Notice That Julia Allison Wants Nothing To Do With the Mexican Snowman


These snowmen – down the block from my parents’ house – are just badass.


Also, get off these people’s lawn, you asshole!

My Lord! The Booger family Christmas looked annoying. I mean was there any booze or anything? It was nothing but boring white people wearing ridiculous Christmas garb and wide-eyed wonder at the most boring Christmas gifts ever.

Britt & Allie got me gluten free chocolate cake mix!  In addition to about eight pounds of Fannie May, Long Grove and Frango chocolate.

It’s a diabetic’s hell at our household today.

Oh, I don’t know about diabetic, but it sure does look like hell. I’d like the think that the cake mix was a joke that Donks didn’t get. I’d also like to think that Julia got a food scale for Christmas. How else would she be able to visually gauge the weight of all the chocolate that ended up in her stomach.

She’s gonna get fat, Jack. RUN! I mean, seriously, do you actually want to fuck this?

My Christmas decorating outfit 😉 complete with reindeer antlers and Ugly Xmas Sweater Tee (plus plaid pjs & snowflake earrings)!!!

Lilly looks like she wants to lick the barrel of Meghan McCain’s new gun.

Oh well, at least the Baugher family Christmas was a barrel full of laughs!

Xmas Day! Mom: Have you given up on your helicopter? (she bought him one from Brookstone) Dad: I outsourced it to MIT (points at my brother)

(Allie takes off Xmas sweater, another underneath) Britt: You were wearing two sweaters?! Allie: Maybe that’s why I felt like I had a fever.

Where’s McCain’s gun again? I might need to blow my brains out.


  1. That house she’s in front of is really nice. She just wanted to show off her parents’ neighborhood. There’s always another motive with this one.

    • Why must she always KISS things? Can’t she just take a normal photo without some sort of posturing?

      It’s like the evolution of the kissy face shot. It’s totally aggravating.

      • lulz, exactly. Kissing, licking and humping inanimate objects doesn’t make you look cute, Donks, trust your haters on this, too. Actually, it gives off a very sociopathic vibe.

    • My thoughts exaaactly…everything out of her mouth is always so calculated to support her “character”…

      • She’s looking “pancakey” (read: fat) in the face so I think the kissy face is in hopes of giving her some cheek bones.

        PS – who wears that much make-up on Christmas morning? And those sausage curls make me LOLz. “Jesus! I’m not ready! My curler is still heating up!”

        She’s looking “yikes” in the face.

  2. I was thinking based on some of the speculation about whether Donks is scaling back on the life casting that at this point it’s the only thing going for her. (As an internet lifecaster or whatever.)

    I think it’s ridiculous that she claims she’s a “columnist” or “media personality” of any kind so now without the “lie-cast” she’s pretty much 3 for 3 on the useless existence.

    Still waiting for announcements on her new job btw….

  3. please tell me this bish did not pop out of bed christmas morning and apply false eyelashes and lipstick to open presents in her own living room. Also her face looks like one of those gape mawed plastic horror show clowns in this pic.

      • Blinky, you almost tricked me in to clicking that link. I’m terrified of clowns and my brother once fooled me into watching the movie when I was young. (or at least a very small amount of the movie)

      • The link is pretty obvious, which is why I chose that one over some that might have freaked out the clownophobes among us.

    • It is bizarre. I might put some lip balm on and brush my hair if photos are being taken, but that’s it. She’s got a full face of makeup on in those shots. Cuckoo.

      • Ditto…i wont even grab the mail without powder (cheers to uneven skintone!!) so id throw on some rosebud salve and my trusty lacome matte amande to prevent the urge to burn all the christmas photos post print but lashes?! Too bad a little confidence cant be stuffed in that stocking..

      • I’m pretty fair-skinned with some uneven skintone and small features, and I’m also over 40 (but younger than Pennywise looks), so I wear makeup for almost everything.

        But I wear mineral makeup and do it with a light hand, so that it looks natural (at least as natural as one can look with makeup), and many people (those who aren’t Sephora addicts) assume I’m not wearing foundation, just some light lip and eye color.

