Donkey Having Trouble Keeping Track Of What She Said To Whom


Yesterday in the comments of her blog, Donkey had to this to say about a fleeting member of the Free RBNS Facebook group who was contacted by a woman posing as “Jack McCain’s lawyer” at her place of employment and threatened. When asked why her boyfriend’s lawyer would do such a thing if he didn’t care about what was written about her online, she replied:

Um … He didn’t. I don’t even think Jack HAS a lawyer. That is a completely untrue story – and to repeat it is ridiculous and defamatory.

How strange that she would call the story “completely untrue,” seeing as she sent this to the Chicago woman in question after the woman contacted Donkey to warn her to that she, herself, would be seeking legal counsel thanks to being contacted at work by someone obviously working at her behest, or Donkey herself.

From: Julia Allison <>
Sent: Fri, January 7, 2011 10:34:02 AM
Subject: Re: RBNS

Hi [REDACTED] – I think this is one of the strangest emails I’ve ever received, and that’s saying something. I have absolutely no idea who you are or what you look like, and I never – at no point – called or emailed you, let alone using my boyfriend’s name (that doesn’t even make any sense). Yesterday I was shooting a pilot for bravo the entire day.
I do know that I have some slightly unhinged hacker fans that have been doing some strange stuff, but I have nothing to do with it.
Sorry you had this experience. If you really do live close by, why don’t we get a coffee one day?
Sent from my iPhone

So which is it? A completely untrue story, and to repeat it is ‘defamatory” (heehee)? Or likely the work of some of her “unhinged hacker fans?”

Another slip: she knows her “unhinged hacker fans” have been doing some strange stuff. How was she aware they were doing “strange stuff?” They must have told her, right? What did she know they were doing, and if so, why didn’t she tell them to stop? Very damning admission of an awareness that, at the very least, crazy loons on her behalf were harassing people.


  1. Wait, I thought she said she knows who did it, is furious, and asked that person to apologize?


    • That was a different person, different harassment.

      There have been at least five:

      1. Someone who got e-mails at work threatening to have her fired. Donkey’s e-mail to her was posted the other day.
      2. Someone who got the phone call at work from “Jack McCain’s lawyer.” Donkey’s e-mail to her posted above.
      3. Someone who got an e-mail from Joy Alton warning her to stop commenting on RBNS.
      4. Someone not associated with RBNS, first in October by someone claiming to know he was Julia’s Publicist and threatening to tell his employer, then with the cease-and-desist letter to his workplace by Peter Baugher.
      5. The purveyors of RBNS, who got several over several months, from “someone who should never have been on your radar” to Morning Muffin and going as far back as “the law student.”

  2. Love the screengrab, and there’s no way Julia Allison or Peter Baugher can claim she owns the copyright to Big Think’s images

    • Peter Baugher would probably send out an overly inclusive letter refering to Julia’s right to publicity, slander, defamation, intentional infliction of emotional distress (IIED), and canklehausen by proxy.

    • This is what cracks me up!! Did they REALLY think that taking down the ‘site that shall not be mentioned’, would have people cowering in fear?? It’s only made it stronger and WAY more hysterical!!
      Sometimes I wonder if she knows this and amps things up. Any attention is better than no attention, yes??
      She’s either really crazy or crazy like a fox.

      • Peter must realize, by this point, that people are calling his bluff. Peter knows there is no legal action to be had, but he thought maybe RBNSers wouldn’t realize that. Or wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced with finding another place to build a community. Wrong, Petey. If you have time to think about threatening online communities during your law firm workday, it’s time to be put out to pasture. You could’ve had a graceful pass into the sunset and retire from your law practice with dignity, but Robin and you parented Julia so poorly, you’re going to be stained with her for life. Congrats on Britt & Allie, though. At least some of these kids turned out OK.

