Donkey Tells Haters To Piss Off While Continuing Not To Understand That Her Online Persona Is Relentlessly Loathsome


Dear Readers:

You know, I’ve been trying out the comments system for the past two or three weeks, and while I’m thrilled to hear from some of you who wouldn’t have otherwise piped up, I’m really disappointed (although not entirely surprised) at the bad apples who are about to ruin this for the whole bunch.

One of the reasons I did NOT have comments is that I don’t want to spend my day doing the following:

1) deleting nasty missives that say things like “your boyfriend will never marry you because you’re too old, ugly, fat” (that’s a nicer paraphrase of a variation I’ve gotten several times, probably from the same – shocking! – anonymous reader) or “your cleavage is offensive for X, Y, Z nasty reason” or “you’re a disgusting, vile X, Y, Z expletive” and so on and so on.  Not interested.  Not even remotely interested.

2) engaging in pointless, time-consuming debates which I try to enter into with an open mind, in which readers have an agenda and NO MATTER WHAT I SAY OR DO, I can do no right in their eyes.  I do not think I owe these readers – haters, “trolls” – anything.  Not details about how I make my money.  Not details about what I do with my time.  Not details on how many lawyers I consulted to make sure my internship was legal. Not details about my boyfriend or his family or what I choose to wear for my birthday or what sorts of photographs I take for glossy magazines.

I share moments in my life and things which inspire me with youbecause it gives me joy.

But let me be CRYSTAL CLEAR for those haters: I. do. not. owe. you. ANYTHING. You are neither my friends nor my family nor my bosses.  Just because I choose to share SOME aspects of my life on this website does not – NOT – give you an all-access pass to become the ultimate arbiter – judge and jury – for my life.  I don’t know who or what gave you that idea, but you are very, very wrong.

Suffice it to say: I will be canceling the comments if this nonsense continues.  And I am no longer going to post ANY negative comments directed at me or aimed at spiraling the discussion into an unhealthy, unproductive place.  You are welcome to say you don’t like a dress, butyou are NOT welcome to insult me.  I’m sorry.  That’s not how it works.  It’s like coming over to my house and slapping me repeatedly and then peeing on my furniture.  The second time you try, I will not let you in the door.

Let me also bring up one other disgusting trend: these same people – under false names – have – for years – YEARS – contacted not only my employers to say disparaging remarks about me (like they thought it was inappropriate that I pose in Michigan Avenue magazine) – or back in the fall, emailed NBC to tell them I was lying about working for them (that was a surprise to NBC, since they were running my segments at the time), or emailed SONY to tell them they hated me. CREEPY, obsessive and disturbing.  Even more nauseating, when I was dating my now-friend Taylor in the fall, they looked up his private email address and EMAILED HIM nasty things about me, which of course he forwarded to me with a note saying that he thought anyone who would do that had psychological problems.  Frankly, I agree.  WHO DOES THAT???

Listen, I get it: you don’t like me.  Your point has been made.  You can believe everything nasty you read about me, even if it’s not true.  That’s your prerogative.  BUT KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.  Don’t contact my employers.  Don’t contact my boyfriends.  Don’t contact my friends or my family.  AND DO NOT CONTACT ME.

Here’s an even better idea: DON’T READ ABOUT ME.  Don’t think about me. Don’t talk about me.  WHY BOTHER??  I’m serious.  It makes no sense.  It’s weird.  I don’t sit around thinking or talking s—t about YOU, trying to find ways you’ve screwed up or ways you might potentially screw up in the future!

You are going to believe what you want to believe!  It doesn’t matter what I say, trust me.  It doesn’t matter what I do.  I could join a convent and devote my life to saving the world and it still wouldn’t sway you – why?  Because you have MADE UP YOUR MINDS.

But you should realize this: every second you spend thinking about me, obsessing over my life, trying to find things I do wrong, is a second you’re not spending with your own families, or with your friends, on your career or on something which truly gives you joy.

Please think about your real purpose here. Is it to “ruin” my life?  You’ve tried very hard. You’ve made me cry many, many times.  I don’t trust people the way I did even a few years ago.  Are you proud of that?  What is it, exactly, you want from me??  You’ve taught me that bullies last long after high school ends.  You can continue your crusade and I can continue to find ways to block you from interfering with my life.  But I’m not going anywhere. I don’t ever give up – ever.  You haven’t noticed that yet?

Please, let’s end this. It’s been years now.  It’s time to let go.  Let it go.


    • Wait, this isn’t how a social media and personal branding “expert” is supposed to conduct herself?

  1. No, bunny: While it may be true that YOU don’t give up, everyone else gives up on you. You haven’t noticed that? No, you haven’t. Which is why you are so funny.

  2. Dear Donkey,
    If you experience such negative feedback about your behavior from such a large number of people, some of whom know you, don’t you think it’s time to change your behavior?
    The Cat Ladies

    • This!!!

      I said this in an earlier comment, but after years of haters and drama, maybe it’s time to ask yourself… is it them? Or maybe, just maybe, it’s me??

    • Srsly. I’ve been on the receiving end of some internet hate and discovered some annoying traits about myself that I wouldn’t have picked up on otherwise. And I changed for the better. What a concept.

      • Hell, I’ve discovered some aspects of my personality that aren’t ideally attractive by reading feedback to my comments on this site. Donkey gets a trillion times more honest feedback than I get, and I flatter myself that she’s infinitely less receptive.

      • Co-sign. Yeah, some of this is just straight mean (like the fat fingers thing? Some of us aren’t developmentally challenged, we just have chubby midget hands disproportionate to the rest of our bodies. OH WAIT HAHA WE ARE ALL OBESE). For the most part though, it’s things like, how not to look like a tramp or an asshole. I mean, seriously, a thigh-high skirt to CHURCH ON EASTER? Julia, come the fuck on.

  3. My now-friend Taylor, who I was banging in the fall, with a side of pancakes, thinks you guys are creepy.

    • Because it’s totally NOT CREEPY to post all sorts of photos of me dry-humping him in public while angling for another guy.

  4. She is correct in that people should not be contacting her employers, boyfriends, etc.
    That’s kind of psycho. I come here for the lols but interfering with her life is creepy. I never understand why some people here do that.

    • I agree. Don’t lump the 99% of us fun-loving catladies in with those few weirdos.

      • Some of us are rolling in some bad nip. Let’s tweet Cindy McCain! Let’s contact the department of labor! WTF why?

