Donkey WoooHooos A Lot While Violating McCain Family’s Privacy


Ohhhhh booooyyyy. She is really determined, isn’t she, to let the world know she is OMG OMG DATING A FAMOUS PERSON IN A FAMOUS FAMILY OMG OMG.



  1. wow, Cindy, … if looks could kill.

    Also, notice how hardly anybody is whooping and hollering. As always, Julia is tres gauche.

    • A tacky, tacky donkey. Poor Cindy probably hit her old stash of Metha-Qualine the minute Julia turned on the camera. Someone wrote a few posts back that they felt sorry for Julia? I actually sorry for the McCains. Honest.

      • I totally feel sorry for the McCains! Never thought i would EVER type out that phrase, ever. The cringing, make it stop.

        • I know, it’s awful. But when you consider that they unleashed Palin on us, the sad pities magically go away.

          • Yes, true. But i feel they have suffered for that choice also.

            But then, now here she is, making us all suffer.

            I’d say Julie is their karma for Palin — but we’ll have to see if Palin does much worse of if she’s reached her top (personally i think she’s peaked).

      • I totally feel sorry for the McCains (well, not the one who agreed to let her come). This is clearly a family-only kind of event. UGH disgusting

  2. Oh LAWDY. These videos are so cringe-y. My Cankleshausen Syndrome is flaring up something AWFUL.

    In the first one, when he goes up on stage and you can hear her ‘WOO HOO’? But the room is pretty quiet and sedate? SO embarrassing! Cindy must HATE her.

    Please, Cindy, please, please, PLEASE shut this down. Unless she knows that he’s just having some fun. And once he gets out to San Diego, he’ll phase the burro out. I mean come ON. Just think of all the hot San Diego tail he will have access to.

    Also, right before he goes up on stage, I got the feeling that she told him to ‘smile’ and he gave her that fake smile. He looks pretty irritated.

    The fact that she is standing up in front of everyone, blocking their view? She must have some form of Aspergers or Autism. Because she clearly has no clue that what she is doing is wrong. Or she’s just a giant asshole and doesn’t give a shit.

    How much you wanna bet she blames these videos going public on a *crazed hacker*?

  3. What’s with the scary jack o’ lantern smile/cringe thing he does at the camera (and Julia) in the beginning of that first video? Creepy.

    • I feel like his dad has that same smile, when he’s trying to force a smile. some people just can’t do the fake smile thing well.

    • As much as I loathe Cindy and the rest of the McCain clan, let’s put this into perspective. You birth a child, raise him for 18 years, continue to give him guidance for the next 6, and have likely spent every major holiday and event with him. That is her son, and she loves him, and in some ways, probably knows him better than anyone else.

      Now here comes Donkey, who’s been riding Yack for all of 6 weeks. She storms into the ceremony, woohooing and trying to thrust her tits into every photo, acting like she’s Yack’s number one special girl?

      Um, yeah. As another commenter noted, Cindy has this under control.

  4. You do it to yourself, Julia – and that’s what really hurts.

    (How many times have we paraphrased this Radiohead lyric in regard to this clueless, rude, self-sabotaging donkey?)

      • Don’t get my sympathy
        Hanging out the 15th floor
        changed the locks three times
        [S]He still comes reeling through the door
        one day i’ll get to you
        And teach you how to get to purest hell

    • Great song! My pick for Donkey theme song is Garbage’s “Stupid Girl”

      You stupid girl
      You stupid girl
      All you had you wasted
      All you had you wasted

      What drives you on
      Can drive you mad
      A million lies to sell yourself
      Is all you ever had

  5. These videos are more cringeworthy than the Shannon Elizabeth birthday party-crashing one.

    Cindy has this under control guys. Let it unfold.

    • holy crap, i had forgotten about the crashing of shannon elizabeth’s party. where she came with no present, didn’t contribute towards the bill, and just sat there like an asshole filming the whole thing.

  6. She turned full around so she had to be standing. So was she standing UP in front of the entire room doing a video scan with her little flip/iphone camera?


    • I wonder if she did the full scan of the room, thinking that the entire room would be standing to applaud the son of the senator and his family. um…err…oops.

