A Trip Down Memory Lane: The Last Time Donk Went To The Ashram


I thought now might be a good time to look back on that life- and soul-altering experience The Donk had the last time she went to the ashram, when she returned braying about what an incredible journey it had been,  how she let God in, let it unfold, forgave herself, had a profound spiritual reawakening, stopped beating herself up, heard the Lord, and then, within a week of her return, was the same  mentalcase she’d always been, pulling all-nighters and obsessing over pink pouffy dresses and pelting it up and boasting about all her many “big meetings” and “pilots” and announcing with great fanfare she was moving to L.A.

First, some context.  A couple of months earlier, in March, she’d been dumped yet again by Prom King, the guy who failed to read enough books and who she claimed broke her heart and caused a mental breakdown even though a week before they broke up she was spewing about “The One That Got Away,” aka REDACTED NO. 1.

What if, indeed …

And poor REDACTED NO. 1. Dumped by Prom King, Donkey resurrected her obsession with him, and started posting frequently about  him and how in LOVE they once were, they had even gone ring-shopping, bunnies (a total fabrication — they had dated sporadically and were never exclusive). And by people, I mean REDACTED’s fiancee, because that’s who the posts were directed at.

On April 29, she wrote a stomach-churning post about how she’d CHANGED, people. She was a much better person now! She was aware of her core values!

The truth is, I am both more sure of who I am and more lost than I have ever been.  The irony of this dichotomy does not escape me.  I am more honest, more trustworthy, more respectful, more conscious of my core values, than I have EVER been.  I think a lot about being a good person, about what that means, about how I can contribute to other people’s happiness.  But that’s where I get lost.  I am NOT sure what the best way for me to do that is … yet.

REDACTED finally responded angrily, telling her once and for all to back off and stop blogging about him.

Hours later, after getting his message, she sent this one to his fiancee because his “e-mail isn’t working.” Because true love and marriage and weddings are sacred, bunnies! “The Hangover” was a terrible movie whose writer should be “jailed” because the groom almost missed his wedding to a pretty brunette girl in a pretty wedding dress, but it’s TOTALLY OK to e-mail someone’s fiancee to allege that her husband-to-be used to fuck around on her.

Ten days after this drama, Donkey fled to the ashram.

Here’s a snippet of what she wrote while there:

I don’t really know how to begin to describe what’s happened in words.  It will probably take me weeks, if not months, to process this.  But to say I found what I was looking for would be an enormous understatement.

I am peaceful, almost euphoric in my contentment for the first time in a very, very long time.  It’s not just the three hours of meditation and chanting daily, or the four hours of hatha yoga, or the long nature walks I take, or the incredible home cooked vegetarian food that I dream about at night or the interminable stretches of time I spend just sitting outside in the bright sunshine (like I am now) and thinking, or the half dozen books I’ve read since I got here … it’s just this all-encompassing feeling of love which resonates in this place, and now, within me.  I feel strong here.  I feel whole.  And yes, I feel very, very close to God.

My goal in the next ten days is to figure out how I can take this feeling – this calm, this peace – home to Manhattan with me.  I don’t know the answer to that yet, but, like everything else I’ve learned in my short time here, I know that it will come to me.  It will work itself out, if I just let go. If I let it unfold. 🙂

She left the ashram. The post never came. But there was this touching dispatch about just how much inner peace the ashram had brought the donkey:

You know, after I came back from the ashram, I had a pretty severe reaction to my return to ‘normal’ life. I was fairly angry (for seemingly no reason), I found myself lapsing into pettiness and jealousy (which I usually tend to avoid), I wanted to lash out at everyone and everything.”

And then she barely mentioned the ashram again until she ran off to it again last week. Because that’s what ashrams are for, thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert — a refuge for a bunch of self-obsessed, man-crazy lunatics who want to lose some weight while they lick their latest, largely self-inflicted wounds.


  1. The SF guy obviously “dumped” her, though I wouldn’t actually use the word dumped. I guarantee you he wasn’t viewing her as anything other than a one-weekend stand.

    Even if he were aware of her reputation, blog, etc., it’s not all at surprising he still decided to hit it and quit it for a weekend. He’s a guy and that’s what guys do when it’s readily and easily available.

    Of course that’s also a primary driver behind Inflated Expectations Syndrome. An 8/10 guy will hook up with a 6/10 girl for the weekend while the reverse happens far less frequently. And then our 6/10 donkey (physically, 2/10 mentally) is fixated on the belief she merits an 8/10 long-term relationship. Because hey, it happened once, right?

    • I just wanted to tell you that you look much more sexy with short hair. You should get a haircut!

      I also agree, she normally takes relationships MUCH more serious than they already are.

      • Good point. I doubt this destroys the argument, though. I do remember from college that Greason was a douchebag. However, I still think he’s much smarter than Donkey and has a lot more going for him in terms of career, friends, etc.

