Julia: Boastful Loon


ARGHHGHGHGH! And now I have a big audition out in LA. So next week is: Chicago, New York, LA. United Elite Status WILL BE MINE.

Just curious, but how many times would you announce to 21,000 people that you have a “big audition” for something, and not get that something, before you stopped announcing to 21,000 people that you had yet another “big audition” for something that, if history is any indication, was once again something that you were not going to get?

Isn’t she embarrassed? I would be so embarrassed.


  1. First!!!!111

    I never announce anything unless I’m sure it’s in the bag. Even though, I’m not sure you’d call it “announcing” it to let your parents, fiance, and best friend know?

    When I was 18 or 19 and I got into college or rocked an exam or something like that, I “announced” it by telling people in class. Ten years later, I’m still embarassed about that 🙁 At least I stopped doing it when I was 20ish.


    Also, never mind tweeting about going to pointless auditions, why does she bother going to them period? Why fly across the country for unpaid TV gigs? Go get a job in McDonalds already.

    Also also, Dear Mr and Mrs Baugher, instead of giving your donkghter hundreds of $$$$$ to pointlessly waste on flights to nowhere for nothing, I will gladly take that money and do something useful with it.

      • You are actually right. That is her job right now. To land a husband. She is pouring as much energy and expense into that as she was a few years ago in her Fame Death Match with Gawker.

      • And she has far less chance at landing a (live, breathing) man than she did at achieving any kind of fame.

  3. I love that first paragraph. Cosign. She needs to STFU already. Always a meeting/pilot/audition that goes NOWHERE. Who the fuck does she think she’s fooling?

    • What is with the decor in that place? That shit shag carpet, what the FUCK?

      FriendFeed, people:


      Also, is she trying to suggest she’s being bullied? She is trying to equate people mocking her endless egomaniacal bullshit online spewings with young gays and lesbians who are bullied at school? Is she fucking kidding me?

      • Loving how she posts the video re: gay bashing when JUST LAST WEEK she publicly supported a politician who supports treating gays like second class citizens (and no I won’t let this issue lie).

        Even Cindy McCain in that video disses politicians, including her douchebag of a husband and Senatpr for treating gays like trash by denying them equal rights. So yeah, once again, Shut The Fuck Up, Julia Hypocrite.

      • Oh, and Julia, since you do seem to read here and because this hypocrisy pisses me off so much, let me give you a little primer on how this all works:

        – You vote for a politician who supports DADT and opposes gay marriage, and said candidate wins the election

        – Candidate then votes against DADT’s repeal and against gay marriage (and no, it doesn’t matter whether said candidate has been “pro-gay” in other aspects if they don’t support gay marriage or repeal of DADT – “separate but equal” is NOT equal)

        – Gays are not treated as equals to the rest of society

        – That gays are treated as sub-human by our elected officials sends signals to the world that it’s okay to treat gays as sub-human

        – Gays are bullied, harassed, commit suicide


      • Jacy, she IS “like a battered woman,” after all. Is it really that much more offensive for her to equate herself with a bullied LGBT teen driven to suicide?

        Yes. Yes it is. She is simply indefensible.

      • I miss goddamn Brilldabeest. At least she was entertaining in her own way. The famewhores of yore *sigh* NOT goddamn snores, unlike their much more flagrant contemporaries.

  4. She can fly from one cornfed domestic hub to another as much as she wants like a particularly uninspiring Epcot ride, but she can’t escape herself.

    • This will persist until she finds “a boy” who lets her move in with him. To be followed by the inevitable JABa epiphany post: “I was so busy running away from myself that I wasn’t able to see I was right here all along!” (And there will be no acknowledgement of the boy who’s life & livelihood she’s glommed on to; it will be another omg original donkey insight!)

  5. Ugh, I can neither keep up with nor endure the skankiness of this woman.

    In the course of a single, sudden buttsquirt of tweets, we’re all supposed to be impressed by:

    – Her nod to “kultcha” as she ponders the lecture options at the Chicago Humanities Festival,

    – Her oh-so-impassioned stance against bullying (which is BAD, people! Mark Kirk and DADT not withstanding),

    – Her latest “big audition in LA.” (Hey, is anyone keeping track of all the important meetings, secret projects and “big auditions” she’s brayed about in recent months? I’ve lost count),

    – Her pouty ennui about having to fly cross-country again… the very thing she was bragging about just a few days ago.