  7. The fuck? This is what it looks like when an officer gets their wings??? There was more decorum, discipline, and dignity when I graduated from a 2 month long training school as an enlisted schmuck. And nobodies Mommy was there to hug them. What a sack of fail. This looks like someone getting their 1-month sober chip from AA.

    Julia as usual is totally, completely oblivious to everything. No one else there is filming. Those people taking photos that she is getting in the way of? They are professionals hired by the Navy to capture the event. I was totally expecting security to tackle her ass the moment she got out of her chair. Who do you think you are Julia? Seriously. Preshuzzz Memories, you are not.

  8. I bet she tried to convince Cindy and John to let her go on stage with them, like Michael Scott at Phyllis’s wedding.

    • You know she wanted badly to be up there, right? She is so Michael Scott in so many ways, with some Kelly thrown in. Except completely and utterly unlikeable.

      • I was thinking this too. I bet she really wanted to go up there…wonder why they shut that down???? Maybe because she sucks.

  9. I posted this in the other thread, but it needs repeating here.

    There is a whole entire person between her and Pancakes and you can hardly even tell she is so wedged in there to get her shot. Like, she is on the dude’s lap and in Pancakes’ face with her camera and lobster claw.

    How nasty! How intrusive! How gauche! And seriously, SO TACKY.

    There is some serious affliction happening here. She is SO out of proportion to LITERALLY EVERYTHING around her.

    I can’t take it.

      • At least, I thought that was Pancakes’ bro. But I looked again and see little wingies on the shoulder. WTF??

        • I think it is brother of Pancakes also. It is kind of fascinating. I am sure there are protocol reasons for this, but mother of fuck, GET OFF PANCAKES’ BROTHER’S LAP, CRAZY PANTS.

          • It’s not the brother sitting between them. In the first video, when they all stand up, only Cindy and Pancakes walk in front of the camera and the brother comes up from the right. And then in the second video the brother walks past Julia to sit down. It looks like an older person sitting between them, he puts on glasses at one point, and he is definitely wearing a uniform of some sort.

          • Yeah totally agree. I was pointing out that I think it’s an older gentleman sitting between them, making it ever sicker that she was invading his space like that.

          • I think you are right!

            I looked again and everything you say is correct.

            I have tried not looking at this 10 car pile up too much this afternoon because it is SOOOOOO cringey. My mind just used the available data to fill in the blanks and rebuff the shocks of what was being presented.

            Hurricane Donkey, Disaster Edition.

  10. She keeps doing this! She posts something that is supposed to be like, “IN YO FACE, HATERS!” and it just makes it worse for herself! We’re not impressed by the fact that you were THERE, Julia. If you had seemed classy and composed and discreet and even seemed for a minute like you fit in we might have had a moment of “aww, isn’t that nice” but now? NOTHING. You are an embarrassment to everything you claim to represent.

  11. At the end of Part II, does she actually bark at him: “Let’s see!!” and then it’s abruptly cut off? And way to intrude upon an intimate mother-son moment, you fucking ridiculous donkey, by sticking your stupid phone right in their faces as Jack shows Cindy his wings.


    • And let’s not forgetting she is leaning over an entire other human being to do this.

      The insanity, it barks.

    • I was actually more annoyed that it cut off when Cindy actually seemed to be showing some emotion/pride in her son. I don’t think it was respect for the moment, it was Julia’s Aspergers, she just couldn’t read the emotion on Cindy’s face, I think.

      (I’m a stone liberal Dem, but I admire Cindy for her opposition to Prop 8 and appearing in those ads, NoH8. I can’t imagine what it’s like to be married to that awful husband. She intrigues me with her quiet dignity, another long-suffering political wife, who’s also an heiress. Throwing Donks into that mix is such soap opera, I love it. Just can’t h8 on Cindy, a soft spot for her.)

  12. It’s a serious event, and she makes a mockery of it with her videoing, yelling, and posting said videos on a public video site. She really is clueless.

  13. She is so out of her element here. She has no idea how to act. No freaking way would she be doing this with a 24-year old Navy Pilot from bumfuck Iowa. This is all about the family. Gross.

