Donkey Stomping Hooves All Over The Place



An item and photo caption in Melissa Harris’ column in Sunday’s Business section incorrectly said that Julia Allison was returning to Chicago, her hometown, to write a weekly column for Tribune Media Services. TMS, which is also owned by Tribune Co., said there was no condition that she be in Chicago. Harris’ column said Allison lost a job with Star magazine; in fact, she worked for Star on a one-year contract that concluded in 2008. The Tribune regrets the errors.

Do you know what’s happened, haters? The Pancakes relationship has EMBOLDENED her. She has bagged a big one, haters, and now she’s flying her bitch flag! Fuck you, REDACTED2 and your fiancee!! Fuck you, Chicago Tribune!! Fuck you, WordPress blogs!!! Fuck you, people who comment under their own names on hate blogs!!! Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you! I am Julia Allison, I am an awesome pretty princess, I have finally snagged the famous, wealthy boy I have always deserved, and so now I can embrace my inner psychopath!!


For this reason I have decided that an open letter to this cunt is really pointless. Sociopaths don’t think there’s anything wrong with them. They justify every nasty thing they do, and everything is someone else’s fault. So what’s the point, really?

Any asshole who could actually convince herself that she was perfectly justified in posting that bullshit-filled comment about REDACTED2’s fiancee — weddings are so special, people!! — is truly beyond redemption and beyond help. She is bound for Hell; let’s just watch her get there. Ass. Hole.


  1. Correction
    Julia Allison worked for Star on a one-year contract which wasn’t renewed. Because she’s a cunt.

    Fixed that for you Julie. Mwah!

  2. TMS, which is also owned by Tribune Co., said there was no condition that she be in Chicago.

    this seems to be a direct contradiction to her comment on her blergh three days ago, here

    in that comment, she said “But I just signed a contract to write a syndicated column with the Tribune Media Services, so no, I won’t be moving overseas anytime soon, if ever! ”

    so I don’t think that correction was in response to her own hoof-stomping, but more likely that the tribune wanted to rein in the donkey a bit.

    • oh, no. I do believe pink cloven hooves were stamped stamped stamped until the Trib was forced to correct the (highly debatable) “errors.” Fasten your seat belts, Tribune, it’s gonna be a bumpy, high-maintenance ride!

    • Some knave must have reminded her of the existence of the miraculous automatic computation machines through which she, while residing any of the myriad locales that whisper to her fancy, may deliver to any other locale the missives her phalanx of petticoated dogsbodies pen for her.

    • Yes! That contract thing, as an excuse why she won’t be Guaming it.

      I sort of don’t understand the wording of the correction though. She did move back to Chicago. Whether her contract mandated that seems like hairsplitting, like some legalese hooved creature complained.

    • Yeah, it also read to me as though they were conceding something (she wasn’t ‘fired,’ just ‘non re-elected’ for a new contract [which is aka fired]) but decided to throw a dig in, per “she is not legally obligated to stay here” (aka, don’t listen to her shit, we aren’t forcing her to do anything.)

      Although, she might be trying to reinforce that her authority/presence knows no boundaries.

      Who knows?

      Perhaps I am reading the correction wrong, though.

    • More importantly, WHO FUCKING CARES. Is there one person who read that and thought, “Wow, she has to be in Chicago, how interesting!” Not one person fucking cares where this cunt lives. Including, I am gathering, her “boyfriend.”

  3. I agree. A letter is pointless because she will never, ever think she should change. She has been reminding me of Crime and Punishment recently because she thinks that she is so special a snowflake that the rules that apply to little people like us obviously don’t apply to her.

    • said rules encompass everything to violations against grammar to violations against Federal law.

  4. “photo caption”?. ok, maybe in the print edition. but reading original article, i see no assertion that (a) julia is required to be in chicago. yes, it does say she “lost the Star job”.

    “incorrectly said that Julia Allison was returning to Chicago, her hometown, to write a weekly column for Tribune Media Services.” what exactly was the incorrect assertion, then? the reason she came to chicago was not for the column, is that it? how dare anyone insinuate that one’s place of residence would coincide with one’s workplace! is this so she can claim innocence when she absconds to LA in “5-8” months?

    • I think Donkey has already gotten off on the wrong hoof w/ these TMS people & it’s only going to go downhill from here. Instigating her own publicity shoot in Michigan Avenue mag (as if she’s some hot shit coup rather than a mere nobody freelancer) probably rankled, & now she has forced someone to take valuable time away from their real desk errands in order to address a spoiled brat diva tantrum. They undoubtedly felt compelled to set the record straight on some other accounts as well (wasn’t it in MA mag where the allusion was made that Donkey relocated stalls for a job?) …

      • Yes, it was. It was her own vanity press where that assertion was first made. So who is responsible for this information being out there? Julie is.

