I Couldn’t Resist. . .


I wanted to space these out, but I was bored at work and went a little nuts with the Photoshop. Be sure to send in your Donkey horror movie posters!


      • at least not from a fameball hack like dr. bobby.

        she got the work done for free or for cheap, and it shows. if youre going to get work done on your face, why not ummm errr PAY FOR IT, not shill to try to get it free/cheap.

        god she is so dumb

      • Yeah I’ll never understand why women, especially younger women, get fillers in their lips. It’s obvious on every person who gets it. It looks tacky and awful. It was hard to watch Col. Tye’s wife on BSG because of it. Anna Farris – disgusting. Julia Allison – hello muppet mouth. It is not flattering on anyone.

  1. This is impressive! I want to see this movie. I expect the Monster to run shrieking from her when he sees the green vagina.

    • just 1 nose job, but if you count restylane and a chin implant, it might be that many procedures total

  2. I got Donked today on Jet Blue flying to Baltimore for work. Saw the jet blue citibuzz segment on shopping in Chicago, or a minute of it anyway. Jules reads an inane script and clomps around some Michigan ave. mall. The pelts are in full force and very distracting in their obvious fakeness.

  3. Yes are we?!? RT @kissandtype: @TJKelly10 @LogoTV Are we doing a AList/Non-Society viewing party? Please say yes!
    about 16 hours ago via Echofon

    Seriously Julia. Do you insert yourself into EVERYTHING?

    • calm down bitchface. julia is a busy bidnesslady and needs to know if she should book ANOTHER OMGflight to come to the screening of this reality tv series. which, since she doesnt own a TV or care about reality tv, she’ll never watch……

    • whom is she going to harrass this year into having a pumpkin carving party for her? something tells me jordorable isn’t into it this year.

  4. This is hilarious, and leaves me thinking of Nosferatu, a.k.a. Dracula, a name supposed to mean “undead” — a perfect description of our fameball’s career at present.

    I have no Photoshop skills, so instead I will donate $100 to Komen if someone creates a parody of the poster for the Herzog Nosferatu movie, perhaps using Denton’s death head in place of the vampire’s and replacing Adjani with Julia’s face from say the the Gawker lingerie photo shoot.

    The movie poster: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/95/Nosferatu_Phantom_der_Nacht.jpg

  5. Little Mexican Sodomite,

    This is pretty good, I must admit.

    I never said you sodomites weren’t creative. I watch Home & Garden with Mrs. Preacher Jim and know you little fuckers people can put together a mighty funged shway room.

    You’re just sinners. BAD SINNERS.

    Jesus loves even you,
    Preacher Jim

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