Oh Hi, Haters!


Hey, Donk LaRue here, defender of the right to snark on someone who has spent years begging for attention and, as we speak, is probably posting dozens more photos of her semi-famous boyfriend for tens of thousands of strangers to “ooooh” and “ahhhh” over. But hey!! None of those fuckers better roll their eyes or rant about her pathological inability to live her life with discretion, grace and maturity, or she will send her Daddy after them!! And Jack McCain’s lawyer will call them at work and threaten to have them fired, too! Making fun of a notorious douchebag is to cease and desist now, haters!

Welcome to our humble abode! Let’s get started, shall we?

Today a very nervous donkey contacted one of the RBNS fans who was harassed last week via threatening e-mails vowing to have her fired. Princess Lies-A-Lot swore she had nothing to do with it. Yet, oddly, she knows who did!

Honestly, I did find out who did it, after the fact, and I’m furious at her, but I did NOT direct her to do that.  She thought she was helping, when in fact she made things much, much worse.  I have asked her to apologize directly to you, but I don’t know if she will or not.  I hope she will.

I guess this was the very same friend who leaked Codename TK’s name to RBNS, hacked into her Vimeo account to make her videos with Prom King public, and also left PK’s name in the RBNS comments from an IP address that had the very same geo-location as the one associated with Donk’s name when she harangued the editors of her Wikipedia page.

Rightfully so, the commenter called out Sybil for her latest ridiculous attempt to shift blame to one of her alternate personalities or, you know, the “friend” at whom she’s furious right now, bunnies!

In return, the commenter was given the old “you should be ashamed of yourself!!” chiding (paging Melissa Sue, come in Melissa Sue) for having the gall to not believe Donk’s dubious version of events.

I have never been talked to so rudely in my life. Who do you think you are??

Oh dear. But you see, this too is untrue. Because Donkey, in fact, has received many similar e-mails from several people over the years. Like both [REDACTEDs], one as recently as last May, and some of their friends and family members. At what point does a person look in the mirror for reasons other than to tell herself how hot she is and ask: “Could I be the problem here?” Word is she’d better do it soon. The McCains don’t tolerate crazy bullshitters, and apparently people close to them are asking some serious questions.


  1. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Ha! So glad to see this.

    I notice Donkey’s “government name” was not mentioned. Is that how it’s gotta stay?

    • It seems there’s nothing Peter Baugher can legally do other than huff and puff. The question has always been whether it’s worth the stress of dealing with a demented donkey-enabler.

  2. “I have never been talked to so rudely in my life.” Aww…special snowflakes like to be treated like special snowflakes even when they fuck up royally.

    • How the fuck does she think someone who was THREATENED, admittedly by SOMEONE JA AT LEAST KNOWS, is going to respond?

      Oh, thanks SO MUCH for almost getting me an apology! It’s all okay now, it’s totally fine I was contacted at work by your associate! Have a great day!


      “I have asked her to apologize directly.” What is she, like a little mini-Stalin amidst all the crazies in her retinue? She’s out of her mind. “You apologize now! I say so! I am Julia Allison, Client of Dadser’s Esq!!!!”

  3. “Honestly, I did find out who did it, after the fact, and I’m furious at her, but I did NOT direct her to do that.” – It really is the exact same shit she said about TK and Vimeo. Girl is crazy, like not just any kind of basic crazy but one whole heap of motherfucking, pyschotic crazy. Run Pancakes run, no wonder your ‘rents bought Megatits a gun for Christmas.

    • And if it’s true (and it’s not) that it was a friend/acquaintance, she consorts with fucking loony tunes, because she’s loony tunes herself. Some friends she has, they are all fucking insane and think they are above the law, essentially.

      • That was almost precisely what the commenter said back. So you have asshole friends, too, then. That makes everything better.

    • I have a friend that had an ex turn stalker after they split. Scary shit went down, and when he got found out he turned to the same transparent, lame explanation: “Someone else did it, I swear I didn’t ask them to, and I have asked them to take it down and say sorry.”
      Is this in some kind of maniac textbook or something that this is what they all inevitably turn to?

  4. (Plumping pillows, finding perfect spot on the virtual couch …)
    Yes, this feels just about right.

  5. Thank god for this site. I was going through blog withdrawals and about a donkey was way too angry for my taste.

    Viva RB Donk!