    • I think the real objective of the hoof stomping was to get the article taken down altogether. They threw her a crumb and shut her up by posting these minor corrections instead.

  5. Every journalist who has ever worked on a year-to-year contract that wasn’t renewed knows good and damn well that they lost their job. Pure legalese. Sheesh, donks. Get real. Oh, wait.

    • … which is why I’m sure there was a lot of eye-rolling at the Tribune when Julia had that correction made. And I bet Melissa and her journalist friends are all LOLing at the sad, dumb donkey.

    • It’s like that in any contract situation. I work in a place that has loads of jobs on yearly contracts until people prove their worth. And you know what? You have to be really fucked up to not have your contract renewed because it is tantamount to a firing and everybody knows that.

      I am sure NYC media a la STAR magazine is more cutthroat, but on some level, incompetence, complaints about the person, etc., would have to be logged lest someone get their legal team involved to fight it. So on another level, she had to have known she fucked up and that’s the reason for the ouster. Making her a huge phoney liar to pretend otherwise.

  6. Ugh.
    I did NOT move to Chicago for this job!! (Why would THAT need a correction? Is donkey worried the 100+ and more newspapers are not going to materialize?)
    Chicago is just a rest-stop on my way to reality tv fame in LA, or to marital bliss as Ms Pancakes McCashypants! I get to be the wife but hardly ever have to deal with having a husband! WIN WIN!!!


    How is she soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    freaking dumb?????????????

  8. I’m really disappointed there will be no letter. I was so hoping ego blogger and kid’s skating outfit would be picked up by Jacy. It was going to be the highlight of my day. Who am I kidding? Week. Oh well, next time. And I’m encouraged because next time will likely be tomorrow or Monday. Ego blogger in a kid’s skating outfit.

    • Honestly, at this point, what is the point. She is a fucking, psychotic delusional loon. It’s really just not worth the effort anymore.

      • Agreed. At this point, we’re like the whispers in a Lost episode. We’re there, giving advice, trying to get through, but she can’t make out what we’re saying because a) she’s lost all touch with reality and b) is really just a caricature from a J.J. Abrams project. Cloverfield 2 A Donkey’s Revenge, anyone?

        I was just hoping for another opportunity to say ego blogger and kid’s skating outfit because it tickles me and I find myself blurting it out at the post office and when driving past farms in the Central Valley and when I see cupcakes at a coffee shop.

        Also, remember the caricature of Britney Spears from her 2008 meltdown with the short dress, cowboy boots and head on backward? We so need one of those of Julie Gianni, only it could be a burro in 6 inch ice skates trying to skate backwards over articles about her shenanigans while wearing a training bra and kid’s outfit that barely grazes the thigh. And a bottle of Adderall falling out of the bra. (Cause “I’ve only taken it four times” means what? Four separate prescriptions. Four doctors. Four times that day? No wonder you can sleep and are proned to fits of rage. Adderrall and kid’s skating outfits do not mix.)

        • The “whispers” theory might be the most profound thing I have ever read here. Bravo.

          Then again, I am high.

      • JP, I am drink but this makes me worry you’ll leave us.

        She is delusional and psychotic but we need you and Jacy there to guide us through. You are Jesus and Jacy is Mary.

        • “You are Jesus and Jacy is Mary.” I hate to sound like Julia but…Hahahahaha!!! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever read here. I love drunk talk.

      • I have to state, for the record, that it is somewhat worth the effort. Why? (You know you were asking) Because today I saw a random ass bumper sticker that said, “Why do it, if it’s not fun?” (It was a Ben and Jerry’s bumper sticker.) I thought for a half-second about donkey’s diatribe about how ‘pathetic’ our lives must me. Then I thought, “Yeah… but hating you is FUN!”

        Problem resolved.

    • Agreed. Let her be her own downfall and save the time and effort that would go into such a letter to do something not so utterly pointless.

  9. enjooooooooooyyyy, TMS. she’s all yours.

    ps, remember when julia’s twitter bio was something akin to, “I’m really, really nice.”


  10. Donk La Rue, no need to explain!
    Just say it’s in the queue and/or you’re still processing all the comments that were posted.
    Everyone here knows that’s code language for “I can’t be bothered and please don’t ask about it again because I’ve already addressed that question.”
    And presto! You’re off the hook! Or you should be if only the mean haters would just leave you alone about it.
    Really? That was two months ago! Nobody even cares anymore. Stop being such a victim. I was just joking anyway. Don’t take everything so seriously.