        I can’t speak for “Tom Brady”, but the larger point that I was agreeing with was

      • (comment fail)

        … the larger point I was agreeing with was that he probably never saw her as more than an interesting short term deal. not uncommon for guys to do this, whereas a girl in julia’s position (unemployed, nearly 30, low self esteem) is rarely looking for a short term deal. so this is going to hurt julie albertson. greasey hit it and quit it–everything after he hit it (e.g. him discussing his venture capital resume, as if julia would have an intelligent contribution) was just for show so he could have some LULZ about her craycray, or else he felt bad when he realized she was fucking crazy. i hope it was the former, to be honest.

      • well I hope it’s the latter – people being nasty like that intentionally definitely are douchebags

        she’s starting to remind me of the crazy women in the Housewives of XYZ shows. I don’t even watch any of those & yet I know many of the women – they can’t give up the fame-chasing long after they should and just live normal lives.

        The only way Julie is going to have a real relationship is to give up the life/lie-casting bullshit. She cannot figure out how to separate her worlds while keeping fundamentally private things private while still producing quality content. Her “company” is a failure. It’s Ok Jules, move on. The path to founder-dom is littered with the graves of dead start-ups. Learn from your failure and move on, OR decide you want to be a fameballz, embrace it with pure authenticity and shamelessness like Perez Hilton and go for it. You don’t have the writing skills or ability to make sound decisions a la Dooce or other prolific bloggers who’ve turned their personal voices into a business.


      • Let’s keep in mind that they apparently met about four times in total, within a couple of months. I absolutely don’t care enough to look it up, but that is the impression I got.

        I agree with everything said above, PLUS, I wouldn’t be surprised if there actually had been a chance, however small, at a real relationship, had it not been Donkey who of course had to ruin said chance by insane braying (IRL and online), “picking the zits,” acting as if The Boy had already owed her big time and trying to force him to a) marry her, STAT, b) let her move in with him, c) invite her to spend Thanksgiving with his family, d) succumb to all her princessy wishes, e) buy her 18 dresses, f) all of the above. All the while the guy was still at the stage of figuring out WTF is going on. But that’s our Donkiata!

      • @bitchface: She’s mentally deranged, with nobody to give her any tough love.

        Therefore, she will NEVER get her shit together. She will NEVER give up liecasting. She will NEVER accept that she has no actual “company.” She will NEVER accept a role in life as a hated celebutard and milk it for all it’s worth.

        She will NEVER have a life that even resembles sanity.

      • “a girl in julia’s position (unemployed, nearly 30, low self esteem) is rarely looking for a short term deal.”

        Seriously? Everyone is fine with this analysis? First of all, dickhead, there are plenty of women in the 30s that like to fuck around for fucking around’s sake. I’m really sick of your stupid putrescent sexist bullshit. Can’t you run along to Above The Law where you belong?

      • @JFA – I haven’t read ATL in a while. Elie is a horrific writer. Lat ran the blog much better.

        I would think most people can see that I’m mocking Julia according to her own terms. Those are the criteria SHE has established. If you can’t separate discussions about Julia from what I really feel in the abstract, that is your issue, not mine. She’s the one who has mastered the sexist constructs and I enjoy parroting it back to her whenever I have the chance.

        Lighten up.

      • Oh boy, that is some tortured logic! Aren’t you a paralegal or something? Shouldn’t you be able to do better than that?

        I’m just going to start pointing out when Afghani is mansplaining. Like this:


      • Haha! Mansplanation!

        Aghani, do you seriously wanna take me on when it comes to feminism? I would thoroughly enjoy that, actually. If you aren’t talking about where you went to college, you are talking about what you do for a living. You’re a douche. Be funny, and maybe I will lighten up.

    • I think the following cryptic tweet from the 18th confirms she was dumped by Mr. Greasy for being too clingy.. (http://twitter.com/juliaallison/status/5485247596601344)

      “Picking at anything – scabs, bugbites, zits or boyfriends – has never actually caused that thing to become better.”

      I’m no fan of pharmaceuticals, but I really think she could benefit from an anti-depressant of some sort to help even her out. She seems almost manic, with a touch of OCD. I kinda feel bad for her lately.

      • Co-sign. Her life is more sad than anything else right now. I nearly get depressed myself when I look at her “lifecast”/blog these days. Usually, Julia does something worthy of hate after hitting a low spot like this, so don’t give up hope—there will be moar lulz around the corner. Isn’t Michael (Redacted 1) getting married REALLY soon now? And she’s turning 30 in a few months… cray cray is a’comin’!!

      • I was starting to feel sorry for her too, but then Jacy snapped me out of that mindset by reminding me of the e-mail to Redacted’s fiancée. You pull shit like that, I don’t care how sad your life is, especially when it’s entirely your own fault.

