Intern Jonathan Turned On By Granny Panties


Intern Jonathan is very happy watching this show 😉
Is she trying to make Intern Jonathan sound like an immature douchebag?


    • Julia’s not classy enough to be seated in the front row and just shut up about it. From the beginning, it’s been nothing but “front row, front row, front row, front row, front row, front row.” How is it that RBNS is the only Julia Allison hate site? She deserves many more.

  1. uh, he’s happy watching a model strut in a bikini. SHOCKING!!! Silly Julie, don’t be so jealous that he’s enamored by them and not by you – like, at all. 😉

    • PS. new slogan for Ohio Wesleyan U: The Bastion* of Immature Douchebags! (see: Emily Rose, Zak, and Intern Jonathan)

      *see what I did there?

  2. I find the fact she is carrying a little coke-purse highly amusing.

    La la la… Just me, my teeny coke-purse, granny-panty swimsuit, and CrocHeels out for a night on the town!

  3. I like it, but I think it might just be because it reminds me of the bodysuit Beyonce wears in the drunk crying scenes in the Why Don’t you Love Me? video. I have no idea who makes it, but I want to buy it and wear it when I get a little tipsy at home.

  4. “Is she trying to make Intern Jonathan sound like an immature douchebag?”

    He must have spurned her advances last night.

  5. “Intern Jonathan is very happy watching this show”

    Julia-Speak Translation: “Intern Jonathan is very turned on by my Fruit of the Looms high waisted floral print 100% cotton briefs because I am his boss and I told him he had to be. But I am a klassy lady, so I only let him dry hump me until the 11th day of his internship. After that, he can stick it in, but just the tip. I will cry as he shows me his bank account is in the low 3 digits. After a week, I will break his heart by publicly announcing that he is going back to Ohio on my Twitter. I will not date for 5 months, after which I will entertain no less then 6 young men at my condo in Chicago.”

    • That photo made me vomit in my shower. That dress looks horrible on her. Her face looks puffy and deathly. The pelts… what can I say that hasn’t already been said about them.

    • Gypsies, tramps, and thieves – I do declare! It’s Cher up there in that thar hair. Early 70s Cher. Breaking away from her non-society besties to do the occasional nuanced solo album.

    • THat freakin jewelry is annoying the shit out of me. She doesn’t know how to accessorize at all, the top looks ill fitting, and the color is doing her no favors.

    • I feel like someone is dressing her for the shows this year. Maybe Katrina? She has been wearing things that are not totally horrific (except for the aqua and pink nightmare), but that also don’t really seem like her.

    • Egads!!! That’s a frightening scene right there.

      Woman, lets face it, you cannot dress yourself. Call up ex/bff Mary and have her set you straight. Otherwise, you can take your 10k gifties and use those to find someone with decent taste.



    • is she wearing makeup on her hands? they are much whiter than her arms. trying to cover up sun damage, or just bad lighting? she looks very puffy and the nail color looks atrocious (=from the crypt).

  6. As a straight man I would probably enjoy this too, but what a fake fucking comment. Julia’s thoughts, “how can I stereotype the only male in my life?”, “oh yeah, I will pull the typical male bullshit and try to make it sound cute!”. What. a. bitch. I hope this kid runs for the hills before he gets a Donkey show.

  7. Why can’t she just call him Jonathan? Why the title of Intern? Really…she is trying to make herself look important, and failing.

      • Jean Teasdale is the reason I discovered this site back in July. 😀 I’m a huge Onion head and recently I’ve fallen in love with Jean in particular, and because I know there’s some quality fan fiction and what not outside the Onion, I was googling her, and GOMI came up as one of the results because someone likened the NS “gals” to her. (I partly agree with this, partly not, because while Jean comes across as profoundly clueless and shallow, she’s actually quite sweet and definitely harmless IMO.)

  8. Isn’t that fucking FW over yet? on and on and on. Then it pops up again too soon. Julie, why don’t you do some original coverage and either GO to a workroom, creative office, seamstress and see HOW these things are actually created and made??? It’s bloody hard work and you may learn something and appreciate the all-around effort that goes into your throw-away fashion coverage. Ugh!

  9. love this juxtaposition: mary posting this photo, saying “How awesome would it be if you could live blog a picture that looked like this?!”; Julia proceeded to do just that.

  10. Julia’s Groundbreaking Thesis Topic: Men like panties.

    Stanford BS, look what you passed up! You will regret it.

  11. Because she knows SOOO many Jonathans! SHE HAS FRIENDS PEOPLE. REAL FLESH AND BONE FRIENDS, and HOW WOULD YOU KNOW WHICH MEGHAN, MEGAN, MEGHANN or JONATHAN she was talking about unless she CLAR *snap* I *snap* FIED *snap*

  12. Just took @AriMelber to his very first fashion show ever – Tibi – front row! He’s inordinately psyched. 😉
    37 minutes ago via txt

    Oh sweet Jesus, she found a new adverb. GET TO THE CHOPPER!

  13. In breaking news – John Mayer quits Twitter!

    Inside sources point to Julia’s incessant twitter stalking and creepyness!

    (Actually, he thinks ‘it’s over’, but…I’m sure donkey brays pushed him over the edge.)

  14. I think she’s got a crush on intern Jonathan. No wonder the woman can’t find a man. This isn’t grade school. Quit chasing the kid around the frickin playground Julia.

    Poor intern Jonathan. Had no idea the shit storm he blew into when he came from Ohio.

      • I read it as Russian? “fotograf”, which is BTW the same way the word is spelled in my own language, only we don’t have fancy alphabet letters. But I don’t know Greek.

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