

  6. How awesome is it that Jacy and JP barely need to write commentary any more? I mean don’t get me wrong, I live for their take downs, but Jules is so bat shit now she is writing if for them, no additional snark required. Ah the post xmas pre birthday breakdown. It never dissapoints.

    • seriously. who was it who was saying they were bored with donkey? anybody, anybody, bueller? donkey is hands down the best reality show out there. too bad she can’t monetize that somehow… oh wait…

      • The being boring was all an act she says she put on at the suggestion of a friend to get the haterz not to hate. Right, but she never “EVER” reads here.

    • I can hear her screeching across the internets from here.

      The cray is coming from inside the head.

      She’s dragging her dead pelts down the hall and scraping her sausage snappers against the wall.


      • See I can really see her freaking out like this in the Assisted Living Complex, smashing glasses, coughing up fur balls. I’m just worried about the dog.

    • Yeah, I wonder how much of this is actually cray and how much it’s her trying to get us to engage on her site for some reason, She’s a horrible donkey most of the time, but this is over-the-top wannabe villain behavior here.

      • Maybe she needs the traffic to be on HER turf so as to justify the whole woe-is-me-biggo-bullies-be-picking-on-me slant? Kinda what I’ve wondered about ever since Dad$er shuttered RBNS & she coincidentally opened her NS comments at the same time …

      • Well, for one thing, I assume she has an enraging column planned about “I Am a Cyberbullying Victim!” Maybe she’s trying to drum up material she can use out of context.

    • I think she’s completely enraged that the majority of ‘us’ just sit and watch. Do NOT engage her, do not respond to her. Basically, just point. No one comments on her blergh.
      She’s pissed because she opened comments thinking she’d have a standing ovation.
      It’s just crickets, cobwebs, and a heckler.

      • I resemble that remark! But, in my defense, this is the very first time ever, I’ve sent her a comment or interacted with her. My brayge at her cavalier “people who contact people are psychos” got the best of me.

  7. Also, forgot to mention….Julia is completely taking over the planning of her friend’s wedding, crowdsourcing for ideas and opinions. I don’t feel sorry for the bride at all. She knew exactly what she was getting when she brought Julia on board: a batshit insane egomaniac!! I’m still pissed off that Julia has managed to make the good guys (us) into the bad guys, and the horrible person (her) into some kind of brave and long-suffering hero. It’s all upside down and backwards!

    • the friend she’s planning for is kind of like julia–no real friends. it’s that Vie girl, one of the only ppl from her HS that will still talk to her.

      which reminds me… remember when julia made a fool of herself at her HS reunion?

    • Dearest, dearest Donksers — Do not fret; she hasn’t made herself into the hero to anyone but herself and her manic ‘commenters’ (aka, her other fifteen personalities.)

      She is trying to spin all her bad press on her own turf, but too many people know her and hate her for it to work. Not to mention that she could spin like the fucking Gravitron and it still wouldn’t work, because attempting to refudiate on-blog won’t save her from her biggest enemy: herself.

      • Thanks Tots. I love this: “….because attempting to refudiate on-blog won’t save her from her biggest enemy: herself.”

        She is completely oblivious to every single one of her personality defects. She’s going through life with blinders on, and one day it’s bound to catch up with her. She loves to publicly lament the fact that there are bullies in the world. I lament the fact that there are so many stupid people in the world who see Julia Allison types as something to admire and/or aspire to. Now that’s depressing.

        • This is so true about her obliviousness. She reminds me of the main character in Absent in the Spring, a novel by Mary Westmacott (better known as Agatha Christie.) This vile woman, who has cruelly manipulated everyone around her all her life yet congratulates herself on her wonderful character (SO. NICE!) and perfect marriage and happy family (SO. BLESSED!), gets stranded for some days in a way station where there is nothing to distract her from self-examination. Many interesting twists (don’t want to spoil the ending), and I highly recommend it. Someone should send a copy to Donkey (but of course she would only mark it up with stars and exclamation points in hot pink highlighter and never absorb the message or identify with the character in any way.)

    • She can’t make this site into the bad guys. She is shutting down comments for this reason exactly. Nobody’s commenting anyway, she can claim that nasty comments are being sent in (yeah, OK) without proof and the calm, reasonable ones would call for a competent response and “defense” on her end. That is why she’s shutting them down. She can’t play victim when being called on her nonsense in the way that prevents her doing so.

      • And honestly, we cat ladies have such a happy home here with our lovable parents and stockpiles of catnip, why would we go over there to comment? Maybe it’s random people who stumbled across her shit and were like “What? Is wrong with her?” Dislike of Julia Allison isn’t regulated to this site.

        • The weird thing, for this “Social Media Expert,” is her unwillingness to slowly build the kind of commenting community that she wants on her blog. It never happens overnight. And it’s so basic: you encourage the kind of comments you want by responding in kind; you cull (if you absolutely must) for obscenity and libel; you ignore the stuff you don’t like. You keep putting good work out (well, that might be a problem in NSland) and slooowly construct a community around it. But Donks wants it all now, overnight. It baughles my mind.

          • You mean to just… Let it… Unfold? I donno, that’s a pretty complicated idea. Maybe Julia should like, get it tattooed on her body so she can remember…. oh right.

  8. Nah. She stands by this like she stands by that horrific outfit she wore to church. She stands by it because she’s pissed as hell that he was choosing to marry someone other than her. Julia, you have disrupted plenty of marriages and otherwise have been a cheater within a relationship sooooo many times. TRANSPARENCY.

  9. My take on this tantrum is this: Yack is pulling the emergency brake hard and fast (and not in a dirty, sexy way), Donkey is lashing out at everyone she can reach. YAAAAACK!!! IT’S NOT MY FAULT I’MNOTCRAZY ALL THOSE PEOPLE ON THE INTERNETS ARE CRAZY NOT ME!!!

  10. Wait a second! What about her ‘crazy hacker fans’??! They’re bullies too!!! No word about them…they just drift off into the sunset, eh?

    • Yeah and Dadsers is a bully, too. It was so irritating to read her commenters talking about how the things we say are so “appalling.” What’s appalling is JULIA. Not surprisingly, many of her supporters are flaky and childish enough to still be using,”They’re just jealous!”

      • It’s not surprising. Think of how dumb you’d have to be to consider yourself a Julia Allison fan. We’re talking 2 digit IQs here.

        • “I know it’s hard to do, but seriously Julia, ignore it!! You’re wasting your time being upset over these people- they’re not worth it. It’s sad and pathetic that they spend precious time in life picking on you. YOU, who as much as they may not agree with your lifestyle, has NEVER done anything to hurt them. They probably won’t let it go because they have boring, lame lives and are jealous you have an exciting life…Why pick on Julia Allison?! Yes, these people need to go live their lives and stop reading a blog they hate and taking the time to be hurtful. But they’re the ones who are pathetic and wasting their lives being jerks; don’t let them affect you!”

          Who writes like this? With lots of !!!!! and CAPITALIZING random words especially “NEVER”? And who thinks Julia’s life is exciting while and everyone else is jealous? And refers to time as precious and claims Julia Allison has never done anything to hurt anyone and anyone who thinks differently is “pathetic”? And writes things like “Why pick on Julia Allison?!” And thinks commenting on her is picking on her? A Julia Allison fan? Likely, if you strike fan.

          • It’s not Julie doing it, it’s her other personalities. All the other commenters are her 16 other personalities. The sad thing is, I don’t think I’m joking about this.

          • Until last night/today, I would have thought you were exaggerating for comic effect. Can’t say that anymore.

          • Anyone with a PhDonkery degree has taken the Advanced Hoofwriting Analysis class and can recognize her english language mangling signature anywhere. Clues include
            a) praising the Donkey
            b) exclamation points
            c) unnecessary use of a thesaurus
            d) British colloquialisms
            e) ALL CAPS usage
            f) “Ha!” (never “heh”)
            g) emotional development halted at the age of 12 year old girl.
            h) author’s wavering point of view from 3rd to 1st person
            i) Did I mention exclamation points?

            I could go all the way to z)

          • Her exclamation points!!!!!!! They are very funny!!!!!! Her personality is in manic mode 99.9% of the time!!!!!! Thanks!!!!

  11. I cannot believe she’s posting shit about being “bullied” People calling you out own your own shit is not nearly the same as filming someone without their consent and broadcasting it to the internet. For her to make that comparison is beyond disgusting.

    Also, the Lily video and the note about the “abused dog” she’s not even trying to pretend that she doesn’t read here. Her website has basically become a rebuttal to this.

    Put on your big girl pants and stop writing everything off as “Bullying.” People are allowed to dislike you, allowed to be critical of you, welcome to life. But alas, she’s slipping more and more into Julia’s crazy manic world.

    • Also, Julia, in your comments you discuss the horrible things that people have done here and how it’s cost you jobs ect., Maybe the website isn’t the source, maybe they just don’t like you and did it all on their own free will. But gasp! No, it’s Precious Julia vs. the World round 123981230.

