Julie Albertson Knows How To Win Friends and Influence People, Literally


Julie Albertson, Queen of the Unnecessary Adverbs, has linked to some video compilation of Rachel Zoe saying “literally” a lot. You know, sort of the way she says “amaze-ballz.” Or “ineffably.” Or “exceptionally.”
Or “undeniably.” Or “ridiculously.”

And then she writes this classy missive, slagging both her manager and Rachel Zoe, who, you know, is actually successful:

This is the link I’m going to send my manager next time he attempts to make the BAFFLING argument that Rachel Zoe doesn’t make herself look – literally – like a total retard on her Bravo show.

A total retard??!??!??! That’s LIBEL!!!

And here’s a “literally” compilation from Donk’s own blog, going back only a few months. Literally!!

CONDITION: Immaculate because it’s literally NEVER BEEN WORN!!!!!

I don’t know what I did without this bike. I’ve literally save hundreds of dollars in taxis and a ton of greenhouse gas emissions to boot 😉

Very few people hate moving as much as I do (it literally took me a year to unpack).

Meghan & I just watched this – LITERALLY – seven times. OMFG.

I’ve literally NEVER seen school spirit like Princeton’s school spirit.

I’m not sure if it’s because I’m biased towards shih-tzus (I am) or whether the movie is just so cute, but whatever it was, I L’ed – literally – OL.

I literally gasped when I saw this photo – of SJP in a STUNNING Halston number at tonight’s Met Gala.

Funniest NYT article I’ve read in a long time, on The Twitter Police (by John Metcalfe) – here’s a clip, the last graf of which made me literally, well … LOL.

Sometimes life just conspires to create a superwoman. All we can do is be glad we were invited to the party – both literally … and figuratively. 😉

As a child I was NOT allowed to watch television, and my family – no joke – literally does not have a working tv in our home at this moment. NO TV AT ALL.

It’s strange … I am literally about to collapse – but had I been sitting at my desk writing from 9 am to 6 pm, I can guarantee I wouldn’t feel this drained.

They have these sadistic “data sufficiency” questions which literally made me cry at least once.

Dave and I had talked about how he was going to propose a few months back and Brit had literally NO IDEA.

I love these women so much – I want to write “it almost hurts,” but that’s so unbearably cheesy. I would do literally anything for them.


  1. This is fabulous.

    I’m going to throw out there that the “shoppe”s littering her blog also make her look like a TOTAL RETARD. I’m not sure if that’s Julie attempting her version of “vernac” a la Katzlady, but come the fuck on.

    Not tiny. Not cute. Just dumb.

  2. Dear Donkey, You literally make yourself look like a total retard on your blog. And on your twitter. Literally, in fact, all over the internet. So don’t you worry about RZ. Baby.

    • Speaking of RZ and babies, she has an awesome (mostly patient) husband AND now she’s preg.

      +2 Rachel Zoe.

  3. Totally OT- a few weeks ago a few of you cat ladies shared some of the style blogs you frequent. I totally meant to copy that list but -LITERALLY- never got around to it. Now I can’t seem to find it any more, does anyone remember where it was??

  4. Nice photo credit, as usual. 😀

    OT: I wonder if there’s another sad obese hater enjoying an earworm at the moment? Because I’ve had one in my head for a couple of days now. It’s a song that everyone’s heard *literally* eight billion times this past summer. I don’t want to infest the site with a YouTube link just like that, but maybe I could trade my earworm for one of yours if ya wanna.

    • Helena, I swear to you I am ordinarily a sophisticated and worldly person with aesthetic standards, but for days now I have been listening to and singing along with and drive-dancing to “Fette’s Vette,” by MC Chris, from the Zack and Miri Make A Porno soundtrack. That is surely the most embarrassing sentence I have typed in . . . minutes. If you’d like to be despoiled by it, drop me a note at bladehollister@mac.com and I’ll send it to you via iTunes.

    • That admission is so humiliating I must reiterate I have quite good taste in music by most standards. Just not for the past three days. It has been rather enjoyable. But I am also interested in what your earworm has been — I have an idea of what it might be.

