Donk-Free Week: Another Perspective


Well hello Type-A haters and cat-loving fatties.

Just to let you all know — I have not made a decision about my own Donk-Free Week. I am totally behind JP’s Donkey Vacation, but I am not sure I am ready for one yet. Nor am I sure that I want to shut down RBNS, as some have suggested, just because she’s boring. Crazy always hilariously follows the boring, and the crazy continues to enthrall me.

My feeling is this: As long as she continues to broadcast her insanity and to routinely lie through her teeth to 20,000 Twitter followers and the odd dozen who read her blog, I am not going to commit to not blogging about her. If she sends another cunty e-mail to an ex’s GF, for example, or crashes someone else’s birthday party and licks her fucking cake, and I get wind of it, she will be publicly humiliated for her bullshit right here.

The only way I would commit to entirely stopping RBNS is if Donkey did something miraculous like GREW THE FUCK UP. Stopped Tweeting, stopped blogging, got into extensive, long-term therapy and actually emerged a normal, well-adjusted and sane human being who expressed remorse for all of the shitty, entitled princess lunacy she has inflicted upon people for years.

Until that happens, I will be here. Maybe not every day, maybe not after every Tweet or every blog post — but I will be here, on Julie Albertson Insanity Watch, ready to bust her ass every time she posts about how truly blessed and/or emotionally healthy she is when I know, behind the scenes, she remains a barking mad cuntasaurus with next to no friends and smoldering trail of burned bridges.


  1. Stunned silence.

    No seriously, I agree, this bitch is too entertaining and is too deserving of being called out on her shit. Plus, the way you and JP write about her makes this one of my favorite websites. RBNS 4-eva, etc.

  2. Maybe we just need a better theme?

    Soap Opera Themes:
    As the Donkey Brays?
    General Mental Hospital?
    All Donkey’s FriendEnemies?

    TV Show:
    The Baugher Family
    MY 3 DoucheBags
    Lilly Do..where are you..

  3. This post is an RBNS masterpiece, Jacy, and I’m glad you’re fully committed to keeping the spotlight on the despicable “cuntasaurus.” Haha!

  4. drops the phone

    Yay, Jacy!

    I”m behind both you & JP, in part ~ let’s do not give her page hits, but let’s do get a mania-recap from Jacy ~ & maybe some fun reader-activity stuff in the meantime? More themed posters & the like?

  5. Seriously, her liecast the past 24 hours has had plenty of fodder…

    E.g., Today at 1:05am —

    Pay no attention to what the critics say… Remember, a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic!

    Jean Sibelius (via livejamie, via lisadianenonsociety)

    Oh snap!

    (via lisadianenonsociety)

    • AAAGH this is on my “Tumblr Radar” on my dashboard page and it makes me feel like throwing my computer out the window. What if the critic has a thoughtful and informed perspective? What if you could learn something? Sometimes, you’re wrong. Or you don’t understand a situation fully. It’s not a personal failing!

      • I wonder what JA would say about Roger Ebert, who is clearly (at least) a thousand times classier, more intelligent, and graceful than she is…

      • In Roger Ebert;s case, no statue (yet) just a little something called The Pulitzer Prize……that ring a bell Donk?

      • Sibelius wouldn’t even agree with the context that these tards are using the quote.

        Sibelius was, arguably, “behind the times”. He was still writing in the Romantic form at a time when other composers were experimenting with modern classical music. His best known works sound like they came from an altogether earlier period of time–e.g. Finlandia. His Symphony No. 2–same thing.

        He wasn’t a critical darling, but NOT because he was edgy/new/misunderstood. It was because he was following a more traditional path.

        Also also, this was a really brilliant person eschewing the idiocy of the moment (his opinion), whereas these braying idiots Donkey and that Canadian one are too dumb to do anything other than chase “trends” that were big months or years ago. Fuck off, Donkey and Browless Canadian.