  6. so, donkey had nothing to do with her ‘friend’ using her boyfriend’s name to impersonate a high-powered attorney in order to intimidate a person and threaten their employment because they joined a facebook group solely devoted to protesting the deletion of a blog focused on snarking on the donkey?

    right, that makes perfect sense. because I know I’m always ‘going rogue’ (like what I did there?) and fighting my friend’s fights for her by impersonating her boyfriend’s lawyer. that’s what bestest friends do for each other: commit fraud. because sane people do such things. that’s not a totally SWF thing to do or anything. not at all.

    I hope the person who was harassed did follow up with the police and file a complaint and get a trace on that phone number. it’s not enough for the donkey to just “be furious” at the ‘friend’ in question, she should be giving the person up, if ONLY BECAUSE this friend went and used her boyfriend’s high-powered family’s name to threaten someone else. if she wasn’t involved, wouldn’t she want to protect her boyfriend’s family?

    • The tell too was “made things much, much worse.” Really, made things WORSE, after you just successfully got a blog shut down about you? What was made worse? Everything should have been coming up roses, no?

      But in fact, Sybil and her multiple personalities were busy harassing a least four separate people in the days following the blogs being knocked down. And I guess the fact that the commenter raised holy hell and went after Peter Baugher made things pretty uncomfortable for Donkey. Of course she had to have lied to her father and told her she was behind none of it. And yet she apparently was messy in covering her tracks, and is very nervous. Oops!

    • That should at the very least file a police report, and send her a copy. Most likely nothing will come of it, but it will scare the crap out of her, and put her antics on SOMEONE’S radar.

      • Absolutely. I really hope the commenter files a police report and contacts JA and Peter Baugher through their lawyer. JA needs to know that she can’t harass people so aggressively and maliciously without consequences.

    • My question is when is this so called FRIEIND going to get tired of being thrown under the bus and being blamed for the the crazy?

    • As if anyone would believe that the psycho hosebeast still has any friends???

  7. Oh, thank the LAWD.

    What a goddamn liar she is. “Who do you think you are??” Haha, that’s a good’un. We just think we are cat ladies entitled to speak our fucking minds about internet famous lunatics without threat of prosecution or termination from our places of employment, how dare we!!!!!!

  8. DONX is her own worst enemy. As a family who have pretensions to existing on the edge of political life, and knowing people with a far higher profile (and more, nastier haters) than DONK, the BOGGERS should realize how normal people deal with detractors.

    DAD$ER DONK has to realize his approach is a shifty/pathetic one that shows no faith in his daughter’s integrity or potential. He has no choice but to use SUB ROSA INTIMATION because LA DONK is indefensible if she stands on her own 4 FAKE YSL HOOVES.

    Good luck bagging the scion of any family DONX. Old COOT MCCAIN and See You Next Tuesday for more Oxycontin CINDY will CHEW YOU UP and spit you out.

    He can’t even stand his own adopted daughter’s “failings” – what makes LA DONX think he’s going to tolerate her shortcomings and screamingly obvious MENTAL ILLNESS?

  9. Yay…new home! I have a new user name to commemorate the occasion. I hope all the old catfolk find their way back here.

  10. AW YEAH! good on ya, Donk LaRue. nice to see all you catladies and gents again, and may the reblogging flourish.

  11. Ah, home again!

    The little miss has an eternal problem, has had it for years, she’s a charmer in small doses and the charm fades the longer you know her and the less she feels she has to fake interest/affection in you rather than keeping the focus on herself. Happens in both relationships and friendships, this big cycle of omg, we’re perfect for each other, we should get married, be business partners etc. That’s why her longest enduring friend relationships are the ones with distance and why many of her romances start with someone who lives in another city.

    I think she’s starting to see the pattern and now, with 30 approaching and the relationship with Flappy on the line she’s freaking out. He’s the cardboard cutout of her perfect guy, handsome (ish), famous (ish), and rich, rich, rich. And so she thinks she has to be her version of what the perfect woman is– playful, fun, girly, agreeable–the giggly co-ed with the ponytail and the pink ribbon. Hence the internet scrubbing and the happiest girl in the world act. But here’s. the. thing–psychological cycles they don’t just stop because you want them to. Deny your darkness and it will grow in the shadows. All this faux honesty bullshit isn’t fooling anyone.

    It’s nothing that hasn’t been said before. No one here actually hates la donk, and that’s why we were uncomfortable with certain other sites. It’s just our way to vent against the hypocrisy and superficiality we see in the world every day.