  3. FFS. After having attempted one or two “pilots” for Bravo, I think it’s safe to say that a new one isn’t in the cards. What does the appearance of the individual have to do with the circumstances at all, and why the coffee invite if she’s completely free of guilt or association when everyone already knows the average Julie coffee invite is only extended in a manipulative attempt to convince she’s really so. nice. and just a victim? There isn’t a bit of this that makes sense and she isn’t speaking at all like someone who doesn’t know what transpired or who assigned themselves the duty of doing her unspoken bidding. Also, if she truly does have “hacker fans” at all (BS to the fullest), calling them unhinged and openly blaming them probably isn’t the smartest thing to do. It’s amazing how many things go down that immediately get blamed on friends, fans, and everyone else while Julie supposedly has no idea whatsoever. How dumb does she really think people are?

  4. Another example —

    She tweeted about watching the Bears game at the Univ Club… but then posts a picture and tweets that she’s in the “party room” (WTF???) in “my building”. Setting aside the usual lie about the downtown condo being hers… wtf??? She posted those two statements nearly back to back on Twitter.

    Also, 2 days ago she went wayyyy out of her way to say that she was soooo busy, bunnies, sorry if she couldn’t respond to comments and wouldn’t be blogging for a while. Then, she shoots of 2-3 dozen tweets and apparently has enough time to meet with Sarah Milligan, watch the Bears game, and generally be a useless, lazy fuck. So… umm, errrr, why the lie about being “sooo busy working on something big”?


    • I believe she is a pathological liar who simply cannot stop herself from lying, even if the lies do her no good, are to no real end, have no real purpose and are easily debunked. I also believe she has trouble, having told so many, not only keeping track of them all, but remembering what the lies are and what the truth is. She convinces herself that the lies are truth, and that the truth is lies.

      I don’t know what the condition would be called but I am sure it’s common among people with NPD because they are constantly trying to prove to the world how awesome and worthy of adoration they are. That requires a shit-load of lies.

      • the recent pictures on her lie cast are so sad. first off, she’s not “sexy” enough to be a host for some douchey MMA program. her personalities range from overly formal to deranged to ridiculously batshit crazy liar.

        in the picture with the MMA guy, she’s dressed like a middle aged midwestern department store salesperson. so out of place, so sad.

        the pictures from the “party room” (bears game) are so sad. the room is sterile and contrived. the whole thing is so lifeless. i love that someone commented on her blog “do you even know the rules of football” and she replied “no. HA HA HA.”

        you suck, julie.

      • There’s a better term for her psychosis- Histrionic Personality Disorder:
        “Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) is defined by the American Psychiatric Association as a personality disorder characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval and inappropriate seductiveness, usually beginning in early adulthood. These individuals are lively, dramatic, enthusiastic, and flirtatious.

        They may be inappropriately sexually provocative, express strong emotions with an impressionistic style, and be easily influenced by others. Associated features may include egocentrism, self-indulgence, continuous longing for appreciation, feelings that are easily hurt, and persistent manipulative behavior to achieve their own needs.”

          • Wow. This slayed me:

            A mnemonic that can be used to remember the criteria for histrionic personality disorder is PRAISE ME:

            * P – provocative (or seductive) behavior
            * R – relationships, considered more intimate than they are
            * A – attention, must be at center of
            * I – influenced easily
            * S – speech (style) – wants to impress, lacks detail
            * E – emotional lability, shallowness

            * M – make-up – physical appearance used to draw attention to self
            * E – exaggerated emotions – theatrical

          • I can’t decide if My Darling Julia has BPD or HPD. This list fits, but there’s so much more.

        • Found that a while back and thought the same thing…JA is the textbook example of HPD…glad you reposted it…

        • THIS! I was saying this exact thing a few days ago, I always pegged her as more of an HPD than a NPD type if I had to choose ;). Or you know, just an asshole.

          Either way… yikes.

  5. She’s seriously crazy. I’d love to see a Law & Order episode based off of her because she’s going to snap anyyy day now.

