More Horrifying Movie Poster Madness!


First, some contributions from readers! The above is from It’s Always Shitty in Donkadelphia; the below is from Fuck Camping.

And finally a couple from me.

Submit yours! (Be sure to include your screenname)


  1. OMG I Just. got. fired. for LOL-ing so hard I had tears in my eyes (for REALZ)! LULLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    I like these even better than the Holy ones!!! (that pic in the top is going to haunt my nightmares)

    you guys rock

      • oh I was exaggerating 🙂 I can’t fire myself! or can I….. (but thank you o’ kind and gentle one) But it was tough explaining why I literally laughed out loud and couldn’t speak and then of course everyone wanted to see WHAT I was laughing at and “inside joke” didn’t cut it.

        Can Julia fire herself? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. I was actually laughing out loud. So hard my flatmate wanted to know why. How to explain BPC and Julia Allison in less than 5 minutes…?

  3. I would like to demand, in the interests of servicey-ness, that RBNS starts holding Fauxtoshoppe lessons on a Monday night. I am the jealouz that my Fauxtoshoppe skillz are akin to Julie’s writing skills.

    • Today I read an e-mail that said my district is actually hosting a five week photoshoppe class that is reimbursed (read: free) if teachers want to take it. Even better, we don’t have to shill! What’s more, it is considered ‘professional development’ — so we get paid for taking it! My first thought was, “I should take this so I can make ineffable fautochops for RBNS.”

      Fucking Donkey invading real life. Seriously, if I took that class it might be the one positive effect she had on the world. (Making people get an education, y’all! She could add ‘educational mentor’ to her resume. Legalese, bunnies!)

  4. I have hit some kind of wall. I can no longer hang onto my phone.

    I bow to the genius of the Catpeople!

      • you’re just a jealous hater, stalker!! why else would you say anything remotely negative about me?

      • pshaw.

        JA was just a wife fluffer for you too ! Shame! After you learned so much from her you went and got a “job” and a “husband”. You should send her a gift! Like, maybe a MacAir!

    • besides her stupid HS and college bfs—-has Julie ever had a relationship?
      I mean a long one (more than 6 months, which is quite short in itself)????
      She seems to incapable of having a long-term relationship, and it’s not because of the internet.

    • That article wasn’t too bad. Perfect for Cosmo, but that’s Julia. Fake, ephemeral, trendy and full of references to SATC.

      Also I think maybe she writes best when she writes what she knows: Being a crazy person.

  5. These are all amazing. Seriously, I’m dying at “A movie so terrifying you’ll vom in the shower”!

  6. You guys! She’s on her way to the airport! And she’s going to be on a panel tomorrow! Talking about something!

    Who do you think she’s crashing with this time?

  7. Holy shit, JP.. you are without a doubt the funniest mofo I have ever encountered!

    And special mention to It’s Always Shitty in Donkadelphia & FUCK CAMPING! who regularly bring the lols.

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