    • Yes for the first 5 minutes people think she’s captivating (that is as long as they are obviously high enough up the social scale for her to be able to exploit), then after the first 5 minutes they kind of go along with it, because they can’t believe what a psychopath she really is.

      Finally for the last 5 minutes they fully realize what a repulsive self centered opportunistic gold digging psychopath she is.

      Then her 15 minutes are up and she has to move to a new hunting ground ie “oh gee I can’t decide where to live? NY? Chicago? LA? Palo Alto?”

    • PHD level donkology here. And, I must say, why the whole Donkey saga so fascinates me. It really is a modern media morality play.

    • Excellent points. That cycle is exactly what happened to her at Georgetown. At first it was: who is this interesting, pretty girl with the sex column? Then it was: hm, she’s a little extreme. Then it was: OMG, she is a plagiarizer, dresses her dog up in ridiculous outfits, has a pink room, and is all-around terrible.

  12. While I am very happy PP was able to host us for some time, I am maybe the most glad that my fucking avatar does not look like a drugged out brain cell/neuron thing anymore. Praise it!

    • I think PeteyBogger has high functioning autism. I can tell these things because he decorated his house to look like the inside of a filing cabinet.

      Also it’s a well established psychological trope that successful Asperger business types always marry highly dependant hysterical narcissists (less dependant narcissists would run a mile before hitching their lives to a cold, sexless, aspy marriage) ….. and when they breed, you get Burros, who are always sterile, no matter how many ZONIE republicans jizz inside them.

      • Hahaha.

        And woo-hoo!! This site can’t be shutdown, I don’t think! And now so many of us who were losing interest are fired up! Ready to go!

        McCain fucker.

      • “…inside of a filing cabinet.” Always loved that so very apt description, and have appropriated it for my own use.

        God BLESS our new home.

  13. drankin’ 20 4lokos, pokin’ MOUNDS of the smot, talkin’ TONS of shet, and being eternally chained up in the basement (I don’t have permission to leave!) in celebration of this monumental event! #neversaydie

  14. Just noticed the wordpress powered by donkeys at the bottom of the page. Hahahahahaha!

    Ooops, that wasn’t me laughing, it was a friend, I did not direct her to do it and I am furious at her.

    Love, Sybil Donksett

    • HA! That’s like my Google Reader, where I’d made a folder just for the snark sites … now, in the bottom right of every frame for every donkey-tainted post for every site, it says (the name I gave the folder): P.S. Donkey!

      ::sometimes I crack myself up::

  15. In my Easter panties,
    designed for “founders” to perve on,
    I’ll be the whoriest church goer at the Easter Slut Parade!

    Dad$ers likes looking at my stumpy thighs
    in my short skirt next to the gladioli
    in the church where I’m the only person in the Easter Slut Parade!

  16. Here’s a ditty I wrote for Jooltard and it goes a little something like this.


    My daddy has written a letter,
    the address I think was JP.
    He’s written “dear hatorz you stop now!”
    to make safe the internet for MEEEEEE

    The Streisand Effect is this thing that
    Dumb daddy has ne-ver heard.
    But if he could research he’d realise
    the negative attention incurred

    I’m trying to bag the young scion
    of a fossilized republican’s family
    but daddy’s only drawing attention
    to his donkey daughter’s life-castastrophe.

  17. Bless you.

    I have a feeling Jim Edwards at BNET might follow up a little more on this…especially with the part about Julia Allison impersonating Jack McCain’s attorney. The Randi/FB connection is equally interesting, and combined with the nepotism/new media element this whole pathetic story has a real hook.

    Nice work, Jules. You and your Princeton prick father deserve every bit of blow back from this.

    • FB sucks donkey balls. You know they are suing a parody site of theirs? Tiny amateurish little Lamebook.com must be destroyed by the social network giant.

      The Fuckerburgs make me vomit in the shower.

  18. I told my friend to tell you she is so happy and blessed by this website. I have no idea if she will or not. I hope she will. Yo.

    • …. and will incur the hatred of an entire metropolitan area…..

      She won’t keep this gig any longer than she could keep the Star gig, she’ll start princessing about and exhibiting her usual piss poor work ethic and her editor will realize how insufferable she is and it will be badda bing badda boom another bridge burned.

      Can’t wait to watch the insanity unfold.

      • Yeah, but she will use the title (Tribune columnist) for years to come!

  19. LOVE how Donk LaRue announced on GOMI that the donkey blog is back in business:

    “The eagle has landed.”