    • I know EXACTLY what you mean, Handbag. Frankly, my own music taste is pretty weird and I don’t understand it myself: I love the blues, and lots of it, and the older the better (like 1920’s), Ray Charles, the Kinks, Primal Scream, the Toy Dolls, Leonard Cohen, Bo Diddley, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, the Ramones, the OLD Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, Fats Domino, Nick Lowe, Fatboy Slim, many many others. Seriously, I have no idea how this works, because it doesn’t go together too well. But I think that by most standards, I don’t listen to too much of HORRIBLY STUPID SHIT. And yet, once in a while, I become mysteriously obsessed (almost Donk-like adv-adj combo) by something very embarrassing, and that is what happened now, with…. this. Curious to know if this IS the song you had in mind?


      Sadly, iTunes don’t want to deliver stuff to me because I’m not in the US. 🙁 Or that was the case the last time my American catfriend tried to send something to me, anyway. Thank you for your kind offer, though! I’ll look up your earworm on YouTube tomorrow.

      • I’m ashamed to say I love that song and have actually seen Yolanda be Cool live, I’ll go back into hiding now.

      • I’d not heard this before, Helena, but it’s fabulous and I feel fairly certain it will drive me insane. I’ve listened to it twice, and the first time I had the volume up too high and it scared my sleeping dog so badly she fell off the bed. I wonder if there’s a German word for the genre of band that disorients the listener through nostalgia, and specifically nostalgia for a time that never existed. (The Squirrel Nut Zippers, Gillian Welch, etc.) I tend to love it, even if it’s contrived, and this song had that quality — a very real and hot past, brought to us through best current technology money can buy. Now I’ll go listen to it again. Curses, Helena!

        p.s. I thought your earworm might have been C-Lo’s “Fuck You,” which followed my brain around like a relentless, jaunty stray dog for at least two weeks.

      • “Fuck You” WAS playing in my head for a while in August, but I’ve overcome that. A very addictive tune too, though!

        Glad I could pass the “Americano” curse on to others. It probably isn’t QUITE as overplayed in the US as it is here (and in most of Europe, apparently). As those who do know the song know, it’s a “remix” (I think the term must be applied quite loosely here) of “Tu vo’ fa l’Americano,” an Italian song from 1956 that makes fun of young Italians of that time who wanted to “appear American.”


        TopShop, that’s strangely awesome that you saw Yolanda Be Cool live. Where and when was that? They’re Australian, right? I didn’t find much info about them online, partly for fear I’d become even more obsessed with the tune, but I got the impression the band just started last year?

      • Yeah, thx to Adriend on GOMI, Purple Rain was in my brain too, then went away, but I watched Cougar Town & whatsherface’s BF dressed as Prince for the Halloween party, so now it’s back.

    • I have had the music of The Price is Right Showcase Showdown stuck in my head ALL. NIGHT. Horrifying. The DJ in my head is evil.

  5. As if she needed a reality show to broadcast to everyone that she’s literally retarded. I also literally cannot fucking stand people who brag about how their families watch literally no television. Literally, no one fucking cares.

      • Exactly. One of the most heinous people I’ve ever come into contact with was my freshman year roommate. I won’t even go into all the ways she was evil, but she laughed and belittled me the first day of college for bringing a small television to our dorm room. “My family doesn’t watch tv, we sit around and talk politics,” she said, because her family were all OMG SO SMART and I was a trashy kid from LI. Well guess what evil cunt was INVARIABLY watching that motherfucker whenever I came home from class?

        The only thing you do to your child if you forbid them from watching television is make them culturally retarded. Julia also brags about not watching tv on her blergh. Which is actually quite funny, for an on air correspondent and all.

      • Ugh, I hate people who brag about not watching TV too. I had a sociology professor in college who specialized in modern food and politics, but yet didn’t own a TV. I was absolutely floored that she had no idea about the Soup Nazi on Seinfeld, had only seen one or two political ads, had not stepped foot in a traditional grocery store in fifteen years, and yet still thought she captured modern attitudes and culture towards food and politics. Not shockingly, she was completely wacko and had ridiculous theories about everything. Hello, dumbass, it’s Part Of Your Job.

        And I remember every single one of those toys. I wanted a PogoBall like nothing else. (I was a deprived child and didn’t get a PowerWheel Jeep either. Scarred for life, I tell you!) Ahh, the 80’s.

    • HUGE, brayge-inducing pet peeve of mine. Ya know what, so-called tv haters? there is some pretty entertaining shit on television. i fucking LOVE tv.