        • If Julia is breaking labor laws she should be reported. I wouldn’t do it myself but she’s still asking for someone to do it by painting the internet with her illegal activities. And commentating on on a public forum (like Twitter) on the work she puts out there isn’t psycho; it’s how the mediums are expected to work.

          What is crazy is personally emailing friends or employers with links to RBNS/RBD or personal anecdotes.

        • Since I’m someone who said the thing about the DOL — yes, I think she should be reported to them, because she is breaking the law and she is doing so flagrantly. But I also know many people at the Tribune, and I haven’t contacted a single one to talk about her. Why would I? She’s going to ruin herself there.

          But the “internship” bugs me — she’s promising something to (what I perceive to be) relatively naive people who think she can actually help their careers, and she’s using them as slave labor.

          I’d never contact her boyfriend(s), employer(s), or parents. I truly believe in Maya Angelou’s whole “when someone shows you who they are, believe them” thing… and I’m certain that everyone in Donkey’s life will figure out sooner or later what the real story is — I guess I just feel sorry for the “internship” applicants who don’t have the full story before signing up.

          • At the same time, it doesn’t take a lot of reading between the lines to see that what’s being advertised there is not a serious internship. So I expect anyone with a hint of common sense to stay well clear of that and if the Emily Roses of this world flock to the donkey den, it seems like some natural balance is being achieved. Like finds like and they destroy each other in the long run, so all is right in the world 🙂

    • I actually disagree. If you knew her, you would do the same. The way she weasels her way into your life and then sticks a knife into your gut would make you want to prepare the world for her disgusting ways. She is vile and deserves every bit of psycho interference that comes her way.

      • If you know her and have a personal connection/personally influenced by her behavior, yeah. If not, that’s crossing the line. Example, if you’re a former intern for NS and you decide to contact the labor department, that’s legitimate. If you’re an innocent bystander and decide to do that, yeah, I think it’s a bit creepy.

      • No fucking way, I would not do any of that shit- regardless if I knew her in person or not. If she abused me in some way I would tell her in person what I think of her shit. The writing here is so funny- I don’t get why some people go the extra psycho mile. I get that she is vile, but let’s just focus on the lols.

        • I agree. I think it crosses the line when people here who don’t know her take some form of action or engage her. It’s like the 4th wall, don’t break it.

          I can’t really speak to people who know her in real life since that’s between her and them. How they choose to handle the situations are up to them.

    • Please don’t poke The Donkey. I thought about @ing her on twitter, but I decided that was too much. Contacting her acquaintances to badmouth her is WAY too much.

        • She’s a public figure putting out videos, articles, whatever. It’s not crazy to comment on them outside of RBNS/RBD. Is this the only place in which we are allowed to talk shit?

          We’re commenting on a site that rips apart her every misstep. When the “my hate is less crazy than your hate” stuff comes up it really grates.

        • I’m curious as to why?

          Other public figures on Twitter — say, Keith Olberman or Michael Moore — get all sorts of feedback, both positive and negative, in regard to all aspects of their lives. It kind of goes with the territory, doesn’t it? Especially if you bill yourself as a social media expert?

      • Agreed. There was an interesting comment a while ago (was it on Gomi?) about the concept of “poking the beast.” I have always felt that was unnecessary. Ol’ donks is perfectly capable of hoisting herself on her own petard, or whatevs. She doesn’t need us to help her along.

      • Jacy,

        Maybe we should put a disclaimer on the website? Saying that the community as a whole is not responsible for the actions of the few? It really gets under my nails when people take what is discussed on this website and stick it directly in the comments.

        • Why are people so quick to believe her accusations? She fucks up her own life magnificently and doesn’t “need anonymous haters” to ruin her career opportunities.

          I guess I don’t see why people here are so quick to take responsibility for the actions Julia is alleging. She probably read the DOL comments here and fabricated a threat in her own mind. The woman is NUTS.

          I can’t even be bothered to click on her website, let alone lift a finger to interact with her in anyway and I’m certainly not going to suggest that anybody here anonymously interferes in her life. I think Julia’s accusations are horseshit and she brings everything on herself.

          If we were 4chan types the 100 of pizzas would have been sent years ago. This website doesn’t encourage that kind of behavior and it never has. The closest it comes to it, is reports from people who actually know who at events she has attended. That’s not particularly creepy.

      • people shouldn’t poke the beast, but for the most part, i don’t think @ing her on twitter is a big deal. it’s certainly not stalking or harassing for people to @ her here or there.

    • Then she herself should have included in that missive that she is, in fact, psycho. I mean, she did contact the fiancee of one of her exes in order to let her know that there was some overlapping of relationships, no? I wonder if she told Greasy that?

      Oh, and now she’s admitting she and Greasy were dating. A few weeks ago, he had always just been a best friend.

      Creepy, thy name is Julia.

      • Well, Juliar is always the victim, see. We are to do as she says, not as she does. Who do we think we are?

    • I cringed when Donkey wrote an article for Newsweek on Obama Girl and RBNS’s went batshit insane when they discovered how similar it was to OG’s wikipedia article. A virtual flood of e-mails turning her in for her “plagiarism” were sent to Newsweek, so much so that an editor had to pop in and explain that actually Newsweek had made some edits and Donkey wasn’t stealing info.

      That was creepy beyond belief, to think that a bunch of us internet “haters” thought so little of Newsweek—that they wouldn’t have done their own fact checking on an article she (or any writer) turned in.

      I could say the same thing about her Tribune deal, or her Sony deal, or her NBC arrangement….these people know their stuff, they don’t need our “help” in the form or angry emails, tweets, or letters pointing out all her faults. It really does make us look like we’re “just jellus” that were not as crafty as she is in making opportunities for herself with seemingly so little effort.

  5. this is just…wow.

    You’ve taught me that bullies last long after high school ends. You can continue your crusade and I can continue to find ways to block you from interfering with my life. But I’m not going anywhere. I don’t ever give up – ever. You haven’t noticed that yet?

    yes, bullies exist, julia, and YOU are one. except you don’t just keep it at garden variety nastiness, no. YOU think you are SO GODDAMN SPECIAL that you (or, as you tell it, one of your FRIENDS) think nothing of IMPERSONATING YOUR BOYFRIEND’S LAWYER and contacting someone at work, threatening their employment.

    wah, wah, wah, I want to spend years and years splashing EVERY FUCKING FART in my life up online; I want to take slutty photos in my underwear while sucking on an OLD MAN’S cigar; and I want to dress up like a condom fairy and stick my ass out in the photos; and I want to go on fucking broadcast tv and wear my freshwater pearls so I can look like the kennedy I am in my mind, while wearing a dress that is way too fucking short when I sit down, and then go OH MY GOD IT’S SO EMBARRASSING IT WAS SO SHORT BUT THEY PROMISED THEY WOULDN’T SHOW MY LEGS (well, dumbass, you shouldn’t have WORN it in the first place); and I want ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME 7700 TWEETS 1800 TAGGED FACEBOOK PHOTOS FIVE BLOGS TWO YOUTUBE CHANNELS LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME, but you can’t be MEAN to me and comment on what I put out there! you aren’t allowed to have an opinion! how dare you! who do you think you are?

    this post reeks of ‘please stop digging up the shit I’m trying to hide, because the mccains are picking up on the stench, and THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE I CAN’T LOSE IT PLEASE!’