    • That gaping maw and porn star makeup at 7 a.m.? Jesus Fucking Christ! Does she make her family wait to open presents until the trowel has finished spackling her face?

      • She is really looking extra disgusting these days. I know we say it over and over, but anyone who didn’t know her would guess she’s a soccer-mom/cougar type around 40ish.

  4. It’s sad to me how she is in full spackle mode on Christmas morning. Then again, I am obese.

    I actually give her kuhdooze for posting the fug picture. Progress, Julie! You, too, can be a norm. Not every picture has to reek of darling, dearest, nuanced, effervescent mellifluousness.

    • “[T]he fug picture”? You’ll have to be more specific. Do you mean the trespassing lunatic picture on top, the Joker with an unhinged jaw holding cake mix, or the seething, lantern-jawed midget holding a depressive dog?

      • heh.#3, where she looks really pissed off. Definitely very un-julia! It’s refreshing, like John Mayer’s racism or a glock under the tannenbaum!

      • Whoa! Skimmed your comment too fast, obese, and visually conflated “racism” & “tannenbaum” to read “refreshing, like John Mayer’s scrotum.” Still scared by that image.

  5. I don’t know which pic above is worse, the first one that looks botoxed & heavy makeup or the second roughed up one? I can’t get over the crazy Xmas clothing and antlers. If there were kiddies around then I would understand a bit more… this is just sad.

  6. I enjoy the iphone in the lap while posing with the cake mix. God forbid she miss a google alert or text from her omgboyfriend! while with family on christmas morning. Pathetic.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but who goes onto a neighbor’s lawn to take pictures like that? She isn’t living the life of a grown woman. More and more she reminds me of the Jennifer Garner character in 13 Going on 30, especially the scenes when she’s hanging out and having sleepovers with teenage girls.

    • Ita…i just turned 30 (OMGEXPIRED!! 🙁 ) and there is a definate awareness level this chick has not reached yet. Dont get me wrong..i still love cupcakes, pink, puppies, tartan, throwing up in the shower etc etc seemingly as much as donks but I also appreciate the respect of being considered an intelligent, hard working, grown adult, therefore I refrain from wearing my purple unicorn sweatpants in public and claim to be living differently. Its called “never evolving” Donks… So fitting that she is willing to glom onto a kid that was still in elementary school when she was getting her first nosejob with the not so subconcious goal of using being a McCain family ex as a credential in her bio…or at least a tidbit she will pay to have bumped up in her google results.

    • I think it’s to show off how nice her parents’ neighborhood is? Because that house is really cool. I love the entraceway and the simple brickwork effects. Then again, donkey is really fucking stupid, so maybe she really did just want to take a picture with the snowmen.


  9. Okay, so with all the Christmas downtime I was finally able to catch up on all these posts, and may I say: HOLY SHIT! This thing is going to burn up in EPIC flames! The cray will be cray we have never seen before. I can hardly wait!

  10. I gotta say, especially considering that the Boggers are so creepy, it really freaks me out how much Allie looks like Julia. It’s not like they are just both short/average build/brunette, I really wasn’t sure which was which in a few pictures. Man, to have been the nanny when those two were growing up. She should write a book.

    • Allie is a lot better looking, IMO. I really don’t think there is a comparison. Julia needs to hide her “other” profile, while Allie looks pretty good from any angle. Julia spackles her face for these pics, while Allie is fresh faced. Allie’s hair is her own hair, Donkey’s “hair” was made in a plastic factory across the street from where her teeth were made in a porcelin veneer factory. Allie knows when to lay off the 4″ heels. And Allie’s about 100x better as a person, apparently.

      • i’ve dated a guy in a family exactly like this one…one boy, overbearing crazy sister, mom and dad whom they idolize beyond comprehension. and when you date/marry into a family like this, the sister enjoys finding ways to remind you that it will always, truly, be just the four of them. she was there first!!

