An RBNSer Replies To Donk-Rant


You’ve taught me that bullies last long after high school ends. You can continue your crusade and I can continue to find ways to block you from interfering with my life. But I’m not going anywhere. I don’t ever give up – ever. You haven’t noticed that yet?

yes, bullies exist, julia, and YOU are one. except you don’t just keep it at garden variety nastiness, no. YOU think you are SO GODDAMN SPECIAL that you (or, as you tell it, one of your FRIENDS) think nothing of IMPERSONATING YOUR BOYFRIEND’S LAWYER and contacting someone at work, threatening their employment.

wah, wah, wah, I want to spend years and years splashing EVERY FUCKING FART in my life up online; I want to take slutty photos in my underwear while sucking on an OLD MAN’S cigar; and I want to dress up like a condom fairy and stick my ass out in the photos; and I want to go on fucking broadcast tv and wear my freshwater pearls so I can look like the kennedy I am in my mind, while wearing a dress that is way too fucking short when I sit down, and then go OH MY GOD IT’S SO EMBARRASSING IT WAS SO SHORT BUT THEY PROMISED THEY WOULDN’T SHOW MY LEGS (well, dumbass, you shouldn’t have WORN it in the first place); and I want ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME 7700 TWEETS 1800 TAGGED FACEBOOK PHOTOS FIVE BLOGS TWO YOUTUBE CHANNELS LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME, but you can’t be MEAN to me and comment on what I put out there! you aren’t allowed to have an opinion! how dare you! who do you think you are?

this post reeks of ‘please stop digging up the shit I’m trying to hide, because the mccains are picking up on the stench, and THIS IS MY LAST CHANCE I CAN’T LOSE IT PLEASE!’


  1. I would just like to see Julie locked in a room with Jwoww. That is all.

    Hey donkey, that’s an idea for a teevees show you might actually be able to sell.

    • I’d watch if Jwoww were fed a lot of whiskey and PCP and given a sledgehammer just before filming.

      • I think he doesnt care – i think he is having a laff and there are probably a few ladies in the rotation.(blecchh)
        Jubs will be an anecdote, possibly by Valentines Day.

  2. May I voice an opinion that may be unpopular? OK, I will: I think she’s wrong about a lot (what and how she shares, her treatment of lots of people, everything she has ever worn) but she’s right about one thing.

    It is weird and unacceptable for people to contact her boyfriends, her employers, and anyone related to her in order to pass along gossip discussed here. This is a humor site, I think, a lark–at least that’s why I’m interested in reading and laughing.

    It made me uncomfortable that someone looked up her flight information to identify the Jack of Jack-and-Jackles, and contacting NBC or Sony to lodge complaints about her should be unacceptable as well. I think this type of behavior does border on harassment, and it goes on too frequently. Though I know that jacy and JP have discouraged it, I almost think there needs to be a site policy against it, not that anyone can enforce it.

    OK: pile on the disagreements starting…now.

    • No disagreement here. Contacting those who associate with her and whatnot is too much.

      Let it unfold, bunnies! (I’ve said that about 5 times today.)

      • no rational person would disagree with this.
        she is a loony bird and needs no help -every time some one crosses that line they make her seem less off her rocker.
        the rocker
        she is off it
        dont poke the beast

      • Although…I think it’s lame that she deleted the comments about her intern search and job applicant advice due to what she sees as an infiltration of “haterz”. If she thinks she’s right about what she’s saying then she should own it. Throwing a hissy fit and then deleting the comments makes her look petulant. For the most part those questions were legit and she should have just let them stand and not gotten so defensive.

      • We all know she’s a huge liar and we all know she wants to be the victim. I doubt very much that ANY haterz bother her in real life. If they ever have I’m sure she is totally exaggerating.

        • Maybe not on a daily basis, but the United ticket thing and NBC thing both happened, and were discussed here. I suggest that it should stop.

          • An interaction with is not an interaction with Julie or any other human being. Direct communication with Julie and her family, friends, and colleagues is beyond the pale, though.

    • I totally agree with you but I will argue that once a commenter noticed that Jack McCain paid for the ticket, when at that point she was still braying about Greasy, the “news value” was impossible to ignore. I mean this is a chick who had been attempting to land a famous guy for YEARS, and finally did, and someone noticed due to her own online indiscretion.

      It would have been difficult to ignore that revelation.

      • Yes, I completely agree with the “news value”–but I just think that we should keep the focus on the incisive and hilarious dissection of an internet fame-bot and not on interacting with her, her employers, her friends or her acquaintances in any way (except where those connections already exist, like those commenters who know her IRL).

        The writing to the employer bit was icky and made me feel like I’ve been subscribing to some kind of manufactured outrage machine, which is outside of my realm of interest. Bring on the snark!

        • I know, I remember this one time one of our commenters came on and was outing her boyfriends names and stuff. I think their name was BETH. It could have been Julia but I still think some people might have emailed to let people know stuff was being published so they were aware. Oh wait no, that was Julia or someone complaining about the comment sheriff.

          One time some RBNS commenters went on Donks facebook and found people who were fans and contacted their bosses. that was crossing a line!! That might have been her too actually…

          • oh beth- that was good times! And the video hacking etc. What a maroon she is.
            And the Prom King reveal-wasnt that one of Sybils personalites too?
            So busy this one. 80 Hrs a week.

          • “One time some RBNS commenters went on Donks facebook and found people who were fans and contacted their bosses. that was crossing a line!! ”

            Wait what? This happened?

          • I think it’s meant to be a sarcastic reference to Janks looking up people on the ‘Free RBNS’ facebook page..

        • I agree 100% with what you’re saying but I don’t think these extreme behaviors happen as often as Julia says they do. As you know, she’s got a serious exaggeration/lying problem, so if she says that a certain thing happens “all the time” it probably happened twice.