    Oh happy day!

  20. I’m so ineffably happy! So blessed! I’m going to run out and eat 14 Houston’s veggie burgies, 12 cupcakes, and wash it all down with some Butt Print Cleanse. I never ever drink y’all, but tonight is a special occasion. God Bless Us. God Bless Jacy and JP and PP and Julia’s Fat Ass and New Year New You. And you and you and you, too, you lurking Loren Feldman. God Bless Us All!

  21. also hee hee I still have my Facebook account despite my Free RBNS luv. just take it away from me, Zucks. Just take it. I will live, and so will all of my many, many “Facebook friends” aka “biz associates” aka lookee-loos. You go, Donk La Rue.

  22. I’m out celebrating a friend’s birthday. this popped up on my google reader. don’t know why or how. just needed to say how happy & blessed I feel! and thank god we fat cat ladies have a new home!

    bring IT.

  23. The best thing about this is the conversation Peter Baugher will have with his little Princess about why she is known as The Donk.

    Lawyers are ineffable.

  24. Wheee! Thank you Donk LaRue, from the bottom of my supposedly cold, black, shrivelled hater heart.

    In other news, there needs to be a post on the hairstyle she is contemplating. I would pay good money to see her with that do. (Also, didn’t she use to have hair gays? Is she now too rebublican to consult them?)

  25. Ok. This is hysterical:


    Lets better understand julia allison shall we reblogging non from julia allison date sun oh holy hell baugher you respond to accusations. Latest posts from media starlet harlot is all over the oh hell. A critical analysis of the public ramblings of many times before my leather jacket is shot to from date wed. Most of our focuses on our lady of introspection but perhaps we saint of inappropriateness. Most of our focuses on our lady of introspection but perhaps mother of now shes got the mid-s check this out http com. What is going on with if you mary save the donkeys here we go again. Im not sure what refined i knew it megan is vampire. By jacy nice knowin ya greasy nice of you to open up your home and bed.

  26. Right before I knew that this clean multiple-cat litter box had just been set out for us, I’d emailed PP about maybe doing a post on GOMI about this video I’d come across, but in light of recent changes, I’ll post the link here now: http://vimeo.com/3226187

    • So Lynchian. The apples, the blood red skirt, the wonky eye. All that’s missing is a dwarf dancing in the background.

      • I know by Donkey’s dragstume that the sad clown fauxto is from that night, but until I saw this video, I never noticed just how whoa! is me effed up her left eye really is.

        Well done, Dr. Bobby, WELL DONE!

        • you have gained 3 points in donkology quest!
          -sad clown fauxto
          -whoa! is me
          + bonus point for well done dr. bobby!

      • Uploaded it (a modified Big Head Todd & the Monsters album cover) from my pc to a wordpress.com acct (tied to email addy).

    • This is incredible. Her voice in the video is only slightly less cringeworthy than her normal braying.

      Favorite quote? “You know what, fashion week is my date.” SO. BLESSED.

  27. Hey catladies. So, so blessed to have this site back! You rock Donk LaRue. Now, where’s mah Jacy and JP at? Hello? Hello? (echo)

  28. Just wanna say HELLO LADIES!!! Feels like home already! Thanks, Donk LaRue and family.

    I’m dusting off my ceramic cats and bunnies, putting my PJs on (yes, I popped another button) and grabbing the bon bons! Fuck you, Miss Malice-on!

    EX OH!

  29. OMG why was I feeling better about her earlier? Her stupid twitter posts are cringe worthy again (posting on both so feel better getting it off my chest, because it’s all about meeeeeeeeee)

    ass kissing ✓check
    name dropping ✓check
    lame attempt at being culturally literate, yo ✓check
    late on the update (@path launched like 2months ago dumb ass) ✓check
    crowd sourcing for stupidity ✓check
    blaming something else (zodiac signs!) for what went wrong this month ✓check

    And she STILL adds on 20 followers a day…. unbelievable. #backtohating

    • Honestly, Donk LaRue needs to synchronize the time-stamp w/ Donkey’$ almost-pawned Cartier so that she her helpful frenemy can contact employers about comments made when errands while errands were being run, but I don’t know if she will or not. I hope she will.

  30. Oh I am so happy to be here with all my best catladies!!!! I have a busy day of running errands from my desk, but I found a moment to peruse Donkey’s latest tweets.

    Anyone know which PR firm / person reps Emmy Rossum? Also curious ab @IvankaTrump … She has the absolute best press I’ve ever seen.

