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As much as you guys going all Nancy Drew on me is entertaining, let’s all calm down here.

Both Jack and Taylor know about your website and think your conspiracy theories are weird but hysterical.  Let me spoil your fun by clarifying – Taylor is my best friend.  Jack is my boyfriend.  There’s a lot you don’t know – because, if you haven’t noticed, it’s none of your business.

I haven’t put a single thing up about this on my blog, and only made the vaguest allusions to Taylor (when we were dating) on twitter, but the rest is you making up wild stories or poaching from my facebook account, which is really creepy of you.  But suffice it to say, no one has been screwed over or cheated on, and everyone is happy and friends.

A few things, since I’ve been reading your site for the last two days.

1) That crap your “tipster” did with my united confirmation number?  Really, REALLY creepy.  I had no idea you could even find out that sort of information – and although United has removed it, they said anyone attempting to access that info – who isn’t the person named on the ticket or didn’t book the ticket – is violating federal law.

2) No, I have not hired reputation defender.  Although I did consider it, and may still do so in the future.

3) I did not change my political views for Jack.  I didn’t vote for Mark Kirk because of Jack.  He doesn’t really care about things like that.  I worked for Mark Kirk when I was 19 & 20 years old, I was the maid of honor in his wedding, he’s a close family friend, of course I’m going to support him.  I’ve always supported him!  That doesn’t mean I agree with all of his views, but I consider myself an independent, and always have.

That said, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


1. Yeah, whatevs. Greasy is “her best friend?” But what about Billow, Krystal, Meghannaise, Dan, The One With The Weird Name, Via, Darling Perfect Angel Sarah Milligan, Momsers, The Chick Whose Couch She Crashes On, Lilly, Randi, Karp, etc? Taylor, “former” bang whom she’s known for a short period of time, is now her “best friend.” Very convenient.

2. Honey, if people are poaching from your Facebook account, you might want to reconsider who your friends are. They are sending us the information; JP and I do not have access to your FB. In other words, I guess your friends are creepy. Or as appalled by you as the general population.

3. Creepy? Creepier is posting the photo on your blog that would allow anyone reading it to access the information. Another creepy thing? Where should we start? How about the e-mail to your old boyfriend’s fiancee? Creepy, no? Far creepier than someone accessing information you made public.

4. We’ve never said you hired Reputation Defender, but one of our commenters believes you have.

5. Didn’t change your political views? And yet you described yourself as “very liberal” for ages, only to now claim that you try not to have political views. Strange that you made the change after hooking up with a powerful Republican politician’s son.

Have a nice day! XOXO


  1. Me and my best male friends that no one ever heard of until a few months ago always snuggle in bed:

    Another morning, another 6 am flight – so hard to leave my sweet SF boy sleeping in bed! Headed to Chicago for Election Day, baby.
    Standing with the boy in the middle of an insane crowd in San Francisco’s Civic Center, cheering on the Giants!!!
    How is EVERYONE ELSE IN SF going to the Giants game now except for me & my birthday boy?!? I totally failed at getting us tix. FAILFAILFAIL.

      • Might Greasy really be one of the boys, as it were, so to speak? Well, maybe not Julia’s beard as she tends to like her minorities blatantly doing the plantation cakewalk, as pparently, does wittle John Jack.

      • You’re right. She’s telling McCain it was pffft, nothing, no biggie! They were just friends, really! Only briefly dating!

        I couldn’t find the Tweet of a couple of months ago where she said something like “missing and/or wishing i could snuggle with a certain SF boy right now.”

      • @Jacy:

        This one?

        She is such a fucking liar. Greasy is NOT her ‘best friend’. He is some guy she was hooking up with and using to make the new guy jealous.

        And Julie? No one here is doing detective work. YOU are the one who posted the photo of your airline ticket showing the confirmation number.

        YOU are the one posting pix on FB of you and the SF Boy.

        YOU are the one with friends who can’t stand you, and send tips to RBNS.

        YOU are the creepy one, keeping spreadsheets on boyfriends, breaking up marriages, stalking exes + their new girlfriends.

        And YOU might not have hired Reputation Defender. But someone has definitely helped, since the cleaned up search results didn’t just happen. Perhaps your BFF at Google worked a little magic?

        • That’s the one. I couldn’t find it when I looked through her Twitter. Did she scrub it? It was a couple of weeks after meeting “Mr. Takes My Breath Away.”

        • I did just to confirm that what we were tipped off to was true. And it literally took one or two clicks and there was all his information. I am sure the United “IT’S A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW” official wasn’t informed that stupid Donkey posted a photo of the ticket on the Internet, with the confirmation number fully visible.