      • I agree the beast should not be poked, but reposting and commenting about the things she does is not the same as contacting people in her life. She put that ticket on the web, and someone figured it out. That is what reporters do to people with high profiles and even some without. They investigate and report. And wasn’t it her who said the web is what launched creativity and allowed anyone to report? Just not on her, right?

        Also, reporting her for breaking the law is also different. If she were stealing, which is what that is really, stealing wages from hapless kids who come across her online, then there wouldn’t be any hesitation reporting her. It’s then the DOL’s job to investigate.

        And if some, if not all, of what is said about her were not true, she would just ignore it and move on. She gets so worked up because she knows there’s truth to it. It’s the hit dog that howls. She just whines about the little things she can nitpick with to try and claim it is all false.

        • This.

          Also, as a Chicago resident (not to mention a Tribune subscriber), I have the right to complain about decisions the company makes about its staff. That doesn’t mean I’ll contact them (as a former freelancer for them, I certainly have the means) but I don’t think being forthright about my opinions are crossing any line — nor would I think any subscribers of TONY would be doing so if they’d complained about Julia’s column there.

        • “And if some, if not all, of what is said about her were not true, she would just ignore it and move on. She gets so worked up because she knows there’s truth to it.”


      • Using tech (see what I did there?) to look up something Donks has disclosed on her blog seems okay to me. Fair enough. But the contacting employers, sponsors, friends, boyfriends etc. seems like crossing a line to me. I am content to just let the lols unfold. And they always do.

    • Pshaw, Julia would have revealed pancakes one way or the other and not even in due time….
      She’s demonstrated famously she’s capable of lying but being discrete about relationships with boys, especially connected ones, is not her thing…. She posted that ticket info on purpose.

      • she did post all the grandfather aviator photos, i love flying photos and the ” way we were” dialogue before the photo of the ticket.
        She was dyyyyyyyyying to reveal it -i don’t know if she meant to do it with the ticket tho-she is kind of dumb but hmmmm.

    • I agree that we shouldn’t be trying to interfere in her life by contacting employers, friends, boyfriends, whatever. it is kind of creepy. and I say that as someone who was thisclose to tweeting cindy mccain when the whole rbns/lawyer thing went down. but I stopped myself, took a breath, and let it go. she has enough rope to hang herself all on her own.

      however, she has absolutely no right to be all sanctimonious about people trying to ruin her life, when she has sunk to the creepy haters’ level and done the same thing. she used her connections and ‘position’ to try and intimidate someone and threaten their employment. for that, she is no better than her creepiest hater.

    • I mostly agree with you, but I think the fact that Julia is often hired as a public person to be an ambassador for a brand complicates the issue.

      I don’t really think there’s anything wrong with emailing Sony to tell them you disagree with their decision to hire Julia to represent their brand. I do think you would come across as insane if you listed gossip-ridden reasons as to why, though. In relation to her new job as a writer, I assume if the columns are published online people will be able to leave comments.

      In relation to the ticket someone uncovered being purchased by Pancakes, that is 100% Julia’s fault. She either did it on purpose or should know better than to make information like what flight she is on available online.

    • The thing is, no one is contacting these people, that we’re aware of. She throws that out there as a red herring. She wants to make it seem like people are contacting them. Maybe some people have… who knows? But that’s just Donk-ese legalese. What she REALLY hates is that we have a highly active community that keeps to itself (for the most part) and just LOLs at her. In public view on the internet.

      The rest is just a cry for sympathy. She hates (is jealous) that this blog exists and that it exists in a venue that Dad$ter can’t shut down with pathetic, cheap C&D missives.

      • Well said dude. I’m getting a bit tired of all these self-righteous noobs telling us the rules when Donkey broke all of them first. I was fine playing by the rules before the Donkey went and SHUT DOWN OUR RBNS.

        BOOHOO someone looked up the airline confirmation number you posted to the internet? I weep.

        BOOHOO someone emailed someone. I weep.

        BOOHOO someone notified the authorities you broke the law. I weep.

        BOOHOO someone has an opinion and it is unpopular. Welcome to the fucking Internet.

        • Um, Kraken, it’s not just self righteous noobs that think it’s not so good to be contacting friends, employers etc with tales of Donk’s many transgressions. Nor is everyone trying to impose “rules.” I am assuming it is still okay to post our opinions here, even if you don’t agree with them? Or am I mistaken, as I so often am?

          • I firmly believe everyone can have an opinion, it’s when they start trying to impose that opinion on everyone else that I get very ragey. Reading Donk’s latest missive made me super pissed off because of all her demands. She has no right to demand shit from anyone. She is the #1 offender of all the crimes she cries about being a victim of.

            Then I come here and everyone is trying to lay down their fucking rules about contact. You know what? Suck a dick. I will do what I want, and you can do what you want. If you don’t like it, call the Internet Cops.

            I’ve never felt any desire to email Julia and I still don’t. I am firmly of the belief that she is her own worst enemy and it’s much easier to let her fuck up her own life on her own, however, if someone feels like writing an email, who are we to wag our finger at them?

        • I agree re: the BooHooing. Cry me a fucking river, Julia.

          And excellent point — we really have no idea if any RBNSers have done the crazy things we’re accused of.

          • I wonder why Julia doesn’t go the whole hog and claim that it’s “Anonymous” who are out to get her. Sad thing is, she isn’t important enough.

          • Actually, the RBNSer who wrote to NBC asking, “Did you know Julia Allison is using one of your flagged microphones and claiming to represent you?” posted on RBNS about doing so. S/he posted the replies s/he received. (NBC forwarded the alert to Jules herself.)

            Some fellow commenters said they were uneasy with this level of pokery, others saw it as fair game, and we had pretty much the same conversation we’re currently having. That’s the only reason I knew about the incident before now.

    • I was actually about to make this same point. I dislike her as much as the next person, have since she worked on the Hill. But I would never contact someone who employed her or dated her directly. That’s a bridge too far.