    Also, based on her definition of defamation, “and to repeat it is ridiculous and defamatory,” pretty much everything that involves her and something negative is “defamatory” Someone’s been spending too many late nights pretending to be a lawyer…

    • I’d love a House ep on her. They’ve certainly done the medically malingering thing before, but it’d be awesome to see Dr. House go nutty on her character. And Dadsers!

  6. Nice of her to admit she knows who’s pulling this shit. Should make for a more interesting conversation with the cops.

    • And thank YOU for reposting. I was just about to do that and saw your comment. Saw the link last night – it’s awesome.

    • that fight she saw wasn’t UFC. in fact, i’ve never seen even a semi-pro MMA fight where the guys are in shirts.

      • Shirts = mad bad fabric burn, and also a choking hazard.

        Just, um, theorizing. I had never heard of MMA (is that like MDMA?) until the other night.

  7. To repeat the story by posting it on the comments section of your own liecast… is that also ridiculous and defamatory?

    Her understanding of defamation, libel and slander… HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

  8. OBVIOUSLY Anonymous are not content to merely smite Scientology and defend Julian Assange, they’re also busy harassing RBNSers on behalf of Julia Allison (“3rd most hated person on the internet) .

  9. In which she admits to being a lazy ass mooch in her blog comments:

    seaofteeth 16 hours ago
    by your building do you mean your parents building? or are you paying them rent?
    Like Reply

    juliaallison 16 hours ago in reply to seaofteeth
    Ha – well, I’m paying them an – admittedly subsidized – rent 🙂

    • Translation: They give her an allowance of a few thousand a month and she gives them back a couple hundred bucks.

      The utilities are also in her parents’ name, almost certainly. They probably pay those too. Gross.

    • Shame on them for enabling her. She’s a lazy screw up and they reward her by letting her live practically rent free in a nice condo. Why would she ever bother getting a job when she has a living arrangement like that? It’s like they’re parking her somewhere until they can unload her on some poor sap who wants to put a ring on it. If they meant business, they would make her stay in her old bedroom in Wilmette and give her a list of daily chores.

      • I agree that they are hoping to unload her on some poor sap, which is why, after a year or more of pleading from his daughter, Dadsers finally sent the letters when she started dating a McCain. They don’t want her grab for the brass ring to get fucked up by her past any more than she does.

        • It has been awfully quiet on the Pancakes front since the visit to Phoenix. I am beginning to fear for the cray cray wedding and, maybe even more importantly, the dirty divorce proceedings. Did she already wreck this one too?

          • ZOMG! You’re right! There was something in the comments here about “insider-y” info that said the McCain’s were “questioning” her sanity. LOL. Couldn’t keep it together for a weekend, huh, Donks?

            And since Pancakes doesn’t care what’s written about her and thinks blogs like this are “hilarious” – she’ll have no one to blame but herself.

          • Someone also reported that the Tribune deal wasn’t finalized and might fall through.

            One thing is for sure–Tribute can’t be paying well for Le Donk. They’ve been in bankruptcy for 2 yrs, now. Still haven’t been able to hash out a plan with creditors to exit bankruptcy. So ummm… errr… Julia, good going on this whole “career” thing. Might as well attach your sinking ship to theirs, right?

          • I think it’s more likely that she’s keeping the Pancakes thing under wraps. Probably Dadsers advice.

          • I agree. Someone Tweeted something to her, I think, about how stupid it was to be Tweeting about her personal life while trying to take down all her reblogging sites because it totally nullifies her position. Or did I dream that? I swore I saw that somewhere.

        • I think you’re almost certainly onto something with this line of thinking. The only real question is, are Peter/Robin and Julia doing this consciously or is this merely the subconscious and unspoken motivation? Moreover, do you think it’s something they talk about often? I can picture how they plan out all this stuff in some sad effort to pull the wool over the McCain eyes (not hard, considering the McCains seem pretty tacky and clueless in other areas of life, even important ones like picking Vice Presidential nominees).