    • I know, what bullshit. She’s out of her mind. She creates lies to excuse her shit and then tells herself they’re true. Dan said it best when he said he had to be the custodian of her memories because she tailors her memories to what’s convenient for her.

      • This is so indicative of NPD – the ability to craft bullshit stories and if the other person doesn’t believe them or points out inconsistencies, the narcissist is misunderstood or attacked or lied about, etc. This isn’t just funny anymore, it’s downright pathological and batshit crazy.

    • Really, the level of self-delusion in her widdle self-exonerating email is epic. Just when you think she can’t get any nuttier, she comes through like a champ.


    Shit hittin’ a little too close to home? Too fucking bad. This is your great big hot mess. Enjoy.

    • Don’t you love it when she pretends to get so riled up, so angry at her class “A” haters? Great performance, Donk! You’re so terrible on camera that I didn’t know you had it in you to pull a fast with Gay Greasy.

      • Should read “fast one with Gay Greaser.” I’m too floored by all of this to make a lot of sense, but guess that’s how I feel about Julia Allison Allison’s fame-whoring, big bucks chasing life in general. What a fucking cunt.

    • ooh, and that passive-aggressive, butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth “happy holidays” kiss-off at the end of her little missive? So. Nice. Such a nice churchgoing lass who cleaves so fiercely to her core values. Chortle.

      • It could only have been better if she had signed off with “Bless your hearts. I’m praying for you.”

      • The same tone she used with the fiancee of [Redacted v1.0]. “I was engaged to him first and we were hotter and I was still having sex with him when you were together. Happy Holidays and have a Blessed Day!”

  3. Ok those photos of her shoving her face into TayTay’s under the tree (plus his added look of recoil), and splaying herself upon his lap is NOT how I act with my FRIENDS, male, female, gay or straight. Weren’t those posted to FB like a week ago? Damn this girl straight PLAYED that fine hunk of meat.

    • I am sitting here in disbelief…busy day at work and this is my first time checking since last night…OMG i can’t fucking BELIEVE she is dating Junior Grumpypants!! I was wishing it would be true but really doubting that it was. It’s a true Festivus Miracle!!!

      and OMG the cuntiness of that email…

  4. 10 bucks says Jack McCain didn’t want to go public. Julia then conveniently posts that airline ticket hoping RBNS would do her dirty work and out the relationship. Now that it’s all out in the open and it’s “not her fault” Julia convinces Jack we might as well update Facebook status because it’s out there like it or not. She’s good at game playing, this one.

  5. Is it not a federal offence to make easily publicly accessible a presidential candidate’s son’s phone number? Is it not a terrorism risk to post your flight numbers all over the internet?

  6. I have not hired reputation defender. Although I did consider it, and may still do so in the future.

    Donkey will need a whole firm; the cuntiness is spread so far and so thick.

    • Legalese. By hired, she means paid for. They did a TMI slot; she’s probably blowing someone there too.

    • So, what doe she expect us to make of this statement – that her Google listings scrubbed themselves, all on their own?

      Christ, now even her legalese needs legalese.

      Lying, manipulative bitch.

  7. Every single time the freakshow has come on over to our playhouse, it’s to do damage control because we’ve been right and she’s been caught.

    It’s frightening, how predictable she is. Have a good 2 months, Jules! By March 1, you’ll be single again.

  8. You know what I find creepy, Julia? People who live their entire lives on the internet. Try living a normal life, offline and off-camera, and then everyone won’t know everything about you.

    Oh wait, a life without people paying attention to you all *snap* the *snap* time *snap* isn’t worth living is it? Never mind.

  9. Julia may not know how to code for shit but she knows every backdoor way to find out something about someone online. There is no way that she posted that ticket without the intent of someone doing the legwork to connect it to her new BOY.

    I look forward to seeing how this all develops but I’m going to the ballet tonight because unlike some people, when I love something I get off my ass and buy tickets to it.

  10. This is so deliciously moronic, I can’t imagine how it could get even better. I have to admit one thing, though. I really admire her ability to present the craziest scenarios as if they were completely normal, no big deal.

  11. Julia,
    We used to hook up but why are we not best friends? Like you and Taylor?
    Why the preferential treatment?
    – MonkeyPantExofJulia

  12. It’s been raining in LA for what feels like forever, but ow that this epic crazy has started, it really feels like Christmas around here!

    Her e-mail was so paint-by-numbers. The only thing missing was a pissy comment saying she doesn’t give you permission to publish it.