      My argument in defense of RBNS is two-fold: She puts it all out there, she has to be willing to be judged; and She can avoid us if she wants to.

      Sadly, it looks like that’s not true for some RBNSers.

    • The knife cuts both ways. If you have been here from the very start, the crazy in the NS qotd over NYs two years ago, you would realise that Jules forced a lot of her own readers (me included) into creating this community.
      Never have I encountered such denial of self awareness. Everything she accuses us of – everything – she did first or had a dirty hand in.
      Leaked names of boyfriends when they asked her not to – to RBNS
      Reblogged comments from RBNS to her blog (how much did she love the “cockroaches will outlive this bitch” comment?)
      And contacting someone’s place of work to is out of line? Keep up. Look at what she did to commenters of RBNS.
      Disgusting. The time to defend her has passed. She gives but can’t take.

    • Agreed. But emailing her, Twittering her, commenting on YouTube videos, etc. isn’t nearly on this level.

  3. *stunned silence*

    I can’t believe one of my comments got its own post. I wonder if this is what julia allison felt like when she was put on the cover of wired magazine?

    so. BLESSED.

    • If you were really excited, you wouldn’t change out of your sweats for three whole days. And when you did, you’d put on an unfortunate poly-blend cocktail dress for a daytime event. You know, until you post a video of yourself wrapped in a Snuggie, sans makeup, avec glasses, howling at the camera at 3am, I won’t even believe this is a blip on your radar.

      Well done, CupcakeCrayCray! Well done!

  4. Sad. Julia Allison only ever goes crazy on her haterz when she’s about to get dumped. It’s pretty obvious Senor Yack is upchucking all over this relationship now that our heroine has spent some QT with Cindy and that Fucking Asshat Who Brought Us Sarah Palin. How soon after JA met Wallet Thing’s parents did he dump her on her raft ass? Two weeks? It’s like she’s auditioning for the lead role in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days: A New Media Interpretative Dance Sponsored by Tumblr.

    Dance, donkey! Dance!

    • YES. And she usually outs them in some way just before, or during, a major dumping (i.e. Señor Yack videos posted today).

      TK = came to RBNS comments and revealed his identity

      PK = made private videos public, and revealed his identity

      [redacted #1] = made his private personal medical issues public, tried to publicly shame him into buying her a MacBook Air

  5. I’m going to repeat the ranty tl;dr comment I just left on the previous post. (It took me a long time to write, dammit!)

    “Just because I choose to share SOME aspects of my life on this website does not – NOT – give you an all-access pass to become the ultimate arbiter – judge and jury – for my life.”

    No, Julia, this is exactly what gives us the right to comment on your life, your behaviour, your grammatical mistakes, your fashion mistakes, and your lumpy goddamn face.

    I have no doubt that it’s upsetting for you, but I feel little sympathy for you because there’s a very simple solution: SHUT. IT. DOWN. Stop living your life on the internet and it will stop. (If you don’t believe me, Julia, think of Emily Brill. She had a dedicated band of creepy obese hacker troll hater catladies — who commented, with venom, right there on her site! — and when she’d had enough she stopped her blog and got a proper life for herself. Nobody followed her. Nobody has any venom for her. Nobody cares about her anymore, except to occasionally congratulate her for getting her shit together.)

    Ah, but that last line probably strikes fear into your heart, doesn’t it? You want people to care about you — but only in a certain “YOU ARE SO TINY AND CUTE!! YOUR LIFE IS AMAZING!!! XOXOXOXO” way. Well, roses have thorns, rainbows require rain, and other truncated cliches. The point is, it’s a double-edged sword.

    And that’s the reason I’ve never understood why someone so apparently thin-skinned was determined to pursue celebrity. If you choose to live your life in public, people are going to react: that’s the whole point of it. You don’t get to dictate how you’re perceived. (In fact, it’s often quite arbitrary and superficial; sometimes, as you pointed out, it really doesn’t matter what you do.) That’s the risk you take and, sometimes, the price you pay as a public figure.

    Google any celebrity and you’ll come across vicious criticism. Your girl Taylor Swift gets far worse than anything you’ll ever read here — people say things about young female celebrities that are truly, explicitly, disgusting — and while some of it is based on legitimate criticisms, a lot what’s said is just irrational hatred. That’s the flipside of her reaping benefits from all the other people who do like her. (And don’t stop at such an easy target, Julia; even Helen fucking Mirren has haters.)

    If more people hate you than love you, the trade-off is no longer worth it. You took a chance, Julia, but it hasn’t worked out and it’s time to put on your big girl pants and move the hell on. Not everybody who dreams of being an astronaut gets to be one when they grow up.

    If you keep pursuing your dream of ‘celebrity’ in the face of ongoing failure and negative feedback, we’re going to keep calling you out, and you’re going to keep throwing tantrums about us. That’s the beauty of free speech, Julia: I get to call you a cunt and you get to call me one right back.

  6. Re. Greasy Pancakes thinking your haters are crazy — allow me to retort.

    When you sob and bray and stomp your hooves about how badly you are mistreated, what do you expect them to say to your face, Julia? This is akin to asking them if they think you look fat. If a random acquaintance comes up to me and starts hysterically bitching about something, I too will nod and feign agreement so as not to be drawn into a pointless discussion.

    Here’s a little experiment. When you’re in a group setting, pick one person you don’t like (e.g. someone who won’t cave in when you throw a tantrum.) Point out some trivial, but real, defect on his or her person. Stumpy little sausage fingers, perhaps. What you’ll find is that everyone else in the group now has a seed planted in their minds about those bloated digits. Even if their initial thought is “that’s strange, I never noticed before”, they won’t ever be able to look at those hands quite the same way again.

    And so it is with your short-lived boyfriends.

    • If Greasy is the type of schlub to let Julia walk all over him… he deserves what he got. What a pussy.

  7. She should’ve gotten an SIU tatoo instead of an LIU tat. Two reasons:

    1) SIU = Shut It Up. Much better advice for a braying fool than “Let It Unfold”.