    • This bitch attempted to bully me big time on one occasion. She didn’t get what she wanted–boo hoo!–despite the suck ups followed by “How dare you do that to me!” In textbook BPD fashion, Julia always projects her rotten behavior onto others. That said, I don’t think anyone should contact her employers–does she actually have any? Julia will hang herself all by her lonesome.

    • EXACTLY. The timing is just too perfect. Trying to paint herself as the victim so the McCains don’t realize the nut they have on their hands….and right on the heels of shutting down sites and scrubbing all the disgusting photos and dry humping. Lol.

      You are being hung by your own rope, Julia. It is awesome to watch.

  6. She will never get it through her thick head that her lack of intelligence, lack of work ethic, insane self-absorption, pathological lying, and nauseating personality are her real enemies…not a bunch of funny snarkers.

  7. Please, let’s end this. It’s been years now. It’s time to let go. Let it go.

    I think I’d rather Let It Unfold.

    • Yes! We’ve got birthcray cray-cray coming up where Donkey plans on wearing some kind of slutty matchy-match maternity dress with Randi. She will decide what color clothing all her guests will wear, invite Snooki, destroy banquette covers with her hooker heels, pose for a million pictures, take time out from posing just long enough to scan the room for important people, bray loudly NON-STOP, sit in Dadser’s lap, and lick Randi’s cake because it’s cute to do all that stuff when you’re 30. Let it unfold!

      • The comments on her Birthcray Dress post are(were?) hilarious. A few people nicely suggested that maybe she might not want to wear a HOT PINK MATERNITY DRESS to her 35th birthday party, and she snapped.

    • I love Sabado Gigante… even though I only understand about 5% of what is said. “Pongo, Pongo, Ritmo!”

  8. I hate her. I really do. And you know what, Julia Allison? I hate you because I know you, not because I’m some random person. You are a horrible horrible person who has used and abused about 10 people I know personally. And you know what? Every single person I know hates you. Julia Allison, do you hear that? Julia Allison, this will come up in your crazy ass Google search because you are so obsessed with yourself, that’s all you ever do. That’s why I’m using your full (albeit changed) name.

    Dear Jack McCain: There is a reason this psychotic bitch has failed in every single one of her spectacularly imploding relationships. (Almost) Every. Single. Accusation. on this website is 100% true. Jack McCain, do you understand that? If even 1% of this shit were true, any man with a working pair of balls would flee like a banshee for the hills.

    Julia Allison, fuck off.

    • Yes, Sarah, those of us who have known the donkey personally can tell many a tale of her fucking over at least one of our friends, usually a dozen. Have no fear: Pancakes will be running for the hills in short time, and Julia Allison nee Baugher will have only herself to blame. Let it unfold.

  9. I’d be willing to bet that this post constitutes Donkey’s little hoof-stomping hissy fit following her failed attempt to rewrite history some more by getting this site shuttered. The internet never forgets, Donkerina.

    Bonus bet: Donks will soon do one of the following:
    A) Change her name again.
    B) Anonymously leak a sex tape of her with some borderline celebrity. The sexing will be pathetic.

    • I would not put it beneath Julia Allison to make a sex tape of her and Jack McCain and then do two things with it.

      1) If things go well, Julia Allison would leak it to the public to get more attention.
      2) If things don’t go well, Julia Allison would blackmail Jack McCain into staying with her by threatening Jack McCain that she will release the sex tape.

      Let’s just say… THIS IS NOT FAR OFF FROM WHAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED (with another boy). HINT HINT.

    • Eh, she’s showing off for her presumptive future employers (TMS). What a lil’ firecracker they have on their hands!

  10. In the next 6 months she will lose her new job and Pancakes… This is just a prelude to the epic cray that’s coming…

  11. I’m shocked there aren’t any ginned up comments praising her bravery in the face of unimaginable cruelty yet. She must be typing as fast as the sausages can fly…any minute now!

  12. Ah, the eternal signs of February — Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Julia Allison’s Birthcray Meltdown.

  13. Well, at least this wasn’t posted at 4 a.m.?
    God, she’s really in for it when her writing is posted on newspaper sites that encourage comments. People reeeeaalllly let it rip on those; once, I saw a letter to the editor of a small-town paper, written by an 11-year-old girl, who pointed out that “embarrassing” was misspelled, and that she thought quality control was important. There were at least 10 comments about how she had misplaced a comma in one of her sentences, and no one had on their kid gloves.

    • i am fairly confident Juliar has already lobbied TMS to prevent comments because of her well documented Haterz ruining everything. And that this little blogged hissy fit is just Exhibit H in her campaign to get them to give her special preferred pink princess treatment.

    • Well, exactly. Everyone that comments on newspaper sites is a lunatic. Julia’s column won’t be any different, and I doubt the Tribune will care what people say as long as her pageviews and ad revenue stay high.

  14. She is one gigantic fart noise.

    Julesie, I’ve had a tumblr for over 3 years and I have received one negative comment…ever (and sadly it was someone I know, sitemeter morons!). Basically, if you do things people think are dumb/moronic/reprehensible, people will let you know. If you don’t, people will enjoy your blog or leave when they don’t, without telling you in the nastiest of terms why.

    • THIS.

      I’ve also had a tumblr for 3 years and NEVER received a negative comment. NOT. ONE. But you know what I have received? A lot of positive comments and emails. And I’ve even struck up some nice online relationships with people through tumblr.

      And guess what else? The same thing has happened here. We’ve developed a community. And there are real people who support each other. I know if I’m having a shitty day or week (like last week), I can chat with the other haters and they offer words of support. And I do the same for them.

      You reap what you sow, Julie. You reap what you sow.

    • Yep. I had a blog for a year or so, updated regularly, and received… maybe three negative comments? Two were “anonymous” from my then-dude’s insane ex, one told me I wore too much eyeliner in a picture.