    PLEASE STFU, bitch! Your narcissism is starting to suck the life force out of everyone around you.

    Oh, and Dr. Oz’s wife’s name is Lisa. You’re welcome.

    • I can guarantee she’s only going to the CHF because her houseguests are. otherwise you know she’d have been braying/crowdsourcing about it days ago.

  6. that firefox costume really paid off, now that she gets to wing off to los angeles for an audition for plushy porn!

  7. I REALLY hope she brings back New Year’s resolutions this year.

    1) Stop being homeless.
    2) Pay own bills.
    3) Stop living in such a way that my supposed friends no longer tell people, “Julia’s genuinely mentally ill. She needs love, not to be made fun of.”

    • Have friends of hers actually said that? I think Lasagna did once, after the Aspen debacle, right? “She is a special person who needs lots of love.”

      • What kind of bullshit rationalization is that, though? Mental illness is not cured by “lots of love.” It’s cured/controlled by serious therapy and meds. I hope her friends have pushed her in that direction. Then again, maybe they have, which is why they are not such close friends anymore.

      • Preach, Jacy. I think sometimes the crazier-than-thou are so insistent on proving they’re normal or “just fine, THANK YOU” that they’re less likely to seek help than, say, people with some semblance of self-awareness who come to the realization that their thought patterns and behavior MAY be fucked up and it would be a good idea to nip it in the bud ASAP. Someone noted from JA’s original long-as-hell Cosmo piece to what ended up in print that the word “therapist” suddenly appeared in the print version, and as the voice of reason. I’m having total doubts that this girl has ever been to a therapist. She may have entertained the thought in chat and in comments here, but that seems to be about it.

      • Well, I guess Megan follows Julia’s logic? If I remember correctly, she once praised her mother for raising children with no need for SSRIs, because, obviously, only bad mothers have children with mental illnesses.

      • No. To their credit (because they’re not my parents), none of her friends has ever said anything to me about me commenting here. But then I don’t think the people I have in common with her would read here anyway, for a variety of reasons.

  8. The taking secret photos of Dan are kind of sick. What is wrong with her? I’m sure he told her not to post pics on the blog and she thinks it’s ok since it’s too far to see his face. ugh.

  9. Looks like Julesy is hitting up the other Mary Rambin for a guest room in NYC…. from her facebook:

    Krystal Kahler My sister and her baby are flying in from cali on wed and staying the guest room :(. Will call u in a bit. Xx
    about an hour ago

    • Even if it’s true, this is amazing when I think of it as an excuse. “Oh… gee… woooow… ya knoooow? My extra space has already been given to someone else. SO SORRY! Wish I could help you out.” *drops phone* *voms in shower* *breathes ridiculously perplexingly huge sign of relief*

    • Hilarious. Can you imagine how rude you would have to be to ask distant friends/ random acquaintances to crash at their places, for free, once or twice a month?

      • ALSO THIS:


        i got put up in boston for one night at a super posh hotel when i gave a talk at a university there a month or two ago. you’d think the spawn of oprah’s oz could spring for a night at the time’s square holiday inn?


        peace and love!

      • Inviting yourself to friends’ houses is awkward. I don’t understand how she does it so cavalierly (well, I do understand, but still). Remember when she stayed with Meghan for weeks? And never expressed embarrassment about it? Because she may not be capable of feeling embarrassment?

        (Meghan, by the way, seems to have disentangled herself from Julia, and for that I applaud her.)

  10. This whole bullying shtick she’s on is getting on my nerves. Getting negative feedback on the bullshit you put out there is completely different than being bullied within an inch of your life for something you cannot control.

    • Just old Julie jumping on the “hot topic” bandwagon as usual. See: this and everything else that might be trending on twitter or a “conversation” in mainstream media. She’s a journalist! Anyway, Julie isn’t just talking about bullying NOW, she’s talking about her tough times in middle/hs when she was Julia Baugher and had few to no friends. You know, before all the surgery and famewhoring. Before that. LIFE WAS HARD! Bullies! Unpopularity! Seriously though, I think all this “bullying” talk – aside from being standard Julie trying to interject herself into any situation – is her angst from the popular girls not letting her sit at their table. She’s Dawn Weiner, or something (without the awesomeness of Dawn Weiner, naturally).