    2) I picture her more as an SIU (Southern Illinois Univ) than an LIU (Long Island U) student. Her Chicago accent is actually pretty prominent and, personally, I find that accent even more repulsive than Lawn Guyland accents.

  8. Jules, since we know you read here..

    People do not get to demand the fame they seek.
    If you are lucky enough to get Fame, any fame you understand its a fleeting thing and also understand it can and often is gone by tomorrow. enjoy it while it lasts as it might not be there tomorrow.

  9. I also agree. We should not condone poking the beast, she will torpedo herself without our help.

    A previous post really rang a bell for me. To me she does represent the dying of the light. A dark world where the one with the best lies wins.

    I am an old, and a real woman in tech. I have lost many opportunities to people with better lies. It offends me that she thinks that clicking a few links and pushing a few
    buttons makes her a tech expert and entitles her to a living. It offends me that she wins so many opportunities and wastes them with her laziness and stupidity while talented people die on the vine.

    It was hard, REALLY hard for me to have a career in computers since I was already well past my expiration date and started at a time when nobody really understood what the role of computers could be in the business world. I was a pioneer. I did not get any of my jobs by showing my tits or dropping names of famous people or exhaling streams of bullshit about things I really didn’t understand.

    The young tech women today have a slightly easier path to walk. Altho it is still not an equal playing field, I helped make it better. I helped by taking whatever job I could get and proving that I could do more. I am happy and proud to have the next generation of real tech women standing on my shoulders and cheer them on whatever shape their accomplishments take. I resent these twits who whine because their lives are not easy enough and pull out the “women in tech” card when they think it might get them MORE. This is how I found out about Julia. I wanted to know how she got so much cred with so little knowledge.

    Oh, and I did not have the luxury of screwing things up and saying “Oops aren’t I cute?” Because while I was doing this I raised two fine kittens who had to be fed and housed. And now they accomplish more in a week than Donkey did all year. As do most of the commenters here.

    I have had some incredible experiences during the past few years running errands for my clients in various parts of the world. I have seen beautiful places and different ways of living and have worked with wonderful people who are trying to make the world better.

    The Donkey and her ilk will never know what it feels like to live a meaningful life or the rewards of a job well done. Donks thinks that dating a guy from a famous family is a great accomplishment. I have been to places where they wouldn’t even know who he is or who his family is and would laugh if someone tried to tell them. Because they
    have more money than his family or her family could dream of having and in their world people like her are garbage on the street. In their world people like me are valuable allies and friends.

    The catladies fight for real life and real skills and real jobs and real respect. These are the only things worth having and the Donkey will never know what that even means. She thinks we don’t have meaningful lives but really the opposite is the truth.

    The catladies are her memory. We keep what she wants to erase. She hates us because she cannot get rid of us.


    • Goosebumps. I wish Julia would read that but I don’t think she’d understand it because you didn’t say anything about dresses.

      • Yeah I know, but she is “beyond salvage”. I mostly was talking to the catladies, to let them and JP and Jacy know that what goes on here has real value.

        And BTW I still have great tits even tho I am almost sixty. But only those who have proved themselves worthy see them. I can still cut a swath in a little black dress!

    • “The catladies fight for real life and real skills and real jobs and real respect.”

      Can we get this on a t-shirt?

      • Of course. Before she retired to produce kittens she was the head stenographer of an international corporation. I took her legacy and built on it.

        Donks took her mother’s legacy and shat on it.

    • Thank you. Beautifully said.

      And thank you for your work in helping bring equality to women in the work place, not that we’re there yet. Julia doesn’t and will never realise that her sense of entitlement is what enrages real hard working business women so much. She talks about her business? Get back to me when your business is hit by a flood, then a cyclone, and you are still trying to pay real employees real wages to keep their own families fed while having no income of your own, just a sense of what is right (I actually pay my employees, and pay for real qualified training for them, not just some bullshit “credits”).

      Most people do it on their own with no financial help from anyone. Good for you for making your own life. You have lived a life worth living. And if Jules never works that out, I actually will feel very sorry for her.

      Things she should have figured out at the ashram (most of us just call it life).

    • I truly believe that some of the coolest people to come from this “Non society community”…..are on this “HATERZ bully” site. You are awesome.

    • birth cray is early? oh happy day
      excuse me while i faux -ga lick someone elses cake , vom in the shower & drop the phone.
      i want to scream ” well done Julsie! well done!” and the slip into my authenticity costume.

  10. My take on it all:

    Reblogging / flogging Donkey is a spectator sport. Don’t like it? Change the channel, move along, exercise your right to not be here, w/e, but please do face facts — “social media” IS equivalent to public arena — opinions, theories, wagers, etc. here & elsewhere RE: Donkey Doo is part & parcel resultant of what Donkey puts out for public consumption. Entremanure Donkey has to reap what she sows, no two ways about it.

    It’s fine to express oneself where she doesn’t have to see it unless she actively seeks it out (which we know she does; that’s a masochistic tendency she needs to work out for herself) — but, to come down out of the stands & follow her home, per se, (into her own blahhg comments or email)? That’s a line best left uncrossed (IMHO).

  11. If I was one of her “Dear Readers” on NoneSociety, I would have absolutely no clue what her rant was all about, seeing as the average number of comments on one of her posts there is 2 or so and they are all fairly fawning.
    The rage is so bizarre.