  12. Julia Allison – “As Nick Denton told me, “female celebrity is a poisoned chalice.” Perhaps this is so, but I am not a celebrity. I am simply a person who chooses to do what so many of us do now, which is to share a few of my thoughts, feelings and moments of my life with people on the internet. I don’t believe that should make me a target, nor do I believe that simply expressing oneself in a public forum, of sorts, should justify ridicule and bullying. I do not believe even actors or politicians should be subject to such treatment. It adds nothing to the conversation, and it does all of us a disservice.”

    Analogy to bullied politicians when the comparing herself to bullied gay teens didn’t work. Also, news flash, Julia Allison is not a celebrity, so says Julia Allison. Okay. So, you’re saying you failed at internet celebrity? Did you tell the Tribune that? What about Wired or Sony or all the people that paid for your personal branding/celebrity for no reason seminar? Ugh, I’ve got to go to bed and I’m 3 hours earlier than this hot mess.

    • There’s a quote in the Mediabistro article about Allison that says, “John Updike wrote ‘Celebrity is the mask that eats away the face.'” Oh honey, by that standard, you are a celebrity. So, drop the attempt to claim bullying by now saying you are not a celebrity but rather a simple person.

    • People who “choose to do what so many of us do now” do not relentlessly pursue celebrity, nor pimp ourselves out to Gawker. The ham wanted to be glam, and now can’t handle the heat.

      Seriously, her ‘aww, shucks, I’m just your average blogger’ shit is sooooooo revisionist history of everything she has done to beg for celebrity in the course of her entire, tired, career. She is putting on the ‘average girl’ costume to convince the McCain’s that she isn’t an ATTN HO.

      • Does she really think everyone has as dedicated a hate following as she does? Only people like Kate Gosselin have a following that is comparative to this one.

      • She has conveniently forgotten that her express ambition when she graduated from Georgetown was to become a “cult figure.” Well, she did become a minor one, but not for the reasons she wanted, and now as usual history gets rewritten. Nothing to see here, just a Pretty Princess Average Blogger, move along, all ye who would ridicule poor blameless widdle me.

    • I post tid bits about my life on the internet, too… but I’ve never been featured on TV. Or asked to be on the cover of Wired. I just say.

    • Really? Because last time I checked, Julia once made 6 figures talking shit about celebrities in a magazine and as a representative of the same on television before she was fired. TRY AGAIN, Julie. She claimed she didn’t want to talk about celebs for a hosting gig, but more realistically she saw her competition and knew it wasn’t going to happen. Now she’s on deck as a social media/tech “expert” who crowdsources for everything, hires interns to do her job, and apparently doesn’t know how to google. Again, NEXT.

    • Aha! Juliar has added ridicule to the list of Things Which Should Not Be Tolerated In This Great Nation of Ours. I knew that was coming. Man, this chick is un-American if she wants to ban ridicule. I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers meant for ridicule to be covered under the “pursuit of happiness” umbrella.

    • It’s happened. I have finally SNAPPED. That’s it.


      You can’t say on your resume that you are a FOUNDER of NonSOCIETY a site devoted to putting it ALL OUT THERE. and then

      and then

      turn around and say:

      “I am simply a person who chooses to do what so many of us do now, which is to share a few of my thoughts, feelings and moments of my life with people on the internet”.

      You don’t:

      Make FUCK YOU money for just sharing a few of my thoughts on the internet
      People don’t BUY websites that are just you sharing a few of your thoughts on the internet.
      Those of us who do share a few of our thoughts on the internet don’t have:
      * Press Kits
      * Interns
      * Publicists
      * Media Reels

      Jesus, like is she really that insane. The cray really is inside the head (TM, awesome commentor above).

      The HPD or NPD does this, they bend every answer to suit their need. When she wants to be a founder of a company – she’s that. When she wants to be just an innocent hobbiest she claims that.

      I thought I was over here, I thought I was bored, but her absolute cuntitude has sucked me back in.

      I need someone to hold me and tell me this will all be over soon.

  13. julia: “I actually don’t believe it to be a large group, by any stretch of the imagination. Simply a dedicated one. By my count, they number 100, tops. Perhaps 200.

    It feels disproportionate because I am not famous, by any stretch of the imagination. I am quite sure that anyone genuinely well-known – Hillary Clinton, Oprah, even my friend Meghan McCain, has a larger base of haters.”

    repeating yourself there donks, might need to reboot the old thesaurus.
    also, MY FRIEND MEGHAN MCCAIN. she’s not random.

    • she’s so wrong about this. there are about 15-20 of us in my office each week who laugh about her latest lie or legalese or “pilot”. most people in their 20s can sniff out a bullshit “new media” con artist, because when you realize how the technology works and you’ve read enough of the NY-centric blogs, you just realize that foolia baugher is one of the craziest, most sociopathic bloggers out there, if not the #1 example

      it’s no big surprise her career fizzled and she’s stuck writing crappy C-level content for a bankrupt newspaper syndicate… it’s unclear if her column will run at all, she has no career, and she still has her parents buying her health insurance and providing shelter. shut the fuck up, foolia.

    • Oh how wrong she is about the size of our group. I know plenty of people who read here and don’t comment, at least 10. Thousands hate her. Dozens are too stupid to know better.

    • Chortling here at the image of Donks counting off the commenters here/on RBNS. Let’s see…there’s Dyspeptic, F. Camping, I’m Guessing it’s Biology……….we’re all carefully listed on a Donkey legal pad or a computer file.

      • Didn’t she name a bunch of them by screen name in a deposition or something at one point, years back? And then Loren, in one of his occasional fits of inspiration, made a video where the Julia puppet says them all in his gravelly deadpan. That was funny. I can’t remember now if, like, “Julia’s Fat Ass” and the like were actually recorded in a legal document or if that was comic conceit of Loren’s.

  14. Holy crap–she just let this comment through on her blog… O.M.G.:

    NYCTom82 1 hour ago in reply to juliaallison

    I’m confused. Didn’t your relationship with that guy (Mike) start after you broke up another guy’s marriage (with kids, BTW) after breaking off your own engagement and moving to NYC to sleep with the married man? Do you really not see that you’re at least partly responsible for why people have such a generally low opinion of you? I’m genuinely curious.

    Flag Like ReplyReply juliaallison 4 minutes ago in reply to NYCTom82

    You have your facts wrong. 1) Alex did not have kids. 2) I did not know he was married until we had been dating for four months. He told me he was separated. 3) Yes, I broke off my engagement around the same time I began dating Alex, but I did not break it off because of Alex. I didn’t love my ex-fiance, and I didn’t want to marry him. I tried to break it off long before I start dating Alex. 4) My relationship with Michael began as I ended my three year relationship with Alex. 5) Alex and I are still good friends. 6) All of this occurred when I was 23-26.

    It would be easy enough for me to lie and say I did absolutely nothing wrong. Many of the situations were filled with bad decisions and shades of gray. I don’t think I had perfect judgment. Was it messy? To be sure. But my ex-fiance is married with a baby. Michael is engaged, and Alex has been with the same girl for four years and his ex-wife is engaged. What’s done is done, and all parties are fine, and by all accounts happy.

    I have freely admitted to the mistakes that I have made in the past. The amends I made were to the people I hurt, and to God. Beyond that, I don’t know what else I can do, except not repeat them.

    I wish it had happened differently. I would never get myself into any of those situations now. But I know that I learned from my mistakes, and I have become a better person for it.

    • “4) My relationship with Michael began as I ended my three year relationship with Alex.”

      Legalese at it’s finest.

    • I broke an engagement once. It wasn’t fun but it went something like this “I’m really sorry but I don’t want to marry you, we obviously have different goals, we have to break up”. Were there tears? Yes. Was it awkward when he had to move out because I owned the apartment? Yes. Did I give the ring back. Yes. Did all of this play out on the internet? No. To this day, even my closest girlfriends don’t know what really went down. Privacy, donk, look into it. We only know all of this because YOU TOLD US

    • Aslo, wtf is this 23 – 26 business? She’s still only 29. That was only 3 years ago. Did she experience so much personal growth at the ashram that she is now a completely different person to 3 fucking years ago? That’s when she started this shit show. Seriously. Bring it Allison. You are insane.

      • Seriously. I’m 24 and I haven’t done anything THIS crazy… ever. But my bad decision/learning curve period was 19-20. You know what a 23-26-year-old is? A grown-ass woman.

        • YES. You can excuse a certain amount of shitty relationship behaviour if you’re a teenager or if you’re a total novice (so, like, a 30-year-old who married her high school sweetheart, divorced, and is entering the adult dating pool for the first time), and both of those stages are about having to gain experience and get comfortable navigating a new arena, and making mistakes along the way. A woman in her mid-twenties with a variety of relationships under her belt has zero excuse for even low levels of bad behaviour, never mind getting involved with a married man with children or actively trying to end someone else’s engagement. “I know, I know, I stomped a puppy to death, but I was 24! I regret nothing!”

          • I believe she’s saying this so she can declare she didn’t know. It’s been stated a bunch of times that he has kids, and there are people that know him that have validated this. She’s once again making the situation less heinous for her own personal interest – he said he was separated, so he wasn’t “a married man”, she wouldn’t have known he had kids and people are left to assume that’s because he didn’t tell her, and she wasn’t in love with her fiance (in which case why would she be in a relationship with him at all – when she’s “in love” with Jack after not even a month – and agree to become engaged to ex-fiancee). None of what she says makes sense and it’s truly looking like she’s too dumb to see it.