    • In the chat last week, she said she couldn’t find a therapist she liked, but that she had gone twice.

    • Unless Donkey can find some nutty therapist who will buy into and enable her bullshit (like Momsers and Dadsers have always done) I can’t imagine she’d ever stick with anyone long-term. She’s a special snowflake and shouldn’t have to put forth the hard work that good therapy requires.

  6. If Jacy and JP weren’t so damn funny, and the catlady crew in the comments being equally as funny, witty and interesting, I wouldn’t read here almost everyday.

    It’s NOT about Julia Allison, it’s about the community on here and JP & Jacy doing such a great job documenting her crazy.

  7. FIRST!!!!11

    I love Donk Free Week already. She is so lazy and banal that it becomes enragingly offensive to my sensibilities. Loving a week without that bullshit.

  8. Jacy,

    I have been lurking recently, only because it takes time and effort to analyze and post noteworthy snippets. My catwork has been insane, but the fact of the matter is, I still love RBNS and read it regularly.

    Here here on your quest to out this raging bitch. She deserves nothing less.

  9. I am glad to hear this!

    I don’t want to see this blog shuttered for one second. The problem as i see it is the constant attention to Donkey is giving her something she craves. But her nonsense does need public recognition, lies need exposing, etc.

    I think less coverage of every fart and burp is maybe the happy medium? The feedback loop can be overwhelming sometimes and perhaps dialing that down is maybe the solution.

    What do i know? I like reading about this crazycakes and i’d hate to be looking at her stupid blog and twats and there not be a corrective out there to look at… And i don’t think i could stop myself from looking at her cray.


  10. For those of us who are behind on our Donkey snarking, can someone please at least sum up what went on during Chat Gate 2? I feel so out of it!

    • I’m pretty sure it was a non-event. The moderators didn’t post it on this site, the long-time readers didn’t engage her, and only a few newbies went into the chat room and talked to Julie Albertson. I really think almost nothing came of it. No one really cared. Because what she doesn’t understand is, no one comes here really to “follow Julia”, they come here to read the comedic writings of Jacy, JP, and the commentors. It’s not really about Julia, as much as it’s about the community’s rendition on her sad life.

      • She’s like a tiger. Sure, I’ll go to the zoo to look at the tiger, but I’m smart enough to know not to get in the cage and snuggle with it.

      • If a tiny and cute tree is nuanced in the wood, and no one’s around to be amaze-ballzed by it, is it truly ineffable?

      • Naansociety,

        I was going to say, “If a fameball takes her laptop to the toilet to shit out gluten-filled cupcakes, and no one who matters is around, can we just flush it?”

        Also, I want to point out that my new term is “Hilarovaries,” (TM: Me) because that is way funnier than hilar-balls.

    • Midget Wrestler Legs, Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

      She showed up here late at night (at least for an oldster like me, in NY) and was begging for attention, by posting in the comments and repeatedly telling us that she was going into the chat so that she could answer any burning questions we might have.

      Most of us told her to get bent, and some followed into the chat out of a twisted and morbid curiosity. I don’t know if chats are automatically logged, but the mods have no interest in enabling her by posting it, if it exists.

      Frankly, I don’t care what she said, because it’s all self-serving lies.

    • Midget Wrestler Legs, Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

      I just wanted to add that I’m here mostly to point and laugh. And pick up tips on fashion, style, decorating, and whatever else people share.