    • In julias mind she looks like Sexy Republican Wife Barbie (look at those birthing hips Jack! OMGSOREADYFORBABIES!!) In her defense this is nothing she wouldn’t have worn pre Hobbit McCain but how sad that she wasted her 20s dressing up like a whored out June Cleaver instead of a hip young professional. She spends so much money to look like a suburban housewife with a room full of untouched Jane Fonda VHS’s and a Nordic Trac collecting dust in the corner. She has no clue what an active lifestyle is..girl is going to ballooooon after she gets married and feels “safe”.

      • She is not hip, young, or professional. Never was, never will be. Always the eternal tacky hick. With old face.

    • She’s not fat (look at her waist); she just has wide hips. And even if she were fat, who fucking gives a fuck. That skirt may not be doing her any favors, but I am so tired of the body snark.

  11. She looks like Charlize Theron as Rita, Micheal’s retarded love interest in Arrested Development in these photos.

  12. Alrighty. Here’s another for fellow Donkologists to puzzle over.

    Two empty seats with stupid Santa hats on them. We know one is for Pennywise. But who’s supposed to wear the other?

    The Momsers and Dadsers Booger are in the picture, as are Allie, Britt, and Allie’s parents (who probs couldn’t wait to get the hell out of that freak house). We know that Pennywise is taking the picture. So who’s sitting in the 8th seat?

    Maybe gramps, but he wanted nothing to do with Donkey’s annoying, immature bullshit? Or maybe Pancakes is there?

  13. All of her latest posts and tweets? Looks like she just discovered Instagram for the iPhone. Hey Donks – all those filters aren’t making you look any younger or any less haggard. Try again.

    • 1 year later she notices and then obsesses like no other.

      Like, they are the same fucking photos that have been clogging her shit blergh for DAYS NOW, only now they are OMGINSTAGRAM.

      For the love of fuck this bitch is the irrelevant person on the internet.

      • Donkey’s probably so bored at Holibray Inn that she’s been reading MTM Skeleton’s blahhg, where ‘Taken w/ Instagram’ has been a prevailing theme for a while now.

      • I know. As always, she’s a million years late discovering a trend and then she carries on with it like she just discovered something revolutionary. And my God – those pictures of her family on Christmas day? Instagram or not, it’s the same freaking shit every single year. Dadster and Britt dressed in stupid pajama pants she makes them wear, LOLing about how they are all wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, the soulless Christmas tree, Momsers making some sort of unappetizing dinner, everyone sitting at the table for dinner, etc. There’s nothing interesting or insightful about her Christmas experiences. It’s just like a creepy showcase of how sad and impersonal holidays at the Baugher residence is.

        On a similar note, Allie and Britt giving her that gluten free cake mix had to be their way of having a laugh on Christmas morning. It would be one thing if they bought her a gluten free cookbook, but a box of cake mix? They have to be fucking with her.

  14. So you think she’ll have Pancakes force one of the McCain family servants to make up the cake mix given her self-professed lack of skill in the kitchen?
    Or will she outsource it to Momsers? an intern (mmmmm interncake)?
    Or perhaps, in another desperate attempt to prove her family values future mom awesomeness, she’ll attempt to do it herself.
    Nawwwwwww it’ll be featured next Thanksgiving as part of her awesome donation to some local church’s food drive.

    Also the Cake is a Lie.

    • Lilly [sic] is smarter.

      Kind of creepy caption with that picture. Momsers, Dadsers, Britt, and the dogs are all there, but not Allie. Yet Pennywise wishes life could be like this all the time.

      • That’s to be expected, as he’s not young and cute. But it seems like she wants her little brother all to herself. That, and her incessant posting of childhood photos of the 2 of them are just all-out creepy.

    • i’m so fucking tired of pictures of her lying around on her ass, or posts mentioning how she is lying around on her ass. momsers is making dinner, egg nog, etc….julie, can’t you get your entitled arse off the couch for a second and actually DO SOMETHING HELPFUL!?!?! even Pancakes, spoiled rich child, is making dinner for NYE. When has this bitch EVER prepared something for someone? No kidding she “wishes every day could be like this.” Lying around in some nostalgic, stunted childhood clusterfuck must be great. Do the fucking dishes at least, you twat.
      i’m just a bit older than julie, but for years christmas for me has meant fun, but also a lot of WORK.
      if i were momsers, i would not stand for that lazy-assery for one second. not from my thirty-year-old layabout daughter!!!