      • I was trying to figure that out, too. Sure, someone can experience a lot of personal growth in three years, but I don’t think that applies to Donks. If anything, she seems to have regressed and gotten crazier as the years go by.

      • 23-26 isn’t exactly “so young”.

        I’m 28, 29 later in the year and my hubscat’s family loves to bark how young I am & to wait a while to have children. I’m like hello we are going to do what we want and I don’t feel like a spring chicken anymore!
        Adults definitely make decisions between 23-26, donkaroo.

        • I made some dumb decisions between ages 23 and 26, but I never broke up marriages or got engaged to a guy and broke it off either. My dumb decisions were really confined to getting back together with inappropriate exes and drinking too much at karaoke places. Those are dumb things that 23-26 year-old non-donkeys do.

          • Besides, she trivializes the whole thing by saying that everybody is fine and happy now.

            My first husband cheated on me. I was married young and we broke up quickly. I am now happily married for 18 years to a wonderful guy but, the scars of the first marriage will be with me forever.

            Maybe that’s just me as I tend to be very sensitive but, just because someone is happy later on, doesn’t mean they don’t carry with them insecurities and low self esteem from having had a marriage break up over cheating. Even a bad marriage to a jerk. The feeling of rejection doesn’tgo poof in a cloud of smoke when you find someone new.

          • Also note that she says it’s ok because Alex is happy. His wife doesn’t seem to play into her equation here at all.
            Now I’m not one of those people who thinks the “other woman” should shoulder all the blame in a situation like this. Alex is the one who made vows and broke them, but the fact that she tries to sweep this under the rug like “everyone’s happy NOW so it’s all a-ok!” is gross. It was a messy painful situation any way you look at it for all involved.

          • ditto. i’m 24, and would never pull this shit. i still do dumb things like get so drunk i need an entire day to recover, but all that does is make me feel guilty that i’m behaving like a 19 year old. i definitely made some stupid relationship decisions and hurt people in the past…in college and high school.

        • When I was 23 years old, I was married and had a child. Now, that’s unusual, and the marriage didn’t work out (he was much older, and it was a bad decision all around), but I not only had a child and a husband, I had a full-time career and was able to support myself (and my son) when the divorce finally did happen (at 26).

    • Well, I fall into her 23-26 age range. I guess I can just chalk my involvement with a “hate site” and my bullying to my age.

    • “I didn’t love my ex-fiance, and I didn’t want to marry him. ”


      Fuck you fuck you fuck youuuuuuu

      • Also, for the free rent, she lived in his place pretending to be a “journalist” while he worked as an attorney.

        Also yeah right, you didn’t know Alex wasn’t separated. WTF. Liar.

      • Oh, that explains when she “worked” in the medical library at GU. We used to go there and laugh and laugh and laugh as the engaged one talked on the phone about med students with money whom she wanted to date. We weren’t med students; we were undergrads who pretended to be med students just so we could chuckle at Julia Allison Baugher. Catladies have been fighting the good fight for a long, long time.

    • She’s just like that Elizabeth Gilbert bitch who justifies breaking up her marriage because her ex found love again. He wouldn’t have had to if you weren’t such a selfish bitch who wanted it all without sacrifice.

      • At least Elizabeth Gilbert seems as though she truly has changed her life and takes things more seriously now. Granted, she’s probably not the Dalai Lama or anything, but she surely isn’t on the same level as Donkey, if she ever were.

  15. Julia Fucking Allison, stop fucking lying. You slut ruffled all over Taylor on your Facialbook

    “Taylor was emailed but I never ONCE mentioned his name or a posted a photo of him on my blog. People figured out who he was from my facebook (where I didn’t identify him as anything more than a friend)”

  16. Ahhhhhh, I get it. Julia needs us to blame when Pancakes dumps her. If she’s very, very good, and it happens before Mr. Wigglesworth is born, she can do PJs and Ben&Jerry’s at Randi-with-an-“i” suckerberg’s house, stay a few weeks “depressed” and weasel her way into Marky-poo’s arms.

    LOL @ imagining Mark Zuckerberg with Julia Allison.

    • Would never happen. Mark has an asian fetish. And his girlfriend is actually smart and talented, I believe she’s a medical student @ UCSF.

      • his gf is a med student, very down to earth, nice, (not a knock-out, but decent looking), and totally has her own life and career.

        Julia can still try if Pancakes doesn’t put a ring on it!

  17. So she DID hire a private investigator. Hmmm. More ‘legalese’. Nothing to see here.

    juliaallison [Moderator] 1 hour ago in reply to NYCTom82
    My father contacted only the emails listed on the hate website, along with two or three other emails which a private investigator indicated were connected with the site, sending them a professional, basic and self-explanatory cease and desist, which is something that I should have done years ago.

  18. Jules, why would you spend every waking hour reading here and then inventing comments on your own blog to rehash something that no-one gives a damn about?

    Is your little voice in your head bothering you?

  19. So basically, another relationship is imploding and Donkey is once again going all crazytown control freak on the internet, because that’s her only coping strategy? Countdown 1 to a personal appearance here, Countdown 2 for an announcement that she’s leaving the internet (aside from contractual obligations OF COURSE).

    For someone with a tattoo all about letting it unfold, she sure is totally fucking incapable of accepting that sometimes people will do things you don’t like or have opinions you might disagree with.

    • She is definitely coming unglued right now. This all seems to be timed just right with Flapjacks’ winging ceremony. I’m thinking one of two things happened: 1) Flapjacks came to his senses after the winging ceremony and is either distancing himself from her or dumped her already or 2) Flapjacks’ family staged a Donkey intervention.

  20. “I am quite sure that anyone genuinely well-known – Hillary Clinton, Oprah, even my friend Meghan McCain, has a larger base of haters.”

    my friend Meghan McCain
    my friend Meghan McCain
    my friend Meghan McCain
    my friend Meghan McCain

  21. I didn’t get on the computer last night but I’m that I missed the crazy unfold.

    She is out of her fucking gord. Bad press is still good press – it has your name out there – but I guess not when you’re trying to seal the deal of marriage with a “famous” person. I would imagine the McCain fam can’t stand her and she’s trying her best to scrub her bad internet imagine. Good luck, honey.

    I also love how she left the comment about Michael (this post) yet moderates the rest. It’s like that psycho wants his fiance (or wife?) to see it. The picture asssociated to this post is perfect.

    As a life-long New Yorker, after reading someone’s comment in a recent post about how Julia dressed and acted on 9-11, she is nothing more to me than cat vomit. What an asshole. I hope she gets all the bad karma she deserves.

      • Letsbereal, here’s the 9/11 story. The most frightening and horrific tragedy one could ever imagine, and the ever-sensitive, caring Julia Allison (she warned Michael’s fiance because she cares about other people THAT much) used it as an opportunity to get attention. Sick, sick woman.

        gtown bunny says:
        February 3, 2011 at 7:35 pm

        I’ve lurked for years. But I believe it’s time.
        May I please tell my favorite Julia Allison story?
        I am a fellow Gtown alum and had the pleasure of bumping into her on 9/11, one year after the attacks. Everyone was walking around depressed, it being the nation’s capital and all. Not Julia, she was wearing 5 inch hooker shoes, a tiny pleather mini skirt that exposed her thong and a sequin push up bra. No shirt! Her midriff was bare as was 90% of her body. The little clothes she wore were all red white and blue. When I bumped into her, I said, “Julia, what are you doing? Are you in a show?”

        She said, “I’m celebrating 9/11. Don’t you like it?”

        I think every single person who saw her that day vomited in the shower, and went to bed horribly embarrassed that the school they attended had let this trashy donkey in.

        And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I present the essence of Julia Allison Baugher.


        Donkeeeeeeeee says:
        February 3, 2011 at 7:54 pm

        Ahh! I heard this story second hand. It’s truth!!!! I can’t verify the details but my friend saw er that day in the cafeteria and she was dressed like a red white and blue hooker braying about how her outfit was a tribute to lives lost or something.
        I heard that some boy made a joke about her “twin towers” and she repeated it all day thinking it was so funny and everyone else was like wuhhhhht jaw drop no fucking way is this real.

    • She definitely left that comment in there–and responded to it–because she wants the fiance and Michael to see it. She still can’t stand that that one got away.

  22. My favorite line from Dr. Zhivago comes to mind:
    “Oh lord. Not another purge!”

    Rewriting history, Julia. You’re doing it wrong.

    Hi Julia,
    I like this site and the people on it. I have opinions about things I see posted on the internet, not always congradulatory. I do not suffer fools or con artists gladly. According to you, that makes me a hater. Please ignore me.

    • Honestly, it wasn’t enough that she sent that shit email in the first place. Now she has to throw in a few more nasty stabs. And who comes out of this looking pathetic and psycho? Certainly not her intended target(s).
      The karma boomerang is working at warp speed lately, super-charged by the toxic emissions from JABa’s very own keyboard.

  23. I can’t even wrap my head around the extreme, diabolical cuntiness of that comment coming from someone who believes weddings and marriages are sacrosanct.