          Giving her the condo to make her seem “successful” and “independent” could’ve been part of a calculated effort to make her look more presentable to the outside world. Same thing with the ReputationDefender improvement of her search results, which started this fall around the same time she met Jack. And Peter’s letters could be seen as part of this too.

          Imagine how much it pisses them off, then, that RBNS still exists. She’ll be literally crazy by her expiry date.

          • All I need to know about her parents is that they allowed her to go to church with them on Easter, dressed like an aged whore trying to look like Lolita. Her mother willingly posed for photos with her, that her father took.

          • I’m pretty sure Mom and Dad Baugher are every bit as strange as Donkey Baugher. Using both pictures and words, Julia is constantly braying about her amazeballz family, but I’m not buying it. There’s something creepy about the whole lot of them.

    • I doubt she pays them anything all, not that she should necessarily. The place is probably paid for. If she paid the maintenance fees, that would be sort of be fine. Don’t think her parents would take money for rent…

    • Why is she still living in the OMGDowntown Condo at all?? It’s almost February 2011, people! I thought she was headed to California!

  10. The earlier part of that convo is really sad to me:

    “As for Jack? He really could not care any less about anything I write (or which is written about me) online … ”

    Really? REALLY??? You fancy yourself a WRITER / techie / blogger / media personality /internet enthusiast and your new boyfriend could care less about anything you write? That’s like saying he doesn’t care about your self professed “career.”

    She shoots herself in the foot with her own words and comments more than RBNS ever could. There has been more revealing, sad, incriminating and disturbing info in her own recently enabled blog comments than RBNS could ever dig up on their own. Julie is her own worst enemy.

    • This touches on something I’ve never understood about her “success” and her “career.” The first time I stumbled across her blog, I clicked on her link from some tumblr’s follow list. I remember reading her about section and being really confused about this woman who was supposedly a super well-known blogger but only had a few “likes” here and there on her posts. Not that the amount of likes and comments necessarily equates to the success/quality of a blog, but it certainly says something, yes? I mean, I know women who post their food and workouts three times a day everyday and receive (literally!) hundreds of comments on every. single. post. Again, that doesn’t necessarily mean their blogs are of amazing quality by any means, but I think it does give them reason to see their blogs as successful.

      I guess all of this speaks to her personality “difficulties.” You know she was expecting adoring comments to come absolutely flooding in when she opened them up on her liecast.

      • None of her posts get much feedback at all. The last couple comments I saw just called her out for lies/bullshit–lying about the condo being hers and the fact she doesn’t understand football.

        She’d be better off with a closed comment section. It’s more embarassing to have no comments and no community than to have a tiny smattering of mostly-negative comments and a hilarious, self-organizing community hosted on an independent site. Talk about failure…

        • I noticed that she’s only had a handful of comments since she added them. For someone who claims to have “crazed hacker” fans, no one seems to be chomping at the bit to comment on her posts.

          • well, those comments ARE moderated. She may be getting lots of feedback and choosing not to share it … although I seriously doubt it.

      • For someone who has been blogging on the tumblr platform as long as she has, she should have at least 20 people liking nearly all of her posts a day. But the problem is, they don’t like HER so they don’t like her posts. She should realistically have built up a friendly “fan” base on her blog in that time but she just hasn’t.

  11. Back in December, when TayTay was on Donkey’s Published Active List, there was a fauxto from her stay w/ him in SF where they were on a double-date in the bar w/ a Princeton cat … which of course Donkey dry-humped for the camera that Dad$er may or may not have been operating that night … (beyond fucking weird, they are).

    ANYWAY. Fauxto from then seems to be unavailable now (Oh Hai, RepDef!) for comparison purposes, but some of ya’ll will undoubtedly remember commentary from that time … & the same question bears repeating …

    WTF?!? Is if the right hand is morphing into a hoof, LITERALLY?!?