      • Same here — I’ve been blogging for six years with *maybe* two negative comments, and both have been from an ex (and then his new wife). And, oh, it happened to be the ex who schooled me in the intricacies of narcissism. Go figure.

    • Only once did I have a troll who, based on my own investigation, a guy I didn’t but one who I believe was cyber-stalking me. He tried to antagonize me and make me doubt the fidelity of the man I was then dating. I blocked him. That’s an example of troll-like behavior and no doubt a bad few of us have gotten similarly out of line. Guys, stop it. Okay?

      I’ve been blogging (sometimes sporadically) for ten years. I’m not famous in blog circles, nor am I a fame whore. At my peak, I had roughly a thousand readers per day, with some spikes if some big-shot blogger happened to link to me. That’s not a huge number, but they were plentiful enough to create a comments dialogue, occasionally full of disagreement. My philosophy was to not get defensive and let people have their say as long as they were playing nice (i.e. no name-calling to me or each other). Critical views? Welcomed. Telling me I was off base in my opinions? Tough to swallow, but accepted.

      Julia, yes, there are people behaving badly, but don’t be fooled into thinking that we are all that way, that there isn’t a much larger, very reasonable group of men & women who still think you are vile.

  15. is she for realz? She LOVES having haters. It validates her *haters gonna’ hate* mantra so she can keep justifying acting like a asshole to everyone. Plus it gives her conversation fodder.

  16. I think she’s getting her sites confused. It’s like she’s reading this one and thinking that people are making comments on HER site. No, this site has 400+ comments per post, yours has 4. We know you read here, stop making yourself look like a victim by accusing people of posting this on YOUR site. (like the comments about her article/contacting her employer) she really can manipulate anything, can’t she. That takes talent.

    • Clearly we are all sending these crazed messages, and she is just fielding them.

      Because, you know, we are all that unimaginative. Those comments? Sound like the kind of shit that WILL litter her comments section, if she ever has a paper pick up her drivel. The kind of stuff that comes from people who just randomly hate her, instead of getting their PhDonk. The comments on the youtube just showed that we tend to have a lot more interesting things to say other than, “You’re ugly/I hate your outfit/You’re an X, Y, Z, expletive.”

      In other words: made up, or not likely from us.

      Besides, most of us don’t want to hand her our IP addresses so easily.

      Dumb ass donkey.

  17. It’s a bit rich of her to label people contacting her employers as disgusting when she did the exact same thing to a few commenters and innocent bystanders a month ago.

  18. I’ve lurked for years. But I believe it’s time.
    May I please tell my favorite Julia Allison story?
    I am a fellow Gtown alum and had the pleasure of bumping into her on 9/11, one year after the attacks. Everyone was walking around depressed, it being the nation’s capital and all. Not Julia, she was wearing 5 inch hooker shoes, a tiny pleather mini skirt that exposed her thong and a sequin push up bra. No shirt! Her midriff was bare as was 90% of her body. The little clothes she wore were all red white and blue. When I bumped into her, I said, “Julia, what are you doing? Are you in a show?”

    She said, “I’m celebrating 9/11. Don’t you like it?”

    I think every single person who saw her that day vomited in the shower, and went to bed horribly embarrassed that the school they attended had let this trashy donkey in.

    And with that, ladies and gentlemen, I present the essence of Julia Allison Baugher.

    • Photos or it didn’t happen!!

      (I don’t mean it. I just wanted to say it.)

    • haha wow, i don’t remember that. but she did wear all kinds of ridiculous coordinated, pink outfits at gtown.

    • Ahh! I heard this story second hand. It’s truth!!!! I can’t verify the details but my friend saw er that day in the cafeteria and she was dressed like a red white and blue hooker braying about how her outfit was a tribute to lives lost or something.
      I heard that some boy made a joke about her “twin towers” and she repeated it all day thinking it was so funny and everyone else was like wuhhhhht jaw drop no fucking way is this real

      • holy shit, if that’s true i feel 100% justified in mocking her (prior to this i was only 99.9999% sure)

        • In her defense (as much as it pains me to type those words), she was only 21 years old then… and we all have done crazy, insensitive things when we were 20 years old. The fact that she is still doing them… now THAT is a problem and downright scary.

    • Sounds like our Julsie. I remember the tartan porno skirts in the middle of winter, the makeup caked on with a trowel, and the rumors about her being in her late 20s refusing to die.

    • I really wonder if she has asperger’s. she just has…no idea how normal people act, what normal emotions are.

      a 9/11 costume to ‘celebrate’ the day is just so sickeningly disgusting. tacky, classless donkey.

    • Gtown Bunny, the 9/11 story LITERALLY made my stomach turn. And that fucking slut bitch has the nerve to lecture us on proper conduct??? Please oh please, karma…do your thing. (Jacy, do you think Gtown Bunny’s story could be a separate post? It says so much about who Julia really is.)

  19. Why draw attention to herself with this lengthy tirade? Seriously she lasted forever without comments and all she had to do was delete and disable and not say anything. Julia’s cray and NPD is swelling up beyond belief. It must be exhausting to constantly backtrack and edit and make shit up all the time and keep track of it all. Sure, she doesn’t “owe” anything or whatever bullshit she meandering about, but she certainly feels self important enough to broadcast her crap and then throw a hussy fit when she doesn’t get the response she wants. Good fucking luck with the column (if any publication actually picks it up) she’s a nasty piece of work.

      • Seriously, this with the foisting.


        Because lazy, deceitful, nasty, manipulative, cheating, spoilt, dick-grabbing women like you make life really hard for the rest of us.

        You wanna be famous, deal with the fact that not everybody likes you. Keep you goddamn braggy mouth shut, keep your starfuckey relationships private, and stop cheating your way into jobs that other people might actually need. Motherfucking donkey.

        If I wasn’t a vegetarian I would punch her in the head.

    • I really believe she is staging this little show for her Tribune Media Service employers, to inoculate herself against any negative reactions to her upcoming columns.

      • Well, hopefully they read here like the rest of the world does. Because I find it reallllly nervy that she says we don’t have any right to the details of her boyfriend or her boyfriend’s family immediately following her posting photos, videos and synopsis of her every interaction with them. The only thing I don’t know (yet) is how big McCain is in the pants. But, if she’s still doing her ecard creations in the wee hours of the morning, I expect I’ll know that soon enough as well.

    • Oh, and also she saved it to her “My Bestselling Book” file. It’s…let’s see…about one fifth of a chapter, right there!