    • i can try to sum up a bit of it, even though i came in late to the game. basically, it was a bunch of people asking her questions that she wouldnt respond to, or insulting her until she said she would leave unless ppl started asking questions. so then ppl asked her questions, and she admitted that she had had a nose job (two) (which ppl then responded with how “brave” she was to admit this, lol) and about how meghan had pretended to be another blogger on ns, i cant remember the name, and how she was seeing a therapist. she also called herself homeless, which ppl called bs too, and said she didnt make a lot of money. it was really kind of pathetic/disheartening, which is why i think a lot of ppl were just wanting to completely get away from any julia allison-ness. the most pathetic part had to be when she informed us that she had to go, because the coffee shop closed at 11. so basically she was in la for vacation to see all her “friends”, and she was sitting in a coffee shop, alone, to get internet, on a thursday night. anyway, she also pretended to know who jp was, and then wouldnt answer any questions regarding that claim, and also admitted that she does read rbns, “occasionally because its not good for me to read it”. she also said she knows she needs to get help and asked for the names of therapists. the whole thing was pretty depressing, and also appears to be another step in her “master plan” of perfecting the julia-allsion personality projection- now we’re supposed to feel sorry for her i guess.
      ugh, that was long!

      • meghan had pretended to be another blogger on ns

        Uhh … Meghannaise hasn’t yet perfected faking her OWN blog spot, & she wants to take on an alter-persona?

      • Wait, this is actually new and interesting info… so, meghan asha parikh has been posting on NS as someone else? what.the.fuck? i don’t see how this is possible. and this has never come up before… just seems so weird.

      • yeah she was posting as someone else, im sure anyone else in the chat can remember the name. no one was really surprised though, it seemed to me like people had suspected it all along. also, she claimed that it was meghan’s idea, and she had no clue about what was going until a few months in. so apparently, ja has absolutely NO CONTROL at all over her lifecast company. it was such bs, which basically summed up the chat. her spouting bs and expecting us to believe it.

      • This was almost verbatim what went down in Chatgate 1…Donk is lather rinse and repeating folks….don’t feed her.

      • LOL, wait, so meghan was regularly posting as someone else? but who? all those girls have back-stories and are real people? meghan just stole someone’s name?

        but if she did that, why would the blogs still be on NS? bc no one has been removed since jordan left.

        VERY weird.

      • I know Andy Wintour has a Twitter ~ is there an Andy Wintour on NS who hasn’t been unearthed yet?

        (kidding, kidding)

      • yeah, its pretty pathetic. i think it says a lot about their level of respect for their readership. i wish i could think of the name.

      • I was only half paying attention, but I don’t recall Julia saying Meghan was posting as someone else. She said Meghan was in China and India, when people asked where she was. That turned out to be a lie at the time, because Meghan just left yesterday, according to Julia Allison’s twitter. Julia also said that Lasagna decides who joins NonSociety.

        Basically, people were pressing her about Jordan and how she makes her money. She didn’t really admit anything about Jordan, although she said she thinks Jordan implied Julia stole Jordan’s tiara on purpose. Regarding her jerb, she said she makes a living auditioning and as a writer, except she doesn’t get paid for auditioning. And she hasn’t written anything of substance in a very long time.

      • No, nothing new. Just when long island meghan (sp? i always forget which is which) posted as Beth revealing Toph’s identity.

      • yeah, that must have been what i was thinking of. im relatively new to rbns, so when she said it was meghan posting as beth, i guess i assumed it was a long term thing, rather then that one time. whoops. i think i was so tired at that point (she did this at like 1 am) and so disgusted by the crazy delusion breakdown/trainwreck happening that i zoned in and out during the whole thing. it was just really sad.

      • first off, meghan (with an h) is meghan parikh, the indian girl who hasn’t blogged in over 2 months.

        megan (with an a) is megan lasagna–i mean alagna, LOL. she’s the “CEO” (ha ha ha) of NS.

        2 different people. this story was made more confusing when you guys mixed this up. and yes, everyone already knew that megan lasagna outed that tool bag TK as a donkey-fucker.

      • Julia just pretends like she’s interested in getting therapy. She did the same exact thing during chatgate 1, asking people about it and trying to find out how to get a good therapist. It was all bullshit.

      • yes, i think its pretty clear shes not serious, otherwise she might, oh i dont know, tech genius that she is, google “therapist chicago”, and not turn to a group of people who cannot stand her to get recommendations from? um, err, what? anyone who was actually serious about getting help would be doing it in private, not soliciting recs on a “we hate you” chatroom in a desperate grab for attention.