    The Box Car Children comment above was what finally made me LOL at work. God knows what I’d do if someone comes over and asks why I’m looking at the Donkey site.

      • I have done SHIT, and I have a ton to do. I can’t tear myself away. It’s an Internet reality show and she is the most vile heroine ever.

      • Days like this make me happy to be an unemployed ne’er-do-well. I can just kick back with a mug of irish coffee and watch the mess unfold.

      • I’ve been toggling between updating a website, writing a holiday newsletter, and chortling at all the comments here. I really didn’t want to come into work today, but this is the best day ever.

        I’m just a little worried that some RBNS-speak may make its way into the newsletter. 😉

      • I’m with ya, Aggressively Stupid. This shit makes me glad I got canned. Drinking/smoking all day long while I read my favorite cat ladies’ words? Best day ever.

  13. Poor Greasy! It’ll take forever to get the peltstank out of his apartment. Try soaking everything in tomato juice, bunny!

  14. RE: fauxto above: This is why I think she’s had:
    * the Michal Jackson eye brow lift
    * an explant of previous boob job

    $20 bucks says Taylor Greason doesn’t think of Julia Allison as BF.

  15. Is it really violating federal law if I give my flight information to my parents who will be picking me up from the airport so they can track the flight so as not to sit waiting for a delayed flight? I’m not sure about that one.

      • Sometimes she likes to say things aren’t illegal, like “hiring” interns, abusing them, and not paying them anything.

      • Or stalking ex-boyfriends. Things are only illegal when they make her life uncomfortable, bunnies. Things are perfectly legal when she’s making other people’s lives uncomfortable!

      • She loves to say things are illegal almost as much as she loves to say, “You should be ashamed of yourself!” She’s such a dick.

      • Plus “calm down,” which I always imagine being articulated in a bossy, condescending voice. Can you even begin to imagine how many times she must have heard that phrase as a child for it to become such an instinctive response for her? It’s her go-to put-down.

    • She is bonkers.
      “Why yes, Ms. Allison, we consider unauthorized use of a confirmation number a very serious matter indeed! In fact, misuse of such information might in some cases be considered a violation of Federal Law!”
      “Pardon me? I’m not sure I heard you correctly. You posted that information on the Internet? On a blog that is linked to your 20,000 twitter followers and countless Afghani facebook fans?”
      >>stunned silence<>drops phone<<

  16. anyone know when jack’s birthday is?

    guessing it is not around the time of the “what do you get a guy you’ve been dating for three months…” post (I would find it, but posting from my phone)

  17. I don’t know much about the McCains because I find them creepy (Cindy), retarded (Megan) and sad grandpas that I would normally just shake my head at were it not for the fact that they wanted to run the country (John)…but, are they religious? Is this what the whole braying about church and hymns was about?

    I really really really hope this results in a wedding. Can you imagine the McCains visiting the Baughers? Momsers offering Cindy her cranberry guac and giving a grand tour of their weirdly decorated house? It’s almost too much to hope for.

  18. Donks,

    1) No one is “poaching” your facebook account. Your friends are on it. Many of them don’t like you.

    2) When you talk about leaving your sleeping “boy” in SF, that is not a friend. That is someone you’re sleeping with. You put that out there.

    3) You changed your political views. Yes you did. You post on tearing up at Obama was epic and you went from “very liberal” to, basically, don’t want to talk about it. This all during the time you’re trying to get in good with Jackie Boy (that one? go ahead and call him a “boy.” He’s barely out of college)–coincidence?

      • I have been with the same guy for two years, with several ups and downs, and I have never once Tweeted/blogged or Facebooked about him ONCE. His name is nowhere, his face is nowhere.

      • Same here. It’s actually forbidden in my house. I’ve been with the same person for 6 years and NOTHING personal about him or our relationships has EVER gone online.

        And this FB relationship status is LAME. I don’t see the point of giving that information out.

        FB are a bunch of info stealing assholes, and i give them as little as possible.

        Man, she is just the perfect little whoring lamestreamer, isn’t she!

      • Me three. Well, I may have referred to “my boyfriend” once or twice on tumblr, but never by name. No photos. No ZOMG SO IN LOVE U GUYZ. Because sometimes relationships end, and then 100 of your best facebook friends want to know what happened. Ugh, no thanks.

  19. What I get from that e-mail is that we are 100% on the right track. Thanks for the confirmation Donkey!

  20. What’s the end game for her with this guy? She is pushing 30, with a self described expiration date — and she starts dating someone 6 or 7 years her junior who just graduated from the Naval Academy. A walk down the aisle has got to be (at best) half a decade away (barring any Officer and a Gentlemen style pregnancy entrapment plan).