  11. Wow. I didn’t think it was possible, but she has out-cunted her own cuntiness.

    Way to burn bridges *before* you’ve even started the new job!

  12. I mean, it’s dumb to have to spell it out like this, but having a year-to-year contract not be renewed IS “losing” that job. It just fucking is. It is only a sliver of a technicality shy of being fired. She clung to that job description for years after it was over, nary a “former” in sight. Nothing about it was voluntary or planned by her.

    I’m assuming that by the same token, she didn’t burn all those bridges aflame behind her, but that they all, separately and for mysterious but doubtless independent reasons, spontaneously combusted beneath her hooves?


      Once upon a time, when I was a younger Type-A hater and sort of sad adult, I didn’t get kept on after a one-year contract. You know why? THEY DIDN’T LIKE ME.

      The reason temp/freelance contracts are awesome from a managerial standpoint is because at the end of the year or six months or whatever it is, you can get rid of a fuck-up easily. “Sorry, year’s up!! Sorry, no money in the budget this year!!” When actually, you are essentially firing the person without dealing with the hassle of actually firing a person.

      She is sooooo dumb.

  13. As much as I’d love to read Jacy’s letter because I’m sure it would be amaze-balls (see what I did there?), I agree with you.
    I have a few narcissistic people in my life- it’s not like they have NPD, they’re just really, really self-centered and egotistical. No matter HOW many times you rationally try to explain to them that they did something shitty, it hurt your feelings, and it was wrong to do that, they always, ALWAYS flip it around on you or rationalize it. There’s no way for you to win, because they are always, in their minds, right. One of these people is a very close family member, and it’s a constant learning process to ignore the cruel things he does and stop trying to get him to take responsibility for them, because he turns it around on me.

    It’s the same thing with Julia. I’m sure those of you with your donktorates could enumerate the hundreds of times she’s done this.
    Reality: She psychopathically writes a dripping-in-sweetness letter to the fiancee of a man she used to date, accusing him of cheating on her and trying to break up the engagement.
    Julia’s Reality: She was just trying to inform the woman that her man was a cheater! That’s what girlfriends are for!

    Reality: She sleazily and disgustingly tries to use naive young college students as her free laborers and takes credit for their work. She uses the word “intern” to make it seem legitimate, and blatantly admits that she has no intention of actually helping them. A former intern, Charlsie, lists all the cray-cray behavior and abuse that Julia put her through.
    Julia’s reality: She’s just trying to help other future Julias! It’s TOTES legal, even though her “internships” violate every single part of the federal law regulating internships!

  14. I agree with you, Jacy. It would be pointless since she would never change but feed into it more.

    I’m just waiting for her to be dumped on her ass & see the crazy unfold. If she was “so young” being the age range of 23-26, WTF does she think her man is? Most men I knew weren’t thinking about marriage at 23. Fuck, with his last name, he can probably score chicks alone from that. This isn’t going anywhere, especially not marriage. I doubt he has stars in his eyes, just rockets in his pants.

    • Ugh, the amount of time she tried to skate on the whole “Of course I’m screwing up! I’m in my TWENTIES!!” is ridiculous. I saw her do an interview where she actually said, “I don’t think most people know what they’re doing by the time they’re 27.”
      Look, I’m not going to pretend that I was one of those people (in fact at GASP 32, I’m still not), but most people DO know what they’re doing by the time they’re 27. Gah! This is what kills me the most about Donkey. If she could just admit that she’s screwed up a lot because she’s a huge screw up my rage at her would decrease exponentially.
      BUT NO!!! She has to be all, “It’s not me!! Everybody is a screw up, bunnies!”


      • It is this attitude of hers that scorches my hide the most.

        I may not have been perfectly and completely formed when I graduated college, but I had more than an inkling as to who I was. I’d studied Poli Sci and English so there was a bit of a foundation there. I worked in state government then publishing. I lived in small towns and big cities. I moved to be closer to friends and I moved to be closer to family. I married and I navigated a career change. Ups and downs, salad days, heartbreaks, stress and obligations were part and parcel of the journey.

        And, you know what?

        I always knew what I wanted to be: a happy, healthy, friendly, hard working, fun loving, responsible, helpful, engaged and purposeful human being.

        Yes, I was sometimes an asshole, infuriating, selfish and tiring, but I always worked at getting out of those states to return to the fulfilling focus I listed above.