    • I love the “is if” meme. Was that Meghan Asha? I’m kind of sad that Mary, Meghan, and Julia aren’t still doing TMI videos. Three of the dumbest girls on the planet chatting away *is if* they have a clue.

      • May I direct your attention to the astute technical musings of Ms. Meghan Asha Parikh, ESL, on the subject of the gender of the internet. “Is if the Internet is female?: [W]e continue more than ever before to be more judgmental and harsh of the sexes. With the constant gratification faceless bloggers getting slandered for their appearance, race, gender, etc. We have created a place that is more sensitive than ever. I’m still split upon what exactly a Female Internet looks like, but I do know that with this empowerment. Also comes an overt repercussion that must not be ignored.”


  12. Histrionic Personality Disorder-

    People with this disorder are usually able to function at a high level and can be successful socially and professionally. People with histrionic personality disorder usually have good social skills, but they tend to use these skills to manipulate other people and become the center of attention.[1] Furthermore, histrionic personality disorder may affect a person’s social or romantic relationships or their ability to cope with losses or failures.

    People with this disorder lack genuine empathy.[citation needed] They start relationships well but tend to falter when depth and durability are needed, alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation. They may seek treatment for depression when romantic relationships end, although this is by no means a feature exclusive to this disorder.

    They often fail to see their own personal situation realistically, instead tending to dramatize and exaggerate their difficulties. They may go through frequent job changes, as they become easily bored and have trouble dealing with frustration. Because they tend to crave novelty and excitement, they may place themselves in risky situations. All of these factors may lead to greater risk of developing depression.

    Additional symptoms include:

    * Exhibitionist behavior.
    * Constant seeking of reassurance or approval.
    * Excessive dramatics with exaggerated displays of emotions, such as hugging someone they have just met or crying uncontrollably during a sad movie (Svrakie & Cloninger, 2005).
    * Excessive sensitivity to criticism or disapproval.
    * Inappropriately seductive appearance or behavior.
    * Excessive concern with physical appearance.
    * Somatic symptoms, and using these symptoms as a means of garnering attention.
    * A need to be the center of attention.
    * Low tolerance for frustration or delayed gratification.
    * Rapidly shifting emotional states that may appear superficial or exaggerated to others.
    * Tendency to believe that relationships are more intimate than they actually are.
    * Making rash decisions.[2]

    • Anyone else read these lists of personality issues and think “Holy shit I meet some of these symptoms?” Cause I do; not all of the symptoms but some, and it freaks me out that it’s considered a mental illness. I hug people I just meet, I bawled like a baby at the end of Titanic the first time I saw it, I’m impulsive, and I’m a vain peacock who is constantly worried about her hair. Am I ill?

      • I think it depends on how many symptoms and if they have an adverse effect on your life or other people’s lives. I see a few in myself, too. In fact, I’d wager that if everyone is being honest, every person here will find at least a few in her or himself.

      • honestly, if you go to a college bookstore and find an ‘intro to psych’ textbook and flip through, you’re going to find that you have at least a few symptoms of pretty much every personality disorder listed. when I took my general psych class, I thought I had about eight different personality disorders. the thing is that it’s when those traits are all present, or the majority are present, and they’re to the extreme that someone actually has a personality disorder. I mean, think of bipolar disorder, characterized by a series of manic highs and very low lows. don’t we all have days where we’re totally euphoric, and then days where we’re really down? it’s when those periods of mania and the periods of depression are out of control that it becomes a personality disorder.

      • Does these symptoms interfere with your life, relationships or job? That’s generally the litmus test.

  13. Another Bravo pilot? Please tell me it’s Real Housewives of Chicago. I look forward to seeing her in the opening credits, holding a handful of deep dish along with the other ladies of the Windy City.

    • I suppose I don’t really understand how the process works, but how does she keep getting these opportunities to shoot pilots for Bravo? Especially after she got those hideous reviews from the focus groups when they did The IT Girls.