    • Lifelong attachment/alimony through child?
      Also, I’m assuming she’s banking on that family being useful to revive her “career”.

    • I’m guessing that to Julia Allison, he’s such a big fish because of his name/money that she’s breaking all her rules for him: no ultimatums, ok with the broken family, ok with the age just in hopes of getting him to propose. Bunnies, maybe Jack McCain he has political aspirations and Julia can be the First Lady one day!

      OR…she knows she’ll get dumped, but then she’ll milk the break-up as much as we can. Oh, Jules…if only you’d done this before the election, think of all the press you would have gotten if you gave away his dirty bedroom secrets or something.

      • The first thing that came to mind to me as to why she would be after JJM was that she’s all, “Oh em gee I’m gonna be First Lady someday!”

    • I find the age thing really strange. Sorry, I know that’s a sensitive subject around here, and it’s not that I think 30 is expired or that older women can’t date younger men (my own catfriend is a year and a half younger than I am). It’s not even the 6 year difference that’s throwing me. BUT.

      Come on. There is such a difference between early twenties and late twenties it’s laughable. I’m not saying 23 year old dudes aren’t hot. They absolutely are. But they’re babies. Blah blah exceptions to the rule or whatever, but by the time I was 24 I was dating older to escape that post-grad frat idiot mentality that they carry with them until they’re 26 at least.

      I suppose this entire comment is moot because it’s clear I find it strange that SHE would want to date HIM w/r/t his age, and the plethora of reasons for that is vast, even if it’s not admirable, so, nevermind.

      • I agree with you and i am dating a younger man (we are in our 30s and were so when we got together).

        Most of my friends successful marriages are between older women and younger men. The key being is the relationships all started when everyone was past 30.

        Of course there are exceptions, but the rule really is a 24 yr old man really should probably not be with a woman past aged 27. And that is pushing it.

        Exceptions and all that. She will be 30 in a few months. 27 should be her biggest gap, NOT 24.

        How old is Brother Britt? Her Baby Brother Britt has more age, education and experience on Baby McCain. This is a gold dig. Straight up.

      • However. Yeah totally agree about the “why you messing with the younguns” age thing, but we’ve got to remember that Julia Donkey Allison is not a normal specimen, she’s never worked, she’s been provided for her whole life, she’s hardly wise and mature. A Julia Allison 30 is probably a normal person 22.

  21. Hey wait a gosh darn tooting minute here

    Now, I’m a loyal reader of NON SOCIETY. I even go TO the site to give it page views, thus pumping up unique page views, even typing it in the URL bar rather than jumping from a link or RSS feed, thus pumping up the primo rates that advertisers (lolwut) are willing to pay for shills. I in turn even REPOST links to NS on other sites, providing link love, which improves SEO (who cares if by other sites I mean here, irrelevant, bunnies).

    I was told again and again that NS was a Life Casting site. A way to Live Differently. My Portal into their Contributors’ Lives. I watched them Experiment with their Passions, got Recommendations in their areas of Expertise, and sent them Questions of my own.

    Thus, I am a customer of NS, non? Ergo ipso domino oreo, it IS my business, oui? I was sold a bill of goods as fake as those bubbalicious tatas up there!!

  22. What I find utterly ridiculous is that she took the time to 100% validate who her boyfriend is, to us, the haterz and jealous cat ladiez who she ignores. Except she doesn’t. Like how she doesn’t drink except when she does. That email from her is way more delusional and indicative of serious cray than any of us could come up with. Taylor dodged a donkey shaped bullet, the other guy will last max 30 days.


    Julia, honey, if you are reading this, go fuck yourself. And keep your legal threats to yourself, no one is afraid.

  24. It’s truly full of stars, her latest Tweet:

    “I don’t even want to admit how long it’s taken me to Skitch the 3rd Annual Julia-Randi Birthday Bash Save the Date – this year, in TAHOE!”

    You know how the young, hip media set love TAHOE!

    • So…no bi-coastal? How many of her “friends” will go to Tahoe? I guess maybe that weirdo couple Brit and Dave who “like” her posts. Billow? Her BEST FRIEND, GREASY?

      • I’m 90% sure the Mccains actually do have a ski lodge in Tahoe. I saw the list of their houses during the campaign and I know there was a ski lodge on there, just not sure if it was in Colorado or Wyoming.

      • Tahoe is on the California/Nevada border bunnies…not Wyoming/Colorado. Just wanted to clarify the geography.