        I am grateful for my funny friends, lovely family and smart colleagues. It’s my goal to give back to them as good as I get.

        Writing bad behavior off as being “so young” goes beyond naive and straight into insulting.

        MILLIONS of people exist without incinerating bridges on the hour, every hour.

        Being “young”…UR doing it wrong.

      • Here’s the thing, here’s the thing. There is a BIG difference between just sorting shit out in your 20s and being totally morally bankrupt. You don’t grow out of moral bankruptcy for one.

        I was slow on the uptake career-wise in my 20s for a lot of reasons and really only started to pull shit together in a big way by age 27-28.

        The morality problems? Pretty much made the mistake once and learned and moved on. So, by age 22 i was getting a really solid idea of what sat with me and what didn’t. Then again, i didn’t have the internet and NPD — which i guess could stunt a person a little more.

        Still, that person could still learn. Julie on the other hand, really has no moral compass at all. She just does what suits her in the moment and lies her way out of it like the sociopath she is.

        Her ramblings in her comments this week prove this once again. The lies and the cover ups never end with her.

  15. I’ve read this line from Jacy a dozen times because I love it that much:

    “She is bound for Hell; let’s just watch her get there. Ass. Hole.”

    Separating Ass from Hole is very effective, Donk LaRue!

  16. OT, but the bitch has now become a cartoon of herself:

    On Twitter: “For the record, I fully intend to host a Royal Wedding Watching Party on April 29th. Complete with tiaras for all guests. WHO’S WITH ME!?!?!”

    Just when you think she can’t possibly bedcome any more stupid, banal and cringeworthy…. she finds a way.

    • She also has that on her blog, and she mentions that she’s been worried about Kate Middleton marrying into the royal family. What a dipshit. Julia Baby is flying high. The higher the better, I say, because the crash will be delightful for onlookers.

      • Agreed! She really feels qualified to offer commentary here after watching The Queen. This is what, 4 years after its release? Of course she is not up to date on current culture at all. Why would she be?

        Shut the fuck up, Julie. Tool.

        Kate Middleton has GAME. Diana really didn’t. It was tragic what happened to her, but in no way whatsoever should Julie be offering her ‘opinion’ based on watching this film.

        She is flying so high right now and the crash will be spectacular.

        Also, Julie, girl, you are NOTHING like Kate Middleton. In fact, you are pretty much polar opposites.

    • there’s no way her party will happen.

      from what I’ve found online, the wedding is going to be at 11 am, london time. that will be 5 am for julia. there is no way she’ll be awake for the wedding…unless she stays awake all night for it.

      now THAT would be fun. imagine a recently dumped, expired, sleep-deprived julia, watching a royal wedding, crying into the tulle of her (rented) prom dress, tiara askew on her greasy pelts, fake eyelashes coming unglued.

      • Substitute “strangers’ wedding videos” for “a royal wedding” and that’s how I already imagine most of her nights ending.

        • Donkey wearing a wedding veil & sobbing is now going to be considered a ‘party’? Uhm, okaaaayyyyy, but this isn’t NEW, yo!

    • OT, but one of my favorite childhood memories was when Di & Charles got married — I was 7 years old and my mother woke me up super early so we could watch it on television. I wasn’t particularly princess-y or anything, so I don’t know why we did that, but moreso it was one of the few things I remember doing with my mom (who, I think, has undiagnosed borderline personality disorder) that wasn’t filled with chaos.

      I’m still not that princess-y, but if I had a daughter, I’d probably do the same thing — because it’s the sort of thing LITTLE girls might enjoy doing. As an adult, though? With other grown-ups? That borders on whatever the female version of Peter Pan Syndrome is.

      • RRD, my BPD mom and I bonded over Princess Di, too! I wasn’t yet born when she and Charles got married, but we used to watch TV specials about her and I remember sitting on my mom’s bed with her, crying after they confirmed Di and died.

        Weird that BPD moms bond with their daughters over the British royal family!

          • I was two months old when Charles and Di got married. My mom said she watched the wedding because she was up already giving me a bottle. We ended up both getting up at 3am to watch Di’s funeral together. 🙁

        • I was at a friend’s house when I heard of her death and I was immediately like, “I gotta call my mom.” And we had never really talked about her. I remember that SO clearly!

    • She thinks she’s just SOOOO cute and precious, this one. Wow, what a CARD you are! A royal wedding viewing party! How original and thoughtful and hilarious!!!!!!!

