Remember “My San Francisco Boy?” The One She Wept About Leaving Just a Few Weeks Ago?


If not, here’s a look back at some pining Tweets about the boy she loved until she loved another boy because he was wealthier and more famous and finally acquiesced to the cyber-stalking:

Hello gorgeous San Francisco! So happy to be back. SF boy is picking me up at the airport and we’re headed straight to Whole Paycheck! Dec 8 2010, 1:18 UTC from Echofon

Just helped SF Boy edit his resume over skype tonight. Amazing what you can learn ab a friend (or date) through something businessrelated. Nov. 18 2010, 7:13 UTC from Echofon

Lazy, rainy Saturday here in Chicago … SF boy texting me photos of his 12K run while I remain snuggled in bed with my dog and my laptop. Nov. 13 2010, 19:47 UTC from the web

I LOVE YOU!! SF boy & I were laughing uproariously over it last night: Nov. 12

I know, it was INSANE, right?!? @davemorin, @brit & my SF boy were blown away by Giants fever. RT @kevinrose: hide your kids/wife! #giants Nov. 2

Annnnd the kicker:

Another morning, another 6 am flight – so hard to leave my sweet SF boy sleeping in bed! Nov. 2

Ouch, Pancakes!! It’s almost like she’s, you know, FUCKING CRAZY!!!


  1. I confess, I am SF Boy. Its all part of an elaborate long con. If you haven’t hate-fucked someone before. I suggest you try it.

  2. I’m not going to call her a whore for overlapping (that’s the subtext here, right?)

    Jabba never called Greasy her boyfriend (or labeled him such on FB), and till she does that, can wax lyrical about half a dozen guys at the same time as far as I’m concerned.

    • Oh come on, whether she labelled him boyfriend or not she was posting pictures of herself draped all over Greasy in her slut ruffle skirt and then doing the same with Pancakes the following week. It’s not about slutty, it’s about human decency.

      • True. Whatever you want to do is fine as long as relationship status hasn’t been declared. However, until that point, I would always keep things on the DL or refer to a guy as a friend online…no one needs to know who you’re fucking.

      • The issue is not the overlapping. It’s that she’s totally disavowing any kind of relationship other than “best friend” with Greasy. Someone called her out and she specifically addressed it by saying that she didn’t date Greasy and/or he was not her boyfriend. He was just her best friend.

        I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t have a male best friend that I even see in his bed in the morning let alone have a hard time tearing myself away from him.

        So, while she may not be a slut, she is most certainly a big, fat, liar who threw Greasy over for a chance at grabbing the brass ring.

        I sure wish Greasy would “anonymously” spill to RBNS about what really went down.

    • No. I would say the subtext is, she obviously had no fucking feelings for SF Boy, and was constantly referring to him to make someone jealous. I wonder who that very rich someone is?????

      She’s a calculating, lying narcissist. There was no other reason to mention this fucking guy when she was obviously angling for the better offer. She did it to make herself seem desirable. She’s heinous.

  3. So she is stomping her hooves at United over Twatter? While Cindy jets to Africa, our Plowhorse acts like a brat…..

    • She is pitching a fit. Shit happens, it’s not personal that her flights are delayed. So mature and able to handle setbacks so well.

      • I’m best friends with my high school ex boyfriend. You know what I never, ever, ever call him? My high school ex boyfriend. Mostly because I’m not a cloying imbecile, and I know no one cares.

        • But, but, but! It’s like a tree falling in the forest. If you’re not a Donkey ex- (boyfriend, debate partner, college roommate, etc) then you are nothing!

  4. In six weeks you could sleep with ten people.
    But not if you put every last detail on Twitter.

  5. from RBNS on 12/22/10:

    “Both Jack and Taylor know about your website and think your conspiracy theories are weird but hysterical. Let me spoil your fun by clarifying – Taylor is my best friend. Jack is my boyfriend. There’s a lot you don’t know – because, if you haven’t noticed, it’s none of your business.”

    Huh. So Taylor must be a *very special* ‘best friend’ if you found it “so hard to leave” him “sleeping in bed”.

    Scroll down to ‘CuckooBird Who Never Reads Here Reading Here Again’

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