    • She just wants it up for posterity so she can link it to the McCains to let them know that she is sooooo persecuted, and she tried to be fair and balanced, and her mean old psycho haters just don’t let things die! Obviously she is the rational one, and this is all negative spin, and she can’t help it if we have a big lesbian crush on her, or something.

    • She’s probably going to turn this into an article or something. Isn’t Internet Etiquette 101 just ignore mean comments?

  20. Oh, Julia, Julia, Julia.

    To quote a famous journalist poised to conquer Chicago with her mastery of Facebook and Twitter, “Please think about your real purpose here!”

    Was it to issue a pansy-ass, Ramshackle-inspired mandate about how all comments left on your blog must be utterly glowing with praise in order to adequately contribute to the “conversations” that begin in the forum of your groundbreaking hobby-biz? Or was it to stomp your hooves like a three-year-old because you haven’t been able to have everyone who doesn’t adore you arrested for libel? Or was it slander? You know, I never know which is which or that is that or that is which, it’s so hard, especially with this natural Britwestern accent I’ve got going on!

    Anyway, the latter half of that grammatical shitstorm (English as a third language here, asshole!) was a straight up tantrum and I can’t wait to see what supportive comments you write to yourself in response to it, Darling Girl.

    Nobody wants to ruin your life, bunny! You do that all on your own! So sorry Cindy’s pissy, maybe it was all the brayhonking? Or the inappropriate eveningwear (complete with sweet little hanger straps!) for a daytime event? Money can’t buy you class, hick. Also, maybe the haters were just retaliating from the time you tried to get them all fired from their (actual, paying) jobs!

    Listen, you fucking tragedy, you seem to be of the impression that an online audience (at least until someone gets that fresh, gorgeous mug on some regular television programming!) is supposed to support your “career” of having boobs and liking cheap synthetic fabrics, and yet you claim you owe these “haters” (read: your audience) nothing? I am confused by your determinations of indebtedness, here. If you can’t actually stand the scrutiny, get out from under the magnifying glass and let mommy and daddy bankroll your existence. If you actually want to rise above, you’re going to have to shut up about the injustices of people disliking the fact that you are a despicable brat with plastic hair.

    It’s been years! Let it go! Your haters aren’t going anywhere either, because you are so very unlikeable. Your fault, not theirs.

  21. social media expert won’t allow comments because all of them are mean. or helpfully contrary to what she wants to hear. Telling her that wearing a maternity dress to a birthday is servicy, not mean spirited.

    If people liked her and read her blog and cared, she’d have more positive comments and reblogs and wouldn’t even bother with the negative ones. just delete them.

    • social media expert won’t allow comments because all of them are mean

      This sounds like the headline of a fucking Onion article.

  22. She deleted all the old comments on her posts about interns.

    lol. my favorite was in response to what does emily, the social media manager do? does she run all your social media? does she research/write the column? “she manages social media…” oh, gee thanks.

    • haha there’s an equally funny one that she just posted on her michigan ave. post where the commenter says: “So I think I was getting a little defensive for Julia, because I just think, bravo! for putting yourself out there in such a harsh world, particularly on the internet”

      … and julia is like “that photo was taken in my living room”

      she must be dyslexic or something.

    • “managing social media” for donks = deleting negative mentions and keeping a running list of all the twitter handles/facebook names of people who mock her

    • Actually, I think the phrase was “she manages all the social media,” which I find infinitely more hilarious. It’s like when my grandmother talks about being on The Facebook. She’s an expert in The Social Media too! ALL OF IT!

  23. For a supposed social media expert she really has no fucking idea how the internet works, does she? You either embrace the haters and use them to your advantage or you ignore the haters. She is too fragile to embrace them and too insecure to ignore them. And there are no do-overs on the internet. The internet never forgets. Julia, you will be reaping what you have sown for the rest of your life. Now, if you would just get the fuck off of the interent, you would be able to fix a lot of the problems you have caused for yourself. But you just don’t get it and it appears you probably never will. So you will continue to act stupid and the haters will continue to hate and you will keep trying to delude yourself into thinking that you are not miserable. Good luck with that little donkey.

  24. Someone on Twitter summed it up perfectly:
    “Agreed that trying to sabotage your life is wrong. But calling you out publicly on your publicly posted stuff? Not wrong.”

  25. It’s so predictably juvenile that Julia tries to shame us by letting us know that OMGTaylor and OMGJack think we’re all psychos. I don’t have anything against either one of those guys but I sure as hell don’t care what they think of the catladies and gents. In Julia’s little world, there’s nothing worse than having a boy dislike you.

    • when did she even mention what jack mccain or taylor greason think of us? I haven’t seen her mention this.

      • It’s in the post you’re replying to.

        Even more nauseating, when I was dating my now-friend Taylor in the fall, they looked up his private email address and EMAILED HIM nasty things about me, which of course he forwarded to me with a note saying that he thought anyone who would do that had psychological problems.

        • “When I was dating my now-friend Taylor” – you just know that that sentence originally said “When I was dating Taylor”, but then she must have remembered that she had rebranded him as “best friend” and had to squeeze that bit in.

  26. Perhaps her purpose with this missive was to stir up the haterz and generate material for a cyberbully(shit) column. She’s dumb, but she’s crafty like that.

    • Or to have a convenient link back to her blog, for her column. “I recently addressed my own bullies, recently, so now I will talk incessantly about me, and them, and maybe mention that little girl — I think she was Canadian? — which got bullied to death. If I can squeeze her into my incredibly microscopic 750 words.”

      No links to said haters will be provided, of course, because she is a blogger, not a journalist.

  27. the blowback of negative impressions on that chicago local teevee psuedo-interview was hilarious. and you know that le donk read all of it and disregarded all of it, except to think about how she could shut down comments on youtube

  28. TL,DR version: “I am really upset that the money I spent on reputation defender didn’t make people decide to like me.”

    • I was just thinking about this.

      Sometimes I have wondered- not sarcastically- what SHOULD she do for a career? What would her real calling actually be?

      Let’s see… she seems to love spitting out endless false or meaningless positivity (So blessed! I love all the pink dresses!), and deleting or burying negative feedback. She enjoys it so much that she’s done it on a loop for years.

      Sound like any particular company, wink wink? Hmm… she loves being on the internet endlessly, she loves fighting with “haters”… perhaps she shouldn’t HIRE reputation defender, it seems to me she may make a perfectly good employee.

        • gawd -apart from nestling her boobs into old mens heads during slow dances and “not drinking” at the open bar, licking the cake etc.