  14. I had to watch these on mute. The very idea of her donkey yodeling at that event makes me want to hide under the bed until the Cankleshausen goes away.

    • The feeling is like… embarrassment by proxy. No one should act this way! It’s like she thinks she’s living in a Devil Wears Prada (INTERNS MUST BE CRUSHED! HOW DARE YOU ASK A QUESTION, YOU STUPID INTERN!) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (IF I DO EVERYTHING THAT EVERY MAN FINDS OBNOXIOUS AND HEINOUS, HE WILL STILL LOVE MEEEE). Excuse the over-reliance on chick flicks. It’s the only thing I have stocked in the basement (besides porn, duh).

  15. In a very real sense, this is like WOOing during the Bar Mitzvah reading in a synagogue. This is a rite of passage for a young man and a ceremony of respect for those who have come before him AND DIED.

    • Agreed, you Woo! for DJs and sports teams. Everything else should really equal STFU coupled with respectful applause.

      • well, in her defense, she HAD to woo. she couldn’t clap, her hands were too busy holding her video camera!

  16. These will be gone soon and likely blamed on “hackers”. Please someone screen shot the video for posterity. What a fail.

  17. I felt a little sick to my stomach after watching these vids. It’s like you can LITERALLY feel Jack’s pain/discomfort. Did anyone catch the screwy look the younger McCain brother gave Julsie at the start of video 3?

    PS: Meghann Dotson’s “place” is really her loaded boyfriend’s Tribeca apt and neither one of them want Julsie staying there. She’s so fucking rude.

      • It’s on her NS tumblr. She’s staying with Meghann Dotson, sleeping on her couch or in her extra bedroom, during NYFW.

        It’s actually Meghann’s boyfriend’s loft… so I wonder how that’s going to go over with him. Maybe Meghann is just lonely or wants to LOL at Julia. The guy probably works a lot and will stay out late with his friends to avoid coming home to the Shilldebeast.

  18. DEAR LORD.

    This is my first comment on the new site (THANKS GUYS, I LOVE YOU ALL).

    I’m back to say: I cannot stop laughing. Again.

    This is RICH.

  19. This will bring the breakup date clock forward to before Vday. If not this weekend.

    LIU, baby.

  20. Wow, what a special and personal family moment. Posting this on Vimeo is so out of place, I can’t believe this.

    • Exactly.

      Now, my ex-husband videotaped our son’s graduation, because he was salutatorian and received a bunch of awards, but he did so from the side of the auditorium, out of the way of everyone else (helped that he’s 6’3″). He didn’t have some ADD filming technique, bobbing his head around, and WOO-ing. And, you know, he’s actually my son’s father.

      I try to be supportive of my children, including accepting that they won’t always make the best decisions. But if one of them brought home a girlfriend who behaved that way mere weeks after beginning to date… I’d sit him down and have a nice little talk about how he was welcome to continue to date her but she wasn’t welcome to attend any family gatherings.

  21. I also noticed in the last video (where she pans around the room) that everyone is dressed pretty casually. Cindy is wearing a very tasteful suit, which looks great on her + appropriate for the occasion. Now, remember what Julie wore: a strapless black cocktail dress, that is meant for a nighttime cocktail party.

    I. JUST. KANT.

    And Señor Yack is sitting in between his mother and brother? NOT Julie? LOL!

    Julie, as others have said: YOU HAVE NO GAME.

    p.s. Señor Yimmy is hot. I’d hit that.

    • Honestly, a decent suit coat and blouse with an attractive skirt or pencil leg pants would have been nice. Or a dark coloured silk dress with long/medium sleeves and a collar (ala Kate Middleton, who OOOZES game by comparison).

      But Julie tramps everything up with her fucking sausage curls, so it’s all awash basically. It doesn’t matter what she wears because her hair will ALWAYS be wrong.

      • And I just looked at vid #3 again, and you’re right. Everyone is really dressed down. Was this a morning ceremony?

    • Also if you notice in the first vid, look past the empty seats in the rows behind Donks and you can see a young woman giving her at WTF? look. It’s pretty funny.