      • Seriously, I’m English and I’m not even as ‘OMG EXCITED ROYAL WEDDING’ about this. She is off the charts crazy

  17. Seriously you guys, seriously. If you haven’t read this completely batshit-insane comment feed of Julia talking to herself, you must!

    There are YEARS worth of RBNS/RBD articles in there, and she’s only been doing it a few days. She is absolutely, certifiably insane now. Her fragile cupcake brain has shattered into a multitude of shallow. fawning personalities from the stress. My mouth moves from agape to cheshire cat to O-M-G.

    You may need to be a seasoned PhDonk to spot the clues that reveal the personalities to be her, so if you are not, simply read this shit as if it has already been revealed she is the author of them all. Of course, the meaty stuff is all the “Dear Readers” comments. If she thinks she is going to write a cyber-bullying article and quote herself as a “source” I will lose my shit laughing hysterically.

    • “Almost 100% of the photoshoots I have done have eventually run in magazines or newspapers here in the US or around the world”

      O RLY?

      • I saw that in her comments. What struck me was how much detail she went in to describing all of her photoshoots. She goes on and on and on…you’d almost think she’s obsessed with herself.

        I love the last part of her comment where she’s talking about the most recent photoshoot (or the one that’s about to happen?) and she says:

        “This one is technically just for fun but I will bet you $1000 that the shots run in a magazine, and I am also hoping to get new headshots out of it, too.”

        Oh so cocky.

  18. Just realized, after reading all the comments, that I’m the only one who interprets “TMS, which is also owned by Tribune Co., said there was no condition that she be in Chicago.” as TMS’ unsolicited response to the false perception Donkey has instilled as the basis of her relocation.

    • Yep. Sounds like Melissa wants to make sure you know that Donkey flunked out of NY-101. She was running away from NYC, not toward Chicago.

    • nope, I agree with you, and that was the point I was trying to make in my comment up there^^^. donkey is trying to frame her relocating as a necessity for a job opportunity, and she also pointed to the job opportunity as the reason why she wouldn’t be able to relocate with jack to guam (should he ever be insane enough to ask). but someone at tms isn’t going to let her play that game. good for them!

      • TMS isn’t going to be complicit in the fantasy Donkey
        is trying to weave like a bad hair pelt? …well…hmph!


    • It’s like TMS is apologizing to Chicago!
      Oh no we didn’t. We did not say she had to live here! You can take your omg downtown condo back, C&D Dadsers, we’re not making her stay here!

  19. NY Post Media Ink column by Keith J. Kelly, June 18, 2008:

    Blogger Gets Boot At Star
    Allison Didn’t Do Any Writing, But Got $125K A Year

    TALKING head Julia Allison has lost her editor-at-large gig at Star magazine.

    Allison, 27, is a prolific blogger, a relationship columnist for Time Out New York and a frequent guest on everything from “Access Hollywood” to “Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld,” on Fox News Channel, which like The Post, is owned by News Corp.

    She was snagging an estimated $125,000 a year at Star.

    Her shameless self-promotion was chronicled by, which seemed to have a love-hate relationship with her, recently taking her to task for telling a German newspaper that she is an updated version of the “Sex and the City” main character.

    “I am Carrie Bradshaw 2.0,” she was quoted as saying.

    Allison actually never did any writing for Star, but in frequent TV appearances commenting on everything from celebrity scandals to dating problems and politics, she was described as a Star editor-at-large.

    Allison was hired when Bonnie Fuller was editorial director of Star publisher American Media. Of course, Fuller is now gone.

    American Media declined to comment on what was behind her ouster, and why her one-year deal is not being renewed.

    Allison also had not returned an e-mail by presstime.

    Fuller left American Media last month, walking away from her $2 million a year job with a severance package of unknown size. Her three-year contract was set to expire in March 2009.

  20. “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts while the stupid ones are full of confidence.” I just got that off a friend’s page and thought that it explains a lot about “I will never quit.”

  21. “My friend Taylor just emailed this video of a young boy who got bullied to me, with the subject “Of course you will like this.” And of course I did.”


    You are a fucked up person, Donkey.

    • “Mah fwend Taylah”.
      Julie, you mean “This guy I was banging until I met somebody richer”. Julie Cuntuli let’s just start telling out how it is shall we.

    • Ewww. What a completely self-centered response to someone’s death, as in: Oooooh! This furthers MY agenda about ME ME ME!

      That also settles it for me in regards to any previous sympathy for the Greasy One getting played by the Donkey … none, nada, zilch, finito.

    • Notice the “you will like this” comment. Not “you might be able to refer to this in your column” or “this reminded me of the conversation we had” or “isn’t this sad?”