      • It’s not just that, although I watch LOTS of funny stuff on TV (ever heard of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Julesy? Armstrong and Miller? Extras? The Office? The Simpsons? My Name is Earl? Little Britain? nevermind). But, you know, Fellini? Orson Welles? Claude Chabrol? Bertolucci? Takeshi Kitano? I was introduced to all of them THANKS TO TV. And that’s not to mention tons of documentaries that may actually TEACH you a thing or two, about Louvre or South Korea or the 1950’s or birds or Gabriel Garcia Lorca or islam. But again, nevermind. NOT WATCHING TEEVEE MAKES YOU AN INTELLEKSHUL.

      • julia is like andy from little britain:
        “I WANT THAT ONE!”
        “But that’s a book on Chinese history.”
        “I WANT IT!”

        “I can’t read.”
        *stunned silence*

      • My favorite by Andy: “YEAH I KNOW.” My mom says it a lot now that she’s discovered the show, too.

        But as much as I love him, my favorite characters from that show are Vicky Pollard and Daffyd “Gay Rights For Gays!” Thomas.

      • *literally laughing aloud* Amazing!

        Like lots of great comedy, it’s actually pretty painful to watch too, IMO. WHY OH WHY does Lou put up with that parasite’s shit!?

    • JFA, you’re a long island girl?!? yay! i’m not from LI but i live here now, happily. My kids were born here and we’ll most likely stay, so naturally I have a soft spot for the place.

      Your ex-roommate sounds heinous. One of my high school friends bragged about not having cable (in small-town canada in the 80s, that meant having the government-run CBC and TVontario and that is IT) and while she was a smart person, she was always culturally behind by at least a decade.

      • She was terrible. She went to Exeter, was the supposed “family disappointment for not going to Harvard,” and made me feel like a total freak for studying all the time and being nervous about exams and stuff. I fantasize about running into her sometimes, because i would hand her ass to her now that I’m not a terrified 18 year old.

        LI is easy to make fun of, but it’s a great place to grow up, right in the shadow of the greatest city in the world (I”m biased). Plus I love the beaches. There are plenty of great places to live that are still close enough to come in and enjoy the city sometimes, or commute here to work everyday. My hometown was like 20 minutes outside Penn Station. I would probably live there again one day if I had a catman and kittens, but I’d want to be close enough to hang out in the city a lot.

    • Preach it. To me, not watching television is akin to boasting about never reading a book. There is plenty of quality television out there and there is plenty of junk literature.

      Julia didn’t understand “Mad Men”, thinks “Gossip Girl” is a reality show and that’s about what I expect from a fool raised by “No TV” parents.

    • ATTENTION HATERS. I have never had a tv in my house. However, since I quit smoking out in my backyard at night, I do watch dvds every night. I just started watching “Chuck”.

      I raised my older kid without a tv and he’s managed to make a friend or two and doesn’t seem too scarred.

      • I don’t own a TV now either (but I did for years), and I’m doing okay. I get my news and info online, and via DVD.

        None of you can convince me that knowing who won the last 10 American Idol shows, or the names of the characters on the Jersey Shore, will help my life in any meaningful way.

      • We aren’t trying to convince you of that. We’re simply saying that there’s other stuff on TV besides stupid shows, not to mention the fact that if you (generic “you”) do not watching stupid shows, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you (generic “you”) aren’t stupid. Stupid people have been around long before TV came into existence.

      • *do not WATCH stupid shows, not “do not watching.” I’m channelling Russian Girl, I guess.

  6. OT, but the fact that she put up two separate Twitter links to the Shelterpop article means she’s trolling for comments about it. Suggestion… let’s not feed the beast. (Even though it’s all pretty much red meat. Or should I say pink meat. Literally.)

  7. Not one of those “literallys” was necessary. It is a completely useless word.

    JFA: I hate people who brag about not watching TV, and I say that as someone who watches one show, Mad Men. Fuck. You. There is so much fabulous TV. I am mad I don’t take the time to watch more of it and instead spend too many hours online or watching my NetFlix movies.

    • Explorer. Frontline. Independent Lens. Locked Up Abroad. I DVR all of those, and more. Current TV has some great documentaries. And yeah, I also watch trash like “The Jersey Shore” sometimes for LOLs. Whatever. I also read a lot. Who cares? It’s just such a sign of her pretension and constant need to prove how awesome and amazing her family is. My parents watch, and let us watch growing up, hours of television a day, guess that makes us losers. I’m a lawyer now, and what does JA do again?