        ‘She owns a home in Coronado, California, next to the Hotel del Coronado; her family had vacationed in Coronado growing up, and she has gone there for recuperation and family get-togethers. She or her family own other residential and commercial real estate in California, Arizona and Virginia and, including rental properties, McCain herself owns ten homes and part of three office complexes. She is an amateur pilot and race car driver.’

    • Because THAT is what Randi wants to do in her second trimester!

      Dress up in a crazy outfit and have a lot of near-strangers wander around her party in search of the free booze while Julia brays about McCain!


  25. She is one smug little burro right now isn’t she?

    Every time I start to feel a little sorry for her she out-cunts herself.

    “Jack is my boyfriend.” yeah. Of five minutes. And only until his family finds out what you do to your boyfriends’ reputations on the Internet.

    • She loves saying that. You know how all of her notebooks are covered now. “Mrs. Jack McCain” “Mrs. McCain” “Julia McCain” — like that (hate to say this) episode of SATC…”Mrs. Charlotte York Goldenblatt” in the cookbook.

  26. Another thing I have noticed: She always shows up in e-mail or in chat a day or two after some troll has made laughable, crazy threats towards us, which we completely ignore. Which is exactly what happened the other day with that asshole Bitchulame. He/she told us we had 12 hours to identify him/her, or he/she was showing up in the comments to post our real identities, work numbers, etc. And then never returned.


  27. When I first read this drama (all of three hours ago) I initially thought “How the fuck did Donkey land a McCain?”

    After a nice shower (that I didn’t even vomit in!) I had some time to reassess.

    Donkey is dating the dumbass (near the bottom of his class at Annapolis I believe) allegedly racist, ignorant son of a family that has pretty much become a laughingstock in American politics. After Papa McCain’s anti-DADT rants and MegaTit’s public dumbassness, no one takes the family seriously.

    She might have aspirations of being a senator’s wife someday, but I don’t think the American public would go for it. Imagine if he were running for public office? The entire country would know what a lying, manipulative, gold-digging cunt she really is.

    Also- I pray to god that she doesn’t get knocked up. No child deserves that.

      • Laughing to tears at this comment…here is how it goes…..Julia: Oh I would haz a gay boy babyz. Then… OH I haz a boyfriend McCain, who does not believe in gay boyz…. Julia: I haz to expunge my blergh about gay boy. Unbelievable. What. A. Turd.

    • Even as a Senators son, he only got into USNA by way of NAPS. I have 3 people in my family that went to service academies, 1 was brilliant, 1 was fairly smart and a hard worker, the other was a dumbass. None of them needed NAPS. None of them graduated at the bottom. And none of them had the advantages Lil McCain had. So yes, I agree, he must be pretty dumb and entitled.

      Summary: Perfect match for Le Donkarina.

    • I heard Megatits on Imus this morning (yep, i sometimes put his show on as i drive to work…talk about sad grandpas!) and jesus, what a dumbass. imus made a decent joke about ex-senator edwards being slimy, and it sailed right over that bimbo’s big blond head. then she went on and on about how she believed in her dad so much. i get a kick out of the adult spawn of the super-rich or the super-famous…they just LOVE their parents SO MUCH!

  28. You know what I can’t wait for? When Jack dumps her and she publically trashes him and Megatits loses her shit all over her twitter.

      • My money is on a “tipster” coming in here and trashing his manhood (small weiner), his politics (didn’t even vote for his dad!) and/or how he and Meghan don’t even get along.

        With any luck all this shit will go down the week of the Birthcray bash, forcing a cancelation of the Tahoe Chalet.

  29. A final thought (from me, I hope you all keep going all night) on Reputation Defender-like internet scrubbing: the bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter. Donks can scrub the internet as squeaky clean as she wants. That may get her past some initial Googleing by boyfriends and their familys, but people still know what she’s like. All anyone has to do is ask anyone who has ever known her what she’s like and they’ll get an earful. She’s not going to be able to keep the McCains away from people from her past forever.
    Or they can just wait until the super sweet veneer she’s painted on to impress them wears off and the true donkey that she is shows through. It’s bound to happen sooner or later.
    Don’t you worry catladies and lads. They’ll learn and we get to sit back and watch the fireworks with boxed wine in hand. Cheers!

    • Every time she posts or tweets she needs someone to follow along behind her to clean up her mess. That kind of reputation defending is a full time job!