      • its got to be a dumping or at least a vibe of a dumping.
        setting up for the “boo hoo -the h8terz made me lose my one true love “

    • Seriously, outside of the cat people and informed media folk community the rant has no context. So media outlets are supposed to pick up a weekly column on social media from raving beast who claims feedback is ruining her life? Who flips out when anyone sees through and comments on her flamboyantly obvious constructs? Since GU julia’s been obsessed about becoming a public figure and if shes such a social media expert she should expect to take the bitter with the sweet and also realize she’s got to provide some redeeming or identifiable content. I’ve been aware of her since her georetown days and franklythe criticisms and ill will she inspires hasn’t changed since her salad days. I daresay it’s magnified since no one except us cat people seems to give a shit about her these days.
      Is there a reblogging tila tequila site I’m unaware of? Julia should be honored because this is it interms of her celebrity.
      Her column for Zell new media is a nonstarter and dead in the water. She’s just kicking at things in her last stand.

      • Is there a reblogging tila tequila site I’m unaware of?

        There was Tila’s Rotspot, but it’s no longer being updated. I think they lost interest when she bought the rights to her sex tape so it could never be released.

  12. More martyrdom from Our Lady of Internet Freedom of Expression:

    oh no, you have NO IDEA the comments I was getting which I didn’t publish. And as much as I would like to say that I can read them and ignore them … that’s just not the case. They sink in. They fester. They sit in the back of my mind and they torture me. I’ve tried EVERYTHING to thicken my skin – and the irony is that it actually has gotten WORSE. In other words, the hatred is cumulative. It builds up and starts to erode your faith in humanity, frankly. It’s not pretty.

    I do not mind dissent, not by any stretch. I am open to other viewpoints, AND even to being told I am wrong. But I am fragile because of the s–t that they have already pulled on me (I mean, they tweet me nasty stuff EVERY day – they have tweeted Jack’s mom and sister crap, they looked up my parents’ property records and contacted my dad at his office). So perhaps something that wouldn’t seem like a big deal, in that context, is in fact much bigger …

    Yes, Jubbly Appleson, someone called yr dad, PeePee Bogger, at his office. After he first called them and said, “Don’t you dare talk to my little burro or I’ll call the livestock cops for exciting my excitable, disabled burro. Please return my call with your lawyer’s information so that I can send them a creased and diseased letter.”

    They called your dad, on his telephone. Can we get a victims’ rights rep up in heeeeeeeeeeeeeere?



    • Every single thing she complains about, she spoon fed her public in the first place. Nobody cared about yr dad’s address until he sent out threatening letters on his letter head, nobody cared about your property until you so obviously lied about renting it.

      Such an idiot, it’s all your fault Julia, you brought it all on yourself, because you love the attention and you’d die if you didn’t get it.

  13. wow…in her comments, she says…

    I do not mind dissent, not by any stretch. I am open to other viewpoints, AND even to being told I am wrong. But I am fragile because of the s–t that they have already pulled on me (I mean, they tweet me nasty stuff EVERY day – they have tweeted Jack’s mom and sister crap, they looked up my parents’ property records and contacted my dad at his office).

    she forgot to mention that those people contacted her dad at his office in response to the c&d letters he was passing out like candy.

    always with the legalese.

    • I am open to other viewpoints, AND even to being told I am wrong

      THIS is why so many professional writers and lovers of the English language subscribe to this site. It’s literally, ineffably hilarious the way she writes these things without irony and claims to be a $4/word writer.

  14. Yawn. This again? Really? Holy deja vu Batman!

    It’s like she lives the same year of her life over and over, and over, and over…
    Except every year it gets just a little bit more desperate crazy-eyed and transparent seeming.

    She really did herself a disservice by shutting down RBNS. More fatass, disgusting, moral-less cat ladies are motivated to band together and hate her than ever before. Only now there are clear and legitimate reasons for that by even complete outsider standards- and on a website she can’t muzzle.

  15. Donkey: do you want to be famous or not? You can’t have it both ways?

    And buck up, buttercup: more people hate the McCains than have ever or will ever hear of you. Times a million. If anything this should all give you something to bond over. “People think we’re batshit! Fuck ’em!”


    You’re just using him. You may tell yourself otherwise but it’s true. And you know it. When real celebrities are in non-beard relationships they keep that shit on the DL for as long as they can.

  16. she has gone and flipped her lid in the comments -“i am fragile, i don’t mind dissent”
    hmmmm jordo & mare are laughing and crying over a BPC juice.
    and that reblog pr person just sends me.

  17. That’s a good point. Contacting Cindy or any of the other McCains is not something I’d do, but they’ve definitely heard worse about themselves than anything anyone’s said about Julia. When Cindy was giving Julia the stank eye in the winging video, it definitely wasn’t because of us– that was all Julia.

    • The mccains put up with palin and their putzy fame whaling daughter and international scrutiny so I imagine they are a bit dead inside when it comes to donkey. Julia is so inconsequential no matter how much fuss she kicks about.
      If she has redeeming, endearing, intelligent, or relevant qualities they have yet to be demonstrated in the past ten years despite all her multimedia opportunities. Julia demands a lazy audience. This week alone she posted countless unappealling dresses and shared a monumental hissy fit. Social media is obviously not working for her. I dunno why anyone would want to read about her etiquette mistakes and all the bola. Common sense folk know not to post shit.

      • I don’t know about Cindy. She might be willing to keep her mouth shut publicly for the sake of her husband’s career (or do a take back like after her support of repealing dadt) but when it comes to mothers and their sons… I think behind closed doors she has a lot to say about the burro

  18. “Don’t think twice before you say something nasty behind someone’s back or write something nasty online. Don’t think three times. JUST DON’T DO IT. There is NEVER – EVER – EVER a justifiable reason to bully, to harass, to torture or to hurt someone. EVER.”

    But emailing your ex’s fiancée to tell her you fucked him after they started dating is okay?

    • This country needs a zero tolerance policy for hatred, in ALL its forms, and that includes online hatred. And I intend to work towards this goal in the future.

      well, now we know what issue she plans to champion when she becomes first lady.

      • You can’t erase the bad things in the world and to think she can shows how immature and gosh darn STUPID she is.

    • And having your daddy, Peter Baugher, threaten random people at their workplace is okay, Julia Allison? Because of some oh-so-horribly-mean, pearl-clutching comments on the Internet? Because when you do it to other people, it’s justified, yes?