      • sorry, holiday BRAYGE kicking in. i’m exhausted, the house is a mess, one child has been sick for 8 days…that stupid bint’s christmas laziness is getting to me.

      • *crazy catlady hug* I hope you and yours (your ceramic cats!) have been able to enjoy Christmas regardless.

  15. So, Dadser’s favorite gift came from Allie, the Mark Twain autobiography. Now Jaba’s happily tweeting links to the NYTimes scathing review of said present. Undermine, much?

      • Glad someone else noticed the absence of Allie, too. Considering it’s Allie and Britt’s first Christmas as a married couple, you would think that Allie would be included as part of “the family.” Donks is a transparent bitch.

    • Think she said it was from Britt – but the point still stands. She will always be jealous of her brother, ALWAYS. Dad$er gets a gift from Momser, he refers to Britt and his obvious intellect. Mom$er & Dad$ser get B&A a customized wedding album, it reminds her they’re happily married and she, soon to expire, is not. Add in the Dave & Brit christmas cards (which Julia attempted earlier with maximum #FAIL with her “best friend” Greasy), the being ignored by her girl Mega and probably by her new boyfriend (the gloating would never have ended otherwise) and you have a very annnngry Julie on your hands.

      For the lulz, the Baugher Xmas of 2 years past:

      Bonus: – Holiday TMI with her “sisters”. Aww. Was this the year of her massive resolution list and calling Mare a bitch, the beginning to the end?

      • Oops, that was link heavy. Mods? Halppp!! Also, just noticed in that TMI that Meghan messed up the lyrics to “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells”… but was is intentional? “And the joker took ballet?” ROFL

    • Donkey, the NYT is the liberal media establishment. You must distance yourself from them if you are going to have a permanent table reserved at the McCain ICHOP (International Conservative House of Pancakes).
      On a side note I failed to find a NYT review of Meghan’s Dirty Sexy Politics. However I did find a review of her kid’s book about her dad. The reviewer described it as the “hagiography equivalent of having to take your cousin to the prom”

    • I got that for Christmas, too, and I’m quite happy about it! Those are some bitchy tweets. Just let people be happy with their gifts, for cry’s sake.


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    • We got it the first time and you failed then, too. Stop spamming. If you had a decent enough point to make you wouldn’t need to do so. Think about it, and while doing that, mosey on back to your site and write up some more creative “tales” from the “American men” in agreement with your views. Kthx!

      • I must inform Mr. Silkypaws (born and bred in the Land of Women Inferior to Women from Other Countries) what a stroke of luck (me) he needs to be thankful for. Hopefully that doesn’t interfer with the fact that I don’t “WANT” an equal partnership because I have too much DIGNITY for that, therefore I always do what he tells me to. DIGNITY!


        Come join us in catchat! SS discovered one of Julie’s BFFFFFFZ just got engaged and she’s gonna be a bridesmaid in the wedding. MORE CRAY ON THE WAY!

      • I’d love to, and I’ve often felt jealous of you catbitches having fun in the chat, but I can’t make it due to the time zone thing (I’m not hardcore enough to pull all nighters like certain SO.BLESSED. web celebrities). Anyhow, great news, can’t wait to read some kind of re-cap tomorrow! xoxoxo

      • K k 😀 the news may turn into a post, so it’s alllll good. Not that she hasn’t already been on her “put a ring on it” bender for some time now, but this is sure to push it to new heights. SO. BLESSED., indeed!

  17. What is the deal with instagram? I have an iphone and not sure if it’s worth me looking into…. Though I don’t mobile upload on fb really and I don’t blog. So maybe it’s not necessary. Those photos aren’t making her look any better anyway.