      Even the people with whom she associates can’t see beyond the narrow focus of That Which Revolves Around Julia.

  22. I’m reading some of the recent comments on her blog, and it is so obvious that they were written by the same person (her). For one, “Hugs from Denmark”? I lived in Copenhagen all last year, and would love to think that a Danish person would be able to use that kind of vocabulary, but… no. Especially with the use of contractions. Also? It was posted in the middle of the night in Denmark. Also, Julia? You might want to have a few comments in which YOU DON’T USE ALL CAPS. And space out the time frame during which you post and respond to your own comments.


    • Oh, come on. There are Danish people who can write that no matter if you lived in Copenhagen or not. Don’t be a jerk! Geez!

    • I’m loving this in her comment Jackass wants to get violent on your ass haters:

      “this is a frequent topic of discussion between Jack and me … he deals with it SO well, it’s almost unfathomable. He truly does not get ruffled, EVER, although he occasionally says he wants to kick the a– of anyone who makes me cry (he’s seen me cry over haters at least twice now).”


      • Donkey as DAMSEL IN DISTRESS!!!! My military Flapjacks will avenge my tarnished maidenhood with fisticuffs!!! Take that, Haterz!!! Pistols at dawn.

        And yes, no Dane would ever fucking write “Hugs from Denmark,” although that might be my new catlady moniker.

        • Ok. Difference of opinion, but it’s hard to speak for all Danes, no? I mean, maybe the person is an ex-pat or has an American/British/Australian parent(s)…or reads Julia’s blog or other people’s blogs and picks up on the ‘lingo’?!

          Anyway, one thing is for sure: she writes her own comments!!!

          Carry on…

          • It would take an awfully fluent person to write that comment, and what are the odds that such a person would be a fan of Julia’s blog when she’s dissed Denmark in the past, is all I’m saying. I’ve known very smart, competent Danes, but their spelling/grammar when writing English is a little off. Commenter also knew a lot of American slang. Plus, Scandanavian keyboards differ than American ones, so there are some more common errors that are made, but yes, it’s possible that I’m totally wrong.

            Also, Hugs From Denmark is a GREAT handle!

        • Flapjack is 5’9″ or something. STFU about him kicking anyone’s @ss, you dumb Donkey. Your dude is a midget, just like Greasy.

        • it’s an awfully good screen name, Hugs from Denmark. Especially because (cue broken Dyspeptic record!!) Donks has blogged that she found Copenhagen so boring.

      • She’s so klassy that she no longer writes out curse words.

        Julia, how demure you are!

        You Fucking Jackass Cuntwich….

      • Gag. I am beginning to dislike this Jack McCain eunuch as much as I dislike Julia. And wow, Julia. HI! So. blessed. to have you among us.

        Could this chick pander to her “haters” any more?

      • This confirms that they have a “relationship” on the level of young teenagers. And if a man ever said he wanted to kick someone’s ass on my behalf, it would be a red flag, for a number of reasons:

        1. He might have anger issues.
        2. He might think that I can’t handle my own problems.
        3. He might be controlling.

        Honestly, her admitting that as if it’s some fabulous attribute for a mate to have? Makes me want to vom not only in the shower but on my way TO the shower.

      • I just cannot understand how she in good conscience deflects any and all responsibility for her actions on others.

        You put yourself out there the way that you do, you expect people to have opinions and reactions. Period. It’s called life and consequences.

      • This!! How much fucking crying does she do with him?

        We know there are tears after sex, tears at the airport and now tears at the haters (twice!!).

        WTF. How has he not fuck off you manipulative piece of work to her yet?

        I am all for crying, but this is seriously high school level maturity on display here.

    • This one HAS to be Jewlzie:

      Looking forward to the result! Oooh but gowns sound so… uh, standard Julia… Which is great. Truly. BUT! Looking at Jamie’s photos, I would LOVE to see you do a sort of glossy-but-rustic/earthy/polished-natural-make-up/Ralph Lauren-inspired shoot! It seems like she would seriously nail that – and it would be a very refreshing departure from your usual (awesomely costumey) photoshoot look.

      But then there’s your wish for gown suggestions. Well, in keeping with my glossy-rustic suggestion, how about a vintage, amaze-ballz night gown! With a cup of tea and Lilydog in front of a fireplace… Or in a foggy winter landscape for a more eery look!

      Ok, I’m rambling. Anyway, good luck with the shoot 😉

      • If that comment wasn’t written by Julier Albertson, then that person is either one of us or completely mentally challenged.