      • Helena, you’re pretty new to the Donkey Game, right? Every single time some people start feeling the sadz for her, she does something so jaw dropping awful that the hate just flows like wine here.

      • She is anti-medication and pro-pseudo science like cleanses and yoga will fix everything that is wrong. I think lifestyle changes can help if you actually implement them in your daily life, but for someone like JA, that isn’t possible. She is chasing the high and then once the high is over, she is confused. That’s why she can’t have a meaningful relationship, becuase she chases the high that comes with the first phase, where everything is wonderful. JA could have stayed with Prom King, but she didn’t understand how to transition to something normal instead of endless theme dates.

        The problem is, she doesn’t think anything is wrong, even after so many people in her life have left her (even Meghan, her “sister” has abandoned ship). I don’t think anything will fix it. Lost cause.

      • @Helena — seriously, scroll back a few posts to where she gifted the sweaty skunk costume to her ‘darling intern.’ Quiet usually gives us some time to forget what an asshole she is. During said time she also ‘lets go’ of her assholeness and moves on feeling blessedly tabula rasa and mounting more atrocious assaults on her karma (the equivalent of apologizing and pleading to God for forgiveness, just to go out and be a shitstain again.)

      • You’re correct, I somehow blocked the memory of that skunk costume. Brayge.

    • I find your rating system disgusting. Of COURSE Afgani cosigns. Were you two fucking morons in the same frat?

    • JP, have some compassion! Girlfriend was clearly trying to distract from her sever case of necrotizing fasciitis of the fingernails.

      (DO NOT use image search to find out what that means. Or at least don’t balme me when you get the shower voms, bunnies!)

    • Seems that her mother taught her that the way to happiness and A MAN is to be cute and tiny.

    • Her mother has no taste whatsoever. Mother Albertson is a giant fashion fail. Compared to her mother, Julie is Anna Wintour.

  2. I think it is extremely sad to have to spend a holiday at an ashram instead of with your family or friends. One whom has family values and morals would not book this the same week as a holiday.

  3. I believe Julia’s previous visit to the ashram occurred right after Jordan’s break in and the tiara went missing. The ashram is concenient for laying low.

    • That’s true too. The break-in was in late April. Donk went to the ashram on May 10. In other words, she was totally off the rails on several fronts. No need for any meds, though! She’s the emotionally healthy Julia that she is today!!

      • Pretty much assumed. Supposedly, the tiara was in a box, hidden from plain view and whoever took it passed over more expensive stuff and went right for the tiara, which had a lot of sentimental value for Jordache. It was her wedding tiara.

  4. Did Julie delete or deactivate her facebook page? Just went to see if she’d mentioned anything about the ashram visit and got this message:

    “The page you requested was not found”


    Wonder if she deactivated her account, which is temporary? Or, did she permanently delete it?

    Something definitely up with Julie. Not going home for Thanksgiving? Deactivating (or deleting?) her facebook account? Did she get dumped? Are her parents cutting her off?


  5. When I first encountered JA from juliaallison.com, I thought she was actually an interesting person (I spent some time reading there recently, and she really has gone seriously downhill from those days). She was a little more self-deprecating than I liked, but she wasn’t bad yet.

    Over the next couple of years, I went from liking her to thinking she represented all that was wrong with the dark side of the blogosphere: manufactured fame, pandering for free stuff, fake journalism, narcissism, etc.

    Recently, though, I feel very, very sorry for her — especially after reading her old blogs from 2006 and 2007. She is in so much denial — she can’t keep that up forever, and the crash from all of this is going to be devastating. I’m a little scared for her, even though it obviously makes for entertainment for this site. She’s made her own bed, and she’s going to lie in it… and for her sake, I hope she makes some REAL change before it’s too late.

    • yeah well, it’s not like she hasn’t had ample opportunity to “fix” herself. She’s had people screaming at her to go get help, and she sighs and says she’s aware but she’s not. She has money, time and (at least used to) a support system who would have helped her [and I’m sure many still will if she’d be authentic in requesting need.]

      She’s not a total idiot, but she’s done most of this to herself. Thus why she’s annoying. She burnt her own bridges – no one helped her with that.

      • Very true… but, as with all forms of recovery, hitting a bottom is a necessity. If her family and friends truly are cutting her off, it will be a blessing for her.

        What she needs to do — or, rather, what will help her the most — is shut off this lifecasting garbage and use her father’s connections in Chicago to get a job… I’m sure she could do marketing or PR or something, especially given *her* connections (tenuous though they may be).

        Yes, she’s done it to herself… but if she’s truly mentally ill (and she may or may not be), then it may be that she doesn’t know HOW to stop. It’s difficult to get better when you’re sick in the head. 🙂

      • if her parents were the main causes of their Special Snowflake then they’ve got burden of blame as well. I know crazy people don’t often know they’re crazy. But most of us don’t have an RBNS site calling us out on all the shit we pull either. But I’m sure we’re just dismissed as jellus haters.