          • husband shmusband , tiara shimara . Gosh that that was years ago. Stop being such a victim, why take it so seriously. i hope you’re ashamed of yourself. i am a very confused little donkey.
            I need a lie down , my web of lies is getting tangled in my hooves (ysl)

      • Based on women I’ve met in PR, I think that *if* she were willing to work her way up, starting as an intern and moving up along the way, she might do well. She seems to have remarkable persistence and a knack for networking. IF it were channeled correctly, she could do a lot of good work for a PR firm.

        I don’t think Wedding Planner would work — it would require her to actually listen to what other people want for their weddings, as opposed to forcing what she thinks they should want upon them.

        • Oh lord, can you imagine the sheer force of crazy that would be present in the room with some clients if she did that for a living? Her plus bride?

          Definitely not all brides, but in my experience with some of them, “BBC”. Brides be crazy. And then there are many who manage to remain completely lovely, gracious and sane.

    • Real Housewives of Chicago, in a sort of Bethenny role. Imagine the whole nation being revulsed and annoyed by her. She’d kill for something like that.

  29. there’s always weirdy mcweirdy motivations behind her posts-scores to settle, points to make. Material to gather.
    the hilarious quoting of dialoge from ” the way we were” for example. Jubs is so Babwa Striesand -so talented & fiesty.
    She is such a strange one & needs no help from others to burn bridges etc. Very capable of that on her own. Wonder if she got feedback from “friends” that perhaps cindy is a little underwhelmed and this has fueled the tantrum. There is no mistaking her facials in that video. Frosty. Very frosty.

    • I’ll dissent just a little: When did C McC ever kind of not have that super-frosty look? I just remember being chilled to the bone by any photo in 2008… seemed like total disapproval.

      • i totes know what you mean but i wonder if there is guarded public CMC & a warmer version at “private” events. In any case i would pay F u money to see how they interact in a room.
        plus lets see more senor jummy- he looks a scream.

        • I’m sure they’re totes warm and funny during private moments, like sitting around the christmas tree exchanging gifts of hand guns designed to kill people.

  30. Was it ever established what the TMS account was on YouTube that has the WGN video and only that video?

    Also, I agree that it’s over the line to contact her associates or report her for things or whatnot.

    Just…Let It Unfold.

    Also, she needs to learn the rules for that/which usage.

    • KS confirmed it in chat by linking me to this:

      I doubt there will ever be another non-donkey related video posted on “TMSfeatures.”

      However, perhaps she just meant it as her TMS features. We can soon expect to see the following accounts pop up: colonicfeatures, brownbuttcleansefeatures, mycondofeatures, jacksshackinguamfeatures.

    • So wait I’m confused, would it be over the line to write to Tribune & Associates (at their official email) and ask why they disabled comments on their Official Youtube page, “tmsfeatures”? I mean, it IS using their copyrighted logo and in the description makes no reference to Julia Allison so this tots is not about Donkey, at all, right?

      I’m just asking questions!

      • Sure, I’d say it was over the line, KS, because who the hell cares beyond the fact that it goes in the chronicles of JABa crying boo hoo and getting special treatment because people dare to criticize her. It’s predictable, it’s sickening, and it makes both her and the station look like tools
        That “golly gee, interview was beyond trite.
        “Did you know social media is affecting how we can communicate?! Or even date!? Or that some parents have set up twitter accounts for their babies, just like I did for my puppy (oh, right, she didn’t to mention that part).
        All the shit that gets written about other people all over the place gets ignored; collapses in on itself, peters out. Sometimes within that a real dialog emerges: but if something’s a shit show people are going to say so.
        But you are not allowed to say bad things about Princess Braysalot. Any criticism of her banal recycled trite grasping plastic manipulative and often appalling persona is “bullying”. So shut it down. Not her, she’s doesn’t owe anybody anything!! Shut down the meanies!!
        Duly noted. And another one bites the dust.
        But who cares beyond that? Really. I could give a shit if some little podunk station on the north shore wants to protect their local girl. Or not show themselves up as the idiots they are for their “oh gosh, really?” amazement at her hackneyed pronouncements on social media. Whatevs. Why would anyone waste their time pursuing this farther? It’s duly noted and par for the course. She reaps what she sows.

        • I’m not sure you understood me. I’m pretty sure Julia set up the “tmsfeatures” youtube account on her own as a sockpuppet on January 2xth without her employers consent or knowledge, used their letterhead and copyrighted logo to make it seem official and proceeded to post her interview (the only upload mind you) as a way of promoting herself and her undistributed column. Then she goes and kills comments, portraying TMS as a media outlet that stifles free speech.

          Will I report it to TMS? Probably not, I’m lazy. Do I hope someone else does? Abso-fucking-lutely.

  31. I love how she’s acting like she has TONS of comments and its a full time job for her. Only about 4 people total commented her tumbr page ever and they were most likely her interns. Doing it for what? like hor devours wrapped in a napkin from Jack’s wing party.

    • The comment situation on her blog is sad. It’s mostly crickets with the exception of a couple of groupie types and the people calling her out for her bullshit. So she makes this grand announcement about commenting as if she’s addressing hoards of fawning fans. Delusional.

      • If I was a fan and saw that entry, I’d immediately google “Julia Allison haters” to find out WTF she was talking about.

  32. “Just because I choose to share SOME aspects of my life on this website does not – NOT – give you an all-access pass to become the ultimate arbiter – judge and jury – for my life.”

    No, Julia, this is exactly what gives us the right to comment on your life, your behaviour, your grammatical mistakes, your fashion mistakes, and your lumpy goddamn face.

    I have no doubt that it’s upsetting for you, but I feel little sympathy for you because there’s a very simple solution: SHUT. IT. DOWN. Stop living your life on the internet and it will stop. (If you don’t believe me, Julia, think of Emily Brill. She had a dedicated band of creepy obese hacker troll hater catladies — who commented, with venom, right there on her site! — and when she’d had enough she stopped her blog and got a proper life for herself. Nobody followed her. Nobody has any venom for her. Nobody cares about her anymore, except to occasionally congratulate her for getting her shit together.)

    Ah, but that last line probably strikes fear into your heart, doesn’t it? You want people to care about you — but only in a certain “YOU ARE SO TINY AND CUTE!! YOUR LIFE IS AMAZING!!! XOXOXOXO” way. Well, roses have thorns, rainbows require rain, and other truncated cliches. The point is, it’s a double-edged sword.

