Now We Know Where Lilly’s Been


Jesus, dance, Donkey, dance. It’s BOOOOOOOOOORING right now, so boring I had the time to make a new poster. I win all the contests!


  1. I get so mad when Julia refers to her as a “puppy” when Lilly is obviously a full-grown (getting old actually!) depressed dog who probably thinks Lasagna is as much her mom as Julia is.

  2. Blog book! Blog book!

    Instead of “Coming and Crying” how about “Braying and Shilling: Posters for the Coming Donkey Apocalypse”?

    Meaghan O’Poundcake will NOT be pleased which, by the way, is another good reason to do it.

  3. Yes but when you bury something in the pet cemetery it comes back to life very evil and tries to kill you. One of the creepiest movies I have ever seen.

  4. Good god, who is she trying to impress now? The Fat Melmans? Or is there a new mystery man? A reality show director whose true dream is to be in the theatah?

    juliaallison: “If there’s ever a question of the artistry in Chicago, this production proves their magnitude. They’re relentless!” -Geoff Packard, Candide

    juliaallison: “I need it to be instantaneous and fully realized.” – the actors of Goodman’s Candide, repeating the motto of famous director Mary Zimmerman

    She has no idea what they’re talking about but, wow, doesn’t it sound smart and deep?

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