        I would say being humliated, dumped, losing friendships, and no job is pretty darned close to rock bottom for her, but maybe her delusions are such that she just goes around creating chaos elsewhere so she doesn’t see the shambles behind her…. she’s like a cat with shiny objects.

      • She’s never going to hit bottom, not as long as her parents are willing and able to fund her sicko lifestyle.

        Julia Allison/Julia Baugher is not going to settle down and get some mundane job, nor will she ever get professional help.

        She is never going to “snap out of it” or pull herself together. She has no motivation, no strength of character, and never will.

        So instead of wasting time over how she can pretend to join the sane and useful, just enjoy the shitshow she puts on every day.

      • Sort of. It’s almost entirely self-inflicted:
        -burning bridges
        -being an asshole to people she thought of as inconsequential when she was “hot” for a brief moment
        -not honoring commitments
        -lying to people
        -blatantly using and manipulating people
        -doing a shitty job when she’s actually given a chance she didn’t deserve in the first place
        -treating guys poorly back when she looked good (good, not great) and thought she deserved a gorgeous, wealthy, charming, high-status man who’d worship her and fulfill her every tacky, petty, materialistic dream

        But again, as long as her parents fund her weird life and delusions, she will never hit bottom. This will just go on in perpetuity.

      • @Blinky – It’s true, I think she will keep going in circles until Daddy cuts her off. She’ll be that crazy old lady in the pink boa and heels at the grocery store at 3am.

      • I think Blinky is right. It’s too bad, but I don’t foresee any come-to-Jesus moment happening with our Donks. That’s my Doctorate in Donkology speaking.

    • I agree. I liked her in 06-07. I think the breakup with Redacted #2 (JL) that made her fall apart…. oh and her looks and body started to go downhill which she probably didn’t know how to handle. But fuck it, most people’s bodies do too with age if you don’t work on it by eating healthy and exercising.

  6. Can I just say how mental this pretentious “And yes, I feel very, very close to God” figure of speech makes me. For a couple of reasons, but mainly this one: “And yes?” No one asked about your alleged proximity to God, you tool. Stop pretending you’re having a dialogue with another person, everyone knows that’s well beyond your capability. It’s especially rich coming from someone who’s all about OMG new media and OMG communication and interaction and yet hasn’t even installed a comment section at their OMG company blog.

    • It is so fucking ridiculous. Her “greetings from the ashram” was the most ridiculous, crazy, self-help mindless fucked-up fucking stupid post ever. Sorry, I just can’t think of a way to express how lame and self-important that stupid post was. Like fuck off, you’re closer to God. Because you ate kale, chanted and did the downward dog? Get over your fucking self and get some real problems, you tool, other than the ones you bring on yourself by fucking up relationships and stealing tiaras.

      Try battling a life-threatening illness, dealing with a dying parent or friend, actually LOSING someone to illness or death, and go to Haiti and look around, you asshole. You’re having a breakdown because you got dumped again for being such a tool? Then stop being a tool.

      • I agree. She’s closer to convincing herself that she’s awesome and doesn’t have anything to apologize for. That’s it. That’s her God. Unconditional worship.

  7. What does a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal entail? This is what she’d presumably be eating at the ashram right? I can’t imagine any meal without some sort of pork product, let alone Thanksgiving. Just the thought alone is giving me a bit of the sads. (And I never believed her “pescatarian” bullshit. An ass like that can’t be achieved without a few cheeseburgers.)

    • I can’t imagine any meal without some sort of pork product

      You’re obviously not an observant Jew or Muslim. 🙂

    • I’m vegan and quite well fed, especially on Thanksgiving. Just because you can’t imagine it doesn’t mean it’s not possible…and just because JA claims she’s something doesn’t mean that something is intrinsically stupid. Just sayin’. 🙂

      • vegans wouldn’t be so risible if they weren’t constantly trying to copy meat. Soy chorizo? Tofurky? Puh leeze. Eat your quinoa and stfu. If you want to eat meat, eat it. Otherwise, wear your hemp sandals. Don’t try to put on pleather airs and graces.

      • Well… I don’t think it’s so much what vegans eat as it is when vegans try to convince non-vegans to try food, saying that they will like it! In my experience, this the absolutely worst way to introduce people to vegan or vegetarian products. Hey, if they want to try it, let them! Otherwise, let me eat my Tofurky (which I know how to properly cook and season, which many people don’t which is why it ends up tasting crummy) in peace.

        I have a vegan baking business on the side, and hardly anyone knows my stuff is vegan. They like it regardless — it’s all about making things TASTE good. If I had to give up yummy food, I never would have gone vegan…

      • An annoying vegan is anyone who says, “It tastes just as good as…”

        Because, no, it does not. My mouth knows what butter and cream and cheese taste like. Applesauce and soy do not taste the same. It’s why I prefer my food not heavily seasoned. Salt, pepper and garlic.