    And that’s the reason I’ve never understood why someone so apparently thin-skinned was determined to pursue celebrity. If you choose to live your life in public, people are going to react: that’s the whole point of it. You don’t get to dictate how you’re perceived. (In fact, it’s often quite arbitrary and superficial; sometimes, as you pointed out, it really doesn’t matter what you do.) That’s the risk you take and, sometimes, the price you pay as a public figure.

    Google any celebrity and you’ll come across vicious criticism. Your girl Taylor Swift gets far worse than anything you’ll ever read here — people say things about young female celebrities that are truly, explicitly, disgusting — and while some of it is based on legitimate criticisms, a lot what’s said is just irrational hatred. That’s the flipside of her reaping benefits from all the other people who do like her. (And don’t stop at such an easy target, Julia; even Helen fucking Mirren has haters.)

    If more people hate you than love you, the trade-off is no longer worth it. You took a chance, Julia, but it hasn’t worked out and it’s time to put on your big girl pants and move the hell on. Not everybody who dreams of being an astronaut gets to be one when they grow up.

    If you keep pursuing your dream of ‘celebrity’ in the face of ongoing failure and negative feedback, we’re going to keep calling you out, and you’re going to keep throwing tantrums about us. That’s the beauty of free speech, Julia: I get to call you a cunt and you get to call me one right back.

  33. Seriously? No, really. Seriously? The girl who stalked [redacted2] for years and then wrote a shit letter to his fiance thinks people are “psycho” for telling a dude she has gone out with for how many weeks that she sucks? I just can’t even….. That is just not….. Christ on a bike.

    • I don’t agree with the idea of jumping from the point of view of an internet observer/commenter to actively taking steps to interfere with anyone’s non-internet life.
      However, how does she know it was some anonymous online “hater”. Maybe it’s someone that knows Taylor and is fond enough of him to point out he’s being tsunami’d by someone they think is pure nastiness. Maybe they already had his email address because they know him … but for whatever reason didn’t want to identify themselves to him. I’m not saying that did or didn’t happen but she has no way of knowing and should shut up about her so-called “haters” regardless and just ignore them fer cryin out loud.
      She engages her haters because she has use for them. No one can disentangle herself from that but her.

      • Exactly, the people who have the most impact on her life and who, in her eyes, prevent her from getting what she wants, are the people who interacts with in real life. Her ex colleagues, ex boyfriends, ex classmates, ex friends, ex neighbors, ex interns – all the people she’s used and fucked over.

        She brings it on herself in her own life. She’d like to wail and put her failures at the feet of anonymous haters, but her failures are her responsibility and not the fault of the readers of RBNS.

  34. “I’m really disappointed at the bad apples who are about to ruin this for the whole bunch.”
    Does 4 make a bunch? Reverberating shock waves. There are none.
    “Suffice it to say: I will be canceling the comments if this nonsense continues. ”
    So your hobby blog will go from having 4 comments to having none? Harsh.
    “Please, let’s end this. It’s been years now. It’s time to let go. Let it go.”
    Um, Julia? You started out this rant by saying:
    “You know, I’ve been trying out the comments system for the past two or three weeks …”
    I guess I should be ashamed of myself or something because those two sentences in the same lecture don’t really scan for me. Does that make me a hater?
    Please ignore me.

  35. I hope she was talking about all the emails I sent her. But I left my full name, email address, web address and city of residence. I’ve got nothing to fear since I’m retired. Daddy can’t come after me.

    Plus everything I said was true. I offered her 10-1 on $500 that McStain would never propose. I told her she needs to realize she is just a warm hole…and that most guys (and especially a McStain) marry girls a little younger. Just look around. It’s just the way it seems to be. Everyone I know – including my parents – are about 3-5 years apart, with the man being older. Every. Single. One.

    Sorry Donk. Even if you weren’t completely insane and offputting, the odds are against you.

    • You’re like 35, right? How did you retire so young? (not really my business, just interested… i’m about to expire and i’d love to retire by 40)

    • I really part ways with you on this MB. I have never felt the slightest inclination to email JABa, privacy issues (hers or mine, aside). She lives her life as she chooses to, I live mine.
      She posts stuff on the web; I stumble across it, and if I’m so inclined, I respond on the web. I don’t give a shit about what she thinks of me, nor should she give a damn about what I think of the material she posts or the “persona” who posts it. If she did, she’d make that obvious and you’d see a community build around her. Hasn’t happened. Doesn’t look like it’s about to either.
      She doesn’t want feedback. She wants aggrandizement.
      But back to the point, I just do not get emailing her. What is it supposed to accomplish? Is she supposed to say, “Oh gee. Thanks for that, you’re probably right, he probably is too young for me!” Would you and her then become besties? Is she supposed to be grateful? upset? What do you get from that? It’s seems kinda creepy and hypocritical to me.
      She doesn’t have to read this blog or any blog that is devoted to calling her out on the pure b.s. she posts. But she does.
      She doesn’t have to engage people who call her out on her own blog. But she does. (Dear lord, how long does it take to click “delete” on a comment? It’s not that big of a deal. Move on.)
      This is grandstanding and more attention-getting histrionics on her part, nothing more. (Except maybe to manufacture some drama for her “cyber bully” regurgitation.)
      But back to the point, I strongly disagree with people who don’t know her personally emailing her or anyone she knows. It makes no sense to me.

  36. Where did she make that comment about Pancakes and Greasy thinking we’re gross or whatever???

    I’ve never seen her say that. Are you guys just inferring that from all her hoof-clomping and wild braying?

    • She said in her most recent lecture that Taylor thought some of her haters have psychological problems, and another time, fairly recently, she said that Taylor and Flappy think our Julia “conspiracy theories” are weird. She wanted to make sure we knew that two BOYS don’t like us.

      • Wow, Taylor is more of a Beta-male than I’d ever assumed. So he ***knew*** about this place, knew her reputation, and still dated her?

        He deserved what he got, which was a massive pwning. Taylor, nut up and be a man.

      • oh noes i am ashamed of myself and will change my ways immediately.
        * wraps up ceramic cats in bubble wrap, makes way out of basement to become a bidness laydee

        • Just start a tumblr. Then you’re an entrepreneur bidness lady. And anyone who critiques you is a sexist haterz.

          • i could have a start Up!-you have a start up when you “start up” your computer. And it attaches to the interwebz by going beeep beeeeep doooop beeeep. That is a start up. It is brutal. But i never give up

          • now you’ll have to leave your basement to meet with some VC’s… be sure to show them your tits. make sure they’re not covered in cat fur before you go!