      • “Anyone who was actually serious about getting help would be doing it in private, not soliciting recs on a “we hate you” chatroom in a desperate grab for attention.”


      • She did the therapist referral request again?

        This is what, the third, fourth time she’s done this? It is not working, Julia, asking for referrals does not count as GETTING THERAPY.

        People here have offered referrals MANY MANY TIMES as well as referral services, but she really likes to trot that request out in public so we can all see how SERIOUS BUSINESS she is about it.

        And then we never hear about it again.

  11. I gotta say I’m loving the Donkey free week. She’s just so banal lately, it seems like all that’s left to discuss lately is the size of her thighs and how she will repeat the same mistakes she always does. I think it’d be fun to ignore her until after Halloween. Her putting on some slut muffin costume and having no one discuss her would break her heart. Send her right back to the big nosed high school days when no one paid attention. I think Nov 2nd or 3rd would then bring some great materia.

    But of course that’s just my opinion. This blog cracks me up no matter the level if pathetic Julia is currently functioning at.

    • I really, really want a thread about what we are going as for Halloween and — if people aren’t too shy — pictures when the day hits.

      I just say.

      • i had this (crazy?) idea that we could all go as JA (A-line ass tutu, “YSL” heels, pelts…). she is going to be in SF for halloween, according to her schedule… whadya say??!!
        (otherwise, meetup on the 29th?)

  12. I’m with Jacy. I like this blog and I don’t want to see it change, just because Special Snowflake showed up in the chatroom again. I was getting worried before seeing this post, that we were really putting to much importance on her appearances in the chatroom: Chatgate 1 saw the departure of Partypants, I was afraid Chatgate 2 would lead to the end of the blog as we know it. Let’s not allow her that much power.
    Although, I must say that I do enjoy the odd post about other things, like when Julia’s Pub covers the gay housewives, etc. But mostly, I’m all about the crazytown reblog.


        PP was very, very cordial to La Donk during Chatgate 1 ~ I think it was to set a tone & keep things civil, which basically they were ~ I don’t understand how that was the undoing of the status quo ’round here, but I gather there were differing opinions of how she should have handled it?

        I dunno. That’s just my take-away from it all. Wish they’d all kiss & make up though.

    • I should clarify that I have no intentions of leaving this blog. I’m just bored with Donks, so I’m going to take a break for a week, plus ignoring her will only ramp of the cray. I’m doing us a service for entertainment purposes. We need new storylines around here.

    • Basically: PP was polite to Donk and she got criticized by some commenters for being polite to her and for even inviting her in. The criticism pissed off PP and she left. End of story.

    • Midget Wrestler Legs, Thundercalves, She Are Drink, Delusions of Bradshaw, Mad Yoga Skillz, Super Saggers & Creepy Daddy Issues

      See if you can get a shill deal for a free one!

  13. She always revs up the crazy for Halloween and then the holidays are right after that and you know that now that Britt’s a married man she’s sure to pull out all the tops to make sure that all eyes are on her. Where will she end up for New Year’s Eve? It looks like she’s roaming the country all by herself lately, if I didn’t know her better, I’d feel sorry for her.

  14. To those who missed chatgate 2, you missed nothing. Julia was dull and boring because, the fact is, she has no personality. She’s got cray-cray out the wazzoo but that’s different than personality. She basically just sat in chat soaking up the attention like an addict and gave wishy-washy bullshit replies to everything that was asked. The woman does not have an interesting bone in her body. She’s 100% Wonder Bread.

    • LOL’g @ your Wonder Bread comment … who here remembers Donkey’s polka dot braying suit fauxtos from Hawaii? WONDER BREAD all the way!

    • “..soaking up the attention like an addict..” I’ve wondered myself, what if she came over here graciously offering to answer all of our burning questions in chat, and then no one showed up! BWAHAHA!!