    Her photos are all kinds of sad and lame,,,, eagerly awaiting the destruction in the new year or on her expiration date.

  18. The craycray continues. From the blergh:

    Weddings!!! I can’t get enough of them. Seriously, I should just quit this whole “media” thing and become a wedding photographer.

    Three things:

    1) OMG OMG OMG weddings OMG OMG OMG (Can you hear the braying, Pancakes?)

    2) Donkey is under the impression she works in the media industry—i.e., “this whole ‘media’ thing.”

    What “media” thing, Donks? The tattered copy of Newsweek your brother is reading?

    3) A wedding photographer. Somehow that strikes me as even more unlikely a profession that THE SPEECHWRITER FOR BARACK OBAMA. Donks, you can’t take a decent picture of a dog. Plus the braying would be kind of distracting.

    • How about the wedding invitation she posted? From a wedding she wasn’t invited to and happened two years ago? Where does she even find this stuff? It seems like she can “never get enough of weddings” whenever she has snagged her claws into a new boyfriend. She is bonkers.

    • She should be a wedding planner. Spend other people’s money while indulging her pretty pink candy fantasies — perfect for her and she’d get a big clientele if she stayed in the Midwest — no one on either coast wants the tacky horror show she considers the perfect wedding.

      • You mean the picture that Donkey blogged, tweeted about twice in less then an hour and, for some reason, ran through instagram? Very weird.

        What exactly do you do with a topless Christmas picture? Other than send it to bloggers who are obsessed with you, I mean?

      • They’re so similar, yet Courtney is much prettier and has actually succeeded at everything Pennywise wants: a job in this media thing and a husband.

        Anyone else remember the photos from Courtney’s 30th birthcray party? The one where she had a fake red carpet where she made every guest do a fake step and repeat (or whatever the fuck it’s called) and pose for fake paparazzi, and she wore a tiara (probably not Jordacted’s)?

        So vapid that she makes Donkey look like an intellectual.

      • There’s also a video of Courtney Friel giving Donkey a tour of her walk-in closet. Yes, a tour of her closet. There was a chandelier in there and Donknuts was going ape-shit over it. The whole thing was just so white trash tacky.

    • What’s especially creepy is that she’s like 9 months pregnant and due to pop out the kid (she’s been bitching about the entire pregnancy) any day now, and somehow Pennywise came up with these pictures? I doubt they’re recent, which makes it extra creepy that Donks has them. Sort of like she’s been saving them.

      • Yeah, I thought she was knocked up.. who takes their sexy Christmas photos that far ahead of time? And who takes sexy Christmas photos and distribute them to friends? And who takes sexy Christmas photos in the first place?

      • Another thing Courtney and Donks have in common is a habit of fauxto-shoots. Although Courtney rarely appears on TV anymore these days (even before her pregnancy), she likes having professional pics taken.

        What does she do with them? Post them on her FB fan page and promise to send autographed copies to fans that never get sent. Probably because she forgot how to write her name.

        Anyway, I’m wondering if she had those pictures taken not too long ago, because it appears that she actually has tits in them, and without the baby on board, she’s as flat as a board.

        So, is that creepier or less creepy than taking topless Christmas photos far in advance?

      • @ Har-Har: “Who takes sexy Christmas photos in the first place?” That is what I would like to know! Did she send these to family, friends and colleagues? Include them in a Christmas newsletter? If one of my friends did something like this and sent them to me, I would be more “did she send this to me by accident?” and not so much “sexy! Better put this on my blergh!!”

      • Har-Har, I agree. Damn gross to send sexy Christmas cards. Hell, even sexy anything to family and friends in my opinion. What would someone associated to the donkey know about class anyway…

      • @Donkadooo Ball: She posted them on her fan page on FB.

        She’s worse at begging for “U R SO SEXAY!” compliments than Pennywise the Donkey.

    • What? The fuck?

      Does Courtney Friel have a tv job that Julia Allison wants to sabotage, is that why Julia Allison is posting & repeat-posting those soft porn pics of Courtney Friel?