      • Really? I think it’s aimed totally at RBNS. We bully her! She is like a battered woman!! She is like a gay teen in a intolerant social sphere!!! She is BULLIED!

      • It’s a bit of a combo. HER VOICE IS IMPORTANT, SHE’LL HAVE YOU KNOW. Effing *yawn* infinitum. Yes, she’s talking about RBNS because she loves playing victim, but mostly she loves to latch on whatever is getting a lot of attention so people can pay attention to HER. It’s sad as hell. There have been a bunch of responses in this thread that illustrate why Julie Albertson Burger shouldn’t be commenting on “bullying”. She didn’t experience anything of the sort, and she opts to “relate” on the level that she wasn’t the most popular girl in elementary/middle/high school. It’s gross.

  11. Hanging…in the condo…tonight…

    What is it with the repeated usage of the word “condo”? How about “Hanging/Chilling at home tonight” or “Staying in tonight”? Does she honestly think anyone is impressed that she’s squatting in an OMGCONDO? (And she doesn’t even own the deed to the fucking thing!)

    What’s a big deal to Donkey is cursory to non-fameballs, i.e. the rest of normal society. If I had a friend who owned a condo and incessantly referred to it as his/her condo I would have no problem saying, “Shut up with the ‘condo’ shit, okay?”


    • Lawl. I love you. Know what else I love? Homeless, frequent “jet-setter” Julie reblogging Canada’s post re: “AMAZE-BALLZ” plush doggie thingies in Bed, Bath & Beyond shopping carts when she’s in a sterile mental instit– sorry, CONDO #whilst being a terrible, horrible pet owner. When/why would she be in that store? Never/no legitimate reason is the short answer. As for Lilly, I’m pretty sure that someone who sees stuffing a precious pup into a nylon bag in hot weather does not care about that dog being comfortable. Stop trying to make fetch happen Julie, though I know YOU (hey!) never read here.

    • That always irked me too. I live in a condo and don’t think I ever referred to it as that unless someone had asked details about my home.

    • Also, TOTS random – but am taking RE classes today and her usage of the word condo has started giving me the giggles. Also, anyone notice she is no longer a “prolific emailer” but now a “frequent flyer”? Face to the palm.

    • THANK YOU!

      I work with a woman who constantly refers to the name of the summer condo where she and her husband stay by the building’s pretentious name, which we’ll call “Astonia.” It’s never, “we’ll be at our beach house this weekend,” or even “the condo,” it’s “oh, we’ll be at ASTONIA until Monday.”

      The kicker is that this complex, while admittedly way nicer than I can afford, is not in the Hamptons, Fire Island, or even Far Rockaway–it’s situated on the least prestigious, trashiest beach in Brooklyn, and whenever she calls the building by its name I just want to ask innocently, “oh, you mean your apartment near Coney Island?” Color me So Impressed! (Ceiling eyes).

      • Heh. That reminds me of an episode of “Frasier” in which NIles, after separating from Maris, moves into a stodgy, albeit hoity apartment building called the Montana:

        I’ll never have to give my address again. From now on I’ll simply be “Dr. Niles Crane, the Montana.”

  12. How many times does the average person get rejected from unpaying gigs before they stop auditioning? I’m not in Hollywood so I don’t know.. Anyone?

    • I don’t know that they ever stop, but I do ASSUME they don’t announce every fuhriiiiggin audition as if it’s a sure thing to an innernetz audience/family/friends only to go radio silent on the “audition” when they inevitably do not get the gig. But that’s Julie for you.

    • well i think most people who audition are confined to a coast – and i think eventually they go broke from trying to stay in an expensive place without getting their break and give up, pursuing non-entertainment work or leaving. i think since julia’s manager “believes” in her (from whats been posted her) and her parents pay for her living expenses, there’s never been any kind of reality check to the limits of her abilities.

    • I think most people who are always auditioning also have some kind of job so they can make actual money to live on. Not everyone has effed up, enabling parents like Mom$er$ and Dad$er$.

    • & most of them have real jobs while they audition, like waitressing and bartending (I’ve done both, paid my dues, nothing wrong with either because they’re real, honest JOBS but that would totally be beneath Julia-I’m-Not-Random-Goddammit-Allison).