  22. This and the previous RBD posts chronicle the best, most complete cray cray that Donkey (thus also the planet) have yet produced. And you tell me that she’ll only get crazier as we near the Birthcray Appalling Day of Super EXpiration (BADSEX) and the inevitable breakup with Pancakes?! I repeat: JAYSUS FUCKING CHRIST, SHE’S GOING TO GET CRAZIER THAN THIS?!?!

    What kind of behavior lies in store? Julia charged with assaulting Jack in San Diego? Julia hospitalized (without health insurance) for “exhaustion?” Julia leaking the worst sex video the internet has ever seen?

  23. Guys. If it isn’t already over it is now.

    She’s out donk’d herself this time.

    So tender. So mild.

  24. Besides the very awkward fake smile he doesn’t acknowledge her in these at all. How embarrassing. Why is she even there? They’ve been dating all of five minutes.

    • Maybe she is using him to make yet another jealous?
      I can’t picture her thinking this will last.

  25. Okay. I’m mortified. I squirmed during the Shannon Elizabeth video way back when, but this actually made me nauseated with embarrassment. Ditto what others have said: never thought I’d feel bad for the McCains, but holy shit, dude. This is brutal.

  26. We had all assumed that she must have been holding in the craziness around him until she lands him. These videos reveal the whole truth.

    She is literally crazy and literally can’t help herself. It’s like laughing at the Special Olympics except for deranged people…so wrong except SO FUNNY.


    • So true. She can no longer help herself. She no longer knows right from wrong. She has lost all control of herself by bagging a McCain. I stupidly believed she was smart enough to show some discretion on this one. But no. She’s so very pleased with herself that she got a famous boy from a famous family with lots of money to go out with her, that she has completely and utterly flipped her fucking lid and cannot help but scream it from the rooftops.

      She is not just a narcissist, but a barking mad, completely insane narcissist.

  27. I could only watch these videos on mute because I’m running errands while sitting in a chair right now. But I didn’t need to hear the braying to see how completely inappropriate they are! This girl has no class I tell you. NO. CLASS.

  28. Why doesn’t he tell her just to NOT film this. Clearly he has the upper hand BY FAR in the relationship (not that the relationship is going anywhere and not that he cares). If he does aspire to anything political one day, it’s not going to look good that he dated this looney, big-mouthed narcissist and took her to functions like this. Really reflects poorly on his judgment–which is already suspect because of his dad nominating Sarah freakin’ Palin over dozens of more qualified women or minority Republicans. The whole family should be paying attention and trying NOT to look crazy. This type of stuff makes me think they’re as nuts as Julia is.

    • it might be a WASPy bite-your-tongue, sweep-it-under-the-rug type thing.

      you’re also forgetting the Julesie is oblivious to nuance in everything she does, so a tasteful “maybe you shouldn’t be filming this” would be taken as a suggestion to be considered and ignored–as opposed to what humans hear, which is “please stop filming this.”

      I honestly feel it would be the same behavior if this were Jack Smith getting his wings. Imagine having your only social contact being flying to atten a ceremony many hours away with a family who doesn’t want you there. It baughles the mind.

      And notice that even though she’s a Chicago girl, there’s no one in Chicago who wants to see her.

      • I think that’s a good point. The WASPy guys I know wouldn’t really say anything directly to the girl in question, but they’d begin to do cruel things, like the forced Jack O’ Lantern smile and not sitting next to her. Next thing you know, they’re talking lots of shit about her to their “bros”. If she keeps coming around, and it’s HIGHLY possible that she will continue to be flown down for casual sex because guys of Jack’s ilk (young, money to burn, passably handsome, macho) really, really LOVE easy sex with non-marriage material girls, they’ll just start making fun of her to her rubbery face. Of course, our Julia will never get the hint.
        Either way, she’s more than likely already a running joke between Jack and his brother and/or friends.

      • I can totally hear the convo between Cindy and the Donkey:
        Cindy- Julia, dear, I think it’s time to put your darling little camera away.
        Cindy- We all have very good memories, dear.
        (Cindy and Jack smile with clenched teeth)

  29. gosh you guys julio allisonga is just trying to have some private celebration with her boyfriend, BOY FRIEND , BOOOOYYYY FRIEND.Who just happens to be a related to a public figure.
    Its very private. And Spay-chul.
    But mostly private. I hope you are all ashamed of yourselves.
    I love senor jimmy -whats his story? Please let him find his way here….

