More Terrifying Movie Posters From You Frightening Basement Dwellers


Dear God, you people are disturbingly ineffable. More to come from me, but let’s look at some movie posters from our readers that are so scary, you’ll shit your pants like you just drank Blue Print Cleanse.

Above from Fauxga Party, below from Can-Swiss!

From Some Girl:

From It’s Always Shitty in Donkeydelphia:


    • Such as the Economist… ha.

      I find Tumblr to be really groupthink-conducive, actually. Even if you’re just following a few random bloggers, the same pictures/posts get passed around and show up everywhere.

    • Her writing MAKES NO SENSE. I kant even follow it. It reads like she hits the keyboard after three large glasses of wine. You can tell she writes like she thinks she’s really smart but she’s oh so stupid. It’s painful.

  1. Aaaand the award for Best Use of Already Scary Material goes to The Shilling by Can-Swiss!


    All of these are so. priceless.

      • I didn’t (don’t have cable) but I will, when episodes are online ~ I love this kind of trashy tv! 🙂

      • Darn, I was hoping for some commentary from you on Your Boy Teej.. but yeah, the show is scorchingly horrible.

      • Premiere episode is online now, here:

        I ended up on the Logo site after my OTHER snark blog, which makes fun of Tila Tequila, posted about her appearance on Gossip Queens, during which Tila is outrageously, ineffably, undeniably stoned. I’m not watching this A-List thing, not when Real Housewives of Atlanta is about to go into full swing.

    • Being funnier than anyone else on that show is like being funnier than a pile of self-tanner-sprayed gravel: not really an achievement. But simply being a human being among dead-boring monsters worked for that gay dude on the Rachel Zoe show, so godspeed, Howdy-Doody-Face!

  2. OT but just saw this tweet from Chicago chef Grant Achatz:

    Doing blueprint cleanse. Spicy lemonade 2 hot for me due 2 treatment. They told me they wouldn’t sub different flavor. What’s up with that?

    They won’t sub for a world famous chef who risked his life to save his palate during mouth cancer treatment? well done BPC

    • I don’t even get why a chef, of all people, would ever trade eating real food for drinking this crap, & to do so after managing to salvage his palate, when tasty & wholesome food would be all the more precious to experience?

  3. These new movie posters are really incredible. I wish I knew how to photoshop/had photoshop on my computer. I’m an “inevitable” lawyer, so I have no talent for these things and will just admire the work of these SO.TALENTED. RBNS’ers. Of all of these, I like “Can Swiss”‘s the best… it’s the simplest, but it truly captures that awful gaping maw and ineffable emptiness that we associate with Julia Baugher.

    You all inspired me, but I have to get back to suing anonymous blog commenters on behalf of F List microcelebrities… ta ta.

    • I feel like Can Swiss should win some type of award for best photo editor/art direction or something. The gaping maw picture totally fits the movie. Bravo Can Swiss, Bravo.

    • Thank you, thank you. I do work as a photographer (one of my many hats). But I don’t do much advanced photoshoping like I’ve seen from JP. Mostly just tweaking the color balance, contrast etc.

      I’d love to take a Moni-REDACTED-eyers airbrushing course to REALLY learn how to turn skin into plastic.

  4. Gawker’s description of TJ on their A-List New York post: “Right! Anyway, Mike was there and Austin and some kid who was this weird shade of orange who no one really knows or likes and that guy Ryan.”

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