  23. Jules talking to her self on both channels of the conversation on her blog cannot be good for does that make a quality article for TMS?

    TMS-gate coming to a theater near you

    • It kind of seems that way for her. It’s like she gets off on the negativity and drama, which kind of makes her sick. I wouldn’t be able to deal with this kind of attention for one day – it would certainly make me introspective and wonder whether the criticism was warranted.

    • I think ROFLcopter would be a good name for him. Bc everything she says about him, implying he loves her NPD-ness makes him sound like a laughable bitch boy

  24. Guys, we knew the meltdown of all meltdowns was coming. We are watching it Let It Unfold in real-time. Imagine how wound up she is going to get on that flight. She has no outlets for her negative emotions except her blog. No one cares about her (self-caused) problems. Can you imagine even one’s parents having to hear about blog haters every day?

    I bet she flew to NY to be with him for Valentine’s, and he cancelled.

    • Has there been any mention of what they’re doing together on Valentine’s Day? You’d think she’d be braying from here to next Tuesday if something were planned, no?

      • going by her post for the illegal intern, she’ll be in ny the 8th through 19th for fashion week.

        • thanks you guys… i had forgotten about NYFW and that she’ll be crashing at meghann dotson’s boyfriend’s place for 2 weeks.

          LULZ. how romantic!

          yeah julesie, you’re a winner and we’ll all losers. losers with jobs and houses and friends, but losers nonetheless. well done, julesie, well done.

          • I can’t believe she’s staying at a couple’s place for that long. And over Valentine’s Day when they’ll want private sexy times, too. Ugh, so tacky.

  25. My favorite post from Donk’s Liecast has been majorly edited. The “Big News: I’m Moving to LA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” post has been changed to “Big News: I’m Moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” and all mentions of Donk’s California dreams have been erased. BAHAHAHA, this chick is endlessly entertaining.

    • That’s so stupid. If she doesn’t want to move there anymore, why not just write why she’s changed her mind on her dumb blerg? Oh that’s right, I forgot for a second that she’s a fucking loon.

    • Are you kidding??? Why? She just can’t admit failure ever. And in this case, it’s more like “I changed my mind.”. There was no way she was going to make it in LA. Has she gotten rid of the Palo Alto dreaming on there as well?

    • Does anyone have access to the photo she posted some time last summer of a gift display (or something) on a table with a note from Dadsers that read, “Good-bye, N.Y., Hello, L.A.!” I’d love to see that one again.

    • I was wondering the same thing.
      A lot of people with manic depression live with their parents at the age of 29.

      • I am certainly not a psychologist… but it seems like we’ve never really seen any depressive symptoms. She seems more deluded and manic to me. Am I missing something? Because I am missing the long periods of sadness.

        • There are different types of bipolar. She may be hypo-manic cycling. The depressed moods could be fewer and farther between. If she’s on a stimulant like Adderrall, which makes bipolars crazy, she can sustain periods of mania longer. If she got on a mood stabilizer, she might actually begin to dwell in the middle where most people live most of their life. But, I’ve seen a few bipolars resist appropriate treatment because they prefer the mania. If their wallets can sustain them or if they have someone bankrolling them, there are few downsides to the mania. It’s when they have to pay their own way that the mania becomes a problem because they spend, spend, spend to support the bizarre self-image during the mania. If you actually google relationships with bipolars and begin reading the support blogs for their current and former partners, it sounds very similar to Julia and how she uses people, casts them aside and keeps going. I actually thought for awhile that Julia was projecting when she called [Redacted] bipolar as she fits the definition better. Also, severe bipolars or bipolars with another personality disorder like borderline often goes years, if ever, without a diagnosis because they lie, deny and manipulate in such a way that it’s hard for a professional to get a clear picture without close family and friends participating and relating the actual behavior, rather than the bipolar’s distorted view of their own behavior.

          • thanks, this was helpful. i just haven’t seen her ever be genuinely reflective or anything resembling depressed. yes, she gets pissed when she screws up, which happens a lot. but, never for a minute does she think it reflects on her or that she had anything to do with it, as far as i can tell

          • I wouldn’t guess reflection would come unless she were first stabalized on medication and began going to therapy. In fact, one of the most insidious things about bipolar is that its symptoms often prevent the individual from recognizing or admitting the illness.

            I’ve often thought of bipolar as the most severe mental disorder that does not necessarily require inpatient care or confinement. As the next disorder on the severity scale, IMO, is schizophrenia, which often prevents sufferers from functioning without close supervision and medication and often confinement. But, bipolars are often able to use their intelligence to manipulate enough to get what they want without being obviously recognizable, at least not by those who don’t know them intimately. However, I have no experience with antisocials, and I’ve thought they typically turn up in the realm of the criminal justice system.