  30. Well she did surprise me a bit by showing a little restraint at the end of the last video. I was totally expecting her to jump in front of the group like she did in that prom photo she is so proud of.

  31. It’s so wrong to have those posted. She has to be out of her goddamn mind. She thinks we’re jealous? I would die before embarrassing myself by invading their privacy like that.

    • Yes! I just watched the videos and it’s clearly a family affair with the brother hitting him on the chest and giving him a huge hug to his mom looking very proud, just so, so awkward for her to there WOOO-ing at every god damned thing.

      • Exactly! It was actually a sweet McCain moment! (That pains me to say.) She’s like the “special” spinster auntie they couldn’t find anyone to sit with at home.

  32. And she’s backed to tweeting about some (over the top adjective) girl wishing her a happy new year of the bunny and SO HAPPPY nonsense. This usually means she’s raging, right?

    • “Stunning.” One of her all-timeu favorite words to describe any female who pays attention to her.

      “juliaallison Most stunning girl I know just wished me a Happy Chinese New Year: the year of the rabbit – ‘or in Julia parlance, the bunny!’ IT IS INDEED!
      about 8 hours ago”

  33. don’t know if this has been mentioned, but comments have been removed from the WGN video and youtube and further commenting is not allowed.

    Way to go, Julesie. Way to go.

    • well done julesie! this is how social media works: when you don’t like what they say, shut them down!

    • OMG the whole of youtube must be ceased and desisted! Stop having thoughts people! “I just love social media, as long as you don’t say anything bad about me.”


    • unbelievable—-once again she shows her true colors…..

      You know Julia blamed it on Type” A” hA8Trs & stalkers.

    • I was wondering how long that would take. Think that sinking Titanic of a newspaper will also decide against enabling student participation in Professor Julie’s Social Studies columns? That’s what old–um, er, oops–new media is all about–silencing those who don’t agree with your limited world view.

  34. Can we start a Breakdown Countdown?

    There’s 3 breakdowns coming: 1) 2/14 when Pancakes underdelivers on JAB’s Valentine’s Day expectations (if he doesn’t flat out break up with her) 2) 2/28 the birthday shitshow where she will have literally no one there (who is going to fly to tahoe for her?) 3) 3/1 when not one paper subscribes to her column.

        • fc i guess we should also re-up our “has julia left ny clock since she’s coming back for fashion week!?” 🙂
          you, know bring our hobby back to being a business!

          • well but we need a lawyer to figure out which of us gets the credit, and which one is just the behind-the-scenes intern. i mean, i conquered the world of countdown clocks before, and i definitely need two interns and a manager while i re-invent my new countdown clock and take the internets by storm! hand me my bonbons, i’m busy “working”!

          • by intern you mean the one who has the ideas and does everything for you right? if so, then sign me up!

  35. I think a lot of Julia’s braying, bragging, and showing off is for the benefit of all the guys who have ever dumped her. “Looky here all you exes…I’m almost a McCain!” It would never occur to her that those exes have moved on and are no longer paying any attention to her shitshow, or as someone hilariously called it the other day…her “Cindy-cast.”

  36. I know this is disgusting, but can we talk about the vaginal skin tags Julia Allison is famous for? How is Jack McCain not running for the hills?

    Seriously, I am curious about how we know Julia Allison has nasty green skin tags. Is this something RBNS made up? Or is this fact?

  37. I also for the life of me can’t understand why Randi Zuckerberg is friends with Julia Allison. She must know that the ONLY reason is to get to Mark, who is Julia Allison’s Holy Grail. I am so disgusted by the whole befriend-meghanmccain-to-get-to-jack; befriend-randi-to-get-mark charade that I want to punch her in the face.

    What type of person uses and manipulates people like this? Oh, Julia Allison.

    • Randi strikes me as pretty sweet and even-tempered; she might just be one of those people who doesn’t want to cause drama, which she KNOWS will happen if she’s all “look bitch, sayonara, and stay the hell away from my fetus.”