      • Good for you Pink. It’s important to have options that do not include animal products for some. Others may not agree but at RBNS…..we can agree to disagree. 😀 It is good to know that there are creative ideas out there that accommodate the vegan, vegetarian. Those who are not so inclined will have a very nice traditional holiday. No offense. Thanks for sharing.

      • I’m in Italy right now and I haven’t had anything without bread or meat in 6 days.

        I am fat.com right now.


        He is fat now.

      • You go, Can-Swiss. If I were doing the Eat, Pray, Love tour of the world, I’d probably skip the Prayer and go directly from stuffing my face with Italian food to fucking some hot foreigner.

    • I’m not a vegetarian by any stretch but I will not subject myself to turkey on Thanksgiving because I loathe the taste of it. I’ll be shoving a lobster tail down my gullet with a side of butter rich mashed potatoes.

  8. Here’s something that makes me think Julie’s 30th birthday will be even harder to deal with. Apparently, [redacted #1] proposed to his fiancee on her 30th birthday. And gave her kittens!

  9. Also I’m not sure if Greaser really dumped Donks. He commented on her fb last Friday.

    Julia Allison Off to the ashram in upstate New York for a week!!
    Friday at 9:49am via iPhone

    Taylor Greason watch out for the sweat lodge
    Friday at 2:22pm

    Not sure what a sweat lodge is…

    Also she’s been commenting on the omg Bonobos men’s photos… from the ashram. So blessed.

    • Oh, noes! It’s the Holiday Season, so the menfolks best be breaking out the Bonobos, Julia Allison style! Tay-Tay, catch the hint? Hope you like plaid.

    • She’s in love with the guy that founded bonobos, who is a Princeton alum from a yr or two before my time. (Probably in the same class as Ferris, who was ’01 I believe, but I’m not sure because Ferris might have taken a year off and graduated a yr late, IIRC.)

      Greason was a few yrs later. I was going to guess that Caro set up Donkey + Greason, but Greason was in a different social circle. Pretty sure he was in Cottage or Cap & Gown club, whereas Caro was in Tower club IIRC (memories are fading, Im forgetting all this stupid college BS)

      • Was Caro really class of 06? I honestly thought she was at least in her mid-30s. Am shocked.

        What are the “stereotypes” of those clubs? Trying to figure out Greaser.

      • I thought Caro looked older too. And I knew I had seen her on campus before. She would’ve been a freshman when I was a senior… but I thought she was a junior or something. She looked older even then. Maybe it’s her features?

        Eating Clubs are social clubs along Prospect Street, across from the main part of campus. You can be “independent” and opt out, or you can live in Whitman which I believe is a traditional 4 yr residential college and includes meals. But most upper class people join a club in soph spring semester. You go through a process like joining a frat (I guess it’s similar) and certain clubs attract certain types.

        Cap & Gown and Cottage have a lot of varsity athletes and pretty girls. Behind Ivy Club, they’re the two most “exclusive”. Cap & Gown is smaller, Cottage is larger–possibly one of the 2 or 3 largest eating clubs @ Princeton. Cap/Cottage are probably akin to the douchier frats at a state school. Mostly privileged kids, some athletes, and the girls are mostly pretty & popular.

        Caro was more of a geek, I’m thinking she was in Tower, which is called the “tool shed”. More politics, history, and Woodrow Wilson School (public policy) majors. Parties not nearly as wild, almost no varsity athletes, nor theater/arts types. Some engineers (but it’s the second furthest club from the Engineering Quad so not a ton of engineers). Probably just enough engineers/comp sci people that @Caro met a lot of facebook/google people and that has helped her career a little.

      • FWIW, Tim Ferris was independent, which means he opted out of the club system entirely. I’ve said before that he always struck me as an outlier–hung out with mostly asians, was into breakdancing and martial arts, always looked disheveled (possibly because he was going bald even in college), etc.

      • Interesting! You’re right, Taylor’s linkedin says he was in Cap & Gown. What club were you in?

        And poor Tim Ferris for balding so early… Sad. 🙁

      • The other thing about Ferris is that he’s kind of short, maybe like 5’8″? I haven’t seen him in yrs, but that’s what I remember. He was one of those little dudes you’d see in the gym lifting too-heavy weights, trying to compensate for shortness.

        I was in Cloister, where most of the crew team joins. Very laid back, not hard to get into, mostly a self-selected group. Couple doors down from Cap & Cottage. Most of my non-crew friends were in Tiger Inn, which is good for heavy drinking.

      • I’m not sure about all the Princeton details here (complicated!), but I know that the Bonobos founder did not go there. He’s a Northwestern grad and I believe he is a native of OMGChicago!! too.