    A. She wants a pass because she made mistakes and she was “23-26 years old.”

    B. Yet she just attempted, yet again, to ruin a committed, long-term relationship based on alleged mistakes made by REDACTED2 when he, too, was several years younger. (If it’s even true, by the way, and I have serious doubts about her version of the story. And oh how I wish he’d revisit his earlier idea to sue her for harassment and slander).

    So this guy’s life and relationship should be ruined several years later for the mistakes of his youth. The mistakes of her youth, however, should be forgotten and forgiven.

    She is the biggest cunt I have ever heard of. She needs for awful, awful things to happen to her, and they will, because cunts always get karmagrams.

  24. She’s just pathological now. It’s really sad to watch and I wish I could look away but it’s like rubbernecking a really bad car accident. I was blocked from commenting on her shit show, but I have better things to do than open another browser and find other paths to comment. I’m not stooping down to her level.

    Doesn’t she know that trying to silence her detractors is only going to make them hate her more? C’mon, Julia. And I used to be a cheerleader for her! Three years ago…

    • There was a point where I just wanted her to get help and become the closest to normal she could be. But yes, this is problematic and really… no. Let her comments stand, and let her “moderate” as she does to defend herself. She reveals more and more of herself with each one and it’s disgusting.

  25. She’s gotta be going for most loathed today. Seriously. My brayge over her lying and manipulation is off the charts. She’s a morally bankrupt raftass thundercunt donkey bitch.

  26. People who are delusional are crazy. People who wear tin-foil hats are crazy. Except for me. I wear one because the FUCKING MARTIANS keep broadcasting ON MY PERSONAL WAVELENGTH!!! Is it crazy to want your thoughts to be your own? I think not.

  27. Yeahhh, she wanted to “warn” the fiancee about what a terrible, terrible cheater Redacted2 was…which was why she was also posting about him being the “one who got away” about a month before she sent that email. And desperately — and publicly — wanting his “forgiveness” around Christmastime of the previous year. Really, Donk? A guy supposedly cheats on his GF with you, and yet you want HIS forgiveness? You didn’t feel bitter or weird about him sleeping with the two of you? You felt sorry? Huh? Not buying it.

    Also, every description she has ever given of Redacted2 was of him being a total mensch, NO mention of him having cheated with her until that email. No way would she have kept that under wraps when she was desperate to be in contact with him. Donks? If he was actually so OMGINLUV with you, to the extent that he was cheating on a new girlfriend with you for over six months — if any of that were really true, he’d have taken your phone calls and responded to your emails. He didn’t. He cut you off. Newsflash: If he was willing to cheat on a GF with you because he was so crazy about you, you’d be with him right now. And no way do I believe that the same guy who showered you with affection and made you meals and drew baths for you and bought you FIVE DRESSES is also a terrible cruel cheater and liar (all to another woman, not our Darling Perfect Emotionally Healthy Julia, bunnies!).

    • And “over six months” would hardly qualify as “overlap” (I’m tempted to say that the email used the phrase “slight overlap” even). Over six months is a full-blown affair. Which she — a woman who will write ten tweets about a flight delay — has somehow never mentioned before this moment.

      She was also dating [Original Recipe Redacted] in the summer of ’07. Oops! Slight overlap!

      • She has overlapped boyfranzias multiple times (omg OBOing!) and has been involved significantly in the breakdown of a marriage, so she has no room to speak on that at all.

      • in the original email (it’s posted somewhere here in the comments over the past few posts), she said that he continued to sleep with her ‘through the summer.’ uh, I’m pretty sure the summer only lasts three months. so how does three months become six months?

        also, if she wanted to play the ‘sisterhood’ card, wanting to warn another woman away from the evils of a man who strays, she would have done so when she found out about the overlap, not two years later.

        lastly, if alex was married and she didn’t find out about it until they had been dating for four months, but she continued to stay with him for another two and a half years after that…well that just says it all. she has no problem with people cheating or lying, as long as it benefits her in some way.

    • Thiiiiiiis. And what, that email was either before or after spiritual awakening at the ashram? It doesn’t even matter when it happened because she became her regular ahole self shortly thereafter.

    • no FUCKING way am i buying the “she deserved to know” excuse. unless you were friends with this girl, IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to butt in. if he was such a terrible person, either she would have figured it out on her own, or there is the distinct possibility that he turned his shit around and dedicated himself to being a good guy because he really loved her and wanted to make it work. in neither scenario is it appropriate for you to make it your personal cross to bear to let her know.

      AND, if you really did believe she should know, you would have fucking nutted up and told her flat-out, not being a manipulative cunt and sending her an email directed at him in which you casually mention that you were sleeping with him.

      you are a terrible person. there is no excuse for that.

  28. This serves as a big reminder to us all that the only person Julia Allison cares about is Julia Allison. She will never know how to love anyone else, she is incapable of it.

    I pity her.

  29. By the by, I’m in the UK, and Donk-posts were going up into the afternoon over here, which means she’s pulled another crayze-ballz all-nighter of internet insanity, right? The last one I saw was a photo of the sunrise. I’m sure she thinks it’s all artistic and introspective, but I was picturing the other side of the camera–eyes bloodshot from staring at a computer monitor all night, sausage fingers frozen into typing claws…SENOR YACK, HE *WILL* LOVE ME!!!

    • I think that her crazy acceleration of this relationship has to do with her belief in “the Secret” nonsense. So…if she puts it out there “Jack’s MY BOYFRIEND” then it will happen. If she puts videos of his family online, she will become part of the family. Really weird.

  30. If there was a site like this, dedicated to mocking me, my friends would be all up on it, sticking up for me, using their real names. My boyfriend would’ve gone apeshit.

    Yet have Sklar, Zuckerberg, or any of her Non Society “sisters” ever come on here to defend her? I know Teej and the bony blonde did once, but that was when *they* were the target of ridicule. The most I’ve ever heard anyone offer up was a half-hearted “Julie’s special and she needs a special amount of love,” and I believe that was Lasagna who’s on her payroll. If she weren’t such a rancid cunt I’d feel sorry for her.

    • I will reluctantly give Em**y G**ld credit — she did show up here once, in a post that mentioned her (obvi), but she made some attempt to defend Julia as mostly harmless and undeserving of the vitriol.

      • Okay, there’s one, though she’s probably only working off the bad Gawker karma she’s got, now that she’s all yogic.

      • Yes, but Emily also made a point of saying that Julia, though a friend, was one of those friends you see for lunch once in a while and that’s plenty enough time to spend with her. So, even as she defended, she distanced. It was funny.

  31. Get this comment from one of her crazy Bridezilla posts (How can you be Bridezilla if you’re not even the bride? Ask Julia Allison):

    JessicaJoyT 6 hours ago
    I really like C&R. Do you know if their dresses usually run to size?

    juliaallison 5 hours ago in reply to JessicaJoyT
    They do run true to size, perhaps a bit large. I am normally a 4 but I wear a 2 or a 0 in C&R (because hey tend to have small waists)

    Oh yeah, Julia. You’re SO tiny and cute, even a size 0! Also, how can they “run true to size” but you allegedly have to go two sizes down to wear them? FAIL. You know she only wrote this so she could say she can fit into a 0.

      • Exactly. It’s not that they tend to have free hip measurements so her raft ass can squeeze into a size down, it’s that in comparison the waist looks tiny and cute, just like her!

    • “go to bridesmaid dress designer”, that doesn’t even make sense if she were the bride (unless one were a serial bride). who are all these women who allow crazypants to pick out their bridemaids dresses??

      also, I have a chloe and reese dress, custom made for a black tie event, arrived w a broken zipper that got me stuck in the dress for an hour the night of the event (took 3 friends to get me out of it). Did they ever respond to a single email/phone call/complaint from me for my troubles or the fact their shotty product effed me for this formal event? nope. typical JA recommended company in my opinion. Don’t ever buy from them, crap products, overpriced and could care less about their customers.

    • I fit in a size five Julia. I’m a guy. Much smaller than you.

      The 1 in front of the 4 on your 14 got smudged.

    • I guarantee that only applies to dresses like the one she wore for Brit & Allie’s wedding, which are fitted at the waist but HUUUUUUGE AND POOFY on the bottom.

    • She’s delusional about, well everything, including her size. She weighs 10 lbs more than me and I’m 3 inches taller and I wear size 4 at C&R (aside: their quality is crap). I realize that people have different body shapes and things fit differently, but still, nothing she says makes any sense. THIS is why people ridicule her – not because she is “fat, old, busted” etc, as she claims. But as usual, her reading comprehension is shit and all she sees in these comments is “omg they think I’m fat … daddy my hate site is so mean!”

  32. IMHO, Julia is less bothered by the “haters” she doesn’t deserve, supposedly, than the fact that she doesn’t have the fans she believes she does deserve.

  33. Jesus…she’s coming to NYC on Monday for two weeks and, once again, staying in my neighborhood. Going to the local Whole Foods. It always creeps me out.

    Also, does this mean Pancakes will be making a visit to nyc for Valentine’s Day to take his whining little princess out for dinner? And what will he give her for a present?

