Julie Albertson Now Wants To Assault Lady Gaga — That’s Libel!!


Photo Credit: Julie Albertson, Demented FanGirl

Can someone please explain to me why Lady Gaga … who is from New York … speaks with a faux British accent?

@euanrellie – HA! Well it made me (a fan) want to punch her in the faux face.

I cannot express how rich I find it that Donkey is incensed with the artifice of a genuine celebrity. Compared to the artifice she’s been displaying online for years with her retardo over-use of adjectives, adverbs and SAT words, her stalkery pretend-friendships with minor tech celebrities who cringe behind her back, her OMG OMG HE’S THE ONE OMG OMG relationships that sputter rapidly in the face of her insanity … not to mention the piles of fake hair she’s been pinning to her head for years and the Restylane she’s been pumping into her face.

Also — publicly expressing a desire to assault someone? Lawyers are inevitable! I’d be more careful if I was her!


  1. The “popping her head into someone else’s spotlight” shot is something we would make for a Julio Alberto movie poster contest!

  2. It’s geedee Lady Gaga. She wears meat dresses and you’re wondering about her accent?

    Here’s a hint: It’s an act!

    Here’s another bombshell: Lady Gaga…. IS NOT HER REAL NAME.

  3. “I wish I had a British accent so
    everything I said would sound smart.

    Instead I was born in Chicago.”

    Is Donkey’s IQ even room temperature?

  4. Well, did Lady Gaga steal Brother Britt’s credit card, is
    THAT why Donkey wants to go all Jessica Fey on her ass?

  5. OMG *squeal* how did I totallly miss the 2nd tweet yesterday???

    My favorite qualities in a PERSON happen to be what @YCombinator wants in a startup founder. Coincidence? I think not 😉 http://is.gd/gh8Af
    23 hours ago

    @ @shiralazar – um because @naveen is ridiculously hot??
    25 Oct Favorite

    NAVEEN — RUN – hide in fourquare, you hot tech start-up founder you, RUN RUN RUN away (but the irony is delicious cuz’ she can *always* stalk him since he basically created an application for stalkers)

  6. Speaking in a British accent is the last weird behavior I’d ask Lady Gaga to explain about herself.

    Seriously, the chick wears meat bikinis and has hermaphrodite rumors (not unlike yourself there, romper weiner) and you are hung up on the way she TALKS?

    Ok so far we have RBNS, United Airlines, Lady Gaga.. I’m going to start pinning up magazine articles in my room ala “A Beautiful Mind” until I can predict her next target of aggression. I am leaning towards Apple because she enjoys burning bridges so much. Go ahead Donkey, complain about the latest Iphone security hack.

  7. Julia Allison
    Why would anyone want to be Rich & Famous when they could be Rich & Anonymous?
    13 hours ago Favorite Retweet Reply

    Also, totally rich.

    Why don’t you try it, Julie? Try being anonymous!

  8. so the two things that have put her in an apparent rage this week are $25 flight coupon with restrictions, and a performance artist’s accent?!?! with all the outrageous shit that is going on in the world right now, a fucking writer has NOTHING better to write about than this?

    I’m sure she’s saving the really good shit for over 100+ penny savers.

    • probably related to something else. there was this tweet yesterday:

      “Ever have one of those days where you hate everyone & everything … & nothing seems to go right? Yeah, having one now. How to remedy?! about 14 hours ago via Echofon “

  9. UPDATE POSTING- The 3rd victim is now unmasked – Lady Gaga!

    ——————————–Dear Jules,
    Is the new “boy” (he’s a man, fyi, unless that’s his dad in the pics you’re posting) provoking you to new levels of aggression?

    Is he an overly aggressive type-A male? If so, I think you’re trying to please that personality type by displaying hightened levels of agression against:
    1. United Airlines
    2. RBNS
    3. [Soon to be others I bet, just watch… UPDATE: Lady Gaga!]

    All the while combining this aggression with numerous tweets about getting married so that these out-of-character displays aren’t being wasted….

    You may be a pleaser…. Just sayin’.

  10. That GD “can anyone else smell my fart?” face does my head in. Much like plastic surgery has done Julie’s head in.

  11. So, does she get paid for these things?

    Shooting in Soho on this stunning, sunny New York Tuesday for @Jetblue @Citybuzz’s November segments! 1 minute ago via Echofon

    • Dear Donkey, Gaga called back, she wants to know why you’ve got a Poker Face and why you keep having Bad Romances. #sorrycouldn’thelpmyself

      • It IS kind of her motto after all: “I’m your biggest fan; I’ll follow you until you love me, Papa. Promise I’ll be kind, but I won’t stop until that boy is mine; Baby you’ll be famous, chase you down until you love me” #goddammittheboyismine


      • Hey Julez,

        Lady GaGa didn’t call, because she doesn’t give a shit. She’s too busy running errands from her meat bikini in front of thousands of people.


  12. I love when Donkey Albertson rages against TEH STARZ. She’s sooo angry no one takes her seriously because she is relevant, people?

    Janice Dickinson made her pay! Julia! A celebrity!
    John Mayer quit twattling because she’s a crazy eStalker! Julia! A love guru!
    Lady Gaga wears meat bikinis! Julia! A pescatarian (except when she’s not!)
    Logo TeeVee has a show about TJ’s best friend who does hair and his friends looking for luvs! Julia! Is ALWAYS looking for luvs!

    • There is a Mid-west accent—and she’s got it. Sort of high pitched.
      She probs does not acknowledge it, cuz she almost went to the Ivy League,
      but it’s there nevertheless. I love the idea that she still thinks she’s a Founder….and not a total failure at relationships ( that are more than 6 months long.) It’s really sad–that she doesn’t see the need for some therapy after so many manic and fruitless years.

  13. Wait, did anyone else notice that JABA changed the caption on the picture of Lilly at the airport? It didn’t originally have the part about chocolate not being good for dogs, right? Because I read it and was all, “[libelous statement about that ‘tard poisoning Lilly]” But I don’t see that anyone else commented on it. Am I crazy? Did anyone else notice this?!

  14. So she shot something for BuzzTown or whatever in soho today. I was just by there on Friday to get a facial and haircut at the Aveda institute. There is nothing groundbreaking about the store, Sean, which will surprise no one who knows the kind of bits she does.

    What really bugs me is that she seems to dog my footsteps every time she comes to town. I realize it’s not hard to visit an nyc neighborhood, but it’s uncanny how I miss her by a day or so every time she’s here.

    I really just want her to move to San Fran or LA. I’ve run into her once before and I’d really not like that to happen again.

    • we don’t fucking want her!!!!!

      *signing the petition for the write-in ballot to keep donkeys, unless they’re cute working animals, out of the Bay area*

  15. I look at these segments she does and the low or no paying bits of stuff and it always hits me how she’ll never be able to support herself or take care of her longtime needs. This isn’t just a generational observation–and I admit to having a stable job with great benefits and loving it even though I know the world is changing and people are crafting interesting alternatives to the standard grind. She is unemployable in any meaningful way. The only play she has is to get a husband to support her and SHE feels her chances are getting slimmer. What an awful position to be in. Her parents aren’t that wealthy or they would have paid for her to stay in nyc. How much time can she kill trying to make some guy go the distance?

    • She’s counting down the days until Granny Moneybags dies and she gets her hooves on some loot.

  16. **drops microphone** – sorry I am a little late to the party cat peeps. Shitty clients are still ppoping in my clean litter box.

  17. Can’t read my, can’t read my, no you can’t read-a my frozen face, frozen face…(she can clomp me like no other)
    Ex-ex-piration date, ex-pir-ation date (looming na na)

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