      • I think there are 2 founders. I forget the guy’s name, but he bumped into Julia (literally) at P reunions this yr. The creepy time donksers spend with dadster back in June.

        If I have time, I’ll look up the fellow’s name on her twitter stream.

      • All right, no comment on the main conversation here since I’m not one to fuel the fire, but hello, AFF — sounds like we share a club affiliation! I was in Cloister and had hung out there since more or less the start of freshman year since I was a rower and that’s what us brutish folk did. Loved the place; still do. Couldn’t stand the pretensions that surrounded the snootier clubs.

        Were you ’03? I would’ve indeed been a freshman when you were a senior then, and the chances that I spilled beer on you on some hazy Saturday night are high. If so, apologies. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to spar and/or reminisce!

      • Hi Caro! I like your writing and your OMGBearsness. Just wondering if you’re a regular reader of RBNS? Your full name wasn’t mentioned on here so I don’t think it was a google alert, but I thought you were friends with Julie?

        Anyway, welcome!

      • Hello! I daresay I’m not a terribly regular reader. Sporadic, yes. Somebody actually texted me about this one since it was sort of funny, and I figured I’d dive in. I comment on occasion; I don’t like to gossip publicly but when it comes to the basics, why not. (Haven’t got Google alerts on anything. Too complicated!)

        Julia and I are friends, though we’re very very very different people, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for her with regard to the next step in her life.

        PS: http://www.thingsbearslove.com

      • @Caro – your Donkey affilition is the only reason anyone mentions you here. Nothing creepy about your name coming up, since you’ve allowed the appearance that you’re one of Toolia’s enablers. I really don’t know you, saw you around a few times, and obvi you didn’t join any club until a yr after I graduated. I don’t recall anything about you, nor do I care to, but any friend of the braying JuLiar Allison would naturally be a fit for a tool shed, hence I guessed Tower.

        Henceforth, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you only pretend to be friendly with The Braying One, since you should be smart enough to see through her at this point. So now you can go back to posting under your usual lurker names, no need to tell us who you are when you drop the juicy info on Julie’s latest sad life details. Tootles,

      • Caroline:

        “I’ve got my fingers crossed for her with regard to the next step in her life.”

        IE the “getting sane” part?

        I know you’re not close friends, but do her close friends actually encourage her to get some serious help? I really hope so.

      • Geez, AFF, issues much? I like it when people like Caro come here and interact. She was nothing but respectful in her comment. Why go at her like that?

      • I agree, LickedRandi’sCake. I give her credit for publicly wading into this site.

        You’re okay with me, Bears!

      • OMG Bears! is classy ~ too bad none of her good manners, IE: tact & diplomacy, will ever rub off on La Donk.

        Happy Thanksgiving to ya, Caro.

      • I agree, she was completely gracious despite the fact that I can only imagine it is strange to see her name in posts that only speculate about her involvement in certain aspects of JA’s life, which she’s neither confirmed or denied, it seems. This only fuels the idea that we’re all jealous haters who can’t interact with strangers.

        JA thrusts her friendship/allegiance on plenty of people, so I think it’s hard to determine the actual extent of her friendship with anyone, really.

  10. This is just sad.org. And with Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day AND her 30th birthday coming up– what sort of precedent does the Ashram Thanksgiving set? Is she done with holiday photoshoots? No more <a href="http://vimeo.com/2630748"Very Baugher Christmas?

  11. I honestly don’t feel bad for her at all. Narcissists don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. Seriously, the plane may be going down head first and she’s still going to see how amazing and special she is. That’s how it works. They’re not capable of rational thoughts and healthy feelings. So, while it appears sad to us that she’s spending the holidays in an ashram. If she’s fighting with her parents, it’s THEIR fault because they’re prohibiting her greatness. If the guy broke up with her, it’s his fault and he wasn’t good enough for her.

    • Well, but NPD is still a mental disorder, so I’m inclined to be sympathetic. She’s not going to get help on her own, and what bothers me the most are the enablers in her life.

      I’ve never met Julia in real life, so I can’t tell if she is as crazy as she comes off on the internet. but usually people seem to sugarcoat their lives online to seem awesome. She’s like the total opposite.

      • Narcissists only seek help when they are abandoned or seriously believe they WILL be abandoned if they don’t seek help. The biggest favor anyone can do a narcissist is ditch them. I’ve studied this stuff for a few years and have been introduced to a few reasonably reformed NPD sufferers in the course of my totally unscientific research. The only reason any of them sought therapeutic treatment was because they were afraid of being totally alone after people they thought of as constants got fed up and peaced out. Even after the huge leap of admitting that the problem MAY be them, there is a lot of hard, intense, expensive work they have to do to learn to manage their NPD and live differently. It takes a scintilla of humility – nothing any family member or anyone else can supply.