        • She did mention Bravo. To be fair, I’m assuming they screen test quite a few women for different reality TV shows to see what will happen (ha! Accidental Bravo reference) when a woman gets in front of a camera. Basically an audition…to live your life “normally” in front of a camera.

          Wonder how draconian the contracts are at Bravo, probably just a tiny and cute amount draconian so Julesie doesn’t mind so much.

          • Nevermind … I assumed ya’ll were talking about this last Sat eve but realize you must be referring to her nine-hour pilot shoot. Mybad.

          • She, at first said it was a Bravo pilot, and then when people starting questioning her about it on Twitter, she down graded it to a “cable pilot.”

            I know how pilots work and lists go out every week updating pilots – shooting one with your own money at a restaurant you have connections with, does not make it a pilot! If she talked about making these “pilots” in LA she would be laughed out of a room. Real pilots have studios (Warner Bros. Sony, Paramount or a big time production company) behind them and THEN only become pilots when they are sold to a Network (ABC, NBC, CBS, Bravo, Own, TNT, TBS, etc.)

            She never mentions these details – which is one of the Histrionic personality disorder (HPD) traits – “wants to impress but lacks details.”

            Um, hmmmm. Bish, please.

      • I seriously doubt she keeps getting opportunities and seriously think this little pathological liar likes to completely make things up. The little details – Bravo! – give it away. How convenient that she was away from her computer all day when all that crap went down.

        For a pathological liar, she sucks at lying.

        • Just to keep things honest and clear, she mentioned it in that email and then there was a post on her blog either the same or next day about her shooting a pilot with Bravo. There were pics of her sitting at a table with lights and a camera pointed at her at the Fat Melman’s restaurant (I believe). She was shooting something, pilot or no.

          • She’s been known to shoot pieces to be submitted to a network then claim that she was shooting for that network. It’s a small difference, but an important one. Just because she sent a tape into Bravo doesn’t mean they asked for it.

          • Most networks have this standard policy []:

            *How do I submit story or show ideas to Bravo?

            *Because of a number of factors, including volume of mail, employee safety, and legal issues, Bravo cannot accept unsolicited creative ideas or materials.

            Generally, if you send unsolicited material, it will be returned to you, unopened. Or, tossed in the trash.

            I worked for a company in NYC that received a lot of unsolicited material. Most of it was from total nut jobs who had no connection to the entertainment business, and had no clue about how the business works (e.g. you get an agent and then THEY submit material for you).

            I am guessing that Julie is somewhere in between. She shoots stuff on her own dime (with a camera crew she found on craigslist, who will work for free). Then sends it to her agent, begging him/her to get it to the *right* people (does she even still have an agent?)

      • I remember reading that the focus groups HATED julia. They were luke-warm to mildly positive about Asha and Rambin but gave really strong negative feedback about Julia. Which makes sense–Julia lost her abilities to go on non-obscure TV in the past year, while Asha and Rambin generally have a nice camera presence. Both could use work, but both come off far better than The Braying One.

        • She has a face for radio, and a voice for silent screen. Wait, no. She has a face for radio, a voice for print, and a writing ability for craigslist Casual Connections ads.

    • Given the kind of crap reality shows that get churned to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the large and growing number of second and third tier cable channels, the fact El burro loco can’t get one on the air speaks volumes about how horrendous her prescence and skill set is. If rejects from the Rock of Love can get shows and you can’t ….

      • Someone like Snooki can become a reality TV star and Donkey Booger cannot because while nobody actually admires Snooki, she’s likable and people grow to root for her. In contrast, Donkey is utterly detestable and would have viewers rooting for bad things to happen to her.

      • If Julie was smart? Should would realize how unlikeable she is and market that

        Julie? You are not *nice* or *sweet* or *cool*. You are the opposite of all that. Embrace your cunt-i-ness, and you will make that Fuck You Money you want so badly.