    • And I can’t believe she is staying with her “college girl friend” Meghann (and her boyfriend?) for two whole weeks! I feel bad staying with a friend for more than a couple of days. If you really are successful and work as much as you say, Donkey, you should be able to afford a damn hotel room!

  34. I don’t regret that in the least. Perhaps I should,
    I can’t pretend to understand what goes on in the mind of others.

    Oh Julia you little psychopath you 🙂 Funny how I can perfectly imagine these words coming out of Michael C. Hall’s sexy mouth during a Dexter voice over.

  35. (I am A, my friend and I were discussing our own NPD wonder kind and I brought up Julesie, this conversation played out perfectly.)
    A: that’s her
    A: she’s a moron
    K: she’s raelly pretty but her glamour shots picture makes her look like a moron too
    A: hahah
    A: she’s not pretty though, anymore. Let me show you the way of the donkey.
    K: after the accident?
    A: hahahha, the accident where her soul turned black
    K: haaa
    A: now:
    K: what the heck is a lifecast?
    A: then:
    K: ahhh she looks like scary janice dickinson now!


    • Loools. Although damn, I thought catladies were only born if you threw brimstone into a litterbox. Where the hell did the rest of you come from??

  36. Personally, I think actively meddling with JA’s life is psycho-stalkery. The Yiddish phrase “a shandah for the goyim” comes to mind — you make all RBNS look bad when you do that stuff. Who cares if she does it too? Be better than her. I also couldn’t care less about who she might have cheated on, dumped, meddled with or demanded a MacBook Air from in the past. Her relationship history is so scanty and pathetic that isn’t not worth wasting my time thinking about. Nor would I ever comment on her site because there’s a much better forum available.

    My issue with JA is that her content blows, especially in light of her claims of expertise and notability. She is pretty much a fraud, and what ideas she does have are actually harmful to Internet culture. She’s a terrible writer who fetishizes icons of conspicuous consumption, mistakes her own crazed personal life for compelling material, and has only gotten where she is by dint of social climbing and tata-flashing. She is always two weeks late to every trend or idea, and she has never once broken a story of any merit or had anything interesting to say. Her beliefs on privacy and “cyberbullying” would hasten a fascist state if anyone important actually listened to her. Her entire raison d’etre is being an “internet celebrity” yet she feels she should be above criticism and reproach.

    I could simply ignore her, but instead I choose to point and laugh. And indeed, that is my right. It’s not bullying to assess someone’s content and tell them that you think they are horrible at their pseudo-job. It’s not a crime to make fun of someone for being incompetent and stupid. It should never be the law or the norm that we must be kind at all times. Any of us who have put content on the internet have been subject to criticism, scorn and various types of blow-back, but if you don’t like having haters, then just step out of the public eye — it’s really not that hard to do. Until then, I will enjoy making fun of every incompetent column and ridiculous TV appearance you do, because this is America and I like making fun of fools.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with this. I don’t care so much about her relationships, though they certainly do reflect her lack of character and judgment, but the fact that she believes her life is somehow noteworthy or interesting to make herself internet famous or some kind of media expert is just… gross.

      She may claim that she isn’t meant to be taken seriously on her blog, but she can’t deny that she thinks she’s somehow a journalist, and as such, I would think she would want people to deem her to be somewhat credible. And yet, she is the furthest thing in the world from a credible human being. It boggles my mind how she has gotten as far in life as she has with the opportunities she’s been given.

      It’s not so much that I am jealous of these opportunities as I am jaded by the fact that there are honest, decent, hard working people out there who aren’t willing to step on/over whomever they need to in order to benefit themselves in life, who are struggling and barely making ends meet these days (including myself). She’s had so many reasons and opportunities to be a good person in life, and yet she is a just despicable human being.

  37. Jesus Christ, this girl is a lunatic. She should know about cheating, she left her fiance for a married dude, and didn’t she leave married dude for (Redacted)? Ugh. She’s terrible.

  38. Also, you fucking liar, you weren’t telling her in order to do a good deed. You were hoping to bust up an engagement so the awful cheater would take your fat ass back.

    Ugh. This girl deserves a comeuppance of epic proportion.

  39. the fact that we are so good at predicting Julia’s behavior, and even the behavior of her BFs who we have very little info to go by about, proves that this site is the one based in reality.

  40. Bitches and assholes, I am busy today. But at some point I am writing an open letter to Donkey.

    The headline will be: Dear Donkey: Here’s why you’re a cunt who deserves all the contempt directed at you.

    Add your two cents’, and I’ll get at it tonight.

    • “there’s a difference between honest mistakes and dishonest choices.”
      “we don’t find new things about you to mock. we mock the same things about you over and over. you never change. this is either a testament to your moral perfection or your inability to learn from your mistakes–when you are unable to admit you’ve even made any mistakes, except in the abstract.”

      • Yes! I would be gone from here so fast if not for the delightfully high quality snark and cat maintenance tips to be found here.

        Seriously though, this is a great little corner of the Internet, and for reasons largely independent of Donkey.

    • This latest bout of revisionism really chaps me. Especially since that email she sent was addressed to her ex, then forwarded to his fiancee when she received no response. She clearly was not trying to put the fiancee on her guard, else she’d have written that woman an email directly (and btw, writing your ex’s fiancee about something that happened THREE years ago, when she’s already engaged to the guy, instead of telling her immediately WHILE it was occurring before she got too invested in the relationship, is still cunty by even the most liberal standards).

      But the thing about that email that boils my blood is that it was obviously a response to him saying “Please leave us alone. Stop blogging about me. I don’t have any feelings for you,” and so on. In that email, she thanked him for closure. So: she’d gotten her closure. Already. With his last email. So WHY did she expect another email? It’s because she didn’t want closure; she wanted to reopen the dialogue between them. And you know that if he had said “Oh, Julia, I’ve waited so long for you to return my feelings! It’s you I love” and dumped his fiancee for her, she’d have been overjoyed. That was what she wanted and failing that, to stir up some shit. I just hate her glossing over the fact that she’d obviously already gotten closure but still wanted more communication with him and, when she didn’t get it, decided to take a shot at wounding his fiancee.


      • jacy, include this in your open letter. it really shoots down donkey’s revisionist crap about wanting to “alert” the fiancee. great explanation.

      • If Huscat’s psychotic ex-girlfriend tried this on me, pelts would be out so fast, her damn head would spin.

        We don’t fuck around in Texas.

    • She has her own private truth, not the one that the rest of us share. That is, what she sincerely believes to be real at any given moment is whatever is most convenient for Julia Allison to believe at that moment. There are innumerable examples of this, but others will be better at listing them than me. This is also why she won’t believe a word of the open letter from beginning to end.

      It’s Donkey’s choice to be an object of derision. If she doesn’t like it, she should simply stop posting personal information on the Internet and limit her Internet activity to that absolutely necessary to her column. Reblogging Donk would die within weeks if she limited her internet submissions to the kind that don’t usually contain the word “I.”

      • Damn, you called, Donkeys. Dead on. Her life looks so scary to me — her vision of reality is SO scary. I’d go insane if I were trapped inside that mind.

      • If she really just wanted to share with family/friends she could always create a separate password protected blog and put all the pictures, video etc. she wanted over there. Plenty of people do that. The world is vast, it’s not that hard to get ignored, on the other hand it takes a vast amount of energy and effort to make a public spectacle of one’s self. She sneers about the time wasted hating her. How many hours does she spend on her frivolous pursuits?

        I was a real idiot in my college years, as frivolous as they come. And I was a cheating jerk in my early 20s too. I wised up, made the apologies I could and then moved on. I don’t dredge up the past and it doesn’t come back to bite me either. Life is a cumulative process.

        She had a real and sincere fanbase a few years back. Even I was a little charmed by her, she’s around the age of my little sister so I give a lot of leeway to the foolishness of youth. But the true measure of a person’s character can’t be taken when things are going well for them but when things are going poorly. When things aren’t going her way she threatens, she pouts, she pens internet screeds and demands approval. If you want to make it go away then you have to go away, put nothing but the most impersonal of content out there for the public. The haters will dissipate but the attention will too. Can you handle that?

    • That will be one epic post! My own out-brayge was triggered by all of the OMGpink breast cancer Komen bullshit. Pink tents! Pink shoes with MY name on them! My birthday party is a fundraiser for Komen! I’m walking in the Komen walk! Team Julia!

      She trivializes the suffering that so many have endured. Anyone who has battled breast cancer personally, or has had a beloved friend or relative who survived or succumbed would find her behavior repulsive. Just don’t go there, Julia.

      • ahhhh yes, all the pink Komen crap people spend money on, and then she didnt give money to charity or do the komen walk

        god she’s selfish.

    • Great minds think alike? With all the “Leave Julia Aloooooone!” posts lately I began formulating a list in my head last night called “Julia Allison’s Crimes Against Humanity” full of links like the beautiful recent writings of one F. Camping. The only problem is with the RBNS database still too fat to publish and refer to, we’re a bit handcuffed.

      Cue people bitching that publicly writing about all of Julia’s insane & criminal behavior is “interfering with her life” and morally bankrupt in 3.. 2.. 1..