  13. I feel for Dan, I really do. I mean… wtf. Julie is pushing it way too hard – SO HAPPY that her HS SWEETHEART and his BRILLIANT gf are staying in her mental institu– condo? If she has to keep referring to him in that way (HS SWEETHEART! Except he dumped her and that was her first experience with that. Um, er, oops) she’s either trying to prove something or isn’t over him. It’s weird that she always tries to imply some super-closeness to exes, and typically as an implication that she’s reeeeally that awesome. So awesome that they wouldn’t want to break up with her… oh, wait. Seriously, tell me another one #whilst you pull my other leg, because I’m not buying it.

    • Um, er, oops) she’s either trying to prove something or isn’t over him.

      Oh, she’s over him, alright. Beyond how his devastating illness impacts her (SEE ME! SEE ME!), she is so very over him.

      While I do disagree w/ naysayers who insist that NO ONE CAN BE FRIENDS W/ AN EX (I’m close w/ two & enemies w/ none; your mileage may vary), Julia Allison is a person who can’t even stand her own company (nor can others, as exhibited by her lack of any ‘real’ friends).

      Hell, she only even gets laid anymore by dudes who don’t have to put up w/ her on a regular basis, so yeah, Donkey is definitely trying to prove to herself that she isn’t objectified &/or reviled by men who don’t answer to DAD$ER &/or BOY.

      • If you’re still close to someone whom you last dated a decade ago, you should refer to him as your FRIEND, not your ex or your HS sweetheart.

    • I am drinking coffee and almost spit it out when I got to this part:

      “Julie is pushing it way too hard – SO HAPPY that her HS SWEETHEART and his BRILLIANT gf are staying in her mental institu– condo?”

    • Dan used to provide information to another of Julia’s hate sites, from what I hear. Yes, she is SO awesome! He can’t bear to break it off with her completely!

      Also, didn’t Dan’s GF used to show up here sometimes and acknowledge that Donks was barking mad while imploring us to please stop speculating about Dan’s health?

      • I think it’s a bad idea to reveal tipsters. As much as I’d love to know which one of her OMG! BFFS! hates her, they write in assuming that their identity will be protected.

      • IB: I don’t know if it’s true. I just remember someone coming in here and alleging that at one point when she was braying about how much he adored her.

      • No no, i meant Dan tipping baugher. But, what the hell do I know? I had some hot hot gossip a while back and the only reason I didn’t share was because I couldn’t log in to my tipping email. That’s my higher road.

        And I do remember “his gf” commenting.

      • I hate to sound like a tease but it’s not worth it. I promise it was nothing sensational it was related to HL, and he’s like 3 year old snow.

      • any chance Cancer Dan and the blogger “Baugher” are the same guy?

        i wasnt around during the baugher blog, so i’m not sure. but it could be possible, no?

      • question: why is the connection so important to the parents that they shoehorned him and gf into the omg condo despite their daughter living there (ie the relationship at this point is clearly between him and the rents)

  14. a question for RBNS..

    I may be working in downtown Chicago shortly…

    What places..bars, eating places, etc do I need to avoid so that I do not run into the Braying Donkey?

    • The only places she frequents in Chicago are Hub51, her parents condo, and a Winnetka pancake house. Oh, and O’Hare (she has a VERY exciting bi-coastal life don’t ya know).

      You won’t run into her. She doesn’t know anything about the city aside from the a fore mentioned locales.

    • Chub 51. You should be safe at any gym, church (remember her church search that lasted one day? HA!), or dog run.

      • LOL. You’d also be safe at:

        – therapists’ offices
        – bad parts of town where black/brown/yellow people live
        – important meetings of people with real jobs

        Stay away from:
        – BPC outlets
        – cute doggie sweater stores
        – Kirk’s offices
        – cheap manicure salons
        – gluten free cupcake bakeries
        – random emtpy high rise offices with suspicious camera equipment being hauled in

    • oh, you know, and Michigan Ave., where I happened to be on a rare afternoon off from work yesterday. Looked down and saw Lilly (save Lilly!) being dragged down the street by Julier herself. I could go on, but let’s just say: sweats and slippers at 3pm are klassy; face is definitely busted; puppy is really ignored. The whole thing made me sad, so I continued on my way to Trader Joe’s to pick up dinner makings, wine, and flowers, for my basement catboyfriend.

      And the funny thing is, I thought to myself before this jaunt, ‘wouldn’t it be funny to see JA, I mean, who else but tourists and ladies who lunch are out at this time of day…’ — dreamz come true?