    • You can scrub your own Google presence without that Reputation Defender bullshit. They can’t make anyone remove negative shit about you, only request it. That’s something you can do, and a reasonable, calm, well-written request from an individual probably has a better chance than some obnoxious, vaguely threatening form letter from RD.

      Years ago, I had some epic online battles in a now-long-gone forum, and a couple of my antagonists purposely posted malicious and slanderous things with my full name, for the purpose of ruining my search engine profile.

      Well, in the last year or so, being on Facebook, returning to being a published journalist, posting on some forums (tech support, professional – not anything controversial or confrontational) and just being involved in a couple of local nonprofit organizations that put their newsletters online have given me at least a couple of pages of positive results.

  30. Anyone who thinks any member of the McCain family is a catch is nucking futs.

    I have never been so embarrassed for unborn grandchildren as I am for future McCains – imagine if your grandfather was principally known for picking the dumbest VP candidate in American history AND for opposing civil on purely homophobic grounds. Horrifying.

    McCain has lost the respect of absolutely everyone, from his party, to journalists, to historians – he is widely, WIDELY regarded as a bitter, spiteful man.

    Who tweets at Snookie. Apple, far from tree, etc. This is the ONLY coupling of hers that has ever made since. An utter has-been clings to the branches of a has-been, disgraced family tree.

    • Holy shit, there’s a lot of typos in them thar post. Change civil to DADT.

      This really is the only coupling of hers that makes any SENSE to me. She is the ultimate has-been, climbing the limbs of a decaying, disgraced family tree.

      The world is EXACTLY as it should be.

    • Actually, the youngest McCain boy seems very nice, very humble. He’s an enlisted Marine and not much like Jack.

      Also, I think McCain has older kids, from his first wife. The one he left to be with Cindy.

      • Actually, upon reviewing my own link, it seems specious that Jack McCain had anything to do with those words. It seems like a bullshit Gawker non-story and it truly does suck that he is in any way associated with that incendiary of a story.

        But I still believe his father to be a vile human being, and it sure seems like the people around him tip toe, rather than call him out, especially his family members.

      • And let’s not forget Bridgit the adopted daughter from Bangladesh. I know she and Julia will be besties!

    • Who tweets at Snookie.

      Tweeting useless celebs seems to be the thing that elderly US Senators who are losing it do. Harry Reid twits with Lady Gaga.

      • That’s because Harry Reid (or whoever is running his twitter) is AWESOME. He’s not “losing” shit. Harry Reid 4evah!!

      • He’s 24 and she’s 30. That’s a very, very big difference when you’re a 24 year old guy with plenty of options.

        They’re not living in the same city. He won’t appreciate the nuclear clinginess which is coming.

        The military environment he’s in is no joke. No matter what craziness he may have with his family, he’s not an airhead like her.

        I guarantee his mother can spot golddiggers of Julia’s ilk a mile away.

  31. I do hate how much she’s enjoying this. It’s a former presidential candidate’s son. She must ruin panties every time she thinks about it. It’s not his dick she likes, it’s his status. Yeah John McCain sucked/sucks. But she does not care about the content of someone’s character as long as they look good on her stage.

    And as he knows crazy well, it’s doubtful he’ll see her behavior as anything but “normal.”

    • “But she does not care about the content of someone’s character as long as they look good on her stage.”

      Truer words have never been written about Donkey.

    • I actually LOVE how happy she is about this. Her ego must be the size of the Hindenberg.

      The greater the heights her sad little ego soars to, the more epic the crash. And i really hope she is pumping that with hydrogen and not helium.

      The entertainment value will be epic. This may be the best season of As the Donkey Burns yet.

  32. The photo of Julia that Jacy used for this post is wonderfully repulsive! The ugly on the outside perfectly matches the ugly on the inside. She is so foul…and I have a hunch little Jackie McCain is too.

    • Yeah I think that a lot with so many of her photos. If you look at them properly you really can see the evil just oozes out of her fake face.

    • For a good look at how foul Little McCain is, just google “Jack McCain towel head muslim”

      He wrote a really long ass racist blog post about how he hopes the US kills a lot of towel headed muslims and how muslims are stupid for worshiping their god.

      Also, he’s spoken out against DADT Repeal, on his twitter (now conveniently deleted).

  33. Oooooh girlfirend is feelin’ hot-dayum good right now: ” juliaallison: I don’t even want to admit how long it’s taken me to Skitch the 3rd Annual Julia-Randi Birthday Bash Save the Date – this year, in TAHOE! ”

    Rich boyfriend, birthday with Randi (take THAT haterz) and all this attention … she is so ecstatically happy she doesn’t even need cupcakes!