    • A big part that drives me nuts is the claim to be “in tech” or something.

      She’s like Ric Romero with a bit of Jackie Harvey for flavor. She has no clue, pretends to be an expert but just has absolutely jack shit for knowledge in the space.

    • You might want to refer back to this RBNS post from April 2009:

      Scroll to the bottom and read the comment posted @ April 10, 2009 4:28 PM

      “Point is, he’s not “your” “ex”, Jowlia. He’s A***. Yes, he’s a man who once dated you, and whom you repeatedly claim proposed to you. Or was that the other A***? (Btw, whatever have you done with your collection of no doubt impressive engagement rings? Are they stunningly displayed in your little pink lifebox like those Valentine’s Day flowers were?)

      Back to the point. One or both of the A***’s are either happily married now or about to be. But not to you, right? And you aren’t the only woman they ever dated in their lives either, right?

      In brief, their lives are in no way defined by YOU, Miss Baugher. And these men have nothing to do with YOU anymore.

      So put away the old pictures, the letters, and especially the continual transplanting of them into your current life. They aren’t IN your life any more. AND, they don’t want to be.

      So drop it. It’s called respect. Google it.”

    • Jacy, I hope you’ll include in your Open Letter what “Subsidized Donk Den” has so accurately summarized about Julia’s blatant twisting of the truth in the fiance email debacle. She not only did something that even the meanest mean-girl would have a hard time doing, but then she has the gall to bend and twist and turn everything around in a shameful attempt to make the fiance look like an idiot for going public with the email.

      She grossly distorts and manipulates the facts so that she comes out looking like an innocent bystander who was only trying to help. According to Julia, it’s not her fault that the fiance is an over-sharer who wanted people to see the psycho email. She said last night that she can’t pretend to understand how a mind like that works. Passive-aggressive, shameless, bitch.

      There’s so much typical Julia Allison disgusting behavior on display with the incident itself and with the ongoing aftermath. It’s who she is. Her asshole mother and father should be proud of their evil snowflake.

      • Also…I probably shouldn’t, but I take great pleasure in knowing that Julia will never really get over Michael, “the one who got away.”

    • Oh also: Julia, if you put half as much time ACTUALLY working as you do AVOIDING work you could get a lot done! If you kept your head down and wrote your columns with the time you are putting into re-writing history and re-imagining facts, you could really make something worthwhile. All this dancing around avoiding work and crowdsourcing your shit and just….

      The cloud of bullshit dust you raise around yourself could be sifted for gold if you just put your Levi’s on and tied back your hair and ACTUALLY WORKED.

      • I know. She really should have used yesterday’s all-nighter to write a kick-off column that’s better than that drivel in the sample columns. Priorities, Julesie.

        • maybe she’s going to start doing that when she gets out of bed in another hour or so.

    • Please ask Donkerina to publicly name the doctor(s) who give his/her/their blessing to use diet cleanse butt juices, specifically those which she shills, by people who’ve been formally diagnosed w/ Celiac Disease.

    • Hi Jacy –

      This is what I would include if I wrote an open letter to her. I grabbed it from my “i just snapped” comment above.

      If this is true: “I am simply a person who chooses to do what so many of us do now, which is to share a few of my thoughts, feelings and moments of my life with people on the internet”.

      Then explain this:

      You don’t make FUCK YOU money for just sharing a few of my thoughts on the internet
      People don’t BUY websites that are just you sharing a few of your thoughts on the internet.

      Those of us who do share a few of our thoughts on the internet don’t have:
      * Press Kits
      * Interns
      * Publicists
      * Media Reels

      • Seconded.
        Referring to herself as a “founder” and kvetching about the long hours she “worked” on her “start-up” (hobby blog) goes way beyond “massaging the truth” (which she blatantly advises as a legitimate strategy for “personal branding”).
        It’s an insult to people who actually have accomplished those things and is willfully deceitful; a calculated ploy to misrepresent herself and/or take advantage of the ignorance of anyone who might not know better.

    • Please, please send her some links to basic grammar and style manuals, and recommend that she absorb their guidelines and apply them to her own scribblings — or stop representing herself as a writer.

    • I would love to hear why she is looking for interns for her business 2 days after she says it is no longer a business but a hobby.

      Also, I would love to hear her take on why legit business publications and real journalists are covering her assault on free speech. See! It is not just the psycho stalker cat ladies…

      I would also love to hear how she reconciles her recent interview about her new column where she and the reporter talk about how internet famous she is and her new “I an NOT a celebrity” schtick.

      Also, Donk.

    • My two cents:

      Address the claims of ‘interference’ in her shit. Some of that shit is made up, but some isn’t and the interference isn’t cool and isn’t promoted here. That could be said publicly.

      Others have well addressed her bullshit regarding the email to the fiance. What stood out to me was her bullshit about putting circles and smily faces over PKs face.

      Q: So, if he didn’t mind her blogging about their dates, WHY THE FUCK DID SHE COVER HIS FACE??? Is it because she thought he wasn’t attractive enough for her??

      A: Yes.

      This bitch is a compulsive liar and re-writes EVERYTHING that has ever happened to her with total abandon.

      This is why people are paying attention to and laughing at her shit show.

      Also, she is a horrid writer with bad ideas.

      Other things to be addressed potentially: Stealing Jordan’s Tiara, Greasy overlap, are her and Greasy really friends, where is Meghanaise, etc., etc..

    • my two cents:

      Julia, there are two things you need to do:

      -start seeing a therapist and DO NOT LIE to them. be honest about everything, otherwise it will be a waste and you will continue these cycles.

      -quit the internet for real this time. no more blog, no more twitter. keep your facebook account, but do not post on it regularly. as someone mentioned previously, take a cue from emily brill and just fucking quit. whatever “enjoyment” you have gotten from sharing your life on the internet cannot possibly, at this point, be worth all the shit. a simple cost-benefit analysis clearly shows that this isn’t working for you anymore. maybe at one point it did, but it’s become more trouble than it’s worth if you have to resort to legal action to try and stop people from bothering you on the internet. just stop. figure out what exactly it is that you want out of life and focus your energy on that, and you’ll be surprised at how everything else will fall into place. 30 is not too late to start over. personally, i think you have behaved like a total cunt during your first 29 years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t turn yourself around. godspeed.

      • sociopaths don’t benefit from therapy. they use it to justify themselves.

        if she realized there was something deeply wrong with her life and lying, she wouldn’t be a sociopath. there’s no evidence she realizes anything is wrong–quite the opposite, actually.

        • you may be right. and if that’s the case, she’s hopeless and i don’t give a fuck. but i would like to believe that there’s hope for anyone, including julia, to turn their lives around and make something of themselves. so i’m an eternal optimist, meh.

      • forgot to say this, but the main research in this area is by a fellow named Hare. just google “hare sociopath personality findings” or something similar. it will blow your mind.

    • You should definitely include that Julia didn’t pay Bob back 3k when he booked one of her birthcray party venues for her.

  41. Holy Shit. I wrote that comment to her but didn’t think it went through since I didn’t use a valid email. I should have told her to Lick My Cake while I was at it.

  42. This would have been an ok Missed Connection by anonymous.

    Julia, you would actually look ok on Craigslist. And you’re way too large for someone to just kill.

  43. Why can’t she ever just APOLOGIZE? In a genuine way, I mean, none of that “sorry that you feel…” crap. She said she was drinking when she wrote that email and it wasn’t her “finest moment,” but now she stands by it? She never does anything wrong in her head, and that’s why she’s crazy. A simple and honest “I’m selfish and felt rejected, so I just wanted to get a reaction” would go a long way with her, even though that statement in itself is 100% not acceptable. That says a lot about how low she’s sunk.

    • BB, your comment gets at the heart of what drives me absolutely crazy. I love the LOLs on this site but deep down, I’m agitated that people like her exist and succeed. (Note to Julia: that’s not envy on my part.) In the years I’ve been aware of her presence, she has never once taken ownership over her actions. I’ve never seen her express regret, remorse, shame, sympathy, or compassion. We never see any examples of personal growth or explanations for why she does or thinks the things she does. There isn’t an iota of self-awareness.

      Donkey, going to an ashram didn’t do a damn thing for you.

      It’s been mentioned countless times that if only Julia could find a way to recognize her actions’ impact on her own life or people’s lives, the “hate” would go away. And it would, at least to some extent. This ain’t bullying, Julia.


      • “I’m aggitated that people like her exist and succeed.”

        Ummm… succeed? Ummm, errrr, how? She only succeeds in getting dadster and men to pay for stuff. She’s a 30 yr old dependent. LOL. OK, if that’s sucess to you…

  44. BTW: There is no man on earth who wouldn’t run for the hills after seeing his ca. 30 yr old GF blogging about which prom dress to wear.

  45. Dear Julia,

    Michael doesn’t want to marry you. You begged to get him back for how many years? The answer is no. Get over it and stop trying to break them up or get even. Its gross.


  46. February 4, 2015

    Dear Jack –

    If you are reading this, you should know from the onset that I take no pleasure in being right. But I was, and you knew this was coming.