      • It could just be that Randi has learned how to set boundaries and say, “Bsh, plz!” when necessary. It’s not as though Randi needs anything from Julia; in fact, Julia needs Randi to gain some small degree of legitimacy.

        I know I have some friends who are, um, less than completely sane and as long as I have clear and well-enforced boundaries with them, it works out decently, especially those who live in other cities whom I see only a few times a year. Randi might view Julia as the crazy girl who won’t ever go away, so she might as well embrace it and have a little bit of fun.

  38. What I want to know is who created this YouTube channel in the first place? It says TMS News and Features and links back to them but it was just created and the only video upload is Julia’s WGN piece. You mean to tell me that in the entire history of TMS they only now decided they needed to have a YouTube because they hired Julia Allison as a social media expert? I wouldn’t be surprised if Julia (or her “manager”) created this channel herself without her bosses knowledge or permission. They already stated she didn’t seek permission for the magazine shoot. I’m also sure they also don’t know she has hired a manager or is getting an intern.

    • She is a fucking raging lunatic. People were actually trying to help her there, letting her know she was in danger of violating labor laws. What a tool.

    • Okay.. at the end of her ad, she says this:

      We don’t care whether you’re business oriented or writing oriented or design oriented or PR oriented, just tell us what you’d like to get out of the internship, and we’ll see if it’s a match.

      But, she also says she can give you journalism credit for the internship. What about business or design credit? Can a Donkey give those, too?

      She’s a fucking idiot!

      Who wants to bet that Cindy McCain (or someone who works for her) has found this site and read every last line? You just know she’s gunning for Jules.

      • Much as I love the idea, neither Cindy or anyone close to her could be bothered to read something like this. Her dislike of Donk will be due entirely to what she sees and hears herself.

  39. Dear Readers,

    You know, I’ve been trying out the comments system for the past two or three weeks, and while I’m thrilled to hear from some of you who wouldn’t have otherwise piped up, I’m really disappointed (although not entirely surprised) at the bad apples who are about to ruin this for the whole bunch.

    One of the reasons I did NOT have comments is that I don’t want to spend my day doing the following:

    1) deleting nasty missives that say things like “your boyfriend will never marry you because you’re too old, ugly, fat” (that’s a nicer paraphrase of a variation I’ve gotten several times, probably from the same – shocking! – anonymous reader) or “your cleavage is offensive for X, Y, Z nasty reason” or “you’re a disgusting, vile X, Y, Z expletive” and so on and so on. Not interested. Not even remotely interested.

    2) engaging in pointless, time-consuming debates which I try to enter into with an open mind, in which readers have an agenda and NO MATTER WHAT I SAY OR DO, I can do no right in their eyes. I do not think I owe these readers – haters, “trolls” – anything. Not details about how I make my money. Not details about what I do with my time. Not details on how many lawyers I consulted to make sure my internship was legal. Not details about my boyfriend or his family or what I choose to wear for my birthday or what sorts of photographs I take for glossy magazines.

    I share moments in my life and things which inspire me with you because it gives me joy.

    But let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR for those haters: I. do. not. owe. you. ANYTHING. You are neither my friends nor my family nor my bosses. Just because I choose to share SOME aspects of my life on this website does not – NOT – give you an all-access pass to become the ultimate arbiter – judge and jury – for my life. I don’t know who or what gave you that idea, but you are very, very wrong.

    Suffice it to say: I will be canceling the comments if this nonsense continues. And I am no longer going to post ANY negative comments directed at me or aimed at spiraling the discussion into an unhealthy, unproductive place. You are welcome to say you don’t like a dress, but you are NOT welcome to insult me. I’m sorry. That’s not how it works. It’s like coming over to my house and slapping me repeatedly and then peeing on my furniture. The second time you try, I will not let you in the door.

    Let me also bring up one other disgusting trend: these same people – under false names – have – for years – YEARS – contacted not only my employers to say disparaging remarks about me (like they thought it was inappropriate that I pose in Michigan Avenue magazine) – or back in the fall, emailed NBC to tell them I was lying about working for them (that was a surprise to NBC, since they were running my segments at the time), or emailed SONY to tell them they hated me. CREEPY, obsessive and disturbing. Even more nauseating, when I was dating my now-friend Taylor in the fall, they looked up his private email address and EMAILED HIM nasty things about me, which of course he forwarded to me with a note saying that he thought anyone who would do that had psychological problems. Frankly, I agree. WHO DOES THAT???