      Donkey is up to something …

      • Even before her pregnancy, Courtney was rarely on TV – mostly just on Fox News webcast.

        As for the pictures, Courtney posted them to her fan page on FB. That’s because she’s a serious professional.

      • But Donkey is posting these pix just three or four days before Friel’s due date. By any standard, that’s creepy.

      • True, Ridonk. But Courtney posted them to Facebook (or in her case, Tittybook) 3 weeks ago.

        Pennywise the Donkey was probably trolling around FB for pics she could use in her new “toy” and used these.

        Frankly, both twits are creepy.


    OT—Has anyone perused the seriously hysterical and weirdly prescient Talk Section of Donkey’s Wikipedia page?

    It features Julia herself braying about some photo a user uploaded of her:

    “I get a ton of crap in my career, and I’m asking you respectfully, as fellow human beings, to understand that I just don’t like that photograph.”

    “Hi – this is Julia Allison, and I would greatly appreciate if the photo of me with red hair was removed from my profile. Please see biography of a living person. I don’t have red hair anymore and I hate this photo. ”

    “This is Julia Allison for about the 12th time, asking that the red-haired photo BE REMOVED, PLEASE. I don’t have red hair now and I really, really hate this photo.”

    Et cetera.

    The best part, though, is a comment made by a longtime Wikipedia user named Miranda (of all names):

    “I fail to see the purpose of this page. This person does not appear to be any more important than any one else. To be reasonable, if this person is allowed a unique page, then virtually every other person deserves one as well. Given that numerous pages about other people are often removed for similar reasons, this page should also be taken down.

    “She has no concrete accomplishments to speak of, no examples of impact upon society, the arts, sciences, politics, etc. She merely is someone who has been a successful self-promoter. Her references are themselves opportunistic attempts to self-promote. I do not feel that this page should remain; unless the page is dedicated to the CONCEPT of self-promotion, with this person as an example, citing whatever event(s), procedures, ideas or experiences were employed in order to successfully self-promote.”

    This is a pretty big deal, I think. It is one thing for us to recognize, here on RBNS, the cray cray that is Donkey McDonkerson Bowger; it is something else, however, for a person outside this sphere to also recognize this.

    Anyway, that’s enough braying for today. Good night, Jules!

  20. I actually think that Jack McCain (or any guy over the age of 20) is too old for Donkey. Her level of maturity would match up nicely with an 18 or 19 year old.

  21. 1) Does this stupid cunt have any IDEA how much skill and hard work is necessary to be a wedding photographer?! It can be extremely lucrative, but it’s also VERY competitive and requires a huge amount of talent, organization and people skills. Being a fucking psycho obsessed with getting married isn’t a qualification, you dumb bitch!

    2) Speaking of photos, you should never stand next to Allie — she is literally half your size. And if you insist on wearing hideously unflattering tartan, don’t wear it while standing next to your tiny, cute, MARRIED AND ACCOMPLISHED sister-in-law!

    • I can just see her showing up to shoot a wedding, wearing some incredibly distracting outfit and toting along her pink point-and-shoot Canon. “OKAY BUNNIES!!! SMILE!!! OKAY, NOW LET’S TAKE ONE WITH ME AND THE GROOM!”

      Honestly, wedding photography should be the last career option she ever pursues. At my brother’s wedding last year, I had a chance to chat with his wedding photographers (I’m an amateur photographer, so I guess I was being a pest asking them about their cameras). They were a husband and wife team that started their business a few years back, but they still weren’t at a point where they could quit their full time jobs. So basically, they worked all day, edited photos in the evenings and spent their weekends shooting rehearsals, weddings, engagement portraits, etc. You could tell they were willing to work as hard as necessary to make the photography business their full time career. Lack of talent is a problem, but lack of work ethic would be her biggest downfall.

      • OT: Cat-friend gave me a kick ass digital SLR for Catmas. It’s been awhile since I’ve been even a serious amateur photographer. Any good books, etc. you’d recommend to get back in the game?