      • There’s lotsa good TV and I wish I could watch more. i say I rarely watch tv but that’s because I’m busy not for being a snob. Also I don’t have cable – and haven’t really had time for television these past few semesters – but Frontline, POV on PBS offer consistently compelling programming – and the Newshour and BBC and Charlie Rose(unfortunately Baltimore PBS rseems to run Antiques Roadshow 24/7). I’m sad Martha Stewart isn’t on regular TV.
        I can’t wait to catch up on Madmen in DC where I dvr at my folks this weekend! Like literally excited. I also like to watch The Current there, although I think Laura Ling is an idiot. Also Sundance, IFC, and HBO – I can’t wait to have a tv party this weekend!

      • same here. charlie rose, frontline, many documentaries, and lulzy stuff like NJ Shore or The Hills give me things to LOL at and forget being a lawyer, which is boring at times.

        julia doesnt work so her life must be even MORE boring.

      • I’m “literally” discovering that as one gets older and busier the tv time takes a backseat. So what I watch is dictated by the quality of experience – and the chance to kills several birds with well presented and valuable information – as much as escapist” I want some shits and giggles because I’m stressed” programming. I like reality programming when it’s meta and funny but I don’t like when the characters are mean to each other – I kinda like the shows where folk actually do stuff so I get a peek into the process and maybe learn something. I totally had to trail off Top Chef DC because I was busy and I like those kinds of shows.
        Julie has miles of free time so she can watch all the tv she wants, but I guess she’s above that. I think it’s hilarious her picking bones with Rachel Zoe when Julie presents a similar vapid, tired persona replete with numbing catchphrases all the time. Yet no one watches her shit and she certainly isn’t getting paid for any kind of service or discernible talent. I think she’s in start an “online cat fight with a celebrity” mode for the attention and publicity and she’s doing a crap act with that. She’s kicking at imaginary bee’s nests right right now.

      • Great post, Jordache. I’m totally with you re: reality TV (seriously can’t stand it when the poor characters are bizarrely mean to each other and the TV people think that’s the main appeal of the show). I also agree that ol’ Jules does seem to be itching for a “cat fight with celebrity,” bless her heart.

      • word Jordache & Helena. Her celeb catfight dreams should fizzle soon enough. She is irrelevant and desperate. There are more worthy adversaries for celebs to even bother confronting, like Perez types. That, and she’s clearly jealous of El Zoe. It’s so sad that this – along with flitting around the country aimlessly, attending BS conferences, doing faux coverage, faking a career, relationship, close friendships, and letting her manic fly all over the innernetz – is what her life has amounted to.

    • Remember that bizarre photo from a Very Special Baugher Christmas that showed a huge TV inexplicably on its side near the Very Special Baugher kitchen? The operative word here is “working.” I imagine all these useless electronics no one can be bothered to figure out gathering in drifts on the institution-grey EZ-Kleen carpet, sputtering to life intermittently as angry spirits drift up past them from the Indian burial ground the condo is surely built on.

    • I personally hate TV with a passion that has cost me many valuable layers of tooth enamel, but if other people enjoy it, that’s their business.

      For me it’s less the content than the format. I don’t mind watching television series on Netflix minus the commercials or the standard schedule, which are the things I really hate. Having to be someplace to watch something every week sounds suspiciously like school, and then to have an interesting program built around quarter hour interuptions to sell you cold sore cream or whatever is just the final floater in the bowl.

      That said, I have based my life on the suposition that if someone likes Seinfeld they are actually a lizard person from another dimension trying to give the impression that they have a human sense of humor. This suposition has served me well.

  8. And of course, less than 12 hours ago:
    “JFK through a rainy window … About to get on a 9am American flight to San Francisco (I missed the baggage cut-off for the 6:50am flight by literally 60 seconds. Sigh.)”

  9. That was on gawker literally months ago. Not funny anymore. Also, this website is running a close second to “The Soup” for me.

      • I think swk is pointing out that the rachel zoe thing was on gawker a month or two or more ago. I saw it somewhere too. Maybe Jezebel? In other words Julia stumbled upon it late. Literally, so late.

        I’m hoping the Soup part was a compliment.

      • Yes and yes. Sorry I am not clear these days. 3 people cried in front of me today and for 3 separate reasons. Thank God I wasn’t the cause but that didn’t make me feel any better.

  10. Usually people with advanced degrees can’t watch tv while they are in grad school because they are busy studying. She should admit to watching tv because at least that would account for all the time she wastes. God, she could have learned a language in all that time, like English.

    • If I didn’t have a prisonlike job I would get a TV and watch the everlovin’ shit out of it. What’s her excuse again?