  15. i’m calling BS on this audition. it’s standard industry practice that if you are seriously being considered for a role or job, the network/production company will fly you to see them on their own dime. either there is no audition, or it’s for something so low-budget and crappy that they can’t afford it, or they’re just agreeing to see her for the hell of it but have no interest in casting her. which begs the question, why the fuck would you bother going unless you were desperate?

    also, it is ALL SORTS OF FUCKED UP that she refers to dan as her high school sweetheart and talks about his girlfriend in the same sentence. and then kisses her ass, as if that makes it okay.


    • Why does she bother going to these “auditions?” She offers one answer which, in Donkeyworld (and only in Donkeyworld), makes sense:
      “United Elite Status WILL BE MINE.” Remember, this shit is very important to her.

      As far as the “sweetheart Dan” business? You nailed that in one.


    • She has no idea how transparent — and risible — her attempts to signal superiority are.

    • The thing I think is that she refers to any meeting as an audition. For example, I have a show idea, I’ve had many meetings (“generals”), I’m sure people are judging me during these meetings but it is in no way an AUDITION or a screen test. Some meetings lead to other meetings and some don’t. A prelimary meeting in LA is about as common as a pretty size 2 girl…as in they are fucking everywhere and most of them don’t amount to much.

      No one is going to fly you out and put you up for a general. That is why if you have hopes of being in the entertainment industry you need to be based in LA. At most they will validate your parking and offer you coffee, but you’re not getting a hotel for a simple general pitch meeting. And anyone can get these meetings, just like anyone can get a manager, agent and lawyer.

    • She just tweeted on this very subject –

      “Starts in the new year! Look for it then. :)”

      So, that’s would put it 2 months later than what she originally said. (And I still wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you, but we’ll see.)

      Also, she says she staying snuggled in bed with her dog and laptop on this rainly Chicago Saturday, so I guess she decided to blow off the humanities festival. Hmmm. With people like Sam Shepard speaking today, one would think… Oh, never mind. If she were logical, she wouldn’t be our little Jules.

    • she is a veritable (!) fount of fail. why doesn’t she stop making ANNOUNCEMENTS when it’s clear that nothing ever works out? auditions, pilots, attending lectures, getting a job, writing an article, making it to the airport on time, getting out of bed: she fails at ALL these activities. so just shut up about it already!

      • There is NO goddamn excuse for this beyond Julie’s narcissism and trying to create a hurrah where there truly is none. I mean, after a FEW failed pilot/opportunities, you should know to shut the frock up (hey gurllll) until something is THISCLOSE to guaranteed, plain guaranteed, or really, just STFU and don’t brag (even if you DO get the gig). Just do your thing and remain silent, your work should speak for itself if you’re that good. Even while being self-promotional, remain tactful. Geez these are basic thing someone in her line of “errands” should know by now. She is duh-mented.

      • well, to be fair, they don’t teach “tact 101” at the prep school for frequent flyers and prolific emailers (julie’s “line of errands”, as you so eloquently put it). 😛

        i wonder if the era of the famewhore is slowly coming to a close. paris hilton (and julia) have their expiration dates in a few months. everyone seems to be sick of, and saturated with, the coochie-baring antics of the last few years (britney, lindsay, et al.), and even the biggest webtards seem to be pulling the plug (or already have). once again, julie is behind the curve.

  16. I can just hear Dan’s exasperated girlfriend yelling at him: “Isn’t there any way you can get rid of her?!!” And the answer, of course, is NO. The way she forces herself onto people shows just what a desperate donkey she is. She not only insists on staying friends with her exes (even when they want nothing to do with her) but also kisses up to any and all new girlfriends. It was great when Michael and his fiance slammed the door in her botoxed face and she went ape-shit, sending his fiance that cruel, deranged email. Somewhere along the line (Thanks Mom$er$ and Dad$er$!) Julia has gotten it into her head that ANYTHING she wants, she gets. I really feel sorry for all the poor fools who enter her life and then try to get out.

    • I really think he’s only friends with her because a) he’s close with her parents and b) he seems like a genuine sweet guy and he feels badly abandoning her ass at this point. He knows her deal – he was the one who said that “custodian of her memories” thing. He knows she’s a fraud and a liar. And she clings to him like a life boat because he’s probably one of the only (if not THE ONLY) people she was actually friends with in high school and she thinks it shows what a great character she has, to have such an old friend who also happens to be her ex.