    Wait till the crash happens…

  34. Julia, we don’t CARE what Greasy and JM think about us or our theories

    You did not spoil our fun.

    I’m sure there IS a lot more we don’t know, because you are the queen of innuendo, half truths and twisting the facts. You engineered this so there was a lot everyone didn’t know, so you could shift the facts at will should you, for a moment, appear to be the ‘bad person’ in all of this.

    And that would have been clever, should this be the first time you’ve tried this. Or possibly even the second time.

    Instead, you were predictable. Sigh.

    • Can I just add also that I think it’s REALLY FUCKING WEIRD that her boyfriend and best friend (ahem) find this “hysterical?”

      If I found out that there was an entire site devoted to someone I knew, that included well written, articulate pieces and comments from people who had met them by people who were obviously not basement dwelling haters (Hi Jules! I’ll be at Davos this year, I’ll keep a look out for you!) my first reaction would be ALARM and then suspicion. Especially when they do little more then point out the rampant inconsistencies about their previous lies and manipulation.

      We are doing them a freaking public service, and if they find it so “hysterical” and crazy then they really do deserve each other.

      And honestly, this has implosion written all over it. Why Tahoe? I bet no one goes.

      OT- I was reading today about how John McCain was instrumental in BLOCKING legislation that would hold government members accountable for lying about POWs/MIAs and how he pushed (and succeeded) in classifying information that detailed his (and many other prisoners) experiences as a POW. He’s gross.

      I also wonder Maverick (lol, Top Gun FTW) will treat Donks considering he’s had such a shining example of parents to learn from.

      • one small thing – people will go –> because of Randi. She’s genuinely nice and has real friends, not just friends who use her b/c she’s OMG A FUCKERBERG

      • this times a million. but again, there’s no way greasey and JM find it “hysterical.” no *snap* fucking *snap* way *way*…

      • If i managed to convince them (boyfriend, bff) that the rumours were false and lies and mean spirited or whatever, the LAST response would be, OMG, hilarious!

        My boyfriend would be FURIOUS that people were being so cruel to me and looking to hunt folks down with a golf club and bff would be like that sucks, don’t ever look at it.

        You know?

        These people don’t know her and yeah, they should be concerned.

        But also, you know what? A good way for people to not call you an asshole is to not put it all over the internet.

        This bitch FOR SURE wanted shit exposed by putting that ticket online. She’s foxy like that. RBNS did the dirty work for her — now she gets to go public with her boyfriend. VOM.

      • Yep. NO WAY would anyone — friend, boyfriend, whatever — even want to have anything to do with me if I had a website such as this devoted to my antics.

    • Greasy’s just embarrassed. He wants to pretend he wasn’t fooled and then OBO’d by the Donk.

      Jack is too young to care. Not only about us, but about her. He’s going to be bored in a few weeks and then be out of there.

    • I seriously doubt Greason & Jacky Boy think it’s all “hysterical.” Little Juliar Allison is spinning her best to try to make them *think* it’s funny instead of troubling. Good luck with that, Juliar.

  35. If Taylor is her “best friend” why was she referring to him as “SF Boy” within the last week or so?

    Airbrushing the truth from her dating resume yet again, I see.

    • how the fuck does someone become your best friend in a matter of weeks? especially someone of the opposite gender? what about her OMG sisters…aren’t they better candidates for best friend? this chick has fucking lost it this time.

      • Just like Jordan was her bestest friend and Mary was her bestest friend!!!! As in, more on her end than his/theirs, and pretty soon he will want nothing to do with her.

      • They were such bestest friends that Julia thought of them as her “sisters.”

        That bitch is really getting on my nerves lately, even more than usual. She’s ALWAYS trying to wiggle out from under her own batshit craziness…constantly lying, making excuses, and blaming other people for all the crazy shit that SHE does.

    • Um, so it’s all about SEO?


      match made in heaven and will last forever and ever (or until Jack meets a richie rich woman of his own to dump her for – probably after she’s squeezed out a couple of puppies)

  36. I’m also LOLzing that Gawker didn’t even pick up this story– I’m sure Donkey thought it was a sure thing.

  37. If Donkey doesn’t want people to “go all Nancy Drew” on her, the solution is simple — either she should do proper “Lifecasting” and put it all out there, or get off the web entirely.

    She’s been coyly dropping clues, hints and teases about her personal life for some time now. She is fully aware of the game she’s playing, and this over-amped huffiness and indignation is just one more pouty, loony and phony pose.

    She truly is a fucktard. That is all.