  15. Is anyone else going to miss Rubicon and Mad Men after tonight? Those are some seriously enjoyable two hours every week.

    Mad Men was stellar this season. Jon Hamm better and somehow hotter than ever, am I right?

    Rubicon started slow but I grew to love it and am hoping against hope that it returns for a second season. Anyone else watching this show?

      • It’s killing me that I had to miss the last two of Mad Men and tonight’s finale b/c being swamped w/school and no cable here (dvring at folks’ house though).
        I don’t think Joanie went through with the procedure, but knowing how Mad Men is kinda slow-burn, I think it won’t be revealed until next season – which is like a million years away. I think Roger may keel over tonight though.

      • I’ve heard that Roger may commit suicide or die this season. I so hope not, I love that silver fox!! Anyway, don’t tell me what happens, I am DVRing…must plan lessons for my teaching job tonight.

      • MY EYES MY EYES!
        Please warn spoilers for us west coasties.

        (Maybe you were just theorizing, I averted my eyes immediately)

  16. Julianus is too adorable not to follow.

    Dear Jules:
    In honor of your attempt to suck Zuck via Twitter, I deleted my Facebook account.
    The Internet: never has one mode of communique sponsored so much cray cray.

      • Thanks Lady B. …. RBNS is my one site I will never give up…. I love the writing of all the cat-ladies here…. Jacy, showin’ stones, love it …

        Head to Toe:
        – Boston Red Sox hat
        – Under Armour
        – Adidas shorts; commando

        Hmmm… What could be traveler Julia’s Head to Toe be tonight? Could it be…
        – Borrowed Tiara, to be unveiled soon as a … “gift” (OMG! Look what @Randi got me for Holiday! Love ya gurrl! Kisses to Zucks!)
        – Gratis extensions, reeks of Boone’s and green juice
        – Too small Provacateur exploding with chicken cutlets (symmetrical, bunnies!)
        – Four day old Oktoberfest shirt: A dingy palette of tears, mascara and coffee stains, topped off by the stench of “the boy’s” beer-n-swet aroma (I’ll never wash this shirt again baby!)
        – [I can’t do this area. I owe it to all of us to pass]
        – Chunky Steve M heel’s, blistered feet, green toe polish, bed bug bites.

        Love ya Jules! LIU!

      • I cannot give this site up either.

        My intense job (running errands and the like) really takes it out of me, so to come here and be able to see all the funny comments can make my day. It’s been seriously tough for me lately (as it has for a lot of people in this community) and this adds a couple of *lollies* each day.

        With or without the Donkster, I always come back.

        Oh yeah, big shout out to fellow Aussie Mary Mackillop – Australia’s first ever Saint. I was raised a strict Catholic but don’t practice. For something like this though it’s worth a mention – she really was amazing.

  17. OT but shouldn’t be OT because the donk needs therapy:

    Can anyone recommend a therapist who will work over email? Finding one is an errand I need to run for a person at the place where I sit in a chair all day.

    • No reputable therapist is going to be OK working over email. You might find someone who will accept money and provide “therapy” but beware. It goes without saying that no Psy.D. or Psychiatrist (M.D.) is going to do this. Their malpractice ins would not cover this type of “therapy”.

      If you’re looking for someone who can meet in person here and there, but can also provide email or phone contact *between* appointments, that’s a whole other ballgame. I can imagine that type of arrangement for someone who travels a lot or works very long hours.

      • Sorry, this is just so off-base I have to comment! Psychiatrists don’t generally provide any type of talk therapy. Clinical psychologists, talk therapy providers, can have PsyDs or PhDs (PhDs are more reputable and less likely to agree to an unusual agreement like email only). Clinical psychologists don’t usually have malpractice insurance. Many will provide phone or email therapy, but generally only with an established client and usually along with in-person sessions.