            With regard to depression, I’d say the constant crying, the sleeping late every day, the attachment and devastation following a short-term relationship and the inability to actually produce anything despite constant activity is evidence of her depression. I just don’t think she demonstrates it in a typical way we’d think of it as lying in bed for days on end without being able to stop crying. Although, I think she’s admitted to having done similar in the past.

            This makes me wonder, what if she is really ill. If she is a full-blown bipolar, can she really help herself without medical intervention? And should she just be ignored until she gets it. Does it mean I’m mocking a mentally handicap person? I really don’t know.

          • I realize that I’m not working with a huge sample size, but one of my good friends is bipolar, and she’s anything but manipulative: she acknowledges she has a problem, seeks treatment, and tortures herself with guilt over her uncontrollable behavior toward other people. In fact, she’s more or less the opposite of Julia. I wish people here wouldn’t make diagnoses of mental illness based on (often inaccurate) generalizations.

        • You know, that would explain a lot, actually, if she’s gotten a diagnosis of bipolar disorder and her parents are aware of it. It would explain why they treat her with kid gloves and never lower the boom. They may think she’s functioning pretty well given the circumstances Otherwise, they would have to pay constant attention to really see the disfunction of her day to day life because were she bipolar, she certainly wouldn’t have the perspective to relate to them how she is actually doing. She would only be able to evaluate her functioning on the basis of outward success, ei. dating Jack, getting a column, etc. And if it were known among her close circle, like Meghan and Megan, that she is bipolar, that would explain their tolerance and comments about the amount of love she needs.

          It also would explain why the parents continue to bankroll her with the condo and insisting she have health insurance. They may also be incredibly naive about the severity of the disorder and the extent of her behavior. If she isn’t flunking out of school, making herself puke and getting restraining orders against her, they might think she’s doing fine considering.

          There is also this strange connection I’ve noticed between people who share similar disorders. I guess they understand or recognize each other’s behavior or value the same things and judge each other by the same distorted scale of success. And I know a couple bipolar folks who really like her and think she’s kind of cute.

          The strange thing about bipolars is that they can be extremely low functioning at certain cycles and not recognize it while also being intellegent and extremely manipulative in other respects. They know how to get the attention they need, but their completely unaware that their suffering from an illness. They just blame circumstances for preventing them from obtaining that attention in a sustainable fashion.

          Also, the couple bipolars I’ve known personally love, I mean loved, and craved like a drug, having physical ailments. Going to the doctor was a pleasure because of the sustained focus of attention they got doing it and later by family and friends with whatever ailment they were able to concoct. Having physical ailments was as important to them as status and money because it was a mechanism for attention. And they were always physical ailments, as admitting to mental ailments was beyond their capacity.

          • Oh please. If she had bi-polar she would be braying about it constantly and using it as an excuse for her cuny behavior.

        • I saw a play last week and one of the characters had Histrionic Personality Disorder. She was soooo like Julia! She even dramatically tried to kill herself because she was jealous of the attention her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend was getting when she legitimately tried to take her own life.

        • Do you recall her authenticity costume videos? She has epic periods of depression that she tries to hide but can’t.

          • I’ve never seen that video, actually.

            Do you remember the title? Anything I could use to search for it? I thought “authenticity costume” was just soemthing people here made up?

          • she definitely doesn’t call it an authenticity costume, that’s an rbns term. she has several (probably dozen) videos that would be given that description. basically she gets dressed in sweats/loungewear, ‘takes off her makeup,’ and gets in front of her webcam very, very late at night to talk about “A Very Serious and Personal Issue.” when you see it, you’ll understand why it’s called that. here’s an example of one:

          • OK I have seen that before. I thought there was some video where she actually called something her “authenticity costume”.


    Exactly. She’s a sociopath, and an asshole. Let’s just watch, and laugh. Except sometimes, the “I wanna kick her ass so hard” is overwhelming.

  27. Wow, it’s been hard to keep up with all the activity on this site over the last week – nearly 400 comments on some of the posts! Thanks for the entertainment and laughs, fellow basement dwellers!

  28. I had a dream last night that I saw Peter Baugher at a work function. He was pretty much the old, supposedly male, even more socially retarded version of his daughter. We got into a big argument about his donkey burden, and he insisted no one had the right to tell the truth about her.

    Just had to vent — ruined a perfectly good night’s sleep.

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