      Just so we’re clear, Julia Allison Baugher. Just because you have social media platforms doesn’t mean you know how to use them for anything other than fameballing. You’re pathetic, and your expiration date is drawing close.

      An obese catlady who lives in the basement, and yet is married and far from the expiration date

        • Touche!

          Hey, advertisers, if you’re reading this, I am a SRSBIDNESSLADY. Send Franzia, Bobbi Brown bronzer (for that “I pretend to get out of the basement” look) and hideously over-the-top frocks from your shoppes.

    • Harassing people via email is OK? Chastising them when you own personal actions have been much more heinous is OK? Right, then.

  19. The question I would ask bullies out there – or people who think they are vigilantes (they never see themselves as bullies) – is this: are you proud of yourselves?
    Yes, my job helps people and with my actual salary I donate to charity. I am nice to my friends and family. I am proud of myself.

    Would you say these things in front of your husband or your wife, in front of your boss, in front of your mother??
    Hell yes. And if you think we’re mean, my mother would have some choice words for you if she ever encountered you, dipshit.

    How would you feel if these things were said to your friends – or even closer to home, how would you feel if it was your child??
    Trick question, I would never raise such a cunty child.

    OK Julia, awaiting your next post.

    • Actually more than that, awaiting my next glass of wine. But what a lulzy way to bring in the almost-weekend.

    • let’s go forth with this:

      are you proud of yourself, Julia? You shouldn’t be.

      Would you say these things in front of your husband (um, er, oops, non-existent, but you’ve certainly broken up a marriage before) your boss (oh, contracts were not renewed), your mother (birthday cancellation!).

      How would you feel if these things were said to your friends (name them, strictly for the lulz), how would you feel if it was your child (you mean the potential gay one you seek to dress in a tutu? Oh.).


  20. GTFOH. She’s pulling this nonsense when she MODERATES HER COMMENTS. She let certain things through (constructive or otherwise) to make it look like she’s having a liberal policy of commenting. Suddenly it’s OMG PEOPLE ARE SAYING LOTSA MEAN THANGS. First of all, learn the internet. Second of all, no, it’s the people stating opinions rationally and reasonably that she’s looking to silence. If they were openly and rudely saying anything she WOULD let them through, because that would facilitate acting like a victim. “Look! Haters! It’s just as I’ve claimed!” They are not doing so, and as a result she is now she’s turning the situation into an “omg, so many rude comments I’m just going to have to shut them down entirely” situation that she can claim without having to prove at all. GTFOH. Transparent.

    • Muchas typos. But no. This is ridiculous and that entire long as hell BS post makes no sense whatsoever. If she was canceling out nasty posts she wouldn’t have to make a long as hell post ABOUT it and play the victim role. Stoooop playing the victim role for your new audience. They will probably see through you anyway.

  21. That donkey just compared herself to kids in school who get bullied over things they cannot control and kill themselves.

    I…. I just kant.

    • Fuck me, I never go to Non Society–no page views!–but did to check this out. This spoiled donkey is comparing herself to gay kids who have been bullied and killed themselves! I’ve watched this asshole treat gay people with condescension and openly say in a classroom that she likes them best when they behave like “Queer Eye” stereotypes. I am not kidding here. How dare she compare herself to a minority class struggling to obtain basic human rights.

      I feel like Glenn Close in Dangerous Liaisons: “This is WAR!”

      • “Well, it’s not okay. It’s not okay with this young man, it’s not okay with the gay teenager who later committed suicide, and it’s not okay with me.”

        Just shut up, you jackass.

        • the gay teen at rutgers (I’m assuming that’s who she’s referring to?) who committed suicide was unknowingly filmed while having sex, only to have it posted all over the internet.

          on a daily basis, julia allison shits out the details of her life all over her lifecast, twitter, youtube, vimeo, all on her own, because it’s something she WANTS to share, and she controls its release.

          those two situations are tots the same! victims unite in solidarity!

  22. “This country needs a zero tolerance policy for hatred, in ALL its forms, and that includes online hatred. And I intend to work towards this goal in the future.

    Meanwhile, I ask all of you to help me do the same. At the end of the day, if you can’t say something nice, get off your laptop.”


    YOU are the one who tracked people down on Facebook because they ‘liked’ a group that was critical of you.

    YOU are the one who impersonated Jack McCain’s attorney, and harassed and threatened people at their jobs.

    YOU are the one who sent insane, psychotic emails in the middle of the night.

    YOU are the one who had her daddy threaten, harass and intimidate people who hadn’t even commented on RBNS.


    So fuck you, Julia Allison. You are a hypocrite and a disgusting piece of trash.

  23. “The haters” had the audacity to contact your father?! (Read the “Comments” on this post. Comments my ass. So. Busy. Our Julsie!) You’re conveniently leaving out the part where he sent “the haters” C+Ds letter on his letterhead, inviting them to contact him.

  24. “And all I can say about not taking the comments personally is this: imagine the worst things you’ve ever thought about yourself, multiply them by 300, then say them to yourself about 15 – 20 times a day. See if you can still remain stoic. Most people can’t. Certainly not me!”

    Jesus, Julie. If it’s THAT hard on you? I have an easy solution: disable comments on your blog and DON’T read RBD. Problem solved! You’re welcome.

    • Or, better yet: Quit the Interwebs for reals, enter into therapy, and get a real job. As someone else noted: See Emily Brill for an example of how this works.

      It’s not that complicated, Julia.

  25. meandthem
    Julia, while I agree that there are people who have gone too far with this, how can you have the nerve to say someone who emails a boyfriend has psychological problems when you, yourself, emailed the fiancee of your ex detailing how his dating of her overlapped with you having sex with him. You admitted you did it. So tell us all, WHO DOES THAT?