    Right now, you are trying to figure out why some chick you dated for a hot second five years ago is sending your wife bizarre emails and texts, claiming some sort of ongoing relationship exists between you and her. That chick sent your wife grainy pictures of the two of you in a very compromising pose, and even though you know that picture was taken five years ago at her insistence and she swore she deleted it, you knew it would come back to haunt you. Your wife is stunned that the chick appears to be wearing an engagement ring fashioned out of your wings and you now realize that the “break in” at your place last year was anything but a random event.

    Your wife is starting to wonder if there is any truth to the stories this chick is telling about how the two of you made lifelong promises to each other. You have told her, over and over, that you got involved with this chick five years ago for just a few months, when you were still working out some issues with your dad. Back then, you were still trying to outdo your dad, graduating a full ten spots higher than him at the Naval Academy, and taking your own two step with a delusional attention whore. You thought you could show your dad that you could better handle a batshit brunette and ride the attention for a little popularity and fun. Like your dad, however, your name is going to be forever linked with a woman who sucks attention, rather than oxygen.

    You’ve grown up a lot since then, and your wife is light years smarter than this chick, so you will get through this. She knows that this crazy chick hasn’t been in your airspace in years and she knows that public opinion of this chick is one of contempt and pity. What you need to work on is her loss of respect for you. Even if she doesn’t way it aloud, she is having a hard time understanding why the fuck you would have ever glanced in this crazy chick’s direction five years ago.

    Tell her the truth. Tell her you were a little bored, a little curious about being in the internet limelight, and a little petulant about being the low-key McCain kid. Tell her you learned your lesson, and show her the file. Show her the file of crazy unanswered emails, texts and letters, show her the stack of legal bills you incurred in trying to distance yourself from the worst fling of your life, and then show her an untouched photo of this chick. Eventually, she’ll understand, even if her respect for you will never fully recover.

    Love you, and see you next weekend. I hope we don’t get our annual Valentine’s Day call from the donkey, but if we do, I’ll do the talking.


    • when I was little, a family member made me a stuffed clown sitting on a swing, which was hung up in the corner of my bedroom. I’ve never been afraid of clowns, but there was something about this particular clown that gave me nightmares. night after night, I’d lay in my bed, trying to fall asleep, uneasy under the watchful eye of the clown on the swing. many nights, that clown would show up in my dreams, flying after me, perched on its little swing, intent on doing some sort of clownly harm to me. it went on like this for several months, and every day I begged my parents to let me take the clown off the wall. even after my mom finally gave into my pleas, took it down, and put it away in a closet somewhere, the clown haunted my dreams for many, many years.

      I think you’ve just found my newest clown.

  47. 1. If Julia was a nice person, there would be a chorus of defenders: Randi Zuckerber, Courtney Friel, her fellow NS hobbyists/!usiness partners, ex-bfs, etc… Where the fuck is Team Julia? Oh yeah, they don’t exist.

    2. Her parents are enablers. If I had the time, would be pleased to go a few rounds with Peter Peter Donkey Feeler. I would even hire Jacoby and Meyers to make it a fair fight

    3. I feel another chatgate/showdown betwixt Juli and RBNS coming soon. When Pancakes dumps Plowhorse, Hell will be unleashed you silly mongers!!!

    4. Julia to me represents all that is wrong with fame whores and ne’er do-wells. No one ever died from hard work.

    • Good point. The only people who are Team Julia are people who don’t know her . . . gross guys on twitter and sad girls who think Julia Allison really is a social media maven and Jessica Quirk really is a style expert.

  48. I love her new commented character, “The Penitent RBNSer.”

    See, Yack and Cin-Cin?????? She’s winning her enemies over with her pure heart!

  49. Julia Allison is an ego blogger and she wonders why she is so disliked. While the rest of the country is suffering, nearly everyone I know has been out of work, was out of work or fears for their job, she’s blogging about fantasy dates to Miami, St. Barts and Aspen and posting pictures of prom dresses at 30. She is out of touch and unrelatable. She offers nothing that is timely or useful or necessary. She’s catty and mean and represents everything selfish and short-sighted that got the country into this recession.

    People are losing their houses and their jobs while the rest country watches and worries about their own. Hell, I found a guy sleeping in the parking lot last night. He’d lost his job and his place and unemployment wasn’t enough to make a down payment on a new place or get a motel and still make his car and insurance payments in order to look for new work. I let him sleep on an air matress on the floor and when I offered him the $40 that was in my wallet this morning, he wouldn’t take it. What does Julia Allison have to offer him or the rest of the millions of Americans like him? And it’s not jealousy. We’re not 16 years old. It’s scorn, scorn for the lying, manipulating, covetous human that she is and that she promotes and that she wonders why no one likes.

    Do something worth watching or paying attention to, Julia, besides sticking out your ass and maybe then the world will watch, but right now, we’re a little busy making a living and rebuilding what fools like you destroyed.

    • And it’s not jealousy. We’re not 16 years old. It’s scorn.

      Mmm hmm. You’ve pinned the tail on the Donkey with that one.

  50. The post after her open letter to readers was even better! Some gems:

    It is, I believe, a gateway to hatred and violence. If we lower the bar and say that this sort of behavior is nothing, no big deal, part of life, it will infect our entire society.
    Holy crap, guys! We are going to INFECT [snap] OUR ENTIRE [snap] SOCIETY [snap] if we don’t stop this! Pretty soon everyone will be eating catnip in a basement!!!

    The question I would ask bullies out there – or people who think they are vigilantes (they never see themselves as bullies) – is this: are you proud of yourselves? Would you say these things in front of your husband or your wife, in front of your boss, in front of your mother?? How would you feel if these things were said to your friends – or even closer to home, how would you feel if it was your child??
    I wouldn’t say I’m proud of myself for posting on a website because that’s a little over the top, but I do snark WITH my husband, my boss and my mother. Maybe we’re all small, mean people but I think, more likely, we’re all just human.
    Also? No one would ever say about my kids the kind of shit that people say about you. My kids will never, never, never be like you. Because, if they ever even hinted at becoming a complete sociopath, I’d have them in therapy before they knew what hit them.

    There is NEVER – EVER – EVER a justifiable reason to bully, to harass, to torture or to hurt someone. EVER.
    I hope you’ll remember that the next time some dude breaks up with you, nutter.

    This country needs a zero tolerance policy for hatred, in ALL its forms, and that includes online hatred. And I intend to work towards this goal in the future.
    Well, if Julia Allison, who’s never done a real day’s work in her life, is on the case, we’d all better give up snarking now!! Clearly, if she applies her stellar work ethic, strong connections in politics and ability to get people to do what she wants to getting this kind of law passed, it will happen!! (Or she’ll assign an intern to do the work and go out for a veggie burger at Houston’s.)

    • “And I intend to work towards this goal in the future.”

      hahaha, WORK?! i laugh in your general direction, julia allison baugher. please, do contact your senator, mark kirk, who i’m sure will be on it just as soon as you can say “turncoat“. i’m going back to infecting society with my vitriol now, tata!

  51. Ok kids, help me here – because I must be slow. Since Donkey says Non-society is just a hobby and she hasn’t had a steady job (from what I can tell) for years. Why the hell does she need the following:

    I mean, how does someone who has never published a book have a literary agent for two years…

    “Secondly, down to business! I want to send my tireless entertainment lawyer Ryan and my tireless literary agent Kate and my even more tireless and indefatigable manager Steven gifts to thank THEM for putting up with me for two plus years.”

    • fuck fuck and fuckity fuck. ‘tireless’ and ‘indefatigable’ mean the same thing!
      maybe cindy mccain can hook you up with some pills that will give your lawyers and agents a quick and painless release from your brays. the best gift of all!

    • Julia has PEOPLE! People who work for her and do things for her and help her out with her busy, important life, and they’re all “indefatigable.” This woman is on such an ego trip, such a manic high…I hope she crashes soon.

    • A literary agent is someone who will send out your book proposal when you’re ready to send one it. it’s a passive role. I’m sure Kate Lee is not thinking of Julia ever, nor should she until Julia has somehting to shop around.

    • Oh, easy: Kate is a do-nothing literary agent. They probs don’t even have a contract together — just lunches and coffees once in a while. Kate (I think she’s still at ICM) doesn’t get many books into print but has a ‘thing’ for bloggers.

    • First you write a book, then you query agents. Unless you were one of the Chilean miners. In what Donkey-related endeavor is “Kate” tireless? Selling an imaginary book?

      • Because this is lazy-ass queen of privilege Julia Allison we’re talking about. Donkey no doubt wants to sell a book without having written it yet. Sell the book on the basis of a proposal and then get an intern to write the book.

        • she was working on her book proposal in 2005 when i knew her. she had nothing then, and i’ll bet she has that same nothing now. she put as much work into her book as she does into everything else she does.

    • the vom… it is dribbling uncontrollably down my chin… can’t…make…it…to…shower… BARF!

    • I hate to come off like a tin-foil-hat-wearer, but why didn’t she just send the reply text before taking the screengrab? because it’s not exactly hard to change the name associated with a phone number in your contacts list…and if she sent some text asking what happened to her ‘testosterone-fueled military man’ to whoever actually sent that text, and that person was not actually jack, it would have that person going “wtf?”

      plus, since she has cutesy nicknames for momsers and dadsers in her phone, I have a very hard time believing that her boyfriend doesn’t get one of those cutesy nicknames too. ‘future hubby’ or ‘next mealticket’ or some other affectionate pet name.