      • Yeah, it’s a mental/personality disorder but so is being a sociopath? Besides the overshadowing “wow, that person is sad” element, I only think,”that person is horrible.” I agree with what you said Jackie D but bottom line is that NPD RARELY reform themselves. Frequently, even when they are alone, they are in denial, or would never see themselves as the cause for being alone.

  12. she also commented on someone’s post on her FB wall that she’s “gluten intolerant”. which is NOT the same thing as having celiac. can’t keep your lies straight anymore, julia?


    and i never use the c-word, but her fake celiac bullshit REALLY hits too close to home with me.

  13. Caro’s remark: “Julia and I are friends, though we’re very very very different people”.

    It still leaves me gob-smacked that even Julia’s friends can’t defend her, but feel the need to distance themselves from her. This is not a dig at Caro, by the way, I’m just astounded that Julia has no defenders!

    She is indefensible.

    The defense of Julia Allison. It is impossible.

    No matter how many times I write it, I can’t get my head around it. How do you create a life for yourself where not one person in your circle of friends and family can come onto a hate site based solely around you and say, “Hey now, she’s just misunderstood. Here are the nice things I have to say about her and her actions…”

    Seriously. HOW?

    God I hope this ashram smacks her up the back of the head and says, “Life, Julia. You’re doing it wrong.”

    • It’s also clear that @Caro reads here and possibly sends in tips. However, she seems like a cool person and it seems like she doesn’t bother to stick up for Julia’s myriad lies. Even momser and dadster MUST read here, if only to find out the truth about Julia’s life since Julia will never admit it.

      • I very much doubt that Caroline sends in tips. I’ve known (and really liked!) her for a few years. She is not a two-faced person. I would put my money on her not being a tipster.

    • But here’s the thing, here’s the thing! Once you get to know her you realize she is crazy. But she is not mildly crazy or crazy in a good way, like, giiirl you so crazy! So then you realize that if you come out and say that she is crazy she will stalk you, harass you, call you, email you, try and harm your career, etc. She does it with exs and friends alike. So anyone that really knows her knows to stay off her radar because she is a lunatic with nothing but time on her hands to make your life miserable.

      When you look at it that way, its not surprising that so called friends say things like “well, we are very VERY different people and we mostly don’t agree on anything but sure, we are friends.”

    • God I hope this ashram smacks her up the back of the head and says, “Life, Julia. You’re doing it wrong.”

      Wouldn’t make a difference. Anyone and everyone can tell her that she’s doing life wrong, but she is so deluded that she truly believes she’s the specialest of special snowflakes.

  14. I just looked at her fb profile pics, scrolling backwards. (I was comparing noses.) Rachel Sklar is commenting all over the place. She has some great smackdowns, but at some point shouldn’t she just tell old Julie that she can’t stand her instead of passive-aggressively snarking through social media?

  15. This alwys gives me the lols when her her FB public profile comes up (facebook.xom/missjuliaallison) –

    Julia Allison likes:
    Mark Zuckerberg
    Randi Zuckerberg
    Julia Allison

    • Vom. Everyone knows that facebook likes are the way you show everyone what good taste you have in everything, and how much you care about saving the whales.

    • wtf she “likes” herself? Just like all her “favorite” twitter posts are HER OWN?

      Seriously. Ashram is so not going to cure this chick.

  16. re: Caro showing up here. Man. Talk about Mean Girls syndrome! I’ve always had a hunch that Randi & Britt got off on passive aggressive little barbs.
    Randi: Oh, come and sleep over and I’ll drop casual comments all night about my amazeballs (copywright Vie Society, damn Donkey) hubby and billionaire bro and all the perks I inherit from his billions of dollars, tee hee!
    Brit: And let me regale you with tales of my serious career and my engagement. So sweet how he proposed in St. Barths…
    Randi: ohhhhh! That is so sweet. My hubby did it in Paris…etc.
    But they’re all such good friends!!! Really.

    • I don’t see Caro as mean at all; it’s amazing how tolerant she is of Julie and her antics. And Randi’s affection seems genuine. I am not saying, though, that these girls’ accomplishments and/or fortunate circumstances don’t GALL Donkey (who is convinced she could surely succeed in any area if not for the cruelty of mean haterz on the internets.)

      • Really? If there was a goand one of your friends just popped by to chat with commenters, didn’t bother to put in a good word for you but was all, “oh hey gaiz it’s all good” ?

        If it were my “friend” I’d be like fuuuuuuuuuuck. You.

    • obese: What are people supposed to talk about then? If I mention my husband in conversation with my single friends, am I being a passive aggressive bitch? Come on.