    Listen, I get it: you don’t like me. Your point has been made. You can believe everything nasty you read about me, even if it’s not true. That’s your prerogative. BUT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Don’t contact my employers. Don’t contact my boyfriends. Don’t contact my friends or my family. AND DO NOT CONTACT ME.

    Here’s an even better idea: DON’T READ ABOUT ME. Don’t think about me. Don’t talk about me. WHY BOTHER?? I’m serious. It makes no sense. It’s weird. I don’t sit around thinking or talking s—t about YOU, trying to find ways you’ve screwed up or ways you might potentially screw up in the future!

    You are going to believe what you want to believe! It doesn’t matter what I say, trust me. It doesn’t matter what I do. I could join a convent and devote my life to saving the world and it still wouldn’t sway you – why? Because you have MADE UP YOUR MINDS.

    But you should realize this: every second you spend thinking about me, obsessing over my life, trying to find things I do wrong, is a second you’re not spending with your own families, or with your friends, on your career or on something which truly gives you joy.

    Please think about your real purpose here. Is it to “ruin” my life? You’ve tried very hard. You’ve made me cry many, many times. I don’t trust people the way I did even a few years ago. Are you proud of that? What is it, exactly, you want from me?? You’ve taught me that bullies last long after high school ends. You can continue your crusade and I can continue to find ways to block you from interfering with my life. But I’m not going anywhere. I don’t ever give up – ever. You haven’t noticed that yet?

    Please, let’s end this. It’s been years now. It’s time to let go. Let it go.

      • Stop it, you meanies! She. Doesn’t. Owe. You. Anything! She’s just a non-nasty, innocent girl who just wants flowers and birdies and a husband!

    • i thought it was “let it unfold”, not “let it go”…. 😛
      also: WHO DOES THAT???

    • Suffice it to say: I will be canceling the comments if this nonsense continues. And I am no longer going to post ANY negative comments directed at me or aimed at spiraling the discussion into an unhealthy, unproductive place.

      She means she’s not going to post the negative comments that she can UNDERSTAND as negative. Because she was obviously too fucking stupid to realize that saying something looks like Germany in the 1940s is not a compliment.

      Don’t contact my employers. Don’t contact my boyfriends. Don’t contact my friends or my family. AND DO NOT CONTACT ME.

      Maybe you could stop contacting us. That would be a good start.

      • The good thing is, we don’t have to. They can visit her site and read her online temper tantrums themselves.

    • “Suffice it to say: I will be canceling the comments if this nonsense continues.”

      This is why we can’t have nice things! Ugh, Julia. So sad.

    • Right back at ya julie!

      Here’s an even better idea: DON’T READ ABOUT Reblogging Donk. Don’t think aboutReblogging Donk. Don’t talk about Reblogging Donk. WHY BOTHER?? I’m serious. It makes no sense. It’s weird.

      Also, you do sit around and try to find ways to screw with people lives. It’s documented!

    • So if someone wants to post a comment disagreeing with something she says, that gets deleted too?? Sorry, but questions and concerns regarding the legality of internships are valid. What. A. Cunt.

      The thing that she doesn’t realize is that there are heaps of other bloggers out there who don’t have to endure the constant barrage of criticism and “haters”. Jules, did you ever think, maybe it’s not us… maybe it’s you?

    • HAHAHA.

      She does realize that most bloggers don’t have to spend their days deleting nasty comments, right? Because they’re not sociopathic assholes?

    • Also, Julia, you asshole, the fuck do you know about the time we’re spending with my family and friends? For instance: I had lunch with a friend today where we planned a weekend trip we’re taking next month with a third friend, I played phone Scrabble and texted with my mom all day in between running errands at my desk, emailed my dad about “the ol’ college ball”, and just now my OMG IVY LEAGUE GRAD STUDENT boyfriend got home from the lab and we boned. Now we are going to eat chili and watch Friday Night Lights.

      Imagine, all that and I still found time to drop in here to be a hater with the catladies! How do I find the time to do it all? I must be ineffable!