    • Shut the front door! Really, Julia?

      She really is cleaning herself up. What, a Navy guy might not want a chick who swears like a sailor?

      • Have you noticed she doesn’t even write out the word “shit” anymore? It’s “s–t” now. For crying out loud.

  52. Jacy, I don’t know if you can find a way to work this in…you’ve got so many heinous Donkey deeds to deal with, but if there’s a place for it, please try and bring up the one-year anniversary of 9/11 at Georgetown. She couldn’t stand the idea of that bastard, 9/11, taking attention away from her for an entire day, so she slutted it up in a big way and got the attention she so desperately craves.

    • Pretty sure that one falls under the PICS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN substantiation guideline…

    • Quite honestly – I think that’s completely irrelevant. I think all the slutty things she does are irrelevant. Yes it’s relevant to those who’ve been following her site for a while, but not to a casual observer. Any comments that go to her looks or how she dresses won’t do anything but illicit the “so jealous!” response. Those are classicly cheap digs.

      However, I think the best way to really get to her is her work ethic and her constant misrepresentations that she’s an expert in a field in which she’s totally incompetent in. Calling her out on how her career is a total fraud is a legitimate, objective statement, and just might hit a nerve.

  53. I also hate how JAB is such a fucking SCOLD who feels comfortable chastising other people. One can see how she’s going to be the cunty spinster living in the attic. It’s already started.

    • She has no humility. I can’t imagine what life was like growing up for her and where she picked that up. She would be a nightmare mother, teacher, boss or pet owner. She has no ability to recognize her own humanity and relate to others accordingly.

    • Oh, a scold…that’s the word I’ve been looking for. Julia really is a scold. I keep wondering if she used to constantly hear “Who do you think you are?” and “You should be ashamed of yourself!” around her house as a kid because she says it so often. I can’t imagine that coming from Momsers and Dadsers, though. There’s no way they would ever be so bold as to ruffle the feathers of darling Julia.

  54. I agree wholeheartedly with this. I don’t care so much about her relationships, though they certainly do reflect her lack of character and judgment, but the fact that she believes her life is somehow noteworthy or interesting to make herself internet famous or some kind of media expert is just… gross.

    She may claim that she isn’t meant to be taken seriously on her blog, but she can’t deny that she thinks she’s somehow a journalist, and as such, I would think she would want people to deem her to be somewhat credible. And yet, she is the furthest thing in the world from a credible human being. It boggles my mind how she has gotten as far in life as she has with the opportunities she’s been given.

    It’s not so much that I am jealous of these opportunities as I am jaded by the fact that there are honest, decent, hard working people out there who aren’t willing to step on/over whomever they need to in order to benefit themselves in life, who are struggling and barely making ends meet these days (including myself). She’s had so many reasons and opportunities to be a good person in life, and yet she is a just despicable human being.

    • This. Or as Julia would say, THIS!!! She says she only wants to promote positivity and kindness, but part of pointing out what a terrible person she is and what a hollow, empty life she leads and meaningless things she promotes and stands for is promoting the good by calling out, identifying and eschewing the bad and the fraud. This is whole website is to say, the quality, valuable, inherently meaningful, Julia Allison ain’t it. How is that not positive and helpful? Warnings about online scams are a much better approach than ignoring them. If I’m a college student trying to work my way into the bottom of media to start a career and looking for advice or if I’m a 19 year old impressionable girl looking for role models to emulate in order to become successful in life, I sure as hell would consider someone warning me off this fraud so that I don’t waste my time, energy, money and opportunities a positive thing.

  55. She is an ego blogger during the great recession. She’s about as timely and relevant as Enron during the 1930’s. She’s an ego blogger. Ego blogger. Or as Julia would say, EGO BLOGGER. This whole month could be summarized in an article entitled Ego Blogger Goes Ballistic at Reblogging Critics, Wants Law Requiring Only First Person Positivity Online, Third Person Positivity Exception Only for Her.

    Can we please call her what she is, an ego blogger? I really want this, more than fetch. It puts all her yammering in perspective when you identify that it’s coming from an ego blogger. Also, that NYE outfit was soooooo a kid’s skating uniform. It was. It was. In fact, I’m going to write an article as soon as I find the door to this basement entitled Ego Blogger Brings Kid’s Skating Fashions Out of the Rink.

  56. For Fuck’s sake.

    What’s one of the first things I learned about gift-giving when I was, I don’t know, eight? Broadcasting how much you paid for something is tack-y!

    And now Jules is asking her readers to give her gift ideas for her managers or whomever, “in the $100 range.” Motives behind this sudden display of “generosity” aside, remember when she gave her so-called sisters at Nonsociety shit like ice cream coupons for their birthdays? If her management team (chortle) reads her blergh, won’t they know what they’ll be getting, and how much Julia paid for it? Also, she broadcast the baby tub she bought for Randi and her child, hence ruining the whole point of a gift. Julia, gift giving: ur doin it wrong.

    AND she’s plotting a “farewell to my twenties” photo shoot. WHAT! IS! WRONG! WITH! HER! I kant. I just kant.

    • I’m kind of surprised that Jamie girl is willing to do that shoot. It sounds like it will be a total nightmare, and her photographs usually capture seemingly honest, down to earth people chilling in their own element. Julia doesn’t have an element, because she’s not comfortable with herself and lacks identity – she just wants to look sexy/glamorous. And all the ensuing photos that will be plastered everywhere by Julia… just ugh.

      But seriously, WHO DOES THAT? A farewell-to-my-20’s photo shoot for themselves? Sometimes I wonder if her decisions are made by asking WWCD? (What Would Carrie [Bradshaw] Do?)

      • Shit, I’m turning 21 on Tuesday and I feel silly buying myself a cake. I can’t imagine a “farewell-to-my-20’s” shoot. She is so full of herself.

        • Happy early birthday!!! I can’t imagine EVER booking a photo shoot for myself, I’d be so embarrassed to tell anyone about it.

  57. from the comments:

    “…and yet, writing and speaking publicly is the only thing I want to do!!!”


    • just because you WANT to do something does not mean you SHOULD. she’s just plain old not good at those things.

      anyway, she doesn’t really want to write or talk in public. she wants to put her name on someone else’s writing and read someone else’s speeches.

      • Right. There’s so much to go that comment. I am all about second chances and “if at first you don’t succeed, something something and try again.” (RIP Alliyah). But she REFUSES to learn from her mistakes. It’s the same shit over and over and over again. There is a point where you suck so effing much at what you’re currently doing that you have to move on. She is so way past that point. Every new opportunity is her old self.



  58. She was up all night last night, manically posting and replying to comments?

    *LOVE LOVE LOVE bridesmaid dresses!
    *2! Hours! on the phone!
    *I’m RE-reading a book!
    *Stayed up all night and watched the sun rise!
    *It’s one of the Wonders of the World!
    *I want to go ice skating!

    Sounds like a manic high, which will be followed by a very ‘low’ low.

  59. Ski pants from a company she’s never heard from? Rossignol? Are you kidding me? One of the oldest ski manufacturers in the world?
    What a dumbass.

    • “Whew!! I wasn’t sure when I ordered them, you can never tell.”

      I’m serious: does she even know what Google is?

    • Right??! How has she never heard of Rossignol? I’ve only skied a few times in my life and even I know the name.

      And she obviously only posted that pic to show Senor Yack how skinny she is now. Bi-polar manic episode + full blown eating disorder = recipe for disaster.

      Please, Julie. Instead of shopping for ski pants or dresses or whatever, go find yourself a good therapist. You mentioned before you left NYC that you wanted to find one. If you do nothing else, do this one thing.

    • I’ve never heard of Rossingol, teeheeeheee! I’m usually just on the mountain to do lip dubs with Dadsers! Teeheee. Normally I just wear North Face streetwear that I grabbed from the children’s department. I find it fits my stumpy body beautifully!

      For some reason, this sent me into a blind rage. Perhaps it’s because skiing is my passion, and like everything else, it’s just another photo shoot to that ridiculous tart.

      See you at first tracks, you pathetic twat. Wait…I’d never have to worry about Julia getting up early to hit powder. Bitch sleeps to late! Enjoy the bunny slopes, bunny.

  60. Julia Allison Baugher’s infamous tweet:
    “USA Kill Yourself”


    You disgrace every American by taking our country’s honor lightly.

  61. LOL. Looks like she’s fighting with the ‘haterz’ re: her upcoming ‘Goodbye 20s!’ photoshoot:

    by sofullofit
    “But wait, according to you, you aren’t a celebrity so what are you doing a shoot for? And I bet you aren’t paying her. You’re shameful.”

    by juliaallison
    “Stop being a jerk! It was Jamie’s idea, as a thank you to me for getting her into Fashion Week last season. Geez.”

    Why so defensive? I don’t think this person is being a jerk. It’s a perfectly legitimate question. Calm down!

    • you know she wrote that comment to herself, just so she could ‘preempt’ the haterz and show what a victim she is.

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