  11. When one thinks of Rachel Zoe, many things spring to mind: skinny, renowned for her style, self-made multi-millionaire, celebrity friends, hot husband who’s very successful in the tech world.

    I hope poor Rachel never finds out out that one of Tumblr’s top 10,000 thinks she’s retarded.

    • My bad: Her husband is a wealthy investment banker and president of the company that produces the Webby Awards (from which Julia Baugher was banned last year when I met him and Rachel at the event). Poor, retarded Rachel!

  12. Isn’t “retarded” kind of a mean, inappropriate term for someone who is SO NICE and a BALL of POSITIVITY or whatever the fuck she calls herself?

    • But we all mean it literally!

      She is literally retarded – delayed in her mental and emotional development.

      Literally behind, slowed down, like a retard in music.


      • I meant Julia using the term to describe RZ. I have no problem WHATSOEVER with catladies calling Julie Fuckerston a retard.

  13. Again, her seething jealousy at another woman’s success comes pouring out in the nastiest way possible.

    Julia Allison: The Fuck You Feminism! Feminist

  14. I literally laughed out loud at her perplexed tweet about asking some CEO she’s scheduled to interview to send her “brief info” on his startup. Like he was going to toss together a press release for her? This is how she researches?

    • and she scoffs that he sent her a book. A BOOK! god forbid one’s worldview or upcoming column for [redacted] syndicate (in over 100+ newspapers!) actually be based on a thorough (and perhaps subtly nuanced!) understanding of FACTS! pretty princesses do not read! if it can’t be explained in 140 characters it must not be worth the time and effort!

      also, she probably insulted the CEO, by having an interview scheduled and revealing that she knows nothing about the startup. and embarassed herself by insinuating that all she needs to know can be gleaned from a press release.


  15. randi picked her up at the airport and now shes at the starbucks, does randi drive her around or is she using randi’s car? i dont understand why the people she’s “friends” with put up with this.

    • wuuuuuut.

      i donno if you guys ever watched seinfeld butpicking someone up from the airport is a big deal. can you imagine randio zitburg, millionaire driving up by herself in a miyata to pick up the donkey? whats yr source on this?

      • Julia of course. IT’S RANDI MOTHERFUCKINGBERG GODDAMMIT, she’s special, she’s friends with Randi-with-an-i Zuckberberg, you know like Mark’s sister, like the guy who like started facebook, maybe you’ve heard of it? (I miss fake steve jobs!)

        She must announce everything to the world to remind them that she’s relevant & has powerful friends. I think it makes RZ (not Rachel Zoe, the other RZ) look pathetic, her lapdog. Randi needs to grow some balls. LITERALLY.

        Thank you to my girl @RandiZuckerberg for picking me up at the airport today! I’m now happily ensconced in Palo Alto … 🙂 about 7 hours ago via Echofon

        At Stanford’s Women in Business panel with @Brit supporting our girl @RandiZuckerberg!
        about 2 hours ago via Echofon

      • Randi picks Donkey up from the airport All. The. Time. She even posted a picture of it on the internet once.

        Because Randi is in love with Donks.

        Every time we talk about Randi she makes me sad.

      • totally OT but I lolled at “butpicking”

        then again, it’s 5 in the morning and i’m running on very little sleep.

    • What movie is she talking about there? The Hangover?

      Funny how she went to see the SATC sequel twice and never mentioned what a steaming pile of dung that film was. But The Hangover, a genuinely funny movie, really incensed her. A boy was almost late for his wedding because of wild partying. That’s libel!!!

      • The SATC sequel was bad to the point of offensive. Literally, even. I nearly stopped watching half a dozen times, before I finally did during the big LV unveiling scene. Ugh.

      • Donks is forever culturally illiterate, literally. Modeling herself after idiot characters in mainstream crap, e.g., Legally Blonde, and then blanking on genuinely nuanced cultural fare such as Mad Men or the Hair revival. Such a (pink) pillowcase!

      • i think she was talking about one of the twilight movies here. and yeah, i’m sure it was utter crap, but duh, they’re supposed to be. but i remember reading that tweet and getting so enraged by her use of “literally”. seeing her rachel zoe post really brought it all back to the surface. fucking idiot. it’s like she has no short-term memory of her own bullshit.

  16. Um, why yes, I *DID* just purchase Taylor Swift’s new album. Why? Because I don’t want to listen to anything else. The girl is just magical.
    about 22 hours ago via web

    Yeah, get off her ass, person she’s making up! She doesn’t care if you condescend to what she sticks in her earholes. She’s a rebel donkey.