    So she’s looking for someone to spin her special brand of manic crazy into positive press? Good luck with that one, Donks! Any PR firm worth their salt would do a little research before taking her on as a client and realize she is beyond help at this point.

    • Well didn’t ya hear? Julia’s Publicist got fired! yukyukyuk

      If she is shopping around for a publicist.. um… why? She isn’t famous, doesn’t have a job (or income to pay said publicist) and doesn’t really have any need to be repped. Unless she is really banking on bagging pancakes soon, which, I’d love to hear that conversation with the potential publicist!

      Publicist: How can we assist you?
      Donkey: I’m getting engaged to a senator’s son! I’m about to be famous!
      Publicist: You’re already engaged?
      Donkey: No! Not yet! But any day now! Really!

      • Yeah, I’m not understanding why she needs a publicist either. She doesn’t really do anything that would warrant having one. I am so sick of her giving off this impression that she needs a TEAM JULIA working behind the scenes to handle her oh-so-busy and in-demand career.

    • Um, Emmy Rossum is the actress who Milo Ventimiglia dumped Julia for. WhyTF would Julia want to contact her publicist?

      • Because a) she’s tone-deaf (what is she promoting, really?) and b) she somehow equates herself with Emmy (who people have said is quite the -blank-) and Ivanka. She’s missing the part where they are greatly lacking in having years and years of horrible coverage and documented attention-grabbing nonsense to suppress or attempt getting rid of completely. The best publicist money could buy couldn’t do a damn thing for her.

    • Also re: Ivanka: Julia was also drooling all over Jared Kushner while he was still single, telling everybody how “hot” she thought he was.
      Emmy Rossum and Ivanka Trump both got the guys Julia wanted so badly. The fact that she’s trying to get repped by their people is hilarious. “good press” must mean “rich guys” in donkeyspeak.


    So glad I can stop nervously chewing cat litter and crack open the basement door. I feeeeeeeeeeel the light of a brand new day shining down on my fupa. It feels really good, like I just curled up inside a cupcake and went floating off into the sky.

  32. “Word is she’d better do it soon. The McCains don’t tolerate crazy bullshitters, and apparently people close to them are asking some serious questions.”

    I want to hear more about this! My eyebrows shot up so fast they may no longer be attached to my forehead.

      • Sexy glasses you got there McCainer.

        I’m sure dinner with the ‘rents went SUPER well then! Well done, Julesie!

    • p.s. By further explanation: there is an unknown (to JA, as yet) connection to the McCains by the partner of one of JA’s exes. Let’s just say this woman knows a lot and was subjected to a lot. Once again, her biggest problems have nothing to do with her snark blogs but everything to do with her real-life antics.

      • “Once again, her biggest problems have nothing to do with hersnark blogs but everything to do with her real-life antics.”

        Why can’t Ma and Pa Donkey get that through their heads? Their lying little burro has devoted years of her life to bringing on the narcissistic cray and slutting it up in every way possible. She knows that’s the easiest way to get lots of attention (with no work involved..YEA!) which is really all she wants out of life. And poor little Dad$ers thinks that snarkers are the problem???

      • Would it be presumptuous to refer to this unknown as “Karma” & to assume that she’s a bitch?

  33. Testing new user name. It was either this or ‘Loose Movements’.

  34. Catpeople reunion FTW. Boxed yellow wine for all!

    Honestly, I missed y’all and hopefully we’ll never ever have to go on forced sabbatical again.

  35. Oh how deLICIOUS *spins chair*

    The basement was so lonely without all you catladies.

  36. Today on Boing Boing, I learned about Chilling Effects (http://www.chillingeffects.org/). It’s a database that collects attempts to censor the Internet via threats such as the ones Chicago attorney Peter Baugher and his daughter Julia Allison Baugher have recently issued. Anyone who has received threats from them should document each incident at that site.

    • Great website. Thanks for posting the link.

      “Do you know your online rights? Have you received a letter asking you to remove information from a Web site or to stop engaging in an activity? Are you concerned about liability for information that someone else posted to your online forum? If so, this site is for you…

      Anecdotal evidence suggests that some individuals and corporations are using intellectual property and other laws to silence other online users. Chilling Effects encourages respect for intellectual property law, while frowning on its misuse to “chill” legitimate activity.”

    • Agreed. The Chilling Effects site can never be taken down, and will serve as a permanent record of spurious threats (against bloggers, for example).

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