    You’re right, I did do that. He dated me – and her – simultaneously for over six months (after he and I had been together for some time). And he wasn’t just sleeping with me. He was telling me he loved me, that he wanted to marry me. I thought she had the right to know who she was marrying. I don’t regret that in the least. Perhaps I should, but wouldn’t you want to know you were marrying a cheater? I sure as hell would.

    That said, whether or not you disagree with me, that conversation – which I stand by – was between me, her, him and no one else. The fact that she wanted it broadcast that her future husband cheated on her is strange to me, but I can’t pretend to understand what goes on in the mind of others.

  26. Julia, while I agree that there are people who have gone too far with this, how can you have the nerve to say someone who emails a boyfriend has psychological problems when you, yourself, emailed the fiancee of your ex detailing how his dating of her overlapped with you having sex with him. You admitted you did it. So tell us all, WHO DOES THAT?

    Reply juliaallison 12 minutes ago in reply to meandthem

    You’re right, I did do that. He dated me – and her – simultaneously for over six months (after he and I had been together for some time). And he wasn’t just sleeping with me. He was telling me he loved me, that he wanted to marry me. I thought she had the right to know who she was marrying. I don’t regret that in the least. Perhaps I should, but wouldn’t you want to know you were marrying a cheater? I sure as hell would.

    That said, whether or not you disagree with me, that conversation – which I stand by – was between me, her, him and no one else. The fact that she wanted it broadcast that her future husband cheated on her is strange to me, but I can’t pretend to understand what goes on in the mind of others.

    Okay, wait. So, it’s okay to email someone else’s boyfriend and tell them their significant other is a cheater? But, I thought you didn’t want anyone contacting your boyfriend Pancakes, Julie? Also, tread lightly Julie. You get a few supportive comments on your blog by people who clearly have no idea who you are and you begin to get a big head and rewrite history. It’s not between you and him and her when you begin to defame him online. And it was never about you and him and her, was it, anyway? It was about him and her not wanting any of you, so now you defame him publically when your private stalking gets outed.

    • But she kicked Michael to the curb right? So why was she sleeping with him if she knew he had a new girlfriend?

      Seriously I swear she sits at home drinking neat tequila every night. Her mind is loopy-ballz. Psychotic. There are no stories straight in her mind, she changes them every time she tells them.

  27. I just tried to post this in her comments…the fact that she is claiming that she is an equal victim to a bullied kid drives me nuts.

    Julia, I saw this live this morning and it made me weep. It is really touching, and sad, and speaks volumes about the world we live in… That said, you really can’t compare your situation to this, and actually it is offensive that you do. You are a grown up. The things people call you out on are things you can control. You also have behaved like a bully in a recent months. And as far as I know, no one has pinned you to a fence so just be careful about going to far with these kinds of comparisons. This is not a hateful comment, I’m just trying to express an opinion I think many people have, and if you don’t publish it, well, that says everything.

  28. Is she frantically dreaming up names, creating email addresses and having her own conversation with commenters on her blog? Seriously? WTF is going on over there in the comments section?

    She would tell total strangers that people are looking up her parents property records?

    Do you think her boss wants her thoughts dragged through Julia’s comment section?

    I read this part of a comment;

    I guess I’m confused as to why someone would try to hurt you so thoroughly. I find these “trolls” a little pathetic and sort of sad.


    She is writing all her own comments, people!!

    She is insane!!

    She brought up the [redacted2] fiancee letter just as cavalierly as she outed [redacted]’s mental illness!!!

    She is FUUUUUUCKED up!

    • Fucked up, yes, and with a Christ Complex that’s ricocheting off the walls. Be that as it may, I guarantee most of her brayge will come down in less than 24 hours. If not, she’ll look like a bigger jackass than she already is.

  29. The whole “me and him and her” thing reminds me Vanilla Sky. She’s Julie Gianni. Julia’s “And he wasn’t just sleeping with me. He was telling me he loved me, that he wanted to marry me,” is exactly like Julie Gianni’s “Don’t you know that when you sleep with someone, your body makes a promise whether you do or not,” and “four times means something!” The only difference is that unlike David in Vanilla Sky, Julia’s ex refused to get in the car with her for another drive down crazy lane and because of it Julia pitched a fit.

    • Ugh, the crazy entitlement. She’s admitting she tried to sabotage her ex’s engagement because she was mad about sleeping with her two years prior. Because of that, she thinks that there is a “him and her and me”. Julia, seriously? Do you realize how stupid that sounds to every woman old enough to have ever dated? We’ve all slept with men who have later left us. Many of us have been cheated on. Many of us have been engaged. Some of us have been engaged and had it end without getting married. I’ve had it happen twice. But, I certainly didn’t lower myself so as to harrass my ex-fiance’s new wives. There was no “him and her and me” just because we once got it on and he told me he loved me. There was just a him and her. The me part ended with our relationship. Jesus Christ with chocolate pudding, Julia. She’s actually trying to excuse her asshole stalking behavior and harrassment with the excuse that he slept with her two years prior. No, Julia, “when you sleep with someone, your body is not making a promise whether you like it or not” and that promise does not endure two years into that person’s engagement.

      And I can’t even begin to try and point out the irony of her using alleged two year old cheating as justification for her crazed behavior because then we might have to talk about her own cheating and whether or not anyone else has the obligation she claimed to have to warn her current boyfriend. Not that that even happened outside her imagination, but the logic is there nonetheless.

      • And we also might have to talk about one of Donks’ memorable put-downs to another outraged ex…”jeez, that happened two years ago, get over it already.”

  30. No, but…no,, but…WHAT THE HELL?! Not everything has to be nice! I don’t agree with the wars we are waging. I don’t agree with how our government is responding to Egypt. I don’t like Camille Grammer, just from watching the show she agreed to do. I have formed opinions and because I am a critically engaged human being, I like to back my opinions up with reasons and/or facts.