  17. My favorite Julia “literally” moment was last summer when she said this: “My brain literally exploded watching that. How is it possible such a popular movie could be so patently ridiculous?!?” 8:23 PM Aug 13th via Echofon

    Her brain literally exploded!

    • I know; we almost want them to lose b/c we want her to STFU and leave SF – preferably forever. With RZ. On an island. Without Lilly.

    • I find it weird and transparent, as I can’t recall her EVER mentioning baseball before. The Boy must be amped up for the Series, I take it.

  18. Every time I watch Rachel Zoe’s show I find myself totally loving her. I just think she’s adorable. Also, her husband is the absolute best. I love how he clearly worships the ground she walks on.

    That’s really all I have to say about that.


    • I’ve grown to like and respect her too. She loves what she does, she built her business, her love for fashion is so strong and clear. Her and Brad together like kids in a candy store was always fun to watch. Donks has no place criticizing Zoe for anything.

      • That fauxto is outright bizarre-ballz. Claim the hooves. For serious, is she concealing her feet as the pedi wasn’t ineffable?


        She’s demonstrating her flexibility! Y’know-“flexibility-” all great start-ups are imbued with such a quality. Perhaps now that she is ensconced at OMG RZuck she’s been du(l)ly inspired.

    • That article unfortunately speaks volumes as to her personal character, which comes off as nothing short of heinous. It seems she “recovered” from her eating disorder but not so much the disordered and negative thought patterns associated with it. She’s just passing on self-judgment to others while putting herself on a pedestal, which is a very sad view of life – and people – to have.

      • You had me at “heinous.” I Kant imagine how this article made it to print (online counts,bunnies!) and I imagine the story assignment: “Hey, Maura, you had an eating disorder, right? You wanna do an article on Mike and Molly ?”

    • I heard about it on the View – I think the article is plain wrong and upsetting. It shouldn’t have been published.

  19. Apologies, catpeeps. I am -literally- AWAKE and posting to RBNS. My weekend is Monday and sometimes Thursday. I suck the marrow of my days off.

    Thank you Traci! Vh1 is my boo. (yeah I don’t know what that means either) RT @tracicoulter: @juliaallison loved you on Celebrity Cheaters!!
    about 2 hours ago via Echofon

    • Uh, maybe “traci coulter” actually DOES know what “boo” means, so wtf is that tweet? Also, why is she using a word when she’s doesn’t even know the meaning? *dumb question* Here’s a hint Julio, it’s in the terms of endearment category, much like the “baby” you pointlessly throw out on twitter at random and to people who most likely simply tolerate you or ignore you entirely. Someone so proficient in tossing up gang signs should probably know that word. Although playing dumb is always cute, militant feminist that she is! Also also, wasn’t she JUST braying not too long ago about “the boy”? Wouldn’t he be “her boo”? I suppose being that she doesn’t know what it means, VH1 will do. Also (x3), Julia Albertson as a talking head on a show about cheaters is HYSTERICAL. Takes one to know one. Also (x4), donkey.

      • Exactly, LL. Your comment was spot-on. I love how the Donk tacked on (see what I did there) “either.” Daresay Trace has researched the etymology of “boo.” Because Donk is a student of the WORLD, people! “Always. Learning! Taking Notes! Look at a picture of notes in my notebook! Proof! I only watch tv on my laptop! I “hang” with the movers and shakers and thinkers! I asked them for lists or links to their strategic plans for greatsuccess.com and they sent me to their BOOK?”

        I *love* RHOA. And I *love* dlisted (holla, bitchface!)

  20. I just asked the CEO I’m interviewing here in Palo Alto if he could send me brief info on his startup. He sent me a link to a BOOK. Thanks?
    about 15 hours ago via web

    Seriously? She is a journalist? It is called research, she needs to start doing it. Many CEOs have books out so what was she wanting free stuff and a folder profile? I have to research all of the time and yes sometimes that means you have to actually read books that you may not be interested in.

    I feel so horrible for that CEO that had to put up with her. She obviously was not prepared.

    • This. I just had an analogous experience this week with an unprofessional person who expected ME to drop everything just to meet THEIR administrative needs. It’s one of my pet peeves.

  21. I have literally been disuaded from applying for that MFA in creative writing because I learn everything not to do from watching Julia’s shitshow daily. Literally.

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