    • Does your work have an EAP (Employee Assistance Program)? Many offer 24 hour counseling via phone, and also help with referrals to local doctors and therapists.

  18. Hey, toolbag: She WASN’T TALKING TO YOU:

    @McCainBlogette – I want room service too! But I’m driving down Santa Monica. half a minute ago via Echofon in reply to McCainBlogette

    • Does the assholery ever end? No. No, it doesn’t. It is for this reason that I hope RBNS continues. She’s just such an asshole and deserves the scorn.

    • she’s been dropping the names on twitter left and right this weekend. it seems to have amped up since jp’s last post.

      • I know. It’s unbelievably transparent.

        Unbelievably immature.
        Unbelievably pathetic.
        Unbelievably cringe inducing.
        Unbelievably sad.
        Unbelievably star fuckery.

        In other words: unbelievably lame

      • She should be thanking you, no? After all, she has that upcoming column that’s syndicated in more than 100+ papers to work on, & you’ve freed up her valuable time (time she never, ever! wastes reading & chatting in & on RBNS).

        I wish her couch-enablers would follow suit & hoof-block her ass for a week or three. I wonder if she’s making gluten-free demands on ’em while she overstays her welcome …

  19. I LOVE coming here and reading all of you and getting my snark on about this total ass of a Donkey. It still amazes me how awesome our content is compared to the loser NS site. There have been some very funny, brilliant and interesting discussion threads with you folks. However, I may be the only one who thinks this, it just burns my cathide when she comes over here all acting gracious and acting nice nice to answer our “burning questions” thinking she can just clomp in here and win us over and make friends. Or worse, soak up the attention. Yuck! She has done SO many vile things, that I think should be exposed, and this is a great place discuss it…. but if she wants an audience to chat with or answer questions, that shit belongs over on her own blog, not smelling up this one. Hey tech gurl…where’s comments? where’s live chat? on your own tech blog?? DONKEY!! Sorry for the rant. Gah! Back to the wine box.

    • That is exactly what JP said to her when she e-mailed to announce she was going into chat.

      Basically: “If you want fucking feedback, you dumb donkey, just enable comments on your blog like you said you were going to a year ago.”

  20. I love this blog and the countless hours of unproductivity and daily dosage of laugh it inspires, but I agree that there are other areas of content that I love coming to you smart, sassy cat ladies for…. fashion advice, life advice, recipes, travel, current events etc… I believe so much in the authenticity and knowledge of this community that I probably would buy anything that this community shilled for. I also just generally trust your cat lady wisdom. So yes, I say we continue to keep calling la donks on her lies and dishonesty, but also add in some other elements to the coverage for us every day basement dwelling type a cat ladies.

  21. Dear Jules:
    I cannot believe you cannot see the total hurt, pain and the silent plea for freedom in Lilly’s eyes.

    Texting while driving – I pray to God that you hurt NO ONE and I still cannot believe you admit to driving and tweeting – and now this posting of the pup.

    Self-indicting behavior.

  22. this bitch is too entertaining….uck! She has done SO many vile things, that I think should be exposed, and this is a great place discuss it…

  23. Yay, JP! In all honesty, this is the only blog I really care for and enjoy anymore so keep it coming!

  24. Leaving @LevenRambin’s cute new(ish) place with her hunky fiancé and two pups in Los Feliz, headed back to Glendale. No traffic at 1:30am!

    What? The (ish), the chillen w/Leven–I Kant.

    “I’m SO. EVOLVED. Your life? It no longer affects me, Rambin’ Rose, oh pre-pre-expiration bunny. I care so little about the possible moments spent with or TK, your television career, fiancat, pups or new(ish) place.

    I am but a shaman, a seeker, a vagabond, a traveler of this dusty ol’ road. I simply sip my daily cuppa–green juice, naturally, hike Runyon Canyon and tend to my pe(l)ts.”