      • @NuttyGranny: Congrats on the DSLR! Those make the best Catmas gifts! As for books and such, I picked up a Magic Lantern book that was specific for my camera (Nikon D300) and I felt like that helped me get a better feel for the different settings. For Christmas this year, my catparents gave me Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Box Set. I haven’t had a chance to go through those books in depth yet, but from what I have seen, it looks like everything is spelled out really well. Those books are supposed to be great for everyone from novices to serious amateurs.

      • @Donkadoo Ball: Thanks! I’m super happy with it. I’ve wanted one forever, but the price tags are daunting. From what I’ve read online, those books are the way to go. I’m reading Complete Digital Phtography by Ben Long right now, which is a pretty good refresher. I’ll definitely check out Scott Kelby’s books, too.

      • For blogs, I love Kirk Tuck (his books are beyond where I am). He Is hilarious and cures you of some of the ‘buy lots of expensive lenses’ thing.

        That said, most manufacturers have a cheap 50mm prime lens that you can get off eBay for pocket money – no zoom but an instant way to take sharp photos! Have fun!

    • My best friend got married last weekend (BEFORE HER OMGEXPIRATION DATE) and I can tell you that those photographers worked their asses off. One of them was 8 months pregnant, lugging a bunch of equipment around and carting off the wedding party to various locations. They were clicking away all night and the pictures are guaranteed to look fantastic, especially the ones of me.

      But HERE’S THE THING, HERE’S THE THING. You didn’t notice them during the wedding and reception. They took hundreds of pictures, but you wouldn’t have realized they were there. Plus their equipment must have cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

      It’s a difficult job, and not something you can do with your SONY Cybershot camera.

      She can suck my nuts.

      • Exactly. I was married in May and even choosing a photographer was hard work for us. Someone like her would be braying through the ceremony and reception when as you said, usually you don’t even notice them.

        She’d also only be taking candid shots. There would be no quality. As the fab comment by pilot above notes, having an interest in weddings does not make a good photographer or build experience.

  22. oh for the love of fuck, she just discovered instagram. for a ‘new media’ professional, she’s painfully behind the curve. a whole new reason for fauxtos just arrived.

    • She’s always behind the curve with everything! Her comment on her blog about loving everything to do with weddings sounded so juvenile to me also. I know she’s in a new relationship and wonders what if, but to be obsessed with marriage when single or recently in a relationship is

  23. what’s sad is that i spent most of my christmas huddled over a toilet without ANY fucking presents and i STILL had a better holiday than JA. why? because i also had my wonderful catfriend of 5 years there to rub my back and make me feel better, our adorably well behaved dogs to cuddle with on the couch and delicious plates of french toast casserole that the catfriend and i made FROM SCRATCH together for our at home Christmas brunch. (um, you need this recipe in your life. thank me later

    all the posing and high profile boyfriends in the world can’t cover up the fact that Julia is painfully depressed and lonely. stop trying to convince the world that you’re “successful” and happy. it’s freaking depressing.

  24. I had a feeling I’d be summoned SEVERAL times over this Holicray weekend. Thanks, “creepy” Cativerse!

    Belatedly, hope all your Holicrayz brought pancakes of pancakes and/or pancakes of eggs swaddled in tartan with a side of drink.

  25. Longtime lurker here. While I don’t agree with most of the fug comments (she’s not that bad looking), she really has made herself significantly less attractive over the years. The plastic surgery bothers me especially, since we are the same age and I have started to notice the beginnings of laugh lines forming around my mouth. They don’t bother me, and I have a feeling I’ll age well if I don’t pay people to stick a bunch of needles in my face. That being said, she doesn’t look anything like she did five years ago, or even three. And the clothing. Just no. How does she own that many pieces of tartan clothing?! WHY DOES SHE PURPOSEFULLY MAKE HERSELF FUG?!
    I just had to get that off my chest.

    • Julie has really bad taste…in everything. Clothes, plastic surgeons, make-up, friends, political views, ideas of education, decorating, self-expression, food, media exposure, sympathy getting stunts, humor, ….you name it. Gurl is lacking….something.

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