      • And I just had a doing-errands-while-sitting-at-a-desk performance review, and it was stellar! Everybody loves me here! And I got a bonus! And a raise, taking my salary another ratchet beyond “low six figures!” And I’m going to lunch to celebrate tomorrow with a dear old friend! At an old-school OMG CLASSIC French bistro! And hanging out with friends and family to watch the Super Bowl this weekend!

        Well done, Frequent Liar Milesie, well done! *Pats self on back*

        She really has no idea that most of us here have full and satisfying lives and just come here for the joy of mocking her and her notions of what constitute high status markers (hint: NOT fake YSLs, Donkey.)

      • I ran errands from the front of my classroom for five periods, ate lunch with three friends, got copies of my tax returns to send to my mortgage agent so I can buy the house I put a bid in on Monday (jk, it’s a basement! At least I am buying it myself, and not having it handed to me), had a meeting to coach an intern teacher, watched a school rally, had a meeting with a parent about his absentee son, drove my colleagues home, stopped at the store to pick up a cake for my mom’s 70th birthday this weekend, took out my trash and recycling, plus my neighbor’s trash and recycling for pick-up tomorrow. Raked some leaves into a pile for green pick up tomorrow. Chatted with the haters in chat. Had a nice Crown and cola, and am just about to leave to sit for a three hour tattoo session — free of cost, because the artist is one of my best friends.

        Know what I pulled off amidst all that? Read all the comments on the last two posts.

        No wonder she gets fuck-all accomplished. It takes her all day to get through two threads.

        • Then again, she only has to scan where google cache lights up her name, so I guess she goes through thousands of threads in that time, but only select comments.

  40. So emailing companies that hire her and letting them know their dissatisfaction with her as a brand representative = bad, but emailing/stalking the current fiance of her ex-boyfriend = good? Not to mention the harassment/stalking of commenters at their place of employment, threats from ‘Jack McCain’s lawyer’, blah blah blah…..the hypocrisy….it’s epic.

  41. Can we also please talk about the video Donks posted of her parents shoveling snow? Nothing like standing around documenting someone else doing the hard work! Favorite bit: when she comments, “and it’s heavy snow!” Put down your goddamn camera and act like a normal person.

  42. “Please think about your real purpose here. Is it to “ruin” my life? You’ve tried very hard. You’ve made me cry many, many times. I don’t trust people the way I did even a few years ago. Are you proud of that? What is it, exactly, you want from me?? You’ve taught me that bullies last long after high school ends. You can continue your crusade and I can continue to find ways to block you from interfering with my life. But I’m not going anywhere. I don’t ever give up – ever. You haven’t noticed that yet?”


    She still doesn’t get it. She puts it all on us when she refuses to look in the mirror and figure out why there is so much hate being flung her way in the first place. Some people, yes, are crazy and contact her friends and family, but most people who dislike her are her own friends and people who have met her, plus we who used to be readers of hers, who merely commentate on what she herself puts out there. We would have nothing to say about her if she stopped being such an idiot. When will she realize she is on the INTERNET where free speech reigns. (At least for now…)

    • For every person who has crossed her boundaries by calling/e-mailing, she has done the same in many situations; sometimes by doing the exact same thing! The normal rules of law and society don’t apply to her (she has admitted how she steals first row seats at FW, she brayed to be let out of a ticket, etc.), but laws of etiquette — online or otherwise — are especially invalid for special Jule’s special case.

      • It truly is hilarious that she lectures people on how to act… yet she’s done the same things–often–to other people. Intruded on their relationships, their marriages, their political campaigns, their health history, etc.

        She’s vile and disgusting.

      • And she takes the damn dog to places where dogs are clearly not allowed. She is so full of crap when it comes to practicing what she preaches. One of the things Julia Allison is famous for is being rude, inconsiderate, crossing over all reasonable boundaries, and breaking any and all rules that need to be broken in order for little princess to be happy. She’s been doing it her entire life! Her self-pitying tantrum the other day, chastising people for bad behavior was a joke.

    • she should hang out with Hosni Mubarak ($100 betting she doesn’t even know his name…twitter caused the protests you know)

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