          • You should probably wear a pant suit if you have a meeting with big time investors though. Don’t be worried if they hem covers your hoofboots, it only cost $16.99 at the Mandee off of Union Square, so you can just crumple it into the Yale tote that you brought back from your trip to the Chicago Sanitarium and let Lily use it as a bed. See? I am so. nice.

  37. Is anyone else blocked from commenting on her blergh? This tirade was fucking dumb and didn’t do her any favors.

  38. Jules,

    A quick question..

    Do you use a spreadsheet to keep track of all un-true stories you make up?

    Maybe you should start..the stories are not matching up

    • Maybe that’s Emily Rose’s job? BTW, if Emily Rose “manages” Donkey’s social media, WTF does Lasagna do? Isn’t Lasagna the COO of NS? WTF is she doing if Emily is managing people’s social media?

  39. I just had a nice glass of wine while watching some Law & Order after a long, productive day full of doing what I love to do, collaborating with great, brilliant people, and learning exciting new things. What did Julie do today? She got in several fights on the internet. And she thinks we’re jealous of her.

  40. This woman is so flipping sanctimonious it is unbelievable…”I hope we can begin to enforce standards of decorum on the internet…” Can a person like this truly exist?! I’ve watched all of her shenanigans via RBNS but I truly can not wrap my mind around her existence…how is it possible to possess nary an ounce of self-awareness? Can she truly believe she has done absolutely nothing to warrant the ongoing backlash?

    (I think I’ve officially reached my I.Just.Kant point)

  41. Just because I choose to share SOME aspects of my life on this website does not – NOT – give you an all-access pass to become the ultimate arbiter – judge and jury – for my life.

    That “not — NOT” repetition is a trick she pulls when she’s trying to intimidate. She told RBNS that if they ever — EVER! hacked her Vimeo again (yeah, right), lawyers would be inevitable.

    I bet its a thing Robin used to do when yelling at young Julia Allison.

  42. While I don’t doubt some people out there *have* contacted Donkey, her litany of things that have been done to her make me suspicious. For one thing, a couple of the things she listed as being done by haters–having someone say it was inappropriate to pose in Michigan Avenue, or commenting to SONY that they didn’t like her as a spokeswoman–could be done by anyone. I’ve sent emails to companies before about commercials I thought were shitty, and it had nothing to do with a personal vendetta. Also, I’m a little skeptical that her employers would dutifully pass on every criticism of her; and if they had, how would she know who it was? She makes a point of saying these people are “anonymous haters” contacting her employers under false names, but as the random harassment of RBNS-gate shows, it’s not like she can track IP addresses herself. Given her overwhelming narcissism, I think she she interprets any and all criticism as coming from her horrible army of haters. That, or the instant anyone disagrees with her, they move from “good person” to “EVIL HATER,” which ends up with the same crazy worldview of “in order to be a good lover/friend/person you must actively agree with and support everything I do” that seems to characterise the crazy blogger corner of the internet.

    • Exactly. As far as Julia is concerned all those kids at Georgetown who called her a “medstitute” form the core of RBNS.

      As far as Julia sees it there are 2 kinds of people in the world:
      (a) people she thinks she can manipulate to give her what she wants
      (b) anonymous haters

  43. Ah, once again, the basic fundamental delusion about the internet and social media.

    Juli and her ilk – Mary rambin, jordache, but especially Julia – all seem to think that the 2002 talk about the internet was true. That businesses could operate online form anywhere, freed from the old office, store model. They thought creative types, like they imagined themsleves to be, could use the internet to go aorund the old media ladder – of working your way up, landing positions at newspapers, tv stations and magazines. They think, like Palin, they can bypass all the old gatekeepers. if they were really savvy, they thought, they could become a “brand”, and make money in all sorts of way: website ads, endorsements, cross-marketing of all types. In the end, people would pay them to come and talk about how they made themselves so successful. In short, they could be not only rich and famous, but cutting edge, by embracing this “new technology”.

    But it’s been a long time since most experts realized that was a pipe dream. Newspapers and magazines have slowly figured out that constant updating of their websites and providing more and more content dillutes their brand. Newspapers have seen that comments from readers are often vicious – tacist, sexist, homophobic, whatever, just plain nasty. And endorsing products is ethically iffy. Even real pedestrian readers begin to look at a website/blogger as cheap and untrustworthy when they mention products in passive ads.

    And many of the bloggers or independent websites that have “made it” had an age-old boost: of nepotism, because they’re from faopus stock, or from a partnership with a known media entity.

    In short, it’s hard. Using the internet and social media for a job is hard. It’s nearly impossible to wring any cash from. The interent can be a cruel place and unlike with newspapers, whose letters to the editor used to be the only outlet for criticsm, negative reactions are immediate and can be overwhelming. Julia would like that to change. She talks about what rights readers have, what rights she has. And boundaries. But so far, that limitless opporutnity of the web that she and others thought they were so smart to run after, has a flipside. It’s a lawless place.

    If Julia’s going to be some sort of social media expert, she should stop shovelling sand against the tide. It’s true that a good “product” on the web can blow up faster and bigger than new products in the old economy. But a bad product gets hammeres twice as unmercifully. That’s basic fact. To spend so much time lamenting – complaining really – about how the internet works shows that you don’t really understand how it works. (Um, Julia? Why don’t you do a column on the Streisand Effect?)

    Also, on the breakdown timeline? Posting a new definition/ mission statement of what she does ALWAYS precedes a note to the haters like this one. Next up? Haters get invited to coffee/ live chat. Then, of course – my favorite – comes the flounce.

    This train is never late.

    • She only ever wants to engage “haters” on her terms. She needs to control the conversation. Even in chat, she ignores questions she doesn’t want to answer or answers with “that’s just rude!” or “none of your business.”

    • Oh, and this idea of “making it” as a blogger gives me eye-rolls. Has since the beginning. The percentage of people who actually make a living off of blogging is miniscule. Learn to do something. Anyone can write a blog.

      On another note, Mike Royko is turning over in his grave at Donkey’s “column with two interns.” I can’t shake that post of hers. It’s just so ridiculous.

  44. THAT AND WHICH ARE DIFFERENT WORDS. You are a journalist. You were hired to write your own damn big girl column for a newspaper that I think other people read. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE, for the love of GOD. Or just pretend to, and make up a stupid excuse about how you’re actually right, or about how your sixth grade English teacher just um, errrr oops, taught you the wrong way! LOL. But at least admit that you know the difference. I have about twenty unemployed friends who could live your life for five bucks an hour, idiot.

    • “HIRED” is a loose & fast term where our loose & fast
      (movement) Donkey is concerned, eh? Just sayin’….

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