        • This is good advice, Donkey.

          You’re not cute, you’re not sweet, and you’re sure as hell not tiny. What bothers us so much about you is the deception, the facade, the act.

          Be the bitch you are.

        • she can’t even do that right. villains are liked because they’re crafty or witty, a la JR Ewing. But Donkey is utterly humorless and can’t keep her lies straight. Um, er, oops?

        • She can’t and she never will. Donkey needs to feel worshiped and adored, not the one people love to hate.

          Donkey Booger still believes that she’s the pretty, petite, pink princess that all the guy want and all the girls want to be like, not the Pelt Monster that she truly is.

    • Is everyone joking? She is probably the most perfect character to have on a reality show. I don’t know why she keeps turning opportunities down, though.

      • That’s what I’m saying. Her career is to be hated on. The Housewives franchise is the next logical step to bring her awfulness to a wider audience for ridicule.

      • She can’t bear to be the hated one rather than the admired and envied one, is why. She ain’t gonna embrace the bitchiness. Ever. Not gonna happen.

      • It sounded like she backed out of the Oprah thing because she was scared that they would make her the villain. If was smart she would embrace the villain persona and go with it, but she wants people to think she’s nice… without actually being nice, of course.

        • It’s not just that she wants to be thought of as nice, but that she thinks people will aspire to be like her.

        • I thought it sounded like she backed out of the Oprah deal because they wanted to own her soul, and she still somehow thinks she’s due for something bigger and better than Oprah.

  14. Jesus, Julie. You are so dumb. You are really dumb. For real.

    If ‘repeating’ the story that Senor Yack McKane’s “attorney” called someone at their work and harassed them is *ridiculous* and *defamatory*? Then why the hell are YOU posting it on YOUR OWN blog?

  15. I’m surprised she’s going to SXSW. Doesn’t she get laughed at every time she’s there? Oh…and SHE’S SPEAKING y’all!

      • It doesn’t take much to present at SXSW. Her fellow NS co-moron Arax is going to be presenting some hackneyed session as well. Blah blah blah, boring. Can’t imagine anyone showing up for those sessions, given the other interesting content available there.

        • eh, i can’t find evidence of either julia or arax presenting at sxsw. artax was promoting her potential panel session, which was not voted into the program.

          • My understanding is, they’re still attending and they’ll be doing some kind of meet up/presentation of their own. I guess it’s not on the official program. Just like Julie’s “SXSW presentation” isn’t on the official program, either.

            God, these people use so much damn legalese…

          • Maybe Donkey and Anthrax can crash a panel and take it over. Didn’t the Pelt Monster do that once?

          • Okay, I was going to say. She’s got LESS to say than Julia if that’s even possible. Of course, I guess she could present on how to get your former high school paper to cover your success in blogging. SOCIAL MEDIA!!

    • Maybe she’s speaking there like she spoke at MIT. Hell, I live in Austin and I talk, so I am speaking at SXSW too.

      • Let’s all get some gift store bags and all deliver them to Julie before she “speaks” so she can have a good “backdrop”.

    • “Don’t like a blog? Shut it down!” – An intimate look into the idle life of a lawyer’s dependent adult daughter featuring Julia Allison. Free admission.

    • Me too – in Austin! I’ll have to see her in person, not gonna lie. Also, she doesn’t know what Luddite means, apparently. Grrr.

  16. I just love how she asks to meet up for coffee. She seriously may be mentally handicapped or slow to even suggest to the commenter to meet up. Let me harass you at your job and try to get you fired, but lets be friendsssss!!!

  17. just missparklecupake (mostly lurker, more often chatterer) test driving a new nickname. i think i like it!

  18. “I don’t think the son of one of the most prominent and well-known politicians of this decade even HAS a lawyer!”

    lol, like he wouldn’t have access to one? every american and their dog has a lawyer.

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