      I’m close friends with my first boyfriend still, I don’t go on and on about it, and I don’t ever refer to him as my high school boyfriend unless someone asks. She’s a nutter.

      • why do we assume dan is anything approaching normal? he, by choice, dated donkey. she just didn’t wake up whacked one day post-hs. she’s been who she is for a long time. and he not only dated her, he stayed in contact for 15 years. that says all i need to know about dan…

      • “why do we assume dan is anything approaching normal?”

        Because we all make bad choices in high school? Because the first person we date is generally wrong for us in every way? God, I hope no one ever judges me on the basis of my first boyfriend, who talked endlessly about postmodernism and enjoyed cheating on multiple people at once. Julia looks considerate and thoughtful by comparison.

        I’m not comfortable with snarking on the non-fameballs in Julia’s life. Dan stays in touch with her, but he has never courted fame. Neither have Julia’s parents or her brother. We might preserve some scraps of decency and compassion if we left them out of our discussions. I know a lot of you think they enable Julia, but good lord, they’ve known her forever.

  17. ooh! julias fauxtoshoot for some ridiculous suburban salon called trio evanston is up! on their omg website! you guys- shes famous!

    • Why is she the absolute worst example of their “expertise”? I mean, is it just because she’s JA or something else?

      • ewww that is a nasty ass picture of hair!

        and also (to your comment below) we were also recently discussing how her Paris Hilton-esque-wannabe lifestyle is even worse than vapid PH whose own shelf life is already up too

        but she never reads here

      • It’s so pathetic. Paris is her idol, Paris is a “successful businesswoman” on paper, but really? No. She has (and has had) money to back her efforts, she’s been in jail multiple times on DUI and drug charges. That’s someone to look up to? Oh, OK. Starting tomorrow I shall find an idol in La Lohanburg.

      • seriously. i cannot call myself an expert on hair, but that style just looks gross to me? her ends are incredibly fried and frizzy looking. girl, get some freaking shine spray its like five dollars at cvs and does wonders. trust me.

  18. Is she kidding with this Tweet? She might as well put an @rbns at the front of it, right?

    “Not a rhetorical question: Online (twitter, FB, blog), what distinguishes “sharing” from “bragging”?”

    Also: well, if you honestly don’t understand the difference, I think now we know the reason why you don’t have any real friends or any authentic human relationships of any kind.

    • OMG we were li-trally just talking about this in chat (link in the sidebar!) – also why – as fig noted – she is a HORRIFIC writer. Assuming one can even call her a “writer”.

    • She should just be her own barometer for what is WRONG all the time. If you’re doing it, sweets. it’s bragging, and you should STFU. Hope that helped! xo

      • Also is this for her new column? Really tackling the touch issues huh, as per usual. Just give up already.

    • It may as well be rhetorical, as she never has anything to brag about except her fantasies of who she is and how “amaze-ballz” her life as a hobag hobo is.

    • Do you know, this is what’s wrong with every single one of these fucktard ego-bloggers. They’re all such privileged sparkly princesses that they have no comprehension of the concept of humility. They don’t know what it is to either have nothing, deal with real adversity, have to really work for things…All the Julia Allison class/breed/ilk do is brag about and compare status, that’s all these people are about.

      • THIS! And how sad that all the “fucktard ego-bloggers” have fawning followers that feed those beasts. The other day some idiot tweeted that she needed to have Julia Allison as a “life coach.” Yes, the Julia Allison who is fucked up beyond repair, as a life coach. Sometimes reading the internets can be depressing.

      • I have been to blogworld and sxsw. They are very sad. Yes, they make omg fuck you money but very few of them act with any humility. They get drunk, stupid, and demanding. I am not saying all are like this as there are many that are truly doing good work. The ones that Donkey hangs with are truly an obnoxious demnding lot.

  19. She doesn’t actually want to get the gig – that would result in her needing to work – she just wants to maintain the illusion of trying to make it big until she gets what she really wants. A rich, indulgent husband.

    • Exactly, she is looking for a way to stay on Dadsers dime and live off the family while “pretending ” to look for work. She is a lazy donkey and just wants a husband to keep her, a nanny, and the kids she pops out.