    • I tried to post that tweet like three times but it never came through … anyhoo …

      What I want to know is: How does Donkey manage to navigate the Santa Monica Hwy or w/e @ rush-hour, all the while texting, but then has to play The Donkey in Distress Card & have Leven’s fiance haul her raft-ass around a residential area?

      Watch your back, Leven (& your tiara*)!

      * By ‘tiara’, I mean man & ring, natch.

  25. Dear Jules,
    I’ve had it. You’re texting while driving again or why else would you need to mention “No Traffic” when driving away from a “friend/acquaintance” home?

    “Leaving @LevenRambin’s cute new(ish) place with her hunky fiancé and two pups in Los Feliz, headed back to Glendale. No traffic at 1:30am!”

    BS there’s no traffic at 1:30am in Cali…. Who are you fooling? Also, don’t claim you were sitting in their drive looking at the street and observing ‘No Traffic’. Or that you reached the destination. You were leaving the place while texting, hence the word choice.

    I pray to God you hurt no one with your insane texting and driving. One moment away from monitoring traffic is moment too much.

  26. OK. i literally havent commented on this site in at least a year, but i definitely read it (too) much. the reason that im breaking my silence is miss julia’s most recent post about her “mini photo shoot” in which she is JUMPING wearing a TUTU AND A TANK TOP AND A FUCKING SKI CAP? like aaaaaaaaaare you kidding me with this? i usually think julia is ridiculous but THIS is a whole new level of absolute mindblowing insanity. SERIOUSLY. this is her job? she makes money from this? i just cant.
    also, i went to this photographers flickr stream and cant find any evidence of these pictures?
    i know this is pretty rambly and nonsensical but these literally made me gasp when i saw them. just. wow.

    • heh, I’ll guess she’ll try anything to try to get back her lost following, which would be us hater cat ladies & gentlemen. It is very difficult for me to resist looking at these photos. Very difficult indeed.

      • i follow her on tumblr, so im pretty sure i dont contribute any views to her stats. hopefully. i have noticed a bit of an uptick of the type of posts that are usually featured here- including but not limited to, a shot of her wearing leven’s engagement ring, with the caption reading something like “leven made me try her ring on!” (um like i believe that for a fraction of a second)
        that being said, i do sincerely hope that the jumping ski cap tutu picture ridiculousness warrants a post up here, because i can only DREAM of the type of rage that those shots will provoke. 🙂

    • #ShowerVom. she is SO transparent.
      Tim Ferriss does a jump shot. Julia does a jump shot with the same photographer (the photo will be in a book, she is a WRITER and NOT RANDOM!). Tim Ferriss wore a dumb hat. Julia wears a dumb hat. Tim Ferriss reads Seneca. Julia downloaded Seneca!
      fuck fuck and fuckity fuck.

      Thank you to @FrankGruber for inviting me to speak at – looks like a fantastic conf!


      • I bet ten imaginary FU dollars that she’ll be on the list soon, credited as a NS founder, TONY columnist and an on-air correspondent for NBC. Also, OMG syndicated columnist.

        Any guesses on which pic she’ll send them?

    • I can’t find it on his Flickr stream either. They’re either password protected or he saw Donk had posted them, and knocked them down. I don’t know but I am with you — what the FUCK?

      • I looked at Hedge’s photostream too ~ saw TF’s pic & wondered if Donkey’s sole purpose for being CA now is to get in on this photog’s photostream. Ugh ~ what an empty life she leads.

        But! She tots bought that ski cap when shopp(e)ing w/ The Boy, so even though SHE’S NOT RANDOM!, her headgear is completely random & original! She’s NOT parroting what’s already been done, no way, nuh uh.

    • Yes, this boggles the mind. WHO TRAVELS WITH A TUTU!

      “Let’s see, I’ve got my toothbrush, some workout stuff, a nice outfit for meetings, some casual wear for just hanging out. Oh, and a tutu. JUST IN CASE.”

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