    I just don’t even understand!! ‘If it isn’t nice, don’t say anything?!’ Well, what the fuck is your definition of nice??! Because I think — from what you type and from what photos you post — that you are not particularly intelligent, you dumb fuck. Sorry, it’s not nice, but WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU TO MAKE ME FEEL BAD ABOUT MY OPINIONS!?!?

    Seriously, what is the point of posting anything on the internet, then? DON’T POST ANYTHING, YOU BIG MANIPULATIVE BULLY!

  31. She almost had me there for a minute. Bullying is a strong word, but then I realized that she doesn’t care about bullying in the slightest. She’s rarely mentioned it before, and if she has it’s only been in relation to herself.

    Is she suggesting that the internet should only be full of rainbows and unicorns and that negativity/criticism should never be spouted? Get real. Also, she can take her own advice and stop reading here.

    PS, nice shout out to RBNS in her Lilly dog video post. Pathetic.

  32. That’s it. Most of the comments are fake. Look at this one:

    Well said Julia, I’ve seen comments people have written about you and its disgusting, apparently there’s even a whole website dedicated to cyber bashing you – I can only imagine how pathetic the people are who write on that site. Stay strong, some people turn jealousy into hate.


    Oh, she is definitely trying to make a case to her new employers or something! So calculating….what a little victim of HERSELF.

    • “apparently” there is hate on teh interwebs! “apparently” the earth revolves around the sun! good day, dogs bark and cats meow! oh hello julia, fancy meeting you here in the comment section of your own website, writing comments to yourself. 80 hours a week you say? my word! well pip pip cheerio, and do post one of those videos of your parents shoveling snow again, it’s so droll to watch the olds toil and sweat!

  33. I just read all the OH POOR JULIA comments on her blog and almost vommed on my keyboard. When did the world turn upside down and turn the vile, repugnant, narcissist known as Julia Allison into some kind of internet hero? It is truly disgusting over there, and Julia is basking in all of the fawning praise.

    She has an especially nasty talent for turning every single thing she fucks up into being someone else’s fault. She is now criticizing Michael’s fiance for making public Julia’s awful email to her. It’s not dear, sweet, caring JULIA who was in the wrong…she was just trying to do the poor little fiance a favor by letting her know that Michael was a cheater. But then the fiance had to go make all of that public. Julia thinks that’s pretty strange behavior, and she just can’t understand strange behavior like that. What she’s trying to say is, SHE’S not fucked up. The fiance is fucked up!!! I really, really hate Julia Allison. Here’s a quote from whore Julia in reference to the nasty email:

    “I don’t regret that in the least. Perhaps I should, but wouldn’t you want to know you were marrying a cheater? I sure as hell would. That said, whether or not you disagree with me, that conversation – which I stand by – was between me, her, him and no one else. The fact that she wanted it broadcast that her future husband cheated on her is strange to me, but I can’t pretend to understand what goes on in the mind of others.”

    How insane is she??? Sorry about the tantrum but this is all so outrageous…and then she’s got all these idiots on her idiot blog saying, “Poor Julia, we love you Julia.” OH BARF! Also, the part of that quote where she said “I don’t regret that in the least.” Total bullshit. During her most recent visit into the RBNS chat room, someone brought up the email to Michael’s fiance, and she said “Not one of my finest moments.” She’s a liar and a cheat and a disgusting piece of shit.

    • She’s writing those comments herself. No one (else) thinks she’s the hero.

      Don’t take her blog so seriously, bunny!

      • I should never step foot inside of Julia’s shitcast. There’s always so much there that causes brayge, especially tonight! I’ll stay right here in catville where it’s funny and interesting.

    • And don’t forget that that email was only sent to the fiancee because her ex’s email wasn’t working — remember?!?! So, she wasn’t trying to warn anyone about anything! She was asking the fiancee to pass on an email to her ex. SICK SICK SICK SHE IS SICK SHE REWRITES IT ALL I REALLY THINK SHE NEEDS HELP THIS IS BEYOND HEALTHY THIS IS BEYOND.
      i think i reached the point.

    • Oh, it’s all so worrisome. Poor little misunderstood bunnykins. She’s so nice. Wow, the crazy is going right off the rails here. I almost hate to say it but…it’s SORT OF SAD.

  34. Here’s the thing. Since her last freakout post, she has posted three times about wedding attire and once with a picture of a sunset. Her writing on these posts wasn’t funny and it wasn’t incisive. It wasn’t even particularly good writing. It was another boring blog out of hundreds of thousands out there.

    JA: Take away your vile behavior towards others, your undiagnosed mental illness (both of which are disturbing and well worth commenting on) and here’s the thing. You don’t produce good content. You have never, ever produced good content. You’ve always been pedestrian and derivative. You’re not humorous, you’re not a good writer, and you’re not a good photographer.

    You have nothing to offer anyone on the subjects of life or technology, and yet you continue to insist you’re an expert worthy of a national platform. This ain’t true. The people criticizing your content are not criticizing your content because you’re so heinous (although that’s probably what introduces them to your content in the first placeIf you turned it all around and became completely normal in your dealings with other human beings tomorrow, RBD might fade off, but you still wouldn’t be a famous writer or media personality – because you’re not good at any of it.

    There’s lots to be a hater about when it comes to you, Jules, but get it straight: thinking that the lame, self-centered nonsense you burp onto your tumblr every day is not content worth national renown is not “jealous hating” or “bullying.”

  35. A missing parenthesis in there. My cat hair-related toxoplasmosis is really acting up this AM.

  36. I gotta agree with Julia in her post. You ladies (?) need to let this go. I assume you are all over 21. Start behaving like it!!! You’re spending way too much time focusing on this not really famous chick and who she is dating or working for.

    A lot of states are passing cyberbullying laws and most are aimed at school kids. This site is exactly what they are trying to prevent.

  37. The next time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as a lot as this one. I imply, I do know it was my option to read, but I actually thought youd have something fascinating to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you would repair if you happen to werent too busy looking for attention.

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