    • Exactly. What kind of a moron tries to brand a business of lifecasting / blogging who is so private and huffs when people speculate??? Most in her industry would take any talk to keep their name current. Very odd she is.

  38. A good friend of mine who turns a year before expiration soon has been dating a 23/24 year old for a few months. Just talking to her, the age gap and maturity is so different from where her and I are at. He totally doesn’t want anything serious and has never took her out on a real date – more like happy hours then back in the sack. I’m not saying all guys that age are like that but I would wager Jacky Boy is enjoying his time with a pretty girl but obviously doesn’t see anything long term or serious about it… while she likely has already picked out her Vera Wang bridal gown.

    Long distance could work but in this case, I give this relationship til Feb… maybe March.

    I do hope Greasy or one of his friends does give us some dirt. I can’t imagine his friends liking her so please come tell us the real truth!

    • She’s giving him “best friend” status in the hopes he won’t bray. “Hey Greasy, we didn’t work out as a couple… but we can be best friends, right? Because I wouldn’t want any **misunderstandings** between us.”

      i.e. don’t dish the dirt on what an awful person I am.

    • I would wager Jacky Boy is enjoying his time with a pretty girl

      Oh, shit! Donkey’s gonna be pissed when she hears this!

  39. I freely admit it would never occur to me that someone could trace who paid for a flight I took by looking up something they saw that was stuck to my luggage.

    On the other hand, it would never occur to me to post pictures to a website of my luggage.

    Make of that dichotomy what you will.

    • Still, once you had been informed as to that fact, wouldn’t you take that picture down immediately?

      Instead of letting it sit on your public website for a few days so eeeeeeeverybody could get a good look, then take it down without fanfare and then write an ‘OMG!!! YOU STALKERS!!!!’ email to the site that noted the breach of privacy?

      I mean, we obviously didn’t care about the actual info, as it was never posted here, shouldn’t she have maybe been a little more on the ball about this one?

      She was just BEGGING people to look.

  40. I may not like John McCain very much, despite being conservative, but I wouldn’t wish the Donkey on anyone. I don’t think the family are racist homophobes as some of y’all are saying, although Megan is truly horrific as a person.

    I’m just shocked all her angling paid off. I guess that’s what a gtown degree gets you? No understanding of the body politic, but a politician’s son.

    • Aw, don’t be so cynical, fellow conservative. It ain’t over til the fat lady sings, as it were, and I see Jack John dumping the donkey sooner than later. The cray cray shows up quickly–just ask PK–and there’s no way Julie’s gold digging, fame whoring ways will ever be completely Internet scrubbed.

      Think Jackie O saying no to Daryl Hannah. If push comes to marriage shove? Cindy will cut this bitch.

      • Third conservative here!

        I just hope this kid stays on long enough to see the cray-cray in its full glory, which should be sometime around Valentine’s Day and then her expiration date birthday bash.

      • Fourth conservative here! I met McCain back when he was campaigning in my town and he was a nice old man, though someone I had trouble envisioning him as a president. And then when he picked Palin to run with him, I couldn’t. But I really hate the pairing of Julia and the McCain kid. It sickens me that she got what she wanted, or at least for now.

  41. Hey, Donks – A quick question:

    If Taylor is your “best friend,” why did you suddenly scrub him from your blergh?

  42. Hahaha. Even though this has been going on for a couple months, the plane ticket with the info just HAPPENED to be posted within a couple days of Donks making her relationshit public on Facebook. I love it.

    • I think it was purpose. She moves in mysterious ways. Probably wanted us to piece it together then the fb status change.

  43. “…poaching from my facebook account…” [United]” said anyone attempting to access that info […] is violating federal law.”

    Well, well, if it ain’t all Donkeyja Vu up in here yet again

    * Julia Allison made public videos of she & Justin Weitz
    * & accused RBNS mods of hacking into her Vimeo acct
    * Julia Allison backed off alluding to a Vimeo Security breach
    * & admitted culpability re: her own actions (shared pw)

    Different penis / same Julia Allison smoke & mirrors

  44. “I didn’t hire Reputation Defender” = legalese. OK, then you hired one of their competitors. Because you’re paying someone to get those search results.

    The rest of it… who really cares. Let’s just sit back. The cray cray is going to be EPIC.

    Bring it on.

    • I know, after MONTHS of being bored and borderline depressed about her epically dull day-to-day existence, i am suddenly on the edge of my seat! Such holiday magic!!!

  45. “Taylor is my best friend. Jack is my boyfriend. Like, okay? I have the mental maturity of a 12 year old.”

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