      • I’m just talking about my imoressions of some of Julia’s friendships, based on
        a) the type of person she’s proven herself to be, time & time again
        b) the fact that no one comes here to defend her
        c) in fact many of them publicly distance themselves from her (Sklar’s hahahah barbs, Caro’s “I’m not taking any sides” bullshit above…I mean, come on. This is supposedly her *friend*)
        d) yet she still hangs out with all these people.
        One wonders, is she really secretly a wonderful person? Or are her “friends” getting some sort of payoff from knowing that they ultimately hold the cards? I mean, a lot of people here see Randi as the “poor little ugly girl” who gloms on to Julia for acceptance from the “pretty girl”. But, come on. She’s Randi fucking Zuckerberg, Who holds the cards there, really?
        Too many of Julia’s “pals” are in on the joke, imho. And that is really fucking sad, and I think Julia probably knows it yet she runs from it because it’s ugly; changing it would require a new level of integrity on her part, and she deals with it by locking herself away and dreaming of “true love” that one day will be hers, just like Grandma Marilyn had!!1

        *none of this shit is that serious. I just find it interesting, as these are real people who play out their lives in public. I’m sure my analysis is about 90% projection thru my Obesa-rrific filter. But still.They’re my feelings, too!!1 🙂

      • You’re right. I was commiting RBNS cardinal sin #1: Taking stuff ppl say about HER as saying something about ME. See also: body snark.


  17. Jacy and JP would you ever miss your grandfathers funeral?

    I’m sure if the off-hand mention on JA’s site is about the Grandfather that was staying at the Wilmette abode

      • Yes, some old dead pilot guy is worth blogging about from the assram because Donkey found a photo on her shilled-for mega-harddrive that makes her look like she is the spawn of fighter pilots. What are you fucking doing donkey? Scanning old photos? Was that on the agenda for spiritual enlightenment? Does knowing you are a couple fucks separated from actual successes make you feel a smidge better about yourself?

        Meanwhile, her actual, still-breathing grandpa is wallowing in his own shit, staring out the window, wishing he had the energy to walk to the edge of the beach and drown himself and not have to partake in what is sure to be another grating Thanksgiving tacky-fest at the Booger household. The only thing he’s thankful for is the fact that that awful grand-daughter isn’t there.

    • did julia’s grandfather really write that corny ass poem (complete with typo)??? it just looks like something she would whip up herself, a la ‘reader emails’. it doesn’t seem genuine, or mature… i mean, it’s a little weird. does anyone else feel this way?

      i think when she’s been dumped or is in her depressive phase, she latches on to memories and idealizations of ‘true love’, like posting about her grandparents or her wonderful nuclear family.

  18. Well, she’s back into sappy emotionalism mode, braying about grandparents and the “sort of love that life is all about.” Still, I won’t believe she’s really at the ashram until I see an empty swing or a profoundly isolated stand of trees set against the clouds.

    And donkey, I think you misunderstand the concept of “lifecasting abstention” if you insist on making posts to your lifecasting blog.

    • THIS.

      Seriously, when the fuck is someone going to thieve her identity? You start putting your entire family tree online and duh, I hope you aren’t using “cupcake” and your mother’s true maiden name for banking authorization you stupid…. ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu—

      I know actually a lot more than I ever wanted to about ashrams after doing research last time and I’m pretty sure scanning old photos and posting them to an uncaring and puzzled audience wasn’t on the agenda for any of them. Fixating on “perfect” relationships that you’ll never have is not the road to a healthy, ride-able donkey. You are in a photo mode? How about posting some pics from the ashram? Oh right.. that didnt work out so well last time.

  19. So, I can’t help but wonder what Donkey’s wearing at the old ashram this round. Remember last time?

    “So here I am, exactly as I am. I wear the same clothing almost every day, a pair of ratty moccasins which [sic] have seen better days, some black Lulu Lemon yoga pants and one of the various thin cotton American Apparel tops I packed in my suitcase… No makeup – I didn’t even bring any – no curls. No heels, no bras. Nothing standing between me and nature, really.”

    All of her yoga pants and various thin cotton AA tops (AHEM: bra-less, fanboys!) must be in storage with the rest of her crap from the Pink Palace. Did she borrow ashram-wear from a friend? Does she have any friends left at this point? Would even a friend let a sweaty-pelted Donkey defile her clothes? Did she go out and buy all new?

    P.S.: That quote up there, my god. I expecially like, “So here I am, exactly as I am.” You mean there you stand, a sweaty, braying pelted donkey, Donkey?

    • Delicious, Frequent Liar Miles. I had forgotten how Julie Albertson invited the Boyz to imagine her perfectly symmetrical breasts in those thin cotton American Apparel (yoo hoo, Dov! partnering slots available!) tops. So very enlightened.

      • Dov and the Donkey: a match made in Gawker heaven.
        i’m sure julia could get an in, shira lazar is his half-sister after all.

      • If she’s announcing that she’s going braless, she’s also announcing that she doesn’t have much in the way of tits.

    • I too expecially like the brand name shoutouts and the idea that she